Film Theory: Squid Game, Is 001 the FATHER of 456? (오징어 게임)

פורסם בתאריך 18 דצמ 2021
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Since we know that Squid Game season 2 is coming at some point, I figured it was time to cover THAT theory. The "are Gi-Hun and Il-nam related" theory. It's been circulating for a little while and I felt like I needed to test the validity for myself and see if this could be the BIG TWIST of season 2. Theorists, get your game face on as we dive back into Squid Game!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, Daniel Zemke, Ryan Foley • KingCorphish, and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • You know it's going to get really trippy when MatPat decides to "overanalyze the overanalysis".

    • yea about right not a trippy bot more like well trippy x3

    • Yes

    • I concur

    • His mind and body have separated at least 5 times per video Tool reference right there

    • It's an infinite loop

  • As many others have said before, I also think that Oh Il-Nam and Seong Gi-Hun are related, not as father and son, but as uncle and nephew. In Korean culture, when you marry, it is not common for the wife to take the husband's last name. But the child/children do take the father's last name. Although Gi-Hun's mom's last name is Oh, like Oh Il-Nam's, Gi-Hun's last name is Seong, indicating that his father's last name is also Seong.

  • The fact that Oh Il-Nam and Oh Mal-Soon share the same surname is actually the evidence that he is not the father of Gi-Hun. Because till March 2005 there was the Article 809 of the Korean Civil Code, which prohibited the marriage between individuals with the same surname. The surname is a sing that they are from the same clan and therefore would be "related", that was the belief for a long time.

    • @MmintMmochi oh okay thank you

    • @Todoroki true and not true. Society grew out of this custom, but back then yes it would be illegal. On top of that, one's last name could sound the same but have a different meaning. It would be written different between in chinese character, hence they actually do not share the same last name

    • @KL their marriage is past 2005 which is why it's okay. It is an older custom society grew out of with the population growing.

    • So people with Kim surnames cant marry?

    • I think there is an addition that they have to also be from the same paternal line and same ancestor area. Theres an insane amount of Kims, Lees and Parks in Korea and they are definitely not all related, over 10 000 000 people with the surname Kim. However the rule with same last name+paternal line+ancestry geo location was a lot stricter than most western societies where religion kinda thought it was ok as long as it was 3-5 generations apart. I might be wrong but from what I understand this stems from the fact that before when most people didnt have surnames, only the important families/clans, the rest of the people were mostly sorted by where they were from. So when they decided to sort things out and everyone was picking their surname a lot of people just picked the surnames of existing important families, ending up with huge amount of people having the same surnames.

  • Maybe Gi- hun is his nephew? Even though the Oh surname is incredibly common, Gi-hun's mother and Il-nam might be siblings.

    • no

  • I think that the show was mainly implying how similar their lives could’ve been or were because of how easily one can go the wrong way. Showing how the big bad wasn’t some pure evil and that he is and was human in every meaning of the word and the hero and villain aren’t so different.

  • "When a theory is not yet proven wrong, it is not overanalyzed enough." -Mat Pat, The Art of Theory

    • -All theories are inconclusive until proven otherwise-

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    • @LilianQian all theories are proven otherwise until wrong

    • I think Sae-byeok’s actor debunked the theory, but she doesn’t agree with all theories so idk

    • @LilianQian Schrodinger's game theory.

  • I love how Matpat actually goes back on this theory. A lot of the time theories like these can sound really convincing but he actually shows that you have to look out not to get tunnelvisioned and actually look at the counter evidence.

  • Personally before ever hearing any theories on this, I thought 001 was 456’s grandfather. Most likely his father’s father. 456’s father isn’t around, maybe he’s dead, and 001 didn’t have anyone else to pass on the legacy and money to, so he took a gamble on his grandson to come out victorious. Another reason he would call him to his deathbed at the end, he wanted family there, and 456 is his only living family. 456 may never have met his paternal grandfather, thus he wouldn’t recognize him, but maybe 001 had kept tabs on his grandson from afar. The little similarities that seemed to link them but aren’t strong enough to make them father and son, could however link them through the missing father.

    • @Cap'n Cake Well Gi-hun was born in 1974 and Il-nam looks 60-70 so probably not the grandfather

    • Il-nam is old, but I don’t think he’s that old. If he is his father, he probably just wasn’t present in his life, so Gi-hun didn’t recognize him. There’s also the fact that Koreans get their surname from their father, so unless they gave Gi-hun a fake surname, his father and grandfather have the surname Seong.

  • very well animated and edited! I like the style that this episode presents.

  • I really appreciate that MatPat takes the time to analyze both sides of an argument, point out the good and bad on both. Really makes me respect his research and conclusions a lot more. Keep up the awesome work!

  • I honestly prefer the interpretation that Il-nam is simply reminded of his son by Gi-hun, which is probably why he took a liking to Gi-hun

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    • @F Just kinda

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  • I definitely think we're just looking at a classic Alpha and Omega scenario where Il-Nam started the treacherous cycle and Gi Hyun will be the one to end it

  • I love cool theories like this, they're so fun, even if the lore and evidence disproves it.

  • Man after an endless list of theories that have gone under the fire.. It's just gotta nice to be able to flip the script and absolutely debunk someone else's theory for once.

  • i'm pretty sure when Gi-Hun said his birthday in the end he lied so he could go back without them knowing it was him and than he could gain more information to try and end the games

  • The problem with comparing characters on a live-action show for genetic traits is that the actors are unrelated. No director is going to pick an actor based on whether or not he has a widows peak or attached earlobes.

    • yea actually... they would.... it's called casting

    • because its thereasons they chose those two actors, they looked like they had some relation, making it apart of the easter egg of the show

    • @Metatron yeah I was thinking that like…they might? There’s no reason why, when casting characters intended to be family, genetically inherited traits would be considered as part of the many things taken into account. I’ve no idea whether this was actually intended, but the idea that casting would never consider genetic traits is a pretty stupid argument…genetics aren’t that difficult to understand.

    • Another issue is that the characters translate differently due to producers and studio companies having their own vision that may differ from the original script.

    • It's lore. He is basing it off of the show. Not real life.

  • When you compared the names I had the thought that if one is called First boy and the other is last girl, what if they were siblings. Il-nam could be his uncle, which would account for the genetic similarities, but also the fact the He doesn't remember him as his father.

  • He's not just self proclaimed, he is an amazing theorist

    • No longer a self proclaimed amazing theorist now a publicly declared amazing theorist

  • I watched Squid Game and I thought this exact thing, so it's good that you have a film theory on this.

  • i remember my mum once telling me that i probably got my anxiety from her which i had never known could happen. did some research and yeah, anxiety can be genetic. probably explains why me, mum mum and my sister share similar levels of anxiety (also me and my sister have both been diagnosed with the same anxiety disorder). so i don't doubt that whole divorce can be genetic study lmao

  • MatPat is the type of guy to say "Is anyone gonna make a theory of that?" And not wait for an answer.

    • mmmmmmm i love referneces.... ❤️

    • i needed this in my life


    • @hyuklove saranghae why did I read that as "tom Holland"??? I'm to tried for this-

    • Hello fellow Tom Simons viewer

  • I mean the name thing, doesn't her being the last daughter imply they are related as siblings as opposed to married?

  • The emotion thing is actually pretty strong in my fathers side do the family they’re all always angry and after a while I got control over it :)

  • It's always one, minor detail that tears apart your counter-theories. They mention that his mom likes using the lunar calendar, which changes. I don't know how to research that, but it HAS to be the key to the two different birthdates. And, 001 is unreliable with anything he says during the marble game, because we don't know for 100% sure he had no dementia. He reveals he knew 456 was cheating in the marbles game, but we don't know for sure he was faking the whole time. This would also explain why he couldnt remember the birthdate, not just dementia in general, but if he remembers only a specific day, and maybe the lunar numbers could be as much a week in difference. 001 may not have been present at his sons birth, adding symmetry to 456 not being present with his daughters birth, along with symmetry of forgetting to get a gift. I will admit there's back and forth on events being real or fake, like the theory that 001 didn't wet himself because there's an empty water bottle next to him on the bed, however that was likely the same water bottle used to cool his fever, which I have no idea how you fake a fever at his age. I feel 001 would NOT have sought out 456 at the convenience store and told him he lives nearby if he didn't wish to see him at least once more before they get the offer to return to the game, because he's his father.

  • I liked the presenting of the theory and then calling out errors, I'd love that to be common place even with original theories

  • Here's a thought, Il-nam targeted someone who had a similar experience, literally somebody who lived near by, somebody who was worthy of the game, someone to manipulate and test, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style

    • @Trauma He let him win (i.e., live) in the game of marbles by pretending to suddenly be senile

    • @Trauma randomness can be rigged

    • Except there was Il Nam had like no chance to control his survival

    • @fallen_star_2319 I was thinking something similar, like il-nam being vague enough about his past to form a connection with a player he happens to end up with.

  • Hey mat, I was really suspected of this in the movie for some reasons that you didn't mention but the fact that IL nam, took 456 to an specific house and told him about his life and 456 didn't get any of those as clue of him being his father, I totally convinced this Is not true

  • I really haven’t wanted this yet but I feel he’s going to debunk this theory based on the episode length

  • I mean, I've considered this theory while watching the show too, so I'm glad I wasn't the only person who noticed the similarities between them, but come on 😂it shouldn't be a shocker that 2 Korean men have similarly dark hair and eyes. Everybody in the show has dark hair and dark eyes. The context and story clues should be more than enough evidence, I don't think we really need to compare physical similarities.

  • I made this connection on first watch! I'm so glad I wasn't the only crazy one lol I loved the craziness of it all.

  • It would make alot more sense if Il-nam is Gi-hun's uncle instead of father. The Oh surname would match up with Gi-hun's mother and the similar housing districts would make more sense, due to them likely living near each other with the shared alleyway, but not in the same house.

    • Agreed!

    • That’s what i was thinking about

    • @Hyun Jun Hong Watch the video at 10 minutes. We know. Same goes for other East Asian cultures since it's all sinosphere.

    • This is what I was thinking. That could actually work.

    • Your theory could be it.

  • It’s probably more likely that rather than being his father he was friends with his father and then went to the game or he became friends with his father in the very first game when the two people had to duke it out. I think no matter what though gi-hun’s father definitely took part in the games and died which is why there’s no evidence of him in the first season. either way I do believe there is some type of connection between player 001 and gi-hun’s father I don’t think without a doubt there isn’t there just has to be some type of connection they had to have known each other or participated in the game together

  • I have to disagree, all thought memories do form at an early age, Trauma has an effect on memory, either blocking it out, or changing it slightly based on a child's imagination.

  • 14:07 is the best matpat animation you’ve made

  • 4:33 "This is where I raised my son" but 456 daddy wasn't around to raise him

  • As a South Korean, you had me in the first half - had me skeptical skipping over so much of the cultural context only to find the second half of your analysis dedicated to addressing those exact aspects. Well played sir!

    • @Yui yup exactly, thanks for clarifying!

    • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 Aishite.Tokyo/shizumi?ヘアvy-背x💜 💜>>>>>Pリヴァて S*X

    • Was thinking the same thing. He started talking about genetics and I was like, hmm, 2 asian men share physical characteristics? what are the odds.

    • @Camilla Hearsch ummm... they're referring to matpat skipping over cultural content at the start before going over it in the second half. They are not saying that they were skipping over it. you misunderstood.

  • You know Matt got a little hurt when the news choose to take a theory from a minute tiktok video over a theorist who literally dedicates days and weeks on making theories😂

  • I can't wait for Season Two. I'm gonna get right on working on my Time Machine...🙄

  • 8:00 I wanted to just say that genetics don't make up as huge of a factor in handedness as you might think. It does play a small factor, but a majority of it is through learning.

  • The death Vader moment was when they revealed that the front man is the detective’s brother

  • I can't figure out what is more disturbing. A father and son both playing in a death-game, or that Matt is watching Squid Game in dubbed english

    • It was actually pretty good

    • @Quinzou29 F lmao your attitude matches everyone's idea of dub watchers

    • literallyyyy but I get it, It makes it easier to follow for us, and if the translation is off, he mentions the actual translation when applicable

    • What’s wrong with watching it in English?

    • @Quinzou29 F English dub sucked and this is coming from someone who watches dubs exclusively

  • Hey Matt! I'm not sure if you take requests to do videos on but I'm wondering if you could do a theory about Arcane. I'm sure you would enjoy the show and I know the fans of the show would also enjoy having more content to watch considering we have to wait another year for the next season. This is just a recommendation though!

  • 4:14 That's how the town(especially Seoul) in Korea looked in general at that time. So I thought they were recalling the 1980s in Korea. That's also consistent with the typical old korean drama set.

  • I still wonder why Il-nam went out of his way to talk to Gi-hun near his home after the first game. I dont think there would be much of a reason to do so after just the first one.

  • Il-Nam could still be Gi-on's uncle and that would line up with your points, or be a stronger theory.

  • honestly a show i would love to see Mat cover is Alice in Borderland it’s a Japanese show on Netflix but it would be cool to hear his theory’s on it, it’s a similar show like Squid Game where it’s all a big game but with cards and it’s so well done it’s probably my favorite show at the moment

    • In my opinion, Alice in Borderland was a thousand times better than squid game but didn’t even get a fraction of the attention

    • Facts

    • I watched it last year and I hope season 2 comes out soon

    • Honestly i love alice in borderland more than squid game because the games are wayyy better

    • Just read the manga, it covers all theory

  • As usual, ruining my childhood in the best way possible. Good job, MatPat

  • I thought of this when I first watched the series but I only used the evidence from the marble game and threw away the idea once I saw the ending.

  • I've been saying they are father and son. They put so much emphasis in the first episode that his father wasn't around.

  • i thought they were related because of the marble scene, when he was saying “this place looks familiar” and the main character could relate.

  • It’s kinda odd to talk about genetics in a show when both characters are actors and not related in real life, I don’t think they would cast on details down to the earlobe

    • @Shinu Yashami nah there’s something else going on, i don’t think the birthday was actually wrong, that’s way too blatant of a mistake to make as well

    • i thought the same thing! this isn't a disney theory, actors aren't hand-drawn with that level of attention to detail... just ridiculous and totally unrelated

    • yea i thought it was a little weird to compare looks like that

    • that’s what i was thinking

    • This, but also the fact they got the Main Character's birthday wrong? Yeah that's a level of detail they Absolutely didn't have. If anything now I believe the twist More likely to happen, but just being poorly planned by the people who made it.

  • I think it’s more that these Easter eggs and connections relate to a father and son like connection, not a literal father and son link , so that the twist that 001 is behind it all hits more , 001 is like the father that 456 does not have , and 456 is like the son 001 once had

  • After hearing the first part of the genetics of this episode, I've realized that I also must be 001's son

  • You can’t compare ‘genetics’ of actors playing fictional characters in a tv show to try and work out if they’re related in a tv show 😅

  • The neighborhoods used in the game were extremely common in Korea up until the early 90s, where they started to be replaced by high rise apartments. In 30 years it will be very common for Koreans to have grown up in nearly identical apartments.

  • His theorys are crazy sometimes but this is a whole another level

    • ...but this isn't his usual theory video. He's actually analyzing/debunking a fan theory of the show.

    • Not all of his theory sounds crazy

    • @Don't Read Profile Photo I don't like the self promotion but I'm glad that you said L

    • I love when people get caught copying comments and they think their slick

  • This is something I thought while watching the show. To find out that it's not common was shocking

  • Thank you for enlightening me that my future marriage is DOOMED! Just kidding by the way, keep it up. Love you and your stuff!

  • Thinking about it further what matpat said about Oh Il nam's first name "O" would point more to Oh Sangwoo being his son. Since he already said that in korea the first name would be passed down to the child

  • Oh Il-Nam is definitely rich enough to do a background check on all the participants of the game like medical records and home addresses. He most likely was saying those things to emotionally manipulate Gi-hun and get closer to him.

  • Imagine breaking international laws and spending billions of dollars just so you can bond with your son... a baseball game would have sufficed

    • @Von Flooferton oh dear

    • Oh Il-nam: a baseball game... (draws up plans for a baseball game to the death)

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  • I like how the dally mail calls a single tick tock creator a “think tank”

  • “The show that looks at another popular show and thinks… I can milk you” That killed me lol

  • wouldnt it make more sense that 001 just said everything he did because he researched 456 before the games?

  • I think that Oh Il Nam could be his uncle, as the name means ' the first boy' and Gi hun's mother's name means 'the last girl', could be implying that Oh Il Nam and Oh Mal Soon are siblings.

    • along with the thousands of other "first boys and girls". it's still an incredibly common name.

    • This makes more sense since women don't take on the last name of their husbands in korea.

    • @F M You are right about many people having the same family name in Korea. To be specific and since you seem curious, family names that are pronounced the same can be differentiated by their family origin. For example, the most popular family name Kim (김) is actually a set of Kims from different originins such as the Kims from Gimhae (김해 김) and the Kims from Gyeongju (경주 김), which are treated as different family names. Nowdays you can marry anyone who is not closely related, even if they have the same family origin. However, at the time when Il Nam got married, you were not allowed to marry a person from the same family name + origin. Since the Oh (오) family name is dominated by a single family origin (i.e., 해주 오), it is likely that Il Nam and Mal Soon have the same family origin. That is why I think the theory the video claims is wrong. If the slightest chance that 001 and 465 is related is true, Il Nam must be the uncle or the grandfather.

    • @윤주열 I didn't know this! Yeah this definitely makes sense. But Korea isn't a very big country, many, many people have the same surname without being directly related right? So if thats the case then both theories have some footing...

    • That seems more likely. In Korea, the wife maintains their family name even after marriage. Oh Il Nam couldn't have married Oh Mal Soon.

  • 2:22 ok, quick question: who says Wolverine is Deadpool? Like, they’re literally seen in the same room together, we literally see Deadpool stroke Wolverine’s fantastic facial hair, they’re obviously different people. Unless they’re suggesting he’s a clone, which… still not really, and if it were, Deadpool flirting with Wolverine has become a whole lot grosser.

  • I got very confused with the audio because I thought it sounded weird, but then I realized that it's because I watched Squid Games in Korean instead of English 😅

  • Here is another squid game theory How does the instructor know that after 6 games there will be one person left because they showed the games on the walls so did the instructor rig it so 456 to win because the instructor is 456 father but he could have just give the money to 456 but they didn’t do that cause there was another reason idk that reason but I want u to find that reason

  • I wish the squid game producers made a season two I've been waiting and yet it's June 2022

  • I kinda like the idea of MatPat doing more "debunking" theories. Showing why they are popular, and why they are wrong 👌🏻

    • Why wouldn't he did another video on Dr. Fauci?

    • @Wise General thank you

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  • Amazing episode 👏

  • So about my theory it’s that I think that il nam is actually 456 put after many loops waiting for his younger self to come back to take his place. I say this is because I’m the genetics part I see that they have many similarities, but I find it odd that they have almost the same genetics something there doesn’t sit right

  • squid game blew up so much that my grandma wanted to watch it after seeing it on the news and my mom and dad saw it because it was on my country's news.

  • Many good points, but man I don't know how you missed the phone part. It was implied those details were from the person he saved after escaping from the man playing the same game he played.

  • another point: as mat pointed out, in south korea, the family name is passed down to the child, so gi-hun could not be il-nam's son considering his name is seong gi-hun

    • @Leon HARTONO That is extreme mental gymnastics, just like this film theory

    • in what country is a family surname not passed down to a child?? lol

    • @Jack Roberts Oh is his mother's maiden name

    • He could've taken his mother's maiden name too

    • @Naveena Reddy that is what im saying. I think Gi Hun's father's family name is Seong since that is Gi Hun's family name

  • The reason he said his birthday was different and dyed his hair is so he can go into the squid game without being recognized as the previous winner I assume

  • I WATCH RUTHBELL WHAT She is amazing for comedy as well, some of the irl "advice" are just jokes and she's very humourous.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought it was the old man playing in the courtyard, not Gi hun.

  • Dude, you HAVE to do a theory on David Firth's 'Sock' series. It's everything Salad Fingers is, but on completely another level.