Film Theory: 5 Post-Multiverse of Madness Theories (Doctor Strange)

פורסם בתאריך 20 מאי 2022
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Theorists, I made some predictions about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness right before the release of the movie. Now that it is out I can say, I was RIGHT! Well, mostly. It's time to talk about the future of the MCU (again) and what we should expect in the aftermath of the madness that was this movie.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Forrest Lee and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • The idea that Wanda could just go to a Universe where she died but her kids and Vision are still alive is just so obvious it kind of hurts.

    • The issue is that even with that she still would've needed the girl to go to said universe, with a wanda that passed away, as Dr Strange demonstrated, with his dreamwalk, it can get really messy, so she still needed the girl the whole plot revolved around to head to a different universe

    • So obvious that they straight up suggest it. In the movie

    • That vision wasnt even alive, he was just part of the spell, they didnt actually have kids

    • Almost hurts but if she dies the kids disappear. They existed because she lost control of her power and instead of just attempting to remake them she used the Darkhold, it corrupted her ability to reason and think.

    • This was addressed in the movie. She said what would she do if something happened to those children. Her idea with access to multiverse she could cure all diseases the would have and get a new family should they die. Which feels like a band aid to the issue

  • I have seen absolutely no one talk about how this movie explicitly states that EVERY dream that everyone has is a vision of an alternate universe. I don’t specifically remember any dream sequences in the MCU, but I would LOVE to see a video on the implications of this crazy claim!

    • @judythepengu he said he

    • Iron Man 3 Lol

    • Well it's a theory that makes sense. If there are endless variations you then at one point your you will be doing exactly what you're dreaming

    • There HAS to be a special restricted section of multiverse with all those puberty dreams.

    • @Isaac M It would essentially be dream walking!

  • I just saw doctor strange MoM last night and the whole time I was thinking: All they need is to get Clint Barton to show up and give Wanda a pep talk and that would have solved everything.

    • What's doctor strangest mom like? Is she cool?

    • ​@Anonymous User *Octopus' eye

    • @Anonymous User finally someone said it

    • @NKProductions2014 no that eyeball was the biggest bullseye i've ever seen he wouldve helped with that

    • Theres octopus monsters and witchraft possesion, and i STILL have a bow and arrow. non of this makes sense.

  • Wanda wasn’t killed by the falling rocks, she destroyed the runes and as we saw with the first woman trying to destroy the book it takes that persons life with them.

    • @John D. it is the most basic of dues ex machinas at play, didn't see a confirmed dead body then they are probably alive. often used in leterature as well for when the author writes themselves into a corner and has no idea how to save the character without using a deus ex machina they just use the death its self as the dues ex machina.

    • She absorbed her powers and used it against her then finished her with statue in weakened form

    • @Skinless Jon Agreed. Film 101, If you don't see them actually die on screen, then there's a 99.9% chance they're not actually dead.

    • Or, she teleported away before that

    • I don't think she's the midst of dark holds see a red flash...(long after the peak falls)...I think that was Wanda's escape.

  • The fact that WandaVision left us with a reconstructed Vision who remembers who he was, just wandering around out there somewhere, makes things a bit awkward if this truly is the end of Wanda's arc. But she *is* Wanda and I sure didn't see any body.

    • Actually Elizabeth Olsen still has a contract with Marvel Studio, so yeah.. sometimes I wish I was just an average moviegoer. Me knowing this information about Elizabeth Olsen's contract pretty much just eliminated all tension of her character truly dying in the movie, because I know she's has a contract left to return for about two more movies. Wanda is still seemingly alive, but the worst case scenario is we are at least going to see some variant of Wanda again in the future

  • Just remember there’s a universe where all of MatPat’s MCU theories are true

    • Technically

    • @ТесhnobIаdе Better 🅥 change your channel account, if your gonna use popular names as a bot at least respect the dead

    • @shaodw sans Oh my god - is this a myth?

    • Just remember there’s a universe where matpat gets the fnaf timeline frist try

    • oh god

  • About the whole "captain marvel dying under a rock" thing, upon rewatching the movie, I think they meant for Scarlet Witch to have stripped away Maria's powers (there's a big yellowy explosion and Captain Marvel no longer shines, stops flying to fall to the ground before getting crushed). So that's that.

    • Well yeah she clearly instinctively reacts but knows she can't do anything and I feel the actress did that part very well

    • @Darth Axolotl she more likely absorbed it to use it against her causing that yellow blast compare to her red. She have ability to absorb powers just like she did in wandavision or want to absorb power of america too

    • @melodramatic7904 I wasn't sure if she took Agathas powers or just wiped her memory so she didn't realise she had magic

    • @Darth Axolotl [spoiler for Wandavision] She gained the ability to absorb other people's powers at the end of wandavision when she beat agatha. In the scene when she took her powers back, you can see Agatha's purple power mixed in with hers. The same happened during her fight with this captain marvel. You can see CM's yellow power going TOWARDS wanda, when Wanda hits CM with her own power as she knocks her into the statue and it falls on her. They even make it clear by having CM's mask slowly come off, indicating that she lost her powers.

    • @Darth Axolotl well he doesn't really seem to apply his skills or knowledge properly for lunging at her seemingly without a plan. Maybe his intelligence just isn't for battle strategies, just more of scientist stuff.

  • I think the movie hosting Wanda as the villain just dulled the film altogether. Though i couldn't get hype abt most of her screentime, the film makers REALLY hit a home run with America Chavez showing Wanda how her kids are terrified of who she's become. That was the most human emotionally realistic scene i've seen in the movie.

    • It felt a lot like how Fisk saw his family afraid of him as he fought Spiderman again, and they were also variants. Makes me think it was inspired

    • Glad to see someone who likes the scene like I do

  • Wanda was seeing those universes thanks to the corrupting power of the Darkhold. Pretty simple explanation why she didn't witness any universes where her children were dead but she was alive, the Darkhold didn't want her to see a fairy tale solution the Darkhold wanted to lead Wanda on a path of as much chaotic destruction as possible.

    • They also didn’t play into it at all in the movie. They could have kept her as a villan/hero by using the controlling powers of the darkhold. But they didn’t. It was mentioned in maybe two lines in the movie and it didn’t affect Dr.Strange (if you ignore the theory that sinister strange replaced Dr strange in the post credits) at all especially in comparison to how it affected Wanda (despite her trauma from family and vision dying)

    • @Tim Exactly. There's so many unknowns that calling Wanda's path a plothole is dumb.

    • There also just might not be any of those universes out there. Count even numbers to infinity 2,4,6 and tell me when you count and odd number. Maybe she didn't see a fairy tale solution because even in the infinite universes there was no fairy tale solution. There was no odd number no matter how far she counted that even number chain to infinity.

  • Strange, "Dormamu I'm gonna date your hot niece." Dormamu, "That wasn't part of the Bargin." Strange, "I've altered the Bargin. Pray I don't alter it further."

    • @Alverant lol. Darth Vader's thoughts exactly.

    • Strange, "Dormamu I'm gonna date your hot niece." Dormamu, "Hot? Don't tell her but the rest of her family thinks she's uglier than the south end of a north-facing klapta-horse. You're not much better. Well, it takes all kinds in the multiverse."

    • Me: *reads this at almost 1:00am in the morning* Also me: *struggles to not burst out laughing cuz my family is sleeping*

  • It's honestly kind of hilarious how the movie sorta implies that Doctor Strange is maidenless in every timeline.

    • Didn’t what If make that clear

    • But you my friend. Are maidenless. As of right now I can see. You are maidenless. *insert more elden ring you are maidenless lines here.*

    • Idk if you saw what if, but I’m pretty sure that episode has some aspects that are cannon, such as doctor strange losing her, which is what leads to him becoming a sorcerer, there’s other universes where he’s just a surgeon but losing her is the big thing that pushes him to become a sorcerer, whether it be the direct reason or subconscious losing her is always what leads him down that path.

    • @Kronaz邪児 In no way is that word trendy or new, it's older than a good few of the other words they used.

    • Who needs maidens whe you have magic can maidens make portals or use telekinises

  • 5:40 the crucial thing you've got to remember is that Wanda had her powers long before getting in contact with the mind stone(as we see in WandaVision vision), so it's magic infused with a hint of mind stone powers. Cptn Marvel on the other hand solely has the power of space stone. Wanda clearly has the high ground.

  • Of course falling rocks are extremely dangerous. After all it took the full avenger team in the second movie to stop a giant falling rock from destroying the world.

  • "the spell is extremely temporary, but the fast damage someone can do in the very short time while dream walking, although very brief and temporary, could be catastrophic" the brevity of the spell never came up again in the entire movie

    • @Destiny Voltaire well that makes sense but i'm still salty lol

    • That line is only there to explain why she doesn't just dreamwalk into another universe forever to be with her kids.

  • I remember my first thought being “where’s vision?” Weird that he’s only mentioned once

  • Finally I was waiting for the Doctor strange theories :)

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    • @Light yagami FACTS

    • @its nice knowin ya gigachads?

    • Same

  • The mid credit scene wasnt clea or whoever you were talking about it was blink from new mutants. The girl that could open portals with a sword that she makes from nothing like she did in the credit scene.

  • Your theory at the 11:03 mark was proven true in the second episode of the show of Ms. Marvel. Listen for a line of dialogue Bruno tells her mid-episode.

  • What I think is interesting is that the MCU just happens to simultaneously have the worst Wanda and best Dr. Strange.

  • Honestly, there were SO many great things about this movie. From that bone chilling line spoken by evil strange to the AMAZING CGI on zombie strange. Cinematic masterpiece in my opinion.

  • For those that are watching this AFTER Ms Marvel started, her powers in the new tv series is based on Noor (otherwise known as light energy) that comes from the dimension of Noor and also exists inside of the creatures from it, including their descendants if they have any outside the dimension. That is the case with this iteration of Kamala Khan whose great-grandmother is a being known as a Clandestine/Djinn from the Noor dimension. Clandestines native to Noor can NOT use their full range of abilities outside of Noor without 2 bracelets (at least that's the current assumption based on what happened so far) to trigger their powers while hybrids, beings descended from a Noor ancestor, can access most, if not all, of the powers of Clandestines with one bracelet.

  • 8:48 I actually liked Inhumans. Thought it was a good story. It just didn't get a lot of peeps behind it. Side note: In Wanda Vision we are told specifically that Wanda "... Power will exceed the Sorcerer Supreme." We all assumed that would be Dr. Strange. But in this film the Sorcerer Supreme is Wong!!! Whom Wanda clearly outmatches.

  • this was a great video. I was too conflicted on whether or not I should like the movie, because it was far too cheesy, but this honestly made me appreciate it a bit more. thanks

  • My theory is that scarlet witch didn't actually die. We only saw her bring down the temple, she could have shielded herself. Sure I may be hoping this because they killed off my previous favorite character (Ironman) and I would be devastated if they killed off my new favorite character so early since Endgame but, whatever.

  • Wanda absorbed Captain Marvel's powers and removed her suit, so she was just a regular person when the stone statue thing fell on her and killed her. So nothing to doubt.

    • @Yoink Wanda killed each hero using their own signature move. Captain Marvel's whole thing is absorbing energy, so Wanda killed her by absorbing her energy. Professor X's whole thing is telepathy, so Wanda killed him inside his own head.

    • @TayPas Ok it didnt send so here word for word the title of the videos. "Doctor strange multiverse of madness Leaked scenes Introducing Illuminati" "Wanda Maximoff vs The Illuminati. Doctor strange in the mutliverse of madness SPOILER ALERT"

    • @TayPas hopefully it sent because it's no button at all, she uses her powers to have a task mask and then watch as Wanda takes her power and she falls. She then tries to protect herself against the falling statue

  • To be honest it was absolutely hilarious that the illuminati boasted that they could handle Wanda but got absolutely annihilated worse than Evil Strange's universe

  • 5:33 I think Wanda absorbed Captain Rambeau's energy leaving none to her protection against the rocks. That's lame, I know, but I think that was the point. Ironicly that's one of Cap Marvel powers. Absorve energy(like she did with the glove when Thanos tried to headbutt her). Wanda must had inverted that power with her chaos thing and Rambeau got empty.

  • Personally, I feel like Wanda's motivation to commit copious amounts of homicide was really, and I mean REALLY, weak. Like seriously? I get she was sad, but slaughtering endless amounts of people just to see something that was practically a dream? seriously?

    • The movie did a pretty thorough job of explaining that no it wasn't 'practically a dream' because dreams are actually real existing realities. if she followed through she wouldn't just be dreaming of her children, she would truely be with her physical children again. just a.. different version of hers.

    • This would be odd, but I’m pretty sure the movie was trying to say that the dark hold caused her to do things she normally wouldn’t.

  • The problem with the humans is that they made the villain have such good motivations that he's literally completely right. He just wants to save those who have been left-behind.

  • Wanda wasn’t satisfied with just one universe with her kids because she wanted there to be literally no possibility of losing them. She said if they caught an illness that universe couldn’t cure, there’s another universe out there that has it. Hence why she wanted America’s power, a guarantee that she could never lose her loved ones again because for any problem, at least one universe has a solution

    • @The Super Steel Yeah, you might wanna look up the Cancerverse.

    • That sounds like an excuse she doesn't even know she's making. Probably Chthon's (author of the Darkeholde, creator of Dark Magic, even Dormamu invokes his name when casting spells sometimes) corrupting influence from the Darkeholde.

    • @French Fries she can bs fork guys mouth out of the existence but an illness is a no go?

    • Strange should've just given Wanda America's power in the beginning, it could've prevented the entire movie from happening and save the lives of everyone

    • wanda is crazy and egosentric

  • I only hope that the agents of shield universe comes into the movies!

  • actually there was a second red boom when the temple collapsed meaning that Wanda might have survived

  • I didn't really fully believed that his previous theory about Wanda would come true... yet here we are!

  • Wanda: “I want kids!” Dr. Strange: *”Maybe I can help with that…”* The simplest answer - make new kids with Steven. Movies solved in 3 seconds

    • But Wanda doesn't love Stephan that way. She loved Vision. And she doesn't want just any kid, she wants Billy and Tommy. She wants her family from Westview back.

  • About mrs marvel, She, like you said is one of my favorite characters they've added in several years. Which is why them completely changing her powers is completely awful to me. It's made by Disney they could definitely put in the budget for good stretch effects instead of those stupid bracelet things.

  • Hey matpat you should definitely make a video on the movie, “Everything everywhere all at once” it’s honestly one of the best movies to come out recently and I would love to see your take on the true multiverse of madness movie

  • Wanda took Captain Marvels power before killing her. She didn’t just die from rocks

  • So the whole "how does captain Marvel die from a falling statue" ? If you notice in the movie - Wanda appears to be actively draining her powers as they fight, the same tactic Agatha used in Wandavision. At the beginning Marvel packed a massive punch, but near the end you literally watch the light (power) drain from her eyes. I also believe this was confirmed?

  • I think everyone keeps missing that Wanda straight removed Captain Marvel's powers right before she crushed her. You can see her glow disappearing, her face looking in horror as she is slammed to the ground then the pillar crushing her

    • ...wait, pray tell how did she do that? With her reality-alternating powers?

    • For being the guy who "invented" pixel measurements, Mat, sure does miss these type of details more often than I would expect lol

    • Well that’s just horrible writing of just “no powers for you, perish.”

    • @rlee1185 she can only absorb others witches powers, even then it may only be if they try to steal hers first

    • If Wanda can destroy the stones, she can absorb its powers...

  • THANK YOU. You literally said what I said exactly when I watched the movie. I was like,” How can she not just ride the interdimensional demon or something? Why can she not just pull the multiverse switcharoo that Rick and Mitty did after they Croninberged their universe?” Also, how is it that dimensional collapse is seen as this irreparable catastrophic event then all of a sudden they are now going to repair it 😑?

  • I would like to say that the reason the rock killed captain marvel is because her whole power is is that she can absorb power to power herself up. Which is why she can go toe to toe with the infinity stones but getting crushed to death cause gravity..... Makes a lot more sense, just wish they had done iron man instead of captain marvel

  • What bugged me: Why does Ponytail Steven have abeard while fighting and dying, still has a beard when America shows the corpse to 616 Strange and Wong and is shaven clean when possessed by 616 Strange??

  • The Film Theorist: "Wanda could be the villain...." Everyone who has knowledge of House of M or Watched the End of Wanda Vision:"....Duh" The Real Questions of How They will Connect the Multi without totally offing up Continuity is One Thing..How well they'll Deliver on These Well Fleshed Out Characters is The Real Everlasting Question.

  • Actually Wanda did establish she is just so unlucky, that their is no universe where kids just exist without her, she was the only one who had to witness the misery.

    • @DragonHeart 12 does she have power and time to look through infinite universes except just goto one she get dreams of? She was just being reasonable

    • This supports her being the strongest. There is no universe where anyone or anything defeated her.

    • @Unstoppable Madness true but infinite doesn’t stop before 3, infinite goes on for infinity. There are different levels of infinity making the countable infinity the smallest infinity sure, but we were to factor in all the infinities, you’ll be able to find a spot anywhere within the infinities no matter where. If u watch the infinite hotel, by Ted Ed, it should explain that there will always be a spot in infinity that you will be able to find

    • wow that’s not how it works at all tho, if there are infinite universes that is literally impossible. she didn’t look far enough then

    • @DragonHeart 12 how do we know all of her kids weren't just created by her magic? Non of them really have a father.

  • That's What I thought ! There must be a Universe Dimension where Wanda died and left her children behind so she could just go there if she's already determined to drop her world - Sheesh the best solutions are often so simple and conflict free .

  • Honestly, they should've waited until the first episode of Ms marvel airs if they planned to include anything referencing the show for her new backstory, still haven't seen it myself but with this video published just before the show aired, they could've just waited a bit

  • My brain has just melted on how Bob new that Wanda was the villain, nice job Bob!

  • I just watched the movie, then returned to watch this video. And the thing that shocked me most in this video was learning that Wanda's dead.

  • I love matpat confronting them and never hesitated to Roast them, he would be great in the MCU. He'll be our Greater Daredevil

  • I'm actually severely disappointed in how they pulled chekov's gun on dead strange. The entire movie I thought dead Strange was going to be the one who delivers the "things just got out of hand" line, as he had somehow turned into an evil Dr. Strange who managed to hold on to some of America Chavez's ability to move freely across the universe.

  • I’ll say it I really liked this movie the characters were enjoyable the story I enjoyed and the idea of Wanda being evil I really enjoyed

  • Have we been in a pandemic long enough for Zoom to take over people's headspace? Probably not. Pretty crazy how Zoom helped Mat get better sleep though. Noom seems pretty cool too.

  • Wait does MatPat really think Wanda died when she took down that temple? As far as I learned in the MCU, if you don’t see their corpse, dusting, or turn into Joe Biden, they’re not dead.

    • She did die when her powers gave a poofy fart

    • when wong fell off that cliff, I don't think anyone thought he actually died.

    • Except we do see a "dusting" of sorts. After Wanda drops the temple on herself and Zombie Strange, a few seconds later we see a red "poof" of her magic flash out through the dirt/rubble. My reading is that was the moment she actually dies and the powers of the Scarlet Witch dying with her.

    • hela...

    • @French Fries yeah, I knew she signed contracts but couldn't remember how long

  • Ok let me get this straight. The only reason Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel died by being crushed by rocks was that Wanda sucked her powers out and for a moment she became a normal human without powers. Wanda used that opportunity to make the rocks fall on her and end her.

  • I have always wanted to know what a timeline for a percent mcu would look like. Can you make a theory that shows how it would look?

  • I would’ve been interested in seeing Daniel Craig as Mr.Fantastic

  • I would like to point out that Dr. Palmer said she used 838 Stranges Cloak to fix 616 Stranges Cloak.

  • Clarifying that when Maria's Captain Marvel dies, it's because Wanda quite literally sucks the powers of the Tesseract out of her. Wanda's power being activated by the mind stone likely enabled her to take away the powers granted by the space stone.

    • And how did captain marvel survive the explosion and being thrown at the statue at top speed since Wanda took her powers and turn her into a regular person

    • @JB Onceu that's not an issue but okay

    • Yea, it’s like Thanos punching out Carol with the power stone.

    • I don't think absorbed it, she just removed it, that's what the explosion was: Wanda stripped the power but couldn't absorb or contain it, so it go boom.

    • @UnoriginalHazard bruh the point was Scarlet witch can easily absorb powers. If she absorbed Agatha's powers, she can absorb cap Marvel's too.

  • i went from LOVING wanda to not being able to stand her character. no i will not elaborate. i just see her character and i’m filled with an eldrich-horror level of pure, unbridled rage.

    • Well, that's farther on the dislike spectrum than me, but I can see where you're coming from. My biggest problem with her (& this is the writing) is that I'm suppose to sympathize with her & forgive her for everything she's done. No, especially when she's unrepentant. She's a villian, and nearly as powerful as Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet. Trying to make me feel sorry for her weakens her as a character. Exploiting her evil to make me hate her would make her a much better character.

    • her personalty now is just sad widow lady

    • You aren't alone on that one

  • I was literally getting so mad that wanda didn't go to a universe where se is dead but vision and the kids are alive also was getting mad doctor strange couldn't teleport somewhere else, somewhere safe and did anyone stay to watch all the credits to see the very last clip? It was absolutely halarious and you can only understand it if you actually waited for it lol

  • The M.O.M (Multiverse Of Madness) sneaky move only makes real sense in America, as in the UK and some other places it is spelt with a U and not an O. Spelt mum, and not mom. Meaning some people not familiar with the American English language might not realise. Just a fun little fact.

  • I watched Doctor Strnge and realized that the entire plot Mat pointed out that he said he thought was the movie but then it got chnanged was so spot on.

  • For the cape, I think they patched it using 838 Strange's cape... Though this brings up the question of if that cape is technically dead or not

    • Cloak it's a Cloak of levitation. No cape.

    • Sounds like a Ship of Theseus problem to me

    • *C A D A V E R C A P E*

    • I had the same thought, especially as we see that cloak was dark blue

    • @Kyle Bassett she patched with the supreme strange aka 838 strange because you can see mr.fantastic holding the cape of 838 strange and she is the closest person to strange.

  • I'd just like to point out that Secret Wars is like a 99.99% chance to happen anyway since it literally carries out through the whole multiverse. unless the mcu is being protected from it all by the others for whatever reason, i doubt that it's not going to happen.

  • The blue patch was from the blue cape of levitation that other Strange had. His wasn’t red, it was blue.

  • Having taken so long to get to this episode because I had yet to see 'Multiverse of Madness', I'm laughing at the wishful thinking about Kamala being an Inhuman when her origin for the MCU was changed to something else entirely (not gonna say because some people might not enjoy spoilers).

  • FINALLY!!! Someone is talking abt Clea, I've been waiting for her appearance since the release of the first Dr. Strange 🥳🥳

  • I’d personally say that Miles Morales was a bigger deal than Ms. Marvel, mainly because of Spiderverse.

    • But spiderverse will take time to really form. Kamala is appearing now because of The Marvels next year.

    • 1000% agree

    • Yeah I agree.

  • I still think it's dumb they changed Kamala's powers. Absolutely ruined it for me. She is one of my favorite characters from the comics and it feels like they tore out a part of her and left a shell masquerading as Ms.Marvel

  • For the Cloak of levitation patch, I assume its part 838 strange's cloak because in that universe his cloak was blue

  • I assumed Wanda was siphoning away Captain Marvels power (like she planned to do to America) before she dropped the statue on her. You see CMs faceplate not just breaking away but being pulled towards Wanda before she gets knocked out. But that's just my theory.

  • When i watched the movie with my friend (she already watched so she knew how it ends) and Strange had a eye on his forehead in the end of movie,i was like "Is this how the multi-universe works? Do all Strange's have a eye on forehead? Oh i understand that why Strange doesn't have a marriage in any universe,because if he had children,they would have a eye in their forehead too. But Strange is the only one who is allowed to because he is the main character if the movie." Then she was like:

  • the fact that the "agents of sheild" show is somehow still relevant to the marvel MCU lore/story/plot is weird to me (but they got so many episodes its almost intimidating for me to start a binge watch)

  • The secret wars would be a great time for marvel to introduce some of the more powerful comic characters like the living tribunal, micro man, and even TOAA and TOBA

  • Hey Mat, there was always a question about marvel that daunts me is the the Spidey and friends kid show have any connection to the MCU or it is a completely different universe

  • cpt marvel was crushed by the rocks because wanda absorbed her power leaving her as nothing else than just human. This can be seen if you just slow down the footage a tiny bit.

  • While Strange doesn't have much of an arc it does feel like he has an arc which is focused on him realizing that he doesn't always have to and can't always be the "one holding the scalpel" all the time. As evidenced at the end with him not taking America's powers but rather trusting her to use them on her own

    • Yanno, I'd like to see a movie where Strange ISN'T relegated to the role of a glorified babysitter. 🤦🙄

    • @JB Onceu lame arc

    • @JB Onceu to be fair, it doesn't feel like a massive arc

    • Lmao strange has a huge arc here many people overlooked at it tbh.

    • MatPat and Anime is a brain burner!(Правдивое видео):...

  • I thought it was strange that it was directed like a horror movie until my other friend told me who directed it. Made a sense after that and within the first minute I already saw that this movie was going to be artsy! I appreciate the art not how it was directed.

  • If they bring in the beyonders does that mean we're going to the molecule man Owen Reece? Because if so that would be amazing, and maybe we'll get Franklin Richards before we all die here's hoping

  • About the death of captain Marvel 838, it was shown by the sfx that before the crushing rocks that killed her, Wanda did rip her off of all her energy. Captain marvel powers work on absorbing radiations and then using the stored energy back. Without energy stored, she's barely a super, so rocks means death.