Film Theory: Thanos Tried to Save Us, and Eternals PROVES IT!

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Eternals just came out... and my biggest take away? We were right. We called it years ago. Thanos was right! He tried to save us. And here is how Eternals proves it.
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Writers: Bob Chipman and Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
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  • That ILaward top 10 comparison was too real

    • This isn’t terraria

    • They lost a millions of times 😂

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    • Hello cool dude who's friends with Felix and casually plays terraria calamity mod because; P e i n

    • Didn't expect to see you here

  • It’s sad how Thanos won millions of times. But the Avenger only won once and it was enough

    • @Osmosis Jones the 30 what now

    • No the avengers won once where strange survived A sorcerer can not see past there own death

    • And for them to win just once they literally had to let him temporarily win for 5 years lmao

    • @Logan Woods 😂

    • was it though? we got ms marvel

  • I always felt that, when watching Eternals, I thought that the movie isn't meant to be a showstopper, but a "plot glue" that would make better sense once everything else comes together. Reminds me of the "slow tracks" in a great album: yeah, it's not a hit, but it's not meant to be a hit. It is more of a palate cleanser.

    • That's called 'mcdonalds'

    • Its just a reworking of the annunaki "gods" from ancient sumeria

  • You may have nailed it with this one. Looking over how the MCU is playing out with the introduction of celestials, venom in the MCU, and Gorr the GodButcher, I think Knull is going to come sooner than Kang the conqueror. I am kind of hoping that MCU does two separate story archs that lead to both these villains, which will ultimately build up to someone huge like Galactus or Annailis or Doctor Doom or someone else. I am not sure. But man, this is the best theory I’ve ever seen. Well done.

    • Kang already showed up

  • So Ultron was trying to save us from Thanos, and Thanos was trying to save us from the Celestials, and the Celestials are trying to save us from Null? All these villains are just trying to protect us from someone else.

    • Always a bigger fish that’s out there is what these movies are implying.

  • My respect on thanos is increasing day by day

  • With this theory, Thanos virtually delayed the inevitable birth of the Celestials from destroying earth. When Thanos said he was going to save the universe, he really wasn’t kidding.

    • Yeah he did, but he also wielded the power of all the six Infinity Stones capable of altering the very Universe itself, so instead of using a snap to destroy the entirety of half of the Universe's population, numbering god knows how huge- Couldn't Thanos have snapped away at the source of the destruction and problem? Meaning Tiamut and the other Celestials? Yes alright, he wasn't sure, as according to Matpat's theory, but don't you think Thanos could fix his memory, restore it, or give him the knowledge of Celestials and much more using the Infinity Stones? I highly doubt the strain to do that would be too much considering what he can and did do with them in the MCU. Literally speaking, Thanos is ingenious since LITERALLY ANY problem the Universe or the MCU has to deal with can be fixed with said stones, although I am not sure of their limits but I assume infinite as their name suggests and the fact that they're directly related to the Creation and Birth of the Universe. Wielding said stones wouldn't be a problem considering Thanos had the Dwarves from Nidavellir make the Infinity Gauntlet that allows a user to wield it, all they'd need to develop is a way to better wield said stones with less harmful effects and more efficient usage, something Stark would've been absolutely perfect for. Another thing to support this is that in Guardians of the Galaxy, a scene wherein the Collector explains the history and power of the Infinity Stones, as shown by Matpat in this video, lies a Celestial wielding one of the stones, meaning even Celestials themselves aren't beyond the stones since it has proven useful as a weapon for them to utilize. So in all technicality, wouldn't fucking with the balance of time and space be a minor problem when you can practically create a near Utopia given their power? (Side Note: To me a Utopia is the very world we live in, meaning perfect involves both flaws and all sorts of things added up with the good qualities of the world, that on it's own is a Utopia because a Utopian society would be contradictorily dystopian by nature since the very idea of perfect displayed is eerie and restrictive especially with how society is today, something that can be observed in the world and setting of The Giver by Lois Lowry. I'm sort of a geek with philosophy and stuff so I apologize for this.) Anyways, I can be entirely wrong with this little- theory or possibility of mine with regards to the MCU and all that was discussed based off of Matpat's video, frankly I'd love if someone fact-checked me, corrected me, or gave their thoughts and whatnot on this overly long comment, especially Matpat, would be much appreciated, thanks for reading if you managed this far and give it some thought and criticisms/opinions.

    • @Logan Delaharpe oh

    • @lorlok not preventing, delaying

    • Oh yeah

    • Earth ≠ Universe

  • That's one of the most solid MCU theories i've heard. You got yourself a believer

  • Eternals not being a part of an existing series isn't crazy. It's just logical. They're trying to tell the origin story of the original superheroes of Earth. Also that's generally how most origin stories are.

  • I absolutely loved the Eternals. Great mythology. Some interesting characters (Druig), and some solid action. They saved us by betraying their own reason for existing. Brilliant.

  • In all honesty I enjoyed Eternals but I can see why people disliked it but still not a bad film to me

  • /r/thanosdidnothingwrong feeling pretty good right now

    • Thanos according to this did do something wrong. He was screwing over the Celestials. Which in turnscrews over the future. On a micro scale in comparison he committed multiple war crimes before even getting the infinity stones.

    • Griffithdidnothingwrong.

    • Tuber Wholesome keanu chungus PewDiePie reddit 💯

    • Yea dude thanos was right also love your videos

    • Well, actually this theory is contrary to that one What If episode, I just found out.

  • I loved the Eternals. The larger story beyond beat the bad guy format is intriguing.

  • Thanos technically saved Earth by doing the snap in IW as he was on that "Bring Balance to the universe" vibe. However Thanos was NOT aware of the emergence that he put a Pause on. In all Marvel movies/series prior to Eternals, there's NO clue/hint that Thanos knew and neither did the Avengers know. For if they did know, then more thought would have been put in prior to Hulk doing the Snap in Endgame to bring everyone back on Earth that was affected. So yes Thanos was indeed "Right" but even he did not know exactly how right he was...

    • Nope., and nope you rewatching this video. No thanos is still wrong he murder trillions unforgivable crimes. There is no point in this video imao.

    • Wrong point.

    • he literally said that thanos wasn't fully sure due to brainweiry or something like that. And the avengers didn't know because thanos was the only one with the visions. Rewatch the video and he literally makes points that counteract yours.

    • No Thanos is wrong too.

    • I feel like Dr. Strange saved the world and not Thanos. By giving away the time stone, Thanos would delay the emergence.

  • It may be retconned into that but initially it was not. Thanos said the universe has limited resources and a ever growing population. If he only meant to delay the inevitable rise of new celestials then snapping away half the universe's population makes no sense. There are more important questions i havent seen people asking. That is if Eros is an eternal and brother of Thanos, then Thanos is an Eternal. And an Eternal is forbidden to interfere with the life of a planet's population. Why havent he been summoned by Arishem? If he has Deviant genes then wouldnt that be something the Eternals be allowed to interfere with? Its not important that Thanos is right or wrong.

    • @God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 Makkari couldve, but I understand your perspective. They were probably too busy thinking about earth to think about extraterrestrial beings.

    • @primus beast they didnt know about thanos and even if they ddi know, he was only on Earth for about 15 minutes. they never could have gotten there in time.

    • You might as well never try use those rules. It seems like it all depends in whoever wrote the story. The eternals was interfered with humanity but then when thanos showed up they did nothing even though they should've helped to protect the celestial since that is their job. H but apparently only one of them knows for some reason??

    • @Dom Toretto only for 50 years. and 50 years is nothing in the lifespan of a celestial

    • Thanos Is half eternal half deviant

  • I gotta say I loved this movie. An insightful Marvel movie is a treat we haven't had for a while

  • Also to add onto this I remember him talking to Tony saying “you’re not the only cursed with knowledge” which we could make a case for him knowing what happens and doesn’t want to share it. Just like Tony seeing a vision of everyone dying, but he doesn’t share it until Endgame when he talks to everyone at beginning of the movie explaining that they can’t win.

    • there’s also the fact that if thanos said he was there to stop the celestial it’s possible that the other eternals could’ve gotten involved which would be a hard time for him

    • Exactly what came to mind for me.

  • I loved that this movie was a lot different. My favorite thing about it was that the fighting was so unbalanced. I really didn't know who would win, Instead of the original marvel quota of same same but evil

  • I too felt conflicted with the actions of the Eternals in going against the Celestials

  • The thing i always thought of and would help the fact that thanos knew is that i believe thanos could erase half of all life without every infinity stone since reality can literally alter reality and time could change people to never being born i think he made sure to get every stone because he was not exactly sure it would even effect a titan but he got every stone to have th best chance

  • This is an interesting theory. I don't know if I agree with Thanos having knowledge about Tiamut's existence inside Earth, but I'm with you on just about everything else. I actually enjoyed The Eternals, but I feel like it should have been about a 4-6 episode series, rather than one movie. Great job!

  • Thanos did tell Tony, “You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge.” So I buy the theory about him knowing.

    • Thomas Mathus was wrong and so was Thanos

    • @Rebecca DeMoranville I think they mess up the lore of the MCU cause they don't own all the characters needed to do it proper. The etherals should have came around ironman. To setup the real story

    • Thanos and his brother were eternals to!

    • Thanos also told gamora that he was the only one that knew.

  • Thanos couldn't of known since titan was in one piece like we see in the film, so a celestial couldn't of bursted out of it. Plus thanos wouldn't off had those visions since, as we see in infinity war and endgame, he's a living organism who bleeds, not a machine, still good vid tho

  • I saw the movie and I remember that in somewhere, someone said that "when they brought half of the universe's population" it provide the necessary energy for the celestial to emerge. Nice video!

    • Yes. The additional population from after the snap and then bringing back half the population

  • That's a massively massive connection between the MCU's current film and future releases, and I'm absolutely loving it. Best wishes, Batman and Superman.

  • I've been saying it for years and then Eternals came out proving me right. Thanos was the hero and the avengers became the villains. Funny how in comics Stark is actually the avenger w/ villain tendencies and they show during Civil War Era and Age of Ultron

  • "Why are you booing, I'm right" is a meme that basically sums up the entire thing

    • Repent to Jesus Christ “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:34‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • @Walrus5 ok and what?

    • TF2 Talent Show 2nd Edition Collab

    • @Walrus5 what? can you send a link

    • @Walrus5 yeah

  • Ive seen people saying they're tired of the MCU going on so long, but as a lifelong and fairly hardcore fan of the comics, I'm just floored by the deepening complexity and interconnectedness that seems to grow with each installment. They really, truly know what they're doing and it's a beautiful thing to see.

    • I completely agree. There is so much depth within the storyline (past and future) to explore, and the MCU brings so many people together to both collaborate and delve into something we love collectively.

  • "With all six stones that I could simply snap my fingers, they would all cease to exist. I call that... mercy. I would finally rest and watch the sunrise on the grateful universe." A quote from a hero we all should to remember.

  • Strange must've seen the emergence when looking into the future, hence why he had to let Thanos "win" in order for Earth to survive in the long run. "It was the only way" probably refers to the fact that if they had beaten Thanos, the entire world would have ended regardless.

  • I really liked the Eternals but I think it is very high concept to fit into 2 and half hours I'd have liked more time with them in the ancient civilisations. - I think that this movie will actually get better retroactively with sequels and mentions in future movies.

  • Regarding Strange's "one win" outcome from his vision, I think may have seen the Earth hatch. He doesn't want humanity gone or the world in darkness though, so he opted for the next best thing: delaying it so we can possibly deal with both of those eventually.

    • @oz peter you must add “also your goldfish died”

    • @こく月X Youre right. Thatvwax a sloppy corner they wrote themselvrs into with that "doc strange can see the future bit

    • @hexum7 my favorite comment. Were filling in theories for their lack of foresight and just not good writing.

    • That makes no sense. Strange was snapped away and then didn't mention anything or lift a finger since being unblipoed. If he wanted to gain time to prevent Tiamat he would have acted immediately.

  • Thanos was honestly my favorite character. The only thing that made people dislike him was his twisted way of saving the world. I don´t exactly care about that though, I still like him.

  • It was also said in one of the movies that only certain aliens could wheeled the power.

  • I'm pretty certain that Strange knew and that's why there was only 1 possiblility. My problem with the Thanos knowing theory is that in Endgame he destroys the stones, and was then planning to destroy and remake the entitr universe in his image.

  • After I watch tik tok my respect for thanos always grows bigger

  • The fact that there was eternals on Titan at all means there was definitely a celestial in it's core. And I've always felt odd about the way Titan was described. This explanation just makes so much more sense. It's all I've been thinking since I saw the film.

    • @porkchopsensei Eros does say he's an Eternal. He refers to the Eternals as "fellow Eternals" hence he's an Eternal.

    • @Haru Yanto so true. Considering Jim Stalin said he took inspiration from the newly created DC comics "New Gods". And after the editor Roy Thomas saw his conception art he said, " Beef him up! If you're going to steal one of the New Gods, at least rip off Darkseid, the really good one." The artist originally wanted him to look more like Metron.

    • @porkchopsensei true, but in the comic book lore, Eros is Thanos's brother.

    • @porkchopsensei He just happens to have one of those communication doohickeys whoever in the Speaker role has

    • @Pokejedi Strictly speaking, Eros never says he's an Eternal in the Post-Credits Scene. He just says he's Thanos's brother. We'll have to wait and see if it is confirmed either way, maybe in GotG 3 or whenever Eros next shows up.

  • Love this, and its something I suspected but wasn’t sure. A small detail that you missed which I thought you were going to allude to when you were speaking about Angelinas character getting mad wiery was that in Infinity War when hes speaking to Tony he says “You aren’t the only one cursed with knowledge” meaning he might have been getting these flashbacks as well but didnt know what to make of it other than knowing he had to find and use the stones

  • If Stan Lee was still here, we'd probably get a conformation of if this is true or not

  • i really like eternals, i like the interesting take on biblical themes and the moral and ethical questions.

  • I miss you, Mat. Haven't watched an episode in awhile but I see you got some goodies waiting for me.

  • I mean - I feel like Thanos not mentioning the Celestials was so he didn't get stomped BY the Celestials. After all, we saw at the end of Eternals that the Celestials can just roll up on a planet and effortlessly 'yoink' people if they interfere in Celestial business. So Thanos indirectly sabotaging the Celestials without directly targeting them seems very on-point. Would also explain why he's so frustrated about people not perceiving his grand vision, because he is trying to use incomplete data to get them to understand.

    • @Chi Ateghang Read the comics to realize just how stupid your statement really was.. lol

    • nice theory.. except The Celestials are not as powerful as Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, in the comics Thanos fought all the major cosmic gods and entities at once and WON, then made them into his trophies.

    • Probably not tho. In endgame thanos says "Now i know what i must do, I will grind this universe down to it's last atom, and make a new one. Teeming with life" Implying the fact that he can literally disappear all atoms in the universe, including the ones that make up the celestials. If thats the truth, he wouldve just used the stones to snap away the celestials.

    • He does not want to let people know the darkside of universe , his masterplan is erasing living being as eternals need energy to runs / alive

    • @Iffah Nurdian celestials need an energy to live / birth , dont think so they like wasting their energy on an ants , over trilion universe

  • “There was a palpable uncomfort in the audience”…that got me! 😂 I remember experiencing this as a kid with my parents, and then as a parent with my sons.

  • The thing is, is he was always trying to save us even before eternals had happened, by stopping us from running out of resources, but thanos didn’t know that the eternals existed so he wasn’t trying to save us in that sense

  • How could Thanos have been born with a recessive gene and be an Eternal when we saw in the movies that Eternals are bio-machines that are not born but built by the Celestials?

  • At this point I have more concern over this large plot hole that as opened up regarding thanos being birthed by 2 synthetic beings that were not capable of reproduction. This was a pretty glaring error that sorts calls into question the mcu having thought any of this other stuff through

  • As Thanos told Stark: “you’re not the only one cursed with knowledge”

    • @AshW10N from this theory, what thought comes to my mind is the vision Stark had that showed the broken and shattered pieces of the Avengers (Cap's shield, thor's hammer, Ironman's facemask etc.)...what if that vision he has wasn't actually the result of Thanos' snap, but actually the aftermath of the emergence, with Thanos' army arriving after the fall of Earth? After all, it looked like a destroyed planet, not the planet that went on for 5 years after the snap that we saw in Endgame. I would say, the knowledge Thanos is referring to, is that vision Stark had of humanity's future (or lack of) after the emergence. Thanos and Stark are not that different in their knowledge: -Maybe before Titan fell, Thanos had the similar visions as Stark. -They both made questionable decisions in to how to protect their homes. -They both go all-out when trying to solve the problem the best way they see fit to save the world/universe, even if that means some will have to suffer for a while. (Stark wasn't exactly a "loving" personality, he made the tough decisions that some would say is immoral....kinda like building a shield around the earth, but he was willing to make that sacrifice if it meant saving the Thanos' case, the universe...but he was already futher on his similar journey as Stark)

    • @jose mendez he is an Eternal himself. His brother is one of the Eternals in the group

    • @AshW10N the knowledge you are talking about was infact given to him by Wanda in Age Of Ultron. We learned that her powers came from the mind stone. Tony was shown his future by the mind stone which prompted him to create Ultron.

    • @Im Nobody :) They have never said this in the MCU. They have been easily snapped away in the comics.

    • @amir p They showed the Celestials using a stone to destroy civilizations in Guardians part 1. Why would they use the stones if they are above them? It doesn't make sense. In the comics, they are also not above the stones.

  • a very small wrench in your theory is the very quick, seemingly throw-away line that Tiamut "joined the uni-mind", meaning it helped them save the Earth

  • Every day my respect to thanos is increasing

  • Loved this theory. I’ll be tuned especially after watching no way home

  • I got so excited when I heard the celestials would be in the eternal movies. All I could think of was knull coming to the MCU

  • I love that everyone's now realizing this because Thanos wasn't just another bad guy the character has so much more story to offer

    • He does, but then again Endgame made him into "screw all that, I'll just remake the whole Universe the way I want it to be", ruining a lot

    • @jenjen hocho that's the comics!!!!

    • @Гия Скова now more great

    • He's still mad though. You got to be if you're in a love triangle with Death and Deadpool.

  • ok so hear me out on you think we would get to see thanos again? maybe they would get him back somehow or from another universe

  • 7:40 "he is the only one that can see the inevitable" Doctor strange: *Am i a joke to you?* *proceeds to look through millions of ways infinity war could end*

  • I feel like tho ultimately he was right Iquess this plot is twisted for this , I love the eternal movie n I feel like they made the right decision the only option I see is the avengers knowing what happened so that they could stop the emergence for good REGARDLESS I think they will be deemed worthy of planet earth

  • I kept wondering if chang chi was appart of the eterals but that would be way to overpowered.

  • In Avengers Endgame, Thanos said he was going to get rid of everyone in the universe and make a new universe. This is just an interesting detail I wanted to add in because this means he either wanted to delay the emergence entirely or he just didn’t know about the celestials and just cared about having a better universe.

    • But i think he also ish help the earth

    • @Basic Simp Wrong, Thanos got snapped in the end, so probably so did the Eternals, though I reckon you're right about the Celestials since they came before the stones and are probably outside their reach

    • he's the son of a celestial and he knows it

    • Yeah he didnt know, film theory is just milking the cow at this point

  • This theory only works in the MCU. In the comics, Thanos' motivation was to impress his love interest, Death, not become the universe's most successful eugenicist.

  • YES! That’s what I’ve been telling my friends, that he’s gonna be the next big villain.

  • Really hope Thanos is NOT an Eternal. It just does so much more to his character that he is the single survivor of his race and has a grounded ideology, than to see him as this defective bot who was trying to stop a space god from being born. It makes even less sense considering that if that were the case, all Thanos did was stopping the inevitable for a few more centuries, which for Celestials and Eternals is NOTHING.

  • Ah, Matt Patt, giving more credit for things that didn't have as much thought put into them. I like your theory better than what I just saw.

  • Theory: It wasn't thanos, it was Doctor Strange, since he could have stopped Thanos by not giving the time stone but did so which allowed for 5 years to go by and let Ajax think on why humanity was worth saving. Doctor Strange saw that if they won, 1 week later the earth was doomed anyway so by allowing 5 years to go buy with half the planet gone it let Ajax change her worldview.

    • So all in all, Dr.Strange hard carrying once again lol

    • Thanos was also intrigued , he said : you never used your most powerful weapon .

    • @The Angry Voltorb yes

    • @Amylia Clenny Ajax is the bad guy in Deadpool. So technically he’s in the Marvel Universe too.

  • Also to add that Every time a new planet is born the eternals memories are taken away and stored in some honeycomb thing? Which Arishem collects. But if you have "Madweiry"(which Thena has), the programming may have gone wrong which give you past and future visions. But these eternals are actually robots not actually people and they have been told not to interfere with human problems( Like endgame and infinity war) but to help humans for the apex predators whatever tf there called.

  • Eternals was such a good movie. I feel like the current covid situation may have had a part on why it didn't get so popular. And it really changes how you see Thanos.

    • It’s far from being the worst in the mcu,but the reason it’s not popular it’s because they crammed too many characters in a movie rather than just make it a show

    • im not gonna say it was bad. i enjoyed parts of it. that said, it wasnt as good as it probably could have been. didnt have much going for it plot wise, and the heros made some questionable decisions which im sure contributed to the hate. big shoes to fill and all that

    • What were they lettin you smoke in the movie.

    • What were they lettin you smoke in the movie.

    • It's fucking garbrage

  • Good theory MatPat. Unfortunately the canon history of Thanos and his planets demise eliminates the involvement of a Celestial. The damage to the planet was massive over collection and usage of resources to the point of basically hollowing out the planet making it unstable.

  • This is awesome, keep these videos coming.

  • Actually, to be honest, knowing how the comic books were about the MCU and everything in between, I do believe you are onto something. I look forward to seeing how it turns out, I hope they don’t disappoint.

  • 7:00 There is even more proof for this theory, in the end credits there is a character that is thanos' brother, who is an eternal. The celestials make the eternals to ensure the planet can power the celestial egg, which means there would have to be a celestial egg there.

  • "It gets harder and harder to find certain movies available to stream - me: *laughs in DVD* even if bluray is seen as better quality, much of my modest DVD collection doesn't have skips or stuttering (yet, I know too well that can happen with discs eventually). And hey can we talk about how it's absolutely possible Ego was still ho-ing around the universe even when Quill wasn't brought to him earlier as a kid? There are totally still Ego-kids knocking around in the MCU, but hey I haven't read the books so there's a good chance either way that he either was or wasn't being a big Kurt Russell love machine throughout the galaxy during Starlord's time in space before they meet.

  • I like how Mat basically described Thanos as a crackhead when comparing him to Malthus.

  • I actually thought ethernals was a good movie I think it just went over alot of peoples heads And they were viewing it through their usual marvel eyeballs I always said Thanos wasn’t a bad guy Thanks for sharing

  • What’s the chance that Galactus will be introduced as an eater of Celestial embryos? He does eat planets, but he is trying to eat or absorb Celestial energy.

    • @Almost Midnight Celestials are evil so no.

    • @Samsara galactus in the comics has an insatiable hunger as he was the last living being at the end of the previous universe and got sucked into the beginning of the new universe, the eneries of creation changed him before he was a humanoid scientist. in the mcu if celectials are seeded into planets and they bring galactus in and still make him a planet eaters hes most likely going ot be eating planets with the most energy and it seams that a celestial egg would be full of energie so a very filling meal, in essance galactus in the mcu (if they follow on from the info in eternals) would be eating celestial fetuses

    • So Galactus eats planet fetuses?

    • That was where I was thinking too, but since they just recently got access to Fantastic 4 I think they probably skipped the Galactus events when looking for inspiration

    • It's like South Park, where Christopher Reeve eats fetuses to get super powers...

  • Reason that Thanos did not know: If he knew he would have simply snapped the celestials out of existence (and yes the comics say the stones could do it to the celestials) (btw if thanos had just erased the whole celestial timeline with the snap, Knulls terror would never exist, because the celestials were the ones who invaded Knulls kingdom)

    • @primus beast I’m pretty sure he is, at least in the comics from what I can remember

    • @Basim Ali pretty sure Galactus is a newer addition and didn't exist before the big bang. Galactus just eats planets and is a bad guy he isn't someone looking to uphold balance.

    • I believe you can't just wish for anything with the stones. The more extraordinary the wish, the stronger you must be to do it. Look at how weakened Thanos is after the wish, and what it did to Tony. You would need godlike powers to wish for more powerful wishes, or be consumed by the stones before it comes true. So yes with the stones you can wish for anything, however based on your strength, it might consume you before it happens, rendering your dead and the wish being canceled.

    • @Nue Joseph that’s galactus’ job, destroying planets to keeping the balance

    • That’d definitely be the common sense approach. At the same time, I’m pretty sure it was mentioned that the celestials are necessary and without them everything would fall apart. Maybe the celestials killing planets helps maintain that balance thanos was attempting to keep.

  • My problem with this theory is that someone with knowledge of the celestials (This theory states that thanos knows about them) could have just wiped them out of existence rather than wiping out half of all life in the universe.

    • in other words, how can billions of years of progress be taken away with only half of the currently living population...?

  • Haven’t seen Moonknight yet, but I know it brings the Egyptian Pantheon into the MCU and one of the gods in that pantheon is Apep, basically the primordial being of darkness and chaos. Sounds suspiciously a lot like Null…

  • It was actually revealed that ajak said thanos wiped half of the universe, It was actually obvious because during thanos past He revealed that his kind was about to go extinct because of the core and the cause was an entity absorbing their core Thanos gave the idea getting the infinity stones to wipe out half of their kind but not just their planet but the universe

  • This actually makes sense cause when thanos had a conversation with tony he said “you’re not the only one cursed with knowledge”

    • Ahhhhh now it really makes sense !!

    • Keyword "Cursed"

    • True

  • My biggest issue with Eternals is that of all the million planets they've prepared and ultimately destroyed, Earth is special for some reason. It's a common trope but man we're some lucky bastards.

  • This takes "My respect for thanos grows everyday" comments to a whole new level

  • Amazing. Guess I have to rewatch every MCU movie again in timeline order for the 10th time