Film Theory: 3 Thor Love And Thunder Theories (Thor Trailer)

פורסם בתאריך 27 אפר 2022
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The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder is out and it is SWEET! Well, the song choice is anyway. The rest? Well you will have to stay tuned as we dissect every inch of the new Thor trailer to find every clue and easter egg! Then we can try and predict what kind of crazy adventure this movie is going to be! Let's go!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Daniel Zemke
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • The "blonde hair, blue eyes, girl from Thor's childhood" could potentially refer to Amora the Enchantress too. Which would be less crazy than the Phoenix and Angela theories

    • Endgame was the end of MCH this new MsheU sucks

    • oh yes

    • We never have seen her have we?

    • Why Not Both Theories

    • @Just Chill greek gods are in the public domain... there is no correlation between both Marvel and DC using them. They always existed in both universe, independent of any storyline. It's not a buildup to anything.

  • I actually think it references Thor's daughter, as in the Next Avengers. A new generation of heroes after all the contracts expired. Hawkeye explores a new generation rising as well.

    • Poggers

    • @King JAD: Unfortunately, her initial introduction into Marvel Comics was *also* done to add Forced Diversity to the Brand...

    • @Crimson King Mcu fans when they go outside (impossible challenge) and see POC people (its forced diversity)

    • @Crimson King bruh she wasn't just made up for the MCU she's an actual character that has been around for a bit

    • Dude! I loved Next Avengers as a kid!

  • As someone who loves to watch NewRockstars and all their breakdowns and theories on marvel content, was very shocking and extremely nice to see eric in the video :D

  • Something I think needs to be said is that thanks to the Darkhold being introduced in Wandavision after it was introduced in Agents of Shield, we could see Ghost Rider make an appearance in the MCU

    • @Michael Tipler exactly as is said, we could see Ghost Rider in the MCU

    • And your point?

    • Yes yes yes

    • @J D yeah Rip Wanda

    • @GrandmasterScott Good looks. Then you know about the Darkhold then?

  • I thought the song was in reference to Thor's daughter/s because he meets his descendants in the storyline they're adapting in this movie (three women), thanks to time travel shenanigans. The movie could introduce a child he had and didn't know about (maybe with Lady Syf) or outright have his daughter from the future show up.

  • Fun fact: The “where do we go now?” break in the actual song Sweet Child of Mine exists because when they were writing the song they weren’t really sure what to do after the guitar solo ended.

    • yeah from guns in rose's

    • I love GNR so much

    • I love GNR so much

    • Guns N’ Roses are one of the best rock bands

    • @Matthew Wu puts a new perspective on the final minute of the tune I guess lol

  • What I’m most interested in is the prospect of The Necrosword. Gorr uses it in the comics gaining it from the defeated Knull, witch means Knull could be the next villain. I love this future

    • knull holds the title of killing celestials and external god of the abyss and lord of the symbiotes

    • They made a Knull theory a while back. I think it might have been one of The Eternals theories

    • No. No. No. No Sony property

  • This genuinely feels like one of your most cohesive videos.

  • One of my camp counselors was actually a special effects editor for this movie, which makes me really excited to see it in theaters.

  • MatPat always coming through with these trailer theories lol, can't wait.

  • I love the trailers like this that don’t tell us too much but still leave enough room to theorize and get hyped about the movie

    • @HANMA 111 I don't care.

    • @Ramon Andrajo I'm talking in general. There is always this next movie, this next game, this next thing to do... And that's beside work. So we get in this endless cycle, and we forget why we exist. We study science to understand the patterns and regularities in this universe, but we ignore the creator who created it. We ignore the messages sent to the prophet before us, that this life is limited, its a test, we shouldn't lose our sight. That we should believe in one god only (Allah). This life is limited, yes its ok to have fun, but it shouldn't be our priority. peace bro !

    • @HANMA 111 excessive entertainment? Really, dude?!

    • @Ramon Andrajo just a little reminder in a time of excessive entertainment. Sorry for the randomness.

    • @HANMA 111 ?

  • Congrats! another successful theory. you were definitely on the right track AGAIN

  • MatPat always coming through with these trailer theories lol, can't wait.

  • MatPat always coming through with these trailer theories lol, can't wait.

  • Ragnarok already did the “unknown, long lost sister” story…that makes it seem very unlikely that Love and Thunder would do the same

  • I think the best explanation for “sweet child o mine” is Gorr trying to save his kids and wife from a famine by praying to the gods, to which the gods don’t respond and his family dies, hence the following lyric “where do we go now”. It sets up a connection with the villain and is a lot more logical for the movie.

    • Why would they still go with the Famine storyline? They could replace the famine with the snap

    • Just like Destiny's Child "Say my name" in the Candyman trailer 😂

    • @Nas Ryukendo "The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me"

    • So, gor is asking, where do we go now, God, thus this makes sense

  • Giving a comment just cuz I know it helps buddy. Keep up the great work mat. Love your energy and work ethic 💪🏾

  • Whenever a new Marvel trailer drops, you know MatPat will make theories on it. 😃

  • Sweet Child of Mine could also be in reference to the loss of Gorr's family and unborn child. Just another theory that kinda fits, in a grim way. "Where do we go now?" could be in reference to Gorr's decent into madness after so much tragedy.

  • I’m excited for this movie I like the more comedic ones, where they acknowledge how ridiculous the MCU is and just has fun with it

  • I just wanna point something out. Children in Viking times actually had their last names as their fathers first name and then "son" or "dottir" depending on if they're a boy or a girl. So Thors last name is Odinson. So calling Angela Odindottir actually isn't just lame and unoriginal it's also historically accurate! The uhh... the vikings were not known for their subtlety Edit: as people in the comments pointed out these naming conventions don’t apply in modern times in most Scandinavian countries. Hope that clarifies things!

  • love the theories! i hope one day matpat can look back at these theories and say to him self "Wow.I was such a nerd." in a good way of course

  • After watching the movie, both theories MatPat proposed are wrong. But the initial reason (trailer song as a clue for what the movie's about) is absolutely spot on.

  • Love this channel’s theory’s hope we get to see Thor’s sister in this film can’t wait to see what marvel do with these films

  • Perhaps it could be referring to Torunn. Thor's child could definitely remind him of his own childhood. She's also blonde with blue eyes.

  • As much as I would love to see Angela make a film appearance, Hela kind of already took her role last film. So if she does appear, it’ll likely be with an altered backstory.

    • Sounds like a perfect opportunity to subvert expectations.

    • I I S T H E O N L Y C O M M E N T Y E S S I R

  • I feel as though they would only do the Heven bit so that it kind of makes aspects of Hawkworld and the Hawks in DC feel done. Feige is regularly trying to box DC in.

  • As a person from the future I can safely say that he is 80% accurate on whats gon happen👌🏽

  • If Angela’s partner get brought into the movie, how amazing would it be for Persephone Valentine to play her

  • As someone who loves to watch NewRockstars and all their breakdowns and theories on marvel content, was very shocking and extremely nice to see eric in the video :D

  • To be fair a lot of people immediately pointed out that the song had a deeper meaning to the movie. My favorite being that the song Is from Gorr's point of view

    • What about in the gorr the god butcher comics (godbomb), that we literally saw thor's 3 daughters?

    • If that's true...then things took a dark turn really fast

    • Another unknown sister doesn’t sound ideal after the last film had Hela

    • Finally it's here.

  • Mind blown once again.. Your theories never seize to amaze

  • I love how the mcu is preparing the entrance of the phoenix the xmen mire avengers and kang the conqueror at the same time

  • This is probably the closest thing matpat can do a music theory on

  • I doubt they're gonna introduce Thor's other secret sister, when they literally just did it in the last movie. But you never know

  • This theory is great and would totally blow my mind if it happens!!

  • Could you do a theory on The Show Flash? More specifically could you do you a theory on the ability to phase through objects?

  • Truly baffled by your efforts behind these vids. Such good work.

  • Love how wrong this is and the simple one turns out to be correct

  • I like the idea, but I doubt they would do another “long lost sister” plot immediately after Ragnorok

    • @ELJOHN ?

    • @Ramon Andrajo how?

    • @ELJOHN Because you can clearly see that it will be.

    • @Ramon Andrajo how is the movie woke

    • Helen's origin was supposed to be angela to begin with but legal issues. But the origin also was used for two of Odins brothers, including The Serpent for Fear Itself story line.

  • personally i would like to hope Sif or Thrudr cuz then it would be mythologically accurate as well. i saw someone mention Toruń and that’s be accurate as well since she’s already in marvel

  • I like how he says spoiler alert 7:34 after spoiling about the dark celestials

  • Wouldn't it make more sense for the song to be referring to one of Thor's children? After all, the MCU seems to be leading to The Young Avengers.

  • i appreciate these more than SPOILER FREE reviews. THEY BE TOO CLOSE for comfort. Love you MatPat.

  • "Caps gone, Tony's gone, Natasha's gone. I guess Hulks still around." Hawkeye gets left out of everything.

    • @Princess Toy Nerd also Hawkeye: at least I got invited to Civil War!

    • Hawkeye: Oh come on! Why do you always have to leave me out???

  • Hi Matpat I would really enjoy it if you made “A series of unfortunate events” theory’s. Thank you and I hope you have a great day.

  • "where do we go now?" was a spontaneous riff in the moment. They hadn't written lyrics and just started going with it.

  • This is the best video from film theory to date in my opinion.

  • Matt you're the most entertaining ILawardr for me

  • Calling her "Odinsdottir" is just following old Norse naming conventions. That custom only died out relatively recent, a few hundred years ago, as part of a modernization and streamlining program that led to the growth of the Swedish empire. With a growing modern military, things like everyone having the same last name started to become a bit of a problem

    • @C Onsberg I can see if the Icelanders still do it, as they never really had a need to switch to the traditional Christian system like the Scandinavian Norse. I do believe it did continue in Scandinavia, but not as last names, rather being the same as the Russian patronymic system, where it's effectively the middle name. It's actually still tradition in Russia to call someone who is either older than you, or, in the military, a superior officer, by their first name and patronym. For example, if you watch Attraction, you'll see Artyom refer to Yulia's father, both Artyom's senior and a colonel, later general in the second movie, as "Valentin Yurievich"

    • Many common last names in all of Scandinavia still carries this tradition. If any last name ends with -son or -sen, it’s stems from “son of” patronymic meaning. Also, it didn’t die out as a practice until maybe around 150 years ago; my grandfather’s generation was around the last ones to have patronymic naming in Denmark. Also, while I am not Icelandic, I do believe they still do use the patronymic tradition (and being the absolute badass feminists that they are, they also have matronymic naming as well!), because the Icelandic language is very close to old Norse and as such, the Icelandic people are good at keeping the oral traditions of Norse culture alive. To my knowledge, they name their daughters and sons differently and therefore still use -son for sons, -dóttir for daughters. I remember my professor at university (who is Icelandic) telling me that they do not change last names when they marry, as your spouse isn’t suddenly the son/daughter of your mother/father. As such, even siblings could have different “last names”. I am not sure if this is still the case in 2022, but it definitely was for my professor, who is around 40-ish years old now.

  • I'll be watching Love and Thunder in few hours. Need to watch this to check if Matpat got it wrong again. lol

  • Just came back from the cinema, Matpat predicted that the song will be linked to the plot

  • 4:01 I did not know Matpat could roll his r's this well that's neat.

  • i love how you explain the song and the movie at the same time

  • Fun fact: the whole "Where do we go now?" thing came up when they were first writing and practicing the song and couldn't figure out what to put in the bridge. They started improvising and throwing spaghetti at the wall and the in joke stuck and made it into the final product.

    • which found a call back in the album Spaghetti Incident

    • Finally it's here.

    • Was it a great spaghetti incident by chance ?

    • @1 the dan fan sounds like a plan. By the way, thanks for commenting on this with something that wasn't spam. Lol

    • finally its here fg

  • I doubt Angela will make an appearance, but it was hella awesome to hear her mentioned in this video. I've been an Angela fan for about 11 years, but haven't heard her mentioned since I first laid eyes on her comics. This was definitely a treat.

  • Wow. This is kinda a stretch and I like how Gorr is like strippes from the entire movie because of this theory and the fact that the Olympian gods aren't mentioned why they're there.

  • Hey MatPat, I know that this is completely off topic, but when Superheroes/Supervillains go really fast, do they move really fast and have amazing reflexes or does time slow down down for them and they just move faster cause time isn't moving that fast? If you did a theory on that, I would be so happy to see it. By the way, keep up the good work. I never had a reason to doubt your theories!

  • Personally I would prefer if Gaea was Thor's biological mother. Since Thor's inherent ability is to control the weather, one of the fundamental aspects of nature, and Gaea is Mother Nature herself I've always thought that she fit better as Thor's mother than anyone else.

  • Hela already took the "secret sister who has been trapped in another dimension" origin in the MCU. It would be really disappointing for them to do that two movies in a row.

    • @ToyKeeper I liked MCU's version of Thanos over simp Thanos of the comics.

    • @Meerkat More it's owned by Disney. It's their call.

    • Let’s not forget that time when Angela beat Hela for the rulership of Hel😂

    • @leotamer5 +1 That's a good interpretation. It makes a lot more sense than other movie-Thanos summaries I've seen.

    • @ToyKeeper I think that movie Thanos is still "that guy", he is just a different type of "that guy". He is "that guy who thinks he can solves complicated problems with simple solutions because he is oh so enlightened and not constrained by something as trivial and silly as ethics." The problem is that the movies seem to treat his idea of extreme population control as something more than a cruel joke, and while it eventually concludes "yeah, killing a lot of people is a bad.", it seems to suggest that his plan was working when it really shouldn't have. Just look at the Asgardians -- they lost their homeworld, had their population manually halved, and then lost another half of their population to the snap. But even just focusing on the humans, image walking into work and roughly half of your coworkers didn't show up. And it is happening in every other workforce, and they aren't coming back. Some small companies might just be wiped of the face of the earth, while large companies might lose entire teams vital to major operations.

  • Thor's mom the Phoenix, his girlfriend Jane Foster and long lost sister Angela will all show up and Taika Waititi will blow all of our theorizing minds!

  • I think he’s going to become a father somehow, and that’s the point of the song. Even though yes I know child isn’t meant that way in the song. But hey that’s just a theory, a commenter’s theory

  • Truly love your channel, thank you!

  • I was first introduced to Angela in Marvel phone game Future Fight. My favorite characters were Blade, Angela, and Agent 13 (Aka Sharon Carter). I always just thought Angela was super badass, (and I have a crippling weakness for redheads). So I am pumped that she may just make an appearance in the new Marvel Roster.

  • Matpat always coming through with these trailer theories lol, can't wait

  • I want the first theory but also I totally see snippets of both being true. No angela and no Phoenix but something else. There has been no surprise casting and they wouldn't keep that a secret.

  • Man I want both these theories to be true! (Don't care about the love interest honestly)

  • Matpat should do a theory on Wanda from multiverse of madness

  • If you're still looking for a 4th theory channel, you could have Book Theory where you talk about things in books that sound weird, wrong, or just a little interesting.

  • For anyone who doesn't know, the phrase "Where do we go now?" from the song is extremely meta. When writing the song, they didn't know what lyrics should come at that point, so they just said "Where do we go now?" and that became the actually lyrics.

  • I know it is most likely going to be the first one with Jane but I want the Phoenix one because it can make it so the x men can join the mcu and dead pool is kinda part of the x men

  • I wonder if during the case with McFarland, he should’ve called upon Seth McFarland to help him like how marvel helped with Neil

  • I'd love to see that sweet child's band react to seeing their song being the plot of a mcu movie lol

  • You should do a theory on Milo Murphy's Law! It has sooooo much undiscovered mysteries in it! It would be so awesome!

  • I would love for Angela to show up, but it’d probably be awkward to have the “lost sister omg” plot again :(

    • @Ran Wolf or magni and modi

    • @Logan Shaw the whole thing with Phoenix being his mum is so dumb lmao

    • What about in the gorr the god butcher comics (godbomb), that we literally saw thor's 3 daughters?

    • To be fair thunder god king getting around is a common theme from what I know of myths

    • @Kip is lekker What about Thrud and Torunn?

  • This might seem odd, but I would love a theory on Foster's Home for Imaginary friends. There's material there. Those friends have NO RIGHTS, seriously it's all over the play.

  • Matpat, I feel like you should do some sort of theory on the movie “Choose Or Die,” It’s an okay horror movie and I have no idea how most of it works, and I think there’s probably some kind of lore thing there. I really don’t know, I just finished watching it-

  • Honestly, "flaming skeleton astride a giant flaming wooly mammoth" is the most metal thing I've heard all day!

  • Here's a video idea. Would the main character's spray on shoes (I forgot his name) from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs work? Why and why not?

  • What an interesting prediction. Can't eait to see Marvel crush it into dust when the characters don't appear at all.

    • and ill just be dissapointed they used their own ideas that fall flat instead.

    • @Silverjaguar 674 No; that's because of the way they're portrayed.

    • @Ramon Andrajo How so? Because female characters appear? The world is 50% women you know, of course they will show up in stories...

    • The movie is woke, so it's not worth it.

    • As they usually do