Film Theory: Gravity Falls ISN'T OVER! (Bill Cipher LIVES!)

פורסם בתאריך 15 דצמ 2017
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Gravity Falls left us wanting so much more. Many of us took to the internet scrambling to see if there would be a season 3, but our hopes lead to a dead end. After Bill Cipher’s death, we were supposed to just accept that the series was over… but there was one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me. One thing that makes the conclusion to Gravity Falls SOUR. You see Theorists, our little friend Bill Cipher is far from dead, and in this theory I’m going to show you why!
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  • Bill Cipher is the only villain who can believably go from hilarious to outright horrifying.

    • Aku from Samurai Jack.

    • have you ever heard of Aku?

    • @Bill Cipher God how many bill ciphers are there?

    • @Bill Cipher Hi me. It’s me. *bill cipher*

  • when you were talking about how Bill cipher can copy peoples voices, he doesn't just copy Blendin. He also copies Soos's voice in dreamscapers. Also, nobody seems to notice Bill's voice when he was controlling Dipper, meaning he was probably copying his voice as well, but only Dipper could hear the real Bill cipher

    • He’s in stans mind and just takes soos’s form because there is 2 soos’s when he does

    • True but how is bill doing Stan’s and soos at the same time?

    • true

  • I just realized something. The Axlotol (No clue if that is correct) says “Absolve his crime, a different form, a different time.” Absolve usually means to remove his crime or redemption for his crime (possibly weirdmagedon), a different form a different time if the Axlotol is an all powerful being as to grant wishes and we know time travel exists in the show could it be that Bill possibly became Stan and thats where all the similarities come in, calling Ford sixer, buying gold, and the song, could it be possible that Bill became Stan and only had vague memories of his former self so the universe could force him into fixing his mistakes? But thats just a theory a mini theory thanks for reading.

    • This is a great theory, if the Axolotl sends Bill back in time as Stan and we see Stan defeating Bill who shares similarity with Stan, that could mean that Bill kills bill to save his "own" universe.

    • @Ian Bocanegra what about their almost spot on?

    • @Ian Bocanegra Gold Experience Requiem

    • I like how logically this almost confirmed theory implies that Bill Cipher succeeded in an alternate reality.

    • Your almost spot on. If you read this, lmk. Bill destroyed his universe and his race as said in the third journal and at the beginning of the axolotls answer to dipper. His only way to redeem himself hence “absolve his crime” was to sacrifice himself for another universe. I’m conclusión it is an infinite loop in a way where he stops himself. That is why all the similarities come in. Stan also left his home and could never come back because of what he did to fords college bound future. It is all a cycle of bills reincarnation to redeem himself from burning his own home.

  • Even after so many years, I still admire how smart Alex Hirsch and his team are. I don't know if any other cartoon shows have done WORLD WIDE scavenger hunts with audio files, phone numbers, AN ACTUAL STATUE in the woods.

  • “That’s a theory for another time” Mat, it’s been 2 years

  • For those of you that don’t know, the joke made at 3:14 is a reference to “Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris” which was a musical

  • I've actually watched a lot of theories on this, including reading the Axolotl's prophecy (part where he says that Bill would come back at different time and in another form) and listening to Bill's last words in reverse. And my conclusion is that the Axolotl granted his wish. Bill came back when Stan's memories were recovered and lived inside Stan's mind, basically becoming Bill in Stan form. Bill's punishment (that the Axolotl gave him in the future) was to go back in time and fight against himself in the past to prevent his crimes that already happened by killing himself before weirdmageddon could spread to the rest of the universe. In other words, during the timeline of the show, Stan is Bill reincarnate. However, I don't think that Bill and Stan are the same being like you said at the end of the video. It's been theorized that Bill Cipher was once a human being, and upon discovering the dreamscape, he unlocked his celestial powers, and took on his current/future form. If he was a human, it's very likely that he also had a family. Maybe he hated his family and changed his last name to something else to cut all ties with them. Maybe he changed his name to something "cooler" like "Cipher". Maybe his family used to live in Gravity Falls and at first he was too creeped out by their weirdness to stay there. Yes, if you can't tell already... I think that Bill is Stan's brother. But hey! That's just a theory that's way too long for a ILaward comment section!

    • @Emi Moran thanks!

    • @zCode GD that's a good thought 💭

    • If bill had to go back in time and fight himself as Stanley, that would possibly create a paradox, so I have a very small (and probably incorrect) theory that I think might resolve the paradox problem. In the episode of gravity falls, Blendin’s Game, we learn that any body who declares Globnar on someone and wins gets to have a time wish that can alter time paradox free, so Bill Stanley would know this, what i think might have happened is that Bill-Stanley might have used Blendins time measuring tape before or during the events of take back the falls or just traveled time himself to go into the future, declare Globnar, win, use the time wish to ensure that he will return as bill stanley and defeat bill ( if he did this without the time wish, there would have been a paradox since two bills technically exist (Bill Stanley and Bill)). Again, just a theory.

    • Interesting theory

    • @hi bye go educate yourself

  • THIS video is OUTSTANDING,-well researched, logical, FANtastic, smart, OBSESSIVE and mysteriously perplexing yet making sense at the same time. It's entertaining and thought provoking while sending disturbing chills and weird uncomfortable feelings through my body as I realise that I am STILL thinking, wondering, and formulating theories about a cartoon I have repeatedly watched and enjoy as an over 50yr old GeekGirl, LOL. Gravity Falls keeps me young! Cause it makes me laugh, keeps my noodle loose, gives me something to discuss about with the younglings and the newbies. I LOVE YOUR POSTS!

  • Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us. Nice video!

    • Yes, he always does, this video brings back so much nostalgia.

  • I have a feeling someone shook Bill's hand at the end of 2019, just saying.

    • Would have that waken him. Oh no. JUST A JOKE NOT REAL GRAVITY FALLS IS NOT REAL (maybe a town but still no magic)

    • Sorry i wanted a penny

    • Sorry my bad

    • i wish it was true bro

    • It's the Cypher Virus

  • Can we conclude that the reverse speech could reference Bill's original universe? It may just be normal speech for Bill. I would like to also conclude that there used to be a universe, where the mirror universe exists now, that had it's own peoples. The destruction of those peoples making the empty mirror universe a perfect place for say... practicing warlocks. I'm just saying that Bill could very well be the next big Marvel villain. I'm sure you've touched on that topic by now though.

  • The fact that bills voice actor has been seen in other modern day cartoons like owl house proves that bill could be other characters in other media. Bill even cameos in the simpsons! Not even as a parody version but just straight up bill.

  • Who else wishes for a comeback of the show with a third season or a spin-off show

  • This show is, and was the best show I have ever seen in my childhood.

  • This show will live down as one of the best show in history.

    • @Klaive gaming they said that how many years ago

    • I think you mean THE best show in history.

    • @Skitt nope, Bill is still alive, therefore it isnt over

    • True

    • ​@Buster Mewy I'LL GRAMMAR STANLEY YOU-

  • I was rewatching Gravity Falls and when I got to the last episode I noticed that when Bill went into Stan’s mind, Bill’s physical body had turned to stone; in the Cipher Hunt, Bill is a stone statue.

  • I love Bill’s character because he is viewed as not a god… but more of a broken powerful being who has many flaws but is still very clever. This type of writing is both creative and fascinating while still being entertaining to both children and adults

  • I feel like bill also tries to mimic stan's personality, which doesn't end well because it results in a lot of stuttering.

  • 4:04 “These are his last words of the series, so you’d think he chosen his words a little more carefully.” Meanwhile Bill: **is dying in a memory fire, in what I imagine being the equivalent of burning to death**

  • I've never been more scared in my entire life. The lore of this show is literally so scary.

  • as someone who loves bill, I am very sad that he died and the series is over, maybe there will be a season 3 and he will come back.

  • i would give my soul away just to see another season of this show ngl

  • Coming back to this show after the 10 year anniversary and Alex posted that creepy video on twitter.

  • I love this series. There’s so much mysterious lore and hidden secrets. I love and miss it so much.

  • Matpat:Stan didn’t do anything to make us distrust him Stan: lies about his entire life backstory and identity restarted machine that could create the apocalypse

  • I miss this show. I’ve always waited for season 3 but I don’t think it’s ever coming. Well done gravity falls for making my childhood

  • I wish I could rewatch Gravity falls for the first time once more..

  • Dipper and Mabel's teacher: "What did you do over the summer?" Dipper and Mabel saying at the exact same time: "Well I saved Gravity Falls from an evil insane dream demon called Bill Cypher." Mabel and Dipper's teacher: "Well.... okay then."

  • For as well thought as Gravity Falls is, you would've thought an all-knowing, all-seeing entity would've seen the twin's plan coming. And yet, Bill fell for their plan.

  • I love gravity falls. I used to not be able to decide a favorite show, But Gravity Falls... YES. I want it to just- go on forever also.

  • I thought about Bill surviving right after watching the ending of the last episode of the show , like first Stan got his memories back seriously fast so that’s why I always thought he could of survived in Stan mind just not strong enough to do anything but gaining his power back slowly until he can get out of Stan’s mind and think of his revenge plan to destroy the pines family once and for all.

  • The last thirty seconds with MatPat as just a floating head with top hat made me laugh so hard I got hiccups!!! XD It was AWESOME!

  • "Gravity Falls isn't over" Oh Mat Pat, I wish that it were true.

    • welcome to 2022 where it hasnt continued on hulu or disney+

    • @Nancy Carnahan is there any slightly concrete evidence? It has been confirmed by creators it was not cancelled, but it ended.

    • Erm according to him 6 more books before season 3

    • I know...

    • Uhm.. that aged well

  • If I’m being completely honest I’m literally gonna have a heart attack if they don’t continue the series

  • This gives me hope that gravity falls will return because if bill is coming back in a different time this could mean it could be coming just further in the future.

    • Yeah, even now that it's 2022, I hope the series comes back because it's one of my favorite shows tbh. The reason why I loved this show so much was because the comedy was great, and there was so much mystery and character backstory for a Disney Channel animated tv show which I loved. And with Bill coming back if season 3 ever happens that would be interesting to see how the story takes on from there.

  • I know it’s been around four years since this has come out but from my five hundredth time watching this something hit me while bill shakes Stanley’s hand thinking it’s ford bill would be using the old deal that they agreed on the first time bill inhabited Stanford’s body making it that bill would only control Stanley’s mind during the night

  • Theory: Since Stan remembered everything afterwards, Bill is alive, right? Remember the episode where Stan is first seen fixing the portal, he wipes some weird radioactive waste on his forehead? I think this has something to with it.

  • Another piece I could add to this theory in regards to bill going back in time: When Grunkle Stan was arrested for stealing nuclear waste, he pleaded he was innocent, looking genuinely confused at the whole thing The episode played it off as just another one of his secrets/lies but what if he was telling the truth?? 1) the nuclear waste was stolen at NIGHT 2) the entire time he’s stealing the waste he’s covered up so you can’t tell whether his eyes or normal 3) the only evidence we have that it’s him is his voice and cursing but we already know bill can imitate voices 4) Stan stealing the waste and activating the portal was the start of bill’s weirdmageddon and what brought him in here the first place

    • @Ian The Cool Thief well, maybe Bill made a deal with Stan

    • Well, his voice and eyes might only look and sound normal to the characters and are only visible to us

    • Well wasn’t he trying to activate the portal to bring Ford back? I can get where you’re coming from, but I assumed he stole the waste of his own will to reactivate the portal and bring his bro back.

    • @874dan we already know that he can go into people's mindscapes when they are asleep, so it wouldn't be surprising if he could take control of them.

    • @Ian The Cool Thief yeah, but we know that Bill was already out before that, as the dude who has a crush on Mabel (I forgot his name) let him out, and he said that this was part of Bill's plan to start weirdmaggedon.

  • I recently re-watched the series and something that doesn't add up. Stan only retrieved the memories he was reminded of and since Bill was such an evil character i don't think they would of wanted to remind Stan of him unless they told him of the heroic sacrifice he made but the rest of the facts in the video seem to line up very well so i'm not sure how Bill would return without Stan remembering him, but hey its just a theory!

  • Fun fact: Giddin's backwards talk was just "Backwards message, Backwards message, Backwards message!"

  • I really like this theory, there is only one problem. If Bill was in Stans’ mind, how did Stan leave Gravity Falls to go adventure on a ship with Ford?He shouldn’t be able to, due to the law of weirdness magnetism.

  • Another clue that bill is in stans mind is when stan is congratulating you on finding the statue he says "congrats on finding MY statue" when it was bill's.

  • In Gravity Falls, the prophecy was when all the people joined hands and defeated Bill. But since they never really did that, the prophecy was never fulfilled. Also, in the episode a tale of two stans, stanley's mother is seen carrying a child. Maybe a sibling?

    • Stan’s mother was carrying dipper and Mabel’s mother.

    • Bro we don't know what you are talking about but ok

    • Actually that would probably be Dipper and Mabel's grandparent. Neither Stan nor Ford had a family, so there would have to be at least three for that family tree to work.

    • Y'all I do want Matpat to continue covering the circular plot of Stan being a reincarnated Bill because that's INTERESTING, but obviously the mother had a third child because Ford and Stan are Dipper and Mabel's great UNCLES that means someone else is the grandparent to their parent and then them. I'm pretty sure it's just there to make sense of how the Pines's are related when obviously neither Stan nor Ford have children. There HAD to be another sibling for plot purposes also it makes sense to reasonably cut them out as the grandparent is a full 17-18 years younger than Ford and Stan so they were not close.

    • Maybe it was Shermy Pines, Dipper and Mabel's grandpa.

  • after rewatching this a tonn and theorizing about the axolotls answer about knowing bill, i can safely theorize this. 'misses home and can't return, says he's happy he's a liar' and 'blame the arson for the fire' seems like it's stating that bill accidentally burned his dimension to the ground and misses it, but because of his personality, he plays it off as liberation ^^

  • So Bill's mind was erased as well when Stan got hit by that memory wipe gun and he got transported way back in the past but ended up in young Stan's body?

  • Ok, yes I thought of this a couple of years after the show was finished, a couple as in 10 but what if Stan and bill were in a time loop? A different form a different time. What if bill became Stan after he died? Putting him in a constant time loop of Stan killing bill and bill becoming Stan.

  • Can we please start a petition go add the old intros back into the episodes? I miss them so much

  • Another point that supports this theory is that in the episode "Carpet Diem", Mabel puts a golfball out the window and hits Grunkle Stan and he says "OWW, WHY AM I EVEN OUT AT NIGHT?!?!"

    • @Nilla draws stuff not how it works. the PAST is a different time

    • @this_dude_dumb A different TIME. Time being present, past or future. PAST!

    • I didn’t know you watched Gravity Falls Willam!

    • AHH! YOU ARE RIGHT!!!😱😱😱

    • @Tsuda Otatsuke it is not important because in the first episode you see bill in the journal 3 he was there. He always was

  • 4:00 something that caught my attention is that on the spanish dub (latin Spanish, not Spain Spanish and yes both have different dubs) is that Bills final words aren't some random sounds, they actually make sense, if I remember correctly, Bill was pleading for help saying that he'll give anything he wants to Stan

    • @RamenDoodleSoup yes but he also says "what is happening to meee, STANLEY!" instead of random words

    • isn't that just what he says to stan in english? "I'll give you anything! Fame, Money, Riches, Power, Your own Galaxy!"

  • Ah, Gravity falls. My favorite cartoon ever. I’ve rewatched it more times then I can count.. within two months- yes I’ve rewatched the show from start to finish multiple times within a month and a half, I have nothing to do in my life ok

  • 7:09 Actually Ford speaks backwards when using the mind erasing tool, and that had nothing to do with bill in the blind eye episode, also I’m not sure if the dog Mabel saw while on a sugar rush counts as a character lol

  • “The evil Dorito of gravity falls” Everyone says this and I can’t agree more I think this is the one thing everyone could agree on Also bills the reason I can spell axolotl A x o l o t l

  • Alex hirsch should make a mini series of Ford while he was in the other dimension

    • I think Alex Hirsch pitched a show idea where it takes place after the events of weirdmageddon where stan and ford sails around the world fighting different monsters and stuff. Disney rejected the idea because the audience (childrens) wouldn't relate to the old characters

    • Yep

    • 30000 iq

    • Yes yes yes

    • That would be dope

  • I like how the Axolotl says, "Sixty degrees that come in threes, Watches from within birch trees". Seriously that was creative

  • Also if u notice in the last ep when the two stans have “switched” if you count the fingers stanly dressed as his brother seems to have six fingers and Stanford dressed as his brother now has five fingers? That’s Either accident or…they didn’t switch??

  • I’d love to see maybe a sequel movie of Gravity

  • Anyone else feel pain when they remember this show is over?

  • I love how Gideon’s backwards message is just him chanting “BACKWARDS MESSAGE!!”

    • Lol same

    • Backwards message. . backwards message, BACKWARDS MESSAGEEE

    • Hmmm yes the floor is made out of floor

    • Thanks Sherlock


  • Anyone wondering how stans memories in a past episode was doors inside the mystery shack but now it was just the living room

  • We need a live action action movie of this show

  • Can we just agree that is the most epic way of not only defeating the antagonist but also the most epic easter egg you could hide in this sort of show?

  • Is it weird that I want to see a show with a Bill Cipher on the road to redemption in his new form? No? Just me? Ok...

  • Dippers mom: “what did you do this summer?” Dipper: “we killed a Dorito in stans mind.” Dad: “That’s nice…” Mable: “GRAPPLING HOOK” I made a new part after 9 months

    • “ that’s nice son-“

    • @Andrew! Cool ranch is the best flavour by far

    • @Annalea Krüger r/Godzillahadastrokereadingthisandied

    • Bill does look like a dorito

    • A cool ranch Dorito

  • I love this theory, but there’s one thing that disproves it. Bill cannot leave Gravity Falls because of its law of weirdness magnetism, but at the end of Season 2, Stan leaves Gravity Falls on a boat with Ford, so Bill can not have been in his head.

  • My theory is that Bill's way to "resolve his crime" is literally defeating himself and stop him from doing the crime.

  • “These statues come at a terrible price” “Nah, I’ll just take ‘em while you’re not looking” “What?” “ *I said I was gonna rob you* ”

  • I’ve watched the series like 6 times and all this just went over my head till I saw this

  • "Gravity falls isn't over" ah, yes. Stage one of grief: denial.

    • @madeline nope, still gone. Even in 2021. I miss it :((

    • Gravity falls ended just accept it

    • @The_Circuit Sadly season 3 will never be coming

    • @KO Manic same maybe bc we don't want it to end

    • I felt empty after I finished it like something was missing.

  • So, at the end of Gravity Falls, Stan’s mind was erased and then brought back by reminding him of his memories. The question I have, if Dipper and Mable mentioned all (or most) of his memories. I don’t think that they would mention Bill when they realized mentioning memories revives them. What happened to Bill? Try and think of a solution to that! (Please accept my challenge!)

  • Already kinda knew he was alive before this, but love gravity falls, love theiories, and love film thieories.

  • Gravity Falls will definitely come back years later. Has to

  • I'm going to expand on this theory. " one way to absolve his crimes A different form, a different time " I think the axolotol created a loop where Billy was reborn as Stan to ensure that Bill will always be defeated. It explains the similars; it would absolve bills crimes to be reborn as his own destroyer; it would mean that Bill statue would, in fact, be his and if we know Stan he'll try to make money or popularity off of it. By, oh I don't know, sending the statue to a realm that not only could Bill not hurt people but will also keep him and his family relevant off the show ends. But hey that my theory, my FILM THEY'RE thanks for reading 😘

  • Bill cypher is honestly one of the best villains created of the past decade, up their with thanos. So underrated

    • Thanos is a dumb villain. Just double the resources.

    • @Gthulhu facts

    • thanos is overated tbh

    • @angeldaflacko and the power doesnt matter the story line does and in my opinion id argue that gravity falls is better than the mcu it never leaves u feeling bored ur always excited to know whats gonna happen next, name a good mcu stand alone movie except the winter soldier

  • a mini theory, if bill was reborn as stan, that might explain why ford has 6 fingers, being in the womb with the freshly reborn bill cypher might have caused it

  • I wonder if the time traveler blandin is another version of morty. He has the same voice actor, his manner of talking is similar, and when mabel wishes he had pretty hair he turns out to be a brunette

  • I know I'm years late to this video, but you honestly just blew my mind. And if everything you said is correct, which I really really believe it, Alex Hirsch is a certified f**king genius (even more so than I already thought.)

  • I really want to see more about this theory or any more Gravity Theory’s

  • We need to acknowledge how talented Alex Hirsch is, not only did he CREATE the show, write several spin-off books, and set up a worldwide scavenger hunt, but he also voices 4 very distinct characters and others! He voices Stan, Bill, Soos and McGuckett (he also voices Schmebulock who is not a main character but I still love)

    • They’re all listed here

    • He voice 53 characters

    • He also voiced dippy fresh

    • Don't forget he's also good at singing, not just voice acting.

  • What's even more interesting is that the end of Gravity Falls the last season episode Grunkle Stan and Ford set sail on a boat back when they were kids!!! So if Bill Cypher were to over take Grunkle Stan's body would probably be as you said at night to get rid of Ford once and for all which sets up the next season of Gravity Falls??? Just another theory on top of your theory! 😁👍

  • 8:42 I'm a little late, but the 10 year anniversary song features these 3 characters. We could assume that it's just stan being washed, but with the new evidence, it's probably all 3. Especially with Soos's backwards speach in the song. That's crazy

    • Maybe he got Soos to shake Bill's hand?