Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

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Just in time for Halloween, get ready for the SPOOPY conclusion of Salad Fingers! Last time we already covered a lot of ground, but I was just getting started, and this story was FAR from over. This episode uncovers who Salad Fingers is, what the heck all his finger puppet friends are doing and WHAT THE HECK is up with that horse??
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  • Now, I'm not much of a theorist, and I agree with like 95% of what he says in this theory, there's a tiny bit at the end that I don't agree with. I agree that salad fingers is a WW1 vet, who is suffering from some form of shell shock, or PTSD. It seems to me that the very last scene doesn't refer to his family. I think that it refers to other soldiers who were in WW1, maybe even soldiers that he fought alongside, which is why he refers to them as "the platoon." Maybe because they were actually in his platoon. And that's also why they're also identical to salad fingers. Every single one of the salad fingers is another veteran, each suffering from their own problems, whether its PTSD, a severe injury, or an amputation that sets them apart from everyone else. This is why salad fingers feels like he has a family with them, because he doesn't feel like he fits in with the rest of society, but he fits in with other wounded soldiers. Each one of the salad fingers is broken and damaged by the war. They're all broken, but they're all together. Idk, I'm not a very good theorist, but I thought it made sense. But hey, that's just a theory, a fan theory.

    • @An average cup of tea i would rather say a 10 000 words essay rather than essay, because essay actually emblances the shortens of the theme so dont write "essay" just 10 000 word essay makes more sense

    • Too long need shorter like is this a essay or a comment

    • No cause this is genius.

    • Bro wrote a whole essay

    • What if the green colour is due to chlorine gas skin damage?

  • We see the story from Salads eyes. It makes me wonder what it looks like from the outside.

  • I believe his mother may not have died through child birth, because one of the horses at his birthday party has a sewn stomach. May also just be because of Salad Fingers brain damage but still.

    • Definitely not his mother considering the “glass mother” episode

    • @Amber Galway i mean salad fingers abandoned stitch head kinda

    • The Glass Mother also exists in episode 11 so it's quite possible that she's alive, and abusive.

    • @Amber Galway I mean, I dont work in the birth ward, but it was just a thought

    • @LargeDaddyBennett not likely no....but it could be a good theory

  • I honestly love Finger's voice, I think it's cute

    • He sounds like...what's the word?

    • Same I love his voice, it's honestly oddly calming and cute to me

    • Yeah. :]

    • His voice is okay.

    • I'll stop you right here

  • I have a small theory: I think when Salad Fingers is talking to Mr Branches, he's also rehashing prior experiences from his childhood. Hallucinating the face of a younger self, a child, I think Salad Fingers adapts the role of either his mother, or father, I'm more leaning to the idea that it's his mother, considering the next scene is of Salad Fingers giving birth. I researched after hearing the line that goes something like, "You've got a poorly, we'll have to get some vinegar and-" I don't know the line exactly, but vinegar is known to bring more bacteria to a wound. Considering in Episode 11, you see his mother actively poisoning him, I don't think it's far fetched to believe that this was him reliving a memory of his mother increasing the pain of an already lethal, possible inflicted wound, I believe that when Salad Fingers was talking to Mr Branches, it was actually a fractured memory of Salad himself, where he's acting as the mother figure. Something that supports this, is the line, "You'll have to grow out those branches if you want to get inside." And, "Those cacky spider-fingers aren't going anywhere, Andrew-Hands." I know this was said by the Glass Brother, but it demonstrates a similar form of abuse. This was just a theory I thought of, I could be wrong, it could be the mother, the father, the brother, but since the brother has been hinted to have died, I edge more to the idea of it being his mother. Note: in Episode 11, Salad says, "It's not fair, I've been in here too long, I'd like to come out now." Which links to the line towards Mr Branches. "It's not fair, i've been in here too long, I'd like to come out now." "You'll have to grow out those branches if you'd like to come inside."

    • Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown- while Jill came tumbling after! Up Jack got And home did trot, As fast as he could caper; Went to bed To mend his head With *vinegar* and brown paper. Jill came in And she did grin To see his paper plaster; Mother, vex’d, Did whip her next For causing Jack's disaster!! It is just a medicine I'm sorry but the interpretation it was meant to cause disease is counterproductive, if anything it shows an amount of compassion and a time period but I am very passionate about the Vinegar. Vinegar is amazing


    • Vinegar is anti bacterial but I like the stuff about the cartoon

    • Oop

  • Am I the only one that thinks this is really sad for salad fingers, he’s been completely and forever permanently traumatized (to me)

    • @multinamecrisis EXCUSE ME WHAT

    • @multinamecrisis I'm....not gonna ask

    • @NyxFlix that's not how DID works and psychosis has absolutely nothing to do with dissociative disorders either

    • ikr I feel so bad for him

    • @Marinela Strajeriu no

  • All this makes me question what's really happening while salad's having all these hallucinations

  • Am I the only one who absolutely loves that MatPat calls him "Fingers"

  • Matpat watching the horse tearing into the stomach: sad Matpat watching duck guy( robin) getting eaten alive: normal

    • The duck was humanoid

    • @Dork eh I have more sympathy for the horse over duck, Doi or Harry anyday

    • @Rhylie Williams the duck was screaming in pain tho 💀

    • Yea cause horse looked sad

  • 8:10 the fact that saladfingers cried when saying that makes me so sad for him :((

  • "Green monsters deserve some love too." *The Grinch approves this message.*

    • And (insert green misunderstood monster character here)

    • the duck from DHMIS and the green m&m has joined that chat

    • Yes

    • And the Almighty Frog

    • **The Green Giant has joined the chat**

  • Is salad fingers really THAT deep? It would certainly give great insight into a broken mind, trying to understand and work through emotional pain. I found the "series" just so disturbing but fascinating, that I had to rewatch them all, to try and make sense of it all. It really is ripped apart and all over the place and is either Genius or more disturbing than I thought. One thing for sure, I was missing the music in the background, when the drawing style changed. Good job on making sense of it, seems reasonable enough!

  • I always partially wondered if the inspiration for salad fingers came from psychological cases that have been documented and then turned into a animated series. This analysis just makes me feel even stronger about this. Either someone's own psychological problems, or those documented of a patient that were just so mind boggling that they made for a great twisted cartoon. Just a thought, A FILM THOUGHT!!!

  • The way he said the "local toilet" line made me go ballistic.

    • @fly.w4vy wow very interesting You’re so intelligent Must not be American You know so many words 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Angry why? And yes what you said means angry. American ba?

  • the 11th episode really shows us salad finger’s experience with his family that matpat talked about when showed us that salad fingers is hubert cumberdale

  • Matpat: "cooking the old hot dog" My brain: "throwing the salad"

    • Giving her the salad fingers

    • I love how the last reply is just so straight forward than the rest.

    • Clapping cheeks

    • Roasting* Tossing*

  • This should be on adult swim I feel like they arnt ready for it tho 😂

    • I've definitely seen worse than Salad Fingers. I really love this show.

    • It’s existed since 2006, so I think at least 5 employees at AS have been exposed to Mr. Fingers.

    • I feel like some of the scenes are like the things before going back to the show after ads on As

  • Salad fingers is honestly one of the most terrifying things I’ve found on ILaward. Yet I still somehow love it. Awesome video matpat!

  • Pretty good theory, even without putting the pieces together I assumed his fragmented existence was due to trauma, so I did like the series

  • Even so many years later, to me Salad Fingers feels like a broken mirror. The mirror has a lot of broken pieces, you can't figure out which one was the original piece of that mirror, there's smaller fragments. Salad Fingers isn't complete because his mind, that mirror, is broken.

  • When a British person says they'd like a word with you. Run. Run fast and run far

    • Yeah I’m British and can make a very good salad fingers voice and use the sentence to get out of awkward conversations and they all run away except like strangers as my friends and I made it a code to get away from conversation idk why but it’s funny

    • Why are you being stereotypical to the glorious empire of the English?

    • @Toilet water I just want to say I love your name

    • I’d like a word with you


  • Thank you for helping me tie up this mental loose end of from like two decades ago. Now that I know what it all means it can haunt me much more deliberately.

  • This is amazing!! I can't even imagine how many times you would have had to watch these to figure all these theories out haha. But amazing thank you so much. I would love to hear what the original creators think of the theory and to hear what they originally had thought out for the series concept

  • Salad fingers came out when I was very young, and I watched it a few years later, around 6 or 8 years old, and I remember loving it and the games made from it. How is it that I can watch salad fingers without any fear, but can't watch an actual horror movie

  • I love the salad fingers series it really represents the broken human mind and just how powerful the mind itself. Its like a lens, either you see whats there clearly or its distorted and its not the same compared to whats actually there like its cracked, or should I say, Broken. Salad fingers has experienced so much pain and he reenacts it in a way maybe to cope with it or feel alive instead of internally dead because of memories.. This series is disturbing but truthful in a heavily metaphoric way and I love it and how it represents our phsycologic "lens". it really leaves a lot of mystery

    • Ok

    • #deep

    • That is the same thing I was thinking it is scary but it is more sad for me

  • Can I just say that I admire people who create a story that is so twisted and full of lore

  • So I came across this, and someone told me to click on it because they were interested, and I realised that something was wrong. How would Hubert know about conversations he didn't exist for? For example, the conversation between the Navy soldier, (the sailor), and the father of Hubert's mother. Just a thought.

  • Looking back on it, I always found it really satisfying that the creator didn't actually have a story in mind. He just made it to make it, and honestly that's why salad fingers is good in my opinion. It didn't really need a story

  • I like how the series continues until now and still you did continue exploring it pat

  • this stuff gave me nightmares, the sounds, and the the imagery, makes it nightmare fuel its crazy and made so well and now we get to know the story! this series is great.

  • That was an actually wholesome ending to a horrifying show.

  • Fun fact: David Firth said that MatPat's Salad Fingers' theories are ridiculous and nothing close to what he intended.

    • Yep

    • Death of the author applies here. Whether intended or not, Salad Fingers can be interpreted this way.

    • @banettenighmare oh

    • @PlantYT Nope. Not a word

  • matpad: you had to wait long enough so lets not waste anymore time me watching 5 years after the video released: yes, a really long time

  • I watched this show a few day ago actually and this theory makes so much sense

  • As interesting as these couple videos have been, I think I'm gonna stop with the salad fingers for today before I end up having nightmares

  • This video just puts the thoughts I had watching the episodes again a few years ago into words.

  • The perfect intro for a Film Theory doesn't exi-

  • I think the reference to the platoon at the end proves he was in the war. The members of his platoon were all injured or decaying in some way. He left his disapproving family to go to WW1, where, in the trenches, the color of his skin did not matter. All of his platoon mates died in the war leaving him alone, left by the one group he felt accepted by. After which he returns with PTSD broken from reality. The imagery of the disfigured salad fingers at the table is to represent his fellow soldiers, disfigured by the war, note one has a bullet hole, one is missing a chunk of his head like he had been hit with a mortar. Also all of the imagery around the eyes is similar to the imagery of monsters in gas masks (see mustard gas). He felt abandoned as a baby and child, when to war, and returned feeling just as abandoned by his dead platoon mates. edit: also his use of the air pump in his chest closely resembles an iron lung.

    • xX Joss Xx This makes sense if the time placement is actually during ww2. Maybe the starts of it.

    • McBehrer But Jeremy Fisher was in the Great War (WW1) tho

    • good theory

    • The theories don't conflict so they could both work.

  • Dude, I started watching this thinking "Oh no, another American trying to analyse something that is un-analysable". But you know as I watched I have to say you made a good argument for your stance. Outstanding stuff brosef.

  • Is it odd that I find Salad finger's voice calming? Like his voice is soft and the whispers are quite relaxing in a way.

  • I remember this series. Wish u could make another theory on this 😭

  • aight im feeling happy for him than being scared because hes at my face! that theory had the deepest meaning...makes me...wanna sit and...get lost.... in my own body... i know i repeated it twice but it makes me feel like it

  • The conversation between Jeremy and salad fingers is creepy 3:28

    • @drew durnil appreciation day 1st March wow so quirky

    • @That Girl Marley no cause its really not scary

    • I'd say it's very real

    • Maybe I am just a psychopath but I think it's normal like I talk to myself like that sometimes

    • @That Girl Marley いいえ、あなたは気が狂っていません。あなたはそれが怖くないと思うだけです! (No you're not insane. You just think it's not scary!)

  • Gordan ramsey: THE SALAD IS BLAND Salad fingers: Yes chef sorry chef

  • That's enough for today. I need to watch something a little less...gruesome before I sleep tonight :,)

  • I remember in middle school salad fingers was the big talk. In 2009 when I was 13 we had a “computer lab class” and we would constantly show this video to the person next to us. I was never disturbed by them but just weirded out

  • I think that Marjory was the mother of salad fingers, and Jeremy is his father. He also switches into their personalities in multiple scenes.

  • Did anybody notice that the ring that the creepy kid gives to Fingers is a tooth and that Fingers is missing a tooth also???

  • that jumpscare with hubert has to be one of the funiest jumpscares I have ever seen

  • I always thought the poll delivering a present in the 10th episode was salad fingers getting a lobotomy. It even fits with the timeline as lebotamies where most common in 1940

  • Need to do an update since episode 11 came out!!!!!! It’s literally so awesom!!!!

  • 9:01 it’s weird that this was made before episode 11 yet the theory still fits, if anything episode 11 kind of revolves around or proves this theory to be correct

  • This is my theory: Once upon a time, there was a black soldier named Jeremy that fell in love with a red-headed white female. When the girl's father found out about their relationship, he killed Jeremy and lied to his daughter that he ran away. But it was to late. His daughter was pregnant with Hubert (Salad Fingers) and Kennet. The girl died during the birth, but the children survived. Hubert and Kennet were raised by their mother's sister, that hatet them because of their skin cocor. Then the WW1 started. The brothers went to fight for their country. The other soldiers in their plutoon nicknamed Hubert Salad Fingers because of his long and slender fingers. In the war, his brother and his bestfriends died, maybe in front of him, maybe not. When the war finished, Hubert was all alone. His own family had died. And then, he fell in love with a girl that gave him a baby. The girl ran away and let Hubert, A veteran with PTSD, all alone to take care of the baby. He couldn't raise the child nor let him with his aunt because he was scared. What if she will raise the baby how she raised Hubert and Kennet? So Hubert killed the baby. And in the end, at the table, there were Kennet and their friends.The plutoon. All dead. Hubert was happy. His family is with him, eating together, maybe Hubert's own sanity, but he was happy. He could die happy. And in the end, I think that he died all alone and because of that he could be with his friend at that table. But hey! That's just a theory!


    • I think I agree with both theories combined. Idk how but it just makes sense.

    • That is definitely an amazing theory, I wouldn't be creative enough to do that

    • I love that theory but salad fingers is still alive, since there is a new episode ‘glass brother’

  • Man I forgot how much I loved this guy.

  • I love salad fingers voice it’s just so… soothing-

  • A wise notebook once said “Now let’s all agree, to never be creative again!” Wise words

  • You should have talked about how those people at the table all have wounds consistent with Great War wounds. Perhaps there is some metaphor about the damage of war.

  • I watched the full series of salad fingers but this is interesting because it was confusing so this is good :)

  • its insane to picture yourself in his mid, just look outside or at your family or around your room, you dont see an empty barren wasteland but its all he's ever known.

  • 3:40 That one was CRAZY, I had no idea they connected so well, When I saw salad fingers at the toliet talking to himself I was confused and puzzled, and for jeremy I thought salad finger was just saying nonsense

  • This is completely different analysis then I previously watched. Very interesting

  • The flesh-boy Hubert Cumberdale also has kind of the same sounding voice as Salad

  • Matpat theroy on the ending: I think he been trap in his mind from his abuse and went insane seeing the world. different. then he committed suicide to stop the pain.

  • I’ve already read a theory on this and it’s basically this theory. Same things happen. And for some reason... I love the idea that Salad Fingers is Hubert Cumberdale...

    • Or occasionally Barbara Logan-Price when he forgets Hubert's name lol

  • This makes so much more sense if you also watch the 2 episodes which were created long after the 10th episode

  • "Jeremy Fisher" is the name of a character from one of the books written by Beatrix Potter, an English writer from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. She died in the 1940's.

    • @Lyle the LazyLungfish well that’s...

    • @Daniel’s Garden You're not wrong- thing is, as a young child, I just thought it was very funny

    • @Lyle the LazyLungfish well they where pretty dark in reality though

    • @Duck It must've been a coincidence, then. She died in 1943.

    • @Daniel’s Garden yep! Childhood stories, am I right?

  • I think now that there are two more episodes that perhaps revisiting Salad Fingers would be beneficial

  • Even when matpat explains his theory I’m still confused

  • This series is so wholesome

  • I never watched salad fingers but I did hear about it and my friends watched it when I was in high school and now I want to go finally watch it.

  • I got more creeped out by this theory than cartoon itself

  • It's 2021 and I still can't believe this was something that ever existed. I just rewatched it (bc quarantine life) and was still as grossed out as I was when I saw it a decade ago.

  • I always thought that mr fingers was a survivor of a nuclear explosion set off during WW1 who did some terrible things to survive leaving him with a broken mind. Forcing him to relive his past.

  • salad fingers is one of my favorite series... it is my favorite flash animations... although when i was a kid i was really fond of radiskull and devil doll...

  • Late but i think when salad fingers eats a version of himself after the jeremy fisher conversation is like him loosing jeremys personality

  • Everyone gangsta till Jeremy Fischer comes back from the Great War

    • This wasn’t supposed to be funny 😆

  • I wonder if any of the Salad Fingers series is based upon real life stories or at the very least references to things that actually happened. Like, I know it's representative of the war and things that happened but I'm just wondering if parts or the full thing may have been inspired from real events or stories as opposed to the whole thing being its own fiction based upon aspects of reality.

  • CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! I think you nailed that one there. I pieced it together very similarly when I first saw it on Bebo back in the '90s.

  • The entire mystery of Salad Fingers is going to live and die with David Firth. Awesome.