Film Theory: The Dinosaurs In Jurassic World Are NOT Dinosaurs! (Jurassic Park)

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Yes, you read the title right. The dinosaurs in Jurassic World and Jurassic Park are NOT dinosaurs. Today we are going to break down what exactly they are. You see, the way they brought them back from extinction was... unique. Would it work? And what does that make these so called dinos?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Zach Stewart and Forrest Lee
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • I loved when Dino showed up and said "its snackin' time" and snacked all over those humans as a treat, one of the moments of all time

    • Ik

    • @Unknown Variable you're*

    • Can you answer a question for me matpat Could Mary Poppins really fly using a umbrella


    • @Don't Read My Profile Photo no worries. I won't.

  • 3:00 "Safest zoo ever" Well yes and no. The jurassic park as portrayed would have been a perfectly safe zoo if it only weren't for a combination of criminal negligence and felony corporate espionage. Even with less dangerous animals the above factors would still make the park dangerous.

    • Facts. Honestly the tour would've gone off without a hitch. Sure there was a tropical storm bearing down but as far as we're aware, the storm itself didn't affect the power grid, that was all Nedry. Hammond had no reason to feel like he was gonna lose his endorsement of the park unless a CATASTROPHIC malfunction occurred like we saw in the movie.

  • The oxygen levels were probably higher, explans the sizes of the dinosaurs of the eras. Also there are 4 stages in the evolution of feathers in the fossil record, more likely quills were the normal coverage, they could provide protection, camouflage, insulation and mative display.

    • You're grossly overestimating the difference in atmosphere, it's a minuscule change between the eras. A modern dino would survive fine, and if you were to be back in time you'd be breathing healthily too. Furthermore, downy feathers have been discovered all throughout avemetatarsalia (the group containing pterosaurs and dinosaurs).

    • Oxygen isn't the only constraint to size. How dinosaur respiration systems are built is fundamentally different than mammals. They have a 1 way through respiration system with air sacs, allowing them to inhale and exhale at the same time. Our mammalian lungs are actually less efficient, because we don't exhale all air from our lungs when we breath out, and always leaving behind a bit of old air. Combining their more efficient respiration system with hollow bones that weight less, and being "mesotherms" so they don't cook themselves with their body heat allows them to be bigger.

    • @Gladeous Imagine caring about something so pointless.

    • @Gladeous: I only do that when my comments are too long or I somehow can't edit again. Yeah, I know it's weird. I don't know what's going on but after editing about like uh three or four times I can't do it anymore. The option is still there but nothing happens ;-;

    • imagine commenting more than 1 time when you can edit comments

  • Actually zoo's have the problem of day/night reversals, their really not that hard to compensate for, feeding patterns can encourage activity. Also most animals that are nocturnal like bats can't see the red spectrum so alot of nature strips and corridors are equipped with amber lights, so we can see them but not bother them. The Luna cycle is also very important to consider as full moon their very active but this wanes to new moon, even a predator needs some light to hunt.

  • Archaeopteryx, including all those lovely feather impressions, was first found in the 1860s, NOT 2016. By the time JP was made, we already knew there was a strong possibility of Deinonychus (which is what's shown as Velociraptor, rather than the turkey-sized Velociraptor) was feathered.

    • I mean, didn't they mention something like this in the original movie? Right at the beginning? And wasnt something like it brought back up in thr 3rd movie? That dinos had feathers and such I havent watched them in a long while so I could be COMPLETELY WRONG and thats all right

  • Matpat said that people won’t enjoy being at the park at night to see nocturnal dinosaurs, but I think that would be a really cool thing to do. Theorassic Park Night Dino Tour

    • This would be perfect for me. I could stay up until like 5 AM and I wake up around 9 AM to 2 PM. Plus it wouldn't be interrupting anything in the day because it's one of the last last things in the day for me. Seriously it would be perfect for me and I would buy tickets for it

    • the singapore zoo has a night safari which is pretty cool

    • @Scaredy Silverpants Cool idea!


    • Weve got night safari here at singapore and it opens at night.

  • Also, plant life has changed a lot since the Mesozoic. A lot of the ground foliage dinosaurs were eating included ferns and horsetails which are so much more nutritious than grass. Grass wasn't even around in the Mesozoic. So any herbivorous dinosaur that escaped that mansion in California would have a very hard time finding anything that they could eat.

    • Yes, absolutely, you're right. And I also wonder where cloned dinosaurs would aquire the necessary gut bacteria which they need to digest plant material. All the beneficial microbes they evolved with have propably been gone for millions of years.

  • It's been quite a while since we've seen a MatPat video that actually includes science in stead of lore. I love all your videos, but man this brings me back to the hole reason I started watching the theorists, to learn science in a fun way. I truly missed this.

    • actually compsognathus 5. 11:30 you highlighted the antorbital fenestra, not the eye socket.

  • Then that begs the question. If the “dinosaurs” in Jurassic Park aren’t dinosaurs, what are they?

  • Honestly, I don't think that having too low an oxygen content today would be too problematic for dinosaurs as they use a system of air sacs which birds inherited, for ultra efficient respiration. Also, when one can still acclimatise to a low oxygen environment quite fairly well even without major changes at the genetic level (just look at how mountain climbers do their acclimatisation training).

  • I'm so glad you brought up the book "All Yesterdays" - it's an incredibly interesting look into Paleo-art. Fun Fact: They then made another one, "All Your Yesterdays" - which used fan-submitted artworks which speculated on random features on extinct creatures, and some even turned out to be completely true!

    • All Yesterdays, All Todays and All Tomorrows really sound like the perfect books for my best friend. She wants to study archeology so she might find them pretty interessting. Thanks mate! PS: Also, this comment section, wow the level of bots is scary.

    • @Fish Taco I actually got so much inspiration for my comic from that one

    • This comment just got botted. YT seriously needs to fix this.

    • @Moon lol

  • I do apreciate all these thoughts about real dinosaurs here. Like, many of these things I wouldn't ever have thought about to be perfectly honest.

  • awesome video and I'm super grateful you made it. a few corrections however: 1. it has been concluded, at least for now, that tyrannosaurus most likely was not feathered. this is due to pretty much all of their skin impressions being scales, as well as the fact that feathers stop being useful for heat retention at about 5 tons. tyrannosaurus was close to 10 tons. 2. archeopteryx was not found in 2016, it was discovered in 1861 3. the lack of feathers on the raptors in jurassic park was not because of deliberate deception, but limitations in cgi, and a lack of knowledge of the true extent of feathering in dinosaurs. they sought to make them as accurate as possible for the time. also considering that, I think it could be excused, since the animals in jurassic park DO have dna from other animals. but you did already mention that. 4. 6:49 what you call a velociraptor here is actually compsognathus 5. 11:30 you highlighted the antorbital fenestra, not the eye socket.

    • Wait but scientists say that chickens are the closest to trex

    • As a European, I really appreciate you translating degrees and length measurements. That means I do not have to pause the video and check it for myself.

  • Man, I love Team MatPat's editing! It's really one of the editing on ILaward.

  • Now that I've watched the video, re-engineering dinosaurs accurately seems like a horrible investment.

  • I'm so glad you referenced All Yesterday's, the author has made a lot of really interesting speculative biology books and they really turn the world on it's head, especially with All Tomorrows

  • I'd love a terrarium park. Would be dope to walkthrough whole different climates and time periods. Maybe get some whooly rhinos and stuff from other time periods

  • Man, I love Team MatPat's editing! It's really one of the editing on ILaward.

    • "DINOS NEVER EXISTED!!" Did you, fellow Theorist, know many deny Science or that Dinos ever existed and then get covered by Atheist-ILawardrs, who deal with Science-Denial allll the time? The End-Product fused Fun and Science, so why not go and watch if you like Matpat? Oh, and the whole Calroie-Thing matt tackled at the start here was once roasted by 'Terrible Writing Advice'.

  • 6:49 You're showing a Procompsognathus (the "Compy") when saying "Velociraptor", and a Brachiosaurus when saying "Brontosaurus". The latter actually does belong to the Jurassic period (even the "Brontosaurus" - which would be accurately called an Apatosaurus - was from the Jurassic too).

    • It was compsognathus in the books and compsognathus in the movies and shows.

    • @b m I was also under the impression that Brontosaurus was just a misclassified Apatosaurus, but apparently the scientific consensus changed again in 2015 and Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus are now considered distinct again. The study pointed out is by Tschopp et al.

    • @Rasmus Bang Petersen Really? My last update was that Brontosaurus doesn't even really exist, but if what you're saying is new knowledge, then thanks for the update

    • @Kian Hall I know, I thought I remember in the franchise (novels, movies and Camp Cretacous) they explicitely used Procompsognathus, but maybe I'm remembering wrong. Both don't look like that one from JP, so it doesn't matter

    • actually a recent-ish study has proven that brontosaurus and apatosaurus was different dinosaurs.

  • I love how you spent this entire video basically explaining the modern reptile hobby XD

  • I love the terrarium idea. It is also amusing to imagine that if a dinosaur escaped their enclosure and was put back in, their experience would’ve so miserable outside their enclosure that they wouldn’t want to escape.

    • @Loturzel Restaurant ohhhhhh I'm sorry I thought this was a different video this was for now I feel like an idiot lol

    • @Joshua 1 The Calorie-Topic covered at the Start of this video. This whole 'Its kindaaa unlogical that a Great Animal would chase after the hardest-to-get Prey'.

    • @Loturzel Restaurant hi I understand the rest and I do watch matpat but elaborate the calroie thing?

    • @Joshua 1 "DINOS NEVER EXISTED!!" Did you, fellow Theorist, know many deny Science or that Dinos ever existed and then get covered by Atheist-ILawardrs, who deal with Science-Denial allll the time? The End-Product fused Fun and Science, so why not go and watch if you like Matpat? Oh, and the whole Calroie-Thing matt tackled at the start here was once roasted by 'Terrible Writing Advice'.

    • @Joshua 1 insert Patrick screaming *WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?! *

  • Uhh… matpat, I think you’re missing one crucial detail here: the Dinos in the JP series have ALTERED DNA. It would why they don’t have feathers or anything else that would scientifically accurate (and even what we currently know about dinosaurs are constantly changing, so it’s hard to keep up). In Jurassic Park 1, both in Book material and movie (and even somewhat in Jurassic World), they have stated that they filled the genetic code (even with what little the had) in with frog DNA. Now realistically, this kind of thing would be, basically, impossible since DNA could only go so long before it fades into nothing, but this isn’t reality. This is a fictional universe where the ideal conditions were there and the people in that exploited it.

  • I kinda theorized this when I was a kid thanks for bringing this theory to light 😄😄

  • Now that I've watched the video, re-engineering dinosaurs accurately seems like a horrible investment.

  • Now that I've watched the video, re-engineering dinosaurs accurately seems like a horrible investment.

  • Theoretically if the workers at Jurassic Park can alter genes and make clones. then they could probably figure out a way to alter a dinosaurs oxygen consumption and modify their body temperature to survive the current climate conditions better. But doing those type of changes would probably result in the dinosaurs looking a lot different then they're supposed to. [Edit: fixed a couple spelling mistakes]

    • i dont think its that simple or even possible

    • still missed one sir, "resault"

    • Finally it's here YES..

    • Oxygen in time of dinosaurs was more or less at the same level as today.

    • they already mixed the dna

  • i'm so glad that someone _else_ said that dinosaurs would have extreme difficulty thriving in today's environments because of the difference in oxygen levels between the cretacious and now, it makes me smile

  • This video was amazing. I didn't even care about the theory but the way you went in depth and explained that topic was so engaging. Honestly just make an educational channel where you just talk about and research whatever topics you want.

  • They actually changed their minds about feathers on trex. There is a type of Rex that is fully feathered but not trex

  • This theory is great! love the new movie, to. Also, I would LOVE more stranger things theorys! Also, Mat Pat, i`m inside your walls.

  • "i doubt any guest would wanna be out at 2am seeing raptor chickens" matpat you have underestimated the curiosity and patience of tourists especially for dinosaurs

    • I know I would! I mean, I'm still gettin to see dinosaurs, and actual dinosaurs at that!

    • Aren't most people also awake at this time point?

    • supposed to. [Edit: fixed a couple spelling mistakes]

  • They're modified versions meant to amaze specifically for a theme park setting as stated in Jurassic World.

  • We've know the archeopteryx had feathers since the 90's at least. It was one of the discoveries that proved the link between birds and dinos. Its not that they didn't know the science back then, they just ignored it. Same reason your not shown a triceratops in the first movie nor a velociraptor despite them calling them that.

    • We've known that feathers existed on some animals in the Jurassic era since we discovered Archaeopteryx in 1861, so you're right about that.

  • Besides this cool theory, I just think it is absolutely fascinating how much that we know about dinosaurs and our world from that time period just from fossils

  • I just listened to a paleontologist go on and on about how rex had an armored face, and probably had no feathers, and was pathologically aggressive. Also, new rex specimen is like 2 or 3 tons heavier then the next largest land predator to date, putting rex back on top as biggest and baddest

  • There's one crucial detail that should be mentioned regarding the feasibility of resurrecting dinosaurs, and that is the overwhelming gap of pathogenic microbe variation that evolved since the time of the dinos until today. Basically, the Dinosaur's outdated immune systems would be so overwhelmed with unfamiliar variants of diseases, that they might be unable to survive till adulthood at all.

    • Well these aren’t 100% Dino I doubt there even 50%

    • @Big John Cena k

    • @Pat-rick farrell thats only in the movies. matpats zoo does not do that. it brings "real" dinosaurs to life which would all die instantly and never work.

    • wouldn't the scientists just adapt the immune system while making them?.

  • it's hilarious how different the caloric use of a trex is vs me when i was maxing food/use. i gotta respect their effort to be able to work. I got a beer for the first trex that I meet and then I'll point us to a good butcher shop and try to teach it about grilling.

  • The T. Rex chasing Grant's group away doesn't automatically means it wants to eat them. It could easily be that it just wants to chase them away, like large predators do when scavengers are close to the food item.

  • I highly recommend watching the series Prehistoric Planet on Apple+, it is really good & much more realistic look to how the dinosaurs likely looked.

  • Bruh i was born in 2007 and i still have a place for this franchise in my heart. But what I'm surprised about is that no matter what this franchise manages to make sense in all episodes

  • Wait why is this a weird thing? We do the exact same thing with Aquariums, and this would make perfect sense in the same way we have reptile houses to have many large terrariums

  • Thank you for that mini's always bugged me. Especially that scene in the reboot star trek when the giant predator chases Kirk when it already killed the big prey

  • As a European, I really appreciate you translating degrees and length measurements. That means I do not have to pause the video and check it for myself.

  • As a paleo nerd and big Jurassic Park fan, a handful of corrections: Archaeopteryx was known waaaay before the 2016, more like 1861. We've also known about it having feathers for that long. 6:50, that a Compsognathus (which is not from the Cretaceous), not a Velociraptor, and that's a Brachiosaurus, not Brontosaurus (again, both from the Jurassic period, not Cretaceous). Also, brushing all of JP's issues as lack of feathers and shrinkwrapping is a little off. Jurassic Park actually went a great length to portray dinosaurs that were much more realistic for the time being and where there were blank spaces in our knowledge, they speculated. For the time being, Jurassic Park's dinosaurs were very much accurate to modern science of 1993.

    • Finally someone who has a brain! This entire video made me rage-

    • @CyberDragon 52 he’s only saying that the raptors in the FILMS look more like Dakoraptors than Velociraptors.

    • the velociraptor and dilophosaurus. super inaccurate.

    • @William Wilson that’s something MatPat got wrong

    • What about the tyrannosaurus eating a stegosaurus in the opening minute?

  • Actually it’s been proven lately that trex was actually scaly and maybe some feathers not covered

  • My personal headcannon is that the dinos in the Jurassic park movies (all of them, not just the modern ones) were deliberately engineered to not have feathers, to make them more marketable to the general public. Feathered dinosaurs were an accepted scientific theory before the first book was even published. Michael Criton was a scientist as well a writer, I doubt that the omission of feathered dinos was accidental on his part. It's an in universe example of the trope Reality is Unrealistic; most people think of dinos as giant lizards, and would see feathered dinos as unrealistic and weird and be less likely to buy tickets to see them, even if they are accurate. You're already genetically modifying them to make them easier to manage (ie making them all female), why not also modify them to be more marketable? Jurassic park isn't a wildlife preserve, it's a zoo, it's purpose is to turn a profit. Also, what little we see about how the dinos are produced is marketing material, and a little bit of talk with the genetic engineers, so it makes sense that there's no mention of that particular modification. None of the protagonists have much knowledge of genetic engineering. Also, feathers would have helped dinos regulate their core temperature, so taking them away makes it harder for them to survive in the wild if they escape.

  • Did you know dinos didn’t have the part of the brain that made good decisions? It’s why left what they were doing when they saw the humans.

  • “You didn’t ask for reality, you asked for more teeth!” Oof this scene always gets me. It’s one of my favorites!

  • The book already explains that these aren't dinosaurs, unlike the movies that just give little hints until Jurassic World when Wu says "and if they were pure, they would look much different." The book also does a better job explaining how incompetent the scientists at Jurassic Park are. They focus so much on trying to clone these dinosaurs that they mislabeled some. The dinosaurs we've come to accept as velociraptors are actually a species called deinonychus, and Michael Creighton thought velociraptor sounded cooler so he wrote that explanation in the book.

    • well to be fair Crichton was right Deinonychus just don't roll of the tongue as Velociraptor does think he made the right choice

    • @Tod Mannix i know but it's heavily based off the movies and provides a treasure trove of canon information that isn't mentioned in the movies, like which exact dinosaurs indominus rex was created from

    • @Michael Ludlow evolution isn’t canon

    • i mean, also the fact that the utah raptor wasnt discovered until a few months after release

    • En realidad no, ya en dominion (mas específicamente en el prólogo que salió en ILaward) se demuestra que las diferencias son mínimas, por ejemplo, el trex clonado por ingen y el que aparece en el prólogo son literalmente idénticos a excepción de la presencia de plumas

  • I had the same thought when the Rex started after the measly 1-bite Human-Nuggets when he had a full-on fancy feast dinner in front of him.

  • 9:45 actually going up a mountain after being at sea level doesn't decrease the amount of oxygen in the air, its just the pressure is lower and our lungs can't take it but oxygen is still 21% though its not breathable oxygen due to the pressure

  • I really loved the idea of putting dinosaurs in giant terraria's with a built night and day thingy

  • I love the Jurassic Park/World movies. I hope this doesn’t ruin them for me-

  • I mean, after all...Grant himself said it in the first movie: "They're genetically-engineered, theme park monsters!"

    • Third movie.

    • Yup “(in answer to a question whether paleontology is relevant given the living dinosaurs on Isla Sorna) Dinosaurs lived sixty five million years ago. What is left of them is fossilised in the rocks, and it is in the rock that real scientists make real discoveries! What John Hammond and InGen did at Jurassic Park is create genetically engineered theme park monsters! Nothing more and nothing less. [...] No force on earth or heaven could get me on that island.” -dr Alan grant

    • In the casting

    • Third movie.

    • Third

  • According to the books (Yes I know this is a FILM theory but still) They specificly looked for dinosaur DNA on the more northern parts of the globe to combat the temperature issue.

  • Another solution would be to have the whole park be one giant terrarium, and if guests want to go in to see the dinosaurs, they have to put on oxygen masks and tanks to breath in the new environment

  • In the book version or at some point in the movies, Dr. Henwy Wu (not a typo) explains that the Dinos in the series aren’t actual Dinos but that they have been mixed with animal DNA to allow them to survive and also because he’s evil. Pretty much confirmed the not a Dino theory. This works for the ‘park’ movies because as slight as it is, he actually does appear in that movie. It would make sense for Wu to keep the same process in the ‘World’ Series.

  • I recently watched Godzilla vs Kong and it got me thinking about the skill sets of both Godzilla and Kong. That train of though led me down the rabbit hole of "How smart is King Kong" in the new movies because he not only shows sings of understanding, learning, and use of tools (like normal apes do) but he also is shown signs of complex decision making, is able to make quick decisions, is able to go against what he believes for the sake of the greater good (which people are not always capable of), and an understanding of the source of Godzilla's power. None of this is even mentioning his ancestor's knowledge of masonry and tool crafting. I was just wondering if you'd like to do a video discussing his intelligence (or his general skillset) along with that of Godzilla's (because Godzilla also shows signs of higher intelligence, especially at the end of the movie).

    • Last fight

    • Ok idc

    • Actually some apes are smarter than 10yo kids. I've watched some documentaries about it, also even some cats and dogs are very smart and make complex decisions. For example check out "Billispeaks" channel (it's about a cat with extremely high intelligence and understanding of human words). There's another one called "CatmanJohn". I also saw a video of ape being able to understand what a handsaw is, without previously have seen anyone use it. They were making tests and just left a saw in reach of an ape, he picked it up and tried to cut a branch off tree with it, ovbiously not as effective as human, but he clearly understood what it's for and how to use it, he was trying to move it back and forth by adding force, but it often got stuck as he didn't properly hold the branch down. My point .. apes and other animals can often figure things out without having seen them done before. Considering that King Kong was superiour to other apes, I'd say he is/was more intelligent than average humans nowdays (not a joke). Nowdays most humans are so dumb that they don't even know how to change tyre on their car (I have seen people trying to use duct tape to fix car tyres...).

  • wow, I didn't knew this! Thank you so much for the video, love your ideas!

  • Actually the dinosaurs adaptation to our atmosphere and temperatures would probably make them smaller in size, but otherwise would be fine, food on the other hand would be the big killer, none of their plants are around today and it would be hit or miss whether we could compensate for the herbivores, carnivores might also suffer and need vitamin injections to metabolize properly. Another consideration is bacterial most animals use a bacterial biome in their intestines to aid in the braking down of food. Example a baby koala must get these through the fectal oral route to digest eucalyptus leaves. This kinda specialisation would not be able to be replicated by just cloning the species.

  • But wouldn't the Dinos be used to the higher or lower O2 in the air because they grew and hatched in today's atmosphere and wouldn't their metabolism speed up to account for the cooler temps of today? I would bet that the nocturnal Dinos would start to switch their sleep cycles if they were fed during the day. They'd probity won't stay awake all day but maybe be more like cats who are most active around sunset and sunrise.

  • Mat I like the theory but If we were to talk about marine dinosaurs or pterodactyls it would be largely different wouldn't it ? 🤔

  • Now I want to know how big of a space can be made for them with pricing similar to what is spent on something like sea world

  • Welcome to owning reptiles Matt Pat glad to see you in the herping community

  • fun fact: it has been recently discovered that the tyrannosaurus -rex ran at speeds more similar to a human than a car, sometimes slower... I read an article so obviously I could be wrong

  • I always assumed it was a little obvious that the dinos weren't really dinos. In the 1st movie Jeff Goldblum's character tells Hammond that his scientists cut corners and didn't seek and slave over the research themselves. They were so preoccupied with getting people to the park and selling merchandise that they really weren't concerned with accuracy. And in jurassic world they explain that they pick and choose how they want the dinos to look like "bigger, scarier" accuracy is boring in this universe. People want to be scared and awed. Nobody is going to be scared of a chicken sized feathered covered velocirapto. But a lizard the size of a fiat with big sharp teeth, now that you can slap on a lunch box.

    • Let alone even if was the same dinosaur by being born in a different habitat would be a little more keen to survive, even more after being genetically engeneered for said habitat (btw... no wonder the parks are around tropical areas where the temperature is also higher rather than elsewhere)

    • @Cesar Garcia bruh

    • Watched it either way, never getting those 15 mins back

    • This is why I always read gt’s comments, a lot of his videos are just restating the obvious, thank you for making gods work and saving me 15 mins of my life

  • “They’ve never been real dinosaurs.” Dr. Wu pretty much said the same thing in the book.

  • The Jurassic park books were great btw. Definitely worth going through

  • You did get one thing wrong, T-rex werent feathered likely, we have skin impressions of almost all of their skin and havent found feathers

  • That dome idea theoretically could work, So long as we could do it somewhat successfully whilst maintaining structural integrity, as well as viewing ability.

  • This video really pointed out some of my concerns about the thought of having dinosaurs in the modern world. I do have to mention though that I think it was already confirmed that all the dinos in the Jurassic series are all hybrids. The lack of feathers and the difference in size compared to the actual skeletons and info about real dinos are drastically different. The real kicker and the main reason for me in firmly accepting the films and their dinosaur variants was the JP3 Spinosaurus. It was overstated enough how a real Spino would've been far from the big, mean, killing machine in JP3. It was too aggressive, extremely territorial, and too ferocious. Unlike the real thing being passive and solitary.

    • "DINOS NEVER EXISTED!!" Did you, fellow Theorist, know many deny Science or that Dinos ever existed and then get covered by Atheist-ILawardrs, who deal with Science-Denial allll the time? The End-Product fused Fun and Science, so why not go and watch if you like Matpat? Oh, and the whole Calroie-Thing matt tackled at the start here was once roasted by 'Terrible Writing Advice'.

    • @Pine Forest Along with size, strength, etc.

    • Plus, they got its body shape and habitat wrong.

    • @Jackson Knoll camp cretaceous and the books mention it A LOT. Yeah you're right.

    • In the novels it actually is a very big theme that is mentioned often. The movies didn't explicitly address it that much though

  • I’d say the danger would be more equivalent to a zoo than an aquarium, in the sense that it wouldn’t be inconceivable to get into an enclosure somehow and doing so would certainly be dangerous with animals that large

  • Hey matpat I want to say thank you for encouraging me to be a theory dude also if you don’t mind may you add this comment in your next video but you don’t have to. Also I love your videos they are so fun to watch

  • As a hardcore dinosaur nerd I find it hilarious that Matpat talks about the inaccuracies of shrink wraping and the no feathers thing, then the still images the editor uses for the rest of the video have those exact problems. In fact, the dinosaur they used as an example was already shrink wrapped BEFORE they photoshopped it even more. If you read this Matpat, and it's not too much work, I'd greatly appreciate it if you fixed that, or we're at least more careful next time.

    • the examples of the oxygen levels are way to off to the percentage of 3)% is for the carboniferous not the cretaceous

  • 6:50 "the velociraptor" *proceeds to show a compsognathus* 6:51 brontosaurus was already extinct by the late Jurassic period, but you can use argentinosaurus or sauroposeidon though.

  • "I doubt that any guests are gonna be out at 2am to see small raptor-chickens." I and most of the people who would visit this park would 100% percent go see raptors at 2am.

    • They were night hunters probably but thats like saying lions are only night hunters cause they have night vision, You would see them during the day as well more than likely.

    • @_Matejos_ Bigger than that more around the size of a dog still very small, and around a month after the films release raptor skeletons were discovered the size of the ones from the movie (or bigger), 20ft long called the Utah Raptor.

    • @_Matejos_ Closer to a turkey at over 30 pounds but yes. And I would go see those beautiful turkeys with teeth every night.

    • You know that real velociraptors were about the size of a chicken right

  • I saw the title and my first thought was ,yeah, they're not dinosaurs, they explicitly state they are theme park attractions and why they don't fit our current scientific understanding. Like why the raptors are huge