Film Theory: Scrooge McDuck's Net Worth SOLVED! (Disney's DuckTales)

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Disney boasts a ton of classic franchises, but one of the best will always be DUCKTALES. I mean it created the childhood fantasy of swimming through a literal pool of GOLD! But one thing has always troubled me. Just how rich is Scrooge McDuck? Well buckle up, Theorists, because after days of research, hours of math, and a few good refreshing swims in the old money bin I have finally discovered the answer!
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  • Disney needs to give this guy a freaking award

  • Matpat: goes crazy over the lbs system Me: *laughs in metric system*

    • Me: laughs in kgs

    • How would that help on this situation?

    • @Je sus myanmar and liberia also use imperial. But they arnt realy relevant countries.

    • Feels good t be Maldivian

    • Well the us, libera, and Myanmar use the imperial system. The UK also uses it, kinda

  • Better theory question: How does Scrooge not break every last bone in his body, diving into a pit of gold?

    • he trained

    • @Blu Spy It is said to be soft, that when you bite it, your teeth will leave marks on it, but not so soft that if you plummet your face in it, it won't hurt. Imagine gold to be as soft as a hard candy, one that wouldn't shatter, there will be marks when you bite it, but you will break your teeth, trying to bite it too hard

    • Scrooge thought "it's the end" but he miraculously found that he could dive through the gold coins as if they were liquid Apparently, his years of bathing and burrowing through his money had taught him some instinctive trick

    • @Blu Spy you saved matpat 7 days

    • Gold is very soft but very heavy at the same time

  • If the bin is just full of old, there must be some point where the sheer weight of the top levels of gold malformed the gold below it, push out the air voids and becoming denser. There should some simple calculus you can do based on gold’s malleability. Earlier this year I went to the site of Duckburg, according to Don Rosa, and got some great shots of Killmotor hill.

  • Matpat never disappoints. Keep up the good work. 👍👌

  • MatPat must’ve been the best at “show your working” questions.

    • Haha

    • he really did all the math

    • @FF OWN :P


    • Hahahahahhahahlollolool

  • Small nitpick, but I feel like this needs clarification: since an acre is a unit of area (2 dimensional space) a cubic area would be 6 dimensional, not 4.

    • @Spoop E Doop Dude,i know, i am going into 9th grade after summer, i learned this in what, 6th 7th grade?

    • @iamcoullcat Well, it's kind of a fundamental law of how exponents work...XD

    • oh f*ck no, why did you have to do this to him?

  • I'd love to see a Film Theory on Darkwing Duck! I don't care what angle you take, I just need the world to remember he's a thing and is still awesome. :) Seriously, this show still holds up.

  • I know we should REALLY appreciate how he makes these theory's. Love vid

  • Hey, if MatPat impresses Disney enough, they might even make him a Disney princess!

  • It's actually simple. Someone: "Okay so how much money do you have?" Scrooge: "Yes"

  • Honestly, I'm going with the "cubic acres" value. Scrooge has so much money that it can't be embedded in three-dimensional space!

  • I've learned more from Matpats three theory channels than I have from school this year

    • Me too I think I should try to get a degree

  • This was actually my first ever film/game/food theory video I ever watched, I came back to watch it again for memories!!

  • Watching this after the series aired and finished just gives me so much joy.

  • Can we all just take a moment and appreciate how much work MatPat puts into these theories EDIT: WHY ARE THERE 10K LIKES ON THIS?!

  • In the episode "Escape from the ImpossiBin!", we see Scrooge put a password in to turn the trap off, and it was a 26 digit password. Later on in the episode Bradford said that the password was a sum of ALL of Scrooge's total wealth. So Scrooge is actually an Octillionaire. PS: Even though Scrooge got the password wrong, I believe he only got the NUMBERS wrong, as remembering how many digits it had would be very simple. Just something I'd like to throw out there

    • LOL

    • Ich habe gerade mit dem Auto gesessen und ich bin jetzt in der Nähe von der Arbeit und bin jetzt auf dem Weg nach Hause und dann habe ich noch mal die Woche noch mal mit dir gesprochen und ich bin jetzt zu Hause und bin jetzt auf dem Weg nach Berlin und bin jetzt auf dem Weg nach Hause

    • I think it was just Bradford who changed the password, not scrooge who got. It wrong

  • I laughed way too hard at Matt losing his mind 🤣 i mean that freak out is meme worthy

  • thank you for reminding me of how much I love this show when I was younger.

  • I love how MatPat has rediscovered the "question 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d..." homework structure

  • I remember in an episode where scrooge mentioned that the bin money was literally his "petty cash" and that the bulk of his wealth is in banks and investments. Keeping the bin was just a plaything to him and a physical monument to his wealth.

    • @xyamazing I did the math based on him saying that he'd be ruined in 600 years if he lost 1 billion dollars a minute and his net worth became 315 quadrillion dollars

    • Our comments kinda match up.

    • @DisThoughts Glad i read it, thanks for sharing this. loved the comics back when i was young and this is hearth warming to know.

    • the theives should have hacked the bank instead of teleporting hsi gold coins would have been much easyer anyways

  • I love when MatPat goes crazy. So much lol 😆

  • It's sad that the reboot ended, but the ending was great.

  • Honestly, the ducktales remake is awesome; I love it

  • My fave part of all of this is the opening and opening theme lol it's very catchy and super good!

  • More important theory: how does scrooge mcduck swim through all that gold and swimming through it without getting crushed under the massive weight

    • @Scrooge Mc. Duck have you ever wondered how they make bubble wrap

    • @nazarasaid why are you liking your own comments lmao

    • @Scrooge Mc. Duck that's more than you've ever made

    • @nazarasaid more than what you make in ten years.

    • @Scrooge Mc. Duck for how much

  • If this was based on the comic, it should be accounted that the deeper you go in the money pool, the coin gets more valuable because of their rarity

  • I went on disney wiki and it says. "In "The Menehune Mystery", Donald gives the only time Scrooge's net worth has been mathematically represented, saying that Scrooges wealth amounted to $500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.16 (five hundred quattuorvigintillion dollars and sixteen cents)"

  • I think the blueprints calculation is the most realistic according to everything

  • The blueprints suggest that the ladder comes down to the bottom of the vault shaft. But in the scenes, Scrooge stands on his coins and grabs ahold of the bottom rung. This is much more consistent with the first method of only 10 feet deep, and its also on par with Forbes estimate.

  • I swear this show gives me a better education than my school does.

  • Disney: Did you find out how rich Scrooge is? Matpat: Yes Disney: What did it cost? Matpat: My sanity.

    • Stolen

    • Oh wow how original, stealing comments from months ago

    • i saw this same exact comment from 4 months ago above this one. come up with something new instead of copying

    • nah fnaf took matpat's sanity ngl

  • I want to see a theory where Matpat calculates his own intelligence

  • Film Theory Idea: Could Monsters inc actually produce enough energy from screams in order to power the entire city.

  • We should use the 3rd method giving that there are real blueprints and not just calculations based on him that could possibly be wrong, and using the information on how he says he literally is a multi trillion dollar business. But judging by just the bin the 2nd method could be very true.

  • In a comic Scrooge says he was losing 1 billion a second and at that rate he’d be broke in 600 years. Doing that math Thats $18,921,600,000,000,000,000

  • I'd love an episode about how he made his wealth. Presumably starting with the Klondike Gold Rush.

  • I grew up on the new and rebooted series. I actually didn't know there was an original series until i caught my father watching it randomly at midnight

  • I know this came out years ago, so you should do the same theory, but with the new reboot. Like outside measurements or how much it costs to build that many rockets.

  • I love this show, very nostalgiac

  • Worthless fun fact: According to Film Theory and Game Theory, Scrooge McDuck can buy 3,785 full sets of diamond armor.

  • This gets so much more complex when you consider the fact that the net worth of gold goes down every time new gold is found :0

  • He's forgetting that the coins date back to the cold rush or even before making each coin like 30x more valued.

  • I like how instead of being 1 of the smartest teachers he decided to become a youtuber that counts how much gold a fictional character or sees if turning young boys into donkeys is worth a profit

  • As someone who has reade over 100 000 pages of Donald duck I can easily say that they mention his fortune hundreds of times and its almost always different. Happy to finally see someone trying to figure out it wealth even thought he owns a bit (lol) more than.

  • I remember one comic where Uncle Scrooge gave Donald a bag of coins that he thought were worthless but Donald found out that the coins were super rare so Donald was getting rich selling the coins to coin shops. So of all the coins in the vault, the rarity of the bottom coins might up his wealth by significant amounts too.

    • So if we estimate the rarest coin aka 20 million dollars per coin and x 33.3 quadrillion we can estimate around probably 6.66e+20 worth of money which idk how much now my brain has melted just thinking and i think i am wronh

    • @Bud Sak 4*

    • @Soypo haha, he's got three channels of insanity, the dude was gone a long time ago, 😵‍💫😵🤯🤪

    • I remember a similar story, but in another comic the bottom coins were littarary worthless, so he intantionaly lett the beagle boys steal them. The comics are not consistant at all.

    • @Grog Grueslayer he means that matpat is gonna lose his sanity for about *trillions* of times

  • Just so y'all know, according to the comics he has another vault, this time full of bills

  • 5:00 Well, I mean, Scrooge might know some “Dimensional Engineering” if that’s David Tennant’s voice I hear 🙂

  • 15:27 Austin’s usual dilemmas has spilled over into MatPat’s side

  • Can we get a revised version of this theory now that the show has had a bunch of episodes put out and therefore has alot of new information

  • Poor poor matpat...and he STILL didn’t get Disney’s love. You still have our love ❤️

  • If only mat new that scrooge had *multiple money bins...*

  • Fun fact : The gold isn't total of his wealth, since he also invest in many mine, oil, building and many more, heck maybe he also mine meteorite and other planet(s)

  • 0:14 the fact that , the potion for his dive is just what i learned a week ago . and also how perfect the dive is

  • Man i can't imagine how much money you got to do this for Disney themselves. I think Oliver's grandchildren just got their college tuition paid in full 🤭

  • This is very impressive, but you’re taking out of factor that the majority of his coins on the bottom were **collector** coins, where in a comic his nephews were digging and found coins worth a lot more than average gold

  • I can tell how mad mat pat was😂😂I've never seen him so mad

  • I think this is the closest MatPat has ever gotten to Austin's style. Lol

  • always had one issue with the whole money bin thing, the money he has in the bin makes no interest as none is invested in anything.

  • Am I the only one who actually likes matpat's cringey jokes and puns?

    • Are you kidding me?! DAD JOKES/PUNS ARE LIFE!!!!!!


    • 🙄🙄 I don't knoooow ok fine I do to HAPPY NOW I ADMITTED IT *sorry *

    • Nope

    • I love all the puns they’re very punny........ok I’ll stop

  • In one of the episodes it shows piles of money being shoved towards rescuing Della, and I came up with the estimate that in those searches he spent around 85 trillion dollars

  • Not a 90s kid, but this series is still my life. Comics, book, tv shows. I miss those times, in fact, i'm re-reading some of the comics, every page gives me nostalgia. Ah, how i miss childhood.

  • Matpat: Calculates amount of money in Scrooge’s vault Disney: what did it cost? Matpat: not much just a few hours of my sleepless life

  • I love how he face plants into the fake money

  • MatPat is the BEST! He does so much research for these videos and puts a lot of time and effort into these videos.

    • He can go insane in the process sooooooo......

    • Well, not always. Don't misunderstand me, I love MatPat. But there are just some of his theories that just don't have enough research to make them believable enough.

    • Yes,and that’s why I love his videos!

    • yeah

  • That whole existential crisis at the end could've been avoided if you'd just used the metric system. It's bad enough that you don't have easy conversion rates, but when the definition of a unit such as mile, pound, ounce, ... can differ depending on which niche we're working in... I mean, what a mess...

  • Okay just confirm that Matt had officially gone insane

  • The fact he has more then 1 method…… this guy is. AMAZING

  • He could have used the metric system for the density of gold 🙃

  • When you realize at his richest Scrooge can buy the the entire world.

    • Imagine if he built a bridge made out of ps5s how long would it be

    • hmm......

    • @CousinFethry interesting

    • @Dipper Pines No

    • @CousinFethry because it’s not surrounded by water. Wouldn’t the water interrupt the signal???????

  • Yet again you do realize he goes around finding magic and stuff

  • He needs his own Disney show

  • Seems that lots of people who were rich later in life started out with jobs such as shoe shiners. Jobs that were meticulous and required time was probably the best teachers for it. Patience is a virtue and a tool few can wield. Everything requires some amount of time and it's easy to forget that in a culture of Veruca Salt's. "I want it now, don't care how, I want it now!"

  • In the beginning I was thinking that luigi HAD to be richer, because he has $500,000,000 worth of gold, but than I finished the video.

  • I cant believe how much work he puts into these,my head hurts from just watching all those numbers!

    • FrickHeck96 Christian server The value of gold always changes so that's not much of a factor. You can use the data he provided with the current pricing of gold.

    • It helps if you're sucking up to someone. being Disney.

    • random person yea

    • random person so how much money does ha have?

    • random person my hurts more lol since school

  • he literally already had them in real terms when the accountant said it, those are real numbers MatPat

  • But matpat, sempai, how reliable is your final answer when it’s come from a quote? Wouldn’t there be more quotes from the series commenting on the fortune?

  • "Leaving him penniless" But, he's still got about $2.03 there.

  • I nominate Matpat for the "Greatist Theorist on ILaward" Acadamy Award. Like to sign the petittion.

  • Litteraly everyone after hearing how much work matpat put into this: "You can rest now"