Film Theory: The HORRIFIC Story of Salad Fingers

פורסם בתאריך 5 אוק 2016
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"Fancy seeing you here." If you thought "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared!" was the most disturbing stuff on ILaward, think again. I've been REKT for a week trying to uncover the truth behind one of the darkest series on ILaward - Salad Fingers! And today, my countless sleepless nights pays off, as we expose the truth behind this disturbing collector of rusty spoons.
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  • Salad Fingers isn't over.....

  • The guy who voices salad fingers is now the voice of a character on a toddler focused show… my son was watching it and when I heard him speak my brain just melted

  • "So we know he lives in the UK" You coulda just ended it there, it explains everything

    • Bro like I’m scared that it’s gonna come to my house 🥲😳

    • @Kian Rodriguez thanks it’s ok 👌🏻

    • @青い_𝙖𝙤𝙞 sorry, I was just making the joke since I've seen a lot of British people do it (and there was this one ILawardr who made the joke as well). I actually have mad respect for British people

    • @Kian Rodriguez bro ik that’s the stereotypical ‘bri’ish’ but we say British and not all English people have bad dental hygiene

    • You don't brush your teeth? I'm Bri'ish!

  • the funny thing is i watched the whole series, salad fingers truly is a terrifying series, but there’s also some sad, and wholesome moments

  • Honestly, this looks like the story of a soldier with mental illness, trapped in his own mind cause of some tragic event in the war, this hits different if you think of it like that

  • at first i was like "ehh.." and 4 minutes in my mind was blown, and again, and again. that was so observant!! i love the way you think, man. great video. most people including myself who indulged in this series in middle school saw it as nothing more than creepy entertainment to watch after school days lol. woww

  • I love that he was talking about how people in high schools would dare each other to watch this and the kids would come back wrecked but when I binged the whole show I kept a straight face I even laughed in some parts 😂

  • god, I love salad fingers. Its cute, and i love the animation. It has a good story, and its fun to watch if youre a fan of horror.

  • I watched this whole thing when I was in middle school at least like once a month. I adore this series lol

  • He might be a green freak, but he is pretty good at naming things.

    • yes

    • I wish he named me..

    • yes

    • Everybody's skin is beautiful even people with green skin

    • Yeah! Mean hey...! I practically just use the exact same name for all my caracters! Heck, practically HALF of them Are just named Jack!

  • I've loved salad fingers for years. I genuinely never thought it was scary. Spooky yes but not scary. It's more sad than scary but also numbing in a weird way.

  • Love how these videos never die- I mean saladfingers is one of my favourite things online and episode 12 is almost a month old hopefully he’ll make a new one

  • The horse scene was always so heartbreaking and shocking to me

  • I remember like i was 11 or 12 and I wouldn't stop watching this, trying to understand everything I could possibly decipher in this show, im just saying that, I love this show and it didnt freaked me out like the other people when I show them this

  • He likes rusty spoons because he can’t see his reflection

    • I don’t know why but that hit me hard.

    • That was brutal

    • Yu mean rusty stuff

    • HeLo I like Rusty Spoons I like to touch them The rust against my SAlleD Fingers 🥗🥗🥗🥗

    • Oof but wait what if episode eleven actually lines up with this-

  • The use of Boards of Canada’s “Beware the Friendly Stranger” is genius. Such a short scary tune, that creates terrifying bg music. Honestly one of the scariest BoC tunes. If their “Uritual” or “Semena Mertvykh” was used as well I think that this would have been the scariest series ever. Great series, great video.

  • I watched the entire hour of this and I love this. Watching the quality of the animation over the years was so interesting to see. I wasn’t really scared, sometimes disturbed, but mostly intrigued

  • FOR me it was never scary lol I was quite fascinated by the creativity of the show I mean I just love the way he and the words tremble and the voice acting is just perfect 👌 Truly a masterpiece

  • Matpat : "I dare you to watch the entire salad fingers series !" Me with an Amnestic syringe on standby : "Challenge accepted, internet theory man" (A reminder that I watched the entire series)

  • I remember being paranoid of my surroundings and being scared at everything after watching this

  • I love how he talks up the fear level so much, and then 9 year old me is just in the corner watching it without even a hint of fear😂

  • I watched this in like 5th grade and loved it lol, I just rewatched all of it and i felt comforted by it

  • Once upon a time, you were in high school and I was five. I remember finding salad fingers on ILaward ( not ILaward kids ) and I LOVED this thing, I mean I watched all the episodes there was only to see it again from Cory on SSS. I love horror 💕

  • The scariest thing in ILaward is still and always will be the horrible HORRIBLE mobile game adds....

    • RAID: Shadow Legends

    • Oh yeah

    • @Cløcky The Comedy Dude yeah

    • ads* not adds

    • Raid shadow legends is a free game...

  • I actually never found Salad Fingers scary or disturbing. I actually liked listening to him talk since iT- oddly relaxing? the way he speaks is neat

  • I just finished watching salad fingers, it was a cool series, the first episode wasn't as bad as I thought.

  • How did people find this scary?! I was in high school when it started and my roommates and I watched all the time in college. It cracked us up and we always quoted it to each other! Ahhh memories….

  • Am I the only one who feels sad for Salad Fingers? I’m really out here empathising with him and feeling sad about his trauma what does that say about me ?

  • The way he peeled back his finger skin was disgusting.

  • Honestly, for me, salad fingers, more than scary it's... Stressful, it's like asmr, but instead of calming you, it does the opposite, but apart fron that, I don't find it scary (THAT scary) and I can handle it just fine

  • This was extremely interesting and fun to listen to, great video!!!

  • I watched this with my bff. I absolutely love salad fingers so so much. Love him with all my heart. He’s terrifying but I love him. I love him so so much. I can’t explain why I just do

  • Rewatching all of my favorite scary theories. There was just another episode of salad fingers uploaded a week ago actually, just watched it.

  • I love that david firth said this isn't at all what he was thinking when he made Salad Fingers

    • @Gwendalynn Watkins There most definitely isn't... -_- ... Literally the ENTIRE point of Salad Fingers is its fundamental surrealism. Aka, it's NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE/HAVE A LOGICAL NARRATIVE!!!

    • @Relics_Of_TimeVAL Nah this is crap its better as just each persons interpretation as it is

    • @Meme Man really? From what I remember he said something along the lines of it being a good one but just completely off, idk for sure though tbh

    • @Urban Umbra a FiLm tHeOry

  • I love psychology and never once found salad fingers in any way creepy. I found it online once and watched it while I fell asleep and realised I loved these. I find myself deeply empathetic towards salad fingers and have always had my ideas about the film and his or her mind. After rewatching it I began to wonder if salad fingers was a girl as ive always seen them as a male. Bringing me to look up a film theory and here we are. Thank you for making this video 💙

  • i have watched all the episodes of salad fingers when i was 7 and had no nightmares at all. and the truth is i liked to watch salad fingers and i still like it.😀😌

  • I’ve literally avoided this theory since it came out. Today I had the guts to watch it. I’ve still yet to get past the first episode of SF

  • “He displays different personalities” I watched all of these videos and I personally believe Salad Fingers has DID (dissociative identity disorder)

  • He is probably suffering from severe PTSD from being in the war or in a field hospital. If he is in the hospital that would explain the disfigured people and the strange dreams. But the PTSD would explain the baron wasteland that the story is set in.

    • Maybe a mix of both? perhaps injured in war and seeing disfigured and marred soldiers in the hospital. Which is why he surrounds himself with such imagery in his own world

    • No kidding it would explain his demented figure, there was trench foot, diseases, poisonous gases, etc in the trenches in ww1

    • PTSD mixed with schizophrenia can cause some very wild hallucinations. Even sometimes losing connection with what is really going on and entering a trance of a different reality, a past event, or just a different scenario to what is really going on around them. One of my friends used to go into trances where he was basically catatonic and whenever he came out of it he would say that he was seeing visions of his friends and family being brutally murdered by himself. Sometimes these trances would last for hours.

    • Oh no this is flippy all over again

    • @Sapphiresoul I didnt think about that

  • I never knew others thought it was scary. Im sure i would also think it was scary if i were just watching it alone and my friend didnt show me it saying “this is so funny- watch it” and laughed while it played. I supposed that kind of helped the fear stay away. Along with the fact my friend would mimic his voice during band

  • Me and my siblings ( 11 me, 9 sister, 7 brother) watched this and just laughed at it. We weren't scared. We just laughed.

  • you make me feel so safe just ur voice makes me feel comforted. ive watched this vids 20 times already LMFAO

  • honestly i’ve never watched salad fingers (i probably should since i’ve enjoyed this episode) but the way you described salad finger’s distinctly different ‘personalities’, the memory loss, and usage of skills he doesn’t remember learning is highly reminiscent of did (dissociative identity disorder) -coming from an osdd 1-b system (similar to did systems)

  • we got cookies and milk down here you're safe in the comments

  • Always loved the video, but I can never get over when he says "ready to toss some salad". Very bold choice of words.

  • I always likened salad fingers to Ed Gein. I think it's his likeness to become a certain kind of woman, which is revealed in episode 11, glass brother. He also stitches up Hubert Cumberdale into a skin suit, something Ed Gein did in remembrance of his mother. He also seemed to be too submissive towards his mother, something that was described in Gein's bio.

  • I remember watching this as a kid when I first got my tablet everyone in my school was terrified except me if anything all I thought about it was "it's just a zombie what's so scary about it?* I was a messed up kid and ngl I watched every episode without rethink but this made me rethink everything lolz

  • If I had a dollar for every time salad fingers was in a dress I'd have two dollars which isn't alot but it's weird it happened twice

    • And with two dollers you could buy a buret and find France!! 😂

  • Kinda late, but a theory: Salad Fingers could’ve gone to the Great War, and somewhere around the timeline when he was in the war, he could’ve gotten shell shock. Look it up, it can mess you in the head pretty bad, and I think it’s likely that Salad fingers is in a form of shell shock or PTSD.

    • @Chicken_foods Dinner Time didnt the creator say there was a story lol

    • A bit late, but what if there isn’t a story? Yes I know this is a comment on a film THEORY video but what if it’s just a thing made for a bit of fun?

    • that would make sense for his multiple personalities as they only occur when a person has trauma

    • Shell shock is basically kind of the same as PTSD isn't it?

    • @OrphanCloud113 why did this make me want to hug a fictional pickle man 😔.

  • I remember looking at the cover,and never having the confidence to watch it it because it looked horrifying,but now that i started have the confidence im gonna watch it.

  • I watched salad fingers when I was 8 and because I was SO young i couldn't understand how horrifyingly eerie it was so now I can rewatch it and just be a bit creeped out 🤪💪

  • I’m surprised I watch every episode without being scared

  • When I was about 7 yrso I came across this series on youtube and I dared my self to watch the whole series. It was terrifying for my little child mind to see This.😨

  • He might be creepy But he can sure play a flute

  • Matpat: Ending with 10 short episodes Episode 11: Are you sure about that?

  • last year, i watched salad fingers in one sit, after watching it i felt different and something new to my senses. still wasn't sure what was it tho

  • I watched it, it was relaxing, I could watch it at mid night and have a pleasant sleep.

  • I decided to watch the first ep before this and it's a good vid, but, what's all the hype about how scary it is? I wasn't at all scared, although watching horror is a major past time of mine lol.

  • "salad fingers isint over" Me: *starts hyperventilating*

    • I like rusty spooooons

    • @115 scenario same

    • Because you are glad? I am)))))

    • I love your picrew pfp

    • I should be hyperventilating *I LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS SALAD FINDERS*

  • I watched it when I was like 8 and I loved it

  • First I didn't think much about salad fingers but after watching some episodes i couldnt help but find these little details that showcase the sad reality of war, life...there are hints about child abuse and psychopathic behaviour

  • i love how you continually refer to Salad Fingers as a man who slips into a woman’s persona, instead of just being a woman

  • I remember seeing the first video and wanting to watch it My little 9yr old pants were scared off I didn’t even watch the whole first episode (Which makes sense lol I was 9😂) So I came back to watch it now and I loved it! Super good show it’s really interesting too But cool!

  • Was I the only one who thought Salad Fingers was a nice fellow, considering him being in his uhhh.. *state*

    • I thought this. Its not salad fingers thats the horror, its the world around him

    • He just have brain damage Don't worry his still nice guy

    • Lol

    • I agree but I was watching the whole series then I notice something in episode 11 when Salad Fingers glass mother said "Wait until your father gets home." Maybe it's because we might get a episode 12

    • Me too

  • i watched all of the salad fingers episodes just to watch this theory and honestly, call me crazy but i really liked the show, i hope theres more

  • The director: Okay! No hidden meaning, just pure insanity! Him: So the meaning of this tree…

  • Salad fingers absolutely terrifies me. Every nerve cell in my body is screaming at protest of watching the next video, but I need to...I've avoided this anxiety-inducing series for too long. I must overcome this, for the sake of learning!

  • My life is so messed up that this series hasn't changed my mental state lol

  • Dhmis and salad fingers: we are set in the Uk Me, A Brit: *im starting to see a pattern that I’m not sure I like*

  • salad fingers isn’t even scary i love to watch it i have even memorized the whole episode one from his breathing patterns to everything he says and i’m only 13 it isn’t even that bad

  • You need to continue this since it has new episodes!

  • when i first watched this series i remember i did it all in one sitting where i ate banana bread in a bean bag chair and watched it. then I was reminded my application for student council was due that night and i hadn’t worked on it so i finished watching and then worked on my application in the beam bag chair whilst still eating banana bread. there isn’t really any reason for this comment besides the fact that i think its funny how i specifically remember watching salad fingers

  • 8:20 I’m not sure he actually forgot I think he just didn’t wanna give the dang thing away. Since we all know he ain’t mentally okay he may have taken the thing and killed it by bashing it against the windows. Edit: And as for the baby thing I feel like one of his loved ones died during birth and that’s why baby’s are constantly depicted he was probably really close to the one dead like a mother or a sister and that’s why I feel like he has a fear of baby’s and stuff.

  • I like how in the first episode of salad fingers he is harmless but unsettling.

    • I wish somebody wanted it but It has Memes

    • Just like the first half of dhmis episode 1.

  • good thing you made this I was always too scared to watch the real thing

  • I love Salad Finger 😍 The show is amazing but Happy Tree Friends is SO much better!!!!

  • Poor salad fingers. Suffering from ptsd, from the Great War. I think he is in a mental hospital. All the nightmarish things are in his mind.

  • I watched the entire series when I was 7, didn’t even have a dream that night.

  • For every saying Salad fingers isn’t scary: Yes, I personally didn’t find it scary but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary It’s just not scary to me, please be mindful that tons of other people ARE actually scared by stuff like this.

    • I felt...disstressed and unconfortable, not realy scared

    • Tbh i always though salad finger was just a joke or a meme

    • It depends on the age you watch it at

    • more unsettling

    • it also plays mentally with minds, offputting scenes, voices and clothing

  • You made salad fingers way scarier than I remember.