Film Theory: Disney's FROZEN - Anna and Elsa Are NOT SISTERS?!

פורסם בתאריך 20 דצמ 2015
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Take a break from building your snowman and sit down with a hot cup of hot cocoa, because I've uncovered the truth behind Frozen's lovable "Sisters." In today's episode, I discuss the real reason Elsa feels so out of place and the origin of her magic powers.
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  • Frozen II exists: I’m about to end this man’s theory

    • Ok but a lot was cut out from frozen 2 annnnnd I kinda dont accept it as canon lmaoo

    • E

    • Anyone else thought Elsa was saying let it snow instead of let it go

    • This video was made before it came out tho

    • This video was made 2 years ago um hello frozen 2 was made 3-4 months ago

  • also to this theory, the tangled series (theres two but this goes for both) are confirmed as canon (under the main continuity). this means we see how even Rapunzel's life giving powers have an incredibly destructive side and potential to them. its kind of a cool contrast: Rapunzel starting out feeling trapped and being used but always seeing her power as useful and good, then becoming more free, then seeing how her powers can be dangerous, versus Elsa starting feeling more carefree, then growing up terrified and feeling like a threat, only seeing her powers as destructive and dangerous, then finding how amazing and useful her powers can be.

    • Also to this theory it is wrong now that frozen two is out cause now we know the parents wanted to get answers to Elsa’s powers

    • Pls expand on said threat (rapunzel)

  • The parents sailing to Rapunzel’s wedding - “Frozen 2” shoots that theory down. They were sailing to find the magical river of Atahalla, because they believed that it was the source of her power.

    • @Paige Jorban Yeah.

    • You can actually see that they went on a course that heads to the Kingdom of Corona (that name did not age well). The parents made sure everyone didn't know their real intentions, which was really clever in the whole scheme of things.

    • @Rashomon69 Actually, it was confirmed that they used Rapunzel's wedding as a cover to go to Atahalla, so the original theory isn't entirely wrong, it just doesn't show the whole picture.

    • @Sunny_808- This was pieced together from the map that Anna and Elsa found. There was nothing to lie about. Do you think their parents wrote misleading information on the map just in case their ship sunk, they all died, and some else found the map? That sounds highly unlikely.

    • Or they are lying?

  • Will anyone just point out that Rupenzel came to Elsa's party in the first film and her hair was still as short as it was 3 years ago? Rupenzel also does not take notice of Anna the sister of Elsa who is right behind her??!

    • theres sequal to the tangled movie but animated pretty sure it explains why rapunzels hair didnt grow back for so long

  • After watching both Frozen II and your theory, I'm convinced that the Frozen production team took a good look at this video and made "Frozen II" to prove you wrong and rub it in your face, MatPat. Honestly, how do you go from ''going to a wedding'' to "let's find out why our daughter (?) has magic powers"?

    • yeah same thats what i thought 😂😂

    • This theory is the sequel that would have made more money than the Frozen franchise. Seriously Disney, make some connections in your movies and suddenly you're drowning in the cash. *_my opinion_*

  • 'They know Corona isn't safe.' *This man just predicted the future.*

  • Film theory: “tangled takes place in a fictional city called corona” Me in 2022: so that’s where the pandemic came from 😧

    • Ha ha ha when the pandemic started I thought they were talking about tangled

  • great theory excerpt for you probably never watched the Rapunzel series, which is 3 seasons long and totally debunks this entire thing

  • I absolutely love the theory's. my brother showed me one and now I can't stop watching them lol : )

  • Matpat: how does ice blasting help magic healing hair (or something like that) *Just brings up that they are the only one that have magic* Me: . . .Wait- Elsa harmed Anna with her magic, Rapunzel healed people with her magic... There yin and yang!

  • I love how the directors literally CONFIRMED all these theories (ie. The parents were going to rapunzels wedding, the Tarzan theory, etc.) then they just threw that all out the window in Frozen 2

    • I used to be a fan of frozen but now watching it like a bunch of times it’s annoying but it is a good movie

    • Yup

    • cool

    • @Gabbystar productions yes but her mom didn't tell anyone about the powers and she had no powers the mom was playing with the air spirit

    • @KilaTheArcticFox Well I kind of understood it like this: Her parent’s didn’t think it was weird she had powers because of the magic the people on her mom’s side had but still wanted to know how they could help her control her powers or why she got them but then the accident happened,then throughout frozen two Elsa finds out how her power works which is what her parent’s originally wanted to do to help her

  • This is kinda better than the sequel but sadly the sequel disproves most of this

  • Hey Matpat Film theory: if Elsa's power is to make ice what is her dress made of?

  • This theory is initially confirmed... And then there's Frozen II which switched hand and infos to joss it. Yikes. 😳

  • We need to take a moment to appreciate that map that was shown at the start. If that’s accurate which I would assume it is, then just, WOW. That can be used for multiple other theories I bet! (Also, lion Kristoff looks GOOD wth- 😳)

  • Funny how this theory is way more interesting than the plot in the actual sequel.

  • I was gonna say that if this was filmed AFTER Frozen 2, then here is my theory: The backstory happens in the Enchanted Forest that King Agnarr was to meet with nthe north uldra. Remember the scene where someone saves him? The person who saved King Agnarr is Queen Iduna. Because of her act, she was blessed with Elsa who is the 5th spirit. My theory: DO NOT COPY PASTE IT PLEASE!!

  • This whole "Both parents need blue eyes for the kids to have blue eyes" thingy people bring up so often is, from my personal experience, not even true. My father has green eyes (as well as his parents), my mother brown eyes (as well as her parents), yet me and my brother both have blue eyes. So is this thing even true? Or am I breaking biology? Lmao

  • I usually don’t believe in your theories but this one seems quite legit

  • I know this was a long time ago but Elsa’s magic came from her mother. As you can see in the second movie that hadn’t come out yet.

  • matpat: they know corona isnt safe everyone in 2020: everyone knows that

    • 13:49

    • lol

    • Everyone 2021:haha pandemic go brrr brain turn off Vax bad Everyone 2022: haha still bad but I got sick some how finally mask mandate gone

    • 💀💀💀💀💀

    • True

  • Theory: so when i was watching frozen 2 for the 2nd time, I noticed something. Something strange. When frozen 2 starts, they (Anna Elsa christof and Olaf) were playing charades. This at first may not seem weird but, the boys were winning. As of this, she may of gotten stressed and imagined the voice. This obviously stresses her out more and she hears it more and more. Then, when she goes to sleep, she dreams about them. As of this, I believe Elsa dreamt about everything after she went to sleep

  • Interesting fact: If there is one person in your entire family tree with blond hair you can have a blond kid even if it's 20 generations later.

  • I know they’re completely different universes. I still like to combined the lore for frozen with the frozen part in once upon a time. Where Elsa gets her powers from her Aunt. It shows how her aunt got them to I just don’t remember 😅 but I like to cross the two.

  • The fact the theory made so much sense and the evidence is just WOW. i realise i watched frozen 2. BUT HEY he did a fabulous job 6 years ago

  • “the parents were never exposed to magic” frozen 2: well hello there

    • @Xiaoyezi What you mean I am dum lol

    • oh wait I’m dum lol

    • @Cade ?

    • General Konobi

    • @GabTheWabMan Truee

  • When you watch frozen 2, watch this, and realize half the evidence related to the parents was wrong

  • If that’s the case, then why didn’t Elsa’s hair turn brunette when she cuts it? It’s obviously that she cuts her hair because if not it would be pretty long after 21 years.

  • This convinced me strait away your theories are 100% real

  • Frozen 2 really stomped on this theory

  • MatPad: Their is no backstory to Elsa's powers. Disney: laughing hysterically "ya right u just didn't wait long enough"

    • @Dana Cornish Of course she saw another baby! But Elsa didn't display any powers and also it'd be hard to kidnap 2 babies, travel a long distance, raise them alone, and keep that all a secret. Why would she mention it to Rapunzel? It would just cause her to be even more curious to explore the outdoors knowing she has a sister out there.

    • @Marinela Strajeriu her mother has actually magic

    • @Dana Cornish true 🤨🤨

    • Wait though. Cause he's even showing Rapunzel's birth, there is no way mother Gothel just didn't see or ever mention the twin crying right beside her when she stole Rapunzel

    • @Marinela Strajeriu atohollan or something idk how to pronounce it

  • I was waiting for the rock stuff since it's about the moon, the moon is cold, ice is cold, it's opposite of the sun but the sun and moon stones want to be together. The magics line up, at least for me.

  • It literally explains where her magic comes from in frozen 2

  • This wouldv'e been so much more interesting than frozen two

  • i love when his theories are debunked by a sequel

  • Cool theory, but one thing is bugging me: When Anna was hit with Elsa's ice blast, a part of her hair turned the some color as Elsa's hair, meaning the hair color could be a side-effect of the ice powers and not genetics.

    • Yes, except I think it could be a combination.

    • possible

    • @asmr art cooking channel elsa is the spirit of ace so if they are twins why did they not have the same power healing and spirit of ace doesn't make sense elsa should have a long hair too and her power should be in her hair too if they are twins

    • @TheFriedFrenchFry no they are not twins rapunzel has brown dark hair like her mom if there twins they should have the same power

    • Izzy Alexander when rapunzel got her hair cut and had no more powers her hair turned brown couldn’t that be a side effect of the magic too

  • “When did they produce magic they say…?” Then comes frozen 2

  • This is such a good theory! But then, Frozen 2 happened 😂

  • You’re so amazing showing the truth about movies just amazing

  • Another clue about this is that in Disney shorts, when it was the scene tangled, Olaf said,"a close personal friend of mine."

  • Him: her parents didn’t even look for answers about her powers Frozen 2: well hello there

  • I love this theory! But here's my question. We know Rapunzel is a true brunette shown when she lost her power proving that she could actually loose her power. If Rapunzel and Elsa got the power from the same way, wouldn't that mean that Elsa could also lose her power as well? Or does Disney just like to pick their favorite twin sister?

  • Ah I can imagine how mat reacted when he watched the sequel

  • “Elsa and Anna’s parents are going to a wedding!” 2019: lol nopeee

  • The Magic flower could explain Elsa’s magic!

  • Frozen II makes me believe Disney watched your theory and decided to change the story just to end yours

    • Lol

    • But her mom knows.. Da dom Da!!

    • @peace Elsa and Anna's parents didn't go to Rapunzel's wedding, they looking for answer about Elsa's power, unlike in this video that MatPat said Elsa's parents didn't looking for answer

    • Why? Plz tell me I'm too lazy to watch frozen 2

    • @【The_wise_wizard】 yep🦊

  • Their tears revive them... Kind of like Belle with the beast... I wonder if that was their inspiration for this or if there is a further connection?. Probably just inspiration.

  • Wow, Disney made Ann entire movie just to debunk this theory

  • So sad that you find out they weren’t sailing to a wedding or this theory would be completely confirmed

  • I was really surprised when he mentions Norway since I am from Norway. I’m not really used to when people mentions mine, and other’s home country. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this theory before like 6 years later or so😳

  • So Tangled took place in Corona, where a girl was isolated for her whole life. hmmmm

  • frozen 2 explains that elsa's power come from her parents being different ppl who were fighting

  • 10:47 - Him: They don’t even seem to look for answers about where her powers came from Frozen team: Think again 😏

  • I know Frozen II kinda ruined this theory but it's still my favorite one anyway

  • Well, everything would have made sense except for the magic part cause I watched frozen 2

  • "They realise Corona was not safe." This man has prediced the future!!!! 🤣😅

  • as much as i really wanna believe this, i am also obsessed withe the tangled series that proves this theory way wrong

  • This theory was great, but now we have to entire franchise additions that literally DESTROY this theory -Tangled the series put the best lore into the worst series with terrible episode ideas -Frozen two leads to parental explanation and an amazing ship fandom

  • Btw, at the part of Eugene is lying about the wedding date, MatPat said that Rapunzel's hair would have grown. That isn't true; we see that earlier in the movie when Rapunzel heals Eugene's hand and explains her powers

  • It may have already been mentioned, but at 7:10, he says she's using her left hand, but it is reflected in the mirror, so it's her right.

  • They knew corona wasn’t safe People in 2020: Oh we knew

  • Feels good to come back to the first theory video I ever watched

  • As a left handed person, I never consciously noticed that they are both left-handed, but now I understand why I wasn't uncomfortable watching these movies 🤣

  • Matpat: makes this theory 🤔 Frozen 2 and tangled the series: yea about that.....

  • 7:10 she handles the pan with her right hand, but we are seeing it in a mirror, thus it looks like her left.

  • Great theory... Frozen 2 has demolished any possibility of this being true

    • Frozen 2 was a cash grab though, so we could just say it’s not canon.

  • 10:40 made me laugh so hard And i also like how he call them baby 1 and baby 2

  • TTS broke this entire theory and honestly part of me was screaming at this particular part, 4:24-4:36, since her calling him out was about him constantly asking and it's literally in the movie and not a TTS retcon-

  • Unfortunately the sequel disproved almost all of this

  • Well, this would be a great theory, but frozen 2 contradicts all of this….

  • Disney saw this and was like: Whelp, we can't use that idea anymore

    • He should do a theory on frozen 2 if he could find one! :3

    • frozen 2

    • @Skooter of course disny saw this but they said nooooooooo

    • MatPat should work at Disney

    • And then came frozen 2

  • "They know corona isn't safe" It's funny because it's true

  • It's been confirmed my Walt Disney, and it's canon that Elsa and Anna are siblings and Rapunzel is their cousin

  • “These are the mugglist disney characters out there” *well he’s nit wrong*

  • He needs to do another one of these on frozen because he needs to see frozen 2

  • Him: her parents didn’t even look for answers about where her powers came from Frozen 2: …I’m about to end this mans whole career.

    • I noticed

    • BAHAH-

    • @D that is what I was saying and why I mentioned it, because the person who plays Hans even said that and when Frozen 2 came out, it though everything away. That is why I said that. I could care less about Tangled and Frozen but hearing they have a lore with each other I like. That was honestly it.

    • @RockStar Kitty oki

    • @D well u could’ve also just ignore the comment too. It’s lore, I was point out that the directors pointed out that is how it works and they through it out the window by making Frozen 2. I was saying that because they said if they were to make a Frozen 2 they would redeem Hans, and villain that was about to give us the truth maybe, that is why I said it in the first place


  • Well I guess you didn't hear about Iduna's magical powers in Frozen II

  • “They don’t even try to find where her powers come from!” Frozen 2 comes in, “Yeaaaa sure they didn’t :l”

  • I love how the last 15 mins Frozen II spit on this entity theory.