Film Theory: The Christmas CRIMES of Santa Claus

פורסם בתאריך 22 דצמ 2021
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Here's a question... "Is Santa the bad guy?" In all the media we see, he is working those elves to the bone. Sometimes, those elves are even depicted as CHILDREN! What kind of workshop of horrors is he running? It's time to bring back our OSHA checklist and see if he's up to code.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Koen Verhagen, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • I'm sorry, are we just going to ignore the the fact that in The Santa Clause's universe, killing Santa is apparently a perfectly acceptable way to become Santa? How many of those past 50 or so Santas have been cold-blooded killers?

    • that's funny and scary at the same time

    • 😐

    • @Bloodmoon Comics I mean its never confirmed that the old santa has to die for a new santa to take his place

    • All of them

    • Seems like a lot of people in this reply section have read the Carl Marx book thingy.

  • This is literally the only time one of matpat's theories has actually "ruined my childhood", I loved the movies as a kid but I'll never unsee Scotts pain and a forced marriage now

    • No He Wasn't Forced At All. They Both Had Feelings For Each Other. But They Had To Rush The Whole Process

    • @Noelia Yucupicio If your husband is going to be Santa, make sure you get life insurance.

    • And what happened to the previous Santa's Mrs.Claus? Did she get compensation for her husband's occupational fatality?

    • @Maniac_ gamer32 Idk man, my family and I don’t celebrate Christmas but we still decorate

    • @Maniac_ gamer32 not necessarily. putting out cookies isnt consent to watching me. some people put trees up just for the decor with no actual intensions for cellebrateing the holiday itself. not to mention if i want cookies that my own dang bueisness and forget to put them away. also holiday cookies are deliusus and i will continue eating them. i think i have proven my point and maniac is in ur name.(im awful at spelling and you call me out on it then ur even more pathetic )

  • In the Santa Clause, Scott basically also gets his whole personality changed during the eleven months after he becomes Santa. So we can put the elves up for brainwashing as well.

    • I love how he takes things that no one cared about and puts way too much thought into it. A cycle of theory.

  • Can you imagine how parents would react when instead of putting cookies, their kids just put a worker violation hotline

  • It’s possible that the last Santa before Scott just hadn’t been Santa long enough to invoke the “Mrs Clause”. 10 years pass between the 1st and 2nd movies, meaning that from the time Scott became Santa, he had 10 years to find a Mrs. Clause. He just wasn’t told for 9 years and 11 months 😅

    • @Cecilio Mendoza How do you think they know Santa's died on the job? The Mrs Claus is how they knew.

    • @Kamille And what if the man who became Santa was already married? Does his wife have to become Mrs. Clause, or does the previous Santa's Widow force to marry the new Santa, and the new Santa has to leave his wife.

    • @Cecilio Mendoza She could be required to move away from the North Pole

    • But what about all the other Santas, I mean Scott can't be the only one to survive for 10 years. The idea of Mrs. Clause had existed long ago. And what does Mrs. Clause has anything to do with Christmas? She's just Santa's wife, and that's it. So what happens to Mrs. Clause, is she is forced to marry the new Santa?

  • I love how Matpat goes super in depth exploring contracts, work laws, and fraud but doesn't even once mention breaking and entering.

    • That should be a separate video. The international laws, every country's rules on it, how to begin prosecuting, etc.

    • I’m pretty sure in most cases, Santa is just fine. Firstly, he’s never “breaking” anything when he enters (other than his poor back), and second, he is welcome into most people’s property. It would be, at worst trespassing if there were no Christmas decorations; a sign that the people inside do not celebrate Christmas; but in most states, it is only considered trespassing if you continue in or on private property knowing full well you’re not allowed to be there, or are not welcome.

    • @An Drei and then there's like 95% of movies where the parents don't believe in santa but also don't question their child getting presents even tho they have never once bought a gift for their kid

    • Lmao bruh

  • I love how in the first film u can see the elf hiding in the town where Scott lives and blending in with the kids to watch over the new Santa even before the other Santa falls off the roof of Scott house

  • "Leave the phone number to a help line." This has got to be the greated statement said in MatPat's career.

  • Santa doesn’t die, it’s easy to assume that but the writers intentionally had him wave before he disappears so that we know he wasn’t killed. The entire process was orchestrated as the original Santa was retiring. Scott was monitored and chosen as a replacement and the entire act was to facilitate Santa’s retirement. It’s all going to be explained in the upcoming prequel novel. “Santa Claus; The Father Of Christmas.” Don’t know if a movie will be made but hopefully.

  • 5 years... I lasted 5 years of watching your channels and not once did I have my childhood ruined. But this? This broke me, my guy. I genuinely didn't see this coming, nice job MatPat

    • This ruined your childhood? How it's kind of obvious. Even as a kid I realized that something was off about this movie.

  • To be fair, the Elves in this movie are very accurate depiction of Elves from folklore. They are cute, magical, live much longer than humans, trick people into contracts and mess with humans for their own amusement.

    • I guess that these elves are just nice in their trickery and have made Nickolas their immortal puppet mascot?

    • Wow and I thought the old days couldn't get crazier

    • Ey ey, I see that Yu-Gi-Oh reference :]

    • The fae are indeed neither orderly or chaotic. Mischievous and acts on a whim, but even they have someone to answer to make sure they don't turn on one another.

    • the christmas/short elves to be exact.

  • Random theory: how strong is Mr Crocker from fairly odd parents? When he crazily screams “FaIrY gOd PaReNtS” he seemingly teleports, and in one episode, leaves a long arm shaped dent in a locker, how many newtons does he generate? Could he punch through a door, or a human if screaming near one?

  • What's funny is my flatmates where watching these film around Christmas, which I had never seen before, and as an adult I actually found it kind of horrifying. It didn't feel that magical to me lol

  • You know, I loved these movies as a kid (I actually hated the third one, it just wasn't for me), and I did question the rules they had in play, I felt bad for Santa, but I still loved them cause they were interesting to me.

  • This is why I love you MatPat you get me to think in ways I never would have before the idea of Santa as a victim of his job is something that never crossed my mind and it's brilliant

  • Random fun fact: A lot of people think that Santa would only have 12 hours to deliver presents all over the world, but he would actually have 24 hours because of timezones Ok a lot of people are like "bUt sAnTa dOeSn'T exist!!1!1," yeah, I get it, I said "Santa *would* only have 12 hours" instead of "Santa only has 12 hours" because santa isn't real, I didn't think you all would try to be smartasses about it

    • @Rossbrian1 why are you on this channel if you seemingly dont care about this type of stuff

    • @K A D E L Y N♋️ tf

    • Wait Santa’s fake

    • @Tijn 07 Santa is based on Father Christmas, Nordic myths, and Saint Nick.

    • lol I 100% agree

  • I know you’ve done a Bee Movie theory before but, hear me out, I think a theory estimating how many bees would actually be needed to hold and fly a plane would be very interesting to watch. (Or if it’s even possible for any amount of bees to do so)

  • I hope MatPat does a video about Monument Mythos. I'm interested to hear what theories he comes up with.

  • With self driving cars now a reality, and AI in the rise. The Knight Industries Two Thousand is no more just an ideal of science fiction. Matt should do a video on Airwolf and why we can’t have supersonic helicopters and if we will ever see them

  • Hi Mat! i recently found some VHS horror named “Harmony and Horror”. Maybe you could do some theories on that? Here the playlist for the first season:

  • Thank goodness for Theorists like MattPatt who help point out how messed up a lot of nostalgic shows and movies actually are....

  • Has anyone thought about how Santa just freaking breaks into your house, leaves gifts ad leaves. And he’s a stalker. He knows when your sleeping and when your awake

  • i think the mrs clause only comes into effect after like 8 years of being santa, and considering the elves in the second movie had no idea about the clause until the 900+ year old elf found out leads me to believe that no santa survived long enough for that clause to come into effect meaning theres been so many santas within that elf's 900+ year life that never made it long enough to have to deal with that, hence none of the elves knowing it was a thing anymore, which is even more chilling

  • Son unos de los DRISEX.Uno mañas no se la Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi: "Butter" Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente

  • So basically, the real magic of Christmas is evading the law

    • The True Meaning of Christmas

    • This is such an underrated comment.

    • *Home Alone* knows it

  • I've always wondered if the acting/current Santa could pass the job on willingly without dying. For example, could Scott Calvin retire by passing the suit on to his son or somebody else?

  • I just finished midnight gospel it’s a pretty weird show but I feel Mat could find something to theorize about. The main plot is a guy who transfers his conciseness to other bodies and goes to different doomed planets to interview a local for his podcast it’s pretty cool

  • There are 3 different kinds of Santas, The ones who live in harmony with the elves The one who gets enslaved by the elves And the ones who kidnap children to be turned into elves

  • As a kid even before I figured out I was asexual I hated the 2nd movie, it's just so uncomfortable, the forced marriage is so stupid, and there isn't an ounce of consent in sight

    • @Cecilio Mendoza Greetings fellow Ace! Honestly, what is the point? It's not like the public would be able to tell if Mrs. Claus was present or not, cause like you said she doesn't do anything, and it's not like they need to have smexy times and make the next Santa Claus since it can be passed down by some good old fashioned murder. I can only assume the old Mrs. Claus was "taken care of" by the elves or they take their wedding vows very seriously and she just dies on the spot ... I can't tell which would be worse.

    • Same, nice to meet a fellow asexual. But even as a kid I didn't feel uncomfortable about the Santa Clause movie. The fact that the elves don't seem to care about the previous Santa, the fact that Scott is forced to be Santa, and the sequel just made me feel even more uncomfortable about being forced to marry someone in several weeks which isn't enough time. I bet this was just an excuse for Scott to get married. Also, what does Mrs. Claus has anything to do with Christmas? She's just Santa's wife, and that's it. I mean Christmas exists as long as Santa exists. And what happened to the previous Mrs. Clause? Scott can't be the only Santa to live that long. Another thing is what happens if the new Santa is already married?

  • I was fully expecting a list of all the things Santa does in all media and describing what crime they are. I was NOT expecting to learn that SANTA'S the one who is in desperate need of help.

    • Same. The title must be changed Edit: the thumbnail too

    • Me neither

    • Me to

  • One issue with the theory you guys made of old misses claus finding a new life is for one it's an elf and second she has been isolated from life for atleast 2 decades or however long that santa lived for.

  • Thank you for yet another awesome entertaining video!!

  • Dude, I adore The Santa Clausemovies. They will always be my favorite Christmas movies to watch each year. Another excellent Christmas movie that I highly recommend is Klaus its a wonderful movie and that doesn't make romance the main focus of the plot like so many Christmas movies these days (im lookin at you Hallmark!)

  • I just watched these movies a few days ago, and my immediate question when watching #2 was, "Where did the other Mrs. Claus' go?" Glad to see im not the only one lol

  • I love how he takes things that no one cared about and puts way too much thought into it. A cycle of theory.

    • Yes but once he looks into it we all care about it 😂

    • You sound like you have a problem with it. He’s just doing what he likes breh. You still clicked on the vid and prolly watched it.

    • dang

    • 420th like!

  • FILM THEORY IDEA: THE GRINCH (the one w/ Jim Carrey), how can the grinch and the dog go up hill in the mountain pipe system, realistically, like they did in the movie? It seems like gravity just didn’t exist in that part of the movie. I’d love MatPat to do an analysis of this, if not, the entire movie. Happy Holidays !

  • Hey Mat would it be weird to suggest a book theory channel to review books and dive into their lore because I think so many people would love it me included I love your content mat and your one of the best creators ILaward has to offer 😊

  • Having just watched the movies.. I found this very interesting. And hard to forget..

  • That intro was so absolutely hilarious 😂

  • Film theory I love your channel keep up the content ❤️❤️❤️

  • Honestly i would like to watch a very film theory christmas

  • I've been hoping basically since the creation of this channel for a theory on The Santa Clause- favorite holiday movie series growing up that just leaves SO MANY QUESTIONS and is INCREDIBLY MORALLY DUBIOUS the more you think about it!! Loved the theory. And that, kids, is why WE NEVER MAKE ANY CONTACT WITH FAE CREATURES LIKE ELVES. It would be so cool if they revealed in the fourth movie the source of all this Santa business- imagine Scott Calvin fighting Oberon or Freyr or something. IMAGINE!

  • Wow, maybe I should make sure that Santa in my universes aren't being kept as slaves like that. Very fun video, Matpat! Even though, got a very dark twist. - Bonnie from M-B01

  • There are roughly 10 years between the first and second movies. This means, that Santa has about 10 years to get married. Why the elves warned him with 28 days left, I don't know but that is another issue. If Santa really does have such a high turnover rate, it could be that the previous Santa dies within those 10 years and hadn't got married yet.

    • And the elves were kinda. "Why bother telling him? He is gonna die in the next 4 years anyway"

    • @James Garlick look up a gronkle and tell me that thing can fly

    • home thery way no mat path not making a is whyHey guys

    • @lemonpaperplanes pterodactyls were lizards. It's widely known that, unlike other dinosaurs, pterodactyls were lizards and could actually fly quite well

    • @jakinbandw technically, slavery existed long before capitalism. Regardless of the economic system, slavery has existed primarily because of the need for cheap labor in a non-mechanized world. Pretty much all authoritarian governments have had slavery. It was a combination of technological advancement, Christianity, republicanism (the government system, not the party), capitalism, and English common law that finally ended slavery in the western world. Despite the misconception, the western European world joined slavery in only the last 600 years of the 10,000 year old business of worldwide slave trading, and also ended it for the most part. Various countries still hold slaves: China and Lybia are the most well known, but the USSR also had slaves and state-run communism usually leads to slavery in some form, though not usually.

  • My dad always made me cry by telling me I had to work in Santa’s toy factory as a elf because I was naughty.

  • I love how OSHA has come back to deal with Santa after dealing with Willy Wonka

  • We are watching some of the old Spiderman movies, and in the amazing spider man 2, (the one where he fought the lizard) he was able to throw a football so hard that it hits one of those metal y shaped things and the metal bends. I was wondering if you could say how strong that spider man would have to be.

  • Hey matpat can we seriously have a theory about Encanto and how the cousin Dolores knew the whole time they Bruno was still in the house and never said anything until Mirabel found out and wanted to keep it a secret

  • Wow, "Santa is an indentured servant who does a non-compensated and sometimes thankless job cause he's forced to be the elves" is a great prompt for a Christmas horror movie in all honesty.

    • Wow you and Matpat are great at ruining my childhood 🤩

    • I thought these were horror movies just covered in sugar when I was a teen. Dude accidentally kills santa, forced to become santa, loses connection with his family and friends, and he had to make someone go through almost the same thing just so she can be his wife. To top it all off, he has to pretend he's enjoying it so he doesn't become super depressed (which we all know how that would go).

    • hello

  • Hey MatPat, I recommend watching the Needle Mouse VHS. Its basically the story of Sonic.EXE, but alternate.

  • Imagine somebody actually put that on a plate for Santa

  • You're blowing my mind, Matpat!

  • Can you do a theory where you try to calculate the time dr. Strange will take to see ALL posiblities? That's a video idea!

  • No one can escape MatPat's theories, not even someone as innocent as Santa Claus.

    • This comment chain just got wild.

    • @OwO umm mr.OWO I think your surrounded by bots

    • Wait, what did you say about the timeline resetting?

  • I love how matpat has been using the same picture for his commentary for over 5 years, maybe more

  • Matpat it would literally make my entire year if you made an episode on encanto! I love the movie so much and I need this for 2022

  • Man, I loved this episode

  • Amazing. Blessings for this golden content.

  • That moment I finally realize that it's called THE Santa *Clause* when I used to call it just Santa Claus movie in my childhood 😭😂

  • Centuries of being born into a weird magical stockholm syndrome inducing isolated slave labor camp with a festive theme just has the effect of giving the elves a good attitude about it, I think.

  • Well in Canada, or at least Ontario, workers must get a 30 minute break every 5 hours, and a 15 minute break in between, and 3 breaks and a 30 minute lunch after 11 hours of working. Still not sure about the labour rights in the states

  • Hearing the line "Santa has died repeatedly" is just hilarious!

  • MatPat: Turns out there's no laws regulating North Pole labor and the workers there are all willing to put in the hours Amazon: Announcing Our Newest Buyout And Headquarters

    • Even funnier considering Amazon could be real life Santa if they wanted to but they don’t

    • Wow 5 spammers in the thread alone! Why is everyone ignoring this?

    • Also Amazon: At Amazon we give everyone a new opportunity at life, work at Amazon!

    • What else is there to do at the north pole? Cross country skiing? Whaling? Not exactly a vacation paradise!

  • Hey, Matpat. This is unrelated to the video, but I have a question that I would love to be answered! How strong is Luisa from Encanto? She throws boulders with ease, lifts literal churches, and other crazy shenanigans. How does she match up to other super strong people?

  • I feel the same why about Santa (He's a con man) he literally breaks into peoples house and stokes them 24/7)

  • If elves really abuse Santa Claus, now we need Finnish Inquisition!

  • Theory idea: How the Christmas Elves are cultists. Just a thought it’d be cool

  • My lord. I thought that I had imagined Santa Clause conquers the Martians. I remember having it on DVD a long while ago. I wonder what happened to that damned disc.

  • You say Calvin is on the run from the law now after escaping the jail, but I’m sure Charlie’s mom dropped her charges and I’m sure between that and the reports from officers at the scene SWEARING they literally saw his sleigh fly away, they were happy to just shred the papers and call it a day.

  • Matpat, can you please do a film theory on spooky month? There is lore.

  • Hey, i hope matpat actually sees this, i have a theory on encanto and luca. They both mentioned the name bruno more than once, and it got me thinking, " if bruno is part of the family Madrigal and Alberto is missing his father, could Bruno Madrigal be Alberto's father?" It's not much to go on but hopefully he'll consider this a theory.

  • Assuming "Santa" has been operating like this since the 4th century, and that there have in fact been more than 50 of them before this current Santa, that means the average operational lifespan of any one Santa is less than 33 years! Given that the Elves are practically immortal, no wonder they're not particularly attached to any one Santa!

    • Also the fact that just average all we know is one could of lasted 200 years 204 years (7 santas) and 6 in just 4 years. Eg if Scott also slip and died the new Santa would start.

    • Oh god it's like having an intelligent pet fish.

    • What's 30 years to a Fae?

    • @Jake Juracka Like a sick Petsmart goldfish. That's awful.

  • Matpat: *Explains Why Santa is naughty Santa: *Are You Questioning My Authority?*

  • Hey MattPat! Can you do a theory on what i call, the Mirror Theory. In Spider-man no way home, Doctor Strange opened the Mirror Dimension with a “gateway”. But, when Spider-man left, he used a portal. I’m starting to think that the rest of the movie, from that point in time, was all in the mirror dimension. I hope you like this theory! If you use this, please credit me, bye!

  • Petition for matt to revive his old self and do theatre theory

  • In the 3rd Santa clause they reveal a snow globe, which if he holds it and says the right words he is able to go back to when he got the coat and if he wishes, live a normal life. Not having to work in the North Pole his entire life. Able to quit whenever he pleases.

  • You WOULD Make This On Christmas Eve EVE

    • Why do i see you on so many random videos and post I get in my recommendations.

    • @Hundredyacre Woods in some countries it is Christmas eve, like nz, Australia, etc

    • @Hundredyacre Woods 24th over here in Australia

  • It’s a good theory but in the Santa Clause 3 it is shown that any Santa can quit their job anytime via the escape clause, so even if the contract is misleading, and there’s a lot of consequences they can choose to leave anytime no matter the contract.

  • MatPat. Come on. We need a Pacific Rim theory!

  • Hey MatPat I actually think I know what happened to the the past Ms.Clauses! Over on Issac Carlos who made a theory on the santa clause who fell from Scott Calvin’s roof was a santa who came back in time by using the escape clause snow globe to choose Scott as the new santa. And Ms.Clause of that santa went to live another life like Scott’s wife did in the 3rd movie. Love MatPat hope to see your next great film and game theory’s.