Film Theory: DON'T Attack The Titans! (Attack on Titan)

פורסם בתאריך 13 אוק 2016
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So you'd have us believe it's better to stay living in fear behind some stupid wall for your whole pointless life? And to that I say, yes. Yes it is. And today, I'm going to prove it to Eren and all of you theorists as well. Because the biggest threat humanity face in Attack on Titan is not the Titans themselves, rather humanity's own selfish desire to spread.
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  • “Titans can’t enter the walls” Wall Titans: Wait a minute

  • Ya'll remember when we only had to worry about Titans and not about genocide, depression, murder, and war? The good old days...

    • Good old days……

    • And sasha dying?

    • Yeah the newer season just made me stop watching

    • Yeah

    • @corey bristow If you look at the map it shows and upside down earth next to south Africa and a huge island which is Madagascar

  • Now I want to see the math for just how many wall titans are in the rumbling, and if that number could feasibly end the world.

    • @jermiah medirow That doesnt even explain how im wrong though? But now you bring that up, I will say that I always thought that if there were tens of millions of titans in the anime, theres no way they all wouldve fit on the the island.

    • @TG Anims you wrong, the irl location of attack of titan is madacucar and each wall titan is 60m wide thats to big to fit

    • @YeetusDeletus694 king fritz just wanted to scayer the marleyans but there 500k

    • 500,000 wall titans

  • This hits different 5 yrs later, especially with more lore explained. I would definitely be exited, if Matpad did a theory on season 4. Tatakae!

    • Shin zo sasageyo

    • @AlphaAstra ok 👍

    • @ECHO ya im talking about the manga

    • @AlphaAstra i was talking abt the show ik the mangas over

    • @ECHO buddy the manga has been over for months

  • I never understood why they didn't made a radial division on the space between the walls. This way if you had a big wall connecting one wall to another, if they eventually got breached, you wouldn't lose 1/3 of your territory, only 1/6


    • It’s also funny because every titan shifter except for the colossal would be able to climb over the wall with hardening lol

    • Wall Titans: and I took that personally

    • @Scott Baker all titans are human

    • XD

    • @Scott Baker u do know that the titan spinal fluid is probably from Marley Right

  • Anyone in 2022 revisiting to see how much MatPat got wrong.

    • ​@Herb'n'Fizz No, they literally couldn't. Pay more attention next time, yeah? Like they literally couldn't even defend from the Colossal Titan or the Armored titan, How are the gonna defend from a Female Titan, a Warhammer titan, a Beast titan, AND a Jaw titan?

    • 🖐🏾

    • Me

    • @Banana Cat your point makes like 0 sense What do you mean???

    • @King Mac Only cause they sent people out. If the scouts + Levi had been in town when the Titans invaded they would've had more of a chance. Of course this wouldn't happen cuz the Titans knew when to strike but my point stands.

  • Even for what was known at the time, most titan shifters can easily climb the walls(Annie did in in the S1 finale). Also, considering the Collossal Titan’s nuke transformation and Zeke’s spinal fluid gimmick, it’s safe to say that titans can still pose a threat. Also, Marley was planning on attacking Paradis regardless

  • Despite the fact that this theory is severely outdated now, it would still be pretty logical to go out and take land anyway. Less titans + more land. Gets rid of the problem instead of just putting it off until its impossible to ignore.

    • Precisely. When you start dealing with a problem only once it actually became a problem, it's already too late. Just think about all the time, resources and lives were needed to get even the smallest bit of intel on the situation before Eren and his crew showed up. Without them, who knows how long it would've taken..

  • "It's all about a society that builds a huge wall around itself to keep out the unwanted" Up to s4 part 2 that was true. Until Eren wasn't having any of that.

  • But actually according to the 2nd season, some villages(including the homeland of Sasha) of population still literally live on foraging(hunting-gathering) and commercial horse herding, which means that the actual first industry need of fertile land inflates than your theory.

  • I like how matpat brings up Jean like he knew he would be one of the only side characters to survive

  • Sadly even if they know the truth Eren has his own motivations

  • Funny to look back at this theory when we are nearing the end of season 4 when it’s basically a completely different show

  • So basically Matpat was affected by King Fritz' pacifist ideology too and doesn't want us to leave the walls.

    • @Eclipce yep, it is. I am the one true one, all the others are from alternate universes.

    • @Chawmin No way its the real Eren Yeager, unreal

    • Yeah me, pretty much.

    • @The lost Tomato yeah

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Even though the whole series is already out. I'd still love to see another theory on Attack on Titan before season 4 is animated.

  • "Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with Attack on Titan, it's all about a society that builds a huge wall around itself to keep out the unwanted" 4 - 5 years later "Attack on Titan is about society of people, known as the Marleyans, who find the power of a massive spine that connects itself to a little girl creating the founding titan, and then they create the 9 titan transformers by having the royal children each eat a piece of her corpse and-"

  • I revisit this episode of Film Theory every week now that we're in Final Season Part 2. Big oof thinking we can just stay cuddled inside of the Walls.

  • I'd love seeing him making a new aot one after season 4 lol

  • i like to imagine matpat as one of the eldians who had their memory erased trying to figure out whats happening

    • @Thunder God Eneru dont read comments then L

    • @RONALDO _MBAPPE i totally disagree. Just wait until part 2. It’ll all make sense soon.

    • Season 4's like a whole new anime :/

    • Or he's someone in the government trying to convince the scouts to stay in the wall

  • Just finished watching episode 80 of AOT, this aged well XD

  • 10:08 you are talking about modern day agriculture here, but medieval farming was way less productive and needed a lot more people to work so I feel like your argument is a bit of, but the rest of the vid was great. PS: you also didn't say that, even if we have the food, the biggest problem is organization, distributing the food in this large place could be very hard, and even more hard when you can use only horses and medieval technology.

  • Watching this now after the recent season is making me feel all weird sorts of nostalgia of when life really wasn’t too complicated at all.

  • I’m reading the manga after the anime, and I can confirm it IS in Germany, as the military units are called ‘Panzer’ a classic German name, alongside the fact of the continent of Paridis, it’s the same shape of a chunk of Germany

  • awww this is cute. back when we just had the titans lol

    • Ah the good times am i right?

    • @Floonyontheinternet especially when eren just fucking “rumbles” the whole fucking country with like 600.000 colossal titans

    • The og Titans just seem so pathetic compared to the new titans(by strength)

    • We WIN 🏅 yeet time machine are available and we figured out how to bE haPApay Poor No mOREe YO no way

    • Awww when people weren’t getting “rumbled” by collosal titans and one founder titan thing

  • I also love how (Spoiler) they refer to the wall territory as Paradis "Island." This piece of land is larger than most (real world) countries.. I wouldn't exactly call it an island. Haha I know it's surrounded by water but many countries and continents are smaller and surrounded. Look at Australia. Collective size it would comfortably fit all of Paradis in it. Even the "Island" has a decent amount of space between the shores and most outer walls.

  • Hey, so i just read the whole manga and turns out paradis (the island they live on) is actually madagascar because when i flipped my manga upside down it clearly represented marley (the super continent) as africa and next to it was paradis (madagascar.

  • Considering that Titan shifters are a thing. I’d say that it’s better to try to fight. Because being a Eldian just makes you F’d

    • jeah the theory is total trash once they enter the cellar :D

  • Looking back at this theory at the time was a good idea kinda but now that would be the worst plan for the Eldians and everyone would die before session 3 ended.

  • Ahh yes the times before plot twists in this anime

  • It really shows how MatPat wasn't expecting the series to go the way it did. To be fair, AoT created the perfect plot twist: This just proves it.

  • im so glad cowboy bebop or however you spell it got recognized from someone as big as matpat because its my favorite anime and its such a great show

  • Now that I think about it, the population density thing kinda works, since most live in the districts to the north, South, East, and west of the walls, with others living in villages in the mountains and forests.

  • 2016: The walls are the safest place on Earth 2021: Well, uh, this is awkward

    • It is

    • 2016 : oh season 2 is tomorrow let’s gooooo ! 2021 : omg season 4 is coming but, in 1year

    • Lol the safest place is anywhere else in the world

    • @Hi You live in California Jesus dont live there

    • Tell people about jesus ✝ ......

  • Me coming back to watch after all the seasons of the anime have come out, and I know every last peice of backstory and answers to all my questions

  • Since we know now that aot takes place on Madagascar thanks to a map, if you look at the proportions of the walls and their relation to the edges of the island I think the actual radius of all walls combined is 90 km which makes 25500km² which looks acurate

  • My first thought after he started calculating the walls, MATPAT IS A GENIUS

  • Couldn't they build an underground enterance into the city? One that was too small for Titans to get through? Just a thought.

  • "You don't need the walls if everyone outside of it is dead to begin with" -Eren, probably

    • Lmfao too true xD

    • Eren really took notes from 5 years ago

    • @the uh Ya mean eren in a few seasons.

    • Well not just eren

    • Eren probably 😂😂

  • The scale is something that has always been a bit of a problem with how it's portrayed in the show, it says that there is 100, 130 and 250km between each wall then from sina to the center, but from all we see it appears as significantly less so im pretty sure they are just numbers that were thrown out there when the series was being made. The area inside the walls is most definitely not portrayed as being the size of sweden even if it mathematically nearly is.

  • Matpat : "if you seal the gates no titans can enter the walls" Rod Reiss and any titan that can harden : and I took that personally

  • This theory will be insanely different if he made it now

  • Back in the day, when Titans were the only problem. The good old days

  • Isayama was like: I'm gonna ruin this whole man's theory

    • @Mendheimer Bruh, just watch the show, Isayama literally have this entire theory in his mind from ep 1

    • @Florence Okay but what about improving the defenses on top of the walls? Just make sure that no titans can climb up there. They knew colossal titan could appear again so that would be a good countermeasure as well

    • @Florence You're right, theories are awesome but, Isayama won't like it cuz he's always there to ruin your Immersion, but yeah the Marleyans won't stop attacking the Island of Paradis until all subjects of Ymir Got wiped out.

    • @Florence Well, they need to inhale Zeke's spinal fluid wich is dont realy cant be solved when they cant go inside the Walls

    • @Florence It's a joke but thanks for the info 🙏

  • Now that we have more information, and we know that the most recent royal blooded founders had King Fritz's passive ideology, no other founder could summon even one (or I guess 3 due to 3 gates) Colossus Titan so they can harden. Plus, to do that they'd have to break off that section of the wall meaning the titans could take in sunlight and rumbling occurs, bla bla bla.

  • Season 4 finale is gonna be incredible. Cant believe the shows come this far and is still really good in many ways.

  • Back in 2016 this video convinced me to watch anime. Danke Mat Pat!

  • One possibility is that the farmable land for the most part was completely in the 3 wall and the second possibility is that the farmable land left over could have already had housing placed on it

  • "Staying in the walls is the safest option!" Marleyans: Hold my titan serum

    • welp, considering the hundreds of thousands of titans marching forward. yes, it is indeed the safest option lmao.

    • What is marleyan?

    • keep in mind, this video was made 5 YEARS ago

    • Lol but true

    • Wall Cena like jhon Cena

  • I loved the flowers of evil reference he used lol wasn’t expecting him to know about that

  • What if they just mined a huge area underground, so the titans can’t even FIND them?

    • There is an underground cavern-subterranean city, that's where Levi was born. Poor people couldn't afford to live on the surface. Sure, they didn't have access to good living conditions, but if you ask me, I'd take that over a Titan invasion lol.

    • You need to complete the manga my friend.

    • This is why one day i wanna get a fallout shelter. Not for nuclear apocolypse, but fot zombie/totan apocolypse

  • I watched this 4 years ago when i didn’t watch attack on Titan it’s fun rewatching this knowing the true story

  • 5:13 Do stairs and zip lines not exist in this reality. You could close up the walls completely. Build some nice stairs to the top. Then zip line out

  • *SPOILER* MatPat: Just stay in the walls and you'll be safe Marley: And I took that personally

    • He forgot i can literally climb over the walls smh

    • Zeke: well actually no

    • @Ayush Vardhan bruh it's explained in s3 so it's not a spoiler if anyone did get spoiled then we can't do anything about it cause it has already been revealed in the anime

    • @cupcake kitten not who but what

    • @Arbe Placiente spoiler Eldian were the one that created titan

  • 11:06 "It's either in Germany or North America" Paradis: *laughs in Madagascar*

  • Eren:"...Humanity, cattle" Me: I love cows! Eren: It's more grown up to hide behind a wall for the rest of your life?! Me: Well the guy out there is pretty big...

  • I still remember around 6 or 5 months ago when i tought eldia is like japan and marley is germany. And that marley will help eldia on defeating the titans with their airships, and win the war against titans. Ahhhh good memories

  • Even tho this video is lol worthy now, it is a good video with a lot of research. Loved it!

  • Next theory: Is Matpat secretly a Marleyan trying to make Eldians stay inside the walls?

    • Rock eyebrow raise

    • @chans stolen phone wait but Ymir is in the scouts right? How did she start all the Titans? Is Ymir a time traveller? I just finished season 2 of AOT

    • What is eldian and marleyan? Are there 2 types of humans in walls?

    • He is trying to set them up

  • AoT Season 1: Yeah I know where this is going AoT season 2: I still think I have an idea of where this is going AoT season 3-4: ........this didn't go where I thought it would at ALL

  • POV: Your watching in 2021 and know who the colossal and the armoured Titan are

  • this sure aged well


  • Eren: I want to be free from these walls. Colossal Titan: say no more

    • Founding titan: hi kids, do you like genocide

    • Eren commits global genocide

    • @PRAWN GOD bc it is the founding

    • Spoiler!! Y tf did Eren become a giant insect with the founding titan

    • 😂😂😂😂

  • I wish matpat had an anime theory channel😂

  • this hits different since the ending...

  • Plus in 200 years, they’ll probably be developing better anti-titan gear, which would make it easier to then claim more land little by little once they need to.


  • the good old days.....back when titans were the threat😍

    • Well they are Just bigger titans lol

    • Titans were never the threat. Pay attention maybe. The threat ALWAYS has been Marley. They literally created all the pure titans that roam around

    • @Sam u act liek he expanded the entire last arc

    • Wow what a spoiler

    • The only threat

  • watching this in 2022, the amount of flaws in his theory makes me feel smart for once

  • This channel is the closest thing to Death Battle or Screw Attack and i freaking love it

  • The armored titan could drop titans in. And with them seeing humans glow- possibly through walls it's pretty hard to just hide.

  • i miss his old intro, makes me happy to look at it again

  • "Sometimes being lazy is mathematically the best choice." That aged very well.

    • @kale people inside the island are safe but a few people decided they didn't want to live peacefully

  • With measermants you have to take under the account the level of civilization, for example in middle ages there was less 100 milion people in total in europe, but still for their technology it was overpopulation. So as much as you count place they need for home, you have to count place needed for fields, animal farms, some reservois etc

  • Would be a good theory if it weren't for the secret titans that were already inside...

  • This theory got squashed flatter than The Rumbling

    • Yeah considering they're an active threat now, agreed

  • Yeah... We can definitely add some more rock to the gates to keep the Colossal Titan from breaking it. It's not like the Beast Titan who is much weaker can crush a boulder to dust without flinching. Add all the bricks you want to the gates they will still come down. Besides, even if the Colossal Titan couldn't break the gate he could still lift Reiner over the wall, exit the nape, and climb over the wall. There was no stopping the invasion. This theory of yours only works in a universe where there is no Marley. The puns aren't funny and the misinformation is triggering. I get that this video was made in 2016 before the second season, but you try your hardest to ruin everything for everyone in your videos and you still end up wrong. You can throw statistics all you want too, but if there really was farmable land then I guess they just liked sending people to die meaningless deaths in droves of 250,000 people and did it for fun with nobody questioning anything. If Bertholdt got past the first wall, all he has to do is walk into the middle of the city and transform, blowing the whole city up (he would enter the way I said earlier through team effort). Nobody would be able to prevent it.

  • This is proof that Hajime Isayama's story is really mysterious and has a great plot twist because even the great MatPst can't solve it in the first place

    • He wasnt trying to solve a plot twist. He was only solving if it would be sustainable to live in the walls

    • matpat didn't knew at that time about Marley, racism, dark history in aot in fact, none of us knew it

    • True

    • @verifeli Movie theory?

    • Well Mat isn't that good at making a movie theory...

  • Both humanity( the scouts more exactly) and the armored/colossal titan could climb over the wall, not completely safe:)