Film Theory: Do N̸̛͙̔͆̄̉̋̓̿̈͂̆̕O̵̫͇̣̯͑́͆̽̄̑͑̒̋̚͝Ṭ̷̲̮͚̪̈̓͛̍͌̑͛͂̏̽ͅ Fear Him (The Mandela Catalogue)

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It's been a while since I posted my first theory on The Mandela Catalogue. The series has NOT slowed down! Today I want to focus on one of the scariest things to show up yet - The Intruder? Who is he? Should we ACTUALLY be afraid or is the truth a little more mysterious. Theorist, it's time to step into the dark and spooky world of The Mandela Catalogue once again! Don't be afraid...
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  • Matpat’s voice is just so utterly recognizable, even under all the voice modulations he puts on it sometimes at the intros to videos. You can almost always tell it’s him. Absolutely iconic

    • We’ve been listening to him for what? 10 something years?? Makes sense

    • Ye

    • Yea 100% I've been watching for so long lol

    • @PU2F Do not leave bible verses on my comment. Thank you :)

    • John 3:16 Romans 10:9 John 3:3 Matthew 7:21

  • Alternate: *trying to brainwash adam** Adam: *”I like your funny words, magic man.”*

    • Alternates: “You want to know the truth of the universe?” Adam: “That’s… why I’m here.”

    • Hayyyyyy =(


    • Adam: write that down write that down

    • John 3:16 Romans 10:9 John 3:3 Matthew 7:21

  • alternative: Whisper to someone the person: I am Deaf alternative: Start do sign language the person: mad

    • @Yamiko sus

    • John 3:16 Romans 10:9 John 3:3 Matthew 7:21

    • @ToBAS they’ll be like me: given up

    • @Matt rex good question

    • @Lulu text to voice.

  • When Jonah ran away from that city, known as Nineveh, he didn't "chicken out". That's inaccurate. It's clearly stated in the story that Jonah felt that city did not deserve God's mercy. Jonah knew how wicked and immoral those people were, and he'd rather let God destroy them for their sins instead of giving them even the slightest chance of repenting. That is what makes the story of Jonah so thought-provoking. It's not just a simple story of a guy who got scared and "ran away from God". Jonah took that boat ride away from Nineveh not because he actually thought he could run from God, but as an act of demonstrating to God how much he despises those people. It's literally like sulking in front of your dad because he told you to clean your room or something. Being swallowed by the fish was basically God giving Jonah the time to reflect on his decisions, and to consider if his beliefs are reasonable. After 3 days in the fish, he gets spit out at a place in walking distance to Nineveh: God still gives Jonah another chance to decide for himself whether to preach to them or not. As one commentor said, in the end Jonah did obey God and preached to Nineveh. The king of the city and all its citizens actually took Jonah's advice and everyone repented and turned over a new leaf. The moral of the story is, don't ever let our judgement override that of God. The thing about God is that He gives free will to everyone. He won't force you to do anything, but that doesn't mean He can't chastise you and show you the best way forward.

    • "i give you freewill, now use it as i say" basically

    • @M You realize there is more to a story then just what the plot is right? Maybe the creator of the Mandela effect is trying to convey some sort of moral or message that you need biblical knowledge to understand.

    • Adam’s story does fit though, Jonah thought that Adam didn’t deserve help because he ran tested the danger. But of course instead of having time to think things through in a fish but instead he was tortured by an alternate. At least that’s what I believe for the Mandela catalog

    • This is well written! This seems to be pretty accurate.

    • @Dominik Bylina It actually conveys the whole message of the book of Jonah. He was reluctant to do what God says, and when it went as how God had planned, Jonah was already anticipating this and sulked even more. But God wanted to demonstrate to Jonah that God makes the best decisions for our sake. That's the whole essence of life. We were created by God, and He loves us despite what we do. The last thing He wants is for you to suffer unnecessarily in your own vices and sins. The Bible says that He doesn't even take delight in the punishment of the wicked. It's a "strange act" to Him. Jonah's final response wasn't recorded in the end, but we can imagine that he was convinced about God's plan for the redemption of humanity as a whole. God makes every effort to communicate with us, and it's up to us whether we acknowledge Him and believe in Him or not.

  • "Humanity is a mere pimple on the face of existence." Me: Well at least we are on the face.

  • The whole idea of not letting your fears take over, since that could be your downfall, is always scary to me. Yet, that’s what they want huh? I feel this whole series exploits many of our fears to demonstrate how easy it is for our fears to surface and how easily said fears could be used against us

    • Literally just hearing the words mandela catalogue makes me scared.

    • If i saw an alternet of me id probably smash

  • This is the only medium through which I can handle the Mandela catalogue. If I didn't have mat's cheery attitude and cheesy jokes, I would be scared out of my mind!

  • Who i think could "beat" the alternates is someone daring,with no fears, willing to do anything to find the *truth.*

  • I was wondering, when I first read "Mandela catalogue", I thought of the Mandela effect. Could it have some type of connection to this? The Mandela effect is basically when there is something that everyone thinks is one thing but it has never been real, never existed, never happened. It is hard to explain, but imagine the monopoly man. Many people say that he has a little monocle, but he never had nor has now. That is an example of the Mandela effect. Many people believe in one thing, but that thing never existed. Is it possible for that to have some connection to the Mandela catalogue? I think so. I am not sure where it would fit in the story, but I just feel like it would. It has been bugging me for a while, and I know there has to be some connection to it. Maybe it is what the alternates tell people that gets them infected by M.A.D. Maybe it is somehow related to what the intruder does with kids. It feels like a big detail or point to just gloss over. Also, has anyone considered that maybe the intruder is when taking the kids, telling them what the alternates would? We haven't seen any kids dead because of the M.A.D. infection. It could be that they simply don't understand, so it would not make much sense for the alternates to tell kids this truth, or lie, about the world, they can't do much about it other than being like "cool" . So maybe the intruder tells the kids these, and teaches them how to deal with it in a way that they don't take their life, but also understand enough to not get infected by M.A.D. IDK

    • Matpat had a theory on that when watching the videos but it's not that. Its just the name of the county for now. It might be what you're thinking but not from the evidence rn

  • Personally, I like horror that has few to no jumpscares. It's like a creeping buildup of tension without an outlet. It leaves you disconcerted, even long after the game is done.

    • @Giovanni Anile at least he's helping man. sure its just a typo but still.

    • Nah

    • I like like jump scares for the same reason but I also am very sensitive to blind sounds so it saves me from literal headaches.

    • agreed, just with the creepy voice is just so unsettling to me.

    • Its like terror, you're waiting for the inevitable thing that you know is going to be horrifying you just dont know where it is so you always are scared

  • With Volume 3 coming soon, we might get more insight as to what the Intruder wants. But I'm not convinced he's trying to help anyone. With his actions, he's actively trying to scare people. Once you're afraid of the scary imagery he provides, he takes you. A good example of this is when he kidnapped a baby, causing a mother to hang herself in grief, while he smiles sadistically. Then later, he takes the corpse of one of his victims and begins playing with it, leaving it so mangled, they had to censor it. He didn't have to do that. But he did it anyway, either as a way to taunt the investigators or to scare them.

    • coming soon ur comment was make 3 moths ago the volume 333 came 3 weeks ago

  • If one considers the Mandela effect and some of it's many more "imaginative" explanations, we could also be dealing with a timeline related conflict

  • I love this theory...I really hope The Intruder isn't evil! It's weird how...The Intruder let Mark fall asleep...and not kidnap him...right? Cause there's no way he got kidnapped after that.

  • I feel like it's worth pointing out how Cesar's portrait appears alongside Mark's. I think it might mean he has some relation to Cesar, especially seeing as how Intruder got very specific in what he chose to show onscreen, and Cesar - alongside Mark - was part of that selection, despite Adam probably not knowing who either of them are. Intruder does allude to someone Adam DOES know, as pointed out by MatPat in this video. Something tells me there's something special about Adam, Cesar, and Mark.

  • M.A.D has to be the scariest part of the series. Just the fact that alternates have knowledge about the universe or reality that can cause complete mental deterioration is horrifying.

    • @Mikayla Eckel Cifrese dont follow the shepard

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    • Alternate: "phsphspshë" Me: I don't speak phsphspshë Alternate: **CONFUSED SCREAMING**

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  • 6:50 I'm pretty sure the lost female acquaintance here is Adam's mom. Remember the stuff in season 1 about missing children? There's a few other things that hint his first encounter with an alternate were when he was still really young, and during it his mother disappeared.

  • 3:36 This is actually unnerving. This image literally came out of nowhere and gave me the creeps.

  • I love this theory because it means that the Intruder, a creation of Satan has turned against his creator to turn humans against him, just like Satan and his creator

  • this series is really... REALLY incredible. the thing that makes it so scary is its direct refrence and take on the christian religion that exists in real life

  • You know I have this small theory about the intruder and who he might be. The intruders identity might actually be a lot more obvious than it might seem. I suspect that the intuder is an Angel. Unlike the alternates, the intruder acts more discretly and in a way that influences the outcome, while not directly partaking in the process himself. More like nudging things in a certain direction while not personally acting (which is sort of like the way God often does things in the Bible, as we can see with Jonah. Instead of warning the city himself, he asks a human to do it. Moses can also be made as an example. Instead of acting himself, God acted through Moses and so on and so forth). The chid kidnapping can also be easily explained with this variable. Why kidnap children? Simple: They are pure. Untouched by sin and desires unlike adults. Children are also fresh in this world, with a completly new and uncorrupted soul that is not fully integrated into the mortal life and it's concepts, which I'll explain the importance of later. The other thing said in this video was that the Intruder was brainwashing the children, but I do not believe that to be the case. If the children are really being "brainwashed" then why not just use adults? It's brainwashing. It works on everyone and would be more beneficial to perform on adults since they can be deployed immediatly, while a child has to grow. But what is he doing if not brainwashing? How does he create these "soldiers" out of children? Well that's also simple: He shows them their place in the universe and tells them exactly the same thing the alternates do. Why is the child not driven insane then? Well this is where we tie back to the purity/freshness concept. Children grow and they start to comprehend and learn about the world around them gradualy, piece by piece and when they get old enough they believe themselves to have figuered out the concepts of reality, so when they are told what reality is truly like, their believes and concepts turn upside down and they can no longer find certainty and safety in their believes which drives them mad. But if you take a child at the early stage, at a point where they do not understand the world around them and show them what it truly is, their thoughts are not doubtfull, they have no concepts to be thrown upside down, because they have no concepts except for the ones which just got implanted into them. They already comprehend and know everything, which is why they are not scared, why they pursue their goals despite the dangers and why they cannot be corrupted by alternates. So why do they seem not to remember anything? Well if we go by the typical depiction of the human essence it consists of two seperate things: The physical body and the soul which are two differnt things but together make up the mortal shells that humans are. The intruder reveals everything to the child, which gives the child two places to take in the information: The mind and the soul. The soul does not forget and is responsible for the draw in humans and the urge to uncover the truth as they get older. This may be a way for the soul trying to call out to the body so it can regain the information it has now lost due to age or it my be some vague memories in the subconcious that have been retained (to give a simple example: you vaguely remember something happened in a show, but forgot the name of the show and now you're trying to remember, but can't so you do some research to get that feeling of satisfaction and reasureance. Kinda same concept here ish), which brings me to the mind section. The human mind is limited, especially a childs and as they grow older some memories begin to fade either into the subconcious or be completly erased, which is the reason they can not remember anything when they are adults, but due to the concept of reality itself being already ingrained into their essence, they can not be corrupted by the information given out by alternates due to them already being aware of it in some way. The line "wake up" may very well refer to this. "Quit living in this world of pretend and dreams and see the world for what it really is. Wake up". That may also be the reason why Adams mother killed herself when she saw the intruder in the TV. He was telling the truth of reality to Adam and the mother overheard it by accident, which ended up in accidental colateral damage for the intruder. The intruder tampering with the body of the mother could also be explained this way, since he caused her to commit suicide by accident, he tried to prevent her from becoming an alternate. As to the line "don't make me wake the others". It is a lot trickier, but again I have a theory on this. I believe that the Intruder sees Adam as special and strong. He says "don't make me wake the others" which is most likely referring to the other children the intruder has kidnapped. Why would he NOT wake them? If the threat is serious and he is trying to combat it, why not throw everything you have at it? This tells me that the Intruder believes that Adam is all that is needed. But why is he special? Well the very first thing to start of with is that Adam got returned back to the mortal world after he was abducted. We know that Adam may very well be the only or extremly rare case, since it is clearly stated that the other children disappeared, implying that they were not returned. The person he is looking for may very well also be a clue as to what makes Adam special. If you haven't figured it out by now, I believe that the identity of Adam is lying in plain sight. Adam is Adam. THE Adam, the first human. A reincarnation of him. And the person he is looking for? Eve. That is why her name is censored every time she is mentioned. If her name was said there would be no mystery. It is also the reason he's so obsessed with finding her no matter what. She is his "other half". (I might be reaching in this section, so take it with a very large grain of salt) Jonah might also be exactly who his name states him to be. The only people who are not affected are not the people who SEEK the truth. It is the people who already KNOW the truth. The people who are "unaffected", who got abducted and then returned are biblycal characters and the ones who did not get returned are NEW "soldiers" for what might very well be Armagedon in this universe. Which is why the intruder is so hesitant to use them, as it would be total war. Apologies for this whole Google doc, that's probably not even going to be seen by anyone. But on the chance that someone DOES find this: I'm sorry for any grammatical errors, this took like 1 hour to write. Maybe like 1 and a half. I dunno, I didn't pay exact attention to time while writing this, all I know is that it's been at least an hour. And remember: That's just a theory. A Filmtheory.

  • Theory: This house is the same as Cesar's house and IF the woman is an Alternate, then the house is a trap from the Alternates. Ever since the incident from Mandela Catalogue Vol.1, Alternates used this house to lure people inside and end them. And we know for a fact that incident from Mandela Catalogue Vol.1 is the first time this trap was used because when Mark and "Cesar" were in a call, they didn't give a specific location. Mark just came there. Almost like he already knew where it was because Cesar lived there. I think an Alternate killed Cesar and Cesar's mom and made an Alternate of Cesar to lure Mark inside and then the Alternate followed Mark and killed him. This would also explain why when we see the Intruder flashing pictures Mark and Cesar's face are flashed every few mlliseconds among other photos. The Intruder is showing the first victim of this house and the Alternate that caused it. Cesar's face is upside-down to show he is the (Type 3?) Alternate that lured the victim in and Mark was the victim. This house would be perfect since no-one Is nearby, it is far away from the city and look like an ordinary house. I posted this exact comment on Mandela Catalogue Vol.2

    • @Gold the lantern yeah I think that cesar and (maybe) Mark have an important role in all of this.

    • i always seem to think cesar was always the first victim of the mandela ctalouge or atleast the most important as he is on the shepards side as cesar did fllow protocals and lock all of his windows and barricade them hes not first but must be super important as that is the hub of all the alternates

  • I know you’ve done a Bee Movie theory before but, hear me out, I think a theory estimating how many bees would actually be needed to hold and fly a plane would be very interesting to watch. (Or if it’s even possible for any amount of bees to do so)

  • I love horror and everything, but this is the only thing that has actually made me scared and paranoid.

  • I hope u do more videos on this I get lost when it comes to analog horror sometimes😅 so having it spelled out for me after all the fun scares is fun gives it a whole new light.

  • "Its not kidnapping, Its denying the enemy potential recruits" -The Intruder 2022

  • i like the part where he says it's either #teamsatan or #teamkidcreeper. I just want to see a live debate, something like this. #TKC:you can't seriously be siding with literal Satan! He is the entire reason M.A.D exists, which has killed many more people than the intruder has kidnapped. #TS:Yeah, but at least Satan never took any CHILDREN with him! #TKC:Kids have died before, how would you know if he never took any childr-WAIT A MINUTE! #TS:Okay I know what it looks like, but I swear I'm not an alternate. #TKC:Prove it, if you are Steve, what is your favorite kind of coffee? #TS:Caramel Machiatto? #TKC:HA! Steve favors decaf! Type 1 Alternate: OH CMON THAT'S NOT FAIR, NOT EVEN DEMONS LIKE DECAF! Type 1 Alternate: Screw this act, did you know 100% of people who breathe air die? #TKC:Nooooooooooooooo

  • 2:18 "so really, mandela county, just worst place to life." Does detriot not exist in this universe? If so, how can I chance universes mid-playthrough

    • what abt ohio

  • I hope you’ll cover The Monument Mythos next! That series is my absolute favourite (for lack of better term) analogue horror series on youtube! Its extremely underrated with so many unanswered questions so I’d love to see it covered!

  • Can we get a film theory on The Scrimblo Catalogue, I wanna see how the pretzel buns tie into everything.

  • I’ve found a video somewhat like the Mandela catalogue. It is called the Smiling Tapes Vol 1. By Patorikku I would definitely recommend. A little underrated but the images are creepy and unsettling. It kind of looks like the intruder.

  • How to survive the alternates tutorial 101 Step 1: Do not fear them as for they cant do anything to you aslong as you do not fear them. Step 2: Dont fear them Step 3: What ever they say, try to get as much information from it and be interested in it as for it is very interesting information regarding the secrets of the universe which philosophers are willing to pay billions for such godly information!

  • Man this story is getting more interesting I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

  • 4:10 Thanks for the jumpscare Mat That scared the living daylights out of me

  • Respect to Alex for making such a cool and interesting series, so excited so see where he’s going with this masterpiece!

    • @Don't Read My Profile Photo ok

    • *cough* to*

    • Thank you

    • @Хейтер Трендов that video was not good

    • @sub to v1nce cuh I pinkie-promise man, I swear on my grandmama’s life!

  • Love when you guys cover ARGs. Mandela Catalog is such a uniquely executed series.

  • Just wanna thank you for getting me into analog horror… had no idea this was a thing. I like it a lot.

  • can i just say that the acknowledgment of all the strange stuff by the people in the alternate universe is just so refreshing. it’s so often in other things like this for seemingly mass genocide to go unnoticed by the general public, but here measures have been taken to prevent strange happenings, and it’s nice to see people know something isn’t right.

  • This really makes me wonder on how Stanley is a variable in this now, and how this newly introduced form of alternate(?) creation throws things into a different perspective

  • The Mandela catalogue uses the best type of horror: absolutely no jump scares, just genuinely good storytelling that makes you look over your shoulder every 5 seconds. So interesting to me

    • @Гаргиелд Мухамедович A jumpscare is something that doesn't scare you and instead startles you. It's just an image making a loud noise and jumping at the screen with no scary aspect. It's just a surprise.

    • @Гаргиелд Мухамедович subtle jumpscares for me are wayyy more creepy

    • @Menthols I think you are forgetting that horror itself is a subjective genre. It’s literally like comedy, some people might find it funny, some may find it boring or not their thing. Same can be applied to horror, you may find it not scary, but others may find it horrifying

    • @Micheal Shixam alright then, do it

  • This theory immediately made my fear of the whole thing go away lol

    • Felt the same here lol, I think it's because initially we don't know what's really happening, and that uneasiness brings the fear/anxiety that bothers us, but since matpat put a light on the whole thing it's not as scary as it seemed at first, even though it's not confirmed we now have a clue of what's actually going on. But that's just my guess anyway

  • Spoiler alert: We know the intruder is successful because it seems nothing went wrong in our reality. Yay!

  • MatPat, I know it’s summer but there is a new Mandela Catalogue volume! There’s so much lore in the newest volume of Mandela Catalogue, and so many secrets to unbury! The volume is Vol. 333 The thumbnail is of Mark Heathcliff or someone else. And it’s 26:00 mins long. Thank you for being our local youtube lord explainer!

  • Regarding 10:03, the Baltimore Catechism was the official catechism before Vatican II. But since Vatican II, Catholics use the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We don't believe that if someone committed suicide they wouldn't have the chance to repent and would therefore be a part of Satan's army. For the Catechism of the Catholic Church states in paragraph 1037 that "We should not despair of the eternal salvation of persons who have taken their own lives. By ways known to him alone, God can provide the opportunity for salutary repentance [which is the option of repentance after death]. The Church prays for persons who have taken their own lives."

  • The Mandela Catalogue, along with The Backrooms are some of my favorite horror content on ILaward, it's truly a great year for horror content.

    • Hello !

    • @• User Unrecognized • 🎗 yep, special trees

    • @Killkor they are. I really like Monument Mythos. I caught myself thinking about the special tree (that is the name right? I’m bad with those) just last week

    • @TheProCat bought? The account has no videos, no verfication marks. You have no evidence. You are a type of person who would judge a life sentence on his gut.

    • @TheProCat This guy has been here for years, he worked his subcount by himself… I know this since I was there before he was verified and when he still has jellal as his pfp instead of goro

  • Can’t wait for you to make another theory about this series!

  • I love the idea of two unknown forces fighting against each other

  • Matpat's voice is so iconic. The voice of the age of information

  • This series is definiately one of the creepiest on youtube, but it's starting to come together just a little bit at a time :)

  • The Mandela Catalogue, along with The Backrooms are some of my favorite horror content on ILaward, it's truly a great year for horror content.

    • Did you seriously just copy and pasted some guy without a mustache’s comment and pretended it to be your own?🤨

    • Did this Bot literally just copied the Top comment and literally every high comments?

    • Add the walten files

  • My curiosity tended to overpower fear for me so I might just be safe also there is no way I would glock o moly myself aside from actual mind control *in which case I wouldn't think it counts as I literally wouldn't have control of myself*

  • Right when I heard what Matpat said about the intruder taking away kids through the tv, for a second I thought the intruder is another problem other than the alternates. Because the Mandela County has been dealing with the alternates for years since the alternate invasion, but then all of a sudden, the intruder and the missing kids became a big deal. I though it would the paranormal, both the alternates and the intruder, are just giving Mandela and other counties a hard time. I also thought the intruder has been collecting kids to turn them into more alternates, but protecting them from the alternates may be a possibility.

  • This series is really unsettling at times. My favorite was the the hidden text that we can presume was the thoughts of thenow overthrown true shepherd just as what I can only call IT said so after he found the fear of David.

  • I was wondering what the fastest way to escape the backrooms would be, or the safest.

  • The Intruder IS techincally good. He’s doing the only thing possible to prevent the existance of alternates. Is there any way to stop the alternates other than preventing them?

    • @Shoes the shoe bandit they aren’t wrong in the grand scheme of things. The Intruder, in my eyes, is desperate. So desperate that he’d be willing to snatch children from their families to save humanity as a whole.

    • Cant we just hide in the backrooms and just... camp there for the rest of reality?. on 3999 btw

    • He did mangle the womans body, but He didnt have to

    • @GrayMask Studios『PROJECT TITAN』 yeah The Foundation Literally does what it has to do to protect humanity, whether it's Dehumanizing a Child to preven it from giving people heart attacks or Making Death Row Inmates Cleanup 173's...."Mess"

  • This two video theory is really creepy and makes me scared to move. I wonder what it's like for people who actually suffer from paranoia

  • If that was real, generally it would be terrifying to know that there are alternate universes. your twist on the story really made me think. thanks mat. XD

  • "the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few" that's what I was thinking about during this. Consequentialism says that the goodness of an action is solely reliant on the outcome. If those children were going to commit not living anymore and join the alternates then taking the the stranger hiding the children was the best option. redemption was impossible. 3,000 is nothing compared to 7,000,000,000. (I'm not a psychopath I just love moral philosophy and obviously taking children is bad).

  • it's also intresting to me how the idea of fear come's up so much, both in the mandela catlogs and in the bible. in the bible it is stated over and over again, "Do not be afraid." almost every angel who is a messnger of god has said to mortals, "Do not be afraid..." INCLUDING gabrial, both to mary and Josef. an intresting conecton that fear is brought up so much in the mandela county, with "angels" and "alernates" sharing that conecton. just some food for thought.

  • M.A.D has to be the scariest part of the series. Just the fact that alternates have knowledge about the universe or reality that can cause complete mental deterioration is horrifying.

    • @Степан Бандера🇺🇦 cap, huge cap

    • so M.A.D. is basically after watching a kurzgesagt video. nothing like some scary knowledge of the universe

    • As long as you want to hear it, you should be fine.

    • Reality sure is scary and our brains are great at filtering all sorts of things out, which is a real thing.

    • To be honest I really would like to know their secrets

  • I think a story like this only works in alternative realities or in the past because if modern people were being told these things by alternates we would just say okay sounds about right and go on

  • I like how the Type 3 Alternate is just portrayed by an image of an Australian.

  • Actually, the female voice saying “Nobody is coming to help you” sounds EXTREMELY like the woman calling on the phone at the video.

    • Which suggests the caller was an alternate trying to lure them to the house.

  • Nice content mat! I really like how you explain this stuff to us in a fun but still creepy way. Btw, please do the Smile Tapes Volumes! I think you'll have fun. P.s. Can I get a shout out? 🙂🤣

  • Quick thing I'm sure many of people have noticed. When you first see " "Mandela" Catalogue, and you don't know what it is, you probably think of the Mandela effect. An effect where the majority of people remember something a certain way when in reality, it never truly was that way. Mentioning this fact, the spirit who comes to the shepherds, mary and Joseph etc. make it seem as if everything that everyone has ever known about Christianity was a lie. Which, in itself is a form of the Mandela effect.

    • I think it has has something to do with Mandela’s birth name. Which translates to “troublemaker” Mandela county is where the trouble began so I it is indeed; the troublemaker

    • If you think about it. people want to believe that the alternates are bad, they believe they are some sort of evil thing, when in reality they could just be taking souls somewhere else, like a very slow rapture. People want to believe they're demons but aren't sure, and they end up being too late. They are clearly bad things but no one can be too sure until they're too late. It's a paradox of eternal folly. And the worst thing is, if these things were real. It would be the same exact thing as I described

    • I did immediately think of the Mandela Effect when I saw the name, but I like what you've added and agree.

    • John 3:16 Romans 10:9 John 3:3 Matthew 7:21

    • @carrotcannon It's also sort of like gravity falls

  • I was just watching a childhood classic Tom & Jerry I wonder if there’s some hidden potential lore. If MatPat would even consider doing a theory on Tom & Jerry.

  • This series is so cool, terrifying, but cool.

  • Now that I think about it the intruder being against alternates makes sense because the video introducing them says they cant identify the class of it.

  • My therapist made me wait to watch this video because some of those off faces REALLY mess with my anxiety xD Goodness, this is a good theory though!

  • Personally, I've got the idea that Adam himself was kidnapped by The Intruder, and that his mother was the one who exnayed herself at his disappearance. When Adam was brought back, he realized his mother had become an alternate, and started chasing answers. I don't think The Intruder actually erases/kills the kids he takes as a method to cut off the potential alternate body supply. I think he immunizes the kids he takes so that they can't be affected by False Shephard influence, and puts them back out in the world some time later, or potentially even earlier than when they were taken, as suggested by the inclusion of the Department of temporal phenomena.

    • @Gregor Kennet Palberg It was never said that the body was mangled. Just tampered with. It might have been an alternate taking the body, or the Intruder doing something to make it impossible for an alternate to take it.

    • But he mangled the women, But he didnt have to.

    • @Bandamanino reason, that's how I spend my whole day, writing my thoughts and opinions on ILaward comments without anyone asking. Which I assume is what we are all doing.

    • @Michele Del Giudice are you their alt account lmao why are you so obsessed with this interaction jfc

    • @Bandamani Maybe they also commented because they thought it was funny, lol. I wouldn't say 6 words is much of a "out of their way". Idk, that emote and the whole second half of your comment seemed to want to make a point.

  • Honestly the only thing I can think of after watching this video is ”you may have seen ash vs evil dead but get ready for: for Adam vs Mandela county”

  • This could be a very important note the image of mark outside of a house as a child seems to be a direct parallel to the painting "the hands resist him"

  • This could be a very important note the image of mark outside of a house as a child seems to be a direct parallel to the painting "the hands resist him"

  • I just realized, this alternate reminds me of that one episode of Gravity Falls where Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy all got trapped in an underground base that Ford may have created. Anyways, after a bit, they cross a monster that can take their forms, slightly distort them making the monster obvious, or become a complete monster. Mat Pat, of you see this please try taking this thought into consideration 🙏 Great video though!

    • @Jen Douglas Nah, now that I know there's multiple I'm just gonna say these alternates

    • By "this alternate" do you mean the intruder or the one the whispers to adam? Because alex already confirmed that intruder isn't an alternate

  • A thing you forgot about jonah is that after he's eaten, the fish spewes him out to the shore, while he's still alive. He then goes to warn the city and he manages to save it

    • @Whoopas come back as an alternative and then adam as an intruder, best fight pf 2022

    • everyones talking about how johnah maybe ran away only to save the day another day but still bitter about it but i say THATS OBVUIS! what we should think about is that johnah IS the intruder who goes back in time, SAVES THE WORLD ANOTHER DAY, IS BITTER ABOUT SAVING THE WORLD, AND AT 1ST WOULD SEEM LIKE A MEAN PERSON. JUST. LIKE. JOHNAH.

    • Then again when he goes he gives them the worst info possible and then waits outside the city because he wants it to burn.

    • A thing he also forgot is the fact that the Jonah in the story tried to save Adam but Adam didn't listen.

    • @Samuel van Vuuren Lilith was supposedly the first wife of Adam and original she-demon who was banished from Eden because she didn't obey Adam. She's mentioned in several books dating back to the 4th century.

  • I'm watching this video DURING the daytime in a room full of people and I'm still terrified lmao

  • I feel like Mat should cover the Suitmation Trials

  • Mandela county sounds like a great place to be, would visit. Especially since I wanna know how the heck somebody could die by being told something.

  • I hope Matpat remembers this series now that volume 3 is out

  • Fun fact children who draw things with frowny faces or smiley faces usually reflect their relationships in real life for instance if a child is in a bad house hold or has negative relationships they will draw characters with frowning faces, and violent, sexual , etc things, if a child has good relationships that usually draw characters with smiling faces and normal things, the intruder as shown here 10:46 is drawn with a smiley face, which could mean that the intruder possibly does not have bad intentions, well that is if Alex wanted to hint that the intruder wasn’t a bad guy, if it was a hint then I would be extremely impressed if not then ignore this-

    • Very true looking back at my drawings from when I was 3-5 I drew my family with frowning faces and that happened to be when I was going through abuse

    • @Double stuff oreos no? Thougth it was the hat that one of the characters were wearing

    • @Double stuff oreos no?

    • @37boy hat = jojo in your eyes? :/

    • @Stacey St. Amant ok i didnt know it was a mcdonalds

  • This might not be correct, but I think I remember that in one of the earlier episodes, the intruder was caught on tape tampering with the dead body of the mother of one of the children who were taken. I don’t think that’s something a ‘good guy’ would do.