Film Theory: Paw Patrol Is DARKER Than You Think!

פורסם בתאריך 3 יונ 2022
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Welcome back to MatPat ruins your childhood. Today's target? The always adorable Nickelodeon show known as Paw Patrol. I know, how could I possibly find something dark and scary to talk about in Paw Patrol? Well, it turns out Chase, Skye, and the rest of the Paw Patrol pups have a dark secret. Prepare yourselves, Theorists! You are NOT ready for this.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Eddie “NostalGamer” Robinson
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • I never thought I'd see the day, but here we are. Matt Pat theorizing about a show about talking rescue ranger dogs God I love this channel :)

    • Want to know what’s so crazy the dog liberty is just like my old dog that died my dog that died had the same name and was the same bread as the dog liberty from the show that’s what’s crazy

    • Ok

    • XD

    • I feel like clicking the bot links but I'm scared it'll hack me ;~;

    • yes

  • and here I was thinking Ryder recruits them to give them a home and a purpose, thanks MatPat

    • I'm almost certain it's both. Ryder is a 10 year old boy, but he also runs Paw Patrol so he does what he has to do even if it means losing a puppy friend.

    • Whose to say you're not right and he's not wrong? The only reason your theory can't work with this one is because MatPat chose cynicism instead of optimism. He assumed Ryder is doing this for personal gain instead of actual kindness.

    • @Хейтер Трендов why link?

    • I disagree with that

  • What's scary is that Mat's theories always sound so believable, *like it legit makes sense*


  • I love how MatPat goes into detail about assists that are just reused by the animators who didn’t think about it.

    • @Idv Fuzzy sorry autocorrect sucks sometimes

    • *assets that are reused

  • Great another episode of "How will my childhood be ruined" I love this.

  • Jeez louise that's one heck of a theory 😂 I always thought it weird that Ryder has basically no human friends 💀Probably because of his twisted ambitions to employ stray puppies, like you mentioned in the video

    • @Pupper "s song bro knows the names to heart

    • Katie Alex Carlos Danny mayor goodway Famer yumi captain turbot jake : are we a joke to you

  • Matpat making theories on what his kid watches so he doesn't go crazy is the funniest thing to me

  • MatPat, now I'm wondering if you could actually send a satellite back into space just using a trampoline!

  • I’m just saying, I feel like it could also be that the puppies just grow up and then get swapped out with younger dogs as the older ones go into their respective jobs. Like Chase would become an ACTUAL K-9 Unit for example. Just a thought.

    • Oh wow that could be true😯

  • Surprisingly this is one of the more mildly dark theories on this show

  • I love this show. Not because I watched it, but because I know for a fact that it has a direct reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventures.

    • @Shizuma Akira NO WAY

    • @THESPOOKYINC I forgot the context but I think the dogs ran into like, possessed medieval armors which made Jojo poses, the clip should be on youtube


    • What is it?

  • Man, it's weird to think that MatPat has been doing this long enough that he's officially attacking the the next generation of childhood.

    • Do. Not

    • @Skye Does Things to be honest I didn't even noticed until I saw your comment 😂😂😂

    • We all ignore the the second the.

    • @Pokecrafter Champion Next theory: The Wiggles are a cult. 🤣

    • Not his fault. Blame the tv show it’s self.

  • I always thought they had predecessor but they either retired or went to a different job. But with in line of duty casualties are always a possibility. I think rider legit cares about the pups and tries to prepare the new recruits as much as possible but no one could prepare for everything. That is why pups have safety vests and stuff but still have risks

  • Hey Matpat! On this same vibe of watching the same kids shows with your kid and not going insane, have you watched number blocks. My son is on the 3rd time through and i swear there is some deep theories in there. Would love to see what you could dig up. Love your work!

  • This actually reminds of of one day when I was at my uncles. my cousin loves watching paw patrol. I was just watching paw patrol with my cousin at my uncles house. And then i got this random theory of why there are dinosaurs and the paw patrol becoming knights in modern day. And then i kept on coming up with new theories every five minutes and started piecing together evidence for the theories. And then out of nowhere the dad of my cousin said that this is like some mat pats theories i was coming up with.

  • I was really hoping for a dark twist, but it seems pretty normal that a new pup would be recruited after an older one retires (like on superhero squads). Dogs dying at some point isnt really a dark twist 😬

  • I like how if there's even the slightest hole in a show's lore, Mat will just tear the whole thing open

  • When MatPat says "all he dogs were strays before Ryder found them", I'm starting to think he doesn't have a firm grasp on the concept of adoption.

  • the show is old enough that this is still part of my childhood even if it were towards the end of it.

  • I think Mat Pat is the goodiest of... pups, Gosh Imagine if without him, crazy stories like this won't get theory found and will remain uncovered forever un noticed, Matthew just have this unique gift of theorizing and which makes people inspired to do so for the sake of finding that other layer of the movie. Theory eye! I never knew a story like that is hidden in plain sight, I also thank Paw Patrol for being not story limited afterall, it's a novel. thanks to the greatest Theorist and also along others who follows theorizing

  • It’s actually shown in the show that Zuma is able to drive Rider’s vehicle (season 1 episode 1) and if I’m not mistaken Rider retakes control of Zuma’s vehicle that got Highjacked by a kitten. It can be assumed then that Rider would just use the construction rig.

  • Now that Matpat has a son, he's more aware than never of kids show. So be prepare for more theories like this lmao

    • I really don't want to see this... Am I the only one who thinks that if he continues to make videos like this he will only convince kids who end up watching his videos to stop watching these shows???Am I the only one who sees a problem with this???

    • My God.... I feel sorry for his son, he will grow up traumatized by his theories...


    • His son is a part of the theory team noe

    • @LongHairedGIRL2000!!!! Yes.

  • I’m surprised you didn’t talk about how the movie has humans with 5 fingers while the tv show has people with only 4 fingers

  • Yknow, when my younger brother watched this show constantly (and during the Rubble origin episode), I always found the construction sign and convienient gear very odd

  • I really enjoyed this theory! I was wondering where all the parents are and I'd love to have some theories about what happened?

    • Showing emotions?

  • I love how MatPat makes a theory about a children's show. I also love how these destroy my childhood! I just love it lol.

    • @Juju Bennie Oh okay.

    • i just wanted to say I'm eating a cheeseburger rn

  • Matpat is the only one that can make an incredibly innocent and wholesome movie/series with some dark Backstories. This really got dark real quick Edit : OMG 1.2k likes, mom I'm famous now. Thanks for the likes guys.

    • Too bad your viral career will only be known as "skinnyleggs"

    • Well in the well made theory way

    • Whatever you do, don't start digging into Dave and Ava....

  • There's one thing I know about parents is that parents always know how to turn kids shows into dark shows and matpat is destroying everyone's childhoods but I like the theories thanks matpat i guess?

  • I mean it’s a good thing isn’t it. Stray dogs usually starve die of disease or get caught and euthanized. Making them help people is a good thing.

  • I want to see this concept turned into a live action movie. it would be amazing but won't happen at least for a long time look what they're doing to Winnie the Pooh

  • The craziest episode of Paw Patrol is when Ryder sent the team to the Spencer Mansion to gain combat data on his bioweapons.

  • Ya know what… This answered quite a few questions I had from when I would watch the show

  • I’m 21, and I’m not proud of it, but I love Paw Patrol. 10/10 superior show

  • You know that they added cats now to the paw patrol team, and it kinda makes me mad seeing how cats have been labeled as the villains (who CANT talk). Now they can talk ,and there the good guys? Is that all it takes to become part of the paw patrol? Just be a four legged animal that CAN talk and all of a sudden your the good guy. Confusion at its finest.

  • You know what's really sad is that Zuma was actually my favorite pup out of all of them and the fact that he never made it into like any of them really just made me sad and even cry sometimes

  • As a parent of both a 23 yr old and a 5 yr old, I appreciate that MatPat even covers kid's shows. It makes the times I have to watch the shows SO much more interesting to sit through.

    • @Jessica Seivert Now you'll be the cool mom.

    • @Jessica Seivert good for you tho :))

    • @Your Dad's OnlyFan Honestly, I had not thought of that... Thanks for giving me the idea.

    • @DudeMusic 🎶 Yeah it is. Been a whole new adventure!

    • That's a big age gap

  • For Real Matpat!!! The ending was darker than so many other scary theories lol

  • another thing i've always wondered about this show is why does it make all the adults seem - well kinda stupid?

  • aw man, i remember watching this show in like 2013, and zuma was so forgettable i literally forgot they existed until this video XD

  • He can't even watch a single episode of anything without thinking "wait, is there?"

  • This brings up another issue: why is Ryder, a kid, managing pups to do adults' work? Has there been an instance in the show that explain why it isn't an adult that's managing the pups? Of course it's a kids' show so the main character is a kid, but wouldn't it be weird for a kid to manage a team of fire fighters and police officers? Does Ryder even get paid for his work? Did something happen to his parents? Also, if the pups are the only animals talking and behaving like humans (being able to express desires, that is) do they have animal rights only or do they also have human rights? Would them be hired for work be considered abuse or just voluntary work? Because if the previous pups died, did they die of old age/they can retire or are they forced to work until they die in an accident or die in the line of duty, basically?

    • *because kids don't think*

    • He is an inventor

    • In a paw patrol book, in adventure bay actually have a firefighter, but i dunno why they not using the firefighter instead paw patrol. Hmmmmmm something off is going on here

    • @I like pointless internet arguments Probably has a key chatter space bar meaning it sometimes puts two spaces for one press , I also have the same problem

    • @juke caixa buy treats and toys i assume

  • Can we just take a minute to consider that maybe the previous pups may have retired and rider just put them up for adoption and they went to go live their lives with loving responsible owners?

  • I can't believe MatPat made a child a villan in a kids show... This is why I watch this show.

  • In the MatPatverse, there are no plot holes, just holes perfectly made for theories. Also, I might be being a bit cruel, but I can't wait for the day when Ollie is old enough to watch his dad's theories.

  • As someone who enjoys watching this with my brothers and sister, I'll never watch this the same way 😂😭🤣

  • He made a bright colourful children's show eerie and disturbing. Keep it up man.

    • @Lara Nomy Naw, these video's are fun.

    • @Lara Nomy While on the topic of ruining kids shows, MatPat should do one from our generation. You can watch most of Sony’s “Dragon Tales” for free on ILaward, in the playlists of the ILaward channel “jedi geek”. He should try to find a dark theory in that show. A good example is of Max & Emmy’s parents. They leave their 8 and 6 year olds unattended and unsupervised for many hours at a time. While the kids travel to a supernatural world that could be very dangerous at times, the parents are nowhere to be seen. Leaving their kids unsupervised for long periods of time.


    • @NoahNeverAsked good job

    • While on the topic of ruining kids shows, MatPat should do one from our generation. You can watch most of Sony’s “Dragon Tales” for free on ILaward, in the playlists of the ILaward channel “jedi geek”. He should try to find a dark theory in that show. A good example is of Max & Emmy’s parents. They leave their 8 and 6 year olds unattended and unsupervised for many hours at a time. While the kids travel to a supernatural world that could be very dangerous at times, the parents are nowhere to be seen. Leaving their kids unsupervised for long periods of time.

  • MatPat’s son: *likes a show/movie and decided to watch it all the time* MatPat’s brain: *retaliates by ruining it by theories*

  • I just thought “he might have had rubble’s that prepared for whatever pup comes along maybe helping in construction”. Like thinking ahead lmao. Or something like “ the dog retired” Also it might just be that the dogs are retired….

  • once you mentioned the movie I thought the theory would be that this place is like "all dogs go to heaven" and Ryder is the grim riper because he rescues dogs from near death. maybe he didn't reuse them but they all died even the truck driver and he just collected their souls, but I don't watch this show to say that my original thought was right.

  • We needed more conspiracy about this, I love this💕 because that's the one I like when I was a kid back day and needed detail, what is going on in this situation is?

  • I just love seeing how simple kid-friendly approaches to fiction become horrifyingly nightmarish realities in their universe.

    • @Why no one is enjoyed over some bs summer cocktail.

    • Lets be honest we all enjoyed this video by having this :

    • @PartyElixir 126 honestly this show is really good and I believe the writers didn't just not think about it, but instead this was a lucrative ARG made by the writers, my little pony did the same thing with the mysterious changling in season 5 episode 9

    • Only when matpat gets his mind on it

  • Show: we are an innocent children's show. Mat: are you sure about that?

  • Oh, Dave will love this. A teen oriented PAW Patrol where we can world-build. For those who don’t know, Dave is Dave Padbury, development executive at the show’s primary animation studio, Guru Studio. Let’s just say I’m on good terms with him. And this theory will be the cornerstone of our new concept.

  • Dude I’m mad I loved this show and now I still love it. It’s still my favorite kids show

  • You do realize that Ollie's probably gonna come across this eventually, right?

  • These are getting more and more ridiculous but I'm totally living for it.

    • @Mighter it’s horrible 💀💀

    • Yes, ridiculous and a little troublesome for very young children! If they end up watching the video and understanding what it says, they will end up traumatized and stop to see the shows! I think I'm the only one who sees the problem with these kinds of theories! I just wish he would stop looking for something macabre in things that have nothing to do with it!!

    • @Степан Бандера🇺🇦 stop

    • @Don't Read My Profile Photo probably a rivkroll

    • @Krk Jk spam

  • I work with kids and have to suffer this show every day, i never would have guessed to see this from you in my recommended today. Wow was not expecting it to be good.

  • Something that also proves it is how does Ryder already know they’re gonna be that pup. He already has the symbols but he never had that pup before…….

  • Me who has never watched the show before: so...this is how I am introduced to it. Oh boy. Edit: Just watched it. And uh, all I can say is I've seen weird, so can kinda expect it lol. (You want weird in kids shows? Try watching Wild Kratts, especially when you are older. This show has moments where you're just wondering what you just saw.)

  • Generally feel bad for Mat, he has trained his brain to search for dark hidden lore that he can’t simply watch a nice show without searching for that hidden lore.

    • @Muufle In at least one timeline what I said is canon with Sombra taking over the world with his slave army, and yeah the comics get FUN. Have you read the one on the origin of the changelings? That's some Stranger Things tier horror right there.

    • @shiningkingghidora its his job

    • You see that's to the thing once you start theorizing you can't stop theorizing so anything that has the slightest chance of having hidden war lore just expand.

    • He doesn't have a life

    • @MegaChickenfish I would love to see that tbh

  • Imagine you have this idea after watching it with your own kid 😂

  • Alternate tittle: MatPat going insane for 13 minutes and 33 seconds

  • Pretty accurate theory! 😃

  • "Yelp, Chase. Yelp, Rubble. In this series, you're the ones who are in the biggest trouble." Nice poetry, MattPat.

  • Interesting theory. However, it doesn't take into account the possibility that some former members of the Paw Patrol may have simply grown up and entered a form of retirement, still alive & well. In line with this thought, it's also possible that the human leader of the group isn't the original founder, but rather was chosen by his predicessor to continue in their place once they entered retirement.

    • Now i wanna see a more grown up Paw patrol where they are older and it's grittier. I WANT CHASE TO COMMIT POLICE BRUTALITY!

    • It's not a film theory unless it's super dark or a character is demonized

    • @Ketto the Spy Main I really like your idea! 😎

    • @Radek Kvapil yup We Know Mattpat.

    • Maybe, they enter more advanced duties as an adult dog? Like, if puppies in Paw Patrol are this capable then what would full grown adults be capable of?

  • FINALLY someone said something about Rubble’s previously owned gear. My little brother is obsessed with paw patrol and it’s been driving me crazy that it’s never addressed

  • i love hearing people making random stories i mean.. its just an animated cartoon 😁

  • my question is why does the HD version look so terrifying

  • That's it, I haven't posted in a while, so I may animate myself stealing Rubble, Chase and Skye (because they're in the most danger) and then explaining to everyone why I did it (with credit back to you, yes)

  • I love that most people could probably also come to this conclusion if they just thought about the entire situation realistically. In a world with hyper-intelligent dogs that can perform rescues as good as and sometimes way better than people, a team of expendable rescue pups is not only plausible, but it just makes sense. Sometimes a dark secret isn't that much of a secret I guess lol

    • @ElevenTimes You have your rights to go, but in my opinion the show is not that bad

    • I prefer to believe my theory! That the Paw Patrol was created by a distant ancestor of Ryder! And that the show is the new generation that he trained and cared for with total love! By M This to me, makes a lot more sense than this horrible theory! (and yes! It's an idiotic and unnecessary theory!!)

    • @Dhruva Khera here’s the thing, they have a short life span (15 years of being able to do stuff if your lucky, and if your lucky an extra 5 years as a senile creature stuck on medication) meaning a good,but not great level of skill even if they spent all their lives on it. And no good way to use tools, heck most of their lives are spent learning basic things. The entire race would essentially be handicapped in age, and physical abilities.

    • @ElevenTimes and yet we still have factory farming

  • I wonder how Ryder isn’t a maniac after spending his entire adult in a tower and the towers yard with only dogs as friends…

  • The fact that all the evidence is probably is just re-used animation is so funny to me

  • Sometimes I like to think Matt patt hits a joint for a while and is like “bro why is this 10 year old conscripting literal dogs”

  • why are all of his theories so convincing, if you ever made some dark theory that the kids from cocomelon are adopted or something i’d believe it

  • Matt knows what’s up 🤣 all of the cool vehicles they use and the many lookout towers, I had to get ALL of them.. for my child of course 🤣

  • My mum is a childminder. As a result I’m far more familiar with this show than any adult should be 😂 Why is riders voice different in America?

  • 3:33 don't worry MatPat, I also have my theories about those two

  • I have a question: *’What’s mr. Brown hiding in The Amazing World Of Gumball”*

  • bro MatPat is like the only guy who can say that everyone on the Paw Patrol is dead, and make it sound completely believable and backed with knowledge

    • Because this person knows how to Explain well like a Good likable teacher that every student likes. Or just he knows how to manipulate us on getting into his theories.

    • Basically gaslighting except the points are actually really good and then he might just be right.

    • he is also tthe one person who can say that spider man is actually a alien that was from bowsers castle