Film Theory: Is Morbius So BAD You Can SUE?

פורסם בתאריך 11 יונ 2022
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Theorists, it's Morbin time! I know, I know. That meme is super old now, but it was part of what inspired me to make this theory in a way. Well, the Morbin meme at least meant I needed to take a second look at Morbius. Oh boy, did I take a second look. Specifically, I watched the trailer again and realized that the movie I was advertised was NOT the movie I saw. At ALL!. Is that even LEGAL? Think of this as the sister episode to our episode over on game theory about mobile game ads.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Bob Chipman and Forrest Lee
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • I watched it illegally and I still want a refund!

    • Lol

    • Here's your morbin'fund 💰

    • Same man

    • @Natester_is_the_ultimate_gangster Oh no! Now the billion dollar company is missing out on a whole 12 bucks!

  • I love how everybody actively refuses to refer to Morbius as a vampire and just calls him a "Morb".

    • Morbus

    • @El Yay the morbiest morb of all time

    • @salma I guess you could say he is the… Morb-iest

    • @El Yay it's morbin time

    • Now that they stoped sparkeling, .... they Morbing... Go back to 30 days of night plz.

  • Can’t wait for the upcoming sequels: Morbius 2: more bius Morbius 3: the morb the merrier Morbius 4: back for morb

    • Nah, too creative. Dial it down a fair bit.

    • Morbius 69: bustin bius

    • morbious 11: morbin than ever

    • Mobrbius 10 morbing again

    • @JayLeaf 23 morbius 12: the rise of morb

  • When Morbius busted in the bad guys' secret lair and said: "Party morb is in the house tonight, everybody just have a morb time", I totally lost my morbles. Truly one of the morbies of all time.

    • It was truly the most movie of all time

    • I was honestly morbusting at the Time

  • It truly was a movie…that I still haven’t watched. I was intimidated by the amount of Morbing in the movie

    • Yeah I know I watched it and it morbed me so hard I had to take like half an hour breaks

    • They actually struck a pretty good balance, I thought they were gonna go over board with it, but the amount of morbing actually hit right to me 💯

    • It was one of the movies of my life. the actor of morbius morbed so hard that he became one of the actors in the world.

  • Hearing MatPat say "It's morbin time" has completed my life. I am so happy.

  • I feel so bad for Matt Smith being in this. He’s a phenomenal actor, and my favorite Doctor in Doctor Who, so for him to be in a movie that bombed so bad (plus having to act with Jared Leto🙄) makes me feel awful for him.

    • For real he's my favorite doctor who

    • He also was in the newest terminator which was also awful

  • Okay, I do have a question as a law student: Most of what you said was about individual citizens going against Sony, but what if a bunch of them gathered in order to file a class action against Sony for false advertisement?

    • @The Communist Doggo Its a dumb test americans have to take after college to try to get into law school, afterwards you apply to law schools and your score heavily impacts your chances of getting in. Thankfully in my country we don't have such a stupid standardized test that prevents us from following our dreams.

    • From my POV, there are no legal grounds for a lawsuit and even if you tried, you would probably lose the case. (Non USA - Law Student)

    • @Oj Young What the feck is an LSAT?

    • Could be a class action law suit (I think, I'm not a lawyer)

    • You should probably switch career paths

  • I started morbing at the age of 13. Ever since I learned how to morb, I couldn’t contain myself. I regularly skipped classes and lost my appetite if I hadn’t morbed for over an hour. Even though I was skipping school to maximize my morbing experience, my iq increased substantially and I started to taste colors. When my parents found out I was skipping school and getting bad grades, they confronted me about it. Then I explained to them the fascinating experience that is morbing. I told them that I was starting to taste colors, how I could see with my eyes closed, how I was being very positively affected by this. However, my parents thought I was crazy, so they sent me to a mental asylum. There, I taught all the mental patients the ways of Morbius and started a revolution. We all morbed our way out of the asylum and all went our own ways. When I returned home, my parents did not accept me. They said I wasn’t the same son they had birthed 14 years ago. I ate them. Quickly overcome with guilt, I swore to never hurt humans again and rather protect them. Since then, I have learned the value of preserving life and I am a very wise and powerful Morbius male.

    • @Braden The Man welcome to the world of Morbius. There will be ups and downs, but you must morb through it and eliminate any and all obstacles. I wish you well through your journey of morbing.

    • Thanks to your beautiful summary, and outstanding putting if it, I think I might start morbing myself. I hope to achieve the level of your grateness one day, stay morbing!

  • That moment I realize how much not watching television at all is affecting me when I had no idea this movie existed until youtubers started complaining about it and calling it bad.

  • That part when Morbius got sued and said "It's time to morb" and proceeded to morb all over the courtroom was so morbin awesome.

    • gonna hire Saul so i can sue morbius

    • Haven't seen it yet but I doubt it is as bad as Dr. Strange 2.

    • morbots

    • It was an amazing, no, morbtastic scene that will forever shape the way we look at movies....Though it was a little out of place in a PG-13 rated movie. I mean it was perfect, but witnessing Michael Morbius Morb on the Judge, the jury, his lawyer, and even himself somehow was...mature to say the least. It was beautiful but I mean...there are websites for this kind of stuff. Seeing kids in the packed theater watch this suspicious scene was actually scary and frankly morbed up. This is a scene that should have been in the Morby Cut of the film, not the theatrical release.

    • This is the sussiest comment ever

  • As a person who is morbidly obese I can say that this is the best masterpiece ever to film.

  • I actually enjoyed Morbius. It's stupid and the cg isn't the best, but the story is really good and I love how they visualize echolocation.

  • Honestly, the mini theory rant at the end was so funny for some reason😂 MatPat should do more of those.

  • Honestly, the mini theory rant at the end was so funny for some reason😂 MatPat should do more of those.

  • Morbius is one of the movies of all time. The actors all acted and the writing was definitely written. I would rate it /10.

    • No 😒 morbius:the game was better

    • @ThePigeon Hahaha, the special effects were actually good and probably the only good part of that movie!

    • This movie was made, so I rate it a existed out of not made

    • Jesus loves you all, have a blessed day or night. May His peace be with you. ❤️

    • @Mollywood Shots no.

  • Basically anyone can sue anyone for almost anything, but even if the suit is justified, the vast majority of people wouldn't be able to afford the legal process. It's like that for much of the legal system for anything it seems. Sounds like pure cancer. People who need the legal system to help them the most won't be able to afford it right down to how time consuming it is.

  • Idk what’s the big deal. I saw the movie and thought it was pretty awesome. I would rate it a 8.5 out of 10. I really liked it.

  • With all this said, EA and Activision should start getting handed these lawsuits. Anthem is 100% guilty of these practices

  • I wanted this movie to be good. the trailers looked so. good. I'm so angry about allowing myself even a speck of hope.

  • Honestly, the mini theory rant at the end was so funny for some reason😂 MatPat should do more of those.

  • A class action lawsuit against morbius would be an amazing end to this awful story

  • Just the other day, I was super bored and I decided to watch Morbius. And I was kinda surprised at how enjoyable it was. It’s bad and there’s no doubt about it but I definitely enjoyed it just like Venom.

  • I watched morbius blind lol, my friends just dragged me to the movies and I was happy to sit with them and eat some popcorn :) I didn't think the movie was too bad but I also don't have a lot of opinions on things. No idea how I didn't see the ads, I probably just ignored them or something

  • For a movie with such a movie reception it’s sort of impressive that there’s been a morbillion videos made about it

    • @Arcane A Even if your opinion is that the movie is bad, Morbius is another level.

    • @Plebbers Dr strange 2 was great . LMAO

    • @Arcane A its worse. Dr strange 2 was great

    • Haven't seen it yet but I doubt it is as bad as Dr. Strange 2.

    • And now sony are making a 2nd morbius movie for all those so called fans and it has the title they all want

  • I love the part when the main protagonist say it's morbin time before entering a room filled with morbheads. He then morb everyone and leave 1 still alive and then he said "the morb you scream the morb pain you'll receive" before using all of his morb in his morb tank to morb the morbhead to his morby death. Mwah 1 of the most movies of all time. Can't wait to see morb.

  • What is amazing is that I somehow missed this movie entirely including the trailers.

  • Matpat: Morbius is so bad you can sue Me and other morbius fans: It's morbin time

  • I actually loved the film I rated it a 6/10

  • The thought of MatPat explaining the entire mcu timeline and lore in a court room is a hilarious concept and I would love to see it happen.

    • @Arcane A chill bro it’s my opinion

    • If iwas rich, I’d start hunting for a lawyer that A. Was willing to take the case and B. Promise to reach out to MatPat as an expert witness for our defense

    • @Frenchboi LMFAO. Hope you are being sarcastic.

    • @Arcane A doctor strange 2 was epic. Definitely top ten mcu movie

  • I have an idea for a theory video with the Snowpiercer series, I was wondering if, assuming that post apocalyptic scenario actually happened, if the train could actually work?

  • "wanna get bagels?" "okay" The start of a beautiful friendship

  • Honestly I didn't know this was a movie until now. I've heard the "It's morbin time" phrase, but I've never understood what it meant nor where it came from. Granted I don't watch a lot of movies and I don't live in America.

  • Hey MatPat! Have you ever thought about making theories about internet horror ARGs, like The Walten Files, or TMK? That might be a good idea for the last part of the Theory Circle.

  • Here’s a theory for you… Could Marvel sue Sony for damaging the integrity of its storytelling by referencing their multiverse but not following the rules of said multiverse? Could Marvel make the case that Sony had done damage to their characters and sue for Spidey to revert to their control? Not that they would but I think it would be a fun theory.

    • Now that's a must

    • Up!

    • I would say no because don’t bought the rights to Spider-Man and I haven’t watched Spider-Man but as far as I can see they were only using him

    • I love it

    • Interesting thought. I love it. Plus we know Disney/Marvel suing Sony would break the skin wayyy more effectively than some class action lawsuit filed by a bunch of MatPat’ers.

  • I can’t believe this meme is still going, even to the point of making fun of the people who actually have experience at reviewing movies and calling them nerds.

  • to be honest if a morbin time crazed matpat came up to me and i told him the meme was dead, and he asked me if I wanted to get bagels with him, i'd probably say no. MatPat is never not crazed about something, so it'd probably be bound to come up again

  • alright look. its not an awful movie, i get that it wasnt great, or perfect, but what else did you expect from the marvel universe? an okay movie doesnt mean a terrbile movie. the cgi is alright, the story telling is, well, story telling. character development is weird but okay. its a middle tier movie. if every single movie that came out was special, had awesome acting, awesome writting, awesome cgi, eventually youd get to a point where every movie is the same. if everything/everyone is special, no one is unique. i enjoyed it, simply because it entertained me and gave me something to do. everyone else is so critical of everything they see, its almost like the only things people can enjoy in this current point in time are binging 30 second long clips, binging youtube, and complaining/attempting self-validation on social media.

  • Just watching the movie not thinking about it’s ties to the rest of the universe, just as a movie I liked it and now I’m wondering if I’m in the wrong here

  • God, I loved when Morbius said "It's morbin' time." and morbed all of the bad guys.

    • @Arcane A No, it's a reference to when Morbius said "It's morbin' time." and morbed all of the bad guys.

    • @Arcane A they say "Morphin". Morbin was atcually first time said by a Twitter user under the name of Rata YGO

    • @Arcane A Yeah since he “morphs” into a vampire

    • It's morbin' time, is that a power ranger's reference?

    • Haven't seen it yet but I doubt it is as bad as Dr. Strange 2.

  • Sonic 2 Theory: - Could Sonic really run on water - How much power does the Emerald emit - How hard can Knuckles punch

  • Imagine if someone actually tries to sue Sony lol

  • This whole Morbius "meme" felt Astroturfed from the moment I saw it, then as soon as it popped up Sony and Leto were ready and willing to take advantage of it. I'm certain this whole thing is just Sony desperately trying to save their shared universe.

  • I have literally never heard of this movie before. I definitely have avoided it

  • if I had a nickel for every time MatPat discovered that a comedically bad movie was possibly illegal I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice

    • This is matpat, It's not that wierd

    • @Project: Garchomp I wonder what would happen if MatPat does a similar video for *another* Sony movie. _They_ would probably go to a legal action on the basis of "you keep showcasing moviegoers that they could sue us"

    • @Helena what? The emoji movie was a great movie at least to me. 7/10

    • What was the first time?

    • I… I understood that reference

  • Imma be honest, everytime I read or hear “It’s Morbin Time” I keep thinking of “It’s Morphing Time” from Super Sentai

  • If MatPat was a lawyer, it would be a 50/50 because he would either go on your side, or agree to the other side.

  • just asking a question do coins tend to land more heads or tales and what coin is most likely to flip more heads and tales love this channel

  • man, morbius really managed to make me morbcry with morbtears with how morbmotional it was.

  • Unfortunately, only a sequel for Morbius will be the only thing to cure my Morbid Morbesity.

    • morbin morbesity

    • No jellal pfp. Everything is getting worse these days

    • Didn't you heard? The meme is dead, old man. Get with the times.

    • @Crazy ‘ol Ben I bet its tight

  • Does that mean we can sue Marvel for their trailers? I mean we clearly caught them editing out Tobey and Andrew from NWH. Thats been their MO for years now.

  • 3:08 I mean to be fair, we DO know there’s a Toby MacGuire Spiderman timeline, so maybe that’s where Morbius is. IDK, 30-second thought process.

  • Hey Matt! Would you ever consider doing another stranger things theory on this channel? I think it would be really awesome and the show is amazing.

  • Imagine if Sony were actually cool and re released Morbius as an April fools joke.

  • Objectively speaking, morbius is one of the movies that has ever been created.

    • @Mahou Kat The joke is more that it is really bad but yet everyone acts like it is the best movie ever along with the side-joke of not actually ever saying it’s the ‘best’ one.

    • @ThatXpert Kid It’s part of the joke but honestly it’s just old now.

    • Haven't seen it yet but I doubt it is as bad as Dr. Strange 2.

    • @ThatXpert Kid because it is the most movie of all time. You can't dispute that.

    • @Morbius 🅥 Finally, it’s Morbin Time.

  • Film Theory is like an itch, Watchers find themselves unable to resist the urge to watch the new video each week, with Mat Pats deep dives into hidden lore our weakness. In a way, the theories hunt themselves (I know, wrong Disney universe, but I couldn’t find a Star Wars theory around this time)

  • Hey MatPat at the end of "The Goonies" the neighborhood was saved by the emeralds on jewels but would that be enough to cover an entire neighborhood?

  • Okay, all jokes aside, I really did like the movie, I thought, and still think, that it's fun

  • Could you do a film theory on Alice in Wonderland (animated)? It seems interesting to me, and would like to see what you think of it

  • It’s a class action suit so that $5 million would be divided among everyone in the class action, which could be thousands.

  • I would have been able to go in to it blind, I never ever heard of it until the memes started.

  • This is the first time I hear there being an expectation that something in a trailer may not make it into the movie - if I see it in a trailer I expect it to BE in the movie. That quote seems like some BS. Trailers are ads, and I expect stuff to be as advertised.

  • Hey matpat, I would love to see a boss baby theory.

  • I think you made a mistake Mat, you put the word "bad" in the same sentence as Morbius 😂

    • @Cheeseballs Okay, but what kind of crackers go with that? Because for me, it's got to be Triscuits, unless it's more of a Jarlsberg dip sort of thing, in which case, then Pita Chips are perfectly acceptable.

    • @boardzgotaim What about the top Morbius Song, "How Soon Is Morbius", by Mobissey??????

    • @aachelabelaaron also imagine morbin time

    • @aachelabelaaron also Cheeseballs

    • @aachelabelaaron also it might be made in the future, 20th century morb and Morbisney are working on it but that’s a rumor from Morb Theory and MorbPat

  • I loved the movie even if it didn’t have all the mcu things it still was a good movie

  • I'd like a theory on the logistics of the Magic School Bus, especially the first episode.

  • The realization that I haven't watched any new media since 2020 because I missed all of the Morbius trailers was my biggest take-away from this video.... 0.0

  • I still had more fun with this than The Secrets Of Dumbledore.

  • Morbius is one of the most movies ever. The scene where Morbius teamed up with Graggle Simpson, Quandale Dingle, Mr. Beast, and the Minions to defeat Cocomelon was one of the most movie scenes ever. The writing was. The director did. The actors were. The Movie definitely was.

    • More

    • Favorite scene was when Morbius teamed up with Lilo and Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, and Buzz Aldrin to defeat all of Doctor Who's 14 regenerations.


    • @Elijah Gabrielle Ravago MORB SLANDER?!?! How dare you. I am going to morb.

    • @A biy What are you talking about? It’s no meme, it’s the film of all time. The greatest part was when he said “It’s morbin time”

  • Mat's throat must've hurt after recording the narration for this video

  • If it wasn't for the meme, I wouldn't know that the movie or the source material existed. Btw, I'm not exactly a hardcore marvel fan, and I think the movie looks enjoyable... probably. Too bad, it didn't measure up to the fans expectations which is the reason for the infamy... I mean, who else would be the first on the movie seats?

  • I’ve not heard one positive thing about this movie. I have to watch it now.

  • Film theory idea: how hard would it be to break out the the water tower from Animaniacs?

  • The fact that Morbius 2: It's Morbin Time will never grace us with its presence is a crime against humanity

    • Haven't seen it yet but I doubt it is as bad as Dr. Strange 2.

    • They had demorbified our collective nightly morbin time wet dreams. Us morbareans always deserved better

    • Dont be so sure , sony might still make a sequel and if they do they will 100% reference all the memes in the trailer to attract people

    • Last fight

    • @Brew Jim It’s called an inside joke, this one being sarcastic. You either get it or you don’t (like the out-of-touch execs at Sony Pictures). At the end of the day, just mind your own business and carry on. ✌️

  • morbius was actually a decent movie, hoping for a part 2

  • A question just popped in my head, could the candle from Encanto be a parrasite?

  • Watching morbius on an illegal site still makes me want to sue them for wasting my time

  • No... Since this happened in the movie, you can't take it seriously. Remember everything about this movie and the trailer are 100% fiction. You can't sue something that isn't real. And yet... they do.

  • The fact that Sony released Morbius twice and it flopped both times is already funnier than any joke that could be made about the movie

    • Much better when Marvel comics were trolled into making a bunch of woke comics nobody would read, instead of mid movies nobody would watch, and literally everyone only benefited. Comic fans ESPECIALLY. It's like getting served the same way as in the movie The Producers, but even the product that fails to fail is FREE! No need to watch good movies or comics, just cut the middleman and get the AGREEABLE MESSAGING that is the REAL service.

    • @Kombat Wombat my feelings aren't hurt at all. My original comment wasn't even combatative so idk why the guy even made that joke in the first place. I just answered factually. It's not my fault the internet is full of bottom feeders

    • @That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin You'd figure people would have to decency to not use their dead mother as a shield to protect their feelings.

    • @aka eed you'd figure most people with any decency would just not reply after that but I forget that the anonymity of the internet turns everyone into a consequence-less edgelord

    • What do you mean? HE'S NOT VENOM! IT'S HILARIOUS! HE'S MORB!

  • Morbius is the greatest piece of art of all time