Film Theory: How to KILL DEADPOOL!

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How do you really silence the "Merc with a Mouth" once and for all? Crash two alternate Earths together? No it's simpler than that. If you want to kill an immortal like Deadpool target the mind!
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  • If Wolverine regenerated from a drop of blood, shouldn't that have destroyed his memory?

  • Thanos: *Snaps Deadpool into dust* Death: We don't do that here.

    • I think Deadpool might be able to Regen from that lol

    • The irony here is that both Thanos and deadpool are in a relationship with lady death lol

    • @CobiePal you are sadly mistaken he has several times he battles thanos all the time with and without the infinity stones thanos is just an every day villain in deadpools world

    • Thanos would never do that

    • @cat you need help

  • I love that this man could be an important scientist or work in the medical field based on how smart his videos are but just does what he loves in talking about film theories

    • He often doesn't write the theories. He mainly does the FNAF theories, and just does VO for other vids and handles BTS with his wife. So he doesn't actually research much to make these theories, just make sure he knows the basics so he can explain it

    • @Player1 nah, he does this science on his own.

    • Maybe he used just Google. That is funny. That Google is new science.

    • i don't know if being able to find out anything about deadpool and wolverine is science although the amount this man knows should give him an award or a nobel prize

    • i mean mat is a nice guy teaching us about stuff

  • The way I’ve always interpreted it is that the regen isn’t the creation of new cells to replace the old ones. It’s the old ones growing back, exactly as they were. I mean, if every regenerated cell was new, Deadpool’s scarred skin would go away every time he injured it and it regrew.


  • "Resistance to telepathic control" Let's be honest, he doesn't really need this, cause no one is crazy enough to enter Deadpool's mind.

    • True

    • Honestly if someone went into his brain I don’t think they can get out

    • In the game he also has more than 1 of himself

    • Anyone played the Deadpool game you should see his mind in there

    • Really funny, film theory already mentioned this in a different video

  • You definitely keep me going man I love your content and there have been days that my mental health gets the better of me but watching a few of your videos is always a great way to help ground my mind so thanks matpat!

  • Sometimes I learn things from matpat. It warms my heart knowing that an adult on the internet can teach kids/teens like me.

  • I'm doing some research on the way that memories are formed and I was wondering what your sources are for this; it seems that in a lot of scientific papers, there is a general consensus that memories form a lattice made of cells that contain the memories, so they would be preserved by regeneration.

  • While I definitely enjoy and appreciate the science lesson, in the comic world I doubt that this is even thought of, due to the *many* examples of both Wolvie and DP damaging their brain and going on like nothing happened

  • So if Wolverine can be remade from a single drop of blood, why aren't millions of wolverines created every time he bleeds?

    • His healing factor isnt that fast it can only regenerate piece of his body

    • comic book logic

    • Wait a minute

    • The reproduction stems from his skeleton.

    • @OwenDoesGaming that would be true if it’s an alternate universe version of him or alternate timeline, this is just biological

  • Man MatPat's Videos never gets old I've watched this vid 3 times and it is Perfect

  • Matpat: “wolverine can’t get old” Logan: I’m about to end this mans whole career

    • The comics and animated series’: *hey*

  • Me watching the beginning in 2021 when Bill and Melinda get divorced: Awkward

    • I-

    • @Egerit There's the whole, she found out Bill had gone to ep's island, but she knew about that for years. Then there's the fact that they are now legally allowed to transfer a large portion of the world's stocks between each other.

    • Lmao

    • @ThereisnoGodzilla why ?

    • @ThereisnoGodzilla why?

  • Your videos do brighten my day Matpat!!!

  • "Lightning may not strike twice, but apparently nuclear warheads do" Well, I mean...

    • @Little Meloncoli the problem is people are stupid enough to believe it.

    • 5+5=9

    • Ur profile picture makes me laugh

  • Your right Mat, this channel does make me happier every time i watch it.

  • But how do the neurons know how to make a specific signal and "store" memories? There must be something physical that allows the signal to play out a certain way, right? I admit I'm not an expert on neurobiology but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

  • You aren't dreaming in a world, all that you just said was 101% true. These videos brighten my day, I get some new information every week, and this is such good content! =)

  • The fact that dead-pool has been stabbed in the head multiple times which pierced his brain yet he still was the dead-pool we all know and love three seconds later

  • No joke I learned more from these channels than in actual physics class.

  • You have no idea how much joy your intro song to film theory brings me whenever i hear it

  • What if his DNA contains information on the signal patterns? I feel like that way, overtime his body will recreate the patterns once his Neurones have regrown and he can have his memory back. I know it sounds super wacky, but a LOT of information can be stored in your cells, and some mutants have been known to be able to change their genetic information at will and how their body acts. If you think about it, Wolverine and Deadpool would need some sort of catalogue of information for their body to regrow to exactly how it was before it was damaged. Otherwise, they'd probably come back as babies. The body has to have kept that information.

  • I know im a bit late but what if the neurons regenerate w the "muscle memory" to activate the signals, allowing them to remember

  • Matpat: “deadpool won’t be able to restore his memories” Deadpool 2: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

    • @Hagamoto Hante im pretty sure a specific part of the brain, not just any part of it

    • @Bo Braekevelt The size and quantity of their muscles wouldn't change. That's a physical alteration from repetitive motions and increasing stress on the bones and muscles. Muscle Memory isn't a physical thing. It's a memory thing. As MatPat suggested, memories are formed by repeated patterns being logged and replicated. If we are to accept that they shouldn't regain their memories, they also shouldn't regain any fighting techniques or learned reactive responses. There's a reason why people who suffer strokes sometimes need to be retrained in how to walk or even how to swallow.

    • @Bobby Wilson also notice that their muscle memory always grows back with them too. Logically when their body would grow back it should grow back to a non trained version of theirselves. But they always grow back beefy and with all their muscle memory too, so for that logic why wouldn’t their brain grow back with memories?

  • Counterpoint: Deadpool has the amazing power of 4th wall breaking, making him basically unable to lose his memory

  • I just saw this video right after the how to win the purge one as soon as I saw Bill Gate’s question I immediately knew that Deadpool’s power is the most profitable and helpful

  • Wolverines weakness is drowning. So I assume it's the same for Deadpool

  • Have you looked into how much information dna can hold? its honestly really amazing. Scientists think they may be able to store information in human or other dna like you would a usb drive

  • I always wondered; If you cut Deadpool down the middle in half, would one part of him regrow or would there be two Deadpools?

    • That’s a theory that is terrifying imagine a world where it’s just millions of bad deadpools

    • @X606 I think the one with more mass as even if cut half one part is heavier than the other

    • There can be two bodies but not two souls of a person

    • In number two he gets ripped in half, and only the top half of his body grows the rest back

    • Uhhhh....

  • It’s crazy how the videos keep the same vibes over the years, but the little things like not seeing the opening theme song as much and hearing the change in MatPat’s voice makes all the difference. Very nostalgic TvT

  • I love all the intro to his videos man- they are probably my favourite part of every episode

  • This may have been brought up already, but wouldn't Deadpools 4th wall knowledge ability give him the ability to "see past" his amnesia?

  • I think it is strange that I was recently thinking about the similarity of wolverine’s and Deadpool’s way of getting their healing and this video is talking about it too.

  • This was a good theory but it was wrong for Deadpool. In the second movie he gets his head smashed in a rock leaving a giant hole in his head but he still kept his memory but Matpat wouldn’t have known since this was made before the second movie

    • @hosay Lmfao

    • Didn’t matpat state that a scientist in his older video managed to cut off a worm head and grew back it head and retain it memories. Wouldn’t Deadpool and wolverines be able to keep their memories too like a worms? In his game theory channel?

    • Deadpool not losing his memory may have to do with he "4th wall break" super power, which is part of his DNA and constantly reminds him that he is a character in a comic/movie.

    • @Mitchell Davis well said

    • As a deadpool fan you are true

  • I'd like to say that yes this theory might work for wolverine, but unfortunately one of Deadpool's best powers is fourth wall breaking. Where as he can literally rewrite things because he's aware he's a fictional character. There for he can rewrite the rules to bend in his favor so he keeps his memories. Deadpool is the only unkillable being in marvel, the only reason he's allowed to be over powered, is because he draws the crowds to theaters or even local comic shops.

  • "Wolverine" means "One that imitates a wolf" so it makes sense they made Wolverine based on a wolf

  • Seems like Wolverine has the ability to store his memories somewhere

  • this had to have been the easiest film theory episode to make. all matt did for half the video was describe how memories form, and constantly loop a clip of him chugging diet coke

  • Matpat 2016: Im not the type to cure cancer. Matpat 2019: *raises 1.2 million dollars to help children with cancer*

  • I just happen to think… would deadpool and Wolverine be able to survive covid 19??? That would be an interesting theory right there. Would their healing factor keep them from getting covid 19 and would they be capable of spreading it?

  • Okay matpat, explain why caterpillars retain their memories after they metamorphosise even though their brains literally melt into soup and then magically transform into death wing creatures?

  • I did not come in to hear all this true information about how brains work,or the top tier humor... THANX it is super helpful to be this educational on ILaward.

  • Setting aside many of the problems of super powers and logic, it's also possible that characters with regeneration/Healing Factor at that capacity might not be able to bulk up at all or would over do it. Our understanding of muscle development has most of the new muscle growth happening when you rest and repair, building new muscle tissue on top of and around the damaged tissue to compensate. The likely outcomes of Healing Factor are that the tissue would repair so fast that the body wouldn't build more tissue to compensate for weakness/injury, or they'd be hideously swole if new muscle tissue was added at a much faster rate for every strain/tissue injury from over use.

  • Strange, wolverine regenerated from a drop of blood and was able to keep going...even though his brain was obliterated?

    • He wouldn't have the memory that he was fighting. Therefore, he would just walk away.

    • if a wolverine regenerates from a single drop of blood, wouldn't there be like a thousand wolverines running around from all the times he has been injured and lost blood

    • @that's not gone well at all Neither Heaven nor Hell can accept him

  • ah yes matpat your making me so happy by craptalking one of my favorite movies also i would have healing like you :]

  • When someone regenerates their while self and has amneisia. . . That person: *Cries like a newborn baby*

  • I understand how it works with wolverine but Deadpool would still be able to see into the fourth wall and would see who he is.

  • Technically deadpool without his memories could bring them back through breaking the 4th wall. Not sure about it though...

  • How to kill dead pool? Easy. Just take away the pool

  • I actually really enjoyed wolverine movie, it was epic

  • Well I mean he was kinda right Decapitation would be getting rid of the memories not killing though

  • That was so disappointing yet still exceeded my expectations

  • *Where does he die though?* Sure, his memories are gone and he doesn't have a clue as to what's happening to him, but technically, he's not dead is he? He just lost the memories, his combat techniques and all but his natural instincts should technically still work. Heck, even if they don't, he's still *not dead,* just suffering amnesia.

  • MatPat: if you damage the brain their memories would be erased, essentially killing he character. Deadpool: gets stabbed in the side of the head, pulls it out and goes on like nothing happened.

    • @ғʀᴏɢɢᴏ "wait i’ve ever thought of this- they would burn at the same rate as healing and not regenerate" Wont the healing factor cancel out the burning? If so; they wouldn't die, unless the pain kills them...

    • deadpool is the writer

    • Didn’t matpat state that a scientist in his older video managed to cut off a worm head and grew back it head and retain it memories. Wouldn’t Deadpool and wolverines be able to keep their memories too like a worms? In his game theory channel?

    • @ғʀᴏɢɢᴏ he has had his head completely destroyed

  • after i watch a movie that feels weird I'm just like i cant be asked to look into it but if i see a video by mat I'm like i need to know everything about this movie

  • Thanks for learning me about neurons and neuron connections 🤣

  • Fun fact: the most likely main reason no one wants to go into deadpools mind is because he’s literally too crazy like venom once bonded with deadpool but he was too crazy that venom left him

  • I love how the shown script is actually the real script

  • This episode taught me how memories work. Thank you MatPat

    • Amon you still kicking in?

    • Didn’t matpat state that a scientist in his older video managed to cut off a worm head and grew back it head and retain it memories. Wouldn’t Deadpool and wolverines be able to keep their memories too like a worms? In his game theory channel?

    • A fellow LOK fan, nice.

    • Yea Amon yea

    • Hi Noatak

  • deadpool got a fence stake through his head in deadpool 2, so why didnt that wipe his memory?

  • MatPat, the fact that it's demonstrated in the Deadpool look that there is an after life ans souls mean the the memorie is not something physical, but connected to the soul, so there is no reason someone with this capacity of healing loose their memories unless if they got scars in the brain or moovement in the brain at the cellular level that can't be rectified... at this point, it's like asking if a perfect replica made out of the sames atoms is a replica

  • not really educational, but you always make me smile mat

  • Wouldent Memories still be partialy be recovered due to the Neurons drawing closer to each other (and that likely being Copied bye the Regeneration) Not to say it does not work but i assume it would be kinda like experiencing something in small quantities and then "forgetting" it so while they cant recall it once it comes up agein he can relearn it much faster or even Straight up start to recover memories with sufficient Impules given to him (also stuff like Elictricitie does loose its charge while traveling so a Memory should not be a Impuls createt once that then circles forever but instead be something that can be recreatet bye the brain if you recall it and the abilitie to do so is based on things like the positioning of the neurons) atleast thats what came to my mind and i mean you can still incapacitate them bye damaging the brain but well thats straight up possible with any physical harm its just attacking the memories being extremly efficient at it (little force required while recalling etc unless actively prompted takes a long time and depending on what its about might never happen)

  • "No, it's not curing cancer or anything" 3 years later Raises 1.3 million dollars for a charity helping children with cancer ...

    • 4

    • @HetaLuna What isn't?

    • It's not healed tho

    • I mean in this case it's a good thing he went back on his word right?

  • The ability to know anyones weakness and exploit it would be awesome. Imagine, you are in a fight with i dunno some mutant or Iron Man you can see what the waekness for them would be.

  • 00:13 I'm going to be perfectly honest with you mat I'd watch that one scene on Loop for several hours unironically 😂😂😂😂

  • Matpatts litteraly teaching me more than my tracher could even comprohend

  • Wait, then what are we going to do when a mutant arises with the power to regenerate atoms and energy which includes said patterns?

  • I am ten years old and a few weeks ago I watched both Deadpool movies back to back, it was hilarious Edit: Wade Wilson is Wade Wilson, no matter how much science goes against that, you can’t wipe his memories

    • Watching R rated movies at 10💀

    • @Julia3306 You sound younger than him.

  • MatPat + Deadpool’s super hilarious humor = BEST THEORY CHANNEL

  • If this is true then why does he remember everything when he blows him self into separate body parts and still remembers everything

  • Wolverine's memories began to return to him, and by 2013, he managed to regain much of his lost memories. (X-Men: Days of Future Past) Around 2023, he appeared to have regained all of his lost memories.

  • If Deadpool could regenerate all cells from one, would that mean he could survive the snap, even if he turned to dust

    • MysticFyreGalaxy '_' yes. I think that he would’ve been sent into flakes. But he would regenerate, he would just regrow from a flake, right?

    • @wren bud they dont all go way at the exact same time. he'd have enough time to regenerate.

    • No since the dust from the decimation is not organic, or even cells from his body, it is some sort of dust.

    • No in that case it's the easy solution for killing him, destroy every cell... With the "Snap" every cell would get destroyed/deleted and then he can't regenerate from one cell, because there is none.

    • @BlueEmber Dragon but he took it back

  • What about mutations, when the cells regenerate, shouldn't they have a chance to mutate? This would create interesting effects over time that would eventually result in permanent damage. Or perhaps it would simply cause them to lose the regeneration ability.

  • The only problem I see with this is dead pools power of being sentient he knows he’s in a comic or movie or what ever so wouldn’t he just be self aware of what’s happened in the past basically making him losing his memory every time his brain explodes irrelevant?

  • hard to narrow it down to just two but the top five are technomancy, creation based abilities, chronomancy teleportation and invisibility.

  • I've watched to much game theory, and keep expecting him to say,"Welcome to Game Theory"

  • Dead pool actually can regenerate memory for several reasons. His mutation is unique, he was cursed by thanos to keep memories and never die and finally lady death makes it so he can remember.

    • Not just that as well, it's also stated in Agent X Issue 14 that his healing factor has a mental component too, meaning that he could heal his memories as well

    • Didn’t matpat state that a scientist in his older video managed to cut off a worm head and grew back it head and retain it memories. Wouldn’t Deadpool and wolverines be able to keep their memories too like a worms? In his game theory channel?

    • Tha'ts literally being able to make something happen, AKA you're god.

    • @The Holy Carp deadpool has multiple personalities to prevent mind control, has a healing factor so strong wolverine would die first, he has killed the entire marvel universe before, knows he is fictional, fought thanos with the infinity gauntlet 1v1 and stalemated it, pretty much the only one more OP then him might be a literal god who drives a motorcycle in space (DC) and much more

    • Oh ok. I don’t watch Deadpool (Not into R rated movies) so I don’t know much about his abilities.

  • Me watching this after Bill's and Melinda's divorce in 2021