Film Theory: Encanto, The Madrigal Family SECRET!

פורסם בתאריך 27 מאי 2022
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By the end of Encanto, we see Dolores united with her prince charming - or at least that is what it seems like from the outside. Theorists, when watching Encanto for the 100th time, my mind started thinking a little too hard about the whole Madrigal family and their magical, secluded town. Let's just say MAYBE they should hold off on the wedding for a while...
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Forrest Lee and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • That’s fair but it’s revealed in the art book that Augustine is from outside the encanto so chances are there’s a trickle of people coming in

    • @Jelly-mid Clearly it mattered enough for you to respond with a grammatically incorrect sentence. So I mean if you didn't care and if it's so unimportant you would just be quiet.

    • @Bunni Boo whatever you’re horribly insulting me on doesn’t matter to me anymore 1 because it’s been weeks so you’re late 2 it’s 3AM.

    • @Jelly-mid Whatever still doesn't change my main point that nobody's been able to get in or get out for 50 years due to the mountains. But here's a cookie smarty pants.🍪

    • @Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba it would definitly explain Augustins clothing, it looked very different from the rest of the villages fashion

    • @Bunni Boo no the Encanto isn’t where they live they live in the Casita 💀🤓

  • The main problem with the theory is that it’s been confirmed that people have come in from outside the village. Also, there were plenty of people living there even initially that inbreeding wouldn’t happen in just 50 years, which really isn’t that long when it comes to this topic.

    • Omg Omg

    • @Braiden Smack they confirmed that people have come from outside the town. and even if no one did, there's no reason to believe inbreeding happened in only 50 years. that's hardly any time to have passed

    • Yeah but the writers confirmed it

    • Exactly.

    • those are my exact thoughts lol

  • The 50 rule is on an already isolated community. It's shown in the movie that the village is very genetically diverse with a wide range of skin and hair types, and body shapes. The village they originated from was probably one that had excellent trade and population movement

    • Latino families are very diverse

  • 1:40 Casita fixed itself. Casita's "health" is determined by the general mental/emotional state of Abuela/Mirabel, so, I don't really know exactly what counts as "bad enough mental health for Casita to be cracking" vs "good enough mental health for Casita to be cracking," but I think maybe just the fact that Mirabel was, at that point, distracted by the cracks rather than focusing on her internal depression (or whatever you want to call it) may have been sufficient for the cracks to go away. But hey, that's just a theory. A film theory!

    • Aaaaaaaaaaand CUT!

    • @Nova Kitty Oh wow. That kinda makes sense. That would be peak irony right there 😬

    • heard someone else theorize that the cracks healed themselves because of how Mirabel felt when Abuela believed her at first about the cracks

    • Ironic: Mirabel panicking about the cracks made them disappear. Really, even assuming Bruno managed to seal up all the cracks in walls and floors seamlessly, and clean up the cieling tiles (which is a big stretch) there's no way he could repair the staircase.

  • It was stated pretty clearly in the movie that there ARE outsiders coming in and settling in the Encanto. Julietta married a man from the city. There was even going to be a love interest for Isabella that comes from outside the Encanto. Sorry y'all, unlike the last one you definitely missed with this.

    • @soɔǝʇıdolɐɹʇsn∀ Did I say those words? I don't see where I said those words lol. I made my point with Mirabel's father, and added the extra tid-bit of interesting info about Isabella for emphasis. The point being: people are obviously making their way in to the Encanto.

    • Concept art counts as cannon now?

  • A lot of people probably think you're exaggerating when you say you've seen the movie 50+ times with your kid, but as a parent I want to assure y'all that it's not an exaggeration. When a kid gets hooked they may watch a movie 2-5 times a day. Two weeks in and you've had it in the background 59+ times.

    • i used to watch frozen so much, it made my family sick of it😭😭

    • My sister got into Captain Underpants so every day her and my mom watched it like 2 times a day 😑 TvT Thank goodness we cant find the dvd...

    • You know it's more than 2-5 times a day.

    • its because of my little sister i can recite each word in coraline haha

    • I feel kind of bad for my parents, because when I was a toddler the movie I was hooked on for over a year was “Godzilla Raids Again” The 1959 English dub of the 1955 Japanese sequel to Godzilla. I had a bootleg VHS copy and I brought that thing with me to daycare I was so obsessed

  • I thought about this in waaaaay to much detail during the height of my kid’s Encanto hype. My conclusion is that they are only on their 2nd/3rd generation of isolation so they likely haven’t started inbreeding yet. But they are only a few decades away from everyone being cousins so it’s probably a good thing that those mountains fell down.

  • Film Theory: Mirabell actually did get a gift, time manipulation, and we see it used many times throughout the film.

    • @Violet S. I honestly never considered that

    • I always thought Mirabel's Gift was the ability to bring the magic back to the Encanto if it's broken. Like her door was absorbed into her and then comes out again when the doorknob is replaced. Which is also why she has that close connection with casita, she's essentially part of the magic now. Abuela focused too much on the candle as the source of the "miracles" not realizing "the miracle is you," and so the casita knew things had to break before they could be fixed, and Mirabel is the right person to pick up the mantle as Matriarch after Abuela lost sight of what was truly important

    • That's what it thought to

    • O


  • 50 years is not enough time for inbreeding to become a problem especially when a whole village is concerned unless they specifically tried to “keep it in the family” which i surely doubt is the case.

  • This actually works really well with my analysis that the breaking point for the house WAS the marriage, because Isa didn't love Mariano and Casita would not stand for the next generation of Madrigals to be raised in a loveless marriage. It had to be arranged carefully to hold off inbreeding, but it wouldn't be an emotionally healthy environment for children; so Casita just hit reboot on the whole thing to prevent generational disaster.

  • "We haven't stopped" is the struggle of a parent, good luck with the rest of the movie binge watching Mat

    • @Shaledic Studios I'll admit It, I did, funny prank (but fr tho, why so many bots)

    • @Yumira🔞 who? Asked?

    • @Fulton J Wingba Jr. oh boy religious bots

    • fun fact, whenever I'm in the car with my little brother, we always listen to the Disney Movies like Encanto and Turning Red (as well as some other songs) thankfully, we're not always in the same car most of the time, so I don't need to worry about those same songs stuck in my head.


  • 1:40 yes, I think Casita did fix itself and it does have the ability to do so, but it's mostly connected to the feelings of Mira (and maybe even Abuela). during the scene where Isa and Mira are singing What Else Can I Do, at the part where they stood in front of the candle and Isa hugs Mira, the cracks started to vanish (probably because Mira is happier being reconciled with her sister) so yeah, it's definitely not Bruno who did the fixing.

  • Recently I've really enjoyed a small dystopian short film series by the name of Autodale. I think there is tons of potential for Film Theory to find out more about this world and would be a nice interlude while some other movies come out rather than having to do the same movies again and again. I think almost all of these videos are great but, I'm sure from a creative perspective doing the same movies can be a bit of a burn out. So I encourage MatPat and the Film Theorist's amazing minds to give Autodale a quick look to see if there is theory potential. I would love to see it if you do!

  • 1:13 she doesnt pick the bridge, that just a random piece of stones., the question is.... was she lying on the floor, with that stones on top of her, waiting for mirabel?

  • I love the fact that we're still getting theories about this movie because Matt is being forced to watch it against his will at the command of a toddler.

  • Kinda impressive how MatPat was able to take a movie like Encanto and managed to conclude that everyone was simply a result of methodically planned out inbreeding.

    • Well I mean he isn't wrong..

    • ​@JeffMan YES

    • @Darius Bostic no thank you

    • The thing is that's exactly what happens. With European nobility, everyone was a cousin to someone, with only the occasional soldier or wealthy commoner elevated to nobility. Therefore, genealogy was exceptionally important. Even after seeing what happened with the Hapsburgs, second and third cousin marriages were considered quite normal.

    • Well, MatPat did have to rewatch this 45 times

  • 9:36 He's also wearing glasses, which is a trait that she cannot change. It seems more like she can undo trauma done to a body, rather than "heal every ailment a body is currently experiencing"

  • Film Theory: Mirabell actually did get a gift, time manipulation, and we see it used many times throughout the film.

  • I absolutely LOVE how he researches things for the sake of a movie theory lol And it's awesome

  • The first cracks in the house was because Mirabel felt so excluded and was being left out. But when she came to warn them about the cracks everyone came to her aid, and came together, putting the house back together for the time being

  • Finally another encanto theory …. Oh ….. well I wasn’t expecting that.

    • @Mo Mauve I caught 13. And they're all the same ones that are in every multi-reply comment section. Gotta wonder if reporting any of them actually does anything.

  • I love how most of these theories aren't canon but with his way of explaining it he makes it sound like it was canon

  • Even if there was inbreeding before the movie really got started, it ain’t a problem anymore since the mountains got destroyed when the candle burned out which means people can come in more easily which means no more inbreeding! Edit: 13:00 (-ish) and there you go.

  • Theory : mirabel didn’t get a gift because as augustin didn’t have a gift their was a lower chance of her getting one.

  • I think that inbreeding actually takes more than 50 years to take place. Especially given how many people were leaving and got stuck in Encanto's city at the beginning.

  • The only problem with this theory is that there’s 2 characters in the movie who speak about coming from out of town

    • @Mary Jane Blunt & Kevin Alvizurez woah

    • @Mary Jane Blunt & Kevin Alvizurez maybe not necessarily. It could be for a newly wedded couple

    • @Mary Jane Blunt & Kevin Alvizurez They said he left, not explicitly implying “Hey! Bruno left the mountains and the whole town!” Instead, they just say he is gone and no longer there with them, almost like he’s dead. But that’s just a theory

    • @Mohamed Ramadan That's debatable and Matpat showed they started with around 75 people at most.

    • @Rainy weather lol maybe buy maybe that's what they want you to think

  • Can't wait to see your video of "backrooms pitfalls"

  • That crack at the end wasn’t the border though, it’s just a mountain within the border. After all, Mirabel goes through it and goes to the river where Abuela got the gift. We see in the flashback that the walls go up around Abuela when she gets the gift. And that river would have to be within the border, otherwise Abuela would have no way to get herself and her three babies inside the village walls.

    • ​ @Clarissa McLaughlin During "Dos Oruguitas" when the flashback happens, we can see the mountains rising up and cutting them off from the river, blocking it from view. Plus they had to leave the Encanto through the crack to even get to the river, which means it was (relatively) inaccessible until the crack opened up. Then after Bruno shows up with the only horse we ever see in the movie, they all ride back towards the crack to get back to the Encanto

    • @Audrey Wilson No, Adbuela just says she was never able to go back there-she doesn’t say it was because of the mountains. I always took it as she wasn’t emotionally able to bring herself back to the place where she watched her husband be murdered. I get the symbolism of setting people free, but logistically that river had to be within the border.

    • The mountains rose up and cut off the Encanto from the river; Abuela says she was never able to get back there, due to the mountains. But after 50 years, the danger has passed, the "chrysalis" is no longer needed, so the mountain cracks as a symbol that anyone is free to come and go from the Encanto now, because it's safe to do so. The butterflies all flew into the Encanto even as Mirabel and Abuela (and Bruno) emerged from it. Mirabel set everyone free, both literally and metaphorically lol

  • nice to finally know what the movie was subtly hinting at all along

  • Hey MapPat, although you have already done a lorax theory, can you figure out how much money the once-ler has by the end of his story, and at the end of the film?

  • Regarding the road and the bridge, my interpretation is that Luisa is re-arranging the town for the wedding. That's why she's moving the church to a more central location, that's why she's diverting the river and moving the bridge because she diverted the river and now it flows on a new path, thus needed her to move the existing bridge to a new location.

    • Last fight

    • That makes sense

    • @YOU Mn man,

    • Luisa changed around the road in the very beginning, so it would've been for Antonio's Gift Ceremony, not the wedding.

    • @Cold Gold true. I always assumed that diverting the river had something to do with crops, irrigation, new seasons, whatever. But changing the course of the river would be reason to rearrange the whole town. I could see Abuela taking advantage of that to make the town perfect for the wedding because she likes to be prepared, so it might be partly true.

  • "No diving in today my friends, this gene pool is shallow" The writing on this dude, truly phenomenal, great job Mat!

  • Could you do a film theory on the gruffalo/the gruffalos child I think it would be really cool ❤️

  • I feel like just listening to the Latin Spanish dub is a good way to show who’s from where and what region of Colombia, showing that there is, in fact a trickle of outsiders coming in to the encanto

  • I randomly love the idea that your kid will once look these videos up and sees his childhood destroyed by its own dad. :D

  • I love how film theory takes a Disney movie and makes it slightly more terrifying than the freezeframe of the dancing donkeys with 0 context

  • The cracks are real but when she feels wanted and needed she fixes the cracks because she is the sole of the house

  • For some reason the only lyric that comes to mind from the movie after watching this is 🎶If you're impressed, imagine how I feel🎶

  • I also thought, "Wait, so they have been isolated for so long? What about relationships?"

  • hi mat pat! I just watched the movie “chip and dale; rescue rangers” on disney plus and there were so so many hidden easter eggs of characters pleasee make an episode on this!!

  • i would love to see doroles and mariano's wedding in encanto 2.

  • The question about the first cracks being real or not has been driving me INSANE since the first time i saw it too matpat, ur not alone lol

  • You know in encanto when mirabel brings the house back to life when the doors come back to life they don't have the characters with their gifts and what is mirabel's door is exactly the same before she got her gift

  • Got me thinking about Wall-E 🤔 would the 500 years they were in space be long enough for them to start resorting to that as well?

  • I love how mat pat is one of the nicest people ever and he starts with topics like inbreeding and cannibalism

    • Last fight


    • And Markiplier’s taste in Pokémon

    • A lot of nice people like strong/violent/taboo subjects in fictional media because that doesn't affect their personality at all. MatPat is a clear example of that. He's the sweetest and nicest guy, and he loves horror media.

  • Dude went as far as making a simulation! That's dedication!

  • The fact we are still theorizing this movie after 3 months is crazy

  • As postal dude once said: “would it be safe to say them at your family tree is one big copious loop?”

  • In the deleted scenes I saw that one of the early ideas for Isabellas boyfriend wasn't Mariano, but Bobo from the city... So I guess they do get outside visitors!

  • Mirabel, her sisters and cousins are the first generation of their family to be born within the Encanto. Presumably, there have only been one or two generations for other families in the village. Another comment mentioned how one of her family members (who married into the family) came from outside the village. But it couldn't hurt to have some more generic diversity lol

    • @Darius Bostic for you reading this: you know mortal kombat you know what real pain feels like jax in that series was traumatized and felt bad for things he did as a revenant he lost his arms that was his first pain then killed by sindel then did things for shinnok and now traumatized everyday i know he's fictional but still

    • @Jesus Saves! bruh its called science get it right


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  • Have you seen the new animation from David Firth? I would love to see an episode on it.

  • I have a theory my theory is: In total drama island is any of the stuff Chris does even possible/legal with a contract?

  • MatPat has literally watched this movie so much that he's trying to figure out the sexual activity of movie characters..

  • I know this has nothing to do with Encanto but I'm curious about the anime fire force and want to know how much fire would you have to emit from your feet to fly

  • Mirabel, her sisters and cousins are the first generation of their family to be born within the Encanto. Presumably, there have only been one or two generations for other families in the village. Another comment mentioned how one of her family members (who married into the family) came from outside the village. But it couldn't hurt to have some more generic diversity lol

    • @Balki Bartokomous true

    • True, but good odds there was a child born in the Encanto 1 year after they arrived. They didn't just "not have kids" for 50 years.

    • Kids that ask Mirabelle about her gift were also new. Coz not to know about such is weird. Her family is the most important one in village.

    • @Child Of Icarus yea but people came into the down before the mountain cracked. There was a woman in the movie who was new in town

  • I’m so glad someone’s pointed this out It’s something that always bothered me 😭😭😭

  • Has anyone else noticed how dolores travels a mile in a (seemingly) very short time at the start of the movie?

  • 2:43 my 6 year old sister loops this song and bruno appears in my brain every time i even hear the word Encanto

  • He should do a theory on how much money was lost in the final train scene of lone ranger

  • Now just to make people uncomfortable, I want to do this: “Your kids are beautiful!” “Thanks! They’re outbred.”

    • @Spirit!!! it’s weird right? Lol

    • Omg half the replies are bots😭 I'm so sorry dude,You deserve better😭

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    • Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them! Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants! Have a blessed day, everyone!! ❤

    • I've never seen such a diverse range of bots under a comment before. Way to stick to the theme of the video lol

  • When you thought Disney couldn't get more messed up.

  • We've seen the Casita de-crack-ify itself repeatedly throughout the film. The cracks come and go, until they went nuts at the end. There's nothing too complicated about those. It's only been 50 years, enouth time for 2-3 generations to have been born there. Hardly a problem yet. Also, since they do arranged marriages, they probably plan to avoid that. Plus, with the mountain split, travel to/from the outside world is now possible. The mountain didn't get put back together when the house was re-magicked. Here's a real issue: the priest isn't ordained. He's younger than the Abuela, so he would have had to come from outside, or else he isn't a real priest according to the Catholic church.

  • When you go to the end of the video when he said "A FILM THEORY" the "A" sounded like he was being choked by his own saliva.

  • Another person I was watching Encanto with basically thought the same thing.

  • I feel like when casita cracks the FIRST time…. It’s a premonition. She has no “powers” however I feel like she definitely had a whole connection to casita no one else had. Casita granted her the vision of the casita damaged, Not to mention her glasses are green and Bruno’s color theme is green and his color is associated with the visions he has. But that’s just a theory lmao

    • That's just a theory, a EMMLES THEORY

    • But the cut in her hand was real.

    • Her actual power is her grandmother's power, the house and the encanto itself. Her grandmother just hasn't gone into retirement. There is a bit of a secondary story about older generations not allowing the younger ones to flourish as individuals. The main one obviously being generational perfectionism just like turning red.

  • Ten years. I remember when I used to go to the website everyday to see new gaming trivia or Easter eggs. Where does the time go¿ xD

  • Siblings 2 parents, 1st cousins 4 grandparents, 2nd cousins 8 great grandparents, 3rd cousins 16 great great grandparents, 4th cousins 32 great great great grandparents, 5th cousins 64 great great great great grandparents. Charles 2 had 9 great great grandparents instead of 16. It also gets more complicated because his dad was his mom's (creepy) uncle. If you want an even more messed up family shrub I suggest looking into the Egyptian dynasties Problem inbreeding can start with 1 gen of siblings but quickly diminishes the further away the cousin is. First cousins share 12.5% of DNA but second cousins only share 3.1.

  • I can't wait for tourists to show up in that place maybe a love interest for the main character

  • Hey Matt I'm not sure if you are going to see this but me and my sister have a joke that Bruno has incredible leg muscles because of the amount of steps he climbed every day he lived in the tower and if it's possible could you possibly do a science theory on it

  • One thing I heard is that Encanto’s plot, at least one of the early drafts, was originally going to be a “journey” set plot were the main cast would leave Encanto and into the modern world. With a show confirmed to be in the making, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that original plot would be the basis for it, and if it is, it would be a solution to this issue.

    • So entering and leaving is possible, just really hard and there's like no incentive to do so.

    • Technically the Encanto has never completely been closed off. It's confirmed that Mirabel's father came from the outside of the Encanto. So a tiny group of people probably went in and always could it's just that they'd have to climb high mountains for that.


    • Finally its here.

    • Last fight

  • you know in encanto when mirabel brings the house back to life the doors don't have the characters with their gifts and mirabel's door is exactly the same before she got her gift

  • This video is one you'll most definitely wanna watch. All the implications and theory possibilities are there to expand upon to what's already there.

  • 2:08 yessss, I also noticed how Pepa seems to not like Mirabel that much

  • The way this theory gets destroyed easily when you remembered that AUGUSTINE WAS AN OUTSIDER and used to live in a city

  • This same logic should be applied to Moana. I was just rewatching it when I noticed how small and completely isolated her island is. And if you consider that her ancestors stopped traveling to different lands around the same time that Maui stole the heart, it's been about 1,000 years of the same people staying place.

    • @Duck Duck This is still wrong though cause in real life on a Polynesian island their is at least 4000 people which is not going to cause inbreeding so no issues anyways.

    • @Doctor Blackhole we are talking about the moana population, 50 years and heavy regulation of who marries who is okay like for encanto, but moana's likely has some form of genetic issues, once again, if what your saying is true, then likely the encanto population could continue on a bit more if kept an eye on as this population has a magical medic and also their previously isolated population was only like that for 50 years, while for moana's population, which has been isolated for LONGER, with no tracking who marries who and more than 100 years on the island that is small, there is a high potential of inbreeding occurring fast and hard

    • @Beliasify If you read what I said previously, you can see that I said the Encanto will be fine if they track their families properly, and only have 3rd cousins marry cause this has such a low risk that for a long time nothing bad will ever happen.

    • @Doctor Blackhole This is coming from research where the overall majority of the family isn't marrying and having children with second cousins. Having one person in a family have children with a second cousin once isn't too dangerous, but when you start having the majority of a family not changing up genetic structure...that becomes a much larger problem.

    • Moana's tribe is definitely inbred. The town of Encanto has only been there for 50 years, and they had quite a few people with them, so I'm sure they aren't inbred yet. After all, the grandkids were the first generation actually born IN the Encanto.

  • This is the video that singlehandedly ruined the movie for me and I love it

  • matpat talks so much about science stuff on all of his videos that i forget that this is a game/film theory video lol

  • And remember in the sene where Bruno says the aunt had a crush on her niece but their love could never work because it was forbidden

  • We need this same theory but with moana island. Would have been amazing put them togheter in one theory. Great theory, btw!

  • On a random note, I'm now just mentally hearing MatPat singing "We Don't Talk About Bruno" while walking around the house planning his theories for Encanto. That just lives rent free in my head now, especially cuz MatPat's voice is *amazing.*

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