Film Theory: Batman Is STEALING From You!

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Now that you've read the title, I'm sure you are thinking "MatPat, of COURSE BatMan is a criminal! He's a vigilante!" Well Theorists, that may be true but that is NOT what we are talking about today. I want to talk about the crimes of the man himself, Bruce Wayne, and what he's been up to in his business dealing with his company. This theory goes all the way to the TOP!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • The only thing I found good about Batman & Robin was when Batman and Robin were bidding...the funny part of it was that Robin was probabaly gonna use Bruce's money.

    • Kind a like "father's day

    • Never seen that movie. Are they at a Meta-Human slave auction or what? Since they're bidding on Poison Ivy.

    • Robin literally says "you're good for it" during the bidding war.

    • @Robert K That's correct.

    • I'm sure Robin would've made it up to Bruce by letting him come take a ride in heez luuv mah-cheeen, babey

  • 5:40 "He's the true hero." Except for the fact that he was trying to blackmail both Bruce and Lucius by being paid $10 mil a year, the same money being invested to the company.

    • the "true heros" name is in the movie is Mr.Reese i think he is the riddler (mysterys) and the only guy smart enough to figure out bruce is batman ,when later in the movie the joker threatened for him to reveal batmans identity

    • Matpat either didn't pay attention or just decided to leave it out. Either way, it doesn't surprise me, Mat does it all the time.

    • Thank you for pointing this out

    • 100%

    • Exactly, maybe if he was a whistleblower, he’d have the moral high ground. But he’s worse than Bruce or Lucious if it were irl lmao

  • You kind of lost me on the “Batman beats up poor people” argument when Begins has him subdue a corrupt cop and prevents Gotham from being overrun with fear toxin. Kind of like, yea, when I see henchmen working for this kind of guy is loses me. Same for guys who see Joker burning a giant pile of money, I’m sure they’re not thinking of trying to feed their families but instead side with Joker’s ideologies enough to work for that. “Don’t worry Tommy, once Dr. Craine floods the streets of Gotham with his evil chemicals and makes it into a whole madhouse, Daddy will have enough money to get you that PS3 you wanted for Christmas so you don’t have to fall into a life of crime.”

    • Remember that time in the comics where it was revealed that Bruce has been accidentally murdering criminals his whole career? There was the guy with severe brain damage because he had a beatarang lodged in his skull. Then the guy who got branded on the face by Batman’s boot causing horrible burns as well as making it impossible for him to go straight and get a clean job since it puts him as a criminal. There are more but I forget them at the moment.

    • @P. O .P dose Batman have a superpower 🤔

    • Lol so true, the guy even went as far as to say Reece in the dark knight was a "true hero" someone who was planning to blackmail Bruce for millions btw The guy was going waayyy too hard to try and paint the picture that Bruce is bad

  • There is a couple problems with the Theory. 1) He OWNS the company when the takes the Batmobile and the other equipment in the first movie because it all happens BEFORE the company goes public. So there are no shareholders to consider. 2) He mentions the Charities are BUYing the stock, so their is NO insider gifting. The shares which he didn't yet control were put up for public trade and he BOUGHT them from the stock market. It's a very typical tactic in Hostile Take Overs when a person or group is trying to take over a majority holding in a company but don't want anyone to know because that might lead to a bidding war on the stock as people hear about the high demand for the stock. 3) Bruce doesn't burn down his house that's just a news story to cover what really happen. Also the news story came out on the same day as the stock going public so it hardly has time to effect things. Also Bruce is NOT the CEO of Wayne enterprises he just went from Owner to Majority shareholder. The day to day and now public face of the company is L. Fox. Unlike Musk who is the CEO of his companies. 4) It is possible to own 100% of stock in a company so Bruce could through various shell companies own 100% of the shares in his company thus no defrauding of retirement funds and such happens. We don't really know as we don't get to see the books. 5) Wayne Enterprise has never been just a money faucet for Batman. He often uses it to fund projects which create jobs and provides to charitable causes. It's even shown in an episode of The Batman series were Nightwing talks to Robin about why he left, as he thought Batman went to far one night roughing up this criminal in front of his family as the guy had run from the crime scene back to his house. Afterwards they find a wallet that belongs to that same guy from all those years ago with a Wayne Enterprise employee badge in it. They return the wallet and the guy who then tells them the story of how that fateful night scared him straight and how Bruce Wayne was one of the only people willing to give an x-con like him a chance at a job. He talks about how he's thankful to have turned his life around and that when ever he passes Bruce at work that Bruce always takes the time out to ask how he and his family are doing. So yeah using his company and position to help get people that most companies would give a hard pass to a second chance is hardly the move of some greedy Billionaire just look to increase their own profit margin. So many people get caught up in the Batman persona and talk about Bruce as being a mask to hide his true face but really it's a bit more complex than that. The out going charitable Bruce is who he really is deep down. The play boy Bruce that he dawns is a Mask to give excuse for his absences and other unexplainable events. While Batman is who has become to battle against crime. But there are tons of examples of the kindness of Batman as he often tries to talk his foes down. Look at much of the Dr. Freeze episodes from the animated series, and he even uses Wayne enterprises to fund looking for a cure to treat Freeze's wife.

  • As a huge comic books fan, and especially of DC, I'm really happy to see you guys mention recent events in comics which I feel doesn't happen much when talking about the movies. Great video!

  • I wonder how much money Batman has saves through damage prevention and stopping criminal activity, it would be interesting to see a comparison of the cost of Batman vs the financial impact of his vigilante work

    • He did stop the whole city of Gotham from exploding, if you take the price of literally everything in the city it adds up to a hefty price lol

    • @Mekehl thats cap

    • Batman causes more harm than good. So no saving

    • @patriot I'm pro batman, if you look at the Justice League cartoon his actions no matter the cost saved the world 100 times over, I just think it's interesting to see values, I can ask the question "how much long term did he save the world based on the damages he prevented?" without ruining any of the story.

  • I like how mat glosses over the accountant only finding out this information to blackmail Bruce and the company lol

  • The guy who is “defending the company” also tries to blackmail Bruce and Fox

  • This is why I enjoyed the off hand explanation that the Justice League cartoon had. Batman used Wayne Enterprise to fund the League, as well as them getting money from various governments, with this he could publicly fund his vigilante escapades while doing it legally. His company probably even made money from this due to people responding to the company's "good-will", hard to not be impressed with a company that "donates" so much to keep everyone safe, and tax write offs lots of those, have to image it would be considered similar to donating to charity. He could also make money by using subsidiary companies to do the construction so the "donation" that technically was billions would really only cost the company material and labor, muuuuuch less.

  • I'd recommend checking out Memento or Tenet and possibly doing a theory on it. They has the same director as The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan), but they're also just on par with most complex films. Lots of theory opportunities there, trust me.

  • This is why Bruce Wayne from the Animated Series is the best. He’s not only one of the best Batman’s out there, but he’s always looking out for ways to help the people of Gotham using his wealth and influence. For example, in the Ridder origin story episode, Bruce is working on a merger between Wayne Industries and another company. The other guy just wants the money, but Bruce wants the merger to happen so they can create more jobs to lower unemployment, something that is a high factor for rising crime. TL;DR: Animated Bruce is the GOAT.

    • @Azure Saiyan For real dude ???!!!

    • Comic Batman has been doing that for Decades dude.

    • @Agon Leed Yes indeed !

    • lol. creating jobs so they can invest, so he can steal from them lol

    • @ThuHuong Thai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The interesting fact is that, in the same comic book arc mentioned in wich joker steals bruce's money, he also completaly destroys a years long planing project of bruce to, using his money and his company, make fundamental strategic changes in Gotham that would end up improving the city in such a major way that it would basicly no longer even need a batman. Because bruce for a long time has known that the job he does as batman, even if important in many ways, is not enough and doesn't hold a candle to the good he can do by using his money and company to actually make structural changes to the status quo of this over corrupted city

  • I just wanna say; I appreciate the fresh new channel intros every week or so; it always makes me feel the intensity or comedic value of the theory

  • "We're criminals, Alfred. We've always been criminals." - Bruce

  • batman, in response to this, is definitely the type of guy to say something like: "it's for the greater good".

  • I will say this. -Kyle- [edit] Coleman Reese was hardly defending the shareholders. He found out what happened and immediately tried to blackmail Lucius and Bruce to keep quiet.

    • i was about to say the same thing

    • @marx vargas I believe you're correct

    • Kyle Reese sounded like the guy from Terminator. I think Coleman Reese is the guy from the Lucius Fox scene.

    • Oh well at least Batman did it for a self less act, blackmailing on the other hand is not

    • ​@Brandon Boulter Exactly. I love Mat's videos, but recently it's seemed he's used a lot more clickbait and blatantly incorrect information then before. I personally believe it's because of how large of a team he has now, but nonetheless it seems like he's becoming more like "WatchMojo" then an actual down-to-earth creator.

  • Considering the crimes that Bruce is committing are ultimately for the greater good, I’m sure that he wouldn’t be prosecuted. He may be embezzling people but he is also saving lives

  • Loved the video! Matpat, could you please do a theory on how many people turned into zombie's in All Of Us Are Dead? I would really appreciate it if you could do this idea!

  • This is why Ironman is the smarter of the two rich superheroes using their wealth to fight crime. Even in the early comics, Tony publicly links Ironman to his company. The secret in the comic isn't that Ironman was created by Stark Industries, but who the pilot of the suit is. So when Stark Industries spends money on the Ironman project it's all out in the open for the shareholders.

  • I want a theory series dedicated to calculating how many crimes certain “hero’s” have committed. And then holed a big comparison to see which “hero” is the biggest villain, who spends the most time in prison, biggest debt, ect. Time consuming but would be so worth it.

  • This is why I enjoyed the off hand explanation that the Justice League cartoon had. Batman used Wayne Enterprise to fund the League, as well as them getting money from various governments, with this he could publicly fund his vigilante escapades while doing it legally. His company probably even made money from this due to people responding to the company's "good-will", hard to not be impressed with a company that "donates" so much to keep everyone safe, and tax write offs lots of those, have to image it would be considered similar to donating to charity. He could also make money by using subsidiary companies to do the construction so the "donation" that technically was billions would really only cost the company material and labor, muuuuuch less.

    • @MOISES INFANTES Mr terrific isn't a billionaire. He's like halfway there. He sold his company to batman.

    • Batman isnt the only billionaire in the JL. Green arrow, Mr terrific and Aquaman are very wealthy individuals.

    • @L Mul You see his apartment and car? I think he’s doing pretty well for himself.

    • @Justin Martinez Green arrow was the original Funder of the Justice League through Queen industries. Also aquaman for a time.

    • He does support charities too ya know

  • Matpat: Roasts a movie at the very beginning for its low-effort production Matpat 2 seconds later: Yeah but let's investigate the lore of it anyways

  • I actually loved this Batman movie I thought it was hilarious and the acting was pretty well done

  • I know you’ve done a Bee Movie theory before but, hear me out, I think a theory estimating how many bees would actually be needed to hold and fly a plane would be very interesting to watch. (Or if it’s even possible for any amount of bees to do so)

  • Brilliant video, I've recently found this channel and I love it. Only one thing: Punchline isn't the HQ replacement, there's no romantic interest there. No, she's the Jokers protege. Other than that, superb analysis.

  • When MatPat does a better job teaching you about the basics of economics than your high school does in a single video.

    • Bro this a Accounting concept

    • Except for he got the date of the enron bankruptcy wrong

    • *in a single video about batman lol

    • Sounds like a _you_ problem

  • The dialog in Batman Begins sounds like he did the opposite of Insider Gifting that you describe. It sounds like he had the charity buy the stock and then funnel it to him, or he controls it as a charity board member. But overall, great video MatPat and crew!

  • It makes me curious about a few more heroes who use high-tech gadgets with seemingly no oversight. One in particular that keeps coming to mind is The Flash in the CW series…. He works with a team who comes up with metahuman cures, advanced firefighting gear, etc. In addition to intentionally recreating incidents like the Particle Accelerator explosion with seemingly endless funding, no independent oversight, very minimal ethical standards, etc. How about the avoided damages for the creation of metahumans? I feel like The Flash television show would definitely be worth a look by Film Theory

  • for once i was able to follow the video rather easily. if i hadnt started my book keeping course earlier this month i probly wouldnt have fully understood the gravity of bruce wayne's mess ups.

  • Where this all falls down of course, is that Bruce states in the car that he bought MOST of the shares. Most means a very high percentage... nearrly all of them. The others were probably bought by friends such as Fox etc (or the friends who he speaks of in the Dark Knight regarding fund raising for Dent). So really, under a character that has justice at his core, it is unlikely that he'd do wrong by the share holders that aren't him, as it is in his own interests to keep the company profitable. Not that it really matters, but hey.

  • Fair point re: Wayne Enterprises going public. That's *exactly why* it only happened because of underhanded maneuvering that Bruce Wayne had to scramble a bit to overcome. Wayne didn't *want* the company to become publicly traded, and he had enough money outside of Wayne Enterprises to buy up "most of" the shares that were offered to the public. I'd imagine he'd gradually buy up the rest and take the company private again if it's at all possible.

    • @ZOCCOK there's nothing stopping a "business man" from buying and selling stocks. That's called retirement planning. 🤦‍♂️

    • @Antonio yes he can and would make a lot of good money doing so as well, but earning more profit by buying and selling stocks would go against the whole narrative of Bruce Wayne being a businessman. It would turn him into a stock trader. But end of the day, Bruce Wayne is a businessman not a stock trader, hence it makes more sense that Bruce would depend on his highly profitable family companies to generate his wealth instead of buying and selling stocks of other companies. Your hypothesis is good, but even if Bruce is holding stocks of other companies then the amount of these stocks will be marginal when compared to his entire net worth and would definitely wouldn't be his main sources of income/Money for doing Batman stuff.

    • @lilly sam yeah i understand the confusion

    • @Antonio ohhh I read it as other company stocks (public shares) instead of other companies' stocks.

  • I like how he had to put a warning before putting a warning before the Clip 😂.

  • Thanks for confirming my theory! You went above and beyond however. Kudos

  • As a Batman fan, your videos are always entertaining. 2:07 i love you include my favorite Marvel character, Spider-Man! I'm also a Spider-Man fan as well. No bots allowed.

  • I never thought I’d get to watch a video about Batman and learn about basic Economics at the same time. Film Theory is just * chef’s kiss *.

  • I like how they just ignored the fact that the guy “who is defending” the shareholders like he didn’t just threaten and ask for hush money from Lucius and Bruce instead of giving that information for the shareholders, I guess being selfish is worth getting praised if it’s going against a vigilante.

    • @Quintar Farenor Lucious told him that blackmailing a dude that dresses as a bat and punch violent criminals wasn't exactly a smart move. Concerned about the implications the dude backed off.

    • Seems like you can ignore those detais if that helps your narrative.

    • I don'T remember, what did happen to the guy, did he get hush money?

  • You know I find it interesting that you mentioned Joker War as a point toward your theory but completely omitted the fact that in the comics Bruce Wayne had gone public about funding Batman

  • This is one of those episodes where I watch the entire episode and realize that real life is more nefarious than Bruce.

  • I'm still waiting on matpat to do the theory as to how venom can digest any food he eats since symbiotes don't really have a physical body The minute he does I will watch and like in a instant

  • Hello MatPat, great video again. Yet after watching I still have one more question left. On social media there are multiple accounts of influencers pushing people to buy all kinds of new crypto/NFT, promising great returns... It always backfired and stock crashed soon after with them withdrawing money before it began to fall. Shouldn't this behavior fall under the insider trading and be therefore illegal?

  • Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us. Great job

    • lets take a moment to send your condolences to the naive souls who dont know that this is a bot comment 😔🙏

    • This is a bot farm comment, it’s stolen

    • yup another hacked account thats been taken over by a bot

    • stop copy and pasting your comments bro, i saw you on onevilage, it's just ridiculous.

  • There is one BIG FACTOR this theory misses when it comes to assessing the crime and Punishment time... It does not account for all the good that Bruce did as "Batman" ... that should bring his time down by quite a bit

    • Also the thing is Batman just has ... apparently infinite money as he funds his buisness, donates to the poor, AND funds his batman activities. Like the fact he can do all of that is complete nonsense but we just accept it anyway.

  • Matt really took "ruining your childhood " literally 😭🤣

  • You're normally good about mentioning if there are gonna be Spoilers for movies that are still in theaters, but you dropped the ball this time MatPat 😅

  • I really like how mattpat uses fictional characters to expose the real world around us.

  • His content is always so fun to watch. It's clear that he puts his heart and soul into these videos and it definitely pays off. Keep up the great work!

    • @Evan McGough same thoughts, i find him entertaining but he hella flawed i just ignore it (unless he crossed a line where i lose all respect for him) and not take his theories seriously anymore

    • @HoloGaster Yeah, if anyone thinks four is a lot, they've never seen Simon Whistler.

    • I won't lie, it is entertaining. It's more of when he says something really stupid, and then refuses to back down on that statement until half the fanbase is yelling at him for it. And then he makes snarky jokes about it that half-sound self deprecating, but mostly just come off as a passive aggressive "I still think I'm right, you're all stupid for disagreeing, I'm just pretending to admit I'm wrong, for money."

    • @ay ru well… four channels for four different topic. It is hard to be burntout

  • I've said for years that Batman was defrauding his own company and that he was bad for Gotham and his super power was money. Glad the truth is coming out.

  • I kinda thought he got away with it because literally every other businessman in Gotham was corrupt and if he wasn’t “corrupt” then he would be too obvious.

  • Disclaimer: Assuming Batman follows real-world logic, which I believe doesn't, but still I find it fun to talk about Most people are missing the point here Bruce's criminal actions being referred to here firmly relate to his stock market, nothing else. It doesn't matter what good he's done, dem police ain't gonna care if he did shady corporate dealings

  • stuck in the backrooms.... good thing I have some GREAT content to watch! film theory is a great channel. Didn’t know Batman is a criminal! But I know it’s just a theory... a film theory!!!

  • The main problem with the Falcon (and the thing he doesn't want to address with the banker who apparently doesn't already know) is that before he was killed in The Snap and restored in The Blip, he was a fugitive from the law, having taken Cap's side in the dispute over the Sokovia Accords. Apparently the government decided to latch onto some of that We Saved The World goodwill and drop the charges and hush up the whole "international fugitive" thing. But any stipend he got from the Avengers (as well as any benefits like life insurance) would have disappeared when he quit the team and went on the run. Btw, in the comics, the Avengers do receive a weekly stipend (it was $1000 per week in the 1960s, no idea what it is now, but presumably it was adjusted for inflation). It's paid by the Maria Stark Foundation, which is a nonprofit set up and endowed by Tony Stark. No government money involved.

    • ok but thats marvel

    • At one point, the Avengers was funded by Deadpool. He was selling merchandise and could even afford his own team.

    • @你好丑 jl are 80% god

    • That's just shy of half a million a year in today's dollars

    • @Care Bear ought to be. Fighting evil gods and universe destroying threats is a highly skilled job with low supply. You should be earning close to $500k a year.

  • It would have been easy to say that he did really good investing and he did everything on the interest. But they really had him do this.

  • I love how Batman and Robin is so terrible that it gets it's own viewer disclaimer before showing a clip from it. lol Also... how exactly Batman pays for all his stuff without anyone realizing he's Bruce Wayne is a question a lot of people have had for YEARS and those scenes you're talking about were intended to explain exactly how he's doing it. As it turns out there are people who know Bruce Wayne is Batman and just choose not to say anything either because they agree with his personal crusade to clean up Gotham or just because they personally stand to benefit from the insider knowledge and get rich as long as no one outside the company finds out. I should also point out that not all Stock Holders are created equal. The majority stock holder, which in this case is Bruce Wayne himself, has most of the power within the company. This is what allows him to bury information about Batman that he doesn't want to get to the public. The average stock holder isn't even going to be recognized as an owner of the company at all. I mean sure technically on paper you own a small portion of that company but it's not like you can go into any of the Wayne Enterprises corporate buildings and start bossing around their employees. You aren't responsible for their pay checks, you aren't their employer, you can't hire or fire anyone at the company, and a lot of information that you would need to dig up in order to connect Batman to Bruce Wayne would require you to have direct access to the corporate offices, like what we see in the movies. If show up acting like you own the place demanding access to confidential company documents you're just going to get yourself escorted off the property. Essentially, there's a lot of public information about companies that anyone can look up even without being a stock holder and having stocks doesn't really get anything other than a piece of paper that says you own part of the company when you really don't. To put it another way... you can buy a stock dirt cheap for at little as $4, who do you think is going to have more control in that company the rando who purchased a $4 stock yesterday or the guy with his name on the building who owns 80% of the company. 80% of the company is Bruce Wayne, 19% is the people inside the board room he was talking to, and the other 1% are the random every man who bought a stock but don't actually have any say at all in what goes on at that company. Something else I want to address... You make it sound like Bruce Wayne is using charities to help embezzle money which is actually the one thing he's NOT doing. Bruce makes legitimate donations to charity, usually to causes that directly effect him, orphanages, mostly. We even hear about this in the last movie as "Robin" who isn't really Robin but a totally original character who exists in that movie... anyway... Joseph Gordon Levitt's character mentions that Bruce Wayne made a donation to the orphanage he grew up in which not only prevented him and other kids from becoming homeless but also allowed them to make sure every kid could get a good education. They wouldn't be able to do any of that with stocks that Bruce would know were going to crash and be worthless. We also get to see Bruce outright giving cash, not stocks but actual money out to people in need which would also count as a charitable donation. He might be screwing over his companies share holders and embezzling money from rich stock holders so he can keep the majority of his own company and fund his activities as Batman but he is clearly not screwing over the average person. If anything the government is doing that as it's pointed out that the reason that Bruce doesn't just give everyone money who needs it is because it would never be enough, they'd still be poor with all of Bruce's money divided between them. It would only be a temporary solution to a bigger problem. Oh and Bruce has also been known to donate to causes that essentially help his villains... not like helping them do crimes but trying to help rehabilitate them. He funds Arkham Asylum. He's funded Victor's Freezes research to find a cure for his wife. He's funded Harvey's reconstructive surgery. Usually a 3rd party such as Hugo Strange ends up getting between Bruce's attempts to help them which perpetuates the villain's to be continued threats. And Arkham Asylum is also a government funded facility. Bruce has made donations to try to improve conditions there but it's not a facility he actually owns or has any control over, it's government owned and operated and they decide how funds are spent. So considering we know Bruce Wayne is making donations to improve how Arkham's patients are treated yet they're still using outdated medical practices and failing at every turn to properly treat many of their patients mental disorders. Many of the practices at Arkham Asylum are actually ILLEGAL in the U.S. today but the government seems to turned a blind eye to people like Hugo Strange who had already been disbarred and lost his medical license long before he was employed by Arkham who ignored his history and had him reinstated... so who's really embezzling money from charity here? Cause clearly it seems like the government is taking funds from Arkham Asylum to line their own pockets. And no one seems to care because the patients are criminals, people seem to forget that Arkham is a HOSPITAL not a prison. But it's structured more like a prison than a hospital.

  • While illegal I would argue that as the majority of all stock is owned by the wealthy, roughly 92% of all stock is owned by the top 10% of wealth holders in the US, and Gotham's main problem is wealth disparity, seems like he might be harming the villains, or at least the people not helping the situation.

  • You should do a video on a series of unfortunate events,it's really good and there's alot of mystery and hidden stories behind the story we get (it's on Netflix if you want to watch it)

  • Considering that one of the plots of Batman comics books has Ra's al Ghul figured out Batman identity by figuring that only one of richest person in Gotham must be Batman so he follows the money trails that led him to Bruce Wayne leading to batman making sure to be more careful of how he do his finances. So obviously the comics is already aware of this facts.

    • @BewareTheCarpenter There's actually a moment in the comics where he publically admits exactly this and goes on to expand funding other "Batmen" in different parts of the world. It's called "Batman Incorporated".

    • I'd think it would be obvious that one of the richest people in Gotham were funding the Batman but if I lived there I would probably think Bruce Wayne was sponsoring the Batman rather than being Batman himself.

  • You should definitely do a theory on "The Titan" great movie on genetic manipulation.

  • "I might be crazy enough to fight Batman, but the IRS? No sir'ee!" - Joker, from Batman The Animated Series

  • while this video is fully right, that last part is disagreeable, In gotham batman is looked up to as a symbol of hope and as such bias would come in and propably make bruce only serve a decade or so

  • I really loved that movie (Batman and Robin) as a child, I had any interest in batman because of this film

  • Although, Batmans funds were used to protect Gotham, his batmobile was never used for pleasure purposes, but for saving lives and putting people threatening the city behind bars or in a mental institute, aka, helping the police officers. The quantity of policemen needed to do the same job would be high, which would also sky rockets costs, not only in pay, but equipment, cars etc. and that is not even counting the costs of repairing the city or the hospital costs from all the people injured during the attacks. Perhaps batman does steal in some way, but by doing so he also saves a lot on city taxes.

    • @entropy. bucket But Batman still is a vigilante. He beats heartless and evil criminals into a pulp and leaves them for the cops to find half dead unconsious. He is certainly doing the right thing, but by every definition and law he isn't doing it the right way. So if that is a part of it, why is it out of place if he does so with Bruce's funds? If anything it stays true to the characterization 99% of people know Batman as.

    • You never know it could be off screen

    • @Lady Onikara 😭 ight-

    • @el Be careful posting links in these comment sections these days. The bots will think you're competition.

  • When you’ve watched so many theories and learnt how to make one. So you decide to make your own :D

  • I appreciate how Totally Not Mark has distinguished between the many iterations of Bruce Wayne. I'm curious how this theory holds up against the Pattinson Bruce Wayne. He's quite different than Bale, who was Matt's main focus.

  • This was my favorite batman movie of all time dud and poison ivy had the best villain entrance in the history Omg this is the first time I disagree with you , I understand the quotes but a movie means = entertainment I don’t the drama thank you

  • he dosnt have any share holders, he bought them all. through various charity based associations and all. so technically he is still the only one looking into his accounts so even if it went public, there r no other shares to buy! Bruce bought em all!

  • He could also say that he is just conducting research and development and therefore can write off not only the materials but also his time for all of the Batman activities

    • Yeah plus he could also just pay himself a bigger pay than most CEO's than use that money to personally fund his special R&D department, plus whilst being batman and developing his tools he is likely to actually discover things that he can than use as proof of the department's worth and sell making more money. I think the writers where just too lazy to figure out a more legally plausible idea of how Batman can be funded. There might be some lying but I don't think to the movies level.

    • @Matt This will probably not be a Clement this amount considering that he only needs one of each item. Comparing that to the expense of a global company is probably not as high

    • still sounds illegal. but not technically wrong.

    • Oh snap

  • As usual this was very informative and MatPat did a great job, but he also forgot to bring up the fact that not all the funds are for Batman are necessarily coming from Wayen Ent'. Bruce is not only a share holder but also an "employee" of WE, meaning he gets what is most likely a sizeable pay check regularly, as well as his inheritance, and sure in the course of the movies he goes through a fair amount of equipment cuz they gotta show off the gadgets but on a day to day basis most the stuff he buys as Batman lasts a while, so its possible a part of the funds for Batmans stuff are coming out of Bruces pocket. However I'm sure he has dipped into company funds on more than a few occasions.

  • You mixed that charitable gifting thing up: He did the opposite: He sold his own shares and then gave the money to charity and then the charities bought the stock back. Of course a legal grey zone but not a charitable gifting like you described it

    • So I take that bet and become the option writer of a few put options of Wayne enterprises, because I bet thats some deep f*ing value!

  • I have a question about marvel, couldn’t Thanos use the reality stone to make centuries worth of crops for the universe and then do it again when it runs out? Just a question I hade in mind.

  • One again, it proves that Darkwing Duck knew what was up. He had a separate social security number from Drake Mallard & could explain any costs via his freelance work with SHUSH. No wonder gosalyn’s adoption went through so quickly.

  • If he's stealing from other billionaires I have to say, I'm still fine with it

  • Hey MatPat - can you do a theory on how many titans come from all the walls in Attack on Titan - and what damage they could theoretically do in the real world / how to stop them?!

  • MatPat's finally starting to get woke I see. I say keep on doing it.

  • Going into the video: It's impossible to be a billionaire without stealing from a LOT of people. Coming out or the video: It's impossible to be a billionaire without stealing from a LOT of people. Great job! I love all your videos!!

  • “This guy? He’s the real hero!” You cut off the clip just before he tried to blackmail Lucius and Bruce.

    • Also skipped mentioning the part that Bruce had the funding going through the shell companies which were all private and paid taxes until the group in the boardroom decided to go Public to get Wayne Corp's money out of Bruce's control. The "Numbers man" went looking back into the history of the businesses to find his data before anything was publicly traded or in a Shell Company that any of the people in that boardroom worked for. Before it went Public; Him pulling up data that was sold to another "Sister" company? Probably against policy, probably Legal depending on contracts signed. Him threatening to release Private Intellectual property to the public? Illegal. Him threatening to release Private Financial information from the company? Illegal. Him blackmailing using the above threats to release information? Illegal. Bruce using the private shell corps to fund private enterprise? Legal (If used as a charity gives a tax break too.) Bruce using a private trust to own and pay for his property? Legal and recommended to prevent/mitigate lawsuits. Bruce's private enterprise doing vigilante work. Depends, for the Justice league it was a clearly labelled and approved from the Government so Legal. For The Batman movie... No. If the guy released the information, Wayne Corp could sue for all monies lost due to public perception changes. Bruce could Sue too. After it went public... Yeah, Bruce did a lot of illegal things with the Stock. (Though, having a company you own buy stock in a company that you also own that just went public is a grey area, as long as it used it's own money to buy) But the "Number's Man" mentioned that those shell companies got closed before the Company stock was public "closed within a day". So, that shouldn't be illegal.

    • Exactly that's slimey

  • He could also use P.O. Boxes at shipping stores or the postal service as well.

  • Film theory: I've wondered for a while now who would win the T-800 Terminator or Jason Voorheers.

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  • Just a tiny mistake I noticed, Enron crashed in 2001, not 2011, and it sold its last assets in 2006. That being said I love the video!

    • Especially if you consider that if the CEO got out of prison twelve years after 2011, well, let's just say that the math doesn't really add up.

    • Same.. I was like " there's no way I'm the first one to notice this 2hrs in"

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