Film Theory: Disney OWNS Your Face! (Disney Deepfake)

פורסם בתאריך 25 פבר 2022
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Theorists, do you ever worry that someone will STEAL your face? Now, that may sound like some weird science fiction kind of question, but it may be the future. With the rise of using technology to de-age celebrities or bring them back from the dead, like we've seen happening with more and more frequency in Star Wars, it poses some BIG concerns. Theorists, we are diving into the weird world of deepfakes and what it may mean for the future of the entertainment industry and beyond.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • I’ll be honest, this is frightening to think about, imagine someone manipulating a deepfake of yourself getting in trouble with the law and you get imprisoned for it.

    • Here’s my evidence my birth certification

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  • That's terrifying. Imagine a world where no one shows their face scared that somebody may use it to get them in trouble. Edit: Oh my holy, I've never seen this many likes on any of my comments, thank you so much

    • @The Serious ILaward bruh lol

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    • @UNITE THE NORDICS matpat should make daredevil 🤔 theory,☝️

    • I’m gonna start wearing a mask even when Covid is completely done then.

    • Another reason to keep your masks on in public

  • I don't know why but I think Disney might "somehow" bring Stan Lee back to the MCU just for the tiniest of cameos. While he was alive, I assume he had to the scans too. Probably multiple times over the course of production for those movies.

    • @Meep no i don't mean care if he said no they legally can't do to. Until of course like i said above.

    • @Ishan Sharma I don’t think Disney really cares that much about it’s actors tbh

    • @Meep i mean if stan lee explicitly said that he didn't wanted to be used after his death they can't use him, unless of course one of his family members gives the permission to do so to the studio. In which case if his own family is not respecting his wishes far be it from a corporation to respect it.

    • I believe they said they’ll do that for future movies even though Stan lee said after he’s gone he doesn’t want Disney to use his likeness in future Marvel films

  • You know, seeing these bits of de-aging in context doesn’t bug your brain so much but when you’re seeing all the clips back to back to back it really emphasizes the uncanniness.

  • This video was sobering until 13:50, where the Disney exec said "we try to appy ethics to what we do." Then I realized this was a comedy. Chapek's Disney doesn't even try to apply ethics to their business decisions!

  • I know this is serious and all, but it's hard not to imagine the deepfake concept becoming so mainstream that a person can pick which actor plays which role in an existing movie such as streaming Endgame but setting every role to be played by Don Cheadle. Edit: Well, this blew up.

    • @Ada Lindenau if it was a subscription service they could be paid by the service based on usage of their likeness, I'm thinking possibly like a spotify model and it'd be brilliant for them cause they're just sitting back collecting free cash at that point

    • Not sure how it would be for the actors, but from a viewer's perspective that would be amazing. Just imagine all the memes we could get by putting actors/characters into certain scenes

    • @Matt Whaley dont know

    • @danboy216(twenty) Where and how do I invest into this idea??

    • on the creepy end, we'd also see people putting themselves opposite any actor or actress they want in any...'movie' they want. Depending on where that goes, we could end up with some very disturbing or stalkerish results.

  • It's actually really scary. Thanks to you MattPat and all the Team for the effort you put into your videos

  • The thing is actors will never be completely replaced for quite a few years, maybe 20 years, because it is so hard to make a virtual person look real and the amount of work for the editors to make a whole fake cast would be too difficult and time consuming as of right now. But still, this thought is scary as it is completely possible in 20-40 or so years

    • Yeah pretty much

    • It would basically be animation

  • This is the perfect example of the statement, "Disney owns everything."

  • "Giving us small doses until no one realizes how weird it is." I've encountered this sort of thing when talking about video game graphics. It's funny to hear people talk about how "fake" something looks because it doesn't have things like motion blur and other effects which are artifacts of cinema using crappy cameras. Some of the comments were just like if you see that in the real world when your walking around you need to have your eyes checked.

    • @Green Amber Yeah another great example. I hate lens flares as it's another artifact of the camera that people see in games and think, "Oh that looks realistic.". I wanna look at the screen and feel like I'm looking through an open window into another world. I say open window because another effect they do which I don't like is rain drops on the screen. Sure that's realistic if your looking out of a window and water is hitting the glass but you are following a character around in the world your not holding a glass in front of you as you do it. Plus all that blur hides the games actual graphics. When I'm walking around in the rain there isn't rain drops running down my eyes causing blurring effects like that.

    • I find a little weird how certain camera angles in Breath of the Wild have lens flares, as real life lacks lens flares.

  • This is such an excellent and controversial take. If studio productions do eventually turn in this direction, the art of editing will completely take over and replace the art of acting. The nuances actors bring to their characters. "Best Actor" awards will be moot.

    • Just because you put another actor's face on it doesn't mean that the last guy's emoting fits into this new face. If you deepfaked jack nicholson on a de Niro performance, it would look odd, because actors know their faces. And their faces play a huge part in the way they emote, obviously.

    • It happened already

    • "best actor" awards, and ALL awards for that matter, are ALREADY moot. if you don't know that the oscars and grammy's are literally just scams and backroom deals, then hoooo boy.

    • then i guess they'd have to bring back in-person productions where it will be the new 'in' thing to go and see your favored actors live in person. a big switch kinda like how 100+ years ago horses were common and vehicles expensive. now vehicles are common and horses expensive

    • @Pandallamakoala why stop at only the same genres being mashed together?? We could have: Freaky Friday Night Lights Chitty Chitty Kiss Kiss Bang Bang The Nightmare Before Christmas on Elm Street The possibilities are endless lmao.

  • My favorite example of this was that one character in the hunger games. The actor had passed and they hadn’t finished filming. You could barely tell it wasn’t him

    • Wait who?? Edit: I searched it up and it was the heavensbee actor, I had absolutely no idea :o

  • mat pat always can make anything scary but when you listen to the guys that did the deepfake and how they did it it does not sound scary anymore

    • Yes, but those people aren't trying to scare you, they're trying to convince you that *you* want it. Mat Pat is trying to inform you (and probably also try to scare you) and isn't trying to make anything look 'good for the camera'.

    • It does scary when the studio using their face in future movie without paying the actors tho 😆

  • I really appreciate how film theory has evolved for matpat. As someone whose watched him from the early days of Game Theory, I really appreciate how he is tackling some more serious real world research here in a way that spreads the word about issues that go unnoticed. Game theory is great for fun conspiracies and Food theory is still mostly joke content, but I feel matpat here really hit it on the head at film theory with a good mix of serious and humorous videos.

  • 14:19 actually frogs being temperature sensitive means that they will sense it when the temperature increases even by the smallest margin. Only humans have this feature of gradual adaptation which is pretty symbolic when you think about it

  • Disney is out of control and needs to learn it's place. It already attempted to trademark Day of the Dead before and then Norse Mythos, but now they're trademarking the full body images of real life people and putting them in a digital library to use later on without the original person's consent. Not only is this deeply disturbing, disgusting, and messed up, but this will eventually lead to Disney no longer needing actors of any kind to push out half baked movies or shows.

    • @Allie W how will they stop it?

    • @Jeez Louise004 it will not work. People went insane when Mark Hamill "returned" in The Mandalorian as Luke Skywalker. I'm pretty sure from now on in every MCU movie there will be at least one character de-aged. And I believe that because of the multiverse. They could easily bring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Even younger than ever. We will never going to change this because: surprise! Doctor Strange 2 will make billions of dolars and Disney will be like: "yeah... People pay for this. Let's continue".

    • That's basically the premise of The Congress. With the lady from Princess Bride. I don't care for the movie as a whole; it's boring, but the idea of it is intreging.

    • @jirodyne Most likely disney forced them to sign a contract

  • There's also the question of what line, if any, could be drawn since this is unmarked territory. Imagine Disney wants a kid cast in a movie. Underage acting laws are strict, so they decide to deepfake. What stops them from picking the likeness of a young kid off social media and shoving it in a movie?

  • Synthesized voices are starting to become something to be aware of in the voiceover industry as well. General AI voices are not quite there yet, but for lower budget projects and genres? Sure. It will be wild to see how this technology improves and effects on and off camera acting and post production, especially if the higher end tech becomes more accessible and affordable.

    • You should check out the ILaward channel sonantic, they are the guys who did the Val Kilmer voice over documentary. It’s not too far off anymore

  • What you really need to explore with this is the lawsuit on Back to the Future Part II, from actor Crispin Glover (George McFly). He sued because in the second film he was replaced with another actor in heavy makeup. If I remember correctly he actually won the suit.

  • As soon as I Tarkin I was amazed. I thought this was an awesome idea but they need to take great care with this. As long as they get permission from the actor/actress or if the actor/actress has passed away then they need to get permission from the family to use their likeness. As long as they do that I’m okay. Now if they start replacing all actors/actress’s and use computers then I will probably have an issue with that.

  • I know this isn't the point at all, but I'd like to point out that shortly after Mando season 2's finale, someone made an improved version of deepfaked Luke, and then they got hired by Disney/Lucasfilm to do the deepfake for Luke's appearance in Book of Boba. And I think that's pretty neat. Edit because I've gotten multiple comments: I'm not talking about Corridor Crew. The person in question goes by "Shamook"

    • Wasn't there a vaguely similar issue to this on Game Theory a while back?

    • @madara ITS NOT BRUH

    • @𝒜𝓂𝓎𝓓 Nope. The channel was called Shamook

    • @a therapists still improved it

  • This is honestly kinda disturbing. I remember being so surprised that Leia appeared in The Rise of Skywalker (the only movie I saw in a theater in 2020, BTW). I spent the whole car ride home thinking that I dreamed Carrie Fisher's death.

    • That was just pulled from deleted scenes of The Force Awakens, Last Jedi and Return of the Jedi (For the flashback). Reportedly, her daughter acted as a stand in while Carrie was cropped out of the deleted scenes and inserted over the stand -in. It’s not as complex as what’s being presented here.

  • but, disney cant just stay with the same actors, we dont not only want the character but we want the improvs and the relationship and relatiblity we feel with the actors. A movie isnt a movie without real humans with real feelings.

  • Honestly, as much as I’m an advocate for technology, it just reminds me of how Disney doesn’t really do 2D animation anymore. While yes, we should embrace new tech, we shouldn’t just ditch the old stuff. But it’s cheaper to hire 3-D animators and CGI artists, who don’t have as much union backing as 2D animators and makeup artists and costumers (at least from what I’ve read). And the same applies here: it’s cheaper to just use CGI deepfakes of a famous actor than actually pay them, and it’s safer to use CGI deepfakes of a dead actor than to hire someone new to play a beloved role. And… it breaks my heart. Actors are people, and should be given the money, and credit, and autonomy that they deserve. They’re not action figures, they’re not just their characters, they’re human beings, but their likeness, their voices, their souls? They’re being sold to the highest bidder, and it’s honestly disappointing. I hope that as we move forward, the entertainment industry stops being able to sell on nostalgia trips, and that this nonsense is pushed out. It’s not about technology, it’s about respecting people.

  • "we don't scan them for an archival process. It's for reference later." That is LITERALLY an archival process.

  • I think Disney is testing the line of how far they can take this before they get push-back. Generally laws are made for stuff like this after it is taken too far.

    • But what if instead of writing a law, you get a "care package" from Disney instead

    • @locknight might as well say everything in the movie is fake even the characters.

    • What law is made for this?

    • There's a lot of issues that have come about from how quickly evolving technology opens up new possibilities that have yet to get any new laws This is a but more in your face than, like, NFTs, the kind of people who decide the priorities will recognise the possible problems with Hollywood not needing real actors sooner than a lot of other things, but I'm still wary about how far it will go before something gets finalized

    • Yeah, i guess they will start by saying they could use this tech to avoid costly reshoots, then they'd probably created a new face like how they do on that site ( this person does not exist) probably as a minor character and so on

  • Coming from a technical stand point I don't see this happening ever! The amount of work you'd have to do and how much it would cost to create 1 photo realistic character and believeable voice for a whole movie would make the process completely not worth it. Either it's fully hand animated which will take a heck of alot of time, effort, and money, or there is still an actor being paid to be the body double, then you have to make sure the body double's acting, delivery of lines, body language, chemistry with other characters/actors works well for who they are trying to replicate, and if they're good enough to do it flawlessly then that's also gonna come with a huge price tag. In the end getting the original actor in the first place is still going to be the cheaper and prefered method, I can imagine this (especially deep fakes) being used for characters of actors who have passed away or for deaging, but I highly doubt it's going to replace actors completely in the industry.

  • Man! I used to joke around saying that if Disney, Google, and Facebook all worked together, they could easily take over the world. But this makes it feel too real.

    • We gotta fight back

  • I have to say though, they definitely haven't completely gotten it right yet because in certain movies, you can obviously tell who's cgi because they literally look like a video game character standing along real people and it doesn't look right.

  • Disney is literally becoming the epitome of; “somehow, palpatine returned.”

  • I remember hearing once years ago that Robin William's will states that he doesnt give permission to anyone to use his likeness no matter how advanced the technology becomes because he cant say weather or not he would approve of whatever his likeness was being used for.

    • unfortunately that has never stopped disney.. remember how they spurned robin when he was still alive? also there was a contract that disney had with the actor who originally voiced king louie in the original jungle book and supposedly the contract said since the character was named after the actor that the character could not be used again or something like that yet they had king louie in the jungle book remake all be it he was voiced by christopher walken, but yeah.. i may be wrong in some of my details but i'm sure you can find some stuff on it by googling.

    • Robin Williams had the right idea, apparently!

  • Do the actors get royalties for the models if they're used? This is insane and terrifying. Still really liked this video. The future will be interesting for sure

  • Dear Matpat, I have been I have been watching the old Little Mermaid TV Series and I couldn't help but notice that Sebastian the crab seems to know a lot more about humans than he likes to let on. From knowing the name of ships to recognizing gates to starting his own calypso band. he was raised around Jamaka. I would like to see you do an episode on it please.

  • This is exactly one of the themes of the stageplay I produced early this year (with the help of a government grant). I wrote the script based on 2 short stories, one of them I wrote it back in 2005.

  • @The Film Theorists, I’ve been watching dating shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but lately, they have ended in disaster. I’m skeptical about strategies involved in these shows, so I wanted you to do a theory. Do dating shows actually help you find love? If yes, what are the best strategies to the guy or girl?

  • This is horrifying to think about, and I feel like Simone’s plot would happen IRL if this rate continues and isn’t stopped. So there needs to be a MASSIVE overhaul and iron-clad ethical rules to make sure there’s still a need for genuine actors.

  • congratulations Matt Patt, you have just stumbled upon the sheer magnitude of the conspiracy that is upon us.

  • I know you’ve done a Bee Movie theory before but, hear me out, I think a theory estimating how many bees would actually be needed to hold and fly a plane would be very interesting to watch. (Or if it’s even possible for any amount of bees to do so)

  • You're onto something Matpat! Please make a follow up video with more evidence or about right to publicity!

  • There definitely needs to be a law against the dead actor thing.

    • For sure

    • @William Gerot not if he reviews his legal options 😏

    • Agreed

    • @J S then hyper-realistic people should just never be synthesised

    • @Maritoxico rituals. Or just ask their wife or daughter. 2nd one is probably a safer one

  • It actually started in the late 1980's. Morphing was the first time. Actors were asking back then if they had legal rights to the use of their "persona" and if they had any right of refusal. The fear was that say you are a highly bankable Tom Cruise or even lesser character actor and someone does a budget cut crappy job with your persona diminishing your marketability. Thta's serious stuff. Virtual Actors were called Avatars at first, by gaming people, and it predates Cameron's use.

  • a great theory as always you should give a look at the flim called "Mom", it is kinda creepy, but imo it is worth giving it some look at it, since it has a lot of symbolism (apparenly) and vague scenes BUT HEY, that's just an opinion

  • Thank you for being so right and so thorough.

  • Whenever I hear about deepfakes I'm reminded of the Babylon 5 episode "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars"; specifically the part where they were making forged holographic records in an attempt to rewrite the public record of these long-dead heroes. The idea of it deeply disturbed me when I first saw it, and I'm not thrilled that common usage of such tech is extending in a vaguely similar direction.

  • As someone who has grown up wanting to be an actor in movies, this is really a terrifying concept. Studios will no longer need new faces because they will have all the old ones that they can just keep reusing. Also, most major film studios won’t want to risk the success of their movie on the popularity of a new actor. It is definitely a cool concept but I think there should be limits to how much this technology is used. This is just my opinion however and you are free to disagree.

    • @Emable irankunda time for you to "learn to code"

    • They could even make a new face with this technology. A completely new person that doesn't actually exist.

    • I agree with you

    • Time to "learn to code"

    • Couldn't agree more. Should only be used with actors consent and this is really scary... I don't like the scanning libraries and I also want to be an actress, and this is... this isn't good

  • You could consider something like this already a thing in anime and games. Sure, there are a ton of people who like a character because of their voice actor, but a ton more care about the specific series it’s in. Japan insists on continuing to use the same VA for a character, even if the voice technically won’t fit anymore (Goku’s JP voice) but that’s not the case in the US, so VA’s are seen as more replaceable since the character is the main draw. This is just real life movies becoming animation.

  • MatPat I have a question? Did the emperor rule better without the jedi, because he must have ruled the same as he did with the republic? Now there is no more people protesting or complaining about the jedi being war leaders.

  • This reminds me of the discourse around using genetic and organic material from deceased people. Especially enslaved folks and the blurriness of ethical research. I hope this is not another area where people of color and minorities are not disproportionally impacted :( It’s definitively concerning…

  • Wow. I find this really disturbing. I watched the newer video about the legal stuff around dead celebrities before watching this one. Oops. In the other I left a comment. I said that this problem is wrong. A better alternative is to use look alike actors. There is an ease of not using fancy tech. There is also a humane aspect of giving more jobs to living actors and getting their foot in the door. My favorite example of a look alike is Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison in the Doors movie. This video mentions Val Kilmer, nd that makes me so delighted. In this video, I have learned that the moral issues of deep faking have been addressed. Actors created a backlash against deep fake technology, because it takes them out of their jobs. It is hard to tell whether the little actors or big film studios are in the right. I don't know much about the life style of an actor, particularly a celebrity one. So it is hard to tell whether they are in the right or wrong. They may be right for opposing exploititive working conditions. They may be wrong for being spoild and entitles. I know about celebrity musicians a lot more. I can tell that in the conflict between little musicians or big music studios, it is the musicians that are in the right. These musicians are exploited really badly by the big studios with long hours and low pay. it is really harsh. I suspect this is why so many musicians die young. The Doors movie even refers this in one of the scenes. Jim Morison was frustrated from exploitation. He was pressured to record the Soft Parade album in the studio. Then he found out that the :Light My Fire" song was commercialized for crappy commercials and Jose Feliciano covers. Jim was so upset, that took the tv playing the commercial and threw it through the window. The movie characterizes him as a wild and goofy person. However I do see that this frustration does involve something more serious. Jim isn't acting like a jerk just for giggles. I am even wondering if Jim tried to numb his pain with drugs, and that led to his death of overdose in a bathtub. It is just a speculation. I don't know whether actors get the same treatment as musicians. I do prefer to root for the little guy. I am a little guy myself who has struggled with poverty. So I am going to sympathize a lot more for the little guys that are mistreated by the big guys. I sympathize for the employees of a company and the lower class. This also includes sympathy for musicians once I realize how badly they are treated. I also have a big resentment againt rich people, especially those that exploit and harm poor people. I don't know a whole lot about the actor lifestyle. So I can't judge fairly. However if I just judge by initial bias, I would say that I have a lot more sympathy for actors than I do film studios. Once I judge just based on this video, I think the actors are fine. They have a very valid complaint, and they are not asking for too much. THe actors just don't want for thier jobs to be taken away by automation. This is totally understandable. Automation isn't inherently bad, but it has been a tool in the ways the upper class harms the lower class. The deep fake technology is at the very least in risk of being abused. There should be precautions against that. This video does talk about another isue that I know is currupting the film industry. The film industries used unorigional content in order to make the most money. I am really sick of this trend. It ruins the creativity and artistry of the film industry. I didn't know star power was another way of lowering creative risks. That does give me a good idea. I can figure out a compromize between something creative and something less risky. One is to make origional stories, but make the few main characters be famous actors. This gives room for a lot of creativity. Yet there is still a built in audience for the celebrity. I would like minor characters to be played by more obscure actors. That way they can get thier foot in the door and work thier way up. I would also like to make this method more humane for the acters. The important thing is to give them jobs like they did in traditional film making. An actor should be payed for playing thier part in a new movie. Producers better bite the bullet and quit being so cheap. An actor should be alive so they can earn money and benifit from it. If a desired actor is dead or retired, there should be a look alike actor instead. This still creates a job. Everybody should have a right to a livable income. This applies to actoers too.

  • But actors aren’t meat puppets. They have their own ideas and artistic contributions to the role they play and the end result of a scene. Thats why motion capture looks so much better in video games using real actors than without it. It gives it heart and makes it more engaging and interesting.

    • @Not K¡nt@ N@om¡ exactly

    • A new generation is growing up that will be used to getting delivered what we would call "crappy movies" ... they lack the point of reference we have. Plus all people seem to abandon physical media...the Industriy can alter the stuff people only have on Streamingservices to their liking any day.

    • Another thought, is we can use anyone to do the actor's part with deep fakes. Instead of millions on a person, we can spend $20/h or less on replaceable people without having to reshoot.

    • yeah

    • @Amer I'm going to have to disagree with that. think of the development of video games where 40 years ago we had 8bit sprites with a handful of possible poses. move a decade later and we had 3d characters with hundreds of actions but were still stiff and awkward in cut scenes. now look at game today with their actions and cut scenes and you have more expression and motion. examples of this would be the progression legend of zelda or tomb raider games. sure motion capture is needed at the moment but once they have the motion's captured you don't need someone to do them again. (not just on that project but for future projects) and once graphics engineers figure out how to manipulate the faces the same was manipulating the bodies it would just depend on the skill of the graphics team working on the project. sure these examples are just games but the point is they are using tech from games and slowly adding them to movies.

  • As of now, I don't personally think that this is too big of an issue, but I can absolutely see how it can go very bad very quickly

  • Frankly it just needs to be stopped. The rules in this area are from back when the worst thing you could do with someone after they were dead was write a book about them, or paint a picture with them in it... This is on a whole nother plane of exploitation.

  • Hopefully someday, Hollywood will go back to writing new, original stories instead of riding on nostalgia.

  • Me: *sees the title* Also Me: I think Mat has finally lost it!

  • The real scary part of this is at 13:44. Some actors have ethical lines that they would never cross that with this technology a studio could MAKE the actor cross that line. This introduces a lot of moral questions that any actor should be asking and putting in any contract they sign going forward.

    • @Cay Rumps would big studios actually care tho?

    • @La Crowned sounds illegal

    • The first person I think about is Zendaya, she has in her contract absolutely no nudity, and since she is so young by the time she gets older or passes and the technology is there, can her past stipulations still hold up? Or can they decide to cross a moral boundary that she wouldn't do in person?

  • While I believe that we'll eventually see synthetic voices be able to mimic human ones. . .we'll never see a synthetic voice fully mimic a human. How a phrase is said is dependant on what is said around it. Piecemealing it together can never sound fully natural. Also, it takes away from giving people the chance to ablib . . and some pretty iconic moments in cinema have happened by just given actors free rein to mess around with their lines and go off script and some of those come off as the most genuine experiences we can get on the big screen.

  • For as bad as this may seem, there is a possible positive that could come from it. This could help actresses that are being put into deepfake p- (well ya know) have a case against the sites uploading those videos. If Disney owns the faces and right to deepfake with it, maybe they could help.

  • This is what happens when you give corporations all the power and none of the responsibility. Greed destroys everything.

  • You should look into SpongeBob the Musical. In addition to it being amazing, I’d be interested in the science of the Erupter Interrupter! Would that device work to stop an undersea volcano? If not, what would?

  • As an actor technically in training I have to say that this somewhat terrifies me. The truth is that these are amazing tools that as MatPat said can be used to extend an actors abilities just like other special effects. But I fear for what this change will do to the future of acting as a whole. Why would anyone want to risk losing money by gambling on the popularity of a new actor when they can count of the long time fanbases of fantastic actors that died a long time ago. At this rate you could take an actor when they were an adult and when they were a child and have them star in the same movie. This makes the career of acting harder than it already is and essentially the same as oil barons, if you weren't born into this family of acting or publicity then you just aren't an actor.

    • @lasarousi Not virtual cloning de-aging enhances the actor

    • @Nika D God I didn't say anything was wrong with it. You stated that actors were still critical, and I was pointing out that as the technology continues to develop that they could be phased out.

    • It's already the case that it's difficult for people to break into Hollywood acting: try naming the last blockbuster you watched where you knew none of the actors before you watched it. Typically the pipeline is either getting increasingly large roles in films, or going from TV to film, or quite often having a relative already in the industry that can get you into auditions. There's not much value in deep-faking minor characters with famous actors, so the first pipeline won't be replaced, and most TV shows and indie films don't have the budget to deep-fake characters, certainly not if they're a character who appears in a lot of scenes, so that pipeline will also remain, and you have recognised that having relatives in the industry would also remain as a pipeline. I can understand why someone might worry about this, but simply considering that you can't really market a dead actor, you can't stop people from knowing that it's not actually them and you can't stop people from feeling uncomfortable about it, I can't imagine deep-faked actors fulfilling more than minor roles going forwards.

    • @shadetee and what's wrong with that? Movies will become glorified anime. Some will like it and others won't. Just because they can make digital clones doesn't mean it will always be profitable. Regardless, actors over the next couple decades need to adjust to the current demands. Winer's and complainers will get left behind. That's just how innovation works.

    • I have to believe that you can “fake” someone’s likeness but you can’t fake the heart and soul they put into their craft. The connection humans feel with one another… As a film/ tv enthusiast, I love watching interviews, blooper reels, getting to know the actors behind the characters. If they’re mostly “ai”, I’d lose 90% of interest 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I just want to say that during the Rogue One movie, I knew straight away that he was animated, and I will be outraged if all movies are like that!

  • I think people have the right to their own face being used.

  • I watched this with my sister and she said "I swear if they make a 'Decendants 4' without Cameron Boyce,I'll smash the tv" I've never been more proud-

  • I've been wondering what this obsession with foreign actors has been here lately

  • YOOO!!! I've been asking how di they de-age for so long glad I decided to binge this channel and find my answer. Thank you so much

  • The upside is that this will make live theater way more important. Or at least it’ll be the only medium where physical actors are important.

  • Wonderful video. It won’t matter once we’re all in the computer but I loved it anyway 😉

  • Usually you’re good about spoiler warnings…. You dropped the freaking ball

  • See they said you can't tell the voice of Luke was synthesized and that may be true. But I definitely was able to tell something was off about it. The best way I can think to explain it is the lack of variance in tones felt off? I had a hard time focusing on what was happening in Luke's parts because I spent the entire time trying to figure out what was wrong with his voice.

    • sounded like a bad actor pretending to be asleep or psychotic. monotone.

    • honestly after watching clips from the old star wars and listening to how mark hamill sounded back then you can definitely tell the new 'de-aged" version of luke doesn't sound right. it's kinda off-putting to me.

    • I thought it was a totally different actor trying to sound like young Mark Hamill, it sounded so off! can't tell my but!!

    • it sounded the way bad actors sound. doesn't feel real.

    • @Stella Pinkbird 🎗 I got that too, and I've only seen the clips shown here. It was very stilted and lacking in depth and emotion in a fashion that isn't really acceptable in media today. It felt off, and when I was told it was fake, it clicked.

  • I've got a feeling that it won't be long until laws are passed regarding the ownership of faces.

  • The best way to fight this as an actor would be to have your lawyer release a digital copy of you to the public if you are ever used digitally in a movie. Or better yet everyone uploads a digital copy to the public domain. That's the only way actors can keep their value acting in a movie

  • I love how the video starts I was laughing and crying at the same time

  • I doubt fully artificial actors will replace normal actors. Good actors can feel personal connections with their characters, improv incredible moments, provide directors with valuable feedback, or recommend changes to the script that greatly improve it. At the end of the day, artificial actors are canvases not artists.

  • This feels wrong. Imagine if this technology goes in the wrong hands like what if someone makes lets say Jim Carrey say that he hates all his fans and basically make my favourite actor look like a gigantic jerk. The actors defiently need to give permisson to movie companies if they are gonna use their faces. Or else it would be just that they dont matter at all. It would be like their cartoons. I have one question. Are these actors even being paid by the companies using their face?

    • I completely agree

    • imagine the actor trying defend themselves telling people that its not them, yet no one believes it thinking this technology isn't possible yet

    • Good question. And as a person who would like to become an actor this is just scary thinking about when u die people can do literally whatever they want with ur name

  • I see where this is likely to go: exploitation of actors and using their likeness without permission. With studios like Disney absorbing IPs left and right this is very likely to stifle creativity in Hollywood productions. Where I am VERY interested in this tech is for the at-home creative crowd. This tech is also possible on your home computer (given you have a big enough computer). We already saw it with the video game industry when the tools became more accessible to the masses and now we have indie games. Imagine the movies that this same crowd will make now that they can create movies with an insanely diverse cast without having to put out millions of dollars to hire them. I agree with the person toward the end of the video: "a tool isn't good or evil".

  • This actually reminds me of something Robin Williams added in his will when he died. He wrote that no one could use his name or likeness until 25 years after his death, which is GENIUS, because when that time expires, it’ll be too late to use him in stuff. 25 years from now, NO ONE will care about another Flubber or Ms. Doubtfire. Still love that man.

  • I believe that they used Paul Walkers brother in the “can’t leave without saying goodbye” scene in Furious 7. Might be wrong though.

  • Back to the future 2 established the cough precedent that YES actors do own their face. Crispin Glover who played George McFly in the first film, did not for various reasons (mostly related to money) appear in the sequel, but they still needed him to appear so they made a copy of his face that was used in the dinner scene. He sued Universal pictures and he won, they were not allowed to use his face without permission. And futhermore there is only so much that can be sold on nostalgia, hollywood running out of ideas are just another example for why the industry is dying.

  • "The only thing taking a risk on something new." Franchises aren't the problem. Legacy characters, cemented in the public's mind, are the problem.

    • @Unsaved Progress The problem does indeed stem from greedy and lazy corporations. They're the ones who are making the decision to double down on legacy characters in the first place.

    • Don't read my name!!

    • No, greedy/lazy corporations are the problem

    • Seems like at some point these legacy characters begin to transition into modern day mythology.

    • @8roke You7u6er5 Well that's the point isn't it? It's scary from a studio's point of view to develop new content. Look at the amount of book-adaptations and recycling of content -- studio prefer doing them because them have historically worked. And since we have an oligopoly, even if you don't have anything new in terms of concepts, people will still consume, watch, and stream it (simply because there is a limited number of pool of novel content).

  • Intersting take on an issue that is helping the fall of movies. It's still important to say that for the time being, conesnt from the person is still required. Actually since back to the future with Crispin Glover suing the studio for using his likeness in the second instalment this matter was settled.