Film Theory: Dolores BROKE The Magic! (Disney Encanto)

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Theorists, by now we know who the "secret villain" of Encanto is, right? It's Abuela. Well, what if we are all WRONG? I think someone else in the Madrigal may have been pulling the strings. Someone who always knew what was going on... whether they liked it or not. Someone whose gift may have felt more like a curse. No, I'm not talking about Bruno....
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  • Fun fact: The name “Dolores” literally translates to “sorrows” or “pain” in Spanish.

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    • Wow you did your research or you now Spanish what ever it is great job 👏.

    • BAD Parents

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    • All the meanings for"Dolores" in Spanish are pains, pain, grief, sorrow, ache, soreness, suffering, aching, distress, agony, and smart.

  • Fun fact: according to the creators, the stairs in Bruno’s room changed the more Bruno had himself distanced from the town.

  • Dolores even says it herself: “It’s a heavy lift with a gift so humbling.” Except, was she talking about Bruno’s gift or her own?

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    • Could be both they both got the short end of the stick

    • Maybe she was trying to say that she knew that Bruno was still at the house but she needed to keep it a secret and it felt like a heavy burden to her.

    • @Isaac Higgs LOL rip

  • Another reason she would want free from the curse: She lives in a house with 2 married couples who are still very close, if she could hear an eye twiching, 100% she could here some other noises coming from some other rooms.

    • @Bloody Bee That is my favorite way I have heard it described in a pg way

    • She could probably hear it every time ANYONE in the town did the horizontal mambo

    • @steven color yea, think of all the stress it take b4 you can egest and hearing in at as if its a yt video ur watching with headphones on eww

    • @LonelyTraveler 777 totally breathless with laughter, just imagine hearing someone in the bathroom at 2 am sh***ing in the bathroom, I would be dying with laughter, that the only advantages after hearing secrets about the towns' people

    • Well, she heard everything that ..... lemme just stop here..... God bless Dolores for the sake of her sanity, she needs cleansing...

  • Here's something that was missed in this that proves Dolores was actively hiding Bruno being there in the casita. In We Don't Talk About Bruno during Dolores's part Bruno can be seen in the background. As soon as he starts walking by them from the second floor, Dolores starts making noises with every single step as if trying to cover up his steps. She pulls Mirabel away from the direction Bruno is headed, pulls attention more toward her, etc. She even uses boxes to hop up onto to have the sound of her steps come from an angle more towards where Bruno had been walking than if she were to be walking on the ground. She got her face close to Mirabels face, maintaining eye contact with her, basically blocking part of her view, and making sure Mirabels eyes stayed away from his silhouette.

    • @Alix Rainbow yes that part

    • @D D The part that was "It's like I hear him now... It's like I can hear him now. I can hear him now!" while Isabela was talking to Mirabel after Isabelas part?

    • But in the song she had a verse, I think it was something like “I can hear him now”

    • @Bitter._.sweetcookie Didn't think it would make sense tbh XD Glad it does though!!! punctuation is still off though.

    • @Alix Rainbow the fact that you were partially asleep while writing this and it still made sense is outstanding

  • I've only seen the movie once but one thing I noticed right away: she can hear stuff so far away, so when Abuela was praying/talking about her worries out her window and Mirabel heard her, I was like "oh Dolores will be able to corroborate Mirabel's story this time". But then she says "no one's worried about the magic but you" I was like what. She could hear Luisa's eye twitching all night but didn't hear that? I was sus of her since then. Though on the door when I look closely, the corners of her mouth are upward, I think she just has a pouty shape to her mouth so it was hard to tell.

    • @XiELEd 4377 Maybe, but she specifically said "all night *squeak*" lol

    • Luisa's eye was probably twitching during the party

    • ya someone made a video on that to add on some extra proof to what matpat said

  • Dolores could literally dismantle everyone's relationships in the town singlehandedly

  • Honestly, it’s a MIRACLE that Dolores didn’t go completely insane! What a miserable existence. You made some valid points but I think it’s unfair to call her a villain. Her line in we don’t talk about Bruno says it all, “It’s a heavy lift, with a gift so humbling”. She’s empathetic and cares for her family (especially Bruno) but at the end of the day, she’s suffering too and dare I say it, probably the most out of everyone. “Grappling with prophecies they couldn’t understand, do you understand?”It was almost like she was trying to get Mirabel to understand that having a gift isn’t all its chalked up to be and is most likely annoyed with Mirabel for thinking she’s the only outcast. Her jealousy towards Isabella is also understandable. Isabella doesn’t even want to marry Mariano. Mariano is legit the man of dolores’ dreams so I’d be jealous too. The only time Dolores probably ever has some peace is when she’s asleep and dreaming of a life with Mariano. I’m sure she’s a nutcase because of her gift but she’s honestly the most fascinating character. I’m team Dolores, sorry not sorry. If anyone is a villain, it’s Abuela low key LOL 😂🙉

    • Why tf this so long?

    • I agree with you Melissa. I did see the movie once, but I could see what you are talking about. Everyone in the family was caring about themselves and the rest of the family. Abuela, though, was really the one acting like a villain. Yeah, the family was against Bruno and were thinking of him to be against them, but Bruno was just predicting the future and trying to keep everyone safe from something like those things happening. At the very end when Mirabel disappeared and everyone was looking around for her and Abuela found her, we could see there that when Abuela was apologizing to Mirabel she was saying there that she was making sure that the flame on the candle stayed lit. That was the only thing on her mind. Nothing else mattered to her than that. She was the villain the whole time!

  • Also Luisa says she felt weak when Mirabel saw the cracks, Delores probably also felt the quiet. Whereas the others won't notice their lack of powers without actively using them (unless she's actively making flowers, Isabella won't notice that she can't). Pepa also wouldn't notice cause she's happy at that time so would have 'clear skies'

  • This theory follows the same logic when I found out Dolores could hear across miles and through walls, and Camilo, her brother, could shapeshift, them as secret agents immediately came to mind. That's a set of skills that would be real effective for going undercover or gathering intelligence.

  • My headcannon is that Dolores would occasionally go into Bruno’s hideout in the walls and they’d have long conversations about how much they hate their powers. Bruno could talk even less than a whisper and she’d be able to hear him, so then if she got questioned about who she was talking to at any point, she could just say she was talking to herself because that’s all the rest of the family would likely be able to hear.

  • We see in the movie that Antonio’s power is based off of what he already enjoyed. Abuela (wanting to protect her family), Isabella (the fact that she knows about all types of plants), and Louisa (super strength doesn’t seem to have to do with her muscular build, so she likely built that up herself) also seem to conform to this. Bruno’s belief of superstitions could potentially be the reason he got visions, rather than the cause, and Pepa seems to be an emotional yet sweet person, but Dolores’s power implies that she was already the type of person to eavesdrop. Not really deserving of a punishment THAT bad, but it makes sense that here’s is the power that’s the most blatantly bad, and the only one that can’t turn off (Papa’s can sometimes, if she can keep her mood in check).

    • Camilo probably liked dressing up as a kid :)

    • I believe Isabela got her's inspired from her being the "First child" of the third generation, leading to her being lovable, and so she would strive to make the family happy of her, so she got flowers, which make people happy. Luisa may have been the better of the two children, having a sense of responsibility towards her family, which the miracle gave her the medium to do so, and then she was burdened with it. We can already see that she cares for Mirabel, despite her having no powers. Pepa was short tempered, and I believe there is a saying "Emotions can change as quickly as the weather", so she got it that way. It might also be the reason why her power is not to control the weather(which she might've learnt later), but for the weather to be based off of her mood, again giving her no control, just like no one can control the weather. Julieta is caring, so she gets the ability to cure people of their wounds, both physical, and emotional(via her character). Camilo, I don't know. He was one of the least explored characters. Also, I agree with you on Dolores. Also also, I read somewhere that the three triplets were given powers pertaining to the tenses; Julieta cures past wounds; Pepa changes the Present Weather; Bruno sees the Future.

  • Fact: when Dolores says “I’m fine” that’s when fish lady got replaced by her, little hidden detail for you mat

  • Being honest here, I was kinda sad that the blessings came back in the end. I absolutely loved the movie, I cried with the ending, it was beautiful, but the only blessing that made me happy was Casita being alive again. Their blessings caused such trauma to them, Luisa had to be stuck as the village's servant, never having a break. Although super-strength itself is very cool and useful, Luisa was ONLY seen by her strength, which is heartbreaking to me. Camilo had problems with his shapeshifting, he couldn't control it all the times and it looked painful when it was involuntary. Pepa, poor thing, she had to spend her live SUPRESSING her feelings, not being able to let it out because it "could cause a storm". She needed to be in check of her feelings ALL THE TIME, this must have been SO TIRING for her. Alma was also always telling Pepa to supress her feelings. Bruno was deemed as evil and EXILED HIMSELF FROM THE FAMILY FOR 10 YEARS because of his powers to see the future. Julieta probably liked cooking, but even so, having to make meals for a whole village to heal them is kinda taxing. Mirabel felt that she wasn't enough because she didn't have a gift. Everything about Dolores was already said in the video. I can't find downsides for Isabela's and Antonio's gift, Isabela's trauma was more related to how she was viewed as "perfect" and needed to be "perfect" all the time and pose smiles, but she could control her powers to grow stuff, and I think that's amazing. And I honestly would love to understand animals and for them to understand me. But, out of 8 gifts, only 2 weren't the root of trauma or stress. So, it would be better if they didn't come back. Only Casita, because Casita is great And also, I don't see Dolores as a villain, even if that theory was true. She just wanted peace. I also think she didn't tell the family about Bruno because she was protecting him.

  • I feel like this theory has a whole lot of motivation going for it, but I feel like the actual evidence (from the movie) is lacking. Maybe I could see Dolores as a tragic character, but I just can't see your eyes and evil mastermind who planned the entire events of Encanto. Change my mind 😉

  • Also, the entire town likely knows about her "gift", so having them set off fireworks and clapping loudly is insult to injury.

    • @Kaitlyn M later Camilo snaps his fingers instead of clapping

    • Abuela would not let her complain about her gift. If loud noises cause her pain, Abuela would definitely hide that from everyone

    • The town didn't care for the wellbeing of the Madrigals, as long as they had the help of the powers. If there had been any sense of Humanity, Luisa would be far off from the sad singer she was.

    • The town seemed to be filled with some pretty selfish people until the very end when they help rebuild. Louisa’s song about pressure, their desperate questions about the magic made me think they didn’t serve very much and just let the madrigals do everything for them.

    • @slida emif true tho 😂

  • this is a great deep dive. I've watched this movie as much as any parent with a 6 year old, and dolores always interested me. just the fact that she hears bruno all the time and just admits it to mirabel was always strange to me. btw I don't know if you've covered this but when shes singing in we dont talk about bruno you can clearly see bruno walking by on the second floor.

  • And I say again, can you imagine being only 5 years old and all of sudden you can hear EVERYTHING? Can you imagine watching your child go through that, when she probably could not even understanding what these things mean or why it must happen to her? The things shes probably heard and never should have being one of the oldest kids in the Madrigal family. And her mother literally brings the thinder, so now shes hypersensitive just when her own mother gets stressed out. AND THEN THERES ALL THE GROUP SINGING

  • This makes sense. She didn't tell anyone about Bruno for years and yet immediately tells on Mirabel

  • If I had a dollar for every time you talked about how Dolores “actively” did something I’d be able to buy your channel from you😂

  • Just realized another thing, when mirabel is singing the song about how she wishes she had a gift, she labels being jealous of everyone EXCEPT dolores

    • And Bruno and Antonio and Camilo *Smiles*

    • @Techno_Hearts yeah it is pretty bad, especially hearing all crap being talked about you, or being used as a tool for hearing any news. I did notice first time I watched the movie, she covered her ears from the fireworks and she released the secret of the house falling apart, if she said nothing the house would be fine.

    • @FelisTerras This.

    • Because she knows her suffering, Mirabel knows Dolores hears stuff she doesn't even want to hear. She doesn't want Dolores's gift because she knows how bad it truly is. Imagine, you have to hear EVERYTHING, including things you don't want to. I feel bad for Dolores, that must be true suffering, and if she is the villain of Encanto, you can blatantly see why. It's not like she can take it back. I hope anyone who sees this now knows Dolores's true suffering, even if she is fictional.

    • Not everyone because she doesn't do it for any of the guys/boys

  • I'm reseing this theory and have something to apport; Did someone else catch on the fact that Dolores is 6 years older than Camilo and Mirabel? because she already had her superhearing at that point and if she could hear Luisa's eye twich, den ther's no dubt that she discovered how babys are made at 5 years old poor dolores

  • For someone who can hear everything all the time, she seems well adjusted. Maybe she can control it.

  • “Encanto doesn’t have a villain” a villain or antagonist doesn’t have to be a person it is a negative force that goes against the protagonist it’s not just Person vs. person it can also be Person vs. nature Person vs. supernatural Person vs. Society Person vs. self Etc.

  • I thought Isabela was the one singing "I'm fine" because when she was singing her part over and over and over again when she was going around Mirable I could hear Isabela singing I'm fine, but it depends on who voice you can hear. 7/6/22

  • Fun Fact: Isabela also sings “I’m fine” over and over again, in sync with Dolores. Both lines relate to their relationships with Mariano, Dolores is upset that she’ll never be with Mariano, but she has to hide her feelings and act like she’s fine, and Isabela is upset that she is being forced to be with Mariano, but she ALSO has to hide her feelings and act like she’s fine.

    • @Angrynoodle Twenty Five did you watch the movie?

    • I really only hear Isabela's voice singing the "I'm fine" lyric at the end.

    • ​@Wolf-Kissed (Rosie) no... she wasn't... forced is when somebody knowingly tries to make you do something against your will... she gave the family no indication that she didn't want to marry him. because she is claiming it is what she wants and gave no indication that it wasn't it cannot be force because she is doing it willingly. Words either mean something or they don't. You could definitely say that she was "pressured" into it but she cannot have been forced because she never gave any indication that she wasn't willing.

    • @cheesecxke Why are you even correcting anyone's spelling? You might wanna look at your own grammar before you correct anyone on anything.... You've made quite a few grammar mistakes so far. Like, a lot.

    • @Angrynoodle Twenty Five Yeah she was. She only acted that way because she wanted to make her family happy and proud. She pretended to like him because that's what Abuela wanted of her. Telling her she didn't want to marry him would've made Abuela upset and caused issues with the family. So yeah she was forced into that situation. 🤷‍♀️

  • Theres also a part in dolores at the last part, she rides on the vine. Conviently, by the person who owns the power stealing her man: isabella

  • There are some reasons for some of Dolores' actions. Luisa said that she felt 'weak' when the cracks appeared so maybe dolores' hearing was cut out too. For the thing about her not reveling bruno could also be explained in 2 ways: 1. She didn't know that it was bruno. She says to mirabel that there are rats talking in the walls. This shows that she might have thought that bruno was the rats and she didn't question it because of the magic of the castita. The line 'I knew he never left i heard him every day' could have been pure hindsight. She might have had a hunch that it was bruno, but didn't have much evidence. 2. She wanted to let him stay hidden. It may sound cruel to let your uncle live in the walls of your house with rats as his only friends, but it's better than bruno's life in the village. Everyone hated him (even his mother and sisters which must have really stung) yet people still made him predict the future, while he probably knew that it would it will be bad and make him hated even more. Even when he was probably joking around (like a lady's goldfish dying and a man becoming bald) it still came true. Then he had to travel up loads of stairs in his room which was covered in sand. I'm from a sandy west african country so i know how annoying sand is. It gets everywhere. Imagine having your room be covered in it. So dolores might have thought that he wanted to run away from his trashy life and didn't stop him. I don't have answers for anything else in this video though since matpat is pretty thorough with his fact checking. 😁😁😁

    • well dolores says with no guilt in her voice, "yo i knew he never left, i heard him every day." she also had this evil smile on her face.

  • I never understood why the miracle didn't give her a room that's soundproof, somewhere to let her sensory overload calm down atleast for a while until she leaves the room, then again she wouldn't be able to hear Luisa's eye twitching at night which idk but maybe she could've left her room for idk a snack or something? A glass of water?

  • Also, did you know the name Dolores means sorrow?! I always thought it was strange that her name was Dolores. It seems like such an inauspicious name. It could be a description of her inner pain at not being able to be with the man that she loves, but it could also be a nod to her her true intentions toward the family.

  • Another thing no one noticed is when they’re all setting up the table in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, Dolores is looking at Isabella the whole time. Because imagine setting up a dinner for your cousin to get married to the love of your life. She must’ve been so hurt.

    • @Definitely not a bot autocorrect

    • @IBEW Sparky that's just because it's their dining room? lmao, it's likely been like that before and after bruno.

    • We dont talk about enchanto

    • They also set up the table in front of the family picture, that is shown to be across from Brunos hiding spot and also an outside window....... so the house is a mess.

    • DANG I NEVER NOTICED THAT DETAIL! That stinks for sure!

  • The filmmakers did say that Bruno's room wasn't always like that, but that it changed after he "vanished".

  • I have a theory about encanto that me and my friends have been working on for a while and no one has been able to prove it wrong, yet. So anyway it goes like this: Abuela was killing the magic with her strictness and non love for her family, and by the time Mirabel was born it was almost gone. The casita had to repurpose the magic that belonged to mirabel in order to restore the house. Mirabel is the most powerful of all the madrigals because ,drum roll please, SHE IS HALF CASITA! Half of Mirabel is the house! Look she has an outstanding relationship with the casita because it’s herself. It all matches up! You may say that no she still has to talk to the house and make it move, but people do talk to themselves. Like in the end of the movie when the house collapsed it protected her! Why? Because casita could be rebuilt, but if Mirabel died the house and everyone else’s gifts would too. No more magic. When the house gets rebuilt who is front and center on the door? Mirabel. Anyway if u see this , MatPat, tell me what u think. I would love to see what u have to say wether it’s proving me right or wrong. And one more thing, making theories based on events in the movie is FUN. You must be really happy with your job.

    • @Crafting Crazie Your thing still can make sense tho.There are some theories that Mirabel’s real gift is being able to speak to Casita. Cause nobody else really has a relation with it like she does. Speaking to Casita like a whole person and such

    • Probably true lol

    • I’m pretty sure if anyone was in the same position as her, casita would use the last if it’s powers to protect them but cool

    • Anyone else who sees this tell me what u think!

  • As they say: It's always the quiet ones. But seriously. We need a sequel of Encanto. I want to know whether this is true

  • Honestly Dolores is actually my favorite character and the fact that I now know more makes me feel more imagine what she hears probably people talking bad about her most sometimes and the fact that she gave Isabel the side eye and made up the baby thing probably was hilarious 😂 honestly even if you're back here right there as in that I mean evil she's still my favorite character

  • “The only one worried about the magic is you… and the rats talking in the walls.” She 100% knew about Bruno.

    • @1jinxeeD 💚💙 You said no why no you crazy you crazy boy you crazy crazy boy crazy oh man that is the kind of rude to Bruno dude

    • It’s been revealed that Dolores apparently slipped Bruno food through the walls so she is indeed capable of keeping secrets yet has no problem playing the village gossip ... what exactly is meant to be so endearing about this character?

    • @Tecno blade. today was a bad day bc of u

    • @Tecno blade.a

  • I'm sure the ability to hear that well comes built in with the ability to mitigate it. I'd imagine it's comparable to the likes of Supergirl, who manages to have normal conversations with people despite having the capacity to hear someone call for help on the other side of town. Near the end of the show's run, she comments about how hearing a butterfly flapping its wings is one of her favorite sounds. Now while different shows are able to have their own rules and such, super hearing often comes with the ability to isolate individual sounds and focus on them. If you imagine being in a crowded restaurant where over a dozen conversations are happening, neither man nor machine is able to pick out what someone's saying on the other side of the room due to sheer noise pollution, regardless of how acute the hearing or recording power is. When Dolores can "hear this whole chorus a mile away," imagine how much sound is being made over a circle of a mile radius. If she was being overloaded, she wouldn't be able to pick out and dance to Mirabel's song.

  • I'm not sure it IS Dolores singing "and I'm fine". I was watching the movie for the millionth time again and 100% you can hear and see Isabella saying those lines. I can't confirm or deny if Dolores is singing it too because her back is to the camera during this part but I thought it was interesting none the less. It finally made sense to me why Isabella was in that song. She was interpretting Bruno's vision as a lie thinking her life was going to be over once she married Mr. Lovey Pants instead of the perfect life SHE wanted for herself.

  • Pretty sure she's smiling in the picture on the door too. The sad mouth is actually the upper outline of her lips. You can see it better when you compare it to the other character's mouths were the lips are drawn.

  • I'm so glad that someone pointed out Dolores's hypocrisy. I was yelling at my tv when she was like "oh yeah, i knew he was there the whole time." Madness

  • Dolores was often overlooked by her family, given she was the literal "listener" of the family, and she mentions in the songs that she hears things, but nobody reacts to it. It's quiet possible she tried to bring Bruno up only to be ignored or hushed by Abuela or Pepa becuase well, we don't talk about Bruno. I'd give up trying to tell someone info if they kept ignoring or blowing me off too.

    • The line "I associate him with the sound of falling sand, shh shh shh..."I finally realized recently--yeah, it's referencing his room and the whole hourglass-sand thing, but more importantly is the sound, associating him with being told "shh". Be quiet. Don't talk about him.

    • especially doing so by song

    • Plus, I mean, the family doesn't seem like they would have wanted to find him, Bruno certainly doesn't want to be found, and of course he doesn't everybody seems to hate him. I can't say if hiding it would be the right thing to do, but I know it's what I would do as a constantly overwhelmed 11 year old

    • I also think overtime she just gave up. She would have been around 11 when Bruno left after Mirabel not getting her gift so she would have a solid time to do so. And as of the movie the house is already acting weird and she did it for the good of the family.

    • @Service Not Found I'm very sorry that happened to you I hope you're okay now

  • I always though Dolores didn't mention Bruno in the walls because at one point she probably did talk about but then her family gaslit her into believing it was just rats. She even says it to Mirabel "The only one worried about the magic is you, and the rats talking inside the walls" Dolores can't understand animals so she has to have been told by someone that when she heard Bruno it was actually rats

  • I can actually understand very well why Dolores "gift" would slowly drive her insane. I myself have severe synesthesia and there are days, I just want to lie down and tell my brain to chill out because there's too much sensoric stimulation

  • This video proves a lot of points I had thought of. I always thought it was weird that she knew about Luisa's stress and never wanted to do anything about it. Like she WANTED something to happen. Also, wouldn't she hear the candle going out? Hmmm....

  • I never thought of Dolores like that. and also, she could hear when bruno was sneaking around the house during we don't talk about bruno yet she didn't say anything.

  • “The only one worried about the miracle is you. And the rats talking in the walls” I 100% believe she meant she stayed up all night listening to Bruno and his novelas

    • @Izzy ah, thought you were confused so wanted to help clear it up! My bad

    • @Terra_the _Nightingale Dude it was a joke2

    • @CamTheKitty it’s obvious those are more of the just fun ridiculous ones, not actually serious. Just over analyzing because that’s what makes it fun. I remember how dumb I thought the Sans is Ness thing but recognized Matpat was just doing his thing lol

    • @Izzy Matpat is just having fun when he makes these theories. Some are meant to be ridiculous and some are meant to teach and figure out stuff. In this case, it’s a fun theory. Don’t take it seriously.

    • @Lala Mi And some are trying too hard. There is a reason Sans is Ness and Mario is evil is famous for him trying too hard.

  • The thing that bothered me the most after watching the movie a second time with the knowledge that since Dolores heard Luisa’s eye twitching all night, it meant that behind her door, she was still subjected to all the noise, was that in the opening song when Mirabelle is going around the doors, she bumps Dolores’s door with her hip to wake her up. It’s probably not an animation error, but it is still adds to what she has to deal with.

  • Can you really blame her by being forced to hear EVERYTHING at every time?

  • This is my favorite character aka my twin!!😭 Fun Fact: Dolores thoughts and looks are always sad or negative bc it can also represent the meaning of her name “sorrow and pain” one she is miserable bc of her hearing and pressure 🤷🏽‍♀️✨

  • Fun fact: Isabella also sung "I'm fine" along with Dolores in the ending song!

  • It’s possible that Dolores tried to say something about Bruno being in the walls, only to get “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”’d every time, so she gave up.

    • @Sol Yes but Bruno was seen was someone who should've stayed gone. And even if he was to come back they wouldn't have let him in with open arms unless it was a crisis and even then they still probably have apprehensions about him

    • @liz du I really agree

    • @Jake Riviera its a pun, Einstein

    • @kodaxmax yeah i thought of this too. like as far as she knew, all the adults hated bruno and didn't even want to remember he existed, so she prob assumed if she said he was in the home theyd just kick him out. and then he'd be forced to leave the encanto, might not actually survive the journey, and she'd never be able to hear him again to know if he was safe. so it just makes sense not to say anything and thats if she was even certain he was there, the ways she says "i knew he never left" it could be like she doubted her own perceptions and is happy to finally have them confirmed

    • @Sol What does her own super hearing ability have to do with other people’s abilities to hear her out tho?

  • Also she was in front of abuela’s door so she might’ve been trying to get the candle.

  • I kind of relate to Dolores as I have misophonia with sensitive hearing and selective hearing. It's as much a curse as a blessing haha. I have to play music and wear earplugs to sleep because I hear things from across my neighborhood block.

  • Actually the "I'm fine" part is from Isabella of her not being fine that she was forced to be perfect and she can't take it

  • Also something no one talks about, if Delores can hear eye twitching, she didn't hear abuela say the magic is falling apart?

  • fun fact: its confirmed that both isabella AND dolores sing the "im fine" lines, further showing isabella's discontent with the situation as well because she didnt wanna marry mariano

    • @Svetlio Ganev am i supposed to hear it? i don't hear any other voice aside from isabela's, and dolores' voice is a whole lot deeper than isabela's.

    • If you look closely at the final door Isabella looks sad as well and Dolores’s middle brother (forgotten his name) looks like he has an evil grin

    • Which song is that?

  • (Toddler parent here) Thank you! I've been saying the same thing Delores is evil, she picks and chooses what information to spill and keep carefully. Don't know exactly why she unleashes her aggression on Mirabel so much she had to have heard the entire song in the beginning and yet she just let's it all out that Mirabel don't have a gift then let's out a hmm combined with a who cares expression and just walks away. When I first actually watched it I fully expected her to go bat shi* crazy at the end of the movie with the terrible ways she acted

  • this video COMPLETELY changed by perspective on this movie! i cannot imagine all the time mat pat uses to make these videos. keep up the good work!

  • I’ve heard that the “I’m fine” line was actually Isabella. Because when we first hear the song it sounds like she’s the only one praising Bruno while all the others are saying all the bad things he predicted. When I’m actually when she says “he told me that the life of my dreams would be promised and someday be mine” it’s here referring to her having to be perfect all the time when she doesn’t want to be. And when she says “he told me that my power would grow like the grapes that thrive on the vine” meaning that he said her power would grow into something more but it doesn’t until her “what else can I do” section of the movie. During the last part of we don’t talk about Bruno you mentioned I really think it’s Isabella saying “I’m fine” UPDATE-OMG ITS BOTH OF THEM if you look at the color coded lyric video for we don’t talk about Bruno it’s both Isabella and Deloris saying “I’m fine”

  • Makes you wonder if she was meant to be a villain in the initial drafts but was changed cause they didn't like where the story was going, perhaps they thought things would've turned out too bloated with both abuela and Dolores having to share the role of antagonist for the protagonist.

  • I always felt like she was trying to get Mirabel to take action from her little rap in We Don't Talk About Bruno. The way it ends with her pointedly asking, "Do you understand?" just makes me feel like she was relaying important information, rather than gossip.

    • @Celestial System: A Peck of Peaches She also tells Mirabel that “the rats talking in the walls” are worried about the magic. Since there’s no indication that she understands animals like her baby brother does, she has to be talking about Bruno (and Hernando and Jorge, lol).

    • I think she's always hoping people will pick up on little cues like she does. "I can always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling" is present tense. She explicitly told Mirabel that Bruno is here, currently, in the present, and Mirabel just didn't pick up on it because she was inundated with so much information at once. She's looking directly at Mariano over the wall in her second verse, making it clear that *he* is the man of her dreams, but no one notices. Even while she's singing, "and I'm fine, and I'm fine, and I'm fine, I'm fine," so is Isabela at the same time. Dolores KNOWS that Isabela doesn't want to marry Mariano, but no one listens to either woman about what they want. She's also the only one besides Isa who doesn't outright badmouth Bruno. "It's a heavy lift with a gift so humbling, always left Abuela and the family fumbling, grappling with prophecies they couldn't understand." She sympathizes with Bruno. Perhaps she didn't expose him because she wanted him to be able to live in peace. And she definitely told Camilo at least a few things about Bruno. He's the only one who associates Bruno with rats, but Bruno would only have been hanging out with rats after he started living in the walls. The only way Camilo would know that detail about him is if he heard it from Dolores. But Dolores speaks very softly and very quickly, so it might be hard for people to catch everything she says. The moment at the proposal just seemed like a moment of crisis. A secret that was too big for her, and when she whispered to her brother, unable to hold it in, chaos ensued. Everyone talking at once, Luisa crying, rats everywhere, and every little noise is multiplied by a thousand for Dolores and she just loses it. It looked like ADHD sensory overload. It was just too much for her. In short, I don't think she's actually withholding any information, I think people just aren't listening.

  • Dolores is my absolute favorite character and I love this theory :o ALSO YES THANK YOU THE SWING LANDING BOTHERED ME SO MUCH TOO

  • There were a few moments with Dolores in the movie that made me go 🤔 but I never considered that she might knowingly withhold info for her own gain 👁👄👁

  • I always felt bad for Dolores, I often get sensory overloads when in loud places. I can’t imagine having sensory overload, and not even being able to put on earphones to at least get away from the noises around me

  • 9:58 Isabella was actually singing the exact same thing. The 'and I'm fine' part

  • Fun Fact: there was a cut piece of the movie where once the house collapses, everyone looses their powers. But the one it affect most was Camilo. It was planned for him to have a full emotional breakdown and existential crisis because he has been pretending to be other people his whole life to make them happy and help them. Now that that is gone, he literally has no idea who he is anymore. You can hear a little bit of him panicking in the background during the collapse scene. It was cut because the whole sequence took 5 minutes in total and they felt it took too much time away from Mirabel's tragic and sad moment. Though you can still hear him panicking off screen during the scene so it shows they really wanted to develop Camilo's character.

    • NEW TIER LIST: A Literally Everyone B The Fathers and The Mothers *not enough* C D Camilo and that’s it

    • there is a theory where camillo was the intedned protagonist at first and play around that problem at some point.

    • That scene was very necessary, we would understand more about how the powers work

    • @Justin DuBeau No. Idk if it was even finished

    • Do you know if that cut piece is out there anywhere?

  • There's inconsistencies in the music I wanna know but can't find anything on. Mirabel experiences the "music videos" but we see multiple instances of the scenes being real like the change in Isabela dress during her song and staying after. So does the "music video scenes" all actually happen? During no pressure many weird things happen, including being able to fly!

    • Like at one point the super strength lady and mirabell are flying, with raining donkeys. Crazy sht. Like as a villager would it be okay to chill on you patio and see raining donkeys on the road cuz a madrigal started song n dance while ripping boulders from the road?

  • I love this theory However ⟟ just went and watched the video and if you watch the girl in purple’s mouth it matches up with the lines “And I’m Fine” in the song “we don’t talk about Bruno” And the voice matches too

  • …this has not only ruined my still continuing childhood but the images when he explains why her sensory overload will now constantly give me nightmares about insanity and people with small pupils

  • I watched Encanto on class yesterday And when i think about it, yes Dolores definitely can hear Bruno on walls but say nothing about it

  • The "evil side eye" thing, is just her being done with Isabella, and her telling Isabella that he wants 5 babies, she did made it up, to scare Isabella Was confirmed btw lol

    • She (Deloris) ended up with the man of her dreams......and Isabella didn't want to marry him to begin with. I agree that being overwhelmed, with all the noise, of every person, at the same time, all the time, would be reason enough to want the magic powers to end. I would want them to end! Lol

    • @Joaco aight, my bad

    • @skainzz_ That was in the old movies and besides, I wasn't complaining.

    • @Joaco I mean it's a disney movie what do u expect, they all rush into relationships

    • Thats sounds grund tho

  • I thought Mirabel sang "Can hear the socorros a mile away" in Dolores' part... idk lol

  • Someone mentioned that Dolores means pain. Replying doesn't work. Oh wow! You are so right! That reminds me. There is another character named Dolores in the Harry Potter series. She is mainly prominent in the fifth book, although she also shows up later. Dolores is a corrupt ministry official that takes over Hogwarts in book five. She starts out as defense against the dark arks teacher and then moves up to headmaster. She does get dethroned at the end of the book. Dolores is one of the meanest and nastiest characters in the whole Harry Potter series. There are even fans that hate her more than Voldemort, which is saying a lot. So Dolores is a character that causes pain and sorrow for other characters. So the name fits. There is even a scene that fits this so perfectly, and it is an early scene to establish character. On the first day of class, Dolores teaches things that seem fishy. There are things that don't add up. Harry speaks up and calls her out on it. For that, she puts him in detention. Now it is normal for kids to write lines in detention as a kind of punishment. Yet this kind takes a sick and disturbing twist. Dolorus does gaslight Harry real bad psychologicly during detention. However apparently that nastiness wasn't bad enough. So Dolorus makes Harry use a magical quill that tortures him, while he writes lines. Yikes. There is literal pain involved. One can't get anymore on the nose than that. The name Dolois does mean pain. Another nasty girls name is Mary. It means bitter. There are other meanings like rebellious and the sea. The name Mary reminds me most of Bible characters, particularly those in the New Testament. The most famous one is the mother of Jesus. There are a few others too. In a way, that makes sense. During the time of the New Testament, Isreal was occupied by Rome. It is wrong for any foreign power to rule over indigenous people. So the Romans are in the wrong here. They would be oppressive. That can stir up bitterness, resentment and rebellion. Maybe that is part of the reason why there were so many women named Mary. There was something interesting I learned recently. Of the real world people, it is the Romans that is most responsible for Jesus's death. Of all the interpretations of the Bible, my pet peeve is the one that the Jesus story is anti Jew. It makes absolutely no sense. The Bible is clearly about the Jews, and it even glorifies them as God's chosen people. Even Jesus and his disciples are Jews, just like the Pharisees. So the conflict between them shouldn't be an issue of race. Then I learned that the blame was pushed from the Romans to the Jews long after the death and resurrection of Jesus. It was done in order to make it easier for Romans to accept Christianity as a new official religion. Having the Romans be responsible makes a lot of sense. They already have conflict with the Jews due to colonialism. If someone claims to be a "king of the Jews", he can be perceived as a threat. So Romans have good motivation to crucify the "king". It nips this little rebellious claim in the bud, before it can grow into a dangerous war of rebellion and break down the Roman Empire. Jesus is depiced as a peaceful and loving marter and savior. That is all well and good for the religion. However from a purely political point of view, it makes sense for the death to occur due to the Rome being a ruthless empire that rules with an iron fist. I went on a couple of tangents there. I do see some parallels to the Encanto movie. The Dolorus in Harry Potter series has toxic denial as her main problem. Alma has that problem too, even if her case is a whole lot milder. Columbia has the same problem Isreal had. It was a victim of colonialization. There are a bagillion variants on the name Mary. One is Maria, and it seems to be a common enough name among Hispanics. I can imagine that Dolores can marry her crush and have a daughter. Then the daughter can be named Maria. She also has an unplesent power like Dolores and Pepe. Heck Jesus is a common name among Hispanics too. It is pronounced very differently from the English version, but it's spelled the same. This would be a good name for the grandfather character. He does willingly sacrifice himself and die to invaders. This does save the oppressed people in a miracle. So yeah, Jesus would totally fit. However that may be too on the nose, and Disney tends to shy away from references to Christianity and the Bible. However I did look up the grandfather character, and something interesting jumped out at me. I did have a cool epiphany. The father is name Pedro. Pedro as in Peter. Peter as in the rock. Peter as in the main disciple of Jesus, and the rock forming the foundation of the church and religion. Pedro as in the the rock that forms the base to establish the miracle and Casita. Pedro even sounds like piedra, the Spanish word for rock. Pedro and Peter are both such common names that they can seem bland and fly over people's heads. Yet the meaning fits the character so well. Ha! I see what you did there, Disney.

  • Well, I believe it was pretty loud when the cracks were happening and she can only hear an eye twitching because it was very quiet during the time it happened

  • I’m so glad someone else is having to watch this movie a million times for their kid too! Haha. It’s funny I’ve seen some of these details too, I got so excited when I saw Bruno walking around in the background of Dolores part of “we don’t talk about Bruno”. Like where he walks up the stairs and is then bopping along upstairs gave me some weird satisfaction lol.

  • Let’s be honest, Matpat is the embodiment of “Coincidence? I think not” meme

    • THIS

    • @Yoko_Akatsuka indeed he did

    • No, Matpat is the embodiment of the "Music Man" meme.

    • No s. iLoveyou

    • I love that everyone is flaming that one Russian guy who posted a spam link

  • Ok, I've rewatched the movie and I've been paying attention to Dolores and the door at the end. I understand her motives, but here's what I think is wrong with your theory. Firstly, even though she has super hearing, even people should know that she is a gossip girl, and they do have their tipping points. Secondly when you mention the door at the end of the movie, she was actually happy. You just can't tell because she does have big lips, and for designers even, it's pretty hard to shape em. So I don't think Dolores was the villain. Plus, we should even notice that when they were trying to find Mirabel, she couldn't use her super hearing since the miracle was gone, plus she looked genuinely worried.

  • I have only watched this movie once but ever since I saw dolores say "I know" and walk away I saw her as a mean character. The things mat pat pointed out in this video is stuff I just naturally noticed while watching it. If the public really didn't catch any of this immediately then they're pretty blind ngl.

  • Hey wait? I think Isabella and Dolores's expressions on the final door look similar 🤔 either Dolores is happy or Isabella is also sad!

  • personally i believe that the "betrothed to another" could be a reference to how she jumped into the relationship with Mariano and get betrothed, so i believe that she got betrothed to Mariano and later fell out of love and into love with someone else. the man of her dreams is out of reach becasue she jumped into a relationship she wasn't ready for.