Film Theory: Poppy's Hidden Conspiracy EXPOSED!

פורסם בתאריך 23 ינו 2017
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Today we welcome another member into the hallowed halls of weird ILaward channels that will haunt your dreams - here's POPPY! This innocent, youthful popstar's videos are a bit more than they appear. But what sinister force is actually pulling the strings behind Poppy's messages?
THANKS to Thomas for the amazing editing work on this video!
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  • Who's watching this 4 years later and still concerned for matpats safety at the beginning of this.

  • Rewatching this after the free Brittany movement, it makes you really uncomfortable knowing her dad probably forced her to do that photoshoot with the bead necklaces

    • Wait wait, what happened with her?

    • @Adrien Starfaer yea, tho I know some teen girls that would do that in private, I know non that would willingly do that for a magazine

    • @Frankie Valentine I’m talking about Brittany, not poppy!

    • @Adrien Starfaer yeah no there are plenty of teen girls that do that without payment! I've known a few. But yeah the parents were trash.

  • So ive seen this so many times and it just clicked in my brain, Poppy being replaced by another Poppy is similar to the theory that Avril Lavigne has been dead for years and replaced twice by lookalikes

    • Excuse me, WHAT?

  • This video confirms my theory that I’ll watch anything matpat produces

  • that was extremely disturbing for me well done matpat, I'm proud of you :')

  • Matpat knows to much he’s on the list of most wanted in the Illuminati

    • Yes he is on our list

    • @George Adam-Jospeh thank you

    • @Aro i shall discuss with the higher councils for you

    • @George Adam-Jospeh Oooo can i join???

    • 60th reply

  • I would love to see another theory on poppy her music and channel has grown a lot since this theory

  • I amuses me that the whole Mars Argo lawsuit thing made the duo acknowledge everything MatPat says here but then made it so much more complicated with it being a second attempt at this narrative which was originally created for Mars Argo.

    • Oh, you think your late?

    • @Bewildered Citrus Im late too

    • Yeah, I was thinking about that the whole tome watching this (this is my first viewing of the video, i'm hella late to the party)

  • Hey MatPat! Your evil laugh is pretty good. If you ever need someone to do an evil laugh for free, I think i have a good one for you... Seriously though your theories are awesome.

  • I feels weird hearing MatPat speaking any sort of Hebrew, but I want more of it. PLEASE give me more

  • “Puts it in his mouth and uh, doesn’t eat it. That sir is a choking hazard, Mr Satan.” I love this quote so much.

  • 5 years later and I still am concernd for mat pats sanity

  • when poppy said that "it feels good to have a skin" the terminator series hit my brain first

  • Ahhh revisiting old theories in 2021 , BRING THE GOLD DAYS BACK MATPAT

  • I always felt fishy about poppy and thought that she's in illuminati and it explains everything about her

  • Matpat: the conspiracist with really convincing evidence.

  • You’re awesome Mat. Keep up the good work!

    • You do realize that he might be a part of the Illuminati right? Right?

  • I do hope matpat knows what truly happened to Britney...she was oversexualized due to her own contract, not to her own will..Ligit listen to her most recent court hearing, she almost 40 and still being controlled like shes 13.

  • This is the type of guy who can convince me in any theory, even ones that I said I would never believe 😄

  • Your theory is spot on it's spelled out from the start. The I'm Poppy video is all the iterations of poppy thus far introducing themselves. In the first Charlotte interviewing Poppy she introduces Poppy as the "Interneted Girl", essentially hinting that she exists only in the internet.

  • Never thought I'd hear MatPat sing "I'm not that innocent" in such a sarcastic way.

  • MatPat needs to make a new theory considering her new music and the turn her channel has taken with the make-up videos. And didn’t she leave Titanic, or am I just crazy?

  • I'm watching this four years later the Skorup and I am still concerned for Matpats mental health

  • This is what got me into Poppy and Film theory, a 2 in 1 MatPat!

  • This was the first film theory I watched and I remember being so confused because I somehow mistook it for a life hack video then I saw *this*

    • I can't even imagine what kind of a life hack video this could be with that thumbnail...😨

  • Matpat: You See This Cute Thing? Also Matpat: Yeah, That’s Satan

    • Nope.

    • Good Lord! I didn’t expect this to get so many likes!

    • I know right !

    • next he's gonna say hello kitty is working with the nazis or the mafia.

  • It has been 5 years and I am concerned for Mat Pat's safety.

  • Matpatt: "today we are talking about poppy!" Also MatPatt: goes on rant about Britney Spears.

  • Matpat: the guy who made conspiracy theories cool.

  • This is literally one of the best videos that any theorist channel has made. I literally have it bookmarked on my chrome book. That beginning part was a little… concerning. Mainly because he’s in his 30s.

  • Honestly I wasn’t expecting the intro to sound so good

  • Hi there! I am watching this 5 years later and decided to look up her channel. While looking through her more recent videos she looks….different. Take a look when you have the chance.

  • Four years ago I was scared to death of watching this video!! NOW… the intro still scares me to death💀

  • Love how people think that a secret community can be rumored about with NO CONSEQUENCES

  • I actually forgot she even existed until this popped up in my recommended.

    • never knew she existed until it was recommended due to BGMing matpat a little to much.

    • Same

    • You could say it *poppyed* into existence

    • for some reason the "Popped in my reccomendation" made me thin kthat it was a pun lol-

    • ME TOO

  • MatPat: *aggressively screaming his name* Me: "This is normal."

  • I’ll always find matpat’s random rant about britney spears in the beginning hysterical 😭

  • Matpat: Okay so this may seem like it is coming out of left field. Me who has been watching for years: So what’s new?

  • Matpat actually did a good job exposeing poppy's hidden conspiracy

  • I dunno guys. After watching the beginning of this video, I think this guy might be MatPat.

  • my favorite video with poppy is when she is interviewed about david bowie and actually breaks character

  • From some other videos, appearantly 'poppy' character was a two person project and they were lovers. When they broke up, the guy found the now-poppy girl and literally copied the character his ex-girlfeiend created and owned the project. The real poppy made some interviews showing their previous project videos and all.

  • By the way, Poppy from what I heard was like contonrolled from Titanic, Now she makes rock, I'm pretty sure after breaking up with him. Shes now very expressive about how she feels.

  • The fact that poppy was in danger back then and now is safe cus she is out of that bad relationship and does what she wants and is in a more safer place gives me hope

    • @Purukeri okay let's be real I have not read anything past the first 3 to 6 lines , I just couldn't I use fvckign autocorrect becouse I can't English to wa my life Sooo we may have been talking about the same thing I will never know💀

    • @Hello Hru? It's the same thing I am talking about. And 'Girls in Bikinis' is from the time she worked with Titanic Sinclair

    • @Purukeri no nonono iam talking about another video I watched last year or so where the person talks about how poppy was forced to do this and that everyone the man Poppy was in a relationship with used to make them do this ,seeing as how there was a person before poppy that also did this stuff and some videos of Thiers are exactly the same just different people and different studios , and that after she was finally out of the relationship with that man she stopped making these videos and started focusing on music , and right now she is making some really good music like " girls in bikini's " the song that was a trend on tik tok for a month or so and people still use till now

    • She wasn't particularly in danger throughout it and the videos were not an indicative of her being danger, as they were produced in full collaboration with Sinclair. Although the analysis of this video overlooks some of the in-depth reality of them for entertaining/convincing purposes (or simply out of lack of knowledge), it is correct about them making fun of pop culture and all the dark/hidden sides to it. The essence of their content, however was 1: to promote their future songs through indirect references and a mysterious vibe that was encoded into the videos with the purpose of attracting more attention, and 2: to throw spite at Sinclair's former lover and collaborative partner, Mars Argo. Many of the videos (like the videos of the rabbit, the bleeding mouth one, etc.) were a direct reference to what was produced during the Mars Argo era & even some very hidden messages were put so only Mars Argo would know about them. Poppy is fully complicit in this and even to this day holds a grudge against Argo and how she accused her in that lawsuit for copying her work and persona. Obviously we cannot know everything, but I believe that Poppy was never abused in that relationship (she doesn't claim to have been), unlike Mars Argo, even if it did turn into an unhealthy one. She, like Sinclair is a very cynical person, and simply used the opportunity to build a career of his back. She must have been dissapointed with him personally as he was often endulged in the past (not being able to move on from Mars Argo) and eventually decided to escape out of the uneasy situation that had developed after the lawsuit by ditching him, painting him the evil one (even made light of his suicide attempt) and taking over the Poppy project. It was a power move at a time that was convienient. People love thinking with a mentality of separating people into "good" and "bad" categories, but reality is often much more nuanced. These were two incompatible people, who were very cynical, greedy and the personal trauma and greed simply got the better of them.

  • Fun fact: *poppy wanted Matt to save her that’s why she gave him a lot of hints*

    • How is that a fun fact 😃😃

    • that could be true.unless "they" made her say those things and wanted to trap more people to use in later videos and/or make them new cult members soon taking over the world.

    • A not so very fun fact


    • Is this actually true?


  • The Intro is basically MatPat having a meltdown about his identity

  • I agree with this even so long after it was released but one of the things Matt got wrong kinda bugs me: The Baphomet section, it’s not an inherently satanic or evil symbol, it has more in common with the Dao or Yin-Yang symbol, plus the hand signal that started him on baphomet can be found in a lot of Christian imagery too bc it means (as far as I know) “As above, so below” Just a lil tidbit from your local baby witch 🏃

    • Thank you my local baby witch, you da best 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • I had a feeling there was something off with her in her song saying “I know it feels like to have my soul ripped from my body and that’s when I found out how to pretend” my first thought on this was what in the fnaf😂

  • I just noticed that the ‘membership ring’ that Poppy wears is on her left ring finger, stating marriage. I don’t really know how this could relate to her but I thought it was an interesting detail.

    • She’s married to the game I’ll see myself out

    • "[Pop]- Are we married to [illuminati]?"

    • Married to the game.. married to the Illuminati yea I’d agree. Bet matpat most likely forgot to add it, I mean he does so much. 🤣

    • It could symbolize that she loves the devil or the Illuminati

  • the intro always gets me in a good mood

  • "It's not a mistake" ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨

  • The Poppy character is the one and only wifu I ever want. Obviously not down to the last detail, but I do relate to her character in many ways as well as her actual actress. Poppy is my number one favorite channel on the internet, period. And her music/music videos are just as perfect in my eyes..! 💜

  • i honestly love poppy *no signal* her work is amazing even if its not her work *no signal* someone else’s

  • Am I the only one that thinks he should just start a channel called "Conspiracy Theory"?

    • @Blan Morrison "Just cause we feel like it" True 😭💅🏻

    • You are not alone.

    • Omg yes

    • N-hmmm a no-hmmmmmmm yes

    • And it could be blue to fit the green, red, yellow theme between his other channels!,,

  • Would it be a weird theory if I asked if the "cloning" happened with other celebrities? Some people speculate that some stars look different in facial features, voice, and overall aura but that can all be blamed on surgery and growing up... right?

  • I remember how much this used to creep me out back then😂😂

  • Watching this years later now knowing titanic was the they and was basically controlling poppy… why didn’t we do anything to help?

  • I feel that poppy made her vidoes to represent how messed up the music industry is

  • Great. No sleeping for me. Googling conspiracy theories once again

  • 2017: Matpat making the pop star analogy with Poppy 2021: Poppy is now a metal icon

  • Film theory idea: I want to know if the train from Polar Express can really goes water in real life. PLEASE, I need to know.

  • Guys, I’m worried for MatPat, and I’m watching this 6 years from when it came out… I’m scared… 🥺

  • 5 years later and i remember this coming out, it makes me feel so old

  • Matpat needs to make an updated theory on Poppy considering her new music and her leave from Titanic

    • she and her content has changed so much, it definitely needs an updated theory video

    • yess!! i need this

    • Yes, I don’t believe there is any lore other that the hidden meanings in the Heavy Metal but we never know?

    • ya

    • Hit him up on his Reddit

  • There is also a music album of her's titled "Poppy.Computer". when i heard one of the song's in the playlist(the first one), "I'm Poppy", I immediately thought she has some online persona as a robot of some kind. I don't know how related it is, the album came out in 2017 but that might be something.

  • Please do a part two there is so much more now

  • 10:51 yes, she said triangle is her favorite shape, in the kids react to poppy in a glass box, or whatever

  • I can't believe Matt didn't touch on the symbolism of the name Poppy. I beautiful flower that excretes opioids to sedate people.

  • Absolutely no one has mentioned that last week Poppy posted a video saying that she made a graphic novel addressing her life and the theories about her. This sounds like fuel for a new theory to me

    • Mutch like I bet a grimmer David Bowies origin comic I imagin

    • Thennn all the vids shes been doing are probbaly to fuel or addhere TO the comic then

    • @Shailendra Sorout or the movie

    • I have 2 copies of the graphic novel. It's literally just the backstory for the character of Poppy, and, by extension, the backstory of other major and minor characters in the Poppyverse. Subscribe to Poppy, join Poppy.Church, stream Concrete (or Money, or Lowlife, or X)

    • Ayla Gambino there is....

  • does anyone get the feeling of being watched when they keep watching matpats video's

  • i really like how I went from 0 to Stranger Danger in that "im matpat".

  • It's possible that Poppy does it for pretty much the same reason as Weird Al Yankovic. Since her persona is a satire on popstars in general, it would make sense if Titanic Sinclear just decided to drop as many conspiracy references as possible as a joke, or perhaps symbolism for the mystery of the music industry.

  • She literally made a song called ‘I’m Poppy’ that has lyrics that supports the theory that she’s a digital program

  • Poppy: I'm Poppy. Matpat: I'm Matpat. Me: I'm BATMAN!

  • I'm glad Poppy left. I hope her and Mars Argo are well

  • Who would’ve guessed, that this was exactly what was happening behind the scenes

  • Been 5 years since I last seen this and am now rewatching it!

  • I'm watching this 5 years later and I'm also concerned for his safety-

  • Storytime: I once showed my grandma poppy's lowlife song and asked her if she knew who it was and I expected her to say she didn't know, but turned out she really liked poppy and knew it was her On a sadder note she died a week or two later