Film Theory: The HIDDEN LORE of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared!

פורסם בתאריך 27 יול 2016
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Part 2 of DHMIS is HERE! Because frankly you guys in the comments would never let me live it down if I didn't release this right away. But really, I wanted to make sure I crammed as much DHMIS lore and as many Easter eggs as possible into this episode, and those eggs take time! But now we're ready to talk everything Roy and Red Guy and raw chicken and father's day! Oh boy, what have I even gotten myself into...
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  • Okay, that ending was wholesome. You can’t deny that. Also great job for pancaking your brain to share this theory, MatPat! 🙌✨ I certainly will pray for your brain’s recovery 👍

  • "Getting canned" or "getting the can" is another way of saying "getting fired", so I'm pretty sure Duck's canning was just a metaphor haha

    • Whatever helps you sleep at night

    • and yellow guy eating him was a metaphor for roy spoonfeeding him the idea that duck was bad for the show

    • Then again..

    • maybe its shows that duck died but not like canned or eaten but like ded and the place looks like an hospital and the yellow guy eating duck is an metaphor of him being ded ( but how was he back in ep. 6 ? )

    • I agree. After all, duck returns for the reboot at the end of episode six, remaking a series with more freedom can’t just bring people back to life. Not to mention, duck changed color, so I think the duck thing might just be a costume. I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Is there anyone else who'd like to see the wholesome, family-friendly, non-Roy-influenced DHMIS series?

  • "This time green will be a creative color. " *Shrek is typing*

    • o

    • **Eddsworld fans have entered the chat**

    • someone get this guy a false moustache

    • Green is not going to be a creative color 😡😡

    • You copied someone else's comment literally right under you

  • "This time green will be a creative colour" *It's enough to make a grown man cry*

  • Healthy eating. In my opinion it has the most interesting secrets and easter eggs, also it's the scariest one. The symbolism of red watching from inside the microwave after having to leave because he was literally consumed by his own show is just great! I love it!

  • I feel bad that he- may -have to redo this because Episode Seven is coming out soon (yay!).

  • Yesterday a trailer for a new season of DHMIS was released. Yesterday was June 19th and father's day. I think this completely proves matpat's theory guys

  • I rewatch these theories every time I get back into DHMIS. It’s always so fun to relive it. One thing that I’ve pondered is something from episode five, the food episode. The Spinach Can gives Yellow Guy a taste of supposed onion-paste on their spoon, then the Steak Guy says “That wasn’t onion paste; never eat food from a stranger’s plate.” I was always curious about what they meant. But, later in the episode, Yellow Guy eats the canned Duck Guy. I didn’t understand why he’d do that, they seemed to be friends. Then, when thinking about it, I was reminded of what the Steak Guy said. I know the whole series is like a weird trip, but the Yellow Guy seemed to be kinda hallucinating right before he started eating the Duck Guy. So, my theory is that the Steak Guy was right, it wasn’t onion-paste that he ate, and was, in fact, a drug given to him to make him eat the Duck Guy. Idk if anyone else in the comments has noticed this, if so, props to you for also thinking of it. I just thought it to be an interesting little possible detail. :)

    • the reality is that duck was canned (ie fired) and yellow guy eating him was roy literally and figuratively spoon feeding him the idea that duck was bad for the show

    • Up!

    • I thought the same thing, because that's when the voices get more echo-y and Yellow Guy looks more like he starts hallucinating

    • @Cambria Glow yeah

    • Holy sh- that’s kinda dark

  • The ending of the theory is so wholesome like bruh they restart, with a lower budget, its simple and they get their freedom and get to do whatever they want its so happy

    • @Lazzy Yeah ikr

    • @Happy Walsh I literally fucking hate "I diDnT AsK" as a response to anything. Apparently people need someone to ask to say something now. 🙄

    • Only film theory makes wall-e, a innocent kids film, about a dark society forced to caniblisim, and makes don’t hug me im scared wholesome

    • Thanks for spoiling the theory

    • ikr!

  • The ducks death could also refer to him leaving the show though. Sometimes when an actor leaves a show for another project, they end up killing that character. Granted, this was horrid and violent, but everything on DHMIS is.

  • I like how the new kitchen in ep 6 now has a door, almost like the characters can leave at any time, y'know without fear of being canned... literally

  • I always interpreted Red's office job as his life after he 'dies' in the show, this death is like his presence leaving a fucked-up bubble that he has lived in for so long. After Red escapes (his head blows up) Roy he takes on a normal life and has trauma of some sort. It really messed with his head and since his time on the show, he lives with paranoia and its like he expects random objects to come to life and start singing, hence the file. The creativity song is a way to cope I guess?? He 'lived' in the show and had no time outside it so those songs are all he knows. This all happens simultaneously with the healthy episode. The 'healthy song' is much more simplistic and is rushed as a way to take Duck's and Yellow guy's mind of the disappearance of Red. The food started singing and talking to interject Duck's and Yellow guy's conversation that from what I remember) goes something like this: "Hmm somethings missing"/"Oh, is it that guy?" Anyways yea thanks to whoever read this, hope you enjoyed it

  • The ending made me smile - where MatPat talks about the new chapter and how the characters are free

  • Wow... This blew my mind, everything ties in perfectly! This makes me appreciate even more the series. Excellent video!

  • 1:37 you also see roy staring down from the top of the set when the camera falls right here. That one gave me goosebumps first time I noticed haha

  • I just gotta say that the creators are extremely smart

  • I personally interpret the last 3 episodes as such, this whole time they have been trapped in this machine creating these scenarios hence why there are missing posters for them everywhere. During episode 4 Red Guy manages to reach the edge of the simulation and learns that he is in a simulation. He is then isolated from the other 2 for risk they may learn the truth and could potentially escape as this system requires them to remain unaware. Red guy is then sent into a more realistic world to contain him where every character is a duplicate of him and his memories are altered so that he think what happened was a dream. As he struggles though with being a kids show character in the adult world be eventually remembers and is able to slip free of the machine and then ends up shutting it down causing a reset. This partially explains why Duck is seen in ep 6, if he wasn't actually killed by Roy but simply sectioned off into another simulation (and probably a more cruel one) then it would be easy to reintroduce him by Red Guy messing with the computer.

  • This went to being nightmare fuel to the most wholesome and happy thing ever.

  • I'm actually happy that it was a happy ending. Makes me fell happy.

  • Yes, this video is 5 years old, but I think it's worth commenting on. I love the idea that it's a new series on a low budget, it makes it so wholesome. Another theory which is less on the happy side, is that Roy made a new show, copying the characters but changing them slightly because red guy owns the actual characters. I do prefer the theory in this video though

  • I Love this theory MatPat!

  • the fact that the trailer for the next ep was released on june 19, another father's day, is just super cool

  • I understand now, when Red guy called his friends in episode 5, it was a warning for them to escape. Duck Understood Reds warning and tried, but was captured and Canned. Both literally and figuratively.

    • Also at the beginning of episode 5 duck says that something isn t right and something is missing Then Doug looks at a drawing on the fridge and he looks back at yellow guy and he looks back at the drawing on the fridge And it shows the aftermath of episode 5 if you didn't know

    • @Alyssa Denise Bongala I thought it was him getting a wake up call into reality

    • at first i just thought that the red phone from the show was a metaphor for duck's instincts 'ringing' because he senses that the set is going in the wrong direction

    • I think it's more of a representative of the person getting fired

    • @Musicalli the actor in the suit changes

  • My theory is that roy is a figure of "power" as a concept. Red guy is portraying artists and creativity in general. Yellow guy is the consumer/target aka. a kid. Red guy has an idea for an educational kids show and gets sponsorship from roy. He slowly realizes how problematic the production is with roys sponsorship and therefore, his control. After red guy leves the production, he still misses the "creative" part. Roy tries to make ep.5 alone and it becomes a total catastrophy becouse roy has no artistic vision or understanding. He tries to get red guy back by offering him a higher possition (the scene with the "control room" in ep.6) but instead he decides to stop the production. Roy is not only yellow guys father, and red guys sponsor, but also represents every parent who let their kid watch brainwashing, capitalized productions without anny supervision or limit. As we see in ep.6, this leads to the kids getting overstimulated, scared, In the end, red guy is independent and has no sponsors. This can be seen in the lack of props in the finale scene compared to the first episode.

  • love how this was like the scariest show to me back then to it being the most happy shining rainbows thing, just goes to show that it's the message that matters, not the theme. I just sounded like a reading teacher oml.

  • Never realized how happy of an ending the show had, looking forward to season 2 in September

  • The ending of this Film Theory might’ve made me tear up a little bit.

  • I think it’s worth noting that at the end of Episode 6, the notepad’s eyes are a lot less condensed into the paper with crossed eyes, clearly showing this notepad is a lot more fun and wacky than the one before it, showing the uncanny teachers are also free and are able to give out the proper lessons without Roy skewing them.

    • This is the perfect ending

    • @Danish V1nce did you even see the ending in episode 6?

    • Umm I'm sorry but the note book is in episode 1

    • Good ending

    • Yes paper will not destroy da clown painting

  • Idk why this episode scared me so much like I was walking to my room with the lights off and half expected to see a Roy muppet pop up in-front of me.

  • isn't "getting canned" also a euphimism for am idea getting rejected, or a person getting fired?

  • that was perfect, the opening aligned perfectly with my tea slerp and the animals in the beginning and just their unimpressed silence and the slerp. i think im crazy

  • I loved that show 😭 people thought I was crazy but I just liked horror -.-

  • "This time, green will be a crative color" *Single tear falls to the ground*

    • @kekigurl 5:37

    • @Denise Ann Cative!!!1!

    • Creative**

    • Me when green is a favorite color Me: YES!!!!! 😭😭 it is beautiful

    • Me at the end of the theory Sheads a single tear of joy for yellow guy

  • "This time green will be a creative colour" that's such a wholesmoe interpretation, im shedding a singular tear

  • I watched this straight after watching the series, it scared me really 😂 my favourite was 5 but also I don't like the fact he ate his own friend but I would agree 4 was funny But sheesh I was not expecting any of it, it was great!

  • The ending is so wholesome, MatPat is a genius.

  • I have never watched this before but it was so good and it's great help with the story I'm writing. You're awesome matpat B)

  • Thanks Film Theory. DHMIS no longer freaks me out.

  • I love how this kinda turned a confusing show to something with a wholesome meaning

  • Ah, yes, the good ending. I'm taking this as cannon.

  • I’m so glad the theory gave them a wholesome ending

  • This was such a fun and interesting show to watch I binged it in one day

  • I personally enjoy the “love” episode the most because I’m a queer person and I relate to the implied message that there’s only one right way to love and it’s monogamous, heterosexual, and under approval of a cult

  • I wish this was a literal series because it was amazing It was amazing I can't say anything else I just wish it lasted forever

  • One thing to add is that when Duck got canned is that "Getting canned" is also short for being canceled/fired. That could have been a gruesome way to show he was fired from the show.

    • He probably didn't know.

    • I was wondering why he didn't mention that!

  • the reality of the can scene in e5 is that duck was canned (ie fired) and yellow guy eating him was roy literally and figuratively spoon feeding him the idea that duck was bad for the show

  • the fact roy is such a terrifying and manipulating character but his face is just ._.

    • @Learning with Laila no pls no

    • It looks like he has been snorting some stuff 0-o

    • Haha he is sus

    • @c.c Bya idk man just saying

    • @Learning with Laila you too (I asked my dad what yall two meant)

  • Excited for more of these when the TV series comes out 😄

  • My favourite quote is from “healthy eating” being “you’ll end up with your teeth all grey”, but I can’t think of a favourite episode.

  • Man, that ending was the most wholesome thing I’ve heard all day.

  • I remember watching one theory that the entire series was about red guy growing up and trying to stay young, which is why the date was the same, because it was the day before his birthday, but honestly this one make a lot more sense

  • “What are you allergic to?” Red guy: _Music_

    • Very passive aggressive

    • Sketchbook:Green

    • Maybe he's allergic to music now because when he sing in the past, the audiences boo'ed him except Roy

    • @Bidi Masterz maybe if hes allergic he might be itching but h cant scratch cause it might show the characters are unsafe in the show so he's forced to feel pain like yellow guy

    • The log is in the bin

  • It's been years and I still love these episodes.

  • This is way more wholesome than my interpretation that the show and Roy are society, the government etc telling people what they can and can’t be/do and each episode is society brain washing people into believing that society’s way is the only way and at the end red guy realises what is going on and try’s to escape (going to a office job) then realises that society will continue to corrupt people so try’s to stop Roy/ society but in the end roy won as it was all repeated with different people (implying Society continues to brain wash people despite them trying to rebel) Just what I thought after I watched all of the episodes also it doesn’t make much sense but heh

    • I'm glad I watched this video coz I also thought it was showing everything repeating again and it was bad, but this shows it as good lol

  • “This time green will be a creative color” Me: *Laughs in ✨Wakey Wakey✨*

  • Oh man, what a happy ending! I'm glad we ended off on a good no-THERES A THIRD FILM THEORY ABOUT THIS???

  • “Red guys legs standing there” Red guy who’s body is entirely there: am I a joke to you

  • Fun fact: The green door on the right on the ending of episode 6 represents the 3 characters freedom from Roy.

  • In my opinion, Roy is also representing parents. Parents who buy things for their kids whatever companies sell for kids and think that kids need it without think twice or ask their kids opinions. So their money will keep these toxic kids show for their kids and sell things to them. They're poisoning their kids with that loop

  • I’ve watched this video so many times. Definitely my favorite film theory video

  • Admit it, these two episodes were by far the best Film Theory videos of all time

  • Something that disturbed me was their answers to the questions. Like when they were asked where they lived, both yellow guy and duck said their house, like in the episode about computers. Red guy says, "I just don't know anymore." Or when they are asked their favorite colors, yellow guy responds with,"No!" Because he was told green was not a creative color

    • @Calex They said yellow guy

    • @Keira McCloud Noice pfp

    • Your profile pic is literally my desktop background

    • This was the nightmare I thought I forgot

    • But Red Guy's favourite color is Blue. Red Guy's saying "No!" is I think, he's feeling bad for Yellow Guy?

  • i love that you made one with an happy ending, makes me feel warm

  • At the end «now green is a creative color» gave me literal tears of joy

  • I just got back into re-watching this series, AND these theories, and how fitting. This year 2022, Father’s Day is once again: June 19 😂😂😂

  • It makes me feel uneasy since it's basically like when you watch anything on the internet, there will always be sponsors.TV, ILaward Videos, Websites all of those things. And it tells us to snap back to reality and focus on our main dream and not get side-tracted from all these advertisements that try to brainwash you to give them your money. I know this is stupid but: When Roy is in the corner of the room watching Red guy, it kind of reminds me how when you buy something anyone could be monitoring you or looking through what you are doing especially a computer or laptop. Like the company is controlling you. This relating to DHMIS: everything is being sponsored and how Roy is always there watching every move.

  • I like how the main cast at the end are their favourite colours.

  • Amazing video, man! My favorite was Time. The line: "Eventually, we all run out of time" hit home hard...

  • Not gonna lie, the ending almost makes me cry. What a beautiful restart.

  • I'm so relieved to see this theory because at the time i thought that the end meant making the literal same thing, but with different colors as in how many shows do that with the publicity and everything, maybe different characters (colors) but at the end it repeats itself... This is so so much better and takes in account all the details!

  • I would rank them: 1. Time 2. Computer 3. Creativity 4. Healthy 5. Dreams 6. Love

  • my mind is so blown by the amount of detail

    • Are you Red 2 electric boogaloo?

    • Same

    • ikr

    • well then, WAKEY WAKEY

    • hey its an unknown verfied person lets give him likes!

  • the urge to take every theory i hear on this channel and be convinced its real

  • This intro is by far my favorite out of all the other intros! The editing, sound, imagery, lore, it’s just (🤌🏻 *Chef’s kiss* ) PERFECT!

  • i love the idea that the actual meaning behind this abstract horror miniseries is something inspirational and wholesome like what’s said at the end of the video

  • this is like the only happy ending hidden lore episode he has ever made

  • MatPat: Don't watch this before going to sleep, trust me Me: Peck it **Watches DHMIS and goes to sleep anyway** Me at 1 AM: **Googling why is Roy in my room**

    • He just wants to give you hot milk to make you go to sleep >:)

    • ayo

    • Roy came for your soul. 😱

    • @The Past Is Far behind us the future dosent exsist

    • Same, I watched this at like 6 and was on edge until like 3 am

  • Rewatching this whole series is amazing 👨🏻‍🦳

  • The ending was heart warming ❤️❤️