Film Theory: Disney Moana's SECRET Identity REVEALED! (Moana)

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MOANA, Disney's newest princess. A strong willed, independent woman, out on adventure. Or is she? There's a lot about Moana that doesn't quite add up. She controls the Sea. Visits the Land of Monsters. She isn't just some typical Polynesian adventurer, no. Moana is more than what she seems!
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  • Can we just appreciate how much research mattpatt does to make sure he's giving accurate information!??!

    • Exactly

    • Dont forget the rest of the crew !

    • You spelled MatPat wrong

    • Sooooooo he researches everything that could possibly be researched but he has NO time to learn how to pronounce Māori words?

    • ​@gaming creates worlddd 24 sorszsd

  • Here's an alternative to her imperviousness: She had the stone that can create life itself hanging from her neck the entire time, every time she would otherwise die. So there's that.

    • @william bosley "but HEy , its just a THEORY A FILM THEORY"

    • that makes more sense

    • @Biery Molina Correct. It has been that long.

    • This movie 🎥 5 years old

    • Also, the ocean choosing her could have been because Moana Had a special connection with the sea

  • It’s insane how much power this man holds, he could tell me that cows live on the moon and eat potatoes, and I would believe him!

  • I’ve got another theory to how Moana became a semi god. When Maui is telling the story of becoming a demigod it was a story of him being rejected by humans and adopted by the gods. Moana says maybe the ocean chose to save him because he was worthy. When moana saved the turtle she was proved worthy to become the demi god to save them. Also did he know for sure he was rejected by his parents? He may have run off like moana and the ocean saved him from drowning by accident.

    • He does have the tattoo on him that shoes his parents casting him out.

  • There's just ONE THING that is bothering me even tho i want to believe the theory 100% : If Maui was stuck for hundred of years on that little island before Moana arrives with her boat, then how could he met Sina and be Moana's father ?

    • @✨Dora✨ ikr- but hey, thats just a theory, a FILM theory... Its not needed for the existence of our man kind

    • @GalaxyWasTaken This theory is burning my brain😞😞

    • @✨Dora✨ but as Poppylem said, then Moana wouldnt be related to Maui

    • @GalaxyWasTaken Mabey Sina married Moana’s not father after Maui stuck in an islend vor 1000 years. And Sina would be stayed young because she was an immortal and give birth to Moana after married Moana’s not father

    • 🤨🤨🤨

  • I love how at the beginning he was joking about proving that pua is Moana‘s brother, and then at the end actually proves it!🤣🤣🤣

  • "He's a demigod" Percy Jackson fans: *_I haven't heard that name since the bad movies._*

  • This theory broke me, in a good way. I accept this theory wholeheartedly since when I did watch Moana, I felt like something like this was being kept under wraps. I am half polynesian so I've definately heard about all of the stuff Matt has mentioned in this vid. Nice work bud.

  • Fantastic theory, It's awesome to see the amount of evidence and logic that goes into a theory like this.

    • You mean none? After Maui was blasted by Te'Ka and lost his hook and the Heart, he landed on a small deserted island where, at the time of the movie, he had been living there for a millennia. Sina has lived her entire life on Motonui, far, far away from where Maui was, and she never left that island. The movie states both of these things multiple times. MatPat just presents a bunch of coincidences drawn from Disney story-tellers incorporating names from Polynesian folklore into their movie, but the premise of this movie has very little to do with actual Polynesian folklore. For instance, in actual folklore, Maui was not some Herculean strongman like he was depicted in the movie. He was very thin and skinny. He received his powers because his parents were both divine beings, not because he was tossed into the ocean and found by gods. The stories all vary slightly depending on which Polynesian culture you look at and Disney does a fairly decent job of combining a lot of the different aspects of the various cultural stories together to make the movie, but that results in their being the existence of a lot of different coincidences that don't actually mean anything.

  • I’ve watched this episode so many times since it came out and I still love it but I just realized, if Maui is Moana’s father and Moana is 16, but Maui was still serving his 1000 year exile, how did he leave the island to get it on with Sena(Moana’s mother)

  • I died when you actually proved pua was moana's brother

  • One problem with this theory: if Moana's mum thinks it is inevitable that Moana would go out and find her real father, Maui, why does she also say that Moana's dad was drawn to the ocean, before "how far I go?" If Moana's father was drawn to the ocean too, then shouldn't this show some sort of connection between Moana and her father with the ocean? I still think the theory may be true, but you should probably take this into account :)

  • I love the amount of research you put into this theory in particular. Also, Pua's adorable and I'm totally not surprised he's Moana's brother.

  • I love how he gets us at the edge of pur seats and then at the end he's like: But then again it's just a theory

  • Hi! I figured this could help with future theories. Maui seems a lot like the Greek g-d Epimetheus. Even from his "stealing fire" in the song "Your Welcome". The g-ds decided to punish Epimetheus by making a woman called Pandora who he would have to spend his time with. Pandora is kind of Moana. More proof is that Epimetheus had good intentions for his bad actions. Just like Maui. I just used what I know from reading an educational book on Greek mythology. I'm sure if you looked into it more, you could find more proof. From- Molly, a recent yet huge fan.

  • Nobody: Matpat: Moanas dad is a rock and her brother is bacon.

  • I love this theory! I am so happy I got to be of this culture when I was a kid. Thank you always, Grandma

  • I like the idea but I keep running into one problem. Maui didn’t leave that island for 1000 years over what he did, and Moana‘s people didn’t leave because they had forgotten how to navigate tone sea. How could he and Moana’s mother have possibly met?

  • "Sometimes, who we wish we were, what we wish we could do, it's just not meant to be." This line has always stuck with me. Seems to make sense if she’s a demi-god that decided to take a human husband.

  • Shame about the ghost theory, I already made a follow-up theory tying it into her father's friend that died in a similar incident, where the friend goes on the same journey but ultimately fails. Note that this is different from MatPat's theory about that incident being the father's trial, as I'm instead considering it to be his friend's trial because he's the one that died.

  • Who would've expected Moana to have such a deep story, the movie was great, but I didn't expect this much detail to the actual lore.

    • @Kade Adams your everywhere then

    • @Random person your everywhere then

    • @rollersky no it isnt you are

    • your on every theory video then to?

    • @king of penguins I agree. I think I saw him on Aphmau's comment section on a video too :|

  • Coming back to this theory and understanding everything than just watching, I got mind blown by the ending 😂😂 Maui as the father, Sina as the mother, Moana as the daughter and Pua as the SON 😂😂😂 also yes Tala is a Tagalog term that's related to stars

  • That part at 5:45 made me laugh with that trumpet. Good one!

  • MatPat: "You guys watching are gonna be like 'your gonna say the pig is Moana's brother', but I'm looking for a different approach" Also MatPat: "That's right, guys. Pua IS Moana's brother!!"

  • Even in countries, where the movie didn’t get to be “Moana” due to copyright, it still has a name that references water. In Germany, Spain and so on the film is called “Vaiana” which also references water. So this Theorie is definitely waterproof!

  • My mom told me the rock and Dwayne Johnson were twins and I believed her

    • Even though they’re the same person because rock is his nickname

    • My mom told me Dwayne was Johnson brother even though they are the same person

    • @Joseph Stalin Hmmm I don't see it..

    • @👑Tara princess shabani👑 no she’s not five she was told that when she was little

  • Wow, the fact that this seems like a 98% likely theory is AMAZING

  • This man has been ruining movies for me for 5 years and I love it

  • Matpat: who knew the rock could sing? 4 years later: it’s about dri-

  • I saw someone make a theory that the heart of tefiti actually gave Moana life and stuff because the grandma had held it for so long and had only finally died after giving Moana the heart and it would also explain how she’s able to survive super weird things. I forgot most of the rest of the theory but yeah

  • Mat pat:”If she’s dead, why are they interacting with her?” Also mat pat:”they are known to interact with the dead”

    • Well he probably meant physically not like talking,touching and or *the ghost killing the living*

    • So true

    • Matpat has some explaining to do... ):

    • That's why he said that he drew the line at making a ghost the village chief.

    • Best comment ever

  • I always wondered why Moana’s “father” had hair straighter than Moana’s, but Maui’s hair was exactly the same. huh.

  • So am I supposed to believe that Moana's mom is over a thousand years old living on an island where no one has successfully sailed to or out from for that same length of time?

  • Let’s appreciate really, quick how hard Mat tried.

  • For the demigod theory (I haven’t finished the video yet) I think Maui and moana is children of Neptune because Maui is more rude and set off easier and I don’t think they’ll use more than one mythology and they can both either sense water location (one of Poseidon/Neptune’s powers) and moana somewhat controls water (one of Poseidon/Neptune’s powers)

  • "She is actually the exact opposite of dead..." Me: Alive? "A GOD." Me: I was not expecting that

    • "She is actually the exact opposite of dead..." Confirmed: Moana is a zombie

    • lolz

    • I think Mat meant that she is a good meaning she is immortal

    • I think he should've said "immortal". That's probably what he meant. Immortal is arguably the opposite of dead.

    • @Mishka Mouse_7 lol

  • MatPat: "We will not be talking about how the pig is Moana's brother" MatPat at the end of the show : "The pig is Moana's brother" Timestamps : 1:43 and 11:28

  • I remember that this was my first Game Theory. I legit thought Mat was a random teenager on ILaward that didnt know wtf he was doing lmaoo

  • I agree this do spends like weeks on just one theory and I think he's like 89.9% correct so you're doing a good job film/game theory.:)

  • I think Film Theory should be a TV show by now 🤣 Me: tries to find the first episode but realizes that there are too many episodes to count

  • My theory: Moana can’t die because she’s the main character

    • thats-true

    • Plot armor

    • I mean Your not wrong

    • Too true to be true.

    • Or cuz they don't want to traumatize kids

  • I was expecting mat to say “but instead of the rock in this movie he’s the shell.”

  • I learned a long time ago that in any animation movie or just any film in general, no one dies unless the writer wants him/her/them to. Look at the Shrek movies, road to el dorado, or even flynn/Eugene in Rapunzel. Flynn should have died or at least became a vegetable after the multiple times Rapunzel gave him a concussion with the frying pan. But nope, he is fine. Look at the loony tunes cartoons. Wile E Coyote should have died from the safes that landed on his head, but nope, he gets right back up again. Animation is one of those formats where physics and gravity goes out the window. However, the mythology does play in a role in this theory and I like where Matt goes with it.

  • Moana : Has water powers and is a demigod Me : PERCY!! COME GET YOUR HALF SISTER

  • I haven't watched film therory in a while but the opening song STILL makes me bob my head like gf from FNF 😌😎

  • I love how the beginning was foreshadowing to moanas lineage

  • Now i need Moana 2, when they hind all of this out

  • Matpat: Who knew the rock could sing? Me in 2022: ITS ABOUT DRIVE ITS ABOUT POWER

  • 10:27 I thought she was giving her a toy that she had as a kid when I watched this movie. it took me at-lest 5 times, to figure it out and find out it was a bag lol

  • Moana’s Parents: We mustn’t let her into the water! *Also Moana’s parents: Let’s name her a name that means “ocean”.*

    • @CorndogTheMagnificent xd

    • XD lol ikr

    • @Natalia Borys There are people named pencil like i'm English also some named tape

    • @Natalia Borys names like Charity, Sky (sometimes spelled Skye), Justice, and Savannah are common female names. All of which are words in the English dictionary.

    • Maybe because saying that ocean is in ocean is weird her name is Moana which means ocean

  • Film theory listing things we expect from them: “We know you expect something like The pig is Moanas brother” Later in the video: THE PIG IS MOANAS BROTHER CONFIRMED

  • Love the foreshadowing with the pig being moana's brother

  • One thing that was really messed up was that this was New Zealand mythology so that’s kinda messed up and as a person from New Zealand this kinda annoys me because one of our languages is Maori and the Maori word for sea is Moana

  • Except for the fact that when Moana was born and for nearly a millennia before that, Maui was literally stuck on a deserted island with no way of getting off of it and Sina was living on Motonui and no one ever left that island until Moana.

  • MatPat: I Know My Theories Go a bit to the dark side, Me: Every other episode is about child murder

  • All of the movies that have songs written by Lin Manuel Miranda are ✨masterpieces✨ like Moana is amazing but THE NEW MOVIE ENCANTO IS SO GOOD.

  • When you think about it, since Moana is the daughter of a Demi-God and a mortal, wouldn’t she be a Demi-Demi-Goddess…🤔 Quarter-God!

  • the way he said that the pig was her brother and actually concluded that was just great

  • I got a theory. Moana and Maui aren’t father daughter but they could be related. Maui has lived for centuries so maybe he’s a great grandfather or a grand uncle

  • 8:50 the idea that Maui was created in an IKEA somehow feels almost to funny 🤣

  • Everyone now knows Dwayne can in fact sing. Its about drive, its about power

  • This theory is plausible, although one thing is that Grandma Tala is Chief Tui's Mother, but he could be adopted, or didn't get powers because his father was a mortal, or something like that.

  • Maybe Maui managed to survive the fall into Lalotai because he has a lot of mass, and he used to break the surface-tension of the water through this simple equation: M=G, G=S, MxS=P, and P=F.

  • No one: Not a single soul: MatPat: The pig is Moana’s brother

    • @Stephanie Love moo cow moo 🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮

    • Dominique Raley OINK OINK 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗

    • Pp7

    • @Maynard Azores jh

  • After all this time the rock actually made a song wow

  • just imagining the fact that Maui might've turned his own son as a pig is dark-

  • Wasn't Maui stranded on that island for 1000 years?

  • If Mauwi was in exile,how did he manage to get Moana's mother pregnant?

  • Many people keeps asking, "why the sea is trying to hit her in the first time she was leaving the island?" I belive its because her grandmother had the heart stone, and the sea wasnt going to let her leave in a pointless adventure without it.

    • Macacoviz I think the sea is trying to test her to (sea) if she will try again

    • Maybe, but the Ocean wasn't treating Maui that harsh when he was trying to interrupt her journey. Like, it just threw him out into the boat when he tried to enter the water. Why wouldn't the Ocean just not allow Moana to even sail into the sea instead of potentially seriously injuring/killing her?

    • i'm sure that Tala was just jocking about the pig. I find Macacoviz's theory more realistic.

    • Macacoviz no because when moana came on land feeling hurted her grandma Tala said "blame it on the pig" because Moana has to go alone but Hey Hey came and the ocean did not notice so the reason why the ocean attacked her because the pig came along (p.s sorry i just want to correct you)

    • Macacoviz it was like; NO! Get the Heart, and THEN you can sail.

  • Can we appreciate that the chicken eats the rock at the beginning of the movie, then later...eats The Rock...who does the voice of Maui. It's a bit of a wink at adults who are forced to watch the movie over and over again.

  • The last thing i expected was matpat proving Moana's brother could be Pua

  • “It’s not, it’s snot” I see you Matpat with the puns

  • Matpat should do a theory series on Miraculous!!!!

  • Matt :”I’m going to the positive side” Me :”oh that’s good” Matt :”she is dead” Me :”wtf”

    • Me:Well that didn’t last long

    • Imagine the negative side ;)

    • lol

    • yay same hera

    • 😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • i remember watching this on repeat back then. good timess

  • Yes, She's the God of Wisdom, the Archon of Fontaine, the human body of the Hydro Archon.

  • i had a theory that moana was almost killed by the ocean the first time because she did not take it seriously and respect it so she respects the ocean afterwards and it respects her

  • My dad loved this movie so much he took me and my sister to the cinema 3 times to watch it🤣🤣

  • I think another fact that points to Moana being a god (not DEMIgod) is when Tamatoa says in his song: "But you can't expect a demigod to beat a decapod" And, in the movie, it's actually Moana who "defeats" Tamatoa by tricking him and then running away. I hope you see this MatPat.

    • BP Petracek, I don't think being immortal is the only qualification for being a god or a goddess. all the gods and goddesses of every mythology I've heard about (even the demi-gods) have powers of some sort.

    • so your proof that Moana is a god is that one of the villains in the movie was arrogant? I hope you're not a police officer or detective, because I don't think any "evidence" you'd find would hold up in court

    • Taylor Ball yes and i was talking about the word demigod not moana

    • Arthur Hardland he was talking about Maui...

    • your so right

  • Matpat: Because for today's Moana theory I've turned over a new leaf! I tried something different and I focused on something POSITIVE. MatPat ten seconds later: Moana is dead