Film Theory: Disney's Secret Archive of Dead Actors

פורסם בתאריך 18 אפר 2022
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Today we are diving back into the question, "Who owns your face when you are dead?" Deepfakes have made that a BIG question, one that needed more than just one episode. So here is a new question for you: if you could own the image of a dead actor, would you? Is it okay for you to use that likeness in movies forever? Let's talk.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • I love how Matt just took it as a personal quest to destroy Disney’s reputation (and rightfully so).

    • and Will smith’s

    • Matt actually is a supporter of the things Disney is doing. Not everything but still enough to call him woke.

    • @Emma dilemma The NEWS in my place & country didn`t tell anything about Disney, but I don`t watch NEWS much anyways so I might have just missed it

    • @Pkmn Trainer Red the whole exposing Disney for awful things is kind've already happening if you've been seeing the news, Mats video just shows another rotten thing of Disney to add to the list.

    • @Animebryan2 i mean there is no need for those when we literally have the Law to say what u can and cant do

  • It's literally disgusting how this could be used. If any actor decides they're cool with it, that's their business, but I just know there's gonna be a loophole someone abuses.

    • I'm late, but let's not forget that kid Walt Disney exploited. He was the inspiration for Peter pan, but he never was credited and was thrown like a trash once he older. I don't know what's his name, but his story was so tragic, to the point that his parents didn't even bother trying to find him when he went missing. I'm surprised more people don't know this.

    • They won't care. Disney breached it’s contract with Robin Williams in the 90's for advertisement. That's why he didn't voice the Genie in the 2nd Aladdin movie. The guy was alive then, so imagine what they will do when an actor is dead

    • This really could delve into the live action media collapsing due to it going stagnant.

  • On the topic of Disney, did we ever think about the old incredibles movie? I mean Edna made suits to withstand immense friction, virtually indestructible, bulletproof, machine washable, yet it “breathes like Egyptian cotton”. If we could get a theory that could actually determine the material used to make the suits that’d be amazing.

    • YEEESS! Can we please boost this comment?!?! This is a theory video that we NEED and I would be so excited to watch it!

    • frfr

    • @iamextremest your in the film theory channel this is what we think about

    • @Phoenix Crown don't waste your time dude. They're clearly just a sad little troll who's desperate for attention. Just ignore them.

    • @iamextremest Or maybe you should keep your mouth shut. This is a theories channel and they suggested a theory.

  • I feel we’ve become so attached to a nostalgic image that executives are terrified of recasting someone once they’ve died. When Gloria foster died after Matrix Reloaded, they found an actor to play the oracle and that was totally fine. If we don’t continue that, we’re going to have a hard time moving forward. The lesson to always be aware of is that what’s legal isn’t always what’s right and vis versa.

    • @Emily KeepSmiling I swear there’s a metal gear rising joke here, but I don’t wanna make it

    • "what's legal isn't always what's right" - perfectly said.

  • what about new actors? we've been trying to find the answer to "what do we do when [insert actor] is too old, or dead" for so long. now we can just..use them anyways?? that feels so unfair to actors who are trying to go into the business fresh with their own talent :/

    • Because People were so into that nostalgia bubble that they don't want another actors or not. Just look at hayden christensen and jack lyod

  • Personally, I think that it’s ok if the actor or actress says they are ok with it. I just feel bad for the families involved. Imagine seeing your loved one being used like a puppet.

    • Where in this video are people okay with it? James Dean??

    • CJ!

    • @shcade ohh i get it

    • @Esterføx fofinha :3 I mean more generally, outside the bounds and reams of acting.

    • @shcade but howcome? Like If u mean movies and stuff then how can someone ruin a reputation just by putting words in their mouth? Unless they make a fake video saying that she said that or said smth else

  • I love the fact MatPat is trying to singlehandedly destroy Disney and pull back the vial on their lies. It just makes me love him and his videos more. I detest Disney.

  • This video made me think of my great-grandparents. They refused to take pictures because they believed it took the person’s soul out of their body. In this case, the soul is being kept in the mortal realm by technology

    • @Yearam Kook ok im deleting this reply its bad

    • @StrastTheFox well yeah in retrospect, but if you’d never seen a camera in your life and you come across one of those old ones with huge lenses, it would look a bit alien no? Like, look at how dogs react to big lenses on cameras. They don’t understand what it is and are often scared.

    • Not one to judge beliefs but that is one of the dumbest beliefs I’ve ever heard.

    • @Lady Lavender no, they were Korean. My grandma was their second youngest and I think she was born around the 1940s-50s. Even my grandma is pretty superstitious about a lot of things

  • I've been wondering, when could we get a Film Theory for The Owl House? That would be awesome

  • A person should own an image and/or exact copy of themselves, but not a cartoonized version. Deepfake should be illegal now with all lack of consent of the one being deepfaked. The law is corrupt. Let all dead people rest in peace, and yes, celebrities are people to.

  • Here, in Chile, an interesting case of copyright happened. There’s was this honey called Miel Gibson (miel is Spanish for honey), obviously referring to the actor Mel Gibson. They even put his face (as his character in Braveheart) on the logo. Long story short, Gibson got notice of this, sued the honey company, won the case and now they changed the name and the logo, still referencing the movie, though While this clearly shows that he owns some rights to his face (he wasn’t gaining anything from the sales, so), I’m also curious that the studio that produced Braveheart didn’t get in on the sue, especially since they are still referencing to it

  • You should totally do a Film theory on The Golden Compass! It's like a theorist's paradise

  • I have a theory for you Matt. Mickey Mouse, specifically in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, is controlling the lives of his friends. I’m not entirely sure what his motivation is, but these mouse-ke-tools he uses are always perfectly suited for every situation. Also, everyone know and loves him, and he has incredible technology completely controlled by him.

  • I think that dead celebrity’s should only be used for historical cases (I.E: a documentary) and or if they are ok with it.

  • It’s a strange world we live in that you need to ask someone “Would you be okay with people using your face and voice to make money after your death?”

    • @Kyle Pitts I think before they sign into a corporation there should be like an option to say no I don't want that, that would remove the whole they can't consent to this as their dead thing and I find it odd how they can't just get new actors, using the same ones over and over again isn't fun after a while

    • @•RF Production• o

    • @Thank u, next k .kl L.op

    • @Projekt Taku lp please lol pmlpppl

    • Better to have people try to profit off of using a dead persons likeness than to have people try to profit off of owning a dead persons likeness. What is strange is that people would even care about their image after they are dead at all, would you care about people using your home after your death would you care about people using your body after your death would you care about the fact that long after your death the earth will be completely destroyed? What about those who look like you, would you care if they stared in a movie, they are using your likeness after all. People seem to think they are entitled to a specific legacy and I would rather not have ghosts telling me what is and isn't allowed. I could go on with my rant but I won't.

  • Love it or hate it, one point in favor that I can see from the Studio's standpoint is that a dead talent's legacy is pretty static, while living talent can become embroiled in any sort of controversy. It's overall safer from a reputation standpoint.

  • This really puts the phrase “The Disney Vault” in a new perspective

  • I'm shocked someone hasnt made a recreating on the living head museum similar to Futurama. That way you could talk to and interview that celebrity on your own time and fashion.

  • One big concern I have about this, is how it potentially takes away from the value of new actors filling old rolls. Even if the replacements are technically credited, people may never acknowledge their talent, because they still attribute the modern version of the character with the old actor. I'm not saying that is guaranteed to happen, but it's just a concern I have.

  • I don't care what the law says, bringing back actors from the dead just feels very wrong to me. Younger and older versions of existing actors? Sure, no problem, the actors can consent to that. Bringing dead actors back to life? Just... no. Let them be. Let them rest in peace.

    • @Makani Webb They can’t really anyway without it being a cheap move, since they had him disperse into nothingness

    • @Aster Yeah, that was kind of cool, but only if they make it that one, and not add ghost him in any future movies.

    • @Douglas Freer I agree. That's the only time it should be okay.

    • The only caveat I have is that I don’t mind it IF used sparingly. Like a tribute cameo, or like ghostbusters afterlife with Harold Ramis.

    • @Only Karlos, Well said and I agree fully. It is grossly disrespectful to use the dead like that and cheapens their life. I would be furious if someone used my image without my consent and to do that after I was dead is such a low. It honestly makes me feel sick.

  • one minute into the video and i’m already excited :> love what ya do, MatPat! keep it up 😌

  • That story about the monkey 🐒 owning the rights to his selfie was amazing! Lol learned something new, thank you

  • This reminds me of a specific museum dedicated to the tragedy of the Titanic that my entire family and I visited. The museum claimed that they created the Titanic experience to preserve the memory of the Titanic and everyone who died on the Titanic. The price per person was pretty expensive btw. After the experience, my aunt and I agreed to question upon whether they made the museum to actually preserve the memories of the Titanic or use the tragedy of the Titanic just to gain big bucks. Quite sad to think about really…

  • It'll be decided by audiences and how the family/decendants of the dead actors behave. If a well respected dead actor starts apprearing in lots of adverts and productions they would never have agreed to be a part of I can see the family protesting and getting the public on side to boycot the products/film. Judges being cowardly basically leaves it up to public opinion.

  • The other big concern I see with this that wasn’t addressed is the removal of opportunity for new actors and stagnation and staleness of the casting pool which is already a problem in Hollywood and this would only make that so much worse.

    • It's like the entertainment industry's version of AI taking jobs.

    • But you forgetting something and here's the big reason why this will never happen animation because companies like using celebrity casting but the problem is you really cannot do that with what this video is suggesting because of the fact that since the animation characters are usually not real people I just made up for those movies that real people played I feel like when you're not considering is the fact that Disney makes a lot of money and the animation industry to them jeopardizing it and not being able to make a lot of money because of not being able to do celebrity casting it's kind of a big problem actually.

    • @Elijah Rafael inovejas no, sorry. I'm busy working with marvel.

    • @Projekt Taku Have you seen my encryption

    • I have a RNG for ya

  • Ok, now I can't unhear Tom as the production assistant. That really made me smile. I enjoy seeing other members of Team Theorist getting v/o action alongside you, MatPat!

  • Man if I was able to provide economic security to my family long after dead I would and would be happy if they make that choice with my image. My one concern is with acting and doing new content with them as if they were still alive in a context.

  • "No, that's a hologram of Will Smith's career. It just died." _"Well ain't that a slap in the face"_ 😅 You are AWESOME MatPat!! From a fellow theorist, Izzy

  • The Monument Mythos had twisted my mind so much that my first thought when I heard James Dean's name was his alternate reality version

  • When you go into the film industry, you should have something like an organ donor’s card, where it asks if you are ok with being digitally revived.

    • @Tree Lord yes, just like any will

    • @Logan McGlynn It should just be able to be changed by the person at any point, no questions asked. No one should be planning on making a movie with your dead face before you die (excluding a documentary maybe) so it's not like you're signing a binding contract that then ruins everything if you pull out.

    • I still don't think it's ethical. You think someone like Stanley at that age could really make an honest decision about that? What if they sign the contract early on but regret their decision?


  • Dear film theory crew, First off, I love everything you all do through out all theory channels, you provide comfort and entertainment while I’m at work. Matt you are the famous person I want to meet most in the world. You are cool, smart, a theater nerd, but you are also just a relatable person, an awesome husband and an incredible dad. You are someone I want to strive to be like. Stephanie and mirror Matt you are amazing, you comprise my 3 favorite people of this group. I wasn’t sure where else to put this. I think you should do a theory for who has done the most crime (total bail, years in jail, number of actual crimes) for villains who appear only in kids shows. (So like the joker wouldn’t count because he appears in other things)

  • "Thats not a hologram of will smith, thats a hologram of his career" Matt: "oh, well ain't that just a slap in the face"

  • Theory idea: In The Hobbit, when they get to the gold, Thorin gets more mentally blinded, more easily irritated, shifts to becoming suspicious a lot, quicker mood shifts into rage, and has more anxiety in the form of wanting to find the Arkenstone. Steroid effects, anyone?

  • Thank you matpat for addressing the cases against deep fake adult content. I think it’s something that goes over peoples heads while talking about this topic.

  • If we hold on to actors who have already died, I really feel like we are limiting the chances even further for young up and coming actors to break through.

    • yeah. I mean, I was pretty lucky to manage to become an actor and not compete with these digital celebrities. I just hope that my career won't be derailed by them.

    • I’m not gonna lie,but people prefer new faces. If they keep using old actors,people will eventually get bored,so I think it’ll be like a cycle of new actors and old actors getting swapped all the time

    • @Rishi However, you don't exactly need to pay a program.

    • yeah, that would be a problem because the cost difference and time difference

    • I think MatPat talked about this in the last video, but Hollywood is getting more and more centered around IPs than actors so that’s probably gonna happen.

  • Have you seen the outer range? I’ve been getting more questions then answers for the series and i think you might be interested to either prove some things in it

  • Personally, I am deeply concerned with this, for one the whole having an actor appear in movies whilst being dead is just morally wrong to me, it does help if the actors are alright with it, but at the same time, there still is that unknown of, what will their image or person be forced into doing in the future whilst they are deceased, its completely out of their hands then. This isn't mentioning the downside of new upcoming actors getting shafted for digitally de-aged classic actors, creating less new talented household names. Like it won't completely stop but there will be a downside. But this is all my opinion, not fact, take it how you will.

  • Yet again another absolutely amazing video keep it up matpat

  • I just remember the talk of replacing actors with digital ones in the 80s, as CGI kept improving.

  • I’ll never forget the The Simpsons did a “Treehouse of Horror” on this subject literally FIFTEEN years ago. It’s insane and sad to see it becoming more and more of a reality.

    • Of course it's The Simpsons

    • Let me join team theorist

    • It’s not “becoming.” The secrets of the truth is just surfacing into light.

    • @BlueCanine 671 now, 10 minutes later, so go ahead and like

    • would like but it sits at 666 likes which seems fitting

  • From one theorist to another, this is a great theory

  • I think bringing someone back to the big screen for a role they've played to begin with is ok but not if it's just because you want them in your movie

  • "according to the justice systems in most countries a person owns their body" women in the US: ....sounds nice. can we have that?

  • Hello! I really enjoy your content and would love to see your analysis of the first five episodes of Moon Knight

  • Robin Williams' children suing everyone that even think about using their Dad's likeness (without their signed permission) is actually worth a read/ILaward videos. They are going all out (with a full legal team) to honor their Dads wishes for him to never advertise any product anything after his death.

    • And that should be the deal for EVERYONE! Not just Williams himself :o It makes me so mad that this is literally never debated by anyone! Using the dead for promotion of movies and products is just messed up! >:(

    • As they should. Especially with the manner of his death, I'm sure it would be very painful for his family to see his faced used to advertise the next iphone. This practice is sickening 🤢

    • Yeah Disney had screwed him over on that when he was alive and at his peak just think what they would do to his ghost...See Aladdin for point

    • You know that also brings up another interesting legal point: wills. As permission to use a celebrity's likeness is usually obtained from their estate under the assumption that the estate would know what is best to honor the memory of a dead celebrity, would writing a will that expressly prohibits the use of your likeness, whether it be from old photos/videos or the new deep fake tech, actually be protection against people from using your likeness? It is also worth considering if that would cause the deadline for their likeness to enter the public domain to increase (or maybe become indefinite) as the dead celebrity has, while alive, expressly prohibited anyone from using their likeness? These laws really need to be updated before deepfake tech for dead people becomes an issue.

    • @Steven Scott Consider what he been through. I'd say high chance that he was actually a good man.

  • Hey Matpat, you should do a theory on the Monument Mythos. It's a pretty good analouge horror series created by Alex Kansas. You should check out the series.

  • Theory Idea: Okay, so I just saw Everything Everywhere All at Once (spoiler warning), and while that movie was just so odd, I do have one main question: Why was the Alpha Universe the one that came up with the technology to visit other versions of themselves in the multiverse? What decision lead up to that universe being the one to make the discovery?

  • I think everybody should really remember that this video is still just a theory Usually Matt tells us this all the time but this one plays around with some pretty extreme topics

  • Hey mat pat. Question. If I were to create a short film would you do a theory on it?

    • @Aiyetoro Feligrus ok thanks

    • probablz not, but if its animated Saberspark would prob review it

  • Actors should not be held up like puppets long after they're gone. It feels like grave digging... I really hope legislation can be passed to right these wrongs, as its important to bring about new celebrities instead of constantly reusing the old.

    • @Rocking_Star101 exactly. I had a hard time becoming a actor, and even then I was pretty lucky. Its gonna insane.

    • Did you contact your congressmen?

    • @Bruce Bonner it’s just a hope. No need to rain on anyones parade

  • I'm beginning to foresee a time in the near future when celebrities start adding clauses like "can't use my name or image after I've died" on their contracts; like Elvis Presley's estate did, they also have to include a time frame or make it forever. The reason it's legal now is because the existing contracts for owning Legal Rights to names & images don't legally have a means for dead celebrities to willfully exit their contracts; they're perpetual until people start putting specific "death clauses" into their contracts. It's not limited to celebrities, ya' know; That's why people have their "Last Will & Testament" written up. In a similar fashion, Google records & keeps *all* of your data that they can find on you, just waiting for the (I think it's) 30 years grace period to end before they start making bank from YOU. in the meantime, their legal contract that you sign off (you know, it's when you fast scroll-fast, scroll, Click on 'I Agree') when you fail to read their "terms of service" contracts still allows them to use your *data* for the purposes of targeting specific marketing ads to you. In a similar vein, if the government wants any data on you that the NSA hasn't gathered, they can go to companies like Google, Facebook, & other social media for it. As long as there are clauses in any Emergency Powers documents, the government can (& do) find a "legal" way to forego paying the company for it...And even subpoena for it in court. *Without an actual warrant*

  • Hey Matpat i was just watching on youtube some clips/episodes *cough* (futurama and m.l.a.a.t.r.) and i wonder on the way: is it possible to make a human robot that can feel(both emosinal and physicle) hear and think?(you can also add taste and smell if you want)

  • This is going to be a scary future for sure. I don't know how to feel about it.

  • I‘m open to a lot of ideas regarding new technology but playing around with the likeness of the dead seems incredibly tactless. You could let beloved actors star in very bad movies and have their memory tainted, even so far as changing the perspective on people on a person post mortem which sounds very wrong to me. People should be remembered for the life that they lived and part of life‘s interesting parts is that you only get so much time to leave an impression. Taking that away has the same aftertaste as grave robbery to me - not that any big companies will care about stuff like that of course.

  • the whole 3d scan thing brings up another problem, new actors. At a certain point, most people are just going to opt into using old likenesses instead of bringing in new talent. This really could delve into the live action media collapsing due to it going stagnant.

    • @goldfishmind they dont do fun improve that can set the tone for a beloved character and push the role to greater heights

    • Yes this is a major point. Every new actor is now starting to compete with the legendary stars.

    • @Nickolas Wilcox Theater, too. They could also go back to acting roles in broadway shows and stuff. CGI has no effect there.

    • Aging actors also, everyone is getting aged down digitally.

    • Maybe, but people thought that realistic animation was going to do the same thing and it definitely did not

  • I think it would be amazing for you to cover the Hulu original series Mr pickles it might seem like a stupid dark humored TV show but the more you watch the more lore and questions come about

  • I also wonder if the industry will start doing “star babies.” Essentially fake celebrities that are a digital amalgamation of different celebrities. Like combining two or more celebrities likenesses into a program to create an entirely “new” person. Could be interesting.

  • I watched this a couple of days ago and recently, I just watched an episode of Miraculous Ladybug (episode title, Multiplication). and the episode literally deals with the concept of using someone's image without their presence or permission. a main character, Adrien, asks his dad if he can quit modeling. his dad agrees but then, without Adrien's knowledge, creates a digital version of his son so he can continue to use his son's image. I think it could be a decent follow up to this theory because even though Adrien isn't dead, he is a minor, so does that mean his dad is allowed to use Adrien's image without his consent? also, I think it's extra funny because Disney actually owns the rights to air Miraculous Ladybug in the US.

  • Hey I’ve got something real messed up that I think would be awesome in your archives! The videos made in the 80’s by one specific woman and her team, start with Possibly In Michigan!

    • @FAVXX A lot of her videos have a common theme and reuccuring characters, I think she had hidden stories within it since she used a lot of symbolism I think it’s right within his ally

    • Why tho?

  • I feel bad for hollywood actors for the coming generations, it has been an issue for new voice actors to find roles since established VAs can keep working long after a normal actor would since all VAs need is their voice, imagine trying to compete with a dead acting legend who can say whatever the movie producer wants them to, and never needs to do more than one take. I'm not saying I think human actors are going to die out, but we will at least see a divide similar to practical effects compared to CG effects.

    • @Kenneth Clark While it is a nice thing to think about, and it is the theoretical end goal for humanity, Capitalism can't support it. without going into that, our current society isn't post-scarcity and especially isn't post-mandatory-work, so the issue right now is that jobs that people require for survival are being removed. Like you said, only a few are receiving the benefits of advancements and in this case there is no way for actors to benefit from this move, even if they pay royalties to the living actors, the dead one's estates' are the only ones who could earn the royalties. you make a good point that I wish I could agree with, the bottom line is that right now as a society we can't support that system, and right now this is an issue affecting the common people in that industry.

    • @Squishy Productions Then again it will probably happen like in Terminators when comes to tech xD

    • I mean, I guess I'm lucky, since I just became an actor not too long ago and now I'm working for marvel/disney. I really don't want to compete with digital legends to get roles.

    • @InsaneHippie hippieinsane well, that's not entirely accurate.

  • I absolutely loved Andre the giant he was such a caring soul

  • So technically, it is possible to cast "Chadwick Boseman" as T'Challa for any marvel projects, and Disney might actually have his digital library. On one hand it sounds good but the same time, it is creepy.

  • The Intro honestly had me lying on the floor in laughter

  • I think there is a huge unethical practice and I hope we can stop this before it gets out of hand.

  • Here's an interesting one: do notorious people, such as Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy, have these rights, so that their terrible crimes are not covered by fake positive messages? Like what would be legal grounds, if any, that would stop someone from deep faking a criminal so that they are a good person in the message, therefore attempting to discredit their real actions prior?

    • @Concept of Chaos well, I'm a pretty new actor, so I guess I'll be involved in that aswell?

    • @Get on the cross and don’t look back who is Jesus?

    • I don’t think them having committed crimes, as terrible as they were, would prevent them from holding theirs image rights. Here’s why: if you’re convinced of a crime, you don’t loose access to your patents and copyrights. Despite Bundy and Gacy were convicted of a more heinous crime, the severity wouldn’t matter. So yes, they would still be protected

    • You know they have history books, and those are all full of criminals who are portrayed as heros and great people... Just take a look at some places founders... 🤣😂

    • Ooooh good question

  • If an actor in life says ''Hey, yeah, use my face after i'm gone'' i say it's fair game. But for actors that didn't ever know this would be possible... I say no. It's not OK. Because we don't know. I think there should be more strict laws in place to protect each and every individual from being abused in death. So that anyone being used after they're dead, has to have said yes to do so. And if they said ''Only for STAR WARS sequels''. Well, that's the only place they can be used. The only place i think it should be up to the family is if say an actor or actress dies during the production ofa film. They can use deepfake and CGI to complete the film in a respectful manner. But then it's only if the family says it's ok. But that's the only time they should have a say. Past that there should be an OK from the actual person themselves. As cool as this idea is in many ways... It's just not moral. I get that Hollywood has no morals what so ever. But that's why there should be laws to keep the in their place.

  • IF your ever low on ideas a theory about how jar jar is a sith lord would be hilarious (and there's actually some pretty incriminating evidence).

  • De-aging Mark was a mistake. Just come up with some Force-related thing to explain away his age, and fully feature his performance in the story more prominently.

  • Hey MatPat, can you do a film theory on the Land Before Time? My friend thinks Little Foot suffered a guilt-induced psychotic break when his mother died, and the other characters are his dissociative personalities. What do you think?

  • This is so dark holy moly. Thanks Matthew for revealing this problem with the world. Your videos are so cool.

    • Don't read my Name.

    • It's strange seeing someone say his full first name like that. Especially without his full last name, Matthew Patthew.

    • Who are these bots?

    • MatPat is a brain burner!(Правдивое видео):

  • 30 years ago, they were doing this. The labels were different, but the intent was the same. Virtual Actors, initially known as VACTORS were becoming a theoretical problem due to the celebrities' estate claims as to who actually owned the rights to a performer's likeness, and perceived representation as whatever character might be presented using the actor's likeness. It's one thing to look like someone else. But, to what extent does it cross the line? There are impersonators by the thousands, but does the line blur when you impersonate the actor as their perceived public persona, or the character the actor is playing? It became more publicly known and publicized here:

  • Well, it can even happen while still alive. Henry Cavill is a great example. Can't do anything else until Netflix is done with him. The Witcher is slaying his prospects.

  • I dealt with this for a friend who was selected for a reality show and wanted advice. I read the contract and by signing she was surrendering her likeness in perpetuity in all broadcast-able space throughout the world, and in all places, known and unknown. I asked them to add a clause stating that her image could not be used for purposes which might have the potential to misrepresent her character.

  • The advancement of AI is happening so quickly. I'm interested to see what all will come from it

  • Further question: what happens if a celebrity, while still alive, states in a sort-of-will-legal-document that they forbid anyone from using their image, name and likeness in perpetuity after their death? I think it's something that could happen. Sure it would ruin their own family's hopes to keep milking them after their death. But couldn't that also be seen as a positive to the dying celebrity in many cases? Thanks for your videos!

    • The family should never be allowed to milk them after death; do your own work!

    • @theangryepicbanana BOB ROSS BOB ROSS BOB ROSS

    • It feels so gross to use someone's likeness like this. Like on one hand I guess you could call it a form of immortality in that your image will live on forever but the thing about puppeting someone else's image is that they can dement what and who you were for their own desire. It just feels gross to me

    • @Tomes of Awesome I was coming specifically to say this

  • Wish you'd done this one with Legal Eagle... Maybe for some future video... interesting subject... here's a follow up question: can a current living star have something added to their legal will that prohibits the use of their image post-mortem and ad-eternum?

  • Mat, you should do a video looking at the mandela catalog's trailer for season 3 and theorize what will happen.

  • Reminds me of when they put actors into games scary how accurate some of them look

  • Personally I feel as though the actors need to give consent while alive for people to do this when they are dead. It’s so creepy otherwise

  • There was a time where this would be considered some kind of Horror Sci-Fi. Now it's just daily life.

    • There was a time when owning a toilet was considered a sin and now it is considered a basic human right.

    • Not really, because then issues would most likely be either literally reviving people or putting their personalities into robots - something I could very much see in an 80's sci-fi horror - not faking images for entertainment purposes.