Film Theory: Decoding the Horror of The Backrooms

פורסם בתאריך 9 אפר 2022
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It's time to re-enter The Backrooms, the scary found footage series that I have been OBSESSING over lately. Last time we covered the main story, so today I am looking to dive deeper into The Backrooms lore. What is the Monster? Is ANYTHING real or is reality a lie? That and more in today's Film Theory!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • Theory: mothers are able to clip in and out of the backrooms, but only to find objects their kids have been looking for for 20 minutes

    • XD

    • So accurate

    • Theory that got turned into a fact in short time

    • All fact. No cap

    • "you just didn't look hard enough" My gosh it was right before me the whole time.

  • It's so inspiring how Kane Pixels is only 16 yet he's able to do all this

    • @the reader Dont know how you came to this conclusion.

    • he's 16 0.0

    • @Jay L also is more common that men are interested in video-games, be it by social standards or not. So it's easier to find male made content, just like lurking a lot in artist communities you'll find more women (in my experience)

    • @the reader previously had no idea who created the concept of the backrooms, still found it interesting. What you said is just a cope used by salty women to justify their failure. You can do and accomplish anything you want just like men.

  • I love how Kane can turn an originally generally safe level with only a few rare occurrences of entities, into an extremely dangerous level as if to test the worthiness of people who noclipped inside in order to continue through the levels.

    • Kane has said that his series isn’t directly linked to the larger “backrooms” universe.

    • It hink Kane said somewhere there aren't really other "levels" in his own canon, it's just the backrooms.

  • 15 years old and he already has made videos of this quality for us. I think he's definitely got a future in this line of work.

    • The Channel Of 16 Year Old Name: Kane Pixels AKA Kane Parson Kane Real Name

    • He’s 16 he made attack on titans when he was 15

    • If EDM artist Nitro Fun can do it, so can he.

  • Theory: The description of “The Backrooms (Found Footage)” dates the video as September 23, 1996, but if you look at the movie clapboard, the dates is stated as 7/4/91. I believe September 23, 1996 was the date the footage was FOUND, when the recording was made July 4, 1991. Could be important.

    • You're Right! After Kane Noclipped Out Of Reality! Before Kane Is Missing! Camera Landing On Grass Kane Was Presumed Died!

  • Imagine you no-clip into the backrooms and then you see matpat holding a notebook aggressively writing stuff down as he stares at a wall

    • I’d be happy bc then I’m getting out of there alive lol

    • @ТесhnobIаdе Рig 🅥 sooooap

    • I would look at him and look at him for hours

    • @ТесhnobIаdе Рig 🅥 No one gives a crap.

    • I feel like I would like that honestly 😂

  • I think the monsters only started appearing more frequently after they realized people were coming through, under normal circumstances the monsters were too far apart to be an issue, but now they roam the areas where people come into the Backrooms in more concentrated groups.

  • Here’s a diagram you can use to think of the backrooms with: Picture a circle or earth-like shape a as a shadow. Now think of the backrooms as a slightly smaller weird shape that doesn’t exist, but had multiple edges like squares or rooms. Now, spin both of these in a circle, but have the backrooms moving faster than the earth and not only spinning, but moving in a circle. The closer the backrooms gets to the earth, the more open the rifts get. This represents every time reality breaks and a rift opens or almost opens (like the voices at the party)

  • Completely ignoring the “lore” here, I like to think of the backrooms as a collective space of humanities thoughts and emotions, much like the Warp from Warhammer 40k! A place where every desire, fear, and thought are mashed together into an endless space of horror.

    • Like mementos from persona 5

    • @AlexCartoons and the mass amount of little kids toys

    • Well then where is the mass amount of “adult content”?

    • What if faster than light is possible, via noclipping

  • Finally somebody realized the back rooms entity is actually a mutated bacteria, which is why the async employees wear hazmat suits. The bacteria infects the people who have no clipped inside the back rooms, making them become an entity

    • Actually, no it’s not. I am a moderator of kane pixels discord, and talked to him about the creature. He said that is in no way a zombie or infection

    • @Speed of sound Sanik thanks bro

    • @Elio Brahaj not really, different levels have different entities which all have different origins

    • so that means every monster there was one a human

  • how much research and science Kane puts into these episodes

    • @LeafyBoi The original backrooms lore is from a 4chan post, a couple of sentences long. The “lore” you are referring to is from the wiki, which is written by many people. There is no established cannon. Aside from the description given by the original post, everything else is fair game, up to the individual’s own interpretation. Besides, the wiki has expanded so much upon the original lore that the concept of levels and entities have pretty much been beaten to death by this point. It’s over-saturated. Some levels are well fleshed-out while others seem lackluster and unoriginal. Kane’s fresh take is actually a much-needed perspective on this old and overdone concept.

    • @Booksaremybag there are millions of active people on the wikidot before kane, i dont care if it means its more popular, hes ruining their work

    • @LeafyBoi Nobody would know about your wikidot project if it weren't for Kane Pixels. In fact a lot of people wouldn't know about Backrooms period if it weren't for him. And his videos are what people like. Because it's got a level of professionalism to it and just like everyone else is saying...this is very much his own project.

    • @LeafyBoi Don't even try to do down what Kane Pixels has done for the backrooms. HE brought it back and made it trendy. He's putting in research, science and characters into it. And his animations are realistic, it's the highest quality you will see on the internet and builds up tension so well. You should thank him really.

    • @Ahim Ahmad Who aske- What!?

  • I like how he explains all the bacteria stuff like he’s pieced together the puzzle, and then drops the bombshell that Kane literally said it’s a bacteria

  • I find the backrooms to be a very interesting concept with multiple takes depending on which community you go to. Matpat is only scratching the surface of this whole concept and Kane Pixels is only one take of the many others. There is a whole SCP-Foundation-like wiki and community that has build upon the concept of the the backrooms having multiple "levels", "enemies" and even "NPCs" its more like an alternate game reality where some people have already figured out how to navigate and even Noclip on purpose in the backrooms. Kane Pixel is expanding his take on the backrooms and im very interested in what more he'll bring to the table.

    • @Ellijah i mean, there are different versions of the backrooms, there are no official canon lore, so the backrooms isn’t really turning into an scp rip off nor does all versions have 100+ entities

    • @bitchclub but not too many. It was hinting on the existence of things inside the backrooms, but they didn't hint on there being like 100 of them

    • @Ellijah the original 4chan backrooms literally have monsters tho? 💀

    • I feel like making Backrooms an scp foundation-esque thing is a bad idea, considering that the charm of backrooms was not related to monsters, but to the fact that this place is weird, strange and probably endless and you are literally stuck in a realm of unknown origin. Adding more monsters and more levels makes this charm disappear, leaving us with a generic "spooky dookie place" with monster all around and wending mavhines with ALMOND WATER.

    • I like the multi level

  • I can only just imagine wandering through a maze of rejected game files and then stumbling across some bad essay monster

  • What if the other room that the Async employee went through wasn't his company, but an Async from another reality? Like you mentioned at the end, the backrooms might be a space between two worlds that connect them (sort of). The Async company in the other world with a February 29th caused an earthquake when they found the backrooms, and so did the Async from our world. The reason the keycard worked on that door was because the man found the room from our world that had that barcode in use. When the sirens went off, it was probably because the computer realized that nobody had gone into the backrooms that hadn't already come out of the door.

  • I like how enthusiastic he is about all the series he does. It almost doesn’t matter what he covers, so much as he himself likes it

    • I found this comment on a rainyday

    • @Lamogio His Persona 4 theory was like that. The thing he was theorising on is literally confirmed as untrue in the alternate version of the game Persona 4 Golden. As a Persona fan I was offended, but I don't dislike him that much.

    • I like his enthusiasm but it can get rather annoying when he is confidently promoting rushed theories about topics he barely researched. Most of the times I watched one of his newer videos on a game or movie I was familiar with I could instantly poke holes in it.

    • Backroom lore>>>>>>>>>Fnaf lore

    • @Osmosis Jones I haven't even seen the series, but in this video Mat literally said and showed the camera Kane was holding noclip back into reality. It's at 7:39. It was found because it noclipped back. Destroying a device doesn't really make the data on it disappear, so the data would have survived the fall.

  • I find it kinda funny that Kane Pixel's series is in most people's head, even tho it has nothing to do with the lore (summarized on the Fandom and Wikidot). xD I see less theories about the pre-existing lore, but so much for the video series, Kane really hit with the quality of these videos. Of course I find them amazing.

  • My parents always told me they moved back to Tennessee from California because there was a huge earthquake the week after I was born, but I never knew what they were talking about until I watched this video. Thanks for teaching me about myself, MatPat 😂

    • I guess that the earthquake must have been really bad if it caused them to find new jobs and a new house on the other side of the country.

  • Crazy how the back rooms aren’t just the yellow walls but many different places

  • I just have to say, on multiple occasions I’ve had dreams where I’m in a place that looks a lot like the images in these videos. I remember being in a huge building with no windows and it seemed to have an endless amount of doors that lead into rooms, which had more doors leading into even more rooms. I also remember there being dim fluorescent ceiling lights and there was like dark 80’s style wood paneling on the walls. It’s just strange to me that I’ve had dreams like that before I had even heard about this back room concept from videos on TikTok. Now I’ve seen this video and I’m so intrigued by the whole thing 😅

  • The idea that The Backrooms is “a video game” that you simply no-clip into as you’ve mentioned, I bet speedrunners would find a way to escape The Backrooms through glitches and “mechanics”.

    • speedrunners about to b-hop into a wall repeatedly to launch themselves across the backrooms to find an exit

    • i mean if you can no-clip in it you can no-clip out, you just gotta exercuse the right speed and angle

    • Yeah just casually v-clip

    • Dream’s new Minecraft Manhunt: 5 of my friends are trying to hunt me down while I speedrun out of the backrooms

  • I’d genuinely love a TV series about the Backrooms. It would be the perfect horror series.

  • can we talk about how good of a graphic design the Async logo is??!! is perfectly captures a great sense of control and grandiosity in their work, as well as synchronicity. also the figure that is made in the break of the A’s connecting line is interesting,,,

  • What would happen if you fell under ground when you’re in the back rooms? Would you see the underside of the world like in video games? Would there be floating assets that you could fall on top of? Heck if mining is still a thing and if people can still dig under ground wouldn’t THEY be able to reach the backrooms simply by digging deeper?

    • not necessarily, think of a game like minecraft. if you go into spectator mode you can see under the blocks and it looks similar to what is shown in the video. BUT you can still mine down. games only show what is loaded to save on resources, imagine how laggy minecraft would be if it loaded every single block in your render distance, including the possibly hundreds of thousands of blocks that aren't even seen

  • When he said something about the backrooms being a game, it reminded me of saw. Think about it, your trapped in something and you have to use the stuff around u before time runs out. In this case the timer is the monster.

  • I absolutely love how much research and science Kane puts into these episodes. Most horror episodes are just, “oOOoOoH cReEpY bRoDcAsT” but this is actually a really realistic project. Even better that the graphics add even more realism to it. Glad to see you’re just as obsessed with these as I am!

    • @THE ALTERNATE wikidot is essentially also FanFiction of the og 4chan post

    • @THE ALTERNATE the backrooms don't have a canon story

    • @jerny games Even with something that has canon there is fan fiction

    • @jerny games True you make a good point

    • @THE ALTERNATE most people follow different canons so there is not a main canon This means that there cant be fan fiction

  • There are five different versions of the Backrooms lore, There is the wikidot, The wiki, The fan wiki, Kane's found footage series and the archive, Of course the wikidot also has multiple canons similar to the SCP Foundation database which also runs on wikidot.

  • I love this guy he just finds all the theory's for us

  • My theory: the whole lead up is to a programmed space where a randomly generated reality is left up as the default, to make sure nobody induces a true Out Of Bounds. These may also include things designed for Debug because the exact boundaries and process of creating this space is still in experimentation. I think there’s also some problems that came when they tried to make entities like NPCs or mobs, and in the process of converting anything living into this space like they did in the video, reinterpretation of what those things did and were began, which resulted in the entities we see inside.

  • i hope this doesn’t end up becoming a video game or simulation in later episodes… i think it’s a lot cooler and scarier knowing it’s parallel to our real everyday lives

  • The idea that you can just randomly stumble into a portal that leads to an endless maze of hallways that are filled with monsters while walking around is absolutely terrifying. If it was real I’d never leave my house like ever I mean I barely do anyway as is but you get my point.

    • @Bryan Mullins yeah, because before that its just this endless maze, and human minds generally break when confronted with infinite concepts.

    • and that is the reason why analog horror games are so terrifing. unlike other horror games, like fnaf, most analog games are about something that could just randomly happen. that means that if it was real, there would be a chance that you can experince it, unlike fnaf which just relies on jump scares and creepy imagery

    • you can no clip while you are inside

    • @Quan 3000nah I just feel like there would be less of a chance of u no clipping for sun reason like it's always in a city or something

    • @Sarah Engler Stone It's hard to explain, but like, if there's no monsters it just feels more earie than with monsters, which is somehow scarier to me. IDK

  • With the subway, he's absolutely right. It's extremely surprising how much New Yorkers can ignore.

  • Matpat: “February 1990 can’t exist. This means that this is in a different reality where it can.” Me: okay, I agree. Matpat: “and that means that reality is a SIMULATION and we are all assets from a game engine!”

  • You know, even though I don't exactly care for many horror games/movies/shows, the lore for this is actually interesting. I'm interested to see where they go with this

  • I know im a bit late to this and he's probably already realized this but in an earlier video it literally shows that the backrooms are a computer generated place, so it would make sense there are glitches and stuff, like the rest of the crew disappearing

  • It’s also possible that the entity could be one of the motion detecting tripod cameras covered in the bacteria. Those only activate when they see movement, and the writing on the wall from the first video advises you not to move while the monster is near, so the possibility does make sense. The bacteria could have spread from a nearby wall onto the camera, and used it as a makeshift skeletal system to move with. The entity also has a very rigid way of moving, which could be due to the tripod’s legs being very stiff, or just animation limitations. Either way, it’s an interesting possibility.

    • @crodoi as in what discord channel? Because I don't know I talked about this theorie under one of the Kane Pixels videos and multiple people told me that he said it wasn't true

    • @Erbert Van De Steen What channel?

    • I think Kane said that this theory wasn't true in his discord.

    • I agree when i watched it it also has a bit of a square head which look a lot like a camera head

    • i never thought of that your very clever

  • My thought on the backrooms monster was that it was some sort of mold that takes over the bodies of people. I know there is a type of fungus that does that to ants and insects and j thought he monster would kinda be that but scaled up. Even if it is a bacteria I still kinda think it takes over bodies or objects and makes them animate and aggressive.

  • Theory: The backrooms is the thin layer between the 3D and 4D plains allowing both beings from both plains to perceive it as an office with moist carpet and buzzing lights.

    • prob not. Kane will most likely take ideas from the other storylines of the backroom wikis.

  • the fact that they can hear voices from reality really reminds me of the upside down

  • I think the hay bacillus came from the corpse of nick bolton. See how there's so much of it around him? I think that it came from his gut, and adapted to the backrooms, likely attaching to one of the cameras and using it as a host (as commenter Eastcorp presented under this video) He was ground zero for the monster.

  • Fun fact: the backroom video lore made by "kane" is not entirely based on the official backroom wiki or fandom story, it is based on his own story, so all of the lore and science that kane put into his video is pure original idea by kane himself! Dangg that guy is definitely gonna make some more awesome cgi movie in the future

    • I like the original backrooms the most

    • @Santigamer Progamer no

    • dude "Kane Parsons" is 16 yrs old yet the most talented CGI artist ever

    • ok

    • I think there was something that showed that Kane is 16 (I could be very wrong though) so it’s pretty amazing what he’s doing

  • Theory: This could be a good one. Reality has this code that Functions correctly, For example there's this straight line of reality that's moving straight and responding well, but in the backrooms, the line go's up and down and messes up the code and creates weird stuff and the messed up code Becomes infinite . So If we mess up the Code, We might turn into the backrooms. Examples: Reality: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - ------------ -- - - - - - - -- - - Backrooms: ---- ---------- -- -- - - - - - - - --- - -- - -------- - (And the messed up code Never ends) ---------- - - - -- - - -- -- - -- - -- - - ----------- -----

    • So basicly similar to a corrupted file?

  • I really hope you keep making occasional videos about the backrooms, really entertaining stuff

  • I hope more lore comes out for the backrooms! Pretty please Matt Pat? 🙏

  • Matpat you have to look into the back rooms further, because the back rooms actually have levels, the one you are looking at is level zero

  • Theory: When the guy was separated from his group, he trespassed time-space and came back as some time later, which is how he finds the control room that is barely being built just as he goes out, as shown in Motion Detected

    • Now confirmed to be correct ayyy

    • The newest vid on Kane’s channel actually showed that!!

    • What do you mean??

    • Maybe time isn’t even programmed to be in the backrooms

    • ​@Suzi Fredenburg That's literally a lie, Check the first answer, and you can see I just said it was similar to mine, and you took it as if I was claiming it as mine, and went on to create your nice little dramatic scene to keep you entertained for 3 days. Moreover, you kept on claiming it was impossible to tell when you had typed the theory, and defended it by saying it had therefore been YOUR original theory. You kept refusing to admit people sometimes have the same thoughts for 1 day straight. Guess what? You deleted your comments in that thread after being proven wrong. Not sure how you are done with me if you are the one that started it all.

  • The Backrooms can be considered a Linimal space or spaces we swore we've been to or seen before but haven't.

  • Nicely researched, Sir! I am impressed.

  • I think the simulation theory is a good explanation. The Backrooms reminds me of the backdoors from the Matrix Reloaded. The text on the road signs being mirrored also makes me think of a mirror world. The Backdoors also feels like it would be at home in the SCP universe.

  • I heard a very cool theory about the monster we see in the Found Footage video which sounds quite plausible. If you remember, one of the cameras first loses sound capabilities before the end of the video. It's possible the so-called bacteria is infecting the camera and causing it to become the monster, which is why it looks like it has a camera-like body and some struts and wires. What do you think?

  • The whole ‘mundane horror’ thing is what gets me. Looking at this shade of yellow forever would drive me insane.

    • In grave encounters 1 the MC gets stuck in a haunted mental hospital for 10 years, but the time he was discovered it was only a few hours IRL. How about that?

    • @Don't Read Profile Photo I see you everywhere

    • Good News! it is only yellow on level 0, the "Tutorial Zone" there are over 900 other levels that are different

    • Trust me, it does. The only thing keeping me sane is some tiny drops of Almond Water.

    • That’s the idea of level 0

  • There is a Google Street view image of the backrooms on the Island of little diomede. I had just learned about the Island and wanted to see how it looked. It was... weird to find a yellow room suspiciously similar to the backrooms. The image was submitted by Max Minges.

  • The Backrooms was actually made to simulate the fear of being forgotten!

  • I had a Hyperfixation on the backrooms ,and liminal spaces in gerneral, in 2019 and the most popular theory was, that the backrooms are a pocket dimention were you get put when you don't please the 'higher ups' (the things that created our reality). It's like detention, but more extreme.

    • 7:11 I'm almost certain that this entity is called a 'grabber' if i remember correctly. Grabbers live in the walls of the backroom, waiting for lost and lonely people that they grab, drag into the walls to suffocate them and then devour them lol

  • I'm very interested in any backroom creepypastas so I'm eating this lore up matpat lol thanks bro

  • If this theory is actually proven correct, then wouldn't that mean that the monster is a computer virus or a piece of malware? Could that mean that the players being attacked is like files being attacked by malware and being corrupted, like the body? edit: huh, this comment blew up, guess I wasn't alone in thinking that the backrooms could be related to computers.

    • ​@DeadpoolX20 Idk abt that cause a "corrupt" being in data doesn't have Real world DNA

    • Maybe the monster is corrupted data in a game

    • @Purg I'm not saying there isn't a bacteria nor did i say there was no bacteria, Im just pointing out what i think the person said. if its not a simulation take it as an example if you dont think thats what it is. also i didn't try to point out that its a "simulation" i pointed out that it was like a virus that messed up your computers codes since you just no clip without even doing anything as in games you need steps in doing it.

    • No it wouldn’t mean that because if reality itself a simulation that would still mean bacteria exists. It doesn’t all of a sudden mean that bacteria isn’t real within the simulation and is just malware. But I don’t think Mat connected all the dots here - if the backrooms was GENERATED by async, not necessarily discovered, and they found weird ways to tamper with our reality, that would be a lot different than what mat is claiming. I just don’t feel like he speculated enough because I knew more than everything he covered in this vid

  • honestly, i find the backrooms pretty scary. Being in hallways with no clue if there’s gonna be something peeking out of the corner. Losing your sanity. Something chasing you not even knowing what it is. That’s what i call a nightmare for me.

  • I'm glad that after so many years The Backrooms Is really getting big

  • Since we're dealing with magnetics, it's worth mentioning that the only reason electricity, radio, and communications exist is due to magnetism. Especially in older radios, you quite literally select a specific frequency by adjusting the knobs and adjusting the input level. Now, this is different than normal magnetism, the level of magnetism that you usually transmit is in the Radio section of things, which means that if you are trying to affect the waves, you can straight up use an electronic magnet at the correct frequency to alter the waves. If by some mystical chance, you were able to convince the information on the said wave to become reality by forcing the information stored in said wave to respectively alter the things they were designed to alter, you'd probably end up with something like this. It'd be glitchy, and would probably take up a huge space considering that you can over amplify it and such. This is all based on my limited knowledge, I do more audio tech than radio tech, so it's limited. SIMPLE TERMS: Basically, there would be either an intercepted secret wave or a natural wave that they pick up on. The said radio wave is intercepted by magnets, and they somehow with the redacted information convince it to become reality by altering aspects of the "real world," or "'reality' substance". This can explain the strange glitches and issues, as in reality, our radios aren't very accurate at all sometimes. Now here's where it gets interesting. The "Radio" wave, is one of several waves in our world. Some of these are used to convey color, and shape, as well as light itself. This opens a new possibility that perhaps the radio wave they intercepted was already a wave of light, shape, sound, etc. that they were able to enter. It would explain why there might be issues with overlapping in other places, where the two waves intercept; and as any audio tech should/would know, two waves of the same shape essentially cancel out, leaving just one sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger signal- which is the best excuse for clipping.

  • please cover the story as it unfolds its so intriguing

  • We really need to acknowledge how incredible it is that a 16 year old is making such a good series Edit: Kane Pixels is 16! He’s also a TREMENDOUSLY talented sound designer. His second channel, “Not Kane Pixels,” has a backrooms OST. He weaves music that really, REALLY take you inside the head of someone in the backrooms. It’s terrifyingly intriguing. Go check some of his music out! “Not Kane Pixels”

    • Hes got an amazing future, I'm excited to see what he does in the future

    • @LMD ok, well, you’re probably just talking about the trope of secret government agency in mysterious building which has been a thing since people started to theorize about area 51. The similarities pretty much end there because that’s the trope that SCP, Control, and the Backrooms series are all based on. And Backrooms definitely wasn’t based on Control because it’s been created before the game itself, with a *lot* of concepts, which you say are borrowed from Control, already formed in the very first post. Control and Backrooms has no relations with each other besides the trope.

    • @Spook let's just say it "heavily borrows" or takes inspiration then. Copy was probably not appropriate I am not accusing anyone of stealing it's not a replica.

    • @LMD ‘copy’ in term of creative work is *very* often associated with stealing, so are you sure you mean copy?

    • @Deltexterity You're taking it the wrong way then. If someone said "Wow this is good for a 16 year old" then that can be seen as demeaning, but asking "Wow this is great, you're really 16?" Is a compliment as they find it hard to believe how talented you are at your age.

  • one of my favorite theories about the backrooms was that it was an abandoned video game project, interesting idea.

  • The backrooms monster was the first to draw the "S" thing we all drew back in high school. The design is proof of the backrooms existence 🤯

  • I swear, if the Backrooms was a movie, or at least in an episode, I'd do anything to see it.

  • I have known about the backrooms since 2014 I have been researching it and in a way I have grown a slight fear of it due to all the levels and creatures……

  • The thing with the backrooms is that there are multiple timelines/lore. The different wikis all have different lore, with Kane creating his own lore and making up the whole ASYNC storyline. So just beware that there is different lore depending on the story.

    • @Voldy356 I Love the poolrooms

    • @MIYA IS MY QUEEN I'd love to see the poolrooms.

    • @Raf Sandomierz I did now hush

    • @ApolloOnMars But everyone knows this lmfao my guy read the threads carefully.

    • @Lightcannon3 Where the F anybody says (Besides the Gamer god it seems) that Kane's Version is OG one? Read comments carefully

  • Cannot wait to see where this one goes! Please do an update video if you find more!!

  • Theory:The "reality" we live in is just a simulation, and the creator is in the backrooms somehow, but the "reality" is slowly breaking and sending people to the backrooms

  • 7:37 0.25 You can see how the monster just aggressively grabs and toss him around. Not sure where the monster grabbed, It kinda looks weird Edit: The "siren" of the monster looks more like a mouth. Last time it was in first person view it looks like the thing opened it's "mouth" I think I saw the monster grab onto his shoulder, toss him around a bit And just took a bite of his head.

  • POV: your now terrified to think that at any moment throughout the day you will just noclip.

  • About the monster, I have my personal theory on what it is. It most likely is bacteria but I also think it is more. This cluster of bacteria seems to have some sort of exoskeleton. During the brief moments we see it it maintains a basic shape, a long narrow design that mimics a human. It has legs, arms, and a face but a weird ejection on the side. With that being said I would like to direct your attention to something else. In the very first video there was a warning right before the monster was fully shown. It said “Don’t move, stay still.” Strange that it says that, shouldn’t you be running away from it? What could possibly be the reason? There’s only one thing we’ve found that in the backrooms that could detect motion, the cameras. You see, during the motions detected video, one of the cameras had a “microphone failure” and shortly after that it shows the creepy “motion detected” scene. My guess is that this bacteria doesn’t just walk around as a culture, it “infected” one of the cameras and used this body as a way to move around. It also has a very similar design to it, two arms and one leg (the same amount of limbs on the camera stands), along with a weird protruding stick (which is the stick used to adjust stands from what I know), and the final thing being it’s head (it’s the camera).

    • That would make so much sense, especially since the entity that was first filmed by the camera was loose and floating, almost like a ghost or spirit. Then after it infected the camera it took on the rigid, tri-pod form.

    • About that, you’re partially correct, except for one thing wrong, entities are vast and varied in the Backrooms. The one you talk about is one of the variations.

    • @Nonameherebro Or both but I mean a colony of bacteria might be able to for one. For two how do we know that's what threw the chair? There's other monsters.

    • @Tronical this isn't the backrooms fandom, none of that is canon to this interpretation.

  • I swear matpat can turn anything into a theory

  • i would like to say my friend gecko made the backrooms in recroom as a playable story and as different game modes, he had me playtest them for any bugs or mess ups and for some feedback and it looks amazing, i hope to see you react to it but if you need some help with getting around you can find my account, its the same as on here, i hope you like it like i do.

  • Kane is definitely watching all of these vids just smiling like “you don’t even know the beginning my dear friend.”

  • House of leaves is also a great example of back rooms sort of stories/lies in the past

  • I would love to see an actual movie based off the backrooms called "Noclip."

    • Why not phase of the room.

    • Yea, there should be no music unless it is the monster alert sound as it cuts the feeling of the back rooms

    • There’s a movie series called Cube that is basically this same concept! Super interesting if you wanna check them out

    • Bettttttt

  • This needs to be an movie :-) if they haven’t already.

  • Anyone else notice how each of the found footage videos, all taken from first person POV, where the character was in the Backrooms for a prolonged period of time, hazmat suit or not, all of them began to cough which could be support for the bacteria, more importantly the bacteria using human bodies or monsters being the mix of bacteria and human bodies, it appears to be infecting them.

  • I've been seeing my own version of these backrooms for 40 years in my dreams, I wonder if there is a frequency we pick up on that brings us here.....

  • The first part of the video scared me but I laughed when I saw it was just the editor who went psycho after not getting his morning coffee. I don’t normally get scared from these sort of things, not even one jump during the Walton files and don’t hug me I’m scared.

    • I actually LOVE the Walton Files. Haven’t watched this nor salad fingers so I might start watching including The Mandela Catalogue and Local 58 you introduced me to analogue horror. Thank you 🙏