Film Theory: The Final Broadcast (Local 58)

פורסם בתאריך 19 נוב 2021
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What if you cannot even trust the MOON? Theorists, we are returning to one of my favorite analog horror series... Local 58! Since my last episode on this series SO MUCH has happened! In fact, things appear to have crossed from function onto OUR reality. That's right, Local 58 has gone full ARG and I am here for it! Let's get solving!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and AbsolutePixel
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • No way! He's finally updated this series, I think out of all of his videos, his creepypastas and horror videos are my favorite

  • The idea of the moon being some kind of cosmic entity is made even more believable when you realize there’s a movie coming out next year called Moonfall that happens to be about a “mysterious force” knocking the moon out of orbit into a collision course with Earth only for astronauts to find out the moon isn’t what we thought it was.

    • @Kyle Angelo Castro nah i loved it but i respect ur opinion

    • @Kyle Angelo Castro I don’t think it’s that it was “bad” persay, it was just very conspiracy nutjobby. by the way he described it, it sounds like a fun movie.

    • Dude the movie was so bad penguinz0 made a vid about it

    • this

    • Something something Bloodborne

  • Imagine doing that whole theory, not even once stopping to consider that it just might be Nightmare Moon

    • the night shall last forever!

    • I think I understood that reference...

  • "beyond a certain point watching is no different than doing": apart from that being applicable to something sinister, like seeing someone bleeding to death and just staring at them instead of helping, it also seems to be the case at the quantum level when observing an entangled particle. Physicists time and time again have found that the mere act of observing an entangled subatomic particle, like a photon, can alter the results of an experiment. Therefore someone watching is no different than doing. For anyone who reads this and wants to know more about quantum entanglement, be prepared to go down a rabbit hole, because scientists have no idea why this happens. Einstein referred to quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance" and mockingly asked "if we don't look at the moon then it would cease to exist?" ... It turns out after countless experiments, yes. Don't look at the moon, and according to quantum physics, it won't exist... because it's freaky and switches the universe from one governed by fixed laws, to one governed by chance, where reality is really just a casino and probability governs all, and you only win or lose when you look at the dice... I got carried away there. Sorry

    • @V4VenganzaPlays that was a good way to explain how we would know how something behaves when not observed. I never understood how we could possibly know what something is really like when not being observed if no one is observing it. Does that make sense? Lol

    • @James Charron I'm no professional, so I don't really know, but... Yeah. I think that is true. At least somewhat. I mean... It's hard to explain. I don't know if I have the words. If you're curious, you should definitely study it, because if I try to tell you what I know about it, I might cause some misunderstandings or spread misinformation. 💀💀💀

    • Doesn’t quantum entanglement make everything connect so in shrödinger’s cat when the acid breaks air moves and that effects everything till it reaches us so isn’t everything being observed all the time

    • @StrastTheFox haha, yeah. I don't quite think that's exactly how it works though, so I wouldn't worry about it. Technically though, because they have a consciousness, they are observing themselves anyways, so they still would exist, even if real life did work the same as video games.

    • @Whispurr C4t Kinda scary to think that my family, friends and loved ones don’t even exist when I’m not with them tho.

  • This went from some simple alien stuff to lovecraftian horror real quickly😅

  • This network really sucks if it’s still getting hijacked by random people

    • Wz, ,,@Bleeding Edge w

    • @Petalleaf woah woah, slow down there! ILaward actually doing something productive?

    • @GamingAnimators the unfortunate pairing between my uninformed opinion & a temporary dip in impulse control.

    • @A G N O M I N A where'd that come from?

    • @magazine yeah. It not like people can have the same opinions

  • MatPat, can you do a theory about if Kevin could get sued in home alone for manslaughter or something?

    • Legal Eagle did a really good look into this. Spoiler: it DOESN’T end well for Kevin.

    • @Cayben886 i don’t think it would be self defence, as it was use of deadly force that is illegal in most states. Idk what state home alone was supposed to be in so don’t quote me

    • It was self defense so I highly doubt it

    • Look up the legal Eagal you'll find out what happens

  • I just now read that Kris is also responsible for candle Cove, one of my favorite creepypastas as a kid, and now i love this series even more.

    • Wait, he did?! Dude, that's awesome- it's my favourite creepypasta too lol

  • I remember accidentally happening upon local 58. It scared the crap out of me because I thought it was a normal broadcast

  • I feel like matpat talking about the predator cannot differentiate the prey to the accomplice, is a reference to modern medicine. In modern medicine the way that it works is that the medicine kills all bacteria the good ones and the bad ones. This could just be me realizing this or I don't know but it's really interesting.

  • Finally, Local 58 returns to give kids and online theorists the double whammy: migraines and nightmares!

    • @dummy that's a great idea let me just open the portals go other dimentions so i can find my other selfs and i will be right back

    • @Blues Pinewood well might I suggest using cameras or pull a me and make clones of your self and like the saying goes you must reap what you sow

    • @dummy always have been, it's my whole life purpose

    • @Blues Pinewood you don't already do that

    • Don't forget constantly turning on your phone's flashlight checking your room for demonic creatures!

  • 9:51 the “Lookback” could also be a reference to “A Look Back”, another video. Maybe the digital element, the new medium, is being corrupted, hence why there’s a hand reaching down, to dig its claws into new mediums, and new viewers, and that could also explain why there are splices of other video references from the analog days.

  • I watched the first Local58 a long time ago, and I was young enough to think it was real and be scared for my life. I clicked this video thinking “yay more nightmares” and the second sentence has “ARG” in it. 9-10 year old me feels betrayed.

  • You said "empty throne", though; so does that mean that whatever lives in the moon has left it? How exactly has the moon been "silenced"?

  • This makes me wonder what the relationship between the Moon Entity and the Earth Entity is. Sure, you could argue that the Moon just wants to help the Earth out of goodwill, but how often is that the case? What if there is some bigger reason behind the Moon's need for Earth's survival?

    • maybe it’s a symbiotic relationship. if the earth isn’t there, then the moon flies into space. what would the moon provide though? maybe the entities are related in some capacity, and are helping each other out of familial love, like paying for your old moms chemo treatments, because there’s a chance she won’t die.

  • The amount of work and ingenuity from both the creator and the fans is astounding!

    • @Medul! It's weird but most of my recent comments across many channels have been hit with spams. I dunno what triggered it.

    • this poor guy just wanted to compliment the local 58 community now he is flooded with scams

  • Honestly, the fact that Matt didn’t immediately understand the Moon to be a Lovecraftian entity like the Brethren Moons from Dead Space is extremely disappointing. That being said, I’m glad he’s caught up with this, lol.

  • I am so glad y'all are still doing this series! Can't wait for more!

  • The only thing that keeps going through my head watching these videos about Local 58 is deja vu for Welcome to Night Vale. It almost feels like the time period before Welcome to Night Vale takes place. Before the community just blindly accepts the weird things that have been occuring as if they're normal, a desensitizing. Instead of just being focused on a couple small towns, like Welcome to Night Vale, this is aimed at the world through the internet. I don't know... that's the path my weird brain chooses to go down the rabbit's hole😅! Keep up the great work Matpat love the channel!

  • That alert sound will never fail to elicit a reaction from me. The hairs on my neck stand up, and I begin to hyper -ventilate with my heart beating faster. Live in tornado alley so, sort of a standard action now innit.

  • Local58 returns, when absolutely nobody needed more nightmares.

    • The nightmares stopped for you?

    • yes

    • There so many boths here everyone give me your likes so no one e we I’ll have to see them

    • Begone, bots!

  • Love your commentary! - Regarding the webpage image with the “extended hand.” It shows the light spectrum. And we know “ITS IN THE LIGHT.” And “WE SEND SIGNALS TO OURSELVES THRU THEIR DOMAIN.” Their domain being certain frequencies? - I think it’s important to keep in mind that the tv station is still analog, as the digital conversion failed. “THIS STATION WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN DIGITAL CONVERSION AT THIS TIME.” I assume that this is the creator’s answer to how the broadcast continues to be hijacked after the FCC mandated switch to all-Digital broadcasting. - Is this narrative about 1) humanity vs. some cosmic entity or entities that are associated with the electromagnetic spectrum? 2) two sets of “eldritch” cosmic entities like the Great Old One versus the Elder Gods, with humanity caught in the middle? Whoever they are, "We've always been here” and “I the always here.” 3) a group of people subjected to some nefarious brainwashing experiment? Lastly, there is that “mining disaster” in 1963. Mining what? And where? In the Show for Children, we see Cadavr walk through an underground tunnel much like a mine. And I don’t think the moon was very happy about it. Maybe it’s a warning to us human parasites to stop exploiting natural resources. IDK

  • oh my lord. the more I listen to this theory the more I'm convinced that Local 58's lore is some how tied into or just greatly influence by the Lore of "TYPE-MOON" 's Metaverse XD AND I LOVE IT!

  • I love that nexpo did this a year ago and im so happy youre covering it now.

  • Absolutely terrified of this series because I frequently had night mares as a child about the moon speaking to me and trying to eat me 😅

  • "A predator cannot differentiate prey from accomplice" - I feel like this plays further into the "cosmic horror trope" in the way that Lovecraftian cultists often get destroyed/devoured/consumed in the process of bringing their masters into our world.

    • @Aard you have been deemed worthy by the fake cam girl bots lol

    • @Amae Oh. Well, I suppose I should take this as a badge of honor then 😂

    • A bot has copied your comment

    • @Bengal404 I can almost imagine the name brand is called 'Lovecraft's' XD

    • @Bengal404 actually its a very specific race of beings in lovecraftian mythos.

  • The amount of work you put into this is amazing!

  • I’m so glad local 58 is back. it introduced me to analog horror and args :) (which I’m obsessed with now)

  • Would love to see you look into monumental mythos, it’s incredibly deep with lore

  • I love how this creature is basically just pissed off that no one's worshipping its glory.

  • 1:08


    • King!! Hope MatPat will cover your work soon 💗

    • good on ya man


    • No worry, feel free. -quick make a note that it likes matpat-

  • You know, your first theory of aliens on the moon was a big inspiration for my story

  • 0:19 "don't look up" me: proceeds to instantly look up at my ceiling

  • I see this has returned!! Well now I got another thing to keep up with- thank you!

  • MatPat, you really should pay attention on Mandela Catalogue, another analog horror series. So good and intense stories

  • "Man in the Moon" and "rabbit in the moon" are common myths that are probably important to local 58 so I'm surprised Matpat didn't notice them.

    • @Burningpottedplants lores ipsum is dummy text for checking text style for publishers. It’s some latin from some book idk.

    • @Mister Incognito what is that?

    • Tf would a Chinese rabbit with the elixir of life have anything to do with cosmic horror

    • @milkallergy wow, that’s reversed LipSum! Man, spammers get more advanced!

  • "through the window" reminds me of tiptoe through the tulips, which references moonlight, and is unintentionally creepy (in addition, a singer died while performing it, Tiny Tim)

  • I just went from watching: calming music and game theories to: scary uncomfortable stuff that I didn't even know about that almost wants to make me stop watching these type of stuff but yea somehow I STILL want to watch it.other than that I still love watching MatPat even though I haven't been in the channel for quite a while🥰if he keeps it up I might as well use every sigle dollar I have and buy every single merchandise he has in store for us😀👍

  • the "dont look up" was so effective that I was scared of doing so for 10 minutes straight - well done ....

  • I REALLY want an ARG to use Oscilloscope messaging, which makes images from the music/sound being played. I saw a TechMoan video on it years ago and I've never wanted an old piece of Technology more. This Analog horror format is ideal for it but admittedly it's SO obscure that it's the kind of thing that would take a brave ARG Designer to place an important piece of Lore behind it as it may never be found. And for something so obscure and difficult to achieve putting some insignificant piece of information behind it would be pretty disappointing. Here's a link to the video from when the images start playing

  • I never watched local 58 but its entertaining watching Matpat just talking about it.

    • @sumic thx ill do that :>

    • @aidosentpaint beware of bots.

    • I agree

    • @Nigel Pinto sounds like a theory job for Mat

  • “What can FCG mean” Me who works the passenger terminal in the military: well Foreign Clearance Guide of course

  • Thank you so much Matpat for all the amazing videos! Could you do an arcane theory?

  • one of my favorite parts of local58 is that it was made by Kris Straub, who is the same guy who made the "Candle Cove" creepypasta

  • The absolute irony of the fact that, just this morning, I was doing environmental research, feeling climate-anxiety, and wondering what I could do to help more... Is kinda mind rattling. I guess I could make an ARG scaring people into treating the earth better too...?

  • I don't typically attempt to suggest things here, but I would like to humbly ask that you look into the Mandela Catalogue. It's another analogue horror channel not dissimilar to this one, but it has its on style and brand of horror that is both decently unique and deeply unsettling. It has a few episodes already with some codes to decipher and a decent basis of information to theorize off of. Thanks for taking the time to read!

    • Local 58 edges it out imo

    • It gave me a even bigger headache then this video

    • He did

    • I'd also suggest everyone looks up the other works by Kris Straub.His webcomic is really nice.He also partnered with another webcomic creator to make "A Machine for death".

  • As somebody who actually still loves looking at the moon for hours I don't know how to feel about this

  • I. Love. This. Channel! There are so many amazing theories, more than a few have lead me down different rabbits holes, and I'm a better person through new knowledge (or at least, new ways to explore the media I consume greedily for my own nefarious means!! . . . I've said too much . . . ) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😁😁😁😁 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • I'm surprised he didn't mention the part near the end of sky watching where the camera zooms in on the moon and there's some sort of triangular structure on the surface.

  • when you realize Kris Straub, the creator of Local 58, literally made the popular creepypasta Candle Cove 🤯

  • When I heard “A predator cannot differentiate prey from accomplice”, I immediately thought of classical (read Greco-Roman) mythology. The moon is a huntress and there are stories of that goddess cursing her devotees as well as those who looked on her inappropriately. I’m not as familiar with other mythologies, but suspect that the moon is similarly personified.

    • That would be artemis

    • Am I the only one who sees research _________ at 15:55? I can’t make out the second word

    • @Eric Coffer Jr you’re mixing up a couple of myths. The myth of a hunter looking onto Artemis and her hunting party bathing nude is Aceton, he was turned into a stag and killed by his hounds. The other myth is narcissus who falls in love with his own image and after dying was turned into a narcissus flower and where the term narcissist comes from.

    • The Moon, is a creature in and of itself in this universe.

    • As a Pagan I agree with this theory.

  • I just tried the number………and I had chills up my spine. I am going to watch Local 58

  • Wow neat, I didn't think Local 58 would get close to present day, and especially even *using* the switch from analog as a story element is super cool.

  • 15:32 I think they help the moon knowing they'll get eradicated as well, and those lines aren't from any other than from the members themselves telling other members that "predators doesn't diferencia te from accomplices". Basically sacrificing themselves by helping the moon

  • I recently came across this horror movie titled v/h/s 94 it's very interesting but I'm very confused by the story, I heard that the movie is a part of a series and wondered if you'd look into the series 🤔

  • I actually like MatPat’s voice just because it doesn’t make scary stuff scary and more of interesting

    • Then why don’t you marry him!!!!!

    • Moon was not always there

    • I know right he could be casting a whole spell on us and we like "hmm go on"

    • i only engage in the spooky stuff through people like wendigoon and matpat

  • Just as the analog/digital switch episode was posted, the moon on the Hermitcraft server started to drastically increase in size, and now Mumbo Jumbo has just created the Cult of the Mooners. Coincidence? I think not!

    • I was not expecting this comment. But i welcome it. For the moon!

  • The amount of Easter eggs throughout the series and just this episode alone is absolutely mind-boggling. Here I am feeling my oats after completing a medium difficulty crossword puzzle..

  • local 58 was one of my first horror theory I watched so there's nothing better than watching this at midnight

  • Also I now wonder if the series ends with the moon just spinning around to reveal a giant face like in the SCP

  • ngl I really love the idea of secrets in a piece of digital media that can only be unlocked by using analog technology.

  • Alternative interpretation: "Beyond a certain point watching is no different from doing" Watching theory videos is the same as participating in the process as they do on the subbreddit.

    • Come on, why ARGs always suppose to be creepy.

  • i haven’t been keeping up with my youtube args so when mat said local58 was updated i absolutely freaked out

  • 6:59 Love to see Tv Tropes, and most especially the WMG page which does theories kind of like this channel.

  • I would love to see a creator make a cryptic story that genuinely has no connecting plot and for MatPat create a theory synthesising a plot Similar to how it was once a theory that Scott Cawthon didn’t actually have a story for the first four FNaF games and MatPat was “making it up”

    • Scott said himself that he created the game solely because people said his characters from other games looked like animatronics, it was literally just that and nothing more. By 'theorizing' and reading in way too deep Matt essentially wrote the story for him because the fan's accepted it as canon, and scott cawthon "yes, and-"'ed the whole thing. Was one of the most satisfying days when David Firth (the creator of salad fingers) stated that Matpat was completely wrong in his theory and that he was just riding the wave, would love to see more creators do it instead of having the vision of their work distorted.

    • @Daniel Pretty sure there's an actual story to FNAF but go off

    • I'm down

    • I knew it!!!

    • twotoone

  • I feel like Matpat should do a video about the Mandela catalog.

  • Awesome theories and video! Heard about L58 from @Wendigoon and hoping for an updated video discussing your theories 🙏

  • I love it Virgin Mattpat was stuck on the Banal “muh Aliens” bandwagon but Chad Wendigoon called it that it’s the moon or an Eldritch entity within it!

  • I see what's really going on here, clearly the aliens have taken control of MatPat and Kris Straub to throw us off their scent. Nice try, aliens.

  • I loved that this ARG used so many different forms of media to deliver it's story... It's sounds incredibly difficult to write and produce...

    • They Even Use Dialup Infact, Or Whatever Either Old Modems Used (data through audio] And What Fax Machines Currently Use

    • A lot of args do that

  • For you to just now figure out that it was the moon being an entity, years after the fact is ridiculous.

  • If you guys have ever read the horror manga "Hellstar Remina" by Junji Ito, this gives me a very similar energy. I'd recommend Mat look into it, if only just to read such a famed and classic piece of Japanese horror.

  • Hi Matpat! I love your videos, and I was wondering if you could do one on The Owl House? I don’t know what about it specifically, but there’s a lot of lore there!

  • Not sure if this has been pointed out in the comments yet, but "a predator cannot differentiate prey from accomplice" is 90% a red herring. It's the caption from an old Instagram post from Kris' personal Instagram (caption since then deleted).

  • The moon has Cthulhu living in it. That reminds me, why hasn't Matpat done a theory on Terraria, because there is actual lore to that game with Chtulhu living on the moon.

    • Yeah

    • What about Mindustry, the Sharded, Crux, and Malis groups probably have some juicy lore, as well as the descriptions on some of the sectors for erekir(Malis controlled) and serpulo(Crux controlled)

    • @TerraSen The Terrarian Well, the Moonlord is Cthulhu (according to Terraria wiki’s lore page), and was broken to pieces by the dryads, at the cost of most of them dying. The Moonlord, with its remaining body, retreated to the dark side of the moon.

    • I KNOW

    • @Spyder0909 understandable. Thanks for clearing it up.

  • 2:15 Mat:When you relook at all the evidence it seems like the threat we're dealing with is actually much bigger than just an alien species. Me:YES, IT'S NOT ONE, IT IS MANY, IT IS THE COVENANT FROM HALO

  • What if the final overall message that is being delivered ends up being the same one that Ralphie was able to decode in the bathroom, "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."

  • When I was younger I was scared of the moonlight peaking in though my windows. I avoided the light. needless to say if young me saw this stuff without context I think I would be a complete scaredy cat of the moon

  • This is the first I've heard of Local 58. Reminds me a lot of a video version of Welcome to Nightvale.

  • It’s pretty comforting knowing MatPat is here to debunk and break down the thing that gave us nightmares as kids.

    • @lana alt glad to know I wasn't the only one

    • i would get scared even when i was awake i didn't want to look at the ceiling because i thought a monster was crawling on it and only attacked when i looked .~.

    • Wendigoon's video on this:

    • The chosen

    • If you were a kid then you’re still a little kid