Film Theory: Frozen: Elsa's TRUE Fight For The Throne!

פורסם בתאריך 7 דצמ 2016
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Do you want to build...a house of LIES? Last year I showed that Anna and Elsa probably aren't real sisters, so this year I'm back again to tell you that Hans can't possibly be the real villain of Frozen. Seriously! Take a look at the evidence and you'll see that Hans is just a pool misguided prince, but Elsa's REAL enemy is far more dangerous...
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  • frozen 2 writers: hans, we're giving you a redemption. frozen 2 writers: we have trolled you all.

    • lets wait for the war of the trolls now

    • hah trolled

    • "TROLLED" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Ok 😳

    • Okay 😅. Bye bye 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😳😳😳😳😳

  • One thing I noticed was that, if you look really closely at Hans' eyes before and after he starts being villainous, they're different colors.

    • ohhhhhhhh

    • @bane no it doesn't have to mean that

    • @KilaTheArcticFox doesn’t it mean the trolls put him under a spell

    • I.AM.SHOOK.

    • @lacunaeReversed WAIT WHAT!? does that mean the villain Hans could be one of his brothers as we know he was one of uhh 10-13 maybe 14 brothers (I forget) and for all we know he could have a twin with just a different eye color that's actually really interesting

  • Of course, Hans's early actions also make sense if the original villain was the Ice Queen - until Disney decided that her songs were too good to be villainous.

    • In Andersen’s story, I saw 2 different story of the snow queen. I wonder which one did Disney take inspiration from?

    • this man spitting facts

    • @John Smith Yes. Originally she was the Villain of the movie. But they decided they wanted a difference and the idea for sisterly love won out. Also in the books, she is something of a villain but not purely evil.

    • @John Smith Yeah I remember seeing it somewhere

    • The ice queen was supposed to be a villain?

  • This idea for a plot for Frozen 2 is so much more interesting than what we actually got.

  • MatPat: it has been confirmed that the parents survived and gave birth to Tarzan. Frozen 2: it has been confimed that we was lying lol

  • Honestly if this theory actually happened- for the second movie, Hans coming back and showing the trolls as the real villains it would have been soooo much better.

    • Agrred

    • @WK863 ucj😬😚

    • @Momonga Spoiler warning for frozen 2: Basicly elementa are alive and seek revenge and Elsa follows the voice in her head to go to an iceberg. She founds ot that arendelle betrayed the neighboring people of... I forgot the name, but yeah. Now she has to destroy a dam and save arendelle from being flooded. And Anna becomes queen.

    • what happend in forzen 2 didn‘t saw it

    • @Senaree Jayasinghe It didn't happen in frozen 2 so I'm probably gonna happen in frozen 4-10 maybe.

  • The whole "no harm is to come to the queen." Thing is probably to make everyone think that he is a really good guy, who is still trying to solve things peacefully, or cover his bases. That way, if Elsa was all like, "Oh yeah, I know how to fix it, my bad guys, I really didn't know I did all that, and panicked." she would have less reason to suspect Hans as being anything other than who he seems to be. He also acted the way he did, so that way nobody suspects him.

    • @Yesha Macarubbo if he aimed down i have a feeling the arrow would've broken the ice castle floor and they'd all fall through

    • I also always figured he kept her alive because he didn’t know how to stop the winter. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be ruler of a desolate frozen wasteland

    • He could've aimed down...

    • I feel like the chandelier scene was calculated, you can see how Hans looks at the crossbow, chandelier, elsa, and then aims for the chandelier, it would be clean while also looking like he was trying to help instead of him standing still. Or maybe he was hoping to marry Elsa so he has a stronger hold of the throne.

    • Honestly all the close shots of the facial expressions though don't communicate that intent AT ALL. Like i don't mind per se that he is the villain but i gotta say the twist doesn't align with his prior depiction even a bit. You need to put subtle hints in there to make such an arc/twist work and in this case there really isn't, there's even some stuff that would argue against it. Def. Not a good choice in story telling unless they really had revealed something like matpads theory....

  • I watched frozen back in theaters when it first came out and honestly it was a great experience. Only for the fact was when Hans was revealed as the villain the ENTIRE theater gasped and it was hilarious 😂

  • Did you know: Elsa was supposed to be the villain! [That explains a lot!]

    • Really?

    • Yeah now it makes sense why elsa has no personality whatsoever

  • Okay, so I just discovered this channel and I absolutely LOVED what I heard in this video. I really felt like there was a lot of work and passion in it, and I'm sincerely impressed and extremely pleased by the quality of what I watched. Thank you so much for this, you're getting a new subscriber, and if you allow me to, I'm gonna write this theory as a fanfiction, whether Disney uses it someday or not.

  • Actually, the trolls weren't just randomly shoved in the movie. They were a part of the original fairy tale, "The Snow Queen". And, guess what? They were EVIL. More evidence for this awesome theory!

    • There is a Super Carlin Brothers theory about this.

    • How were hot hey evil?

    • @Yarno Postma who made her unstable then? Eh?

    • @GalaxyWasTaken she kinda froze her sister's heart. Twice.

    • What would they have done then

  • Hanses plan makes a lot more sense in the book. You see it from his point view before he starts talking to her- you see his thoughts as he’s trying to manipulate her

  • The fact that mat pat putts in so much hard work to prove a theory is amazing. I love your videos!

  • These theories are excellent to play while gaming, feels like I'm watching a podcast. Great videos!

  • While I love the theory, it is one major flaw. You’re using the modern conventions of royalty, which have only ever been in place since the last 80 or so years. Back then, England was run on a patriarchy. If the queen married, power would likely be grabbed by the new King, King Hans. Now of course they could just not marry to keep said power (looking at you, Eliza I), but it was only recently that wasn’t the case.

  • I love how everyone even Disney is like “lol tarzan was their brother” and then the boat scene in frozen 2 is like the writers saying “lol nvm”

    • exactly lol

    • That movie is not canon

    • Frozen 2 was rushed and unplanned ngl Apparently the story got to complicated and the movie was too long so they had to cut way too many scenes and even change the script for it which made it underwhelming af

    • nice🎉

  • That awkward moment when a theory is better than the sequel.

  • "Its the more fun choice, so its the right choice" -matpat Words to live by lmao

  • I’ve always ask myself like : “Hans looked like he did loves Anna! How is he the villain? Sure I had a bad feeling about him in the middle of the movie before the big reveal but how ? “ I was always like : “Either he’s a amazing actor or something is not right about his sudden Change. “ And it makes sense. Like the trolls said in their song that if the fiancé is gone, Christophe could married Anna. So they probably cursed Hans,controlling his actions. What I’m saying is that they are not so evil cause they want the best for Christophe who is in love but the way they “got away” with Hans is actually cruel. And at the ending scene, when they put Hans in the “mini jail” in the boat to send him home, you could see that he looks lost like he doesn’t know they are treating him that way like he’s in control of his mind now instead of the trolls.

  • That point at 2:41 had me laughing so hard 😂 that certainly brightened up my day thank you!

  • I feel like Disney hates Mat and whenever he makes a “bad” theory (negative to their films) they always make a sequel and ruin Mat’s reputation.

  • I love how everyone forgets so quickly that the trolls essentially kidnap Kristoff and Sven at the start of the movie. How is it possible to think that they're anything except evil?

  • I love how so much is mentioned about concepts that the creators originally came up with, like the parents be Tarzan's parents and how Frozen 2 would have Hans' redemption arc, even though Frozen 2 ends up throwing all of this out the window.

  • I think Hans might've thought that if he saved Elsa's life, she might begin to warm up to him, which would mean that he gets the crown much quicker

  • 10:30 The reason you shouldn't consider Tarzan to be related to the sisters is because of the inconsistency. In Tarzan we see Clayton use a double barrel shotgun, a pretty advanced weapon with advanced ammunition compared to the weapon used by the Duke's men, the crossbow. An archaic weapon that could take a minute to reload instead of seconds. If they can use better weapons why would they use a freaking crossbow.

  • Matpat: talking about who would rule England if the Queen died Basically everyone online: Bold of you to assume she *can* die

  • To be honest I thought it was strange that even when he is alone under the boat he still smiles when I re watched it.

  • Ooh! What if we actually see the moment the spell for Hans kicks in, at the kiss. It’s a temporary spell that turns him evil. As soon as he’s about to kiss her, is when the magic kicks in

  • Dang, that's an awesome assessment of Hans's story arc. Honestly, I thought it was inspired by cliche, so although I was somewhat shocked at the twist, I wasn't honestly surprised. But watching the rest of the details you pointed out, it does seem like they threw in that poor writing last minute. It was a Disney animated feature, so there had to be a villain somewhere (hence why I wasn't too surprised when the twist came). But that does make me think what was Hans's original story arc resolution going to be. Yeah, we all know where the sequel went in terms of it's story (I only saw either film once in the theater), but what was the original intent, I wonder. Who/WHAT was the original villain? Hmmm . . . . Either way, great vid, mate.

  • Maybe I would have enjoyed watching a frozen 2 that was about Hans exposing the actual villains. Rather than watching the sisters follow a unknown voice to the unknown . but I like frozen2 too . . . But for me frozen will always be above frozen 2. , for the emotions portrayed .

  • Has anybody ever taking to consideration, that the trolls probably kidnapped Kristoff? I mean, he was first seen as a child with a group of ice pickers. And he clearly had equipment that was made by for an ice picker his size. His father was probably among the group of men that were working. Who’s to say that troll that found him erased his memories of his parents, or just got the older troll to do it so Kristoff would stick around. Regardless of whether or not one of the men in the ice pickers group was his father, he clearly wasn’t un-cared for as a kid. He have the equipment that I mentioned, as well as clothes fit for the weather. It seems like at least somebody would’ve noticed his absence because he’s clearly not an orphan, and if he is it’s only recent.

    • So, since this is 3 years old. Did MatPat do it ?

    • Nice thinking dude

    • You acctually habe a point! Im never gonna watch frozen the same again..

    • Yea but it was kind of Kristoff's own fault. He wandered away from the ice hunters and into the forest where he was found by the trolls and never once told them he had any family.

    • I want to believe this theory however didn’t Kristof walk up to the trolls and one of them said that she was going to keep them? Maybe the trolls kept kristof but they didn’t kidnap him

  • Matpat: But why would they push so hard to see these two married? Me: They wanna see their ship set sail.

  • Actually, I heard somewhere that the original plot for Frozen was that Elsa was the bad guy and Hans helped Anna out. Then a little bit before they were finished writing the storyline they changed to be more of a sister bond thing.

  • 2:52 Mat I laughed so hard at that part, fully knowing that if my dad made that joke I would’ve just scoffed and rolled my eyes.

  • I just saw this theory and now I have to rewatch Frozen 2 to remember if MatPat was right 🤣

  • The writers of Frozen: “were gonna bring back Hans if we make Frozen 2” Me, in 2020: hahaha sure...

    • I’m da bleset mickeys of the bleset mickeys of the bleset

    • I really want to see the redemption arc for Hans BUT THEY SCRAPPED IT, WHY!!!??😡😡

    • And they always leave room for a new one Frozen 3 is possible whith the ending of 2

    • I kinda miss Hans…..

    • It’s 2022

  • I learned in western civilization 2 that we will always have a queen on the throne but may not always have a king. Meaning that a king must always have a queen, and while they do need to have children, a queen does not necessarily need a king. This means that a queen can marry but the man she chooses may not become king. So his chances are actually much lower than we thought. I'm not exactly sure what the steps are or criteria of becoming king through marriage, but he would have to be accepted by the people and the other higher ups who help run Arendelle. (Again, let me emphasize I am not an expert, and I'm more informed on the presidency in America since I live here, but not how monarchies work)

  • Honestly it always bugged me, especially when he looks so distraught about elsa being killed despite NO ONE LOOKING AT HIM AT THAT MOMENT.

  • "You were meant to enjoy the first song, not hate on it". I personally think that song sets a precedent for the whole movie and actually shows the plot before the movie even starts. Also, it captivated me and made me interested(I jumped)

  • i was a kid who didnt know much about the throne hierarchy system when the movie came out but now that i know it, this theory does really make sense

  • May I also mention that there's nothing to eat in Elsa's castle, so how was she gonna survive without eating anything?

    • She can make ice cream in wreck it ralph (Not a healthy choice but at least can survive 😹)

  • The reason Hans was being nice to Anna was because he was trying to act innocent at first so he wasn’t seemingly sus

  • I swear, Mattpat has the best intros for videos.

  • When this came out I laughed at the printer paper joke…. Now as a college student (especially with all the online class last couple years) I would be so teary-eyed thankful for printer paper 😂

  • Hi, been watching frozen over and over recently and i can’t seem to understand how strong and reliable the snow anchor Kristoff made for it to support 2 persons’s weight. Considering he dug pretty shallow and they jumped off instead of slowly putting their weight to test it, they could have fallen immediately right?? and end up dead?? Is it possible that the troll scene is not real? Just a theory, might be too late to speculate.

  • I hope they include this in frozen 3. Amazing content BTW.

  • “prince Phillip is 95 years old currently” *cries in queen Elizabeth is now single*

  • im happy you mentioned once upon a time in this theory bc i love that show and love to associate it w the movies

  • So, you're basically saying... they got trolled?

  • This is one of my favorite episodes since i used to be obsessed with frozen. 😅

  • If they’d used this idea for the second movie it would’ve made the first one so much better

  • I don't see a lot of people talk about this, but I think Hans genuinely loved Anna at least for the most part. During the scene when the council, the duke and Hans were in the room, one of them said that if Anna were to die, then Hans would ascend to the throne (although you did explain how the British royals system works, Frozen takes place in Norway. I don't know how the Norwegian system for the royals work. Either that or both systems don't apply to the world of Frozen) You can see that after he said it, Hans' facial expression changes. I think that the time he was about to kiss Anna, the words hit him and eventually led to the whole villain arc stuff

  • " can't we just let it go??" LOL I needed that joke. It made feel 😊

  • Well, now that Frozen 2 is out it’s disappointing to see he never got his redemption arc :/

    • Frozen two just messed up everybody’s theory’s it’s horriblw

    • Lol but if you watch frozen fever I’m pretty sure he gets poop thrown on him

    • He will return

    • U right

    • Film theory: *makes a theory* Disney: *while frozen 2 is still in the making* Still Disney: I’m bout to ruin this mans whole career

  • Even though this was uploaded 4 years ago and frozen 2 turned out to be a piece of time-crunch inducing bs, this is still my favorite Frozen theory of all time

  • Disney: We are planning redemption arc for Hans in Frozen 2! Me in 2022 who watched Frozen 2 and didn't see any Hans: *visible confusion*

  • This would be much more interesting than the actual plot of Frozen 2

  • Frozen 2: "Wait, you thought Tarzan was connected and Hans would be redeemed?" *chuckles maliciously*

  • "No it's not olaf, that would be stupid" Matpat 3 years later "BEWARE HIS LIES"

  • I loved how you said "the cold shoulder" I Almost died with laughter

  • Disney: Hans gets a redemption! matt: *descries it perfectly* Disney: scratch that..

  • When Matpat said cold shoulder 1st time i didn't laugh but when he said cold shoulder the second time i laughed so hard because 1. He kinda shouted 2. Elsa's face was in the camera

  • MatPat: Can't we just let it go?! Creator Connie (Me): HE DID NOT!

  • "Hans will be redeemed in Frozen 2" Frozen 2: *"Laughs in soulless cash grab"*

    • It's like Disney has become truly afraid of MatPat's predictions.

    • Lmao

    • Bruh Hans sucks also (Anna punched him in the face) I think he is done with them lol 😂

    • 3?

    • HA!

  • Hopefully, they do this for frozen 3 (don't know if there is going to be one) as this would tie up loose ends from the first film.

  • The cold shoulder joke got me laughing hard, especially when you said it louder *WHEEZE-*

  • It's 2021... and, after watching this theory, I wish Frozen 2 was the way Mat Pat thought it would be possibly be like.

  • Film theory: I recently found a news article explaining how Frozen 3 could reveal Anna's fire powers.... seems a bit crazy, but might be worth something to you?

  • “B is the more fun choice... and to me that means it’s the right choice”

    • Nilratan Tikadar

    • Um lol the trolls did not adopt kristoff until after that "fear" thing only one troll know

    • Chechechechee

    • B is... for Buy n Large

    • That’s a good motto just

  • Amazing video, I loved it. But tbh the plot of the theory is kind of like the plot of the first couple seasons of DC Flash with Eobard Thawne helping and making Barry Allen grow just to make it so that Eobard can return to the future. So just like how Hans (idk how to spell it lol) hlped Elsa and Anna, Eobard helped Barry Allen just like a pig for slaughter. (Which honestly makes me realize that Harry Potter, Frozen, and The Flash all have similar villain arc plot thingies. Except for the fact that in Harry Potter, Dumbledore is a good guy that (contains spoilers) Raises Harry as a pig for slaughter. BUT HEY, THATS JUST A THEORY. A FAN THEORY! Thanks for reading.

  • I also thought its kinda wierd how the Trolls tell them to hide the Magic, not learning to control it but just straight up hide it, not fixing anything- but triggering everything

  • The fun theory is always going to be the right theory

  • That part about him saving Elsa made way too much sense

  • 12:00: "we wanna redeem you" Frozen 2: "UNREDEEMABLE MONSTER"

    • we need a theory on frozen 2

    • @Amylia Clenny z

    • Stole my comment


    • What a cruel joke!

  • Anyone who's ever played a Crusader Kings game would understand Hans, and see him as relatable

  • this is actually an accurate theory that makes sense

  • I would be happier with a Frozen 2 that has more royal lore and a Hans redemption arc than the one we have

  • Also, Hans gave Anna the lovesick stare BEFORE he found out about her being a princess.

  • How can I not believe this??? It makes more sense than the actual plot, which always confused me because Hans seemed genuinely concerned about Anna and Elsa like you mentioned

  • I acually laughed at the "cold shoulder" part😂