Film Theory: Do Not Believe His Lies (The Mandela Catalogue)

פורסם בתאריך 11 דצמ 2021
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Theorists, I know you like it when I open the door to the creepy side of ILaward. That's what we are doing again today! Enter The Mandela Catalogue, a series that seems to be telling us the story of the bible... or is it? I think there is something strange going on with these "angels". Get your tin foil hats ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Pedro Freitas, and AbsolutePixel
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • "Whatever this thing is, it isn't an angel." Idk it looks more biblically accurate than one might think

    • Buddy, "OH NO SCARY" does not equal biblically accurate.

    • I saw this right as mat said it lol

    • Aw man

    • LMAO thats true though

    • I mean if you really really think about it God is the only one that’s done anything bad in the Bible we don’t even get to really hear or read anything about Satan truly

  • I hope the editing team doesn't have nightmares every time Matt decides to do a horror video

  • As a devoted Catholic and certified demonologist, this is genuinely terrifying. And the worst part is is that this has happened where "angels" have been Satan in disguise.

    • You the doom slayer or something? Demonologist

    • @jonteet while a few supernatural beings have been captured in 4k, it is rare that a class 3 demon would appear on camera. They often reveal themselves only to the victim and even then, can be hard to see with the naked eye. Thank you for the suggestion, however, and God bless.

    • @John-Paul L bring a camera next time you decide to find a demon

  • What if, when the "angel" stumbled over the letter "a" it was mistakingly going to say "Anti-christ"

    • Lmao, here's the thing Satan in this setting is not the anti christ. Satan IS Christ. He has fooled everyone into believing Jesus is a savior, a messiah When in reality Jesus is a form of alternate

    • So TRUE!

    • HEL

    • I thought that he wanted to say alternate

    • that's worse then just alien 🥲

  • As a Christian, this absolutely terrifies me cause it could be a metaphor for how easily Satan can sneak his way into our lives. I also see it as a metaphor for how easily he can distort the truth

    • Yeah this one terrified me

    • @ミエコ i thought it was a mistranslation or something

    • @Orion Hunter homophobia is never mentioned in the original bible homophobic people changed words to fit their agenda

  • Fun fact: my mother sleep walks, and I just looked up from that intro to see her standing in my dark doorway at 3 am. Thanks for the heart attack

    • Lol

    • i woke up on my bathroom standing facing the door at 4 am

    • @Ostrich I slept walked only once in my life and I went from the living room to upstairs and to my room opened the door and slept on my been bag

    • Would have been even scarier if your name was 'Joseph'

    • Dang that sucks but it’s funny at the same time

  • So I got a theory on how would someone defeat an alternate. It's confirmed that alternates have a physical form and can move physically and through TV's (probably mirrors too). Perhaps they go invisible for stealth and shows themselves when it finds it's prey. Also I don't think they can harm physically either, they like to inflict fear and madness to basically scare their prey to death. So the trick is to resist fear at all costs for example shout some really messed up stuff. They can't harm physically so go ape crap on them, one of the videos confirm they are killable. They're not omnipotent either, they don't always know your location since you can hide apparently so traps and sneak attacks are a viable option. And also never take your eyes off them, you don't want to lose track of them or you'll get scared. Staring at them will probably mess you up so remember try making the situation ridiculous and stupid. As far as I know as long as you can resist the fear the alternate will fear you.

    • So i need to release my inner ishowspeed … seems simple enough

    • There's pretty much no evidence that they CAN'T physically hurt you, just that they will always prefer not to and are happy to wait and pysch you out because fear seems to be their main directive.

    • I think there is a spectrum of them. Remember there is confirmed types of alternates and it may be possible that some can not physically harm you directly while others can. One that can't harm directly may have limits too such as needing to be visually seen to cause psychological death. Like, the one behind Mark's door may not have been physically strong enough to fight him nor force open the door so it relied on coaxing him out where it could begin it's psychological attack (it may need to be seen in order to do this with maximum effectiveness).

  • The fact that matpat can be creepy and hilarious is legendary

  • If this is terrifying to us just imagine what it would be like for people back in those times. Like just imagine being Joseph waking up to that horrible whispering. Also, I wonder if Joseph and the others were allowed to live out the rest of they're lives without knowing what was going on. Or if they ended up becoming vessels for the alternates. I suppose they were screwed either way though.

  • About the "they exist on different spectrums" part, demons in religion have always been a *spiritual* foe. They can manifest in dreams, in temptations, in the seven deadly sins, and so on. For example, succubi/incubi would use dreams and illusions to eventually make their target willingly commit adultery, thus succumbing to sin. The spiritual realm can be considered a different "plane", and is also known in numerous media and games as the "ethereal plane" or something of the sort. You would never be facing a demon literally head-on, but rather through stuff like possession or, in this case, invocative imagery.

  • This is one of the only horror series on ILaward I have been truly been scared of. Props to the creator, they did a fantastic job

    • The Walten Files are way more scarier than this if we're being honest.

    • the uncanny valley is what truly gives me shivers down my spine. ghost stories just don’t do it for me anymore

    • Surprisingly I like these things and love this

    • Tbh it was scary at first then amogus jerma keeps popping up now. Thanks

  • Dang, when you watch Mat Pat one minute your terrified, the next your laughing uncontrollably.

  • the matpat "jumpscare" at the start had me laughing so hard for a very long time

  • I'm genuinely surprised he didn't mention the significance of the series name to all of this. For those uninitiated in "the Mandela effect" (though I would assume you know something about it if you're a fan of the channel) it's, in simplest terms, the a false memory that is shared among a very large number of people. For example, the "barenstein bears" is actually spelled "barenstain" but ask almost anyone who knows the books and they'll spell it the first way. To some it's an example of parallel universes converging, or with someone/some people being swapped into a different but parallel universe because of that convergence and left to question if this is their own reality, or another. And if it's another reality, a parallel reality, what happened to their counterpart? Are they back with your friends? Your family? Are the friends and family you see now truly yours? A series about being shown either the "true nature" of reality, or being body-swapped/universe-swapped, or things of that nature fall very well with the theme of false memories and "true realities" of the Mandela effect. Fun fact, it's called the Mandela effect because apparently a large number of people had a vivid memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s, despite him being very much alive at the time.

  • Hey Mat, heard of biblically accurate angels? Look it up and yeah, they're fricking terrifying looking and one of them looks like Gabriel here

  • Also worth noting. The first thing that the angel says when coming to marry, joseph, and the Shepard’s, is “be not afraid” which is noticeably absent here

  • Matpat just doesn’t know how comforting his jokes are for this video

  • respect to the editing team for having to watch literal hours of horrifying content

  • I don't know why but it's so funny to me when the angel says to the shepherds, "I have great news!"

  • Never heard of this show before… was really freaked out at 9:13 but the “feed the cat” part got me good 😭🥲🤣

  • I love how he says he deceived them like he’s in the office “I’m your savior!” In Private area: “I wasn’t the savior”

  • Honestly this gave me chills about a Star Wars theory like how Anakin betrayed Obi-Wan because Anakin the devil Obi-Wan God the devil betrayed God which is Obi-Wan and Obi-Wan which is God took down Anakin which is the devil and then someone rebirth him which is Anakin as the devil and Obi-Wan trying to stop Anakin which is Darth Vader wich is the rebirth of anikan devil

  • Another thing I have noticed is Gabriel saying "I must reverse the delusion", that line is also repeated in the M.A.D video when warned about religions.

  • This combined with no sleep caused me to start seeing things, such as the reflection of a demon running from the hallway directly behind me. The most recent one of lack of sleep watched me from behind a curtain before disappearing

  • This and Salad Fingers definitely takes the cake for scariest horror series on ILaward.

  • Me: Afraid of religious horror Me: Finds the Mandela Catalogue without knowing its religious horror and gets invested in the story And lastly, me: Absolutely terrified but still watching

    • @Connor S. God loves all! ❤️

    • @Micaela Steggmaiar Lol, to think that you tried to lecture me and criticize me for the fact that I draw conclusions about a person from youtube comments, but then from a youtube comment you draw the conclusion that I am anti-semitic (which is not true and I would like to know what made you think that) but here's the thing, when a person says that you can know a lot about someone based on their behavior, it is obviously an exsggeration made in a mocking tone, not that you really know them completely, but it does bring up one of their facets, for example that without that being the focus of the topic we were talking about, out of the blue they bring up socio-political issues and argues, out of the blue theye brings socio-political topics to the conversation that nobody asked for, and it is not the first time, which makes it likely that they has an obsession with the topic of religion in the social sphere to the point that they feels the need to create discussions on every site that mentions religion even when the original conversation has nothing to do with it, either that or they has some hatred or resentment that does not let them see that religion is being discussed without leaving her opinions against it, and I repeat, this is not taken out of the blue, nor is it invented, it is something that can be deduced based on studying the behavior of this user, and where especially is that they lets it come to light, is it a prejudice? Yes, it is, I can be wrong, that's the joke of a prejudice, to draw a hasty conclusion (may make more or less sense) but so far has not shown any kind of attitude that proves otherwise, I clarify, I'm not saying that its in the obligation to disprove the prejudices of someone, but if this demonstrated attitudes repellent and somewhat harmful (because people who want to put politics in everything is stressful) will have to know that is forming an image of themself to people who see them, again, yes, it is a prejudice, but because of them, that is the only part of them that she has shown and the only one I can make reference to, my point is, a person will have their basis for forming a thought about someone, they will have their reasons too, it is a way of reacting to someone, it has nothing to do with being narrow minded, or coming out of an echochamber to think I am smart in judging someone, it's about other people's perception, what you show to others is the way they will see you, once you accept this, you will understand that you can't be pedantic without expecting people to form that image of you, to think you are a pedant, better to have your reasons to make the image of someone than just want to dismiss with empty offenses and aggressive comments against him, because they have no basis, the thing is that the user without any provocation in a place where nobody was talking about the subject has gone to several comments where religion is mentioned to leave a paragraph spitting on Christians and their beliefs, she is picking on others when nobody did anything to her (too bad you point out my supposed anti-semitic behavior but don't say anything about this) and by defending them when someone reproaches them for this attitude, you are defending this conflicting behavior.

    • @Faia Halo to think i literally found in 3 comments about an analogue terror series inspired in christians mithology just to try to make socio-political argues about religions tells me a lot about you as person Anyway everyday twitter users

    • @Source religious mythology can be savage

  • Just gonna say it, I adore these videos pared with Wendigoon's. Both of these two have such different takes on the story, and both make such good arguments for it.

  • What scares me most is that before I watched this video I had a dream discussing alternates, mirrors and stuff like that. I'd only seen the intro of this video prior to dreaming that and a couple analog horrors.

  • I was just watching your video on how the leftover nuclear radiation has damaged the brains of all of the civilians/NPCs in the Fallout game series and you explained the term Capgras Delusion. I immediately thought of this series with the whole “people aren’t actually themselves but are clones of the original person” and that made me think of the body swapping/snatching in this universe

  • In mat’s newest vid about this, he said that the false shepherds were fighting the invader, and in the intro of this you can see one of the forms of the invader in the window of a false shepherd

  • It's amazing how 1 guy can creep out more people than an entire team in Hollywood

    • This is my most liked comment ever😂

    • Its the magic of talent

    • @DeVoid nah, I disagree on this, it's scarier on a laptop or a phone, I think it just makes it much much more scary

    • This guy makes the best horror h should make a movie

    • At this point he should just buy Hollywood. That way it would make Hollywood look a little better

  • I actually got shivers from this they really did a good job

  • Thank for the amazing editing, episode, and also nightmare fuel :)

  • I have no clue if anyone has done this, but I've got a video suggestion. It's a fan-made (I think) video about the Mandela Catalogue, it's called "The D3vil is real" and it's by 'Div DGG' I love it, I think that it really captures the idea of this series. Anyway, if you've managed to read this whole comment, thanks a lot! Also, hava an amazing morning, evening, or night!

  • reminds me of something that also happened with tvs back then, basically. in the US in some what year ( i forgot. ) every tv went off. like, all the tvs in the US turned off, and why did it all turn off.. well people claimed they heared mumring. like whispers and demonic sounds, and it was like someone or something was trying to taunt them. and you know what people said to that? they said that the devil was trying to come into real world by there tvs. so that is why they turned all the tvs in the US off..

  • Trust me on this one, watching the series is WAY scarier then watching a theory on it with some images for it

    • @Castor & Pollux exactly

    • Legit traumatized me 😳

    • @Castor & Pollux basically

    • Not that much, i watch it with my children, they love it

    • Ye very true very very VERY true

  • 3:49 I dont believe it stuttered on the word “Alien”. I think it was saying “Alternate”, because the face is censored due to it not wanting to reveal itself.

  • My anxiety goes right up when I watch let alone think about the Mandela catalogue so even hearing matpat talking about it scares me

  • I love how he used Dave grohl as the devil 😂

  • My name is Joseph, so that intro saying “wake up Joseph” gave me a mini panic attack until I realized he was referring to the biblical Joseph 😂😂😂

  • "Joseph, stepfather of Jesus." Mat knows his Bible pretty well.

    • @delay yeah, God The father is Jesus father, Joseph is his stepfather

    • @Ashi paw.exe. wait you're saying only christians need to follow the commands of god? Does that mean if you become an atheist that responsibility is gone? What's the incentive for anyone to convert if they're going to heaven anyway? Do non-christians exist only so that we can be rewarded in the hereafter whether or not we deserve it? Then what's the purpose of life?

    • @Deadpan Wave That one is a bit more tricky, as a Christian I’m called to do work God has set out for me this includes being gracious and kind to others, but you’re right aside from Christians other humans don’t have to be good some people choose to have morals like that which I respect them greatly for.

    • @Ashi paw.exe. i respect that your response is completely non agressive but my beliefs are that jesus was a prophet preaching the same message as the other ones - the oneness of god, that he has no partners and certainly not a son. if all of our sins are paid for, why do we still need to be good people? it just doesn't sit right with me

    • @Games In character Yes that would be Mary, both are his human parents.

  • Love that I can watch this kind of stuff with mattpat bc he doesn’t make it that bad😋 also I need you to know! Most of this stuff is fake. No one is walking through tvs and if u struggle with things like paranoia u should prolly not watch this or read the comments bc while it’s fake it is scary… also always remember God is always with you, protecting you and loving you! And I love you too!!!💕😘😋🥰

  • My friend had dared me to watch the series and I only got to vol. 1, coming back to it, and watching this, I love this.

  • Nothing so comforting as watching this with a TV on with no signal right in front of me.

  • Matpat has found his next 5 Nights and I'm down for it! Never actually played a single 5 nights game, but I enjoyed those.

  • I love how creepy and unstettling the creator managed to makes this series. can't wait to see the next chapter

    • @justaglassofwater this dude is the embodiment of a genre gatekeeper...

    • its the league of legends official channel

    • Are you related to OWO?

    • @armageddongirl612 why not expand the genre and make room for people getting into the horror scene? What's so wrong with that?

  • This is terrifying. Awesome video MatPat. Props to the creator of this series. They did a great job

  • Yes I love this lol I watch Hannahthehorrible on this and I'm hoping this explains more

  • I love how it took 6 months for mat to make a theory on it

  • Love the video Matpat! I’d love to see your thoughts on The monument Mythos

  • The walten files was creepy, but the mandela catalogue is making me terrified of being in my room, even with the lights on. Im genuinely paranoid

    • @Kat ! Mandela is more tame, yes. IMO The Walten Files are scarier than Mandela Catalogue but I'm watching neither.

    • @Elizabeth Lopez I don't really get nervous but I'm still paranoid that Mr walten man dude will peek thru my window

    • good thing i watch youtube on my tv😀

    • @Cream Sock I'm not religious, but I can imagine that this would spark the most fear into anyone who strictly believes in God. The Mandela Catalogue series specifically targets the one thing that many people have as their final coping mechanism for all of the world's evils and unknowns - religion. Even knowing that it's just fiction, it whispers into their minds, making them doubt their own faith and that there is nothing saving them. The thought that the last thing you could go to in order to seek salvation is in actuality the epitome of evil is absolutely terrifying. Even when you really think about it, the reality is not that far off from fiction. Think about how many atrocities were historically committed in the name of faith. This could be the equivalence of demons, disguising evil as righteousness, influencing the minds of humans.

    • SAME BRO

  • Even if it isn't gonna happen in real life (hopefully). This gives me so much paranoid now that I watched it. It's the same thing as "dream guy in the poster" back then

  • you know if matpat wasnt so good I wouldn't be watching this from how freaking scary his editor makes this

  • The editing on this video is some of matpat’s best

  • Its pretty interesting how the Mandela catalogue was able to use closed captions during the blank screen despite not having any voice to caption. How’d they do that?

  • In case anyone needs to hear this: The Mandela Catalogue is a work of fiction. Dopplegangers looking to replace you and everyone you love aren't going to come through the tv screen; physical, almost-human creatures aren't going to whisper your darkest fears leading to you to hurt yourself; the police and other emergency services won't ignore your calls for help. While it's fun to pretend and play along, at the end of the day, this series exists inside a fictional universe, not this one. You are safe Take care of yourselves

    • dude if somebody tells you, oh yeah its the screen. they can just come out of any screen. while your watching a youtube video. does make you scared. like A LOT!

    • thanks, i fr thought i was dead

    • @sarah my walls are concrete, have a great time there

    • you know if a comment like this appears the vdieos gonna be very scary

  • i feel like i was constantly being watched when watching this. Truly gave me the chills.

  • Will there be another Game Theory on the Mandela Catalogue? There have been more uploads and I really want to hear MatPat's perspective on this ARG.

  • this stuff is terrifying to me. it doesn't make you scream but it makes my heart race like a roller coaster. the thing about analogue horror is, unlike video games, FEELS like it's real. I watch theory's because they aren't as spooky and gives me a general sense of the topic. anyways, love the content!

  • I am seriously glad that you make these theory videos. Helps keep my mind off all of those scary things in the catalogue…seriously I regret watching them, I am gonna get nightmares for weeks.

  • The scariest part of the whole series is knowing there are people out there who are sexually attracted to these characters.

    • Wait do you mean the things in the franchise *alternits* 😀

    • For me, I'm definitely not attracted to them in this context.

    • What.

    • @Zz graham ENOUGH 💀

    • No.

  • I always watch these videos at night in the dark... I never learn my lesson

  • the good thing about having terrible memory, i forget this right after i watch it. no nightmares for me!

  • If you or your loved one has recently been affected by the result exposure to a man giving theories, *don't* contact your local authority immediately.

  • this freaks me out cause when i was younger in Sunday school or at my school (cause i went to a catholic elementary) we always used to watch the beginners bible. also cause my very christian parents named me after the angel gabriel (my name is gabrielle) im not very religious but thus us super creepy

  • I still think the most terrifying part is “uh oh, wrong decision Mark!”

  • hey matt, just a small idea. there is this series i've been doing research on to figure out all these ideas i've come up with. the monument mythos. it's got this home video vibe to it and i think you'd actually find it interesting. I used all your tips. reversing the coloration, putting on subtitles, binary decoding and such. would love to see what you come u with.

  • Ever since I watched the mandela catalogue I’ve been having nightmares I might go to therapy soon

  • 10:13 this makes me think of that one video that explains how we can’t see things in the 4th dimension unless it allows us to so it is entirely possible for invisible things to be watching you.

  • If the games are related, which it seems like they are, would love to see a multichannel crossover theory

  • Honestly loving how the internet has transformed horror as a genre, like args, creepypastas, found media horror, etc like it feels like there's been an explosion of creative horror fiction on the net and it's great.

    • It's amazing, it makes me so happy to see so many interesting stories being told... horror on the internet made by Just Some Guy is infinitely better than any high-budget movie

    • @Luis Francisco Carvalho I've never before watched a video that made me breathe heavily.

    • local 58 has been the only good analog horror

    • Yeah, nothing freaked me out more than that one part in the Intruder video when they mention one of the ways to prevent M.A.D Do not open your eyes when the shadow in the corner is, in fact, inches away from your face, quietly watching.

  • Oh hey I remember watching an animated series like this (without the scary) in church when I was little.

  • This video alone is the source for an entire DnD campaign!! I must away, there is much writing to be done...

  • Part two coming anytime soon?

  • I sleep alone and whenever I see my stairways i feel like an alternate is about to end me 💀

  • Matpat's alternate at the beginning looked very beautiful 😂

  • What if mad is actually an attempt to convert someone into an entity? The start of the process imparts their extra senses of reality into a mind unable to comprehend it.

  • After seeing part 3, the alien theory may just die now....right? I mean can we all agree that, that thing....that was not an alien, it was something horrific and menacing.

  • Can you do a theory on volume 2 of the Mandela Catalogue, it freaked me out wayy more than the first one.

  • Matpat: this channel is kid friendly also Matpat: lets give everyone nightmares