Film Theory: Is Dory FAKING? (Finding Dory)

פורסם בתאריך 9 יונ 2016
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How can you not love Dory? Our own lovable reed dweller who serves as a faithful companion to clownfish of finding Nemo by singing happy song, just keepin' swimming, and FILLING OUR MINDS WITH LIES. Today on Film Theory, we analyze the symptoms displayed on screen by Dory to see whether her symptoms would actually align with her condition of retrograde amnesia, or whether she's been lying to us all along...
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    • i dont get it

    • Calm down

    • Dory: oh ok that’s fine Lol

    • My brain died when I read "truther"

    • @GhostKid Same honestly but I have been writing character designs in my documents all night for upcoming scripts I need to finish and write

  • Hold on… In finding Dory, her parents actually said and encouraged the fact she had short term memory loss. Dory believed it and told it to others. What if Dory’s parents were really the faking ones and just put it into her head that she did have a disability? An intense version of the placebo effectz

    • @The Lanktheist I think your right! They might have done that so they can get more respect and attention from the other families and wanted to protect dory by causing her to think she’s disabled, so everyone would respect her

    • @primrose m. A bit late but yeah that

    • i think the correct term is munchausen by proxy, not placebo

  • “Hey what movie are you watching” “It’s about a man who’s wife was brutally murdered, and who’s disabled son was kidnapped several years later. In order to find his son he must get the help of a mentally disabled woman and travel across the entire world.” “Wow that’s dark, what’s it called?” “Finding Nemo.”

  • This movie can be summed up by: Depressed, widowed father, teamed up with mentally challenged women to find his disabled son

    • Bro how do I join FBI

    • Why do I feel like this isn’t the actual fbi

    • Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

    • @FBI Hey were is the CIA eh

    • Maybe

  • another crack in her story: she was apparently born with short-term memory loss. in finding dory, she got a flashback to her mom crying to her dad about dory's condition, and that's how she got lost. but also, there would be no reason to lie about having memory loss when she was in the tank unless she WANTED to be lost. hmm...

    • @Qayla she got lost after her mom was crying and she went out to find a purple shell for her mom that was near the pipe that got her lost.

    • @Qayla I think your talking about finding dory

    • @Miss Multi-Console lol that did happen tho go rewatch the movie it did happen 😃

    • I literally don't remember this happening in the movie maybe I have memory loss too lol

    • Didnt she get lost when she was playing hide and seek with her parents and her parents told her not to touch the sand but she forgot about that and eventually did touch it leading her out of her home and she forgot the way to her home?

  • Finding Dory comes out: I'm about to end this man whole theory

  • Well, Dory may not be faking, but Ellen is.

  • Fun fact: the guy who played Malcolm on Malcolm in the Middle has retrograde amnesia due to a skateboarding accident. He has no memories of playing Malcolm or most of his childhood movies.

    • This has already been addressed by Frankie Nunez and is a lie.

    • that's a lie, he experiences severe memory loss as a result of suffering multiple concussions and mini strokes (transient ischemic attacks)

    • How is that fun

  • Just now rewatching this I realize: Dory always reminded me of an aunt. That specific aunt turned out to be a manipulative witch that doesn't care for anyone but herself and brought a lot of problems to the family. I kept feeling bad still relating Dory to her cuz ya know, its Dory, she cute. But with this theory... yeah. Dory=aunt is still pretty accurate. Cute and seemingly harmless on the outside, dark and twisted on the inside. Little me was always right lmaoo

    • Sounds like little you was analyzing the actress behind dory too, as that describes Ellen Degeneres to a tee. Probably just picked up on her over-done phony optimism and "LeT'S JuSt AlL Be HaPpY" shtick that defines her entire existence.

  • "I am onto you Ellen DeGeneres" "More like Exposing Dory" He knew.

  • I just though of something while watching this video, in finding nemo most of the characters have disabilities, Marlin (the father) has ptsd from his wife's murder, Nemo has birth defects and Dory has mental illness (maybe, lol) and I thought most movies have a hard time representing disabled people properly (Music is one of the offenders) but this movie was one of the rare ones who do it properly, it really made me happy and made me like feel kind of an idiot since I didn't realize it sooner. 😅 Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • Actually strong emotionally responses are associated with long term memory meaning that since Dory saw Nemo get kidnapped she could have been triggered remembering seeing the boat

  • "I'm onto you, Ellen Degeneres!" ...that aged well

  • 4:53 Actually, Claudius faked his problems too. When he was younger, he was stuttering, but with time it went away, bur he continued to fake it. He was acting really dumb too, all of that to make everyone believe he wasn’t a treat. Then one day, the army elected him to be the emperor so they can control him and they can all control Rome but Claudius took that chance to become the new emperor.

  • This feels like a good place to say this: Sometimes when I talk and I'm trying to listen to something at the same time, in the middle of a sentence not even a second after, I forget what I'm even talking about.

    • That just happens sometimes

    • Well maybe your just bad at multitasking what you are doing is pretty much the definition (trying to focus on two things at once but getting overwhelmed) People who are better at multitasking can deal with focusing on two things at once without being completely overwhelmed Though I don’t know you and this is just what came to mind when I read your comment anyway hope this happening doesn’t cause you to much trouble irl

  • Film theory: Dory is the only fish who can read Peach inthe aquarium: The aqua scum 2003 is an all-purpose maintenance-free saltwater purifier that is guaranteed to extend the life of your aquarium fish. The aqua scum is programmed to scan your tank environment every 5 minutes

  • Lets take a second to appreciate how much research and editing and making work that he does so that we can know about lore

  • If dory really had short term memory loss then HOW WAS SHE REMEMBERING THAT SHE EVEN HAD SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS!

    • Her parents taught her when she was young, they always told her "If your lost or in a place you don't recognize. Say our name and say you have short term memory loss. " They do this to keep her safe.

  • When this episode of Film Theory is actually helping you prep for your Psycholgy exam, thanks MatPat!!!

    • Nice

    • Dude Matt's videos helped me in physics and biology and even chemistry a lot, no lie 😂

    • People should teach like this, I learn a lot more

    • Lol

    • What he said

  • When Matpat fails to consider dissociative amnesia and a majority of the theory becomes moot

  • Matpat: DORY DOESNT HAVE SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS!! Finding DORY has left the chat.

  • MatPat: *Is about to have his theory proven wrong* Some piece of evidence: "Come, this is no place to die"

  • I started psychology GCSE a few weeks ago, and we were learning about memory, and I recognised a lot of the things from this video that we learned in the classes ! It was a great help. It’s funny since I watched this video so long ago. I had no idea back then I would even be interested in psychology

  • So Nemo in Latin means Nobody. Disney Pixar's: Finding NOBODY.

    • @sOnGs_ArE_fUn no, but because of ur reply I do.

    • PJO fans unite

    • @Athena yup

    • @Goodnight- Moon Don’t you mean the peter johnson movies?

    • This is actually what I thought when I found out Noemi means no one

  • I've always assumed that the "boat" she remembers is the last thing in her memory before the short term memory loss cuts in, and that it hit her

  • I love this theory but I just thought of something, isn't it just possible that the writers had no clue the details of short-term memory loss since it's unlikely that they have it or you know confirmed any of this when they were writing the character of Dory. It's just a thought.

  • I love this video. Calling out every straw man that could be made preemptively, then saying "but here's why I'm right, more on that in the next episode". Clever😂

  • I love the beginning with all the hilarious puns. 😂 And I think that I have some Anterograde Amnesia

  • Imagine being the one making this movie, then watching this and being like... *Well, carp*

  • This is really awesome how did you think all this stuff, this man deserves more subscribers

  • Good theory, well done!

  • And if I were to tell you that there's a secret so hidden, so subversive, and so shocking, that the writers probably didn't even think about it and this is just overanalyzing a children's film. I love it

  • 1:22 As soon as he said this I said.. "Under the surface, I feel breserk as a tight rope walker in a three ring circus" Encanto is all that I think now. 😂

  • *Watching Film Theory to get away from homework on Ancient Rome* Matpat: "The answer lies in Ancient Rome" Me: "Oh Jesus Christ..." i dont have anything against history or ancient rome, i just hate homework ok

    • @DC Jay it's muffin Time

    • i i reply there will be 70 rather that 69 replies, no one else will have to suffer through the pain of breaking perfection

    • oh no oh no oh no no no no no

    • @Alana Wrisley But like that person said he/she hates homework NOT history

    • @lucky the axolotl wing um i forgot what i said can u remind me?

  • I remember the first video I watched on your channel, it was the one that was titled We Found The TMNT! That video was so awesome!! Keep doing what you love! And also, the intro where you show a lot of scenes from movies really makes my day!! Keep staying awesome! 😎

  • Me: *watches this in 2020* Also me: *has seen Finding Dory* Me, again: WAIT--

  • I saw this video for the first time many years ago. At that time, I had just started anxiety medication, but I had not totally settled into it. Thus, I still experienced panic attacks far more frequently than I do now. When I saw this for the first time, the ending where his eyes get very big and he drops his cup gave me a panic attack and i remember being so confused. I was extremely distressed, but also confused because it made no sence. Since then, I have fully adjusted to my medication and I have developed strategies to combat residual anxiety. A few months ago I saw Usual Suspect for the first time and I absolutely loved it. I stayed awake thinking about it and then a bunch of references to it I had unwittingly seen in the past came to mind. Among them was this video that had once caused me such distress. It caused me to come back and watch it with a new frame of reference at a different point in my life. I just thought it was interesting.

  • That fish pun bit is glorious one of my favorite bit in film theory

  • A few years ago my friend said "its scientifically proven dory didnt have dementia" in class, this better be a good theory

  • The fact you zoom in on dory’s eyes even before you add the sweet flaming after effect they just naturally look menacing should be a hint in itself.

  • LOVE the intro. Not just on this but with game and food theory too!

  • That Unusual Suspects ending literally gave me chills

  • When you realize you were laughing at bad fish puns: ...Carp..

  • I came back to look at this again.... These symptoms you point out remind me a lot of my own depressive ones.....and depression can make it hard to form or recall memories. And her doing better around others, when she feels better, or when she has set goals is very similar to how you get better remembering things as some one with depression and a few other mental problems.. Love you though matpat ♡

  • This was my favorite movie I always thought she was faking though

  • As a person with damage to my hippocampus and living that dory life, I was so prepared to get mad but it all worked out until the troll af cliff hanger. Get ready pt 2

  • QUESTION: Would the events of Finding Dory contradict this theory? (How could a little baby Dory be faking?) (Why wouldn't she just go home if she was faking?)

  • So I know I'm a little late, but I had a thought. Dory says she's seen "A" Boat, that could just mean she recollects seeing boats in her long life under where apparently fishermen fish. So it could be said that little "Slip-up" is being misread here, I mean I don't even think she swims in the direction the boat went, we can't really know when they hit each other and lost their directions, met with sharks, and THEN knew where to go thanks to the mask. Idk, I read too much into cartoons too.

    • Yea but how do you explain her trying to the boat she just saw then forgetting what she was doing, I’m very late but couldn’t help myself😂!

    • Y'all forget she was washed out near a pier

    • @MEOWWW are any of those seen in the movie, though?

    • @Donke267 Actually, there are those miniature boats for aquariums, like sunken ships and stuff that are usually for decoration, but hey, that just a THEORY!

    • @ok ay A FILM THEORYYYY

  • I may have gotten so addicted to these channels I may or may not have watched every food theory several times, and currently trying to do every film and game theory too

  • The boat thing, she might remembered it because it stood out a lot or had pass experience with one that was traumatizing. If you see something often, you are likely to remembered it even with short-term memory loss especially considering that when she got lost wasn't there boats nearby hen she was young.

  • my grandpa has alzheimers which is like amnesia. it's so bad that he doesn't know how mirrors work anymore. he can't remember anything that has happened older than 5 minutes, and constantly mixes up me and my mom.

    • @i do not post It sounds horrible to deal with for everyone involved.

    • @MidnightMuffin because they loose their memories, that means they can forget how to read, write or talk and etc. its a scary diseases tbh

    • @peacherosé ♡ I don't care enough to do that.

    • @MidnightMuffin you could have googled but k-

    • @The Boi And you didn't bother to explain because...?

  • Script writers make one mistake...Mat: there you go 🤩

  • These theories are so interesting and also we get some knowledge from matpat that actually goes to my brain instead of sitting in history🥸

  • I wonder if mat pat really does walk around in an explaining position with a presentation table

  • I like that, he said "the truth is coming out" at the beginning and he said in the ending "but it's just a theory, a film theory" 🤣🤣🤣

  • In Dory’s defense, Dory said “ I’ve seen a boat “ not “ I’ve seen the boat that took Nemo away”, she could have seen a boat before her still , so called “ anterograde amnesia”

    • but she wouldn't remember it unless she repeated it to herself

  • When yo laughing at fish puns you feel like you want to "krill" someone

  • Dory: *Shows all the signs of Amnesia* Matpat: Welp guess I was wrong Dory: *Remembers a boat* Matpat: AHA!

  • I'm glad that before I started watching Film Theory, I've already watch the mentioned movies. Lol. So it won't affect anything. :) and will just really be for fun. After all, Its Just A Theory, A Film Theory! :)

  • This... this is genuinely helping me revise my psychology. We've just been studying Memory. I have an exam in 2 weeks. This is genuinely helpful, I was away for one of the lessons and this has given me a way to remember it easier. OMG. Thanks MatPat!😂😂😂

  • You know, the funny thing about this is in Finding Dory, it's revealed that she's had it since she was a child, likely since she was first born given how unsurprised her parents are in the first bit of the movie. This means that what likely occurred to her to GIVE her the amnesia either occurred when she was still an egg (like Nemo's small fin) or RIGHT after she hatched. Finding Dory doesn't reveal what gave her the amnesia, just that she's had it for a REALLY long time. This also explains why she's 'always' had issues with memory. It happened before she was technically born, or right after.

  • Dory with flames in her eyes is surprisingly frightening

  • Alternative theory: her brain damage was caused by being hit by a boat. The last thing she remembers properly is seeing a boat, several months/years before the story.

  • MatPat: No more fish puns! Also MatPat literally less than 5 minutes later: Let's make Dory FLOP LIKE A FISH!!

  • “Finding Dory? More like exposing Dory” wow this ages really well

  • the thing is this video was released 7 days before finding dory, which means that some of the theories that Mat makes are incorrect because of things introduced in Finding Dory

  • I will not laugh at fish puns. I will not laugh at fish puns. I will not laugh at fish puns. **laughs at fish puns** CRAP.

  • Am I the only one who found the opening and ending way too creepy? Like thanks MatPat, I didn't need to sleep tonight

  • When I saw Dory coming out of the dark I thought the eyes were the prints of my finger. I didn't put my finger there and I thought, Is Dory haunting me lol

  • I am so angry I trusted Dory and now she betrayed me thanks matpat for showing me the truth

  • My only problem with this video is that, for the most part you're right, except for the end. It is possible that Dory had seen a boat some day before meeting Marlin therefore her saying the truth. Hence her entire story checks out completely. Boat's pass over the ocean all the time.

    • @Lauren you are completely right, but please keep in mind since this is an ocean its a 50/50 chance that she has seen many boats. And since Merlin {I think that's the dads name} didn't describe the boat well enough she probably just mistook it for another boat she has seen

    • true but unless she repeats to herself that she saw a boat (which is unlikely) the theory still holds

  • So Marlin said to Nemo "You don't swim well!" THAT IS THE SAME THING AS TELLING YOUR CHILD THEY CAN'T WALK WHILE THEY ARE 7 YEARS OLD! (Don't hate on me if I spelled Marlin wrong)

    • FINally I realized that! Okay I’ll leave....

    • Sarah Thompson I also think I wrote his name that way Marlin It's fine its not a big of a deal ^-^

    • you wrote Marlin right

    • Sarah Thompson

    • Sarah Thompson well if the kid can't walk and they know it, what's your problem

  • Wait a sec. Dory said she saw “A boat” so that would still be procedural memory because she is a fish, she’s seen many boats in her life right? She didn’t say she saw THAT boat. If she said that she saw the exact boat they were looking at, that would be a declarative memory. So maybe she DOES suffer from Short Term Memory Loss.

  • Who agrees this is ONE of the best video openings that MATPAT has had

  • I feel like at this point he could convince me that Dory is part of the illuminati because "just keep swimming" is three words and there is three lines to a triangle. 😂

  • Wait I figured out that dory didn’t actually have short term memory loss right after I first watch finding Nemo. I also had two brain surgeries in 2004 and absorbed a lot of basic neurology before I first watch the movie. It took me until college when I studied about HM and memory and my professor using Nemo as as teaching tool to fully understand what I was discovered when I was 10

  • How would someone with short term memory loss know that they have short term memory loss in the first place?

    • She repeats outloud that she has short term memory loss and the people around her remind her what she said

    • True tho

    • @Maria Biak Len Lang Chin I made a lot of comments 4 years ago, what are you referring to

    • @Travante Mora he could have forgotten something was deadly

    • Her parents drilled that into her head from birth. That, and "Just Keep Swimming" are all she retains of them.

  • I actually remember my entire history from beginning of childhood to now.

  • “I’ve seen a boat” could have just meant that she’s seen a boat in her live (possibly pre-trauma)

  • I love learning new historical things from this channel. The case of Mr HM really IS a bizarre case of anterograte amnesia. But you wanna know the most famous case of retrogate amnesia? Google Benjaman Kyle