Film Theory: Netflix is DYING... but I can SAVE it!

פורסם בתאריך 4 מאי 2022
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By now you've probably heard about Netflix not quite hitting the numbers it was expecting to. The headlines are all about how "Netflix is DYING!" or "Netflix is BROKEN!". Well, I think I have the solution to their problems. Netflix, it's time to sit back and let good old reliable MatPat save you.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • Netflix’s major problem is canceling amazing shows in the first season because they didn’t do enough press to get good numbers on the release day. So once the show is actually discovered and everyone loves it, it will have already been canceled

    • @ItsLegitCraft still salty about that

    • That's exactly what they did to One Day At A Time the funniest part tho is that the show was picked up by Hulu and they had a scene where the characters were on Netflix and they go "man it's like there's nothing good to watch on Netflix anymore" THE SHADE 🤣


    • Their shows usually barely gets more than 3 seasons which makes me very sad

    • This is what happened to Pokémon XYZ. I loved it as a kid, so I decided to rewatch it. Lo and behold, disappointment.

  • One prime example is Arcane. This masterpiece of a show released 3 episodes each week for 3 weeks. The show exploded and maintained popularity throughout those 3 weeks because of its release style. In my opinion, releasing 1 episode a week for a show on Netflix would be weird because binge watching has become a central part of Netflix culture. I would suggest them maybe releasing 2 or 3 episodes a week for a show like what they have been doing with their reality TV shows. It will keep the binge aspect that Netflix is associated with while extending it over a few weeks.

    • I think the main point of not releasing many eps per week is the production management, however this can be resolved if the actors were to be professionally complete those under few days, or already producing several prior to the actual release to the public, being 1-3 episode ahead

    • The slower burn connected with Arcane got me interested in Netflix. Give time to chat up helps.

    • @TekkenMasterPL Also cable shows like Better Call Saul, they usually don't record all the episodes at once, they usually make them in batches which is why they can't just dump all the episodes at once and their are usual breaks in between (holidays/breaks. With this model, actors also have time to work on multiple projects at once without having to be stuck on one for a prolonged period of time). With streamers, they make all their episodes at once so they can do whatever they want with the release schedule and not have to deal with it. Netflix chooses to dump everything while streamers like Hulu and Disney+ like doing weekly drops. Also, Netflix doesn't own Better Call Saul. It's licensed to them and when the show is finished releasing all of it's episodes on cable, it's usually takes a few weeks for it to be put on Netflix (depending on the licensing agreement, it can vary when the show drops on Netflix ofc).

    • @TekkenMasterPL I agree. Literally the second half of Stranger Things is 2 episodes with each episodes running for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the same as a movie nowadays

    • I’m actually fine with the 1 episode/week, it’s fun to have this thing to do every week in your schedule and have time to talk with your friends about it

  • I’d also like to point out that Netflix is probably getting known for cancelling series’. It affects how much people want to invest into their product.

    • I’ve also heard if a show is a success they will only do 4 seasons so they can make room for other shows which doesn’t help either.

  • One thing I never see brought up enough about password sharing is that they already charge you extra for 1, 2, or 4 simultaneous streams. If I'm paying for 4 streams, what does it matter if they're under the same roof or not?

  • Netflix should just choose to release shows on Friday mornings. Put a “New This Weekend” thing at the top whenever you log in, as well as a “New This Month” for everything that came out in the last 4 weeks.

    • I know every time you give a final date and you put it like right at the top and gives people a sense of urgency to watch it I realize that because even though when I look at the time it’s supposed to be released one might Netflix it’s just alone for a while and rolling the new stuff it says it right at the bottom of the corner and I’m just like whatever

  • This man analyzed something a multi-billion company couldn’t, even to save themselves. Respect.

    • @DeusVult1683 lol that’s not why people are leaving, it’s bc of the pieces are going up.

    • At least Red Notice looked like a fun film.

    • @mary nassuna Cuties. It caused controversy. Don’t watch it.

    • @Chaos Huntsman they only want people to bench watch the shows... They will centered anyone who says beach watch. They released all the episodes of a series after few weeks it get forgotten. Like seriously... Let the show release weekly it help to gather people to watch it all together without it, there won't be anyone else talking about it.

    • Personally I think it's less a case of "couldn't" and more of a "didn't care to" or "didn't want to". It's obvious that people stay subscribed longer if the show they enjoy isn't done and I'm pretty sure all companies know that having external incomes, like from merch, is a must have, especially when you are talking about streaming services that have a low cost and spend money on shows AND servers.... And trust me, servers aren't cheap to keep running especially not when they need the kind of storage that netflix, disney+, HBO etc. need.

  • "Netflix, you've been sloppy about this" This is the most boss thing Mat has ever said. A collage nerd that thought too hard about video games is structurely, analytically, and now probably financially superior than a million maybe billion dollar company. I'm sorry to say but if in another timeline, something traumatic happened during Mats childhood, we've have a Batman estc genius running around. Again, never would want that because, and anyone can agree, we more than appreciate the Mat we have here.

    • @Ol Po The video was a suggestion from someone who knows what's he's talking about, it's up to Nexflix to ultimately save themselves. And the financial thing, if Nexflix doesn't shape up then yes Matpat will be financially superior. Mat is gaining revenue and his net income I imagine is more stable than a company that spends billions producing movies most people won't see. They're not gaining a return, but they need to for they're future to be secure.

    • @Սո𐓈eƒⲉⲗⲧꭼ𐓰 why sloppy?

    • @Ol Po i have to agree with your last comment my friend. sloppy comment but i understand his message

    • @Սո𐓈eƒⲉⲗⲧꭼ𐓰 Okay from that point of view you have to say very clearly: No, MatPat is definitely not superior from the financial advice point of view. A company like Netflix has a lot of competent financial advisors from different professional fields. Just because someone here comes up with a halfway sensible theory doesn't mean it's the right way for Netflix to make more money in the future.

    • @Ol Po he is talking about being financially Superior in analytics.

  • As much as I hate to admit it, I LOOOOVE the once a week release schedule. Talking with everyone during the week and feeling the hype on the wait for the next episode is the best... I feel like a kid waiting for the next episode of Seinfeld all over again

    • I love it too. When Hawkeye was still coming out me and my friend would try to predict when Yelena would come into the series and during Wandavision my brother and I would fight over where her children came from. It just works better

    • I don't! I prefer to watch all of the episodes and then talk to people about it

    • I signed up for streaming because I could watch as much or as little as I want. going back to weekly just for buzz is basically cable all over again and …. thats one of the reason i stopped watching regular tv. if you can’t generate buzz without a weekly release then your promo dept isnt doing its job or the material just isnt up to par

    • I like binging sometimes, but it kills the social aspect of viewing. I can't tell you how many conversations that went something like "Oh, you're watching X show? So am I-great show. What episode are you on? Oh, well maybe we'll talk about it when you or I catch up" and then never speak of it again.

    • @Xeno yup the MCU and Starwars shows bring me back to when everyone watched TWD and talked about it all the time

  • MatPat really does have a point about the bingeing and release schedule thing. As someone who watches dramas that release episodes on a weekly basis, there’s time for us to react and anticipate each episode. It gives us something to look forward to. If people want to binge a drama, they will simply wait until the week or day of the final episode to do so. Following a weekly release schedule will still give people the opportunity to binge a show, while also letting it last longer.

    • Well said. Every week of Business Proposal or Uncanny Counter was truly a rush.

  • It's interesting. The full dump vs. 1-a-week release debate is like the subbed vs. dubbed anime debate. I don't think you'll ever be able to win anyone over to your side no matter which your prefer. The funny thing is that as strongly as people prefer one release format or the other, they really aren't that different from one another. There is nothing stopping someone from limiting themselves to watching just 1 episode a week from a season of a show that has been fully released. They simply lack the self control to do so, and hence rely on the content provider to regulate the flow of content for them. Conversely, the 1-a-week release model only regulates your viewing if you are watching each episode immediately as it's released. Eventually every episode will be released, and anyone coming into the show from that point on will be able to binge the whole thing as if it had been fully dumped to begin with. These two models really do not seem that different to me from the customer's perspective. I prefer the binge model because it gives me the flexibility to watch as much or as little as I want, and also I don't feel like I'm being manipulated into remaining subscribed because a show of interest has another 5 weeks until it's all released.

  • I'm actually surprised you didn't talk about their pattern of cancelling shows after 3 seasons in order to not have to pay more to their actors and crew. Can't build a fandom if you cancel shows so quickly

    • RIP Wakfu

    • Meanwhile Gravity Falls: 1 episode a month, who gives less?

    • @Michael Coates yeah

    • @smelly rat it's one of like just a few shows that have gone beyond 3 seasons. The large majority don't :/

    • stranger things is going to have 5 seasons already 4

  • Okay, so I’m watching Heartstopper for the third time this week, so I’ll use that as an example (I also saw it in one of the Netflix screens so I have to). With a show like Heartstopper, it’s short and sweet, which is what a lot of the fans (including me) like about it. It also had time before it came to Netflix to build a fandom through the books and original webtoon. Alice Oseman (the creator) gave the series time to grow and eventually become one of the biggest shows among the lgbtq (specifically teen) community. Netflix needs to make their “Netflix Orignial Series” based on things that they KNOW can grow and become big. They need to be able to market well and make sure their fans get enough at a time. Even though Netflix did release Heartstopper all at once, there are only 8 episodes for the season. When season 2 comes in the future, there will probably be a similar amount of episodes. I think that with shows like Heartstopper you can release them all at once because they are short. With shows that are longer (like 20 episodes or so) you should release over a series of months or weeks, as MatPat said.

    • I think 8 episodes or even 6 is enough for a weekly release schedule as long as the episodes are 45+ minutes each, if they’re 25 minutes like heartstopper it would be awful. The thing is, heartstopper would have benefited from a weekly schedule also since, for example I discovered it through my friends but after like 2-3 weeks from the point they binge watched it, when I did, it was almost already old news, but if it had been on a weekly basis, I could’ve caught up to them on episode 4 and enjoy the end alongside them.

  • I sincerely hope Netflix heeds your warnings and advice. I'm not particularly interested in Netflix as a business. But they did give me my Favourite series, possibly ever.

  • I've had this take on binge-watching decreasing the enjoyment for years. Essentially that's what made LOST one of the greatest series in TV history. Literally every single episode had a cliffhanger ending. That doesn't work if you watch the next show in 5 seconds.

  • The binge watch problem is crucial, because it’s a consequence of how our memory works as well, if you try to cram all information on one night, you’ll forget it next week. If you keep studying each week you’re more likely to strengthen those memories. Plus having the time to reflect on the show and share thoughts with friends is also very much important!

    • @F11 same for me but stranger things i remember for some reason lol

    • @smelly rat I cannot relate, everything that I watch in one go I’ll have a faint memory of it xd

    • no i remember every detail of stranger things season 4 very well from watching all day cause I have no life

  • i also think netflix is focusing too much on “shock value” shows. shows like their awful reality shows (ex. too hot to handle) and movies like 365 days and tall girl. yes, they give you a momentary check when it blows up on tiktok and everyone hate watches it, but it doesn’t build fans. people talk about it for a week after it comes out, make fun of it, and go on with their day. meanwhile, stranger things (a show that’s actually well written and planned out) is still incredibly relevant years after it’s first season. shows like i’m not okay with this got cancelled, but are still highly praised online with a core fanbase begging for a revival. that’s what netflix is forgetting. they want to make a quick dollar off of a terrible movie or show, but forget that clout fades in a month or so.

    • will never forget about i am not okay with this

    • Anne With An E was another huge mistake cancellation. It’s been 3 years and people still talk about it.

    • @maoussirski Yeah they been did that so long ago 😭

    • I am Not Okay with this and Society were both actually renewed for respective second seasons. However, mostly due to the pandemic and the scheduling of the actors, there was no way it could be done so both of their renewals were reversed. Just one bad side effect of the pandemic 😔

  • I much prefer binge watching. Generally, if a show is only releasing one episode per week, my wife and I wait until all the episodes are out and THEN we watch it. So I guess the "one episode per week" model works for some people who feel the need to obsess about media and come up with batshit insane theories, but for those of us who just want to sit down and watch a full season over the week, it's a real annoyance.

  • I really wish they continued The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. That was a god tier show.

    • Sadly it was VERY expensive. I loved the show though.

  • A thing about Netflix that always bothered me is that I really have to look for something new but I'm not even sure what I'm looking for. Theres a lot that I dont like and small hidden gems I absolutely fall in love with. But theres no recommendations. the Percentage is something I have to check manually everytime. Plus the short descriptions are so boring, I'm never really taken over by em

  • I think one of the only things keeping Netflix alive right now is it’s variety, it has so many different shows from different companies, genres, etc compared to something like Disney which basically only has Disney movies and shows with some fox stuff too with their x men and etc

  • Hopefully Neflix is going to watch this and take this free business advice from MatPat. He's more than just some theorist after all, but a business advisor as well.

    • You probably won't even notice this comment, but is just watched through the first part of Stranger Things Season 4 and remembered this comment. I think your hopes have been heared, kinda. Stranger things got its season in multiple parts, like 2 months apart. Just remembered lol hope everyone reading this has a great day

    • im used to seeing you now lmao. Tho yeah i agree

    • Well..

    • Dude I see you everywhere

  • 12:26 One episode a week is what makes anime enjoyable, and they've been doing it for decades. I hope Netflix learn from that technique when it comes to releasing episodes

    • Exactly! I'm still a little sad with what happened to JoJo fridays. As soon as Netflix touched JoJo all the hype got vaporized.

  • I think first seasons (that they tend to cancel so often) should be dropped all at once, released daily, or in 2 parts like ST s4 is gonna be, and properly advertised. Then second seasons and onwards that now have an established fanbase garnered from the first season should be released weekly. That way you can still rely on good shows, instead of gimmicks like "cute yoda" pictures seen on twitter to pull someone to a show.

  • I think we all have to agree that one issue with Netflix is when it has a sequel to a movie but not the first or rest of the series

  • After binging the entire season 4 of stranger things in one day I can honestly say they took that advice on a release schedule with their unannounced “part 2” coming in July

  • Here is the problem: You used to be able to buy Netflix and have access to most films and movies, now you have to pay for 5 streaming services and still don't have access to everything.

    • @BiggerR10 it's not getting smaller faster than it's getting bigger.

    • @Kartik Aman Saraf The first 5 seasons or so of Game of Thrones are definitely worth it.

    • @Etan Chamare it is getting smaller though, other companies are taking shows and are putting them on their services.

    • Yo ho yo ho

    • @Language Resources Maybe YT doesn't actually listen. I used to report them.

  • I think the ideal is a hybrid release schedule. The major shows like arcaine and Stranger Things release in packages. You got three or four episodes each time and that drops maybe monthly. That way you get a little bit more than just a weekly release. Because the problem is so much of the content on Netflix that releases weekly doesn’t seem to work

  • Mat pat is like a time traveler or a person who can see the future warn everybody of danger in the future but inevitably the disaster happens because nobody listens so... Netflix the theorist already predicted why youll start falling so listen before you land at the end of your fall

  • I've always love the once per week release format because it means I get to enjoy the show for a longer period of time. Not a fan of the binge watching culture Netflix brought about. It also meant every time there's a new release, I had to watch the whole season before I can go on social media to avoid spoilers.

  • Your advice to Netflix seems reasonable, and it might work well for them. However, I think Netflix has spoiled us by releasing all the episodes all at once. If they go back to a release every week, it would feel slightly awkward because we were used to watching a season in one go. Secondly, because now, if we are interested in fewer shows releasing new content every week, it will make us feel like the monthly subscription is a rip off as we are paying the same price just to get what we want once a week. But it might work, and I totally hope they survive this storm; competition is always good, as it gets you to improve your services.

    • Maybe a better system is once a day or once every few days? Maybe even do what Netflux's Circle does which is 3 episodes every few days. It allows people to binge but also keeps suspense.

  • So, my personal issues with Netflix are: - there's no way to see what the latest releases are, just a selection of newish releases and trending shows - it feels like it's 95% cheap filler movies - show/film descriptions often say nothing about what it's about - show/film trailers are mostly a clip that tells you nothing about the show and are mostly boring and unengaging - it doesn't show you what you've already watched - the price is way more than other services, and those services offer shows and films that aren't mostly filler... and the price keeps increasing - it does a very poor job with shows it thinks I will like

    • did u not read the “my personal issue”? 💀

    • @Tomy Dayos fair

    • @/Double AA Battery\ Debates on the internet are a waste of time, nobody is interested in truth or opposite views, everyone just want to prove their moral superiority.

    • @Tomy Dayos bro no he’s tricking you into shutting up you gotta defend urself-


  • Totally agree with the marketing idea, I personally hope that one day we can get TV or TV like streaming Devices . What made a lot of things popular in TV when people waiting for the next episode to air at certain times, this can be done with the streaming service acting as if it was like a TV subscription. Also they can bring in bumpers, and witty ads like they did the 90s and early 2000s

  • I enjoy being able to binge watch, particularly if it is something I have already watched (such as "Once Upon A Time" or "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.") or just a fun something that I am not incredibly into but find entertaining (such as the new "He-Man" shows), but I do enjoy being able to discuss individual episodes that are aired with my friends, and being able to go back and watch/relive them again. When you have an entire series to discuss all at once it makes it more complicated to get excited about those individual episodes, and it ends up feeling much more like just a really long extended movie, which after about four hours I need a break from.

  • Some good thoughts here! I hope you did watch Arcane, one of the best things I've watched in years!! And it also did the split release schedule, not per episode but I remember waiting for the 3rd act and trying to savor every episode!

  • If the show is good then I enjoy watching it once a week. I engage with the fandom online and in person and its generally a good experience. If the show is mediocre/bad then I am not going to engage with the fandom and I would rather binge. In fact I tested this with a mediocre TV show that I normally watch once a week. I found that I enjoyed the show more when I binged.

  • I would like to add that its not like switching to a weekly release schedule for shows stops people who want to binge from binging. I just binged Moon Knight and all I had to do was wait 6 weeks. It really wasn't that hard to do. Some of my family and friends were watching it weekly and I just said I'm waiting for it to be over don't talk about it please. Pretty simple. This also means I don't have to keep the service if you don't want to. You can simply wait for the show to finish, pay for a month and watch it.

    • Binge watchers just spoil things and don’t give story any time to breathe or discuss in a community. Like you get a week to catch up on an episodes worth of events mentioned online vs when a season drops and it’s entirely rated and reviewed online and you have to watch the whole season to avoid being spoiled

    • @jaxen coe FAX

    • JoJo Part 6 got ruined because of this

    • Or release two episodes per week on different days of the week. Monday & Thursday, Tuesday & Friday, Wednesday & Saturday. That way it's more engaging & exciting. Not too long, not too short wait. Also add relevant recaps before the episodes start.

    • @Martin K. Dongmo small numbers tend to balloon out into big numbers over time, bigger numbers are also important but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the smaller numbers. Also ye the entire thing took a turn away from the video, the advice(matpat’s I meant for Netflix) was pretty solid in general thh

  • Netflix please have a part like “binge marathon” or “binge down to the line” for popular series that are binged or has a confirmed removed date, I hate finding out that shows are leaving late and never getting to finishing it

  • That's why I'm loving the flash as of late they are releasing one episode a week for the last 2 seasons so it kept me very entertained wondering throughout the week what's gonna happen next so I agree the once a week is alot better

  • Thank you for making this!! If they raise their prices I'm dropping them. I literally can't afford it.

  • Speak for yourself! I refuse to watch a show unless the entire thing is released. I really wanted to watch the new Power show with Tommy but I hate having to wait each week. Same thing with Pam and Tommy, I just waited for all the episodes to be released then I watched it. So if Netflix starts delaying the releases their just gonna lose my interest.

  • I remember when we had to watch a show, like Lost, once per week. I was in groups that would discuss the show the following day. And then we didn't get anything during the summer. It kept us talking for years. It's so hard waiting to see what happens, but I'll have to admit that you are right from a strictly financial standpoint. However, that being said, the only way for this to really work is for original programming to be of the kind in which you ARE waiting to find out what happens. Episodic TV from the past that simply had individual episodes that weren't building to an eventual conclusion, would have no benefit. I guess they never did other than watching a really good show week after week. However, no one was talking about it the next day. Netflix is supposed to do a last season of Manifest, which could benefit from the once episode a week approach (especially since it left on a giant cliffhanger).

  • you'll not just be saving Netflix, you'll be saving my life savings :')

  • When mat started talking about bingeing I started thinking about how many times I had to tell myself to not finish Rick and morty so quickly on Netflix ( worth it )

  • No joke, I guessed the entire thing about the old man (and the detective’s brother because that was obvious) while binge watching Squid Game. I believe it was in a break to eat with my family

  • The whole “space out the release” thing is perfectly displayed by arcane. Released in three acts over three weeks, great pace and kept everyone talking

    • we need jojos bizzare adventure with komi cant communicate pace

    • Of course you need to space things out! Just ask my pet, put all the food out and once and things get expensive. Same with Hallowe'en candy, you get more enjoyment from spacing it out.


    • @Átila Cirano there were several Riot employees in the lore department that answered on reddit/Twitter that Arcane wasn't cannon. It would also require a complete retcon of Piltover and Zaun and about half the champs from there to fit Arcane into the existing cannon. Not entirely unheard of (they did a systematic retcon after the first couple years), but it would cost more money than it's worth (when they only really make money on skins and merch). They've also flat out stated they won't be bringing any new characters from Arcane into LoL, though they have considered using it as inspiration. Currently the official line is that they are parts of a multiverse: cinematic, LoL, TFT, Valorant, and LoR are all deemed different universes that Riot can play with and cross-over as they like.

    • @Adult they said? well, didn't find anything confirming that. neither if it's cannon, but it's kinda makes sense Arcane being cannon than not. people only speculate because "would change" some in game lores (it really doesn't), but people forget that characters are from different time lines in game, also the game itself doesn't care about lore. if people want that much cannon to be followed, they could complain about characters size also.

  • Squid Game is one of my favorites so much, I made my own merchandise and so did several artists. We want merchandise for our favorite things but I still am surprised they can’t figure out merchandising which would be a huge help. 😩

  • YES, PLEASE. I appreciate the episodic nature of letting the episodes be episodic.

  • Even when the shows are bingeable, I rarely binge these days That gives me more time to do other things

  • Not only does giving time between episodes allows for cheaper/less crunch production since they can finish post pruduction as the show goes. Especially true for anime.

  • I agree about the binging thing. I was really disappointed when Jojo's part 6 dropped 12 episodes in a day because I was pressured to watch it ASAP to avoid spoilers, and because when I finished it in just a week I had to wait months for the next part of it (which still hasn't come out btw -_-)

    • @Dylan Fair that it's different, but I know for a fact people have pirated movies that aren't out yet. So I'm just saying you'd be surprised what can be pirated sometimes. How? No clue honestly. Like what you're saying makes sense but I can't explain the movie thing either.

    • @Chaos Smith Except JJBA isn't a movie...? I fail to see the point of your message. I'm aware that things leak, but we're speaking of _piracy_ here. The only way JJBA would have the ability to be pirated is if one of the employees downloaded the series to a flash drive and spread it online, which I doubt would happen as the rest of the season probably isn't even finished yet... and even then, that would just be related to leaking the series. Piracy would imply the rest of the series is already out.

    • @Dylan Not released or not even made yet? Movies have leaked before. Like full on theater release movies. You'd be surprised.

    • I see, men of culture

    • Bro jojos was the first thing that came to mind

  • OMG 😱 Someone needs to send this video to Netflix, or better still hire this bloke b4 Disney does. . Every single idea, advise and observations were actually extremely accurate and 💯

  • I don’t know if this was considered but it feels like when there is a weekly release there is a feeling of a shared experience. Release date for episode 1 is Wednesday everyone is talking about it on Thursday. Come Tuesday it’s also front of mind at the water cooler when you are looking for a bit of a chin wag. And I think it’s that feeling of being part of something at the same time as your friends also makes people more committed. Additionally for those who were “late” to the show it gives them a chance to catch up before everyone has moved on. If you we’re 2 weeks late to the Wanda vision because you don’t have your finger on the pulse you can get caught up and become part of the experience before the experience is over. Apply that to most Netflix shows and realistically if you are 2 weeks late it’s almost not worth watching because most people have already moved on. No facts to back this up just a feeling / inference 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • so true while moonknight was releasing i was watching videos about theories and creating some of my own and then sharing them its why i loved those shows so much

  • These are actually really solid suggestions. Nice job!

  • "it has to create its own shows" Me: SO STOP CANCELLING YOUR OWN SHOWS DARN IT NETFLIX! (They promised us Wings of Fire as a TV Show and then cancelled it.)

    • @Christina Causey yes-

    • Netflix: we are going to make wings of fire at tv show 1 year later Netflix: sorry it will come out next year 2022 Its canceled

  • The real issue with Netflix is that whenever they release a show, it's overwhelming because you have to watch all of it (if you like the show) to avoid being spoiled online or with friends. Like you said, a big reason why Disney Plus works in that regard is because they release episodes on a weekly basis. It gives time for fans to discuss and theorise and ultimately bring new people to the platform. The binging method for Netflix was cool for a few years, now it's just hurting them.

    • ** Finally its here

    • Save cable tv

    • I like anime :3

    • Yeah I agree, I think the release of Arcane proves that, the 3 weekly releases boosted the length and amount of people talking about future episodes.

  • I really would enjoy shows releasing each episode on their own. It would cut down on waiting time for the next season massively! And keep me hooked... I only watched season one of Stranger Things because it took so long for season two to arrive that I completely lost interest even though I liked season one. Same with so many other shows. If I'm not actively in a fandom and have people pushing me to watch the next season, I often don't realise, it even got released.

  • I have to admit that I actually really like things that don’t have to have to HAVE items to shove them into your life. It creates more contingency on the creators. I agree that it is necessary for Netflix to have such media but I don’t think it must be enforced on all productions. Otherwise it will be monotonous again.

  • Oh yes, I loved watching Game of Thrones, the painful one season per year (or after two years) and one episode every week, it was exciting and I could talk about it with other fans, we even had episode parties and stuff haha.

  • What about trailers? When we go to the movies we see commercials for “similar” movies we might like. How about Netflix use all that data about us and give us 3 trailers for shows we’d like at the start of our show?

  • I've always felt like Netflix's release schedule was overwhelming. Like I rarely look at Netflix now because I know that there's going to be a billion new things being released but like I haven't seen any advertising for any of it and so it just seems like this obscure show that may or may not be good

    • Sounds like how I feel about ILaward channels I unsubscribe to. I subscribe when they're putting out content sporadically or at most weekly, then they move to multiple times per week and my inbox gets overwhelmed, so I end up unsubscribing because I can't keep up.

    • @Christian Taylor An advertisement gives you an idea what the product is like so you can better judge if you want it or it can help reveal things to you that you hadn't heard of so you can see how people like it online before getting it. Without any indication a show exists you're going in blind not knowing anything about it or if you'll even like it. It's not brainwashing it's literally just humans wanting info on something before they consume it!

    • Netflix is also diluting quality with all the crappy reality tv shows

    • Cuties 2, how about that? Cancel Netflix.

    • IKR, I mostly just get like 2 ok shows a week then maybe a good one every month if I am lucky.

  • MatPat, we need a film theory on Outer Range! It's filled with cool lore that will be right up your alley.

  • On top of everything you said, I'd add "dub more of your international stuff". I cook a lot "watching" shows/movies but that limits what I can put on. Many of the oriental shows have great reviews but they force you to be "stuck" in front of your screen. "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

  • Also regarding the binge-watching aspect you could have a subscription tier where you pay more & it all releases which would convince some people they can watch it when it releases every week as a way of easing people in...

  • Personally, I’ve always known that one-a-day was the best way to watch stuff for my own enjoyment. I don’t watch a lot of new stuff, so I can spend a year watching through all of The X-Files, or Bleach, or five different Yu-Gi-Oh shows. The other thing that makes Netflix less ideal for me, is that while they make a ton of new content, it seems like most of it is MA, and while I get most people don’t care about the content of what they watch, I find it’s unhealthy to have a constant barrage of more “adult” content in my life. (I’m 29, by the way, and I occasionally watch more mature things, but I definitely don’t want it to be the majority of what I view.)

  • With binging I can't discuss the show with my friends until they've fully seen it. There is simply no theorising, guessing or weekly chats

  • not to mention the removal of AMAZING shows. i’m sure there’s probably a reason behind it, but removing shows/movies like the monster high movies and american horror story (which was a devastating blow to me personally 😔) definitley isn’t helping

  • Definitely agree with with the anticipation and highs that come with once a week new episode premiers. It takes me back to childhood and looking forward to the weekend after a dragging through the school week which is now just a work week. I want to unwind and I having to scroll through all of my saved list shows and deciding what to watch is exhausting. When I do finally decide on a show I either binge the show or just simply find another form of entertainment/stream because I am just so tired of the experience from the get-go. Can Netflix make a program or feature where it plays only ONE episode of my personal saved list content and then automatically go to the next series/show so to artificially create a sense of suspense or anticipation? I similarly do this on ILaward. Different playlist created based on time so each playlist has content that has all ready been pre-approved/considered, meaning no decision on what to watch when I decide to watch something; as well as knowing from the beginning how much attention I have to dedicate to any one topic/show because the content is separated by video length. This feature could also be separated by genre or have a mixture to break the facilitation of a binge. Ads or commercial breaks? I am all for it if the price reduced. Tubi and ILaward have them and I appreciate them as it makes me retain interest on the show/topic and a burst of time to not be a potato, however, no password/account monitoring. I have a small family but everyone is spread out geographically. Netflix will not see an increase of four new accts only a loss of a premium account. Is the profile option not exist for families with different members/interest? Let's take it to an extreme as an exclusionary decision taken by a company is defining what constitutes a "family."

  • Great point there, I think Netflix is hurting themselves by releasing all episodes of some of their shows all in one go is a huge mistake. I am currently watching the final season of Better Call Saul, and I don’t think I would enjoy it at much if all episodes are already there, and I do not need to wait a week and anticipate what may happen in the next episode.

  • The whole “space out the release” thing is perfectly displayed by arcane. Released in three acts over three weeks, great pace and kept everyone talking

    • I will just wait lol I have to binge

    • @RaginBrownie reksai simps rise up

    • I was going to say the same thing and you know.. even 3 episodes a week was fine. If they do 3 episodes, creators can do 1 long video that will benefit watchtime or 3 separates on every episode which will benefit amount of videos. Arcane was the best thing that Netflix had to offer this year in my opinion ( Yes, I do play LoL ) 😅

    • Best release strategy I've seen so far! 1 per week is not enough.

    • Or ya know. Anime. Netflix seems to be one of the only remaining on a season launch schedule.

  • Talking about release schedules, I loved The Legend of Vox Machina's release. 3 20' episodes every week. Friday was a hype day for me during an entire month, it was cool.

  • Netflix needs to see this. I am sure this would help them a lot because no one wants Netflix to go bankrupt

  • You know one of my younger childhood favorite movies was buddy and I would love it if they brought it back and his kids/pups movies back to Netflix and all of them they are good.

  • I will say they did great on airing arcane 3 episodes a week, instead of all of once. I'd rather that than all at once or onc3 a month.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scrolled through Netflix and there’s just TOO MUCH! I’d prefer something good quality rather than just having the variety. I honestly end up rewatching things because the variety is overwhelming.

    • Is it actual “variety” though? I mean 90% of their original shows seem like carbon copies. Injected with varying degrees of sjws causes.

    • Also Netflix seems to be hiring writers, producers, directors & actors with a box ticking system instead of a talent based system. Of course this leads to the drivel that 80% of Netflix is today. If only they hired people for their talents not some woke box to tick.

    • It is a real problem as well because when you see the Netflix Originals title? Because so much is under that banner from stuff they make to stuff imported into a region. It devalues it overall and makes you scroll past stuff that might have the label. As it literally means nothing with so much content getting the banner. You dunno if a show will be quality so why bother?



  • Sarah Z did an entire video essay on how bad mass dropping episodes is for TV. It kills any chance of building an in-the-moment fandom as a show is being released and creates anxiety and stress as people feel required to binge it or be spoiled.

  • this is funny, when my dad was telling me about stocks a few months ago, he used Netflix as an example of a solid stock to have bought at the start of the pandemic.

  • For the binge thing i feel as though it will also get people to come back to the site to find the same show that they enjoyed. Rn a new season of umbrella academy came out but I’m not as exited for is as I would’ve been when I finished watching it

  • Personally I greatly dislike the weekly drop of episodes and always wait for the season to be completed before I start watching. Even when reading books I have a problem of staying up until I'm either exhausted or I've finished the book.

  • The "realease episodes every week" is the simplest idea that they should do Arcane dropped 3 episodes every week In those weeks I learned to know the characters through my friends and through ILaward, this made me count down to the next episodes. I loved the show btw

    • @Diệp Triệu Okay, you somehow totally ignore the fact that you have this problem either way. A weekly schedule doesn't solve it completely, it just solves it in your favour. You say "if you want to binge watch it, just wait until it is released" - and in this time the whole thing still get discussed in the world. And in this case, the one who puts the most efford in watching the series gets's punished for his efford. Do you think this is the right way to treat people? Yeah, it's mentioned in the video, but I don't agree with that. Actually, this is mathematical nonsense. You release as much as you can - no matter what the release cycle sais. The weekly release cycle just puts out the illusion, you would release more, because the people wait in smaller portions. The overall effort stays the same. It is like saying "Hey, just produce less, then you spare more money". A weekly release would just cover it, would just lie to the people. I already pointed out: Prime video (for example) wouldn't do it either, if they had the choice. And this is fact, because they don't do it, when they have the choice. The only ones, who are using weekly releases without being forced to, are the ones, which coudn't keep up with new releases - and this is Disney+. Everybody else does complete releases, if they can. There is no economical benefit of one or another, because they still have to produce as much as possible. "The success of arcane" is funny, because: It isn't produced by Netflix. It is produced by Riot Games and Fortiche Production, which dictated the release cycle. If you think the release cycle has anything to do with the success, you might be wrong. There are very successful series like "Stranger Things", which where released at one day. How does this fit in your equation? Maybe success or failure hasn't anything to do with the release cycle, but with quality and audience? So... People are leaving Netflix. But this is no reason for panic. One reason might be the decline of the pandemic. They gained a lot because of it, now when it is decreasing they lose a lot. This is totally normal and have nothing to do with their release cycles. Also the war in the Ukrain may be a big reason. Maybe it hasn't to do anything with the behavior of Netflix. So why should they fix a problem, which doesn't exist? Overall Netflix has even won a big audience along the pandemic. So a sudden 200k drop isn't anything to worry about. This is not because the majority leaves Netflix, it is because the majority isn't even interested in such things. There are only 200 million users on Netflix, versus 7.7 billion people on earth. This isn't because Netflix has a problem with their release cycles, it is, because the real majority doesn't care about Netflix or any other streaming platform and their release cycles.

    • Theorize doesn't mean you have to make a long paragraph like matpat did. It could just be a simple: "hey, maybe this guy will die in the next episode". And i was talking about disscussion in general. For example, what if your friend ask: " hey, the girl appeared in ep 3 was interesting, don't you think?" But you have only watched the 1st ep, so now you can't engage on the same topic with him. This is the exact problem i have before when we talked about some old series The stretching stuffs were also talked about in this video. By full release, it force netflix to produces as much show as fast as possible to fill out their schedule. Which mean they are forced to spend more money on more projects just to keep people staying interested in their platform. So even if we are talking about an economic standpoint (which is the exact thing netflix need right now), then weekly released still make more sense. The success of arcane show that it's definitely possible for a non full release show to air in netflix. And that show was exclusive to them. All the disscussion around those weekly release is partially why such a supposedly niche show (cause animation are usually niche) manage to stay at the top The biggest problem of netflix right now is that people just dropping out forever and never came back. If you are somehow still willing to come back once in a while then it's still a win for netflix. As such the weekly schedule can fix many problem they currently have right now. The people who like weekly released will stay, people who like to watch whenever they want like you will occasionally came back, netflix doesn't have to inflate their budget to keep producing more shows than they can afford to keep viewers, etc... Like really that schedule is such a win win situation for them that it's such a stupid thing that netflix never even consider such a possibility

    • ​@Diệp Triệu I understand this point and from our perspective it might make perfect sense. But the question is: Which kind of people actually theorize about that. Is it actually the majority? I totally understand, that there are some benefits in watching something weekly, but there are also benefits in releasing it at once. I am totally against very long "marathons", were you watch a whole series/season if you don't already know it. Your attention span doesn't give that much attention, that you can experience the whole thing. But a weekly release is just somewhat random. It isn't (as far as i know) actually some economic descision, it is just a relic of scheduled tv, where they want to stretch stuff, spread content for a bigger audience and want to keep things on a regular base. In case of prime video i don't know a series where they put weekly episodes, which is not dictated by somebody else. "Star Trek: Picard" for example is owned by CBS, which release their stuff weekly. So they don't allow prime video to release it before them. This isn't any kind of descision they made up because weekly is economically better or something, it is just the point, that they are not allowed to release all of it at one day. Maybe Disney+ does something like that, but i don't know. I'm not a huge fan of Disney+ and never used it. They shouldn't be forced to some weekly release, so maybe that's their point. But prime video also do release whole seasons at one day.(if they are allowed to) So we have two big streaming services which absolutely see the benefits of this. Maybe Disney can(or have to?) offer weekly releases, because they indeed have big labels under controll, but only a few. So they don't have that much content and they must spread it out, so it doesn't appear as they barely release anything. So i'm not convinced. So it is totally fine, if you prefer weekly updates. I totally understand, that someone who enjoys this channel is particullary ivested in this topic. You want to discuss what you have seen and don't want to get spoilered. And you want to discuss it from episode to episode. I am more like the "from season to season"-guy, who enjoys discussing cliffhangers. Maybe that's the actual point, why you want weekly updates and i want (at least) daily ones. And most likely we won't get to convince one another to get on the other side, because we are just two different types of people. And as long as none of us changes his complete behavior, we won't come to a point, where we both agree. But i think this is fine too - what is the internet for if not for meeting different people and friendly talk about different oppinions. A place for cat-pictures and the stuff in the world-war-documentary-section of Blockbuster where my father always walked in... So we keep it up. If Netflix switches to weekly releases, i will cancel my subscription there and "occasionally" pay them to watch what i missed the last months and you can keep watching. I win, you win and if you are right and i am the minority, it will not affect you at all. Maybe you misunderstood, that i don't thread Netfilx to not doing it, i'm just telling the consequences. I totally see no reason to stay there, if i can get the whole service, for some fraction of the price.

    • @delqyrus The video already explain the reason why. Full release mean that people have to binge watch to keep up with the conversation. Just take a look at famous stuffs like squid game. Everyone know how it already end the exact day it was released. This mean that the internet would be full of spoiler and any disscussion people join in would likely required a full watch. You can of course totally ignore all of that but you lose out on the social experience. As such people would likely want to binge watch or at least watch it in a short amount of time. It create a pressure and encourage that behavior On the other hand, weekly released allowed room for people to discuss and theorize. Meaning the pressure now changed from binge watch, into weekly watch. And since weekly watch make thing more enjoyable. You can see why company would opted for that more In the end, i never said that your opinion is invalid. People are unique after all. Can't expect everyone to have the same preference. However, data analystic have been done for a long time. And these companies definitely know what the mass care about more than you and me.

    • @Diệp Triệu Of course you can binge watch on weekends. You could do it after the complete release - whenever it is done. But why should you pay for artificially waiting for something to release? If it would be about "bringing the content as fast as possible to the viewer" i could understand it. But just for "make money purposes"... I wouldn't say a "complete release"-strategy encourages any behavior - while i didn't had explicit data on this, you encouraged me to search for some studies about that topic and it seems like binge watching hasn't increased since Netflix. It was about 70% of US-Citizen before Netflix and it is about 73% now(pre-pandemic - corona seamed to increase the value drasticaly), which say they "commit binge watching".(sadly data in this topic is rare in the rest of the world) On Netflix the vast majority (allegedly about 63%) are not "binge watching" at all. In this dataset watching even only two episodes on one day is considered as binge watching - personally i wouldn't be that harsh. It is no average. This means, about half of the People who "commit binge watching", do this in some statistically non-relevant way or not on Netflix. Sadly i couldn't find(i didn't search for long, so maybe i have overseen something) any data about other platforms like Disney+ or Prime-Video so an valid comparision isn't possible. But forgive me, that i am not convinced, that Netflix "encourages" people to such behavior. I agree, that people pay, because they are interested in the shows they provide, and maybe you are right about the point, that most of the people don't mind about release schedules, but i do. And i - personally - know a lot of people who do this too - some of them just buy one month subscription per year and binge watch all the series released until then. The rest of the year they live of DVD/Blu-Rays, regular TV or going to the cinema. Sadly i couldn't find any data about that topic either, so i have to rely of real life assumptions.

  • There should be folders in your to watch list so you can group it into documentaries, drama, action etc so it's easier to look through later. There should be a way to dismiss something off 'continue watching' if you watch 10 minutes and decide it's not for you. Overall some kind of better search engine to find the things you want.