Film Theory: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared DECODED!

פורסם בתאריך 11 יול 2016
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DHMIS is cute, it's creepy, and the internet has spent the last month pulling apart all its squishy innards. Mmm tasty. In this first episode I'm doing n Film Theory, I wanted to cover the overall meaning of the show, why it's important, and WHAT THE HECK IT MEANS! Now Let's all get Creative!
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  • i still remember watching this when i was younger and getting traumatised. good times

  • DHMIS has the BEST fanbase. Everyone is just so patient because they realize how much effort it takes to make us feel both creative and existential dread. Love yall!

    • I was basically raised by the fandom and these characters as they we're an extremely important part of my childhood. It helped me when I was down and it keep me waiting with anticipation for the next episode. I remember being so excited on June 19th when they uploaded the 6th episode! Father's Day really isn't the best for me so having that there and being able to escape into a world with some of my favorite characters really helped:) That doesn't mean I forgive them for the terrors they caused me due to the 5th episode. Robin(green guy fandom name for those who don't know) is my favorite character and seeing that as a kid-...I still have nightmares 👁️👁️

    • @veelorlified same!

    • I love the fan base with my heart it's like a family

  • I never realized it was all in one day, each episode a different part of the day. First they are eating breakfast and learn about creativity, then they go to watch tv and learn about time, then they go on a picnic for lunch and yellow guy learns about love, then they go home and learn about computers, then they eat dinner and duck gets canned, and finally yellow guy goes to bed at the end of the day. So at the end when the time changes to the 20th, it was the next day. I never noticed all of this happened in one day.

  • With the recent “FLY” teaser, I’ve been watching some good ol’ film theories from the original DHMIS run and it has been a great nostalgia ride.

  • I remember having my mom making me watch dhmis without knowing how gory it was. I got traumatized so many times but I didn’t tell her until a few years she figured it out.

    • I hope you are okay now and live to be happy anyways

    • oh my god poor baby 😭 you better be getting therapy for that

  • The real question is why is it called “Don’t hug me I’m scared”?

  • Time to catch up on the lore!

  • DHMIS is a metaphor for reality as we perceive it, hence the quote “Time is an illusion”. The show also references the stacked universes when red leaves the set and sees the mannequin and real duck. In the end their universe ends when red pulls the plug, yet their multiverse selves continue on.

  • MatPat, coming back to this theory, it’s clear that what DHMIS is saying, is just that *green is not a creative colour……*

  • Can we just appreciate how TomSka was an executive producer though? Seems kinda fitting in a way

  • When I think of DHMIS I think : “I use my hair to express myself” “That sounds boring!” *”I use my hair to express myself”*

  • i made my friend watch this show with me last week cause i thought i would be scared of it but i actually love it and find it so interesting. the easter eggs were things i pointed out by myself but now im watching theories to see what people think.

  • The ppl who made this are literally geniuses. The amount of thought they put into each episode if I was Hulu or Netflix I would put millions into them

  • What's interesting to see is what happended with tv and advertisement is exactly what is happening to youtube now. The sponsoring/ advertising/ monitisation system we have now is slowly killing the creators, obliging them to be constantly cautious about what they say if they don't want to be monitized, or to compensate the risk of being demonitised, they have to turn to sponsoring, thus making a publicity in the video. Not to mention the add we're exposed to at the beginning, middle and end of a video ....

  • I feel like content like this can't really even be created anymore because I feel like so much of stuff like this relied on like, newness and the mystery of like, the internet as a whole. Like stuff like this felt more visceral in its own time

  • “Green is not a creative color” As the duck is a very dark green


    • Why is it not a creative color

    • Paige must freak out anytime she goes outside

    • Green is a creative color don’t say that>:(

    • Whoever was the one that said green is not a creative color green is kind of it can be for a flower a lot of stuff

  • Little detail, the carpet under them when they were playing the board game there’s an eye in the middle of the carpet, which I think is implying “I’m always watching you” and I think that was implied for yellow guy and I think the imply was from his father.

  • That explains why they’ve been picked up by Channel 4, because they choose unusual programming. Safe to say I am extremely excited to see a full series of DHMIS!

  • I remember watching that and it traumatized me. I thought I was just a nightmare or something

  • "Those things utterly freaked me out by the way." You aren't the only one. I was terrified of Sesame Street as a child because of those things.

  • Omg these videos were always terrifying, and scaring for the younger me but I always kept watching… Oddly Hypnotic Matt’s voice is the thing keeping me here and sane

  • I have a theory of DHMIS of my own: Roy saw red guy being very talented and hired him to make shows. but it goes horribly wrong. Roy fires him for being such a disaster. being so mad, red guy goes to the plug and unplugs the machine. and he accidentaly kills him and everyone. but they are some remaining characters. Blue guy, Green guy, and Red duck. oh, and also New sketchbook.

    • No. Your "theory" is half stolen from another video about it from this channel, and half bs you misinterpreted.

  • God, the memories I have with these old Film Theory videos…

  • As a kid, I knew this from the amazing world of gumball collaboration and it TERRIFIED me, safe to say I didn’t end up watching don’t hug me I’m scared

  • "Why don't we see a baby pigeon? is it because of the government?" No, because they are teaching Yellow Guy about love and cults

    • Roy?

    • actually pigeons grow from new born to looking like an adult in five weeks

    • no, because they are being eaten by duck and red guy at their 'chicken' picnic

    • lol so true

    • Perfect

  • "green is not a creative color" that has to be my favorite line of all time

  • I swear every time I watch matpat I feel like someone is watching me

  • this was a great theory but i noticed something in episode 5, if you pause at just the right time before the duck runs off and knocks the camera over you can see what appears to be the red guy all cramped up in the microwave

  • The reason why he left Blue's Clues was because he was displaying male pattern baldness and he didn't want to have kids see such a change in a beloved kids show character.

  • “DHMIS is a kids TV show, but what does it mean?” *It means that **_reality is an illusion, and the universe is a hologram._*

    • I'm means time is a concept of human perception, an illusion created by-

    • that's deep man

    • "Man, these arms are DURABLE!"


    • DHMS Stands for Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Dhmis

  • “The red guy, the yellow guy and the *Duck* “ lol took me a second to realise that naming the duck after his colour might be a tad bit controversial

  • I love how they made a whole episode on “the amazing world of gumball” of DHMIS

  • Matpat: DHMIS IS ABOUT A CORUPT TV SHOW!!! Teaser for the next season: shows a logo of a British TV channel, hinting towards the next season to be on there.

  • Last bit of this video’s very interesting now given that it’s actually gonna be a TV show on channel 4 now 🥸

  • Considering the fact that don’t hug me I’m scared was marked as a kids video by coppa, I think parents will be a lot more upset at ILaward than before. Good solution ILaward!

  • Kind of ironic now that DHMIS is getting a TV show. I hope that they are able to keep the same ideals and do whatever they want. A man can dream.

  • Lol MatPat I played this for my 5 year old nephew and he just laughs, especially on episode 3 whenever the butterfly was swat dead. Oddly enough he does the same with Attack on Titan

  • 6:47 I didn’t watch the whole thing yet so I’m not sure if you already talked about this, but the tree on the right had a missing poster with all three of them on it

  • At 4:08 you can see Roy looking down on the set and it's so creepy! Rewatching all your vids before the new season is released!!!

    • Dude I never caught that good catch !

  • DHMIS: *exists* The Film Theorists: Finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.

    • *Ah I see you are a man of culture aswell*

    • Nice

  • It’s been so long and we are still waiting for the show to come out, but, they’re done filming it :)

  • i hope he will make more theorys about this when the show comes out. i hope he sees this and responds if he is :,)

  • Actually I can agree my baby sister watches sesame street and I've realized a song that everyone wants to be friends or something it was about people wanting to be your friend I sat there like "that's not true" and laughed seeing that they are putting the wrong thing in children's minds cause that ain't reality 🤣🤣

  • Cool vid! I lived in England as a small kid and I distinctly remember only watching CBBC (Children’s British Broadcasting Channel) and having no adds. Then i had a sleep over at my friends house and they had access to the Nickelodeon channel. They had add breaks before after and in between shows and I was so confused. Now BBC is literally the only channel without adds so I mainly only watch the streaming service and ILaward.

  • Am I the only one that sees Duck as a very dark green, not black?

    • He is green

    • I thought he was green because he was supposed to be like a mallard 🦆

    • Duck is not a creative color

    • *agree*


  • It feels so weird that I'm getting into dhmis when my biology project this semester is "make an edutainment video for kids"

  • "this is one of the weirdest series i've seen on youtube" Lasagna Cat: "hold my beer"

  • More DHMIS. Coming September this year.

  • Wait I got an idea, what if in the first episode the "bad creativity" is symbolism of people neglecting to teach kids about intrusive thoughts and how to deal with them?

  • "The coverage of Queen Elizabeth's coronation was interrupted by a commercial with a dancing monkey" They were way ahead of time with the meme "RETURN TO MONKE"

    • You must be FBI. Your everywhere

    • True

    • Little late

    • @Zerofuku yo same

    • @Itsme_Ivy too late, already blew up, you were just 2 months short

  • This is the most beautiful and uncomfortable series I have ever watched.

  • Time to re-watch this since DHMIS posted recently after years..

  • Still remember when I was 5 and my cousin showed me DHMIS... That brought a fear of spaghetti and beds.

  • My brother showed me some of these episodes when I was younger and I’m still traumatized

  • "Green is not a creative colour" The duck: 👁👄👁

  • Why can I imagine MatPat having nightmares about those puppets from Sesame Street- anyone else?

  • Lol I have been so traumatised from watching salad fingers I look at the episodes of DHMIS and laughed (I still absolutely enjoy DHMIS and the episode are still absolutely insane)

  • I remember my mom putting this on the tv screen with ILaward thinking it was safe as she was scrolling to find something we could watch. I wanted to watch Yo- Gaba- Gaba but I saw the video which reminded me of the muppets. So I asked my mom to put it on which she did. You can guess what happened next lol

  • Anyone else come back to this after the new trailer came out??

  • I think it's also a critical look at how we allow children to use the media so freely without realizing the content of it. With the media being such a huge part of modern society parents often leave their kids to watch shows and videos without actually taking the time to look over the morals and ideals the shows promote.

    • I agree, there are many people who'd eagerly use an awesome media to mess kids up, so parents should definitely watch the cartoons they let their kids watch, and even better to watch it *with* their kids, just to be sure that they don't accidentally allow their kids to be brainwashed into things like the notepad saying that green is not a creative color or crazy brand chasing

    • Like the creators said,they actually like cartoons,I do not think they would make an entire serie of videos to expose cartoons while liking most of them

  • I watched this when I was a kid and had nightmares 🤣

  • i just found something when i was watching the first episode that no one i have seen has mentioned it, in the first episode of dhmis in the fruit basket there is what seems to be a blue head with googly eyes with the hair looking similar to yellow guys hair and a yellow arm

  • It's funny- I loved the "meep meep" aliens on Sesame Street as a kid :P Then again, I also loved the Far Side cartoons. I was a weird kid.

  • "you don't interrupt their queen with a monkey!" best quote ever

  • "The red guy" "The yellow guy" "And the........... Duck" Yeah, that's a good decision describing him like that lol

  • With DHMIS about to air on a British TV channel I wonder if the thing about advertising is still true for the creators?

  • Did anyone else noticed in episode 2 when they talk about time the duck explains that time is just an illusion created by human perception he has a swastika = mc2 written on the board 🤔

  • I'd show my kids dhmis I think it would be hilarious

  • I remember that one of my favorite theory is that the missing paper on the tree in episode 3? That the puppets are actually children who are forced to repeat and repeat the same things *this is shown by the repeating date* *and in the fith episode where duck is continusly repeating itself*

  • I like Inside A Mind’s Theory more imo, it just makes more sense and is a lot less complex than how Matpat describes his theory

  • DHMIS is going to release a new episode!!!!! And the date they released the teaser was on June 19, and was Father’s Day!!! I’m looking forward to watch your film theory.

  • Another question is why is there always a missing sign in almost every episode..?

  • Hmmmm, how did this hold up now with the impending release of this as a literal t.v. show.

  • Now that I’m not a small child I can actually watch this theory without hiding under my bed YAY

    • SAME!! Woo!!!

    • @Bean Face im still 12 and ive watched pretty much every game theory videos and been theorizing for myself

    • @Elicia Stark youtube itself is supposed to be for those 13+. emphasis on supposed, the curating is complete garbage, your parents are supposed to protect you on the internet.

    • @bennickss Oh alright , also I never actually watched the series I just watched the therorys 😁😁😁😁

    • @Elicia Stark YOU are underage by 3 years, this was not meant for kids at all, this was supposed to be a dark parody on sesame street or something like that

  • I've known about DHMIS for five years now, and I just now got that the "a little baby pigeon" line is about the "is this a pigeon" meme

  • Hey matpat! There is a new video that has hidden messages if reversed. I hope you see this comment and get back on it! I think it’s kind of like a trailer to a new 2022 series to channel 4 like in the description. In one of the scenes (reversed), the fly buzzes / someone says “I’m sorry”. Thank you!

  • When I was younger I was watching DHMIS (Don’t hug me, I’m scared) and my younger brother walks in (7 at the time) and he got scarred for life

  • Welp, time for all the people coming to watch these again after the new teaser.

  • “green isn’t a creative color” salad fingers: * sad fleshy noises *

    • Go collect some Pokémon and change into your favourite colour blue red green green is not a creative colour!

    • @jameillie ortiz why did I laugh so hard at that-

    • Deku: *sad broken bones*

    • @Elizabeth who-

    • @cheesy potatoes Ay yo my 𝑞𝑢𝑖𝑟𝑘 is the definition of toga, so im technically in L.O.V.

  • I think this is the first Game Theory video I watched and now I'm watching it several years later