Film Theory: Is The Emoji Movie ILLEGAL? (feat. Jacksfilms)

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Okay, so The Emoji Movie is pretty darn bad. But that badness doesn't actually come from the movie itself. I mean, sure, The Emoji Movie is predictable and has cringe-worthy jokes and has a really awful "try hard to be hip for the kids" premise...but that's true of a lot of movies. No, The Emoji Movie is bad because it's one huge commercial. A commercial that is targeting children while blatantly breaking rules established by the FTC and FCC for disclosing branded advertising. So how deep does this rabbit hole go? Get ready for some Angry Judge emoji.
Link to the FTC Guidelines:
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  • You know, if I ever need to sue someone, I’m calling this guy.

  • Ok, you can't change my mind. Matpat will definitely be a detective someday in the future!

    • Except he’s not the one researching this lol. He even said it in this video at 2:31

    • He'd be an amazing detective

    • He kind of is xD Hes an Internet Detective!

  • Mat pat: *makes a theory about some fictional kids show/film* Also mat pat: irl info + historical info + scientific info = proof the theory is valid

  • Let’s be honest, he makes us better in quarantine in the best ways possible!

  • We love you Toby #TheFilmTheorists. We love you, your researchers, and your editors for making these lovely theories of yours.

    • @e I realized that and I was going to edit my comment, but I forgot which video it was that I put this comment on, until I stumbled across one of my emails that said I got a new comment on this one. But You already corrected me, so I'll just leave it alone.

    • @Keegan Stallard that's matpat

    • @Shlok Shah That's the name of the guy who narrated the video.

    • Toby? Who's that sorry I don't know

  • Can we just appreciate how this man re watched and sat through the CREDITS to movie he hated for the theory?

  • I actually liked the movie. I had extremely low expectations going in so I couldn’t be disappointed lol

  • There's a deep deep rabbit hole in all of the theory's that matpat said in every theory

  • Can we just take the time to appreciate the amount of search this dude takes a video. He puts in more work in one video then I do for my whole school year 😀✋

  • you ever have those times when you watch a movie, think “that was pretty good” and then find out everyone hated it years later? that is happening to me right now… it also happened to me with the starwars prequels. im basically patrick because im not picky, and i live under a rock apparently

    • SAME. I actually enjoyed the emoji movie (... I was, like, 7)

    • Same, I liked the emoji movie and then found out about this

    • Yea I personally like the movie as well.

    • Me too.

    • exactly same for me lol.

  • Also, MatPat would be a terrifying detective.

    • Truth

    • You spek about the drill, and matpat is already there to destroy you. Warning: "Drill" is part of Dani's Multiverse. This is MatPat's multiverse. Paradox detected

    • AIZAWA!?!

    • Yes

    • L 2.0 (if you get it, you get it)

  • I would've watched this episode 10 times then watch the movie once 😥

  • I actually really liked The Emoji Movie. I’ve watched it like 4 times and I could probably watch it again.

  • Jacksfilms: I want them to go to the eBay app Ralph Breaks The Internet: *HELLO THERE*

  • Honestly looking back on the first time I watched this I loved this movie, I didn’t even notice how many plugs were in this movie.

  • So technically the movie is Illegal, but because there is a big freaking loophole that it makes it not Illegal. Seems legit.

    • Why would anyone be suprised that the government gave hollywood a pass.

    • To be fair its not that there is a Loophole these laws just straight up dont apply (even worse in my opinion)

    • Well movies don't have to put the disclosures in but they still have to go through ridiculous amounts of paperwork and legal documents to have them if requested to show that the procedures were completed properly. Basically they still have to have proof of exchange and agreement between the production and products company but it isn't required to be stated in the film although some mention of it must be made in the credits of the film. There is a lot more behind the scenes legalese for film than there generally is for amateur videography and social media.

    • @Atul Gaikwad the emoji movie is illegal 🤔

    • Yeah, totally.

  • I love it when we all hate a movie so much MatPat makes an entire movie to prove the faulty legality of it.

  • 1:14 Matt in the most upbeat tone ever:”speaking of things that will make you depressed” Me:*almost chokes on noodles*

  • Personally, I'd like to see the following rule added to the FTC guidelines: "A message to the viewers with a large and readable font should explain that there was product placement within the movie". Just another thing editors can just place at the start along with the animations of all the studios involved

  • I'm probably the only human who actually enjoyed the movie. I loved it! My husband still looks at me like "Really?" And I'm like "yes really".

  • I think literally everyone in the comments section is missing the point Yes, the movie turned out to be legal in the end But the reason MatPat went through all of this trouble for a false theory is because he's making a statement He's pointing out the clearly unfair regulations out in place for independent creators If people like MatPat, who put time and effort into good content have to follow these rules- then dumb ass corporations like Sony should too

    • 2:31 Matpat isn’t independent

    • @Donovan McLizard Its extremely backwards to suggest that, because MatPat isn't either A) rich or B) an entire corporation he has no right to criticize the law and its practice. That's exactly like me saying you have no right to criticize international trade deals that effect the cost of your apples because you aren't an apple farmer. Furthermore, it seems unethical to me to hold a lone individual or a small group of people to stricter regulations and harsher punishments than a person or entity with far greater power. The unfortunate reality is; power corrupts. Its assured that if a corporation or individual has power over others they are more likely to abuse that and cause damage than such an entity without that power. The odds of doing so grow exponentially as the level of power over others grows as well. And in this country, and most of the world, money is power. That's why the ethical thing to do is to enforce stricter regulations and harsher punishments against those with more power than those with less.

    • @Donovan McLizard No, they don't get released into theaters BUT they do make millions. A ILawardr that has been around long enough with a big enough audience, subscribed or not can make millions with just ad revenue which varies and actually really sucks regardless. Nevermind the fact that videos are used for ad placement in the form of sponsorships meaning that the top creators are quite rich and re-invest a lot of their money, most I bet back into their content. Now consider this, ILaward takes I think it was about thirty percent of the ad revenue creators make. That's millions upon millions of dollars daily from countless millions of creators and god knows how many videos. It wouldn't surprise me if this went into the billions. Don't forget that not every video is the same. You have videos that literally take months to create with animations, documentaries, ARGS and soo much more which requires time, effort, planning and skill that is nothing to sneeze at. EVEN less elaborate content like lets plays, walkthroughs and these theory videos are still content that takes a lot of time, effort, planning and skill to create at a decent level of quality alone! Let's take a let's play for example. And also, because I used to be a let's player but I gave that up because of technical issues. First off, you have to select a game which when you do, you need to select from what people are willing to watch, if you can even play it in the first place and whether or not you can play for more than five minutes without stopping before you get bored. Then you have to make sure you are set up to record meaning your software is properly set up to record it. That can be a lot of work depending on various circumstances. Then you have to make sure your headphones and microphone are ready to be used. If you use a webcamera, that is it's own thing to check as well. Then while recording, you have to balance being entertaining with actually playing the game at an about 60% entertaining and 40% gameplay focus. THIS is NOT easy! Not just because you're multitasking two things at once which, with gameplay, can also be more than one thing at once but being entertaining as you constantly have to be talking meaning constantly thinking of new things to say and well, talking. Not to mention you have to remember what you were saying after you inevitable get focused on the game for a moment as to not die or whatever, abandoning being entertaining. Once all that's done, you've got to remember to plug your social media, the like button, subscribing and commenting. Then you have to edit the video which takes a long time and usually requires adding in images and stuff which either has to be made or found which is yet more time dedicated to this one video. With all that done, you now have to make the thumbnail which can take a variating amount of time depending on a bunch of things. And finally, you have to upload it which includes a bunch of settings, titling, a description, tags and endcard stuff along with choosing if it's published immediately or a premeire in which case, you needto decide when it goes live. And that's just let's playing! Never mind content like what Matpat does or many others do! It is a job through and through and deserves to be treated fairly like any other entertainment job!

    • @BobaDeadStroke at the moment I am making this this video has 271 thousand likes, and 21 thousand dis likes. And yes 21 thousand dislikes is still a lot of dis likes but it is nowhere NEAR 271 thousand likes so I think your point is null.

  • I’m being honest this used to my favourite movie I didn’t know so much people hated it

  • Am i the only one who genuinely loved the movie and the plot? 🥺

    • @Ameera Luna i mean, game theory literally says "the show ruining your childhood since 2011" it's kinda his job

    • @Ameera Luna lmfao 💀💀

    • I have mixed feelings for the movie now! Thx Matpat for ruining my childhood! Thx rlly!😡

    • No me too

  • can we appreciate how matpat probably watched movie credits and the movie itself like three times just for this 18 minute video

  • if im being honest when i watched this in 2017 I genuinely enjoyed it (I mean the emoji movie)

  • you: *really checks every law and has everything 100% sorted out* also you: "but hey, thats just a theory"

    • Checks out to me, the law is surprisingly uhh flexible I guess. Open to interpretation at least, but actually people kind of mix up theory and hypothesis. Nothing about calling something a theory means it’s unproven, actually I think scientifically a theory has to be proven. Which is kinda wild, a lot of people have no idea that theories are supposed to be backed up with proof

    • Rr

    • "A film theory"

    • zhaffir khalfany I was gonna say that 😂

    • Keandra Suwardhono is that a joke? You thought that this random comment was explicitly targeting you, a random stranger?

  • FTC: makes convoluted guidelines and laws Also FTC: screw 90% of this and let people do whatever they want

  • As a kid I watched this movie like 50 different times XD


  • honestly this really made me think how much he has to add about the stuff in movies and memes he uses in his videos

  • Lawyer: The emoji movie should be illegal Judge: What evidence do you have Lawyer: If you just look at this MatPat Film Theory...

    • Petition to allow Matpat theory videos to be used in a court of law

    • Judge: Sounds good enough

    • @Idk pfff-


    • @Robot plays ok

  • I like the emoji movie and I was so surprised when there were so many people who hated it

  • I'd say the emoji movie still steps out of line here, that exemption from the law for movies is mainly for the situation where main character x can drink pepsi without there needing to be a "sponsored by pepsi" sign ruining the emersion of the story, the emoji movie isn't as casual as briefly showing a product tho, it's storyline directly depends on multiple products, it's abusing a legal loophole

  • This was a really good movie in my opinion i loved it

  • Jacksfilms, the perfect guest for this episode

  • Ok now I want to know If the " That's just a theory, a Film Theory" part is trademarked.

    • And really his "That's just a theory" line is more of a catchphrase than a trademark. Google even defines it as "a well known sentence or phrase, especially one that is associated with a particular famous person" And even though MatPat wasn't considered famous when he started, over ten years later he certainly is. And if the phrase is now used by a different person, technically speaking a catchphrase itself isn't considered a commercial act, therefore a person can use it without fear of lawsuit.

    • Probably

    • It needs to be and the food and game theory should be too

    • @The Be Sharp actually no this is considered transformative content and I am sure he makes sure whatever they show is able to be shown

    • @Atticus 2022 man you should try eating babies bro easy to get plus it pads the numbers well I'm sitting on at least 100 I lost count

  • The fact that as I watch this,my blanket has all the characters in the movie on it because my parents didn't ask me before buying it. (It's very Creepy at night when the eyes stare at me)

  • I really enjoyed that you referenced the inside joke in Jack’s channel about him having a giant forehead!

  • Whoever wrote those FTC guidelines was a good person

  • Matpat, I think this deserves a followup. How did they get away with this during quarantine, when all movies were streamed instead of shown in theatres? I doubt they had disclosures. Wouldn't this be illegal, or is it because you sign up for their individual streaming services?

  • Imagine the maker of The Emoji Movie loves film theory and then matpat makes a video about if it should be illegal xD

    • @Nyuam Henry stickmin reference?

    • Same brother from a nother mother

    • @Starscream’s_Ghost i

    • @fnaf plush productions l

    • @Master Chimken P

  • "The Golden Circle" didn't live up to the first, but I'm kinda sad that it did worse than The Emoji Movie.

  • I actually like the emoji movie and I’m being absolutely serious

  • i love these theories videos that just show how these bad movies are bad in even more ways

  • Screw you guys, I loved that movie with all my heart and soul. But yeah MatPat, it's illegal

  • the amount of terrible jokes, scenes, and the horrible plot it self should be enough to make it illegal

    • When you can change the 3k likes to 3.1k likes: *I feel powerful.*

    • “I like it” joey tribiani and me

    • @Sofeyah Well thats your opinion and I respect that.

    • I liked the emoji movie

    • yes. Can't believe they canceled the Popeye movie because the debut "it wasn't good enough"

  • Random question: How many times did MatPat say the word "emoji" in this video?

  • Did Matt Pat really count all the words in the emoji movie script?🤨

  • When he was explaining the Dropbox part, was anyone else imagining that footage from the movie playing over a woman explaining all the perks like Mat did?

  • I lost so many brain cells watching the emoji movie. This “movie” is a cinematic disaster in my opinion.

  • Let's be real, if anyone saw the candy crush part and didn't think it was an ad, we have bigger societal problems than unfair FTC regulations

    • when im a kid i think it's just a thing for future development but no... i really think that's a build up for something

    • Even worse is that the emojis were using the most ineffective moves on the board

    • With this movie my brain was struggling to comprehend anything

    • Children

    • It's kinda like brainwash so people would buy it

  • me watching this knowing i thought the movie was good 🙂 i mean i just love movies so

  • The emoji movie was part of my childhood and made it somewhat brighter :'l

  • Honestly film theory’s intro is my favorite of all

  • it was a great movie. i loved it.

  • Wait... That means the Emoji movie is still illegal in countries where advertising against children is illegal, so it could technically get banned in some countries

    • @Jules Kincaid Meaning the ads run 10% into the scheduled programs instead of staying where they're supposed to be

    • In two words Basically yes

    • And the emoji movie trailer was on ILaward and they had the Candy Crush scene in it so the trailer should also be illegal

    • Unknowhne I've never wanted to move to another country so bad

    • Should’ve been banned from every country from how trash it is

  • So basically there’s a huge double standard when it come to sponsored content in movies vs youtubers because lobbying.

  • I like how he is just giving us a little lesson on marketing or whatever

  • the emoji movie might be illegal, but it makes childs dreams come to life!

  • This man is the only person alive that makes sponsors' enjoyable

  • “Jailbreak” is literally a budget version of wild style out of the Lego movie

  • The intros to these videos are amazing

  • I love the emoji movie why does it have so many bad reviews 😭😭

  • Me and my family actually liked it, not enough for a CD but enough to where we didn't regret the tickets

  • The emoji movie is my favourite, one of my favourite, I donr understand why people hate it, i watched the emoji movie a 100 times

    • I respect your opinion, but with it following a basic plot, unfunny humor, and being just one big advertisement, I don't see many reasons to like it.

  • We watched this movie in my health class and tried to find the inner symbolism. Fun class.

    • The inner symbolism is that just when you think Ralph Breaks the Internet can't get any worse, you find this

    • I watched the emoji movie at my grandad and step grandma's house with my sis. It was OK. I waited till it was over. It was sooooooo heavy for sponsors. Wreckit ralf (breaks the internet) wasn't as much. More of a fun way of doing it.

    • rip

    • What if it's not to find the meaning behind the movie, but to find why it existed?

    • IsThatThomas like be you?

  • would this also make Foodfight illegal too due to the amount of embedded advirtising in that? Like it's super obvious that it's even on the disc package

  • More Anime Theory's PLEASEeeeee

  • I think Ralph Breaks the Internet definitely falls into this same category (with ebay).

  • Literally 2 minutes in and I just realized all the emojis were because it’s the *emoji* movie

  • Cats the movie: Comes Out and has terrible reviews Emoji movie: Are you challenging me?!

    • The Mario movie: you have forgotten of the master of bad movies

    • @SuleimantheSingaporeanandHongKongese The Last Airbender movie.

    • At least the Emoji Movie had Sir Patrick Stewart. It's hard to find anyone on Cats that is as cool as that. (Unless you count Dame Judi Dench.)

    • Emoji movie 2, basically the plot of cats with live action cat emojis, pure nightmare fuel, I got that Idea once when Bill Cypher gave me a nightmare.

  • I probably shouldn’t be watching this a 9:30 on a school night but it is to good

  • The Dropbox scene has me laughing

  • The starting of the video was killer funny 🤣

  • 2:56 Pause quickly You see that symbol representing federal trade commission all I see is those balance things as eyes the bottom of the balance thing and nose and the two wings and halo a mouth Tell me if I’m wrong but the people who designed this are absolute legends

    • i saw it as well

  • They should've just made high-five break the fourth wall for a second and say "sponsored by candy crush btw" because that wouldn't be that hard

    • It'd be like in the live action The Cat in The Hat when he literally winks at the camera for a Universal Studios ad.

    • That would've been very funny.

    • It could even be a running gag

    • "I'm a hand! It's a big red button! Sponsored by Just Dance btw"

    • It wouldn't be that hard to turn it into like a joke, that way it wouldn't be just a random thing thrown in too

  • For an emoji that seems to have trouble fitting in and finding his place in the emoji world he certainly seems to make a lot of friends which would be fitting in and being very popular making a lot of friends and he is able to achieve a lot of goals so I mean huh

  • While you were explaining things, I remembered that Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 7 also sponsored Diet Coke. Yes, yes also that "Endorsement" was the exact same thing Lucas was doing, saying "its delicious" now the whole point Mike and Lucas was fighting about it :/ why tf do I care if your not a fan of stranger things or haven't watched season 3

    • It happens all the time. A good example would be the blatant Corona advertisement in every Fast and Furious movie

  • You also forgot to mention the legal amount of time that ads are aloud to take up a video (15-20%)

  • i actually watched the movie and liked it, but its mind-blowing how you can change someone's mind in just 18:34 minutes.