Film Theory: Spiderman's Big REVEAL! The X Men Are Coming! (Spider-Man No Way Home)

פורסם בתאריך 4 דצמ 2021
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Theorists, we know that Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to be WILD! What you may not know is that Shang-Chi may have ALREADY told us what's going to happen in the end. That's right, we are predicting the FUTURE of the MCU and how Shang-Chi and Doctor Strange are at the heart of it all. Get ready to crack open the multiverse, Theorists, there is no going back from here!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Bob Chipman and Tom Robinson
Editors: Forrest Lee, Daniel Zemke, Ryan Foley • KingCorphish, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • I want a theory that calculates how often MatPat’s theories are accurate

    • @NinjaNed I fifth this notion

    • Wouldn't be a theory, it's simply a fact that needs to be figured out. Just count how many times he's been right, versus how many theories he's made.

    • Sometimes I skip his videos just because how accurate they are to experience the movies first hand.

    • .1% maybe. Lol i love how he continues to do crazy theories even if they are way off

    • Yeeessss!

  • I love how Spider-Man had absolutely nothing to do with this theory

    • I know its weird so ye I am watching after no way home to see how accurate he was and got clickbaited lol

    • Clickbait 😔

    • Give me rent.

  • "Why do people always lock things behind doors instead of walls?" Actually, I read a book that had an answer to this. I don't know if it applies in this situation, since they're two COMPLETELY different universes, but since they're both magical doors trapping giant magical creatures in a different dimension, I would assume it's close enough. I don't remember it very well, but the basic idea was that "when sealing something with magic, there _has_ to be a way to undo it. If there isn't, the magic starts to unravel itself, weakening until it no longer works properly. If there's a way to undo it, no matter how difficult, the magic stays functional for an almost infinite amount of time." Plus, it's just common sense. If there's a door, then people will focus on trying to get through that door, and won't realise that they could just destroy it much easier. Another reason could possibly be that they needed a way to get the thing in there. If they conjured a wall in front of it, or built a wall, it might take a lot longer than simply closing a door. Yes I know that was a joke, I laughed at it and realised it was a joke immediately. I just find this subject fascinating, and I'll take any excuse to dig through a book.

    • I may be a bit late to the party but normally you just build a indestructible home first and you trap in side because you have no over choice at least that's my explanation.

    • Its not even a door tho its a fucking wall

    • I feel like the magic was being sustained on an ongoing basis by the good dragon so deterioration wasn't a concern.

    • The book might be the Fablehaven series, one of the main characters asked why the giant demon prison had a way of releasing the demons inside and another character said something like what you put in your comment

  • A theory that calculates how often matpat theories are correct, the accuracy over the lifetime of his channels and it needs to be hosted by Austin. THE SCIENCE 🔬

  • wow, matpat, you really impressed me with that theory. it's just so amazing how you and the theory team can come up with this stuff! :)

  • "Doctor Strange, huh that guy keeps showing up in weird places these days, doesn't he?" I never knew being omnipresent was one of his powers

    • @kayla brooks His cape doesn’t give him his magic??? It just makes him fly…

    • S T O P F O L L O W I N G M E

    • Just like you lol.

    • **Except at the end of WandaVision. 😂

    • @RadStaz Probably cheaper to use Wong's actor rather than Strange's all under the guise that Wong is officially Sorcerer Supreme.

  • They already teased Galactus in one of the 'What if' episodes. When the Watcher is being slammed through dimensions by Ultimatron, you can see a glimpse of him taking a bite of the planet they're on.

    • @Nick vd Adel its ultron.

    • @Nick vd Adel is Ultron That fight it is made to be a reference to Galactus but if you see well it is Ultron

    • @Sub Zero no, you can clearly see the silhoutte of Galactus' headpiece.

    • No that was Ultron

  • That was the theory that we all deserved! Great job my friend

    • Hallo checkmark man

    • Yes

  • This is probably one of the best theories I’ve heard on this channel! We have already seen how they have used animation to tie into the live action MCU, with the what if series. I kind of hope that this theory pans out

  • Xu Wenwu didn’t activate the beacon on the 10 rings because he “wasn’t worthy” and that’s why he also never unlocked their full potential. That’s why Shang Chi was able to use them so easily and so strong from the beginning.

  • Matpat's marvel theories are always correct... thirty percent of the time.

    • 50

    • Spoilers all hope is not lost for the X-Men theory because Peter's MCU continuity has BASICALLY been reverted to comic book accurate. Many other canon characters from the comics could begin to appear in MCU properties soon after, such as the X-Men.

    • But if it is 13% it is not always. Always would be 100%.

    • @Lewis Baldwin Same

    • That's why it's just a theory...... A FILM THEORY!

  • Watching this after No Way Home. Oh MatPat, you fool.

    • Nothing has been disproven yet

  • I haven't seen anyone reference this as important to the future of the MCU, or at least a nod to what's to come. But I think there were no mistakes when Marvel chose which characters Fortnite could use in their marvel crossover. The final season battle was against Galactus after-all.

    • you're very late to the video

  • *MatPat:* WHY NOT MAKE WALLS? Walls aren't meant to be opened! *Movie logic:* No, silly they're meant to be broken! The result would've been the same either way.

  • Congratulations!!🎉 You have made it to the 10% of theories were you are completely wrong

  • _They’ve done studies, you know. Sixty percent of the time, Matpat’s theories are right every time!_

    • Anchorman

    • @Mob Boss Bob Ross just report as spam and move on

    • @J ateabug "even that one?" - Elon Musk

    • Right? Or are they?... **Matpat proceeds to give conclusion and final theory**

    • ah, sixteen percent

  • MatPat: "So you see how all of these things are pointing towards the Dweller in Darkness and the X-Men? You see where I'm going with this? That's right, GALACTUS!" I love your leaps in logic man! xD

  • I want to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Prof X come through the multiverse in order for the filmmakers to introduce their characters and then their replacements

  • I just hope phase 4 has the silver surfer because that would actually blow my mind to see him in his fully reflective glory

  • 9:44 my mind was blown. This makes perfect sense. And then Galactus is born

  • The most impressive part about this movie is that they taught those Dragons to act. I mean if those Dragons could act, imagine what someone like I could do

    • @svedenska Is that not a line from Shang-Chi?

    • It’s a joke from Shang chi 🙃

    • @Xavier Whitcraft its dose to its probably one of my favorite back stories in the mcu

    • @Quiet Kid but it works for Trevor

    • Planet of the dragons was a good movie

  • I felt like the Dragons fit perfectly with the Eastern philosophy and history of the film.

  • Quick Theory: Thanos secretly knew about the Celestial Seed as you've mentioned and destroyed populations to prevent it. Galactus however devours the entire planet, not because of the normal reasons given, but that Celestial Seeds are the only source of sustenance for him.

  • But MatPat, here’s the wrinkle in this theory. The Dweller-In-Darkness is locked in another universe, where Ta Lo is located.

  • I like this theory I extremely like the idea of galactus returning because in fantastic 4 rise of the silver surfer they don't show his face they only show the portal he's coming through but if they brung him back for no way home I'd at least expect them to show his face if not his full body and since they are bringing multiverses together galactus has to be in one of those!

  • 13:40 my guess as far as why they noticed Shang-Chi's use and not WenWu's might be due to the power level usage. Wenwu's power usage of the rings was probably at a basic or average level of magic usage that might not get all that much notice with all the regular magic that gets used on Earth. You'd have to be REALLY looking for that unique magic signature and scrolling through subsections of magic to notice and find it. But Shang-Chi in that movie probably pushed the power intensity when he fought The Dweller in Darkness, that surpassed the base-line magic levels Khamar Taj would notice. And that got Wong to look into the specifics of what was going on and to seek out Shang-Chi himself.

  • A theory that calculates how often matpat theories are correct, the accuracy over the lifetime of his channels and it needs to be hosted by Austin. THE SCIENCE

  • He was so good at using the rings despite it being his first time using them because his mom taught him the moments when he was a boy. That's also why the rings are a different color when he uses them.

  • 8:20 "Not sure how to end a series? Just end the universe! No more characters means no more stories to tell" Matpat- 2022

  • I just want Deadpool to randomly walk by the scaffolding fight scene and nonchalantly say “Not my cat, not my fight” and he just continues to walk past the huge fight, ignoring it completely. Lol

    • @darknessblade That would be awesome!

    • Fans would love it, critics would hate it. I’ve always wanted Deadpools reveal in the MCU to be absolutely breaking of the flow or rhythm of whatever movie he gets revealed in.

    • I would use Deadpool the same way that Stanley, in the same way that he use to appear in the MCU.

    • Nah

    • Deadpool in spiderman, Deadpool: OOH you look fine in latex, but im missing a bit of yellow. Peter: uses the Nanotech to turn his suit yellow. Deadpool: well almost the correct shade of yellow, but where are your claws Peter: just going with the flow making claws on his hand. Deadpool, suddenly falling into a DR strange portal Peter: who was that guy DR strange: Some nutjob in latex. Peter: wait who where we talking about. the other spiderman appear Deadpool breaking the 4th wall. Sorry guys that is all you get for me in the marvel universe, Curse that darn mouse for not bringing me in sooner.

  • Mat always gives us crazy theories that sound plausible. Watch next we know he's gonna be theorizing about Knull

  • I hope they bring xmen in asap. Xmen have arguably the most important characters in the entire marvel universe. Every mcu storyline that has been released so far should have had major xmen involvement. Let's hope they bring it together soon and let's pray they don't completely drop the ball....again......

  • MatPat I just love your humor and work. With the utmost respect…walls don’t keep entities in, not if ya have some chalk. (Please see Beetlejuice) Stay amazing!!!

  • Having the Fantastic Four start their journey in the MCU by defeating one of their greatest foes would be a bad idea, though. Like having the Justice League fight an invasion from Apokolips in their first movie.

  • Yeah actually, why ‘do’ people lock overpowered evil entities behind areas that you would otherwise expect to have access at some point? Doors, caves, or whatever else

    • The plot demands it and also when overpowered entities come into play, usually someone shows up to destroy it/protect people from it unless said hero was already there. If it cant be killed it has to be imprisoned and they all have some sort of weakness

    • All magic needs balance. If you just create a spell or seal without an exit strategy, then that leaves room for those trying to break it to create one. However, if you balance the chaos of the spell with an exit strategy, it may seem like a disadvantage, but YOU having knowledge of that strategy gives you power to control the access. Notes from a lifetime ago :P.

    • The 'simple' explanation is that magic usually has a connection to symbols. And whilst walls are better for keeping something on the other side, they also tend to be all-or-nothing. And once they fail, they're going to always be weaker after the repair unless you rebuild the entire thing. Meanwhile a door? First of all, easier to get the target to the other side as you just close it once they've gone through. Second, if they break out, all you need to do is rebuild the lock and put the door back on it's hinges. Much faster, cheaper and just as strong as before, if not stronger in places. There's also the fact that you will probably get more feedback on what the entity is doing to try and break through the door/seal, thus allowing you to take precautions to ensure it doesn't fail. There's also that whole 'by adding in pre-existing weakpoints, you know what's going to get targeted first' factor.

    • Most of the time the trapped entities are located in isolated villages so the people living there don't expect anyone to come and open it.

    • @OrioC That could be it.

  • Can't wait for the X-Men to be introduced into the MCU

  • Blowing my mind here! (found my way over to this thanks to MovieBob.) My one question with this theory is this: why does Galactus need to be summoned by the 10 rings? He finds new planets to feed on thanks to his heralds, doesn't he? Why would ANYONE summon Galactus?

  • I'm surprised matpst didn't suggest that maybe the dragon thing wasn't the dweller in darkness but a representation or minion of his. Like matpat points out the dweller is more of an octopus. Maybe he sent the dragon to clear the way because for all his power he's not built for combat, he sends a big dragon-thing to clear the path for him.

  • The intro slaps every time. Thanks Team filmtheory for making it so good

  • A door is how you efficiently get out after putting the monster on the other side. You should absolutely build a wall on the outside of the door, but it would take to long to build the wall while there is an open space for it to escape through

    • i mean its technically a wall since it didn't open wenwu had to punch it multiple times and the dweller burst out of it

    • @Skawattle mate, he's responding to a part of the video that said "don't build a door, build a wall." I think it's much more likely I'm right than him not knowing you can close a door. You can imply things without saying them.

    • @SaltedLightly nope sorry definitely no mention about ONLY building a wall just a mention of open space after absolutely building a wall on the other side of the door... I understand that if you add more words to that like you have can can definitely create two scenarios out of it

    • @Skawattle no mate, you need to read more books. He said "you should build a wall outside the door, but if we decided not to build a door and only do a wall, it would escape while we were trying to hole it up." Two different scenarios. Cmon man you're better than this

    • @SaltedLightly i did read the whole comment and they mentioned there would be an open space i assume the door so all they need to do us close it then wall it up

  • Great theory good point but one thing always bugs me about the theories matpat always connects certain characters to the point of the video which makes sense but with marvel the whole point of the comics is that they are interconnected always and villains can always be shared look at the eternals movies if you try you can also connect them to the xmen through their ties with the high evolutionary which is an xmen villain and also has clashed with galactus what I’m trying to say is although this makes sense the same can be said with any movie that comes out if you look for the connections hard enough great video tho

  • Was it just me or did you forget what the video was about because he kept switching to x-men, Spider-Man, erternals, the comics, and Shang-chi?

    • It's just you

  • I remember going to one of Stan Lee's last con talk, and he did a Q&A. But, before he came out, his assistant talked a bit before and actually revealed to the audience that Marvel had acquired the rights to the X-Men, this was before Endgame came out.

  • I have always hated how neglected the xmen have been in the MCU so I'd be ecstatic for then coming out of the box in the attic for some greatness.

  • I'm surprised that the possibility that the "Dweller in Darkness" we saw in Shang-chi was not actually the "Dweller in Darkness" wasn't brought up. I mean, it's totally possible that the big dragon thing was just a general, a "mid-level boss", as it were. It just seemed weird that before the door opened, it acted as a skillful manipulator, but as soon as the seal broke it was just "Rawr big monster"...

    • That is consistent with marvel/Disney's MO. Introducing a big bad and then leaving it to simmer off screen while subtly implying that it might be dead or just another power below an even bigger threat.

    • @The Baneful Spectre The village is at the portal to earth. If the dweller decides hes cool not destroying our reality, there's really nothing to be gained by forcing a confrontation. Nothing wrong with that.

    • @seel fire "Greetings, I'm the Dweller in Darkness, pleased to meet you all. If you would be so kind as to let me past, I would not be forced to steal all your souls. By the way, did you all realize that I could have literally flown in any other direction than this town? Not installing a giant net or barrier around the door was a very poor decision..."

    • to be honest, once the door was open, asking very nicely woulnt have gotten it anything right in front of that village :/

  • 2:57 To be fair, I don't think you could open the door in Ta Lou without having super strength or the ten rings, it doesn't really have a knob you could use.

  • Dweller in darkness can totally still be alive . Thats the whole point of sealing something, its probably immortal , especially mutli-reality destroying entities , at best he is leveled down .

  • I like how MatPat mentions Galactus as a potential big threat in the future for the MCU, but never mentions the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game where that's literally part of the original plot.

  • It's amazing the fact that the people working on the X men just decided to end the universe as an end to the series, it's better than the usual 'we save the day, the end' thing.

  • The part where Matpat said that the Dweller of Darkness probably talked to Wanda as her kids freaking BLEW MY MIND!!! I feel like that could 100% have happened

    • Mephisto is behind there!!!

    • Woooooooooowwwwww

    • i don’t think they’d connect the two characters like that. she definitely heard her kids, but probably from another universe

    • @endoverlord423 it’s a post credit scene in WandaVision

    • what trailer is that in? i want to watch it but i can't find it

  • The dweller in darkness was a figurative villain from what his mother said about mastering the darkness and light in his heart. Also for him being scared of conflict. Etc.

  • Well I heard the fantastic 4 movie is being set in the 60's and they're heavily related to Mutants (being mutants themselves I believe.) So who knows! Maybe we'll see some kind of set of X-Men movies back in the Cold War Vietnam Era? Sounds badass to me, and reminiscent of the live action with Hugh.

  • This theory is incredibly messy. And doesn't really have much to do with Spider-man. Why would Galactus need to call out to Wanda? Can we really say the Dweller in Darkness is truly dead? Might have been the tentacle-dragon thing was just one of it's avatars. Also, how does the destruction of the 97 universe relate to the FoX-men universe?

  • I’ve honestly had this same thought for past couple weeks, like why was this the only part of the X-Men they chose to do unless they were doing this theory!

  • This was a great theory, I agree with it, but it really didn't have much to do with Spider-Man or No Way Home. It was much more focused on Shiang-Chi.

    • Because there's more to the MCU than Whiney man

    • True, probably because of click bait. NWH is coming out this month though so maybe he's hoping something will happen in it to help tie into the theory?

    • @Abidul Muhaimin Rahbar Well yeah, but then why's No Way Home the main portion of the title other than clickbait?

    • I think he was telling about future of mcu, not just about the spiderman movie. Like in after credit scenes, they can reveal about xmen or venom, and these villains from other universes

  • I mean we already have Magneto’s children in the MCU like you said. I just need another Hugh Jackman movie

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting for them to show up. My favorite team.

  • Maybe it's a beacon calling out to Galactus because it is Celestial technology and Galactus' purpose is to keep the Celestial population at Galactus would have been drawn to the rings anyway, but now with Eternals, well... the rings are no longer relevant in drawing him out.

  • There’s definitely supposed pre vis leaks of prof x fighting wanda/ The Scarlet Witch and whatnot but I don’t think X-men 97 connects to Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness, if anything “what if” and the older Xmen movies will but it’s still a really fun theory!

  • This is a real stretch. I think they just made the Dweller in Darkness a generic monster because they had no plans to use him as anything more. They actually use it the same way in the Guardians of the Galaxy game.

    • In the gotg game, that’s fin fang foom not the dweller in darkness

    • Maybe. But the fact that it travels between universes destroying them is kinda sus.

    • Plus the question still remains where are the X men in present day MUC? Sure X men 97 might have given rise to Galan, Galactus and present day MUC and Galactus might be the upcoming big baddie but where does X men fit now?

    • @starry eyes A stretch? Are you kidding? The stuff about X-men ‘97 sounds so legit. I’ll be surprised if none of it whatsoever is true.

    • @RobbyB3ll4s Though, it being a sequel would actually fit better with the theory on how it will be ending like it did in the comics.

  • As awesome as that sounds I really doubt that’s going to be what happens but let’s hope because that would be really super cool

  • Honestly I’m thinking when doctor strange says “there coming through and I can’t stop them” I think it’s the X-men 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 2:49 Mave it a door because they build it then have to get the dweller in darkness inside and close the door to seal it. Other wise you have to put it in than build the wall.

  • Just a reminder that in the story where the planets produce superpowered entities as "antibodies" to protect the celestial eggs in their cores, Galactus consumes these planets not just because he's hungry but as a counterbalance to the propagation of the celestials and their potential "overpopulation".

  • *Spiderman in a nutshell: Every day we stray away further from home.*

    • @Just A Sad Cat With Internet Access the two comments above mine

    • Next movie is Spiderman:Homeless

    • All the while fighting villains that we're supposed to sympathize with even though they ruined their own lives but blamed Tony Stark anyway

    • @Just A Sad Cat With Internet Access where do I find “I Will Defeat Justin Y.”

    • Spiderman: my wife took my home

  • The tentacles were also in what if episode 9. Dr. Strange absorbed some of the tentacles in episode four and then used them against Ultron prime.

  • Watching The Eternals, at the end **(Spoiler Alert)** when Tiamat was coming out of the planet. The only thought I had was how screwed the planet would be. Ocean displacement. Land Masses moved. And also the Earth's core changing in consistency. Really want a Theory on the repercussions and changes to the world with Tiamat Emerging and then becoming a solid object.

  • I mostly agree, but I think the big bads for phases 4-6 are , in order, Kang, Dark Avengers, Galactus.

  • I think all three films are equally unique and amazing Xmen 97 is being made by marvel studios so that makes it canon idk to what extent whether it’s retconned into the main continuity or it’s multiverse

  • Matpats strat for the perfect theory for how they bring over the FOX characters is to just do like, 50 theories about it and one will end up being right

    • Isn't that how any theorist "career" works?

    • That's largely been his strat for Fnaf, too...and Bendy...and...well, everything...

    • I thought I'd get some witty replies but all I'm greeted with are bots.

  • The mystics and sorcerer supreme were tasked with protecting reality from magical threats, and the rings from Shang-Chi weren't magical. Therefore they didn't care about them.

  • Seeing Logan return'll bring back my hopes for the MCU. Recently its turned a bit... Political. If ya know what i mean. And seeing the main two heroes i grew up with, Cap and Tony, Perish in the last final battle, if we get a Good wolverine then he could probably take their places, as long as they dont... yknow... Logan him again. Shang Chi and Wolverine sound like a good line up for me so far. Just hope that they dont side line them.

  • Is no one going to talk about how accurate this theory is now with the reveal of Prof. X in Multiverse of Madness??

  • Awesome job on this one. Hopefully this is the future

  • If we're going all in on the multiverse shenanigans, I just want Hugh Jackman as Old Man Logan, I know the Movie "Logan" was his farewell to the character of Wolverine, but man, he's just THE perfect casting.

  • i mean, the fact that Dr strange came to scarlet and him fighting the dweller of darkness might seem like it's gonna happen

  • Nah, I think they're just setting up Chthon. That guy fits more as a successor to the Dweller In Darkness, and he has huge ties to Scarlet Witch.

  • I don't think we see Galactus until the Fantastic Four are introduced. Then we will have to wait years for a team up then Galactus makes his way

  • Since Matpat says X men is coming i can safety assume X Men wont be appearing in No Way Home

    • Same

    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 AISHITE.TOKYO/shizumi 💜 PRIVATE S*X #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾

    • Look to be fair he did predict Shang Chi

    • Because they're already home

  • 2:50 I mean, if you build a cage with no doors... how do you get the prisoner into the cage? The only way to get what/who you're trying to lock up into a cage with no doors is by building the cage around the intended prisoner... and it'd be kinda hard to get them to stay in one place long enough to do that