Film Theory: Phineas and Ferb's SECRET Hero!

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I recently checked out PHINEAS AND FERB, and it's actually way better than I expected. But one thing stuck out to me above all the show's idiosyncrasies: Why hasn't Dr. Doofenshmirtz been arrested? He's obviously a villain, and his plans are so easy to thwart. Well, Loyal Theorists, I've uncovered the answer: Doofenshmirtz is unwittingly helping the OWCA the whole time!
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  • To be honest the scanner in Perry's fedora also explains why he always lets himself get caught and allows Doof to demonstrate his "inators".

    • @Paarth Mathur no but he said that there is no place with 4month holiday

    • @CUP That’s cool, but do you really think Phineas and Ferb is set in Saudi Arabia

    • @Prachi Kalkar i live in india

    • @Prachi Kalkar i got a week of summer vacation

    • @CUP 😔 how? In india its only 30-40 days if summer vacation

  • There's also the fact that Perry is essentially his therapist too, helping Doof work through a lot of his issues. I like the idea that Doof is, at least on some level, aware that the OWCA lets him go free and uses him for their benefit, but he gets the return benefit of being allowed to do his stuff and getting Perry, with Doof's schemes and Perry's interaction allowing Doof to work through his various psychological traumas he suffered as a kid. Everyone wins, really.

  • Fun Fact: the average cartoon has 52 episodes, since each episode has 2 parts, that would be 104 parts, and since each part takes place on a different day, that is 104 days, which is why the theme song says "104 days" but after the original 52 episodes the series got approval for more episodes so this doesn't make very much sense

    • @Austin Hemmelgarn your wrong they are right

    • Nope, that’s actually the reason it’s 104 days. The typical Disney Channel series at the time ran for two 26 episode seasons plus a few odd specials, and the creators assumed originally that Phineas and Ferb would be the same (and that they would do a few episodes where there was only one story done in two parts), which balances out to the 104 days. They were obviously wrong as it went for four seasons including four specials, plus two movies and a post-series extra, but they just decided to keep the original opening in spite of this.

  • Dang, that puts a whole new light on the whole fights between the OWCA and Doofenshmirtz. I never realized they were just taking his inventions basically, and Doof was basically a hero at one point. Pretty sad.

    • There is also this one thing in Milo Murphy's law SPOILER . . . . . . . . . Doof is Profesor Time (not sure if thats his name in English version) so he invented time travels, interdimesional travels and in every episode he invents something new. He is brilliant scientist and inventor. Some of his inventions could actually save lives if used in that way. The whole future depends on him inventin time travels as we see with Cavendish and Dakota. When they meet him they are surprised that he is Profesor Time, but at the end of the day he is the one who saves them from apocalypse. Here the mutated plant's invasion. And in Phineash and Ferb it was with that place that if you go into or throw something into everyone forgets about it's existence. (Their parents litterally forgot about EVER having any children) And who figured it out and fixed it? DOCTOR HEINZ DOOFERSMITHS a little too long, I know Sorry. _.

  • Him: " an evil scientist who has an endless amount of money." The show: hes always borrowing money from his ex wife...

    • @CCABP Another thing, How much were the tickets??

    • They were formally part of the Russian police

    • @CCABP prolly took out a loan and then repaid it after the rollercoaster

    • Also he said that phineas and ferb have an infinite budget, but Dan Povenmire said all the money was from the tickets to the roller coaster. Which just asks more questions, how did he fund the roller coaster?

    • Ok nvm I just saw the rest of the video

  • Doof was honestly the best villain. In one episode, a man catcalled his daughter and he screamed out, "SHE'S SIXTEEN!!!" and shots him with a dimension gun.

  • This makes Doof a very special Disney villain. Besides, he is also the only Disney villain who actually defeated his nemesis in the end. He also obtained what he claimed he wanted the most, save discovering he was not really interested in it.

  • One of the main reasons I love this show is how many times it breaks the 4th wall.

  • I'd like to see the sequel, where you explain Doofensmirtz inventing a time machine in Milo Murphy's law.

  • Theory: You talked about how the wife funds everything but I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Doof wife works for the company and that's how they meet and got married. It would also explain why she never tried to stop Doof from building machine or why she keeps sending him massive alimony. The OWCA is paying her to keep funding the work Doof does.

  • It’s simple. They can’t arrest Doofenshmirtz cuz he’s legally an Ocelot.

    • Dennis the rabbit was arrested though.

    • Idk what is an ocelot

    • I don't what that means 😎😎😎😎😎

    • Ik its so sad

    • Good point

  • You're never too old to watch good shows

  • As the wise ferb once said “ a hero’s a hero but everybody loves a good villain”

  • 5:13 'The O.W.C.A. Files' episode takes place after the summer of Phineas and Ferb, it's not from the past. As far as we know he was never fired (unless you take Milo Murphys Law into consideration). He was fired in 'Agent Doof' but that was a different instance that took place during the summer, and he wansn't fired due to incompetence but rather because of several complaints from Human Resources.

  • I feel bad for him actually. He's been used all his life and the moment he feels he's finally free is actually him just not knowing he's in a cage, like a fish born on an aquarium, it doesn't know that it's held captive

  • "There's a 104 days of summer vacation" Well, it's 2020, I guess there is now

    • 1004 days

    • I love the "nostalgia plays" mark in the subtitles

    • Make that infinite

    • @P.J. T.A.S. dude wtf. thats literally a whole school year.

    • Summer in California last up to nine weeks, way less than "104 days"

  • Doof actually became a member of the OWCA only after the last episode, when Vanessa tells him about how he isn't actually an evil person, but just behaves that way

  • 7:18 this camera in his fedora wasnt just used to record doof's inators. in the 2nd dimension movie owca also used it to recreate phineas and ferb's inventions over the summer

  • In general, Major Monogram is more of a villain than Doof ever was

  • I love the idea of someone being “so deep undercover even they don’t know that their undercover”

  • perry is doofs support animal. doof makes a creation linking back to his childhood, perry lets him vent about it, perry then stops his evil plan and after that doof never brings it up again. perry is helping him.

  • Neat theory but if I remember correctly (correct me if I’m wrong) I’m pretty sure Doof wasn’t an Agent until after he stopped being an evil scientist (which is why Monogram makes the comment about Doof doing more damage on the inside of OWCA’s ranks than when Doof was a villain). Also would like to add that Major Monogram mentions Doof contributes to employing “nonessential” OWCA agents by creating a nonessential job demand and therefore keeps more animals from being unemployed.

  • Dan Povenmire explained the 104 days thing in an interview, he said it was the typical amount of episodes in a Disney show or something like that. Well it got a lot more than 104 episodes lol. But I agree and as a kid we always would count up the days and compare it to the famous 104 😂

  • I was like 11 when I stared to watch P&F and now I'm nearing 24. If I had to watch one series for the rest of my life it would be this one. Just doesn't get boring

  • 5:59 "good at building things, just not good at using the things he builds" OH, so he's an engineer hahahaha

  • I love this so much! Probably the best film theory

  • It’s said throughout the show that Perry is the best in his field, and it’s shown he’s pretty skilled, which makes you wonder while watching why he’s fighting Doof, because he isn’t really evil. This explanation makes sense, because they’d probably only intrust their best agent with the mission (Also I saw a comment saying that Perry was like Doof’s support animal to help with his childhood trauma, and I think that’s also a good explanation)

  • No, Phoneas and Ferb is an amazing show. It is one of my favs and I’m now in my 30s granted I have kids and I found them in my 20s but still… an amazing show.

  • *I simply want to know what Doof’s true origin story is*

  • His daughter literally says he's not evil, he's just pretending to be.

    • @Yapyarlp the grunt *cough* dont count the speicls

    • @Ghettokage translate it

    • i dont think he started that way but he 100% evolved to someone who wanted to be good at being evil bc his brother was so good at being good and he thought he never could match that

    • @TurboGamer He moves on with the main characters in the second season

    • God

  • Seriously, if you got an inventor inventing one thing A DAY, that's a genius right there.

  • Also, there is probably a reason for perry being with phineas and ferb, as in the second movie he was shown to also have been scanning their inventions

  • is it just me or do other people agree that matpat could make a really good steven universe theory? (if he hasn't already lmao)

  • This might explain how in one episode he talks about how one of his inventions is being used for good, the one that cured foggy vision. the OWCA might have copied it and gave it to people but also told then who invented it which is why he received money from the eye sight doctors

  • Perry: **takes off hat** Doofenshmirtz: *i've never seen this man in my life*

    • Làl

    • So what is this a Chacha graham Holla Pery the Chacha graham

    • No Ok

    • A always loved those parts 😂😂😂

    • I'm dying right now because it's so true.

  • Ive been binging season 3 and 4 and this makes me realize how much Phineas' voice changed from the early seasons

    • Ye I figured skipping season 1 and 2 just made this jarring haha

    • Vince was going through puberty at the beginning of the show

  • you know that the theory is getting bad when MatPat says “But that’s just a theory, a Game/Film/Food theory

  • Doof also wants perry to disrupt his plans when perry isn't able to do so he willingly does a mistake so perry can destroy his 'inators' I think that could have been also used in the theory

  • “Unlimited budget for their summer vacation” No, they just charged a lot for the roller coaster.

  • The question is if Doofensmirtz is the world's smartest idiot or the world's dumbest genius?

  • The clip of doof saying summer is going for 4 years went over my head for too long I now realize he said this when the show has gone on for four years

  • there's only 2 things that separate alternate dimension Doof from main dimension doof- 1. He can use what he makes 2. He's actually Evil (Our Doof is just a sweetheart from the inside)

  • Ahh, I remember 2007 when Phineas and Ferb first came out...good times

  • "You think inventions is on your ally, but you merely adopted the inventions; I was born in it, molded by it" -Dr Doofenshmirtz

  • In Milo Murphy’s Law Dr. Doofensmirtz is known to two time travelers as “Professor Time”, and is renowned in the future for having saved the human race by inventing time travel and stopping our destruction at the hands of mutated pistachio plants. So yeah, he’s all the way. He only thought he’d had to act evil because of his messed up backstory and dysfunctional childhood.

    • @Slevin Channel thats not what a plothole is

    • @Charlie no spoilers for the show but it’s the same universe

    • The cliches tricked him I guess

    • @Slevin Channel I mean I feel like Doof is just boosting his ego

    • If you watch Milo Murphy’s law there is always theses two guys protecting pistachios, maybe it’s related because it’s made by the same creator

  • growing up i always thought that americans actually have 104 days of summer vacation which made me super jealous. it's good to know that that was false, but still 88 is a great number. this year i have only 68 days and the highest number i've ever gotten was 76

  • And now in Milo Murphy's Law HE'S A TIME DOCTOR!

  • The simplest explanation I can come up with on the spot as to why their summer break is 104 days is that someone time traveled to make holidays longer.

  • Doof only recognises perry only if he is wearing his hat, even if it's just a random platypus wearing perry's hat, doof would just mistake it for perry

  • No matter what, you can't help but love Doofensmirtz, even more than any other character sometimes. Frankly I mostly watch the show for him and Perry instead of Phenias and Ferb

    • Actually there creator himself said that though its title is phenias and ferb actual main characters are candance and doofensmirtz

    • Same LoL

    • Phineas and Ferb

  • It’s ironic how perry his “nemesis” is his only actual friend.

  • Biggest issue with this theory tbh is just the start of the video explaining the show, as Dan Povenmire has stated Doofenshmirtz and Perry or Candace is A story, the boys are always B

  • When you simply said, "Yes." I died. I just died, that's all there is to it.

  • Just 1 problem the OWCA files happens after the last episode where Doof turns good forever because his daughter did.

  • If I had a nickel for every time MatPat theorized about Phineas and Ferb I’d have *two* nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird it happened twice.

  • I always thought the reason he never got arrested is because his brother is the mayor, and since his brother really likes his brother and thinks nothing bad about him, he always gets away

  • This was such an great theory to watch

  • I've got ~ 102, maybe 103 days of summer vacation now... Might just be bc I'm on quarters also, doof being secretly good might be the reason that the agency's best operative is the one constantly going after him... Perry's job isn't so much stop him as basically just keep him alive, even if he doesn't know it. Obviously, if someone were to attack doof for any reason, Perry would be obliged to save him, which is what the agency needs.

  • The reason that they say 104 days is because the creators believed they would get the normal 2 season contract with Disney with 26 episodes in each and because there were two days in each episode making 52 days in each season so there would be 104 days in the two seasons they originally were meant to do. Also that was said by one of the co-creators Dan Povenmire so it’s 100% true.

  • I still don’t understand how Phineas and Ferb’s mom doesn’t notice how much her kids are spending, or how high her credit card bill is

    • @Hunter Alberti in the movie he did

    • @SamuSeen Don't they give it all away for free cause theynare kids and don't care once they finish playing with it

    • Dan Povenmire pointed out recently actually that the boys charged people to ride the rollercoaster in the first episode and they used that money for the rest of their inventions. And he said the rollercoaster was built from stuff they had around the house

    • They have their own company, of course

    • I think OWCA supports them economically, we've seen that they don't just scan Doof's machines, but also Phineas and Ferb's ones. Not to mention the fact that every person who they bought something to, accept without a doubt their crayon-made permission and just give them their most dangerous stuff just because. Is it weird, isn't it? If we take the "OWCA pays their intentions and gives them official support and permission" theory, it all makes sense. They get two awesome machines at day, and just need to pay for one of them, sometimes even more and some of Phineas and Ferb's inventions are really useful and can be used in a lot of different ways for helping society.

  • I have told people that there were 104 days in summer vacation all my life bc of the theme song...I feel taken advantage of

  • Dear MatPat, solve the mystery of the giant floating baby head!

  • Imagine a plot twist where OWCA used time machines (designed by Doof no less) to Reverse-Flash all of Doof's sad backstories to create the man he is today.

  • I personally like to think the reason he wasn't putbin jail was because in Milo Murphy's law he was revealed to be Doctor Time and invented time travel and knew ultimately he wasn't very harmful and that they needed time travel in the future

  • I personally like to think the reason he wasn't putbin jail was because in Milo Murphy's law he was revealed to be Doctor Time and invented time travel and knew ultimately he wasn't very harmful and that they needed time travel in the future

  • He literally saves the world 2-3 times in Milo Murphy's Law.

  • I never knew he was legally an Ocelot, silly loophole but hey it works. Now I wanna see a timeline...

  • Hey Matpat, why not do a video similar to this, but this time focusing on Mr. Krabs from Spongebob and why he was never arrested?

  • "MatPat, aren't you a little old to be watching a Disney Channel cartoon?" Matpat: "Yes...." That hurts

    • Hello, I am Mohandas Ghandi, my people call me Bapu, but you can call me friend

    • In the subtitles it says "yes (yes I am)

    • OracleoftheBOP yes, yes I am

  • They don’t actually have an unlimited budget. Dan said himself that during the first episode where Phineas says, “We should’ve charged more.” Phineas and Ferb charged admission then carefully invested their money to fund their entire summer.

  • Can we talk about the other dimension Doof. Like this is how Doofs success work: Incredible tragic backstory (Normal Doof) -Horrible Villain. Lost a toy train, nothing more (the other Doof)- controls the world. Lost a train when he was a kid

  • Yes! I love these Phineas and Ferb episodes We in Germany got around 46 days summer vacation at schools

  • A theorist? A show theorist? A FILM THEORY!

  • Anyone else want to, Doof, like, fix his life? His life seems pretty sad sometimes.

    • its already happened, the act your age episodes of the series entirely explain it

    • Yeah

    • @CT-5555 me to i wanna give him a hug and then a flower to make him happy

    • I WANT TO GIVE HIM A BIG HUG 🤗🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • This seems more simple than the other ones. You had all the puzzle pieces right in front of you.

  • Milo Murphy’s law when doof was not a villain: imma pretend I didn’t see that

  • He has the same scenario as mega mind, he’s not a villain at all, it’s so easy for him to “act” evil when he’s not, cause that’s all that’s been expected from him.

  • 5:41 Ask me why I'm so happy and I'll give you a mirror.

  • I feel like MatPat should do a theory about how big Phineas and Ferb's backyard is

    • And h0m6 tiny their house is compared to it?? Yes.

    • I think he should do a theory on how much money they've spent.

  • Random people: matpat aren’t you too old to be watching a ten year old show? Phinas: yes, yes I am