Film Theory: The Mystery of Dune's Spice SOLVED! (Dune)

פורסם בתאריך 27 נוב 2021
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Dune is an epic fantasy that has captured the imaginations of people for YEARS. It all centers around a specific substance known as "spice". This spice is the key to everything in the Dune universe. Today, Theorists, I am to figure out what exactly that spice IS and WHY it works the way that it does. It's time to get spicy!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, and Zach Stewart
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and AbsolutePixel
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • As someone who took prednisone when I was as a kid, I was never informed that having blue sclera was a side effect. Kinda scary honestly.

    • Me too!! For like over a decade! I never got the blue side affect that I can remember (me having blue irises), but now that I’m looking up some other side affects, it’s so crazy how much it actually did affect me. Scary!

    • Its psychedelics. Not prednisone.

    • Not gonna lie I hated this movie just didn’t like it

    • I never knew that was a thing, either! How weird!

    • @B4n8X always. more often than not.

  • Matpat: *spends 10 minutes explaining how prednisone is probably the bulk of spice* Also Matpat: "What about the genius calculations? Eh probably cocaine idk."

    • spice definitely cocaine

    • @TaricSupOrFeed juice of Sappho??

    • "Probably cocaine" The Juice of Sapho which the mentats use, and which stains their lips, is essentially super cocaine lol

  • one flaw in this theory: if it was just a chemical substance, it'd be possible to synthesize it in a lab, so, no need to risk on Arrakis, or the dependency on (and dangers of) the sandworms would be necessary... I think the _melange_ is alive (a microbe) AND parasitic... the plankton, the trouts, and the worms are, essentially, the spice itself (like literally), these stages are merely forms the melange (whatever it really is) takes... _but that's just a theory, MY theory_

  • Paul goes blind because he gets irradiated by a weapon know as a Stone Burner. Not because of his blue eyes.

    • @Dee McGann Uh YES because Matt missed the entire basis of his argument, and couldn't have done much if any research at all if he didn't discover such a basic fact in the story.

    • @Dee McGann considering it was his main point, yeah being wrong about it throws a lot of shade

    • @Космодесантник Кровавых Воронов so mat missed one little thing in his massive amounts of research. The entire video is invalid, better throw away weeks of research

    • Correct

    • Well, that's Matt Pat, what did you expect..

  • The human computer thing doesn't come from the spice. It comes from the Mentat training that was developed after computers were outlawed, long before the spice was discovered by the galaxy at large. And it's a product of the sand trout, which is a larval form of the sand worm. That whole ecology is kind of weird as the sand worms have three distinct phases in their lives, but they cycle through those phases, over and over, and the larger sand worms actually feed off of the tiny sand trout, which would grow into sand worms later in life, if they don't get eaten.

    • @Sheriff K Oh man, please read the books.

    • @JustAnotherMutant The mentat bros do the homework. The Navigators just check the answers in the back of the book.

    • @Megiddo Eubanks , the guild navigators don't use calculations for that. They use prescience.

    • But over exposure to spice is where they get the Navigators who have to do massive calculations in order to fold space safely.

  • For anyone who has never read the books and only the movie, yeah a lot of stuff from the books inspired Star wars. There was also a lot of inspiration from the Valerian comics (which aren't from America so I can understand why not many people understand) not including more obvious inspiration from samurai movies and westerns. Besides its not really a rip off because Star wars is way less opposed to AI compared to Dune so its easier for a droid to calculate interstellar math than a human.

    • When I read Dune I immediately freaked out how it basically set up every sci-fi trope I love.

    • @Kageoni187 So he says. I have my doubts. Have read a few of the Brian Herbert's (and whatever the other guy is called), books, but found them to be poorly written, and basically not anywhere near the level of complexity and nuance that Frank achieved.

    • If youve read the books you know they’re completely different

    • @I am a Person Dune was written in 1965. How could it of ripped off SW? It's obviously the other way around. Everybody takes from somewhere but Lucas was so blatant about it: desert planet, chosen one, Jedi mind control, Princess Alia/Leia and they happen to be the sister, story of the twins, sandworm/sarlacc, Jedi Bendu/Bene Gesserit Prana Bindu, etc.

    • @Not K¡nt@ N@om¡ spice :)

  • Yeah, I went and saw Dune a second time after watching it and it was worth the money. Amazing visuals and sound effects, the characters were well-played, and the storytelling was immaculate.

    • My biggest thing about the movie is that you have to know a lot of the back story to fully appreciate it. I loved it, having been introduced to it over a decade ago. My roommate, having known very little of its existence, mostly could only enjoy the cinematics

  • The spice was created for the book to represent oil in our real life. We all have become so dependent on oil in our day to day lives, the same way spice is essential for all progress in the dune universe. But a fun tidbit is that frank Herbert actually based his spice off a real life spice and it’s not a pharmaceutical drug but it does have psychedelic properties. Nutmeg. The most fought over spice with the highest human body-count for any spice in the world. Didn’t see that coming did ya. Ps: nice try if you thought salt would be the most fought after spice. I did too

    • This! It's pretty clear that spice is a direct allegory for oil! It comes from the desert, originates from animals and is the main fuel for transportation in universe. He just added the psychedelic element because, you know, the 60s.

  • MatPat is one of the best theorists on ILaward and yet he still can't pronounce Zendaya's name correctly

    • He clearly didn't read the books either

  • As someone with a chronicically inflammated intestine I can this as true. I got the activated part, prednisolon, and experienced a lot of those effect. Funnily enough... Thanks to that my once hazel-green eyes have a greyish blue hue since I had to take the meds.

    • That’s crazy - I have hazel eyes that are turning blue and I’d never heard of this before. Kind of cool to hear about someone else like me. (I’ve had RA since 1999/take prednisone)

  • My late wife had Lupus and therefore took Prednisone from the age of 13 until she past at 30. She had a lowered immune system and suffered from night terrors from it but was always looking toward the bright side of her situation. She would have loved your video Matt and would definitely had started calling her daily med regimen her daily spice melange.

    • I had to take prednisone for two weeks after an emergency surgery. I hated it. I can't imagine 17 years of that.

    • @Blah Blah Please show me the peer reviews on this. The CBD/THC club love to throw out nonsense with no evidence based on fact.

    • Bruh

    • @High_on_hope_tara you deserve all the positive energy as well ❤️

    • I have lupus too, and have to take it. Man it’s awful. Also, I’m sorry for your loss. Sending you love and positive energy

  • I'm so happy that Game Theory content is getting back into it, I've felt like for a while it's been filler but now that the quality content and stuff like these videos are coming back I'm taking more interest

  • The other consideration that you forgot to mention is the spice’s rarity and difficulty to synthesize. I can’t imagine Prednisone being that difficult to produce.

  • Paul lost his sight from atomics in the books, not from spice. While the blue eye theory makes sense, it's not what causes blindness in any of the Fremen

  • Mat… I love you and your theories are so well-researched. But this makes it so much worse when you get a detail, especially a major one, incredibly wrong. Paul didn’t lose his sight due to desert exposure; he lost it because his eyes were burned out of his head due to radiation exposure from a “stone burner”- an Old World “atomic” weapon that gives off radiation that specifically ruins eye tissue when it runs. An event, by the bye, that takes place in the 2nd Dune novel, Dune Messiah.

    • The dude couldn't be bothered to pick up the books and reading them for making a video for clicks. Kind of pathetic to be honest.

  • Good work! This reminds me of the experiment where researchers made Egyptian beer based on an ancient recipe and relict grain. The beer produced low levels of natural tetracycline, which would have fought infections without the Egyptians even realizing it.

  • Hi Matt! With the recent release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife I think it would be fascinating to see you break down the science of the proton pack! Such as how it would work in the real world and even if it's possible to create one that works similarly to the ones in the movies!

  • Hey Film Theory, I love all your theories and I'm a big fan. I just watched the new Dune and I gotta say, this theory is fascinating. I know you probably won't read this, but if you do, thank you!

  • I used to have to take prednisone when recovering from my auto immune disease in the hospital. I can tell you, it did not taste like cinnamon. It's literally the worst tasting drug I've ever had in my life (I took tablets.) I had no idea it had all these side effects though.. scary

  • As usual, NO ONE that covers Dune understands the Navigator's Guild. They don't do calculations, they literally see the future. They see the future where they don't fly through a star and get to their destination. And then they do that.

    • It's a mix. Dunes version of future seeing comes from subconscious calculations that are completely impossible for the human brain to truly understand

    • @Daniel Agreed - Quinn's Ideas and the Nerd Cookies channels are the two YTers who know their Dune stuff. The rest love getting our angry Dune fan clicks when they spout a bunch of nonsense. :D

    • It's called the Spacing Guild, and their navigators (the weird mutant fish-like humans) are called Spacing Guild Navigators. There is no "Navigator's Guild."

    • Quinn's Ideas absolutely understands the guild

    • @MonochromeTrouble yes. They see multiple possible futures

  • Actually, I recall Paul went blind because some rebels tried off him with a 'stone burner' atomic weapon, it blinded a bunch of other fremen as well. This became a plot point because blind fremen were considered useless and were expected to fall on their knives or die in the desert. I think its the former because, why waste the water? Paul said he'd pay for bionic eyes for those that wanted them. But I digress, its been a decade since I read original books, but I'm certain he didn't go blind from spice consumption. Still kudos on the theory combination of reality and imaginary worlds and the like.

  • How many hours a week does this man work? The theorist teams and himself put out so much content for us. I really appreciate it and love the videos.

  • Got to admit, this one left me feeling a bit dissatisfied, though I'm not sure why. Now I'm curious as to how the effects of something like prednisone might change when you consider that this whole intergalactic society had been using it consistently for generations. Also, do worms poop?

    • Worm poop is one of the most important factors in naturally fertile soil. I also felt a bit empty/unsatisfied with this. I just don’t feel like pred explains spice well enough, even with added chemicals.

    • Yeah, they do. You might see it on the surface of the ground. Looks like a pile of smooth lumps, very small.

  • I noticed that Mr.MatPat is using a new image for himself in these videos instead of using the old thing. I like the new thing. Also my favorite thing in the dune movie is the Spice miner machines, specifically the ones that are not rounded.

  • My only problem with the claims of this video is Paul's blindness. His blindness has no connection at all to the spice. It's caused by a device that goes off that is designed to blind people.

    • Well, the Navigators weren't blind at all despite being exposed to astronomical (no pun intended) amounts of space

    • Thees a lot of people in the comments saying the device isnt specifically for blinding people, it just happens to be a very bright explosion that has the common side effects of blinding people bc kf the brightness, so isnt it possible that the fact ,any people in the Dune Universe have no melanin in their eyes would make them prone to being blinded by bright lights that people with normal eyes could recover from?

    • @Milo HoBo "upvote" It's called "like" here

    • @RawCookieDough I am, what gave it away?

  • I have read the books and seen the mini-series. Still my favorite series of all time!

  • Totally sharing this with my Immunology peeps 🤣 Prednisone (& other corticosteroids like Dex) notoriously taste *horrendous* There's literally nothing you can do to mask it effectively, especially for Pediatric patients. I doubt cinnamon would do it, and cinnamon in large amounts causes blisters. The worst off are patients who need oral corticosteroid treatment with EOE/EGID who have to swallow a sludge of prednisone & artificial sweetener, to get the medicine in contact with their throat - stomach. And they can't rinse it off. Prednisone at high doses also causes massive weight gain, insatiable hunger, insomnia, extreme agitation, emotional turmoil, and makes patients miserable. (BTW, it's often used in Cancer treatment too). Personally... always thought it was a metaphor for Saudi controlled O&G. 🤷 But this theory is fun!

  • Hey, matpat! Can you cover "The owl housse"? It's my joint favourite show of all time and with an upcoming season (the last one made up of 3, 45 minute long episodes) and lots of mysteries and lore I think it's a perfect candidate. It's a little bit childish but you can tell it's been made well!

  • I felt a rise in my heart when I saw the title of video, thinking that maybe, just maybe you figured it out. Im honestly glad you didn't because there is truth behind the veil of fiction.

    • I agree - but now I’m so very curious to know what secret you are keeping :)

  • Glad you noticed the spice is actually worm poo. It becomes pretty important later in the books.

  • I can't believe it's been only 6 days since the last theory, I need more MatPat 😩...please🥺

  • ‘I must not fear’ Also MatPat: “Spice makes you blind”

  • But MatPat, you missed the part where the Spice hyper evolves you over long term use. Granted you made mention of the monster's in tanks but you didn't address the how and why of them being so bizarre, the Spice does it.

  • "Man, sneaking a Ryan George reference is going to be difficult" MatPat: "actually its gonna be super easy,barely an inconvenience."

    • Amen

    • Referencing Ryan George is TIGHT

    • Wow wow Wow

    • MattPat must've found some spice, because his jokes were TIGHT

  • 5:50 *Dear Matpat...thats not how he lost his eyesight!* (Spoilers) He lost it to the Stoneburner weapon!

  • I showed this episode to a Dune-book-reader. They had these points to say 1. In the books, the spice doesn’t ‘Float’ out of the sand, it bubbles up from gas underneath to make piles (the ‘Spice Blows’) 2. He didn’t go blind from Sun/blue eyes, he went blind from radiation poisoning after he got too close to a stone burner 3. It’s not their poop, it’s their dying exhalation-like they drown to make the spice. They don’t poop it out 4. They also liked the movie 👌

    • @Brandon Wheeler This! Spice is actually the remains of the worm, itself. When a worm dies the sandtrout that make it up are released back into the sand, which then eat some material in the sands of Dune, and form a new worms. This causes the spice blow which expels the spice to the surface, the blow then summons old worms to the vibrations allowing them to absorb the excess sandtrout, and grow larger.

    • The spice isn't the dyeing breath of the worm, that's the water of life, the spice comes from the sandtrout cycle.

    • Yeah I had to stop watching because pretty much everything he said about the books was… wrong. Which is a shame because I was really excited when I saw this theory.

  • I've never heard of Dune before, so when I went to see it for the first time, I was thankful it got me to sleep despite the bass-blasting sound and occasional fighting. Still don't understand why a galactic government exists but the movie revolves around a sand planet and sand coke.

    • Read the books, you'll understand it

  • Please you have to talk about arcane! It's a really amazing peace of media and the very first series that is actually better than the source material (league of legends)

  • What is the SPICE? me in my own head: “Thyme” Also me: *realizes thyme is an herb rather than a spice*

  • The spice stops the effects of deadly radioactive material from some place. So is it a type of charcoal or a material that counteracts gamma ?

  • My dad made me watch this with him when it came out because he read the book and watched the original movie. Overall it was really cool 👌

  • Could colloidal silver intake explain the grey hue of Tleilaxu skin? Maybe some other metal particulate that makes scanning difficult?

  • Fun Fact: The worm hunters of Dune are based on a Native American tribe of whale hunters. The spice could be an analog for ambergris. It's pooped/puked out, the natives had no real commercial use for it, but the colonizers found it incredibly valuable. Sounds like spice to me.

    • @Yung Wolfo It can be anything you want it to be.

    • @Apollo all good

    • @Yung Wolfo idk???? I haven't read the books

    • @Broken Games fiat dragons? is that a new car

    • @jonokai i mean he thinks paul goes blind from the spice... it takes a simple google and 5 mins of looking to see what caused his blindness

  • Hey i have the blue eyes thing, i didnt know i was exposed to the spice (and also that i was weak to UV lights)

  • Thank you for telling me all I already knew about having blue eyes! HAHA. I do kinda wish mine could glow like in DUNE but alas, they don't.

  • I'd rule out all those substances as they don't fit with with one of the most important qualities of spice pertaining to the plot. If we can synthesise all of them then they wouldn't be rare enough to become the most valuable substance in the universe

  • Now he just needs to explain how spice powers space travel

  • Paul didn‘t lose his sight due to spice over-use. He lost the soft eye tissue from a stone burner a type of weapon used in an assasination attempt.

    • @Bruno Bayer Netto He definitely said Paul's blindness was influenced by spice, which it was not. He went from the general idea you mentioned to using Paul as an example of his flawed thinking

    • He didn't necessarily say it was the spice that made him lose his eyesight. But the fact of having blue eyes makes the vision much more fragile, being able to be blind to a great exposure due to the absence of melanin protecting the vision.

    • Glad I'm not the only one who caught this

    • Yeah that sounded weird to me, because there is no mention of Paul losing his sight before the stone burner scene either, so its pretty clear that he went blind because of the stone burner and nothing else

  • Y’all do realise, to sum it up, spice is literally just a powder that helps travel through space

  • This is the first time where I've seen a video on this channel about something that I actually know about. Their reason given on why Paul went blind is completely wrong.

  • Some of the most common long term side effects of Prednisone include osteoporosis and myopathy, and so if the spice had steroids, the Fremen would be crippled obese Cushing's patients and not those great warriors😅

  • So let me get this straight. The _blue eye retention marker mutation_ that causes the *_retention_* of blue eyes in a person after infanthood is really just something that *cancels out* the melanin development in a person's eye pupil and that _all humans_ should in fact have varying degrees of blue eye color?

  • To add, "melange" can also mean "variety." That's right. The most lore-dense acclaimed sci-fi book series is a setup for a pun: "Variety is the spice of life."

    • 😆

    • @JEFF SAMPSON they said Acclaimed Sci-Fi book

    • Very good, I like this. But I can guarantee that my writing, which has elements of science fiction, has more lore than Dune. But you did not know that until now, so you do not have to go to Gulag.

    • Frank Herbert got everyone with that pun

  • as someone who was on a high dose of prednisone for several months, i had absolutely no idea that blue sclera was a side effect

  • Thank you for explaining why at 36, I a blue eyed person live in near darkness. As I have gotten to have chronic migraine and with the lack of eye color the brightness of light can trigger a migraine

  • One key factor you've failed to explain is that Spice was also used as a fuel for faster than light travel/bending space... Soo...

  • Hi Matpat! I just wanted to clarify somethings, as a fan who also read dune. But Paul’s blindness in the books was caused by an incident with a stoneburner or this future’s nuclear bombs. I don’t recall the spice actually affecting his sight in the three books he was in.

  • One of the side effects of spice melange is addiction - once you start taking it, you can't stop or you'll die. So if this stuff is an enhanced form of alien Prednisone, and your body's immune system becomes dependent upon it, then that would make sense. If you stop taking it, your immune system can't cope and you die. I do feel I have to point out that Paul's blindness is not caused by exposure to the spice. It was caused by a stone burner, an atomic-based weapon that emits something called J-rays when used. It is those J-rays that destroy the optic tissues and cause blindness.

    • Just a medical fact " you can't stop or you'll die. " also applies to food. Which despite bringing about a question of lawful or unlawful has escaped the attention of mankind.

    • Glad you mentioned the blindness being caused by the stone burner. Just read that part of the book a while back and actually said out loud “Uh… did his eyes just melt?” Lmao

    • yeah, addiction, the other things, and y'know, seeing the godamn future

    • I had the same thought about Paul's blindness

    • Actually, no. The immune system will start to regain function once the prednisone is stopped, but stopping suddenly after taking large doses or taking it for a long period is still a horrible idea. Prednisone withdrawal happens because cortisol in the body becomes too low. Symptoms include: lethargy, aches and pains, nausea, and dizziness. It isn't commonly lethal if treated, but in the harsh environment of Dune you could easily die if the impairments prevent you from being at your best.

  • I have been treated for autoimmune disease since 1999 and recently noticed the periphery of my iris has turned blue… thanks Mat Pat! Making an appt with my doctor ASAP!

  • Great video! I was thinking about how the hunger games politics with president Snow and them might be realistic compared to places like China ad it would be a cool to see you make a video on that

  • Fluid retention in an hot enviroment isnt that bad? I mean, the whole idea if sweating is to get rid of the excess body heat. More fluid retention = less sweat = more heat. I mean so that part of the theory build up would be wrong. The still suits would capture evaporated sweat and make it available as liquid again.

  • My main issue with this theory is that long term corticosteroid use can lead people to develop things like thin, brittle skin and osteoporosis…I don’t think sci-fi desert warriors would last long if they couldn’t even move without feeling intense joint pain or break a bone after a simple stumble.

  • I watched Dune in theaters, wow it was a cool movie. Certainly high level storytelling, as not a lot is explained verbally, rather everything important is shown to you and left for you to figure out. I love Dune's universe, it's just so cool. Also its pedigree is insane, being one of the inspirations for Tatooine in Star Wars is certainly nothing to shake a stick at. I can't wait for part 2. Also, watch the replies to my comment be Lou Lou and all the other s*x bots. I'm watching you.

    • @GWELL How so?

    • @J Dude Ah I forgot about this song. Thanks.

    • Lmao

    • Yeah it’s pretty cool. Except for the stuff surrounding shields. It’s stupid if you start thinking too much about it.

  • I was recently prescribed Prednisone and accidentally let the pill touch my tongue... I don't think any amount of cinnamon could cover up the horrible taste.

  • If you had read the books then you would have known that long term exposure to malange doesnt only make you be able to make super fast calculations but bend the universe as well, this is much better described in the old movie. Also melange isnt the cause of Maud’dib (Paul Atreis) blindness. In book two, dune messiah, he goes almost blind because of a radiation weapon called a stoneburner

  • In the book he is blinded when his enemies use a weapon of mass destruction to destroy a building he was near but not in. It was call a "stone burner" hot enough to melt stone and let off a literally blinding light. I am guessing some form of plasma weapon. If I recall correctly.

  • Quote: “Frank went on to tell me that much of the premise of Dune - the magic spice (spores) that allowed the bending of space (tripping), the giant worms (maggots digesting mushrooms), the eyes of the Freman (the cerulean blue of Psilocybe mushrooms), the mysticism of the female spiritual warriors, the Bene Gesserits (influenced by tales of Maria Sabina and the sacred mushroom cults of Mexico) - came from his perception of the fungal life cycle, and his imagination was stimulated through his experiences with the use of magic mushrooms.” It’s cute that you’re trying not to make it about drugs.. but it is. It is about drugs. And it’s the 60s and the hippie anti-war movement.

  • MatPat, you also forgot that the spice is officially so addictive that the addiction is what extends life. The body and mind get so addicted they will defy death and aging in order to keep getting it.

    • Not it's just really addictive with not a lot of negative side effects.

    • Lol, no, that's not anywhere in the books. You have no idea what you're talking about.

  • This channel was good with Frozen plotline complications and really good with Dune 👏 however cinnamon is the aromatic bark of a tree.

  • Great video, but .....; how does spice work as fuel for space travel????, does it have quantic properties???; it seems not all secrets of spice have been revealed!

  • I had to take prednisone short term when I had severe bronchitis brought on by my asthma. it was beyond the control of the medicines I normally take for that condition. the first time I had serious heart palpitations because the dose was so high. I had to call the doctor and let them know that I was halving the dose but would finish the course. when i told him about the heart palpitations he agreed. The second time this happened, (asthma causing bronchitis) I ended up bouncing off the walls so badly that my then roommate asked if I was on cocaine. I said "no no, I got some prednisone for my bronchitis and I feel FANTASTIC." "Yeah hun lemme make you some tea, that stuff is so stimulating you're not going to sleep tonight." So now I make sure I warn doctors if they want to put me on prednisone that I've had mixed luck with side effects and treatment, and to keep the dose low but that the course can stay long. It always seemed to be that first dose that got me.

  • I'm Glad that MatPat liked the movie. I like it when people like movies.

  • Hey MatPat! You should totally do a film theory on the Mandela Catalogue! It’s kinds like local 58!

    • There’s also a game based off of it.

  • The spice may allow some users to make greater use of their mind, but it doesn't allow them to calculate space jumps, they are using a strong form of telepathy to pinpoint their exact arrival point while using space folding space travel technology. That telepathy is result of heavy spice use, such as in the spacers guild. Also, with the desricption you give of the side effects, minus the blue eyes, the onpy things that come close is most likely pscilosiben or less likely DMT.

  • The closest analog to me is probably cocaine. It's an alkaloid like spice. But it doesn't have the life extension or congnitive enhancing values. They also use the residue from spice extraction for film stock and other uses in the novel

  • A few things that are incorrect that I wanted to mention. 1. Paul lost his eyesight from basically a nuclear flashbang 2. Melagne does not give mentats their advanced math abilities 3. Freemen's strength comes from their thousands of years of survival of the fittest on Arrakis, one of the most hostile habitable planets in the known universe. The melagne helps them through extended life and such, but not sure if it actually increases strength. This is why they are superior to Sardukar, as Arrakis is even more hostile than the prison planet from where the Sardukar are recruited.

  • It’s a mélange - a mixture. It’s gotta have some DMT in there. DMT occurs naturally as an analog and sometimes as a precursor to Tryptophan, it looks quite similar to spice, it is a strong hallucinogen that has been shown to have some anti-tumerogenic effects, and neurogenic effects, along with reliably producing prophetic, spiritual, and religious experiences, resulting in a long-term change in personality. Also it could actually be plausible that some long-dead megaflora released pockets of DMT throughout Arrakis, after being crushed by millenia of pressure and heat. Also, people frequently refer to DMT as “The Spice.”

    • @Akhenaten it vaporizes at 320. It melts simply on your skin if you put it there. Not room temp but body temp my apologies.

    • @Steven Bobby Bills Yea it kinda looks like it too! So maybe there is some cinnamon, or at least cinnamaldehyde or a related compound.

    • @Tyler Morgan DMT does not melt at room temperature lmao. Melts at 320°F, and it can look similar to spice, is often called the “spice”, and produces very shortlived psychedelic visions, so sounds close enough. Just the mothballs smell kinda throws it off…

    • I always thought it was symbolic for dmt till I had the opportunity to be in its presence it melts around room temperature (not room temperature but body temperature my apologies) which means it wouldn’t be a dust in a scolding desert This is the case with dmt freebase Maybe dmt could exist naturally in another state that would allow it to blow through deserts. Maybe it’s an alkaloid structurally similar to dmt just from Arrakis’s evolutionary history rather than Earths.

    • yup, its probably DMT

  • This has nothing to do with the video but I thought I would mention it here. What’s happening on the hermitcraft server almost perfectly fits into the film theory about local 58, as if they are connected in some way. In his theory the moon gets “bigger” or actually closer, almost as if it is a living entity because of the destruction happening on earth. Supposedly there are some people that worship the moon and they believe that their worship will protect them from the moons distruction. Mumbo’s new “mooners” fits this theory as well. I don’t know if this is correct but this just seems like too much of a coincidence not to mention it.

  • I’m 1:45 minutes in and I’m betting it’s pure oxygen because it can cause hallucinations and when liquified it is an incredibly potent blue similar to the eye colors of those on arrakis

  • Do something on the monument mythos or happy meat farms arg they are both very interesting