Film Theory: Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All!

פורסם בתאריך 21 ספט 2015
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Marvel's newest addition to its cinematic universe, Ant-Man, hides a disturbing secret in its physics. In saving his loved ones from utter destruction, does Ant-Man actually destroy us all, taking the world as we know it with him? I think we've just uncovered the truth that Ant-Man is in fact Marvel's deadliest hero!
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  • He can compress the space between his atoms so much, that he becomes smaller than an atom. He really has quite some talent!

    • it is pretty strange isn't it.

    • If he becomes smaller than an atom, then he won't breathe

    • Oxygen, body heat ect.

    • Maybe Pym particles have the undiscovered ability to decrease the distance between even smaller things, like electrons or even quarks

    • @King Dragon gamer its a movie

  • The MCU doesn't mention this but in the comics, the Pym particles actually MANIPULATE matter itself by moving it in and out of another dimension, so that way when he needed to punch he could be of his own weight but when on ants, he can be light.

    • If he mentioned that, the theory would be busted. Cant have that

    • When he punches someone it should punch a whole through them

    • welp guess thats one more theory ruined

    • huh , so like Miss Marvel , but dimensions instead of realities

  • honestly matpat would be a great teacher 50% of the time I learn from him 😂

    • I want him as a teacher (even though I am a year late)😅

  • Seeing as people once laughed at Paul Rudd for being casted as Ant-Man to now him being one of the most powerful heroes puts a smile on my face...

    • Could this be a Thanos reference perhaps?

  • Matt: “You can’t phase through the wall..” Ghost: “ That right huh?”

    • The flash can phase though as well

  • you forgot a very important flaw, how could he see after he became smaller than photons.

    • Thats one of his powers.

    • @Elitegamer364 edits eye will work all time (till planks constant maybe) if antman got mechanism to convert other electromagnetic radiations into some visble stuff all you need to have is smallest wavelength radiations and some stuff on his suit to detect it

    • How do we even know that he actually was able to see

    • True photons have no mass and his cornea would be to small too see.

  • I just used this video when talking about mass in online science class. I used your Ant-Man theory and my teacher said that I(you) was correct. Thanks MatPat for the teaching.

  • Fun fact: I actually came up with this same theory a few years ago too! The science of the avengers really is fascinating.

  • Matpat; gets people to touch their screens in a prank Also Matpat: They called me a madman

  • Imagine ant-man just walking into your body and then accidentally increases his density to his normal form.

  • 2:56 My hand DID go through my computer screen, on an unrelated note how do your repair a laptop screen?

  • I love how this man takes everything so seriously.

  • But throughout the movie, Ant-Man's supposed mass doesn't match his outside environment. He can stand on ants and a Styrofoam model without destroying them. An agent can hold a gun with Scott on it while still pointing it without strain. How mass works with Pym particles is strange, but by basic study, mass must decrease or increase somehow

  • There is a really good theory which I heard from CinemaWins that explains that maybe Hank Pymm didn’t want to tell anyone the secret of shrinking.

  • Matpat has taught me more in a single video than all of my online classes

  • I have a bet with my friend, and I’m making a whole big explanation on why ant-man makes sense, and it is written in some of the comic books that he’s able to store mass in another dimension, storage of organic material might be a problem, so that may be why dr Cross had such a hard time finding out how to not make organic material into blobs of «something». If this is the case, ant-man would be sort of plausible with some more advanced technology developed in the marvel universe

  • This guy literally predicted that one episode on "What If?"

  • This hits differently after watching Episode 3 of "What If?".

  • Thor: im a god Ant-Man: i can turn into a black hole and kill everyone

  • If he still weighs about 200 pounds when he is just smaller than how did people carry him without knowing

    • @Clark V apparently in the comics they explain it

    • @Kai Gifford that's cool, never knew that... but how can he control that? he still has the force of a male adult and has the mass of an ant, the physics there don't work

    • @Zylnex xd you not caring doesnt mean noone does, and this is a comment section,even if noone cares he can type whatever he wants

  • I just realized, I learnt more science watching Film Theorists than in my science class.

  • Hope: "When you shrink, you're like a bullet." Matpat:"You don't say.........."

  • Imagine if MatPat tought science!

  • They actually kind of made an entire episode from the "what if..." series on this

  • If I had seen this a month or two ago it would have made me actually cared enough to enjoy my physics class

  • I can't believe I actually followed his orders to touch the screen to see if it goes through lmaoo

  • Furthermore, shrinking pass atoms, he amongst particles so small that photons can't bounce off them, essentially not being able to see anything. But hey if it was scientifically accurate it would be hard for them to make a movie with the concept

  • They actually do explain that he’s like a bullet in the movie. Hope says “You’re like a bullet” in the movie. They explain that Hank and Hope trained him to control his strength so that he doesn’t break everything he touches because of his increased density

    • @j p my guy it's been 1 year

    • @the marine fan and lover of all things aquatic you might want to google how insects breath…

    • @TRexx 070 the shrinking principle here is volume that effects density. His own bones would be super dense and therefore super strong. Also being smaller there would be less leverage working against his bones as their length would be shorter.

    • They explain it... then promptly forget about it.

  • "I do not *yet* have the ability to bend physical realities-" " -*yet*-" is there something your not telling us matpat?

    • He's the Kool-Aid Man

    • @Peter Feng he is bending the way we watch MCU movies

    • He is training to do that.

  • I'd love to see movie about Hank. Crisis between Ant-Man and YellowJacket would be good to see

  • My question is how can he breathe if he got smaller than atoms in the end???

  • I'm so glad you brought up the issue with him shrinking smaller than atoms

  • Also, one thing that stuck to me was if he's so small in those scenes..... How is he inhaling Oxygen molecules? Does the device shrink the molecules around him too? He'd be caught in a weird phase where he is too small to inhale and process the vital particles we need to sustain life.

    • sir your way off first off if Ant man can shrink to the size of an ant than Of course he can breath the air. plus even if he shrinks to the molecular level lets say of a single blood cell he should still be able to breath... why?? because he's still in earth's atmosphere and as far as its determined air doesn't have a particular size or weight and can travel through any space because carbon and oxygen create air itself meaning their one and the same. so yes he would be able to breathe

    • boom mind blown

    • +morpheas m nah, io think it is good to question things in movie. it help to make us more connected to it. besides, remember the time when movie use to have shooting scene where people bleeds and their clothes doesnt even has holes. haha.. btw, your explanation about mask do seems legit.

    • +morpheas m "its a movie who cares" literally the entire point of this channel

  • real good video , also I like how you try to find logic in science fiction superhero movies where literally science is itself considered fiction, which can be bent as and when you wish

  • Well, throughout the video, all I kept saying was "but that didnt happen", I think pym particles dont just change the distance between atoms, they function differently, to a point where even hank pym cant explain it. That's why he even says the suit is experimental, and that his discovery of the particle was an accident. Simply put, no one knows how it works, mass certainly isnt constant because he is able to run on a gun and ride on ants.

    • Apparently in the comics it sends some mass into a different dimension

    • It's some wonky space-warping tech, that's the only thing that even remotely makes any sense

  • 12:12 Either those atoms in the scene represented the empty space as well, or yeah. He wouldn't be that small.

  • even the slightest change of size would make him suffocate, because each hemoglobin protein has the exact structure to carry 4 oxygen molecules. the slightest change of the hemoglobine size would make the oxygen not fit in the hemoglobin anymore, so ant man could only metabolize the oxygen that has shrunk with him, but no new (normal sized) oxygen that he inhales.

  • When you see a movie that’s unrealistic who you gonna call, Film Theory

    • @Snakes_And_AngelCakes ghost buster dudududududu ghost busters

    • I read this to the beat of Bad by Michael Jackson

    • If there's something that doesn't need research who you gonna call, Film Theory (Music) I ain't afraid of no theory

  • I love ant-man the most because paul rudd does such a good job playing him

  • if mat pat was a teacher he'd be the most fun teacher (considering the amount of theories on franchises people loves)

  • 5 years later it comes true in a what if episode😂

  • This aged well after Marvel What If

  • Mat:"you can face through your screen." My mind:"no you can't..." My hand:touches screen

  • You know after What if episode 3 came out I guess MattPatt wasn't wrong.

  • he would pierce through any surface, he stands on. it's the pressure of a grown man's body focused only on the size of a needle point. he would never be able to climb or jump on anything. the smaller he gets, the more he is likely to pierce through the ground into the core of the earth

  • "Ant Man is the strongest avenger" Dr Strange: I'm bouta end this mans whole career

  • Wait, how was he able to breath when shrunk between the molecule when oxygen would've been bigger than he was?

    • True, if the space of the atoms is decreased so much would he not created a nuclear explosion. The atoms inside his own body would touch before he decreased to a size smaller than an atom. Or maybe they would fuse together creating more complex atoms by doing so, were he might start releasing radiation or cause a nuclear chain reaction...either way, I imagine a whole lot of not goodness.

    • Chopperman He has a mask

    • AIR TANKS IN THE SUIT(probably)

    • Chopperman that's what the fuckin suit is FOR

    • Chopperman could he just hold his breath

  • that one episode of what if really does prove that ant man is way more powerful than we're giving him credit for

  • There is one more thing that might matter for this vid is that mass of an proton comes mostly from gaps between quarks or more specifically the energy that is keeping quarks at the same distance, so if he could have made those gapes between quarks in his protons then he would have gotten lighter

  • My biggest question with this movie is always; what do they breath when they are smaller than an oxygen atom.

  • Me: 😲 MatPat: “That’s just a theory a FILM THEORY” Also Me:🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Wouldn't that mean Pym's wife would have created a black hole long before the movie took place?

    • @Ionlymadethistoleavecoments most probably so. In any case, Marvel doesn't adhere to real scientific principles sometimes, so you may get unscientific things happening which can confuse people :P

    • +William Sidney-Roberts Didn't watch the video?

    • You would need to mass of are sun don the size of a pin head to make a black whole

    • Uh alternate dimensions Bam, solved it for you Marvel

    • +djapster third in the comics

  • I’ve been saying this since it came out! Thank you for justifying my thought process lol!

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I loved the pun at the start! I am a sucker for dad jokes. And I do not see that as a bad thing.

  • The thing I like about his channel is he is funny and makes science look like a joke

  • I don’t think the WEIGHT would stay the same. Like, how would Hank Pym be able to hold a tank in his hands then? And the table battle scene would have broken

    • He explains why the weight would stay the same

    • @Shaan Keole Fair.

    • Even if the weight changed, he would have to push really hard to move it. The inertia would be massive. Shredding protons and neutrons would be a cool explanation, but how the integrity is maintained would need some pseudoscience.

  • You're forgetting one extremely important detail: his gravity wouldn't change at all. The singularity would just drift to the center of the earth. The actual problem comes from the massive amount of Hawking radiation that would be produced, which would be more powerful than a nuclear bomb.

    • @Lr Miner fine whatever

    • @flying nihilist 3 letters for you cba

    • @Lr Miner you have access to the Internet you don't need a dictionary

    • do u have that explanation in English I mean I'm good at science but I don't own a dictionary

    • +Isaac Intner There was already a bunch of mass around him before he went subatomic.

  • I've always thought his ant man powers were always underused In the movies

  • 3:19 Yet..? Of course! You see... MatPat's power is growing, the universe will listen to his orders, he will be able to say " remove all the space in the human particles! " And so be it.

  • Well Matpat you were right about one thing ant-man is quite powerful as we have seen in WHAT IF series

  • Ah, yes, my favorite physics term, the Schwartz-child radius.

  • School cannot beat this legend we call Matpat

    • jean v you are so so soooooo right

    • But FNAF can

    • Arvid Jonsson and yet you are here

    • Learning how to write a paper vs if Spongebob is adopted or not? I'll have to go with school over RatPat.

  • I like how you overlooked the fact they just shrank the size of atoms.

  • I feel like Matpat has some traumatic childhood experience with balloon castles that he hasn't shared with us

  • Hold up, if Flash can vibrate his molecules through solid surfaces, then what speed would allow him to phase through a wall? Matpat, do your thing?

  • you forgot to consider another thing, the way the particles interact with the Higgs field, which is what gives the particles its mass, might change and mess with his mass, which then could make him have less mass. ( just a hypothesis)

  • I have a solution for the tank problem: The tank was originally a key chain and they made it bigger instead of making a normal tank smaller

    • @Eclipse exactly and also if it has the same density of a keychain it would’ve crumpled instantly when it crashed into walls

    • Didn’t it drive in the movie if it was a keychain wouldn’t it not be able to drive if it was a keychain originally

  • 2:26 when Hitler's plan to conquer the world failed

    • this comment made me literally Laugh Out Loud

    • Ok that took me a while but when I did get it 😂😂 That was a good one ma dude!

    • Lmao

  • Thanos: **Nervous sweating**

  • Well I am here to say that this theory has been approved and therefore not a theory anymore but a fact. If you watched What If episode 3 that is.

  • Maybe Hank Pym forgot to tell that the suit's ability isn't just small to big things but the suit can adjust the user's mass like how Ant Man punched the enemies he confronts.

  • But is a black hole even viable at that size? You say that a black hole decays due to hawking radiation, but at the size of a planck Scott Lang is smaller than the smallest wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum (gamma rays), so by extension, he is literally thousands of times smaller than radiation itself. And for all we know, he's smaller than the particles that govern gravity, light, and mass, so do the laws of physics even apply to him then?

    • Hawking radiation is due to the appearance of particle-antiparticle pairs at the event horizon. So yes, it will probably decay.

    • cooldude56g 26 people likes this without reading it all, just assuming that it was smart... me included.

    • cooldude56g mass will Change is the object is at sped of light

    • cooldude56g yea but he would become a black hole a long time before he reached that lvl, so he would suck in other particles

  • But what about the all-encompassing power of Scat-man?

  • Actually quantum science says given enough time and attempts, your hand could pass through matter.

  • Young Me: When balloons are more dangerous than guns, I will clean my room. Me, now: Yeah, good thing this theory was not watched by my parents or sister.

  • The mass staying the same was honestly one of my questions during endgame

  • I just listen to your videos while doing random stuff hoping I can get smarter

  • Guys you're forgetting the fact that he could compress himself so much he could cease to exist. He would compress the space between the atoms so much, there wouldn't be any more space and he would effectively cease to exist.

  • Matpat you're a genius. How would shrinking the atoms in your body affect entropy and aging....

  • Logically speaking based on the lwas that apply to Quantum Mechanics,in thermal dianamics it states the a body can create energy but it would not be held in such body.What Scoth did was spliting or even destroying his own atoms until he could function to the laws of String Theory which means his complexity would be that of a puppet controlled by cosmic strings also if he were to return it would have the equevelant by the time he reaches a full atomic struncture(human) he would release a wave the equevelant of a nuclear blast.