Film Theory: The R-Rated Avengers Are COMING!

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Theorists, the Netflix Marvel series have officially invaded Disney+ and Marvel has confirmed that Deadpool 3 will be part of the MCU and still be rated R. Now that Moon Knight premiered and Disney+ instigated a parental control system, we can officially say things are changing. Is this the beginning of a more mature MCU? Let's dive in!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • This is how I felt about the second Venom film. I think the PG-13 rating is what killed it. Almost anything big happened off-screen because Carnage is wayyyyy too dark for a PG-13 film

    • I would definitely LOVE to see r-rated venom movies, i feel like they would be sooo much cooler than just the pg-13 ones

    • @Xoey Kuczkowski yeah but that's only three films and the only spawn of venom left really is mania so not too much to use there. And even then the mcu spider-man and all his affiliates are cut off from sony solo productions

    • @Antonio in the nwh post credit scene a piece of venom was left in the mcu universe so it might turn into something bigger in later spiderman movies

    • @Everything Girly it had no horror at all , go read any carnage comic then watch the movie they completely made him look weak and he was the worst possible monster in the comics

    • @teddy bear this doesn’t disprove what i said

  • To be honest I just watched Multiverse of Madness in cinemas (literally a few hours ago as it released in the uk today) and it was WAY darker than I thought it would be. Absolutely fantastic 10/10 movie but just did not expect it to be that dark

    • @Jake Cullen whats average to you?

    • Definitely not 10 out of 10 its was fairly average

    • I personally hated it but the jumpscares worked at least

    • It’s a solid 5/10 without cameos it’s a 3/10 for me and im a massive mcu fan

    • same the jumpscares rlly got me tho.

  • “The R-rated Avengers, but that won’t be what they’re called.” My brain: _…Revengers?_

  • After watching the new multiverse of madness movie, we are DEFINITELY close. It's gonna happen

  • MatPat: "Oh yeah this is totally an R-rated channel" Also MatPat: "Can't say 'crap' on the videos anymore or I'll get demonetized"

    • @Бенито Муссолини [Best ILawardr] заткнешь

    • This isn't an R-rated channel, it's close but can count as pg-13 I think.

    • He said the most r-rated pg-13 channel. It's an important distinction.

    • @RedPine 20 dude... matpat was joking...

    • Yeah sometimes I think he forgets how many children actually watch his ILaward channel

  • The Comics Code hadn't disappeared by the 70s, they just updated their guidelines to be less strict and allow zombies, vampires, werewolves etc.

  • i love how after all these years the energy is still high as ever in the narration 😂 really keeps you interested and engaged

  • [SPOILER ALERT FOR DR STRANGE 2] They really showed maturity and more of a gorey vibe in the movie that remind me of invincibles with Wanda killing the whole Illuminati. I've always preferred DC over marvel in everything except movies Bc they're always darker and mature and I love the route they're taking now

    • @Rivera exactly. I jumped in theaters when I watched his death. I was like jumping at every death especially Tridents.

    • Trident dude's death REALLY showed the direction Marvel is going in

  • As much as I would love a darker theme for marvel movies, I usually watch the marvel movies with my little brother and we have a lot of fun together so it would be a shame for him to miss out

    • @teddy bear No one asked if you care or not

    • No one cares

  • They might make a few tv series R-rated, as those are a smaller cost gamble if they flop. But I doubt that Disney would allow for a R-rated full Marvel film with around $200 million budget.

    • @8roke You7u6er5 DC isn’t even in the same league as marvel.

    • @8roke You7u6er5 it because the pandemic and because it was available in HBO max

    • LOL, how was MoM for you?

    • "With only 3 circles, I rule the world" W.D. 🐭... With only 3 ratings, MCU will rule your wallets 😅! ✌️😎🔪

    • @8roke You7u6er5 the r rating don't have anything to do it was flop in the box office it was as because while it was on theatre it was also in the same time was arrive in HBO max and it was available

  • First time I realized that I love Marvel’s darker side was when I watched the Legion series. And now with Moon Knight I’m seeing a lot of similarities. Again though, Moon Knight can only do so much of that type of psychological horror without getting an M rating. Which ofc saddens me, bc I’d really like to see what Moon Lnight could’ve been with the same boundaries Legion had. To anyone who hasn’t seen it, I’d highly recommend it. Season 1 is amazing, season 2 is great too but gets a little iffy, and then towards the end it’s just a little too much. But I still definitely recommend.

    • There is a season 2? :D where can you see it?

    • @E0527 Yeah, I completely agree. Honestly as far as I can tell, FX is doing pretty well for themselves the past few years. One of my favorite shows on television rn is What We Do in the Shadows. It’s a vampire mockumentary from Jemaine Clement and it’s absolutely hilarious, while also putting in the right emotional beats too.

    • I liked both legion and moon knight but legion was just leauges better than moonknight. Legion was an fx show And had no connection the mcu/marvel studios. I just don't think that kind of creativity can coexist with the mcu machine

    • Funnily enough, the similarities between Moon Knight show and Legion show are accidental. The Moon Knight show is drawing most of its inspiration from the Jeff Lemire run which was also set in a psychiatric hospital and had a similar vibe/flow as the show. The comic came out a year before the Legion tv show

  • Midnight Sons were called out, by name, in an interview with Kevin Feige as the reason that Blade and Moon Knight were being given Marvel shows. Ghost Rider is supposedly in pre-production to be a part of the team as well and there's rumors that Punisher will be a member as well as the "non-supernatural man" of the group.

    • @Luther Heggs that is super disappointing

    • Blade isn't getting a show, its getting a PG-13 movie.....They've already said NO R-Rated MCU films

  • I know you’ve done a Bee Movie theory before but, hear me out, I think a theory estimating how many bees would actually be needed to hold and fly a plane would be very interesting to watch. (Or if it’s even possible for any amount of bees to do so)

  • I’m gonna be honest, moonknight did not seem that 16+ for me, I thought it was an amazing concept but I really thought that multiverse of madness was worse in the rating sense.

  • If the MCU switches its focus to pleasing the mature audience, it's going to definitely attract an even larger audience. The younger audience will always find a way to watch the mature movies either way.

    • @Jack Walden you know that not how it works

    • Bro I was watching ghodt rider 2007 when I was like 6 just deal with it

    • @drewpamon yeah because age restriction of teenagers but lying isn't hard when it's online

    • @Jack MeHoffer there are a lot

    • @Jack MeHoffer there is

  • after watching Multiverse of Madness today, I can safely say this is the most R rated PG-13 movie ever seen.

  • When I was younger I loved all the blade movies and daredevil I hope these characters show up more

  • I had this idea for a Marvel Knights MCU imprint ever since the new Blade movie was announced, and I think Blade would be perfect for it (Even Moon Knight could've kickstarted this imprint too!).

  • I am in love with the idea of Tom Holland pulling out a glock when he fights the green goblin

  • With the darker themes of Moon Knight and Multiverse of Madness, I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel leans into some R rated stuff with Deadpool and future grim storylines like Secret Wars

    • @Algorithmicaly Challenged. marvel is not only for kids.

    • @Roan Blower Jake lockley: am I a joke to you?

    • I swear if i was a head at marvel im releasing multiple versions for the movies with real death and stakes

    • I wish that we got to see some of Jake lockleys fights in moon knight

    • ikr-

  • I’m rooting for the midnight suns so heavily right now.

  • just got done watching MoM and can say that matpats done it again

  • There’s one thing wrong and right about this theory, moon knight is set to appear in blade as said by the producer but why would they make a series PG-13 then turn it into an R rated series

  • Hopefully they bring in the Howling Commandos. I know that was Bucky's team name but the name comes back as a Shield Supernatural response team

  • If they where to create a new blade come back…I would be so excited but I know deep down the disappointment I will feel once it’s released.😪

  • After the new batman I had a conversation with my friend about how DC’s chance to Marvel level success is by going down the dark route, since the light-hearted route is supersaturated by Marvel. If Marvel delves into the dark market as well DC will truly be left in the dust movie-wise.

  • Wesley Snipes’ Blade was so good, such a classic. I’m excited to see this new version of Blade

  • I really want matpat to make a whole theory video on the moon knight series

  • he was has become more dark and we saw that now when we watched multiverse of madness

  • MatPat i wanted to know that in moonknight in the credits there is a moon that gets bigger every episode

  • Well, now I saw Doctor Strange 2 movie, Matpat is right all along.

    • Same I was so shocked that he predicted right after watching it in the cinemas

  • I think that Moon Knight is one series that might end up being an r rated series since it’s a more mature series and it’s a lot darker than most marvel series

  • I hope matpat is right. Especially as I'm terrified Daredevil will be lowered in rating when he pops up again.

    • @teddy bear there is video of him saying "Mutants" instead of X-Men, when referring to the X-Men. Try telling people in non woke countries your X-men movie is called something like Mutants Factor and no one will see it.

    • @Chill Memes Disney love money not marvel?

    • @J.C. L. And how do you know it's?

    • Bitte teilen und abonnieren, wenn dir unsere Videos gefallen: TO.SV/ADLOVE

    • He is literally never right about anything whatsoever.

  • When you said that externals had the first “passionate kissing” I assume you meant the most visible because the first iron man movie had it

  • A "Knights" universe would also help keep the MCU from becoming too big. After enough time, people who didn't start near the beginning (or weren't born yet) won't be able to catch up. My parents have seen like 25% of the films, and my brother and I have to watch it with them (at home) to explain things.

  • After watching the new doctor strange movie, I definitely agree

    • Same I was so shocked that he predicted right after watching it in the cinemas

  • MoM took me off guard with that pg13 rating while Wanda killed the illuminati which looked like something straight out of the boys

  • I never knew that moon knight was the origin of the "random bullshit go!" And now I love that superhero

    • @The Golden Diamond Because you are too busy stirring negativity in normal discussions.

    • Lol MC"not for all of" U.... I see what ya did there Matt Patt!

    • @Douglas Marshall my point is that moon knight is the one in the meme. It doesn't matter that it's edited it's still moon knight

    • @super serious person cool?

  • Makes sense. They have been making very similar movies for the past 10 years or so. That's ok for fans but not exciting for casual movie goers. Now the movies and shows have become interesting again - wandavision explored grief, moonknight seems promising, that Matt Murdock show was gritty and dark and had the best action sequences, eternals was really mature. Basically mcu is just going to explore other genres within the same universe. That's good for everyone.

  • Multiverse of Madness was more than I was expecting as far as extremes (SPOILERS) And what I mean by that is that we get to see Wanda blow up a guys head, snap another’s neck, unravel Jim, crush Captain Marvel 818, and throw a shield through Captain Britain

  • I think the "in space" series by mark is pretty interesting. Pretty sure theres lore too

  • Blade has always been my favorite character of marvel and as soon as I see anything about him, imma watch it

  • they're literally maturing the level on content in movies at the same rate that their audience is maturing, ingenious move actually

    • @Le fishe certain characters deserve an R rating though, since they’re so violent.

    • @Jumbotron2 there thing call growing up

    • @Le fishe sorry i mean that you can't always please everyone that what i meant

    • @teddy bear That's literally something you can never do

    • @Le fishe but you can always please everyone

  • 8:46 it's not actually glass, it's crystal and I know this because in the beginning when harrow smashes the glass to put in his shoe he does the thing where he puts his finger around the cup and it makes a humming noise. normal glass does not do that, however crystal does. also epic vid

  • this is even more true when you take into consideration the extra scenes at the end of Morbius.

  • I was aware of moon knight from the highly underrated ultimate avengers game. I only mention one while there are three of them because the first is the best. and from I can tell the others either don't live up to the first or aren't connected in any way, like the 3rd one, totally detached to my knowledge, that all aside, that's where I learned about deadpool (his interactions through the whole game are pure gold) and moon knight along with the rest, but those are the main ones the game brought my attention to along with my first exposures to some lesser known ones like spider woman and she hulk. (if anyone is curious the game is not good on steam, but it is solid on basically any xbox[from 360 onwards])

  • hope moon knight does well and I'm looking forward to blade the other guys? we will see

  • From a business standpoint it also makes a lot of sense since the main audience from back in the day now is grown up. Hook new kids/teens, keep the adults.

    • @Eroxzion yeah so either way you're audience is nothing without the adult audience I mean plus you can't always Please your audience (the young one) all the time because that means they won't even try to challenge themselves by been involved with some heavy subject matter like addiction, suicide human trafficking,cults all the havey stuff that exists in marvel comics in gernal so don't matter that young audience are huge part of the fan base or not .is not a reason why not do r Ghost Rider movie or blade movie that really Goes into the horror supernatural side of the MCU where is dangerous,it gritty af,and very disturbing and that something that r rating can have benefit from .and you want or water down just because what? you want little Timmy to be not be sad that he can watch marvel movie ?

    • @teddy bear their parents pay for them obviously

    • @Eroxzion plus last time I checked kids don't have credit card or money unless they like 16-18

    • @Eroxzion yeah people talking about r rating but money≠ quality

    • @teddy bear they can get more money

  • I'm looking forward to the Werewolf by Night special!

  • I am honestly excited for these new team ground based superhero getting show and hopefully they'll get team show where they'll fight against some big guy still lil ground based not multiverse level threat , Wolverine spiderman can do some cameos too as they too are ground based guys

  • I understand where you(and Marvel) are going with this, but I think if they want to maintain a good economic outcome they need to keep the movies at a high PG-13 rating. People like me, for example, might miss all of the juicy stuff that happens in these R-Rated films and it could also lead to lack of storyline development due to not as many people being able to watch these movies. Yes it’s a great idea. But is it worth the cost of losing money and having less people engaged in movies? I guess that for them to decide…

  • With 10 years since the first avengers came out, it makes that they make the movies more mature

  • Back when the new MCU Blade was yet to be announced and the Marvel Netflix shows were still running, I thought Blade would be a perfect addition to the more R-rated Netflix Marvel universe. Now it seems like we might be getting something like that some time in the future....

    • Bitte teilen und abonnieren, wenn dir unsere Videos gefallen: TO.SV/ADLOVE

    • @L Ok then.

    • @Ramon Andrajo Don't worry about.

    • @L What?!

    • @Ramon Andrajo Some of the ones I found are "pretty women", "ruthless peope", and "outrageous fortune" and saids they are subsidiary. What do you mean Sony?

  • After watching doctor strange I think you are right

    • Yes, this movie is definitely way more unhinged compared to an MCU film.

  • I want a violent morally questionable stories that get the audience thinking, the joker movie was a good example btw blade was goat

  • I really hope the MCU does go the way of the new Batman movie. If it does, That will be the best it’s been in my opinion

  • Didn't even watch the video yet and already excited because this is proof, I'm not the only one who suspects this will happen.

  • I really hope they do make a darker movie. The thing is that I feel Disney won’t allow it because they think it might flop and a movie with a high production budget would lose a ton of money. I do think that Deadpool will definitely be R rated though, if it isn’t everyone will riot.

    • @Hmmallo _ no he is not again! Money≠ quality

    • @Tunewurld I mean we are slowly starting too see the mcu turn dark, but it’s still gonna be a long process

    • @Anthony Martinez Honestly a Horror Dr. Stranger R-Rated movie would had been INSANE!!!! F*ck Kevin Feige in a Buisness world I kinda understand though. Its sad that in life we will never exactly get what we deserve.

    • @tenerife sea Deadpool has to be R-Rated. It's brand is already framed as non-kid friendly suddenly changing that would ruin it for the adult and confuse the kids..Deadpool just doesn't work as a family friendly movie! If they want money they won't touch it.

    • @Cl¤udy•San ?

  • I remember when i would watch Blade with my dad. These were the only marvel movies that he liked to watch.

  • 0:28 Petition for the "MCnotforallofU" to become the official name of the R-Rated MCU.

  • Ok.. hear me out I really want a weird core theory from matpat Like imagine him trying to figure out the weird core universe

  • Btw, ghostrider already is in the mcu, they showed up in one of the later seasons of agents of shield, im just not sure wether the mcu considers that as canon

  • I am all for more gritty, dark, shows. I just hope they don’t go heavy on the other end of the R-rated spectrum.

    • @Thunderfury yes that wouldn't be the best change

    • THIS

    • Bitte teilen und abonnieren, wenn dir unsere Videos gefallen: TO.SV/ADLOVE

    • ya same

  • 1:50 There was already a similar scene with Bruce and Betty in "The Incredible Hulk".

  • This is what my dad and I have been referring to as “Disney After Dark”.

  • @FilmTheorists, you should do a theory on the cartoon sidekick. I would like to see the topic of if Eric’s sidekick apprenticeship is actually just a rubric for him becoming the next Maxum Man.

  • It would be really nice to have a R rated avengers film and I at least finally pick up the pace

  • I doubt they’re going to lean too hard into the R rated stuff purely because it’s well known R rated projects overall make less money and Disney only cares about that. I don’t doubt they might do a couple R rated movies though.

    • @awesome gaymer Captain America isn’t an R rated character.

    • Fun fact: captain marvel made more money than any R rated movie in history.

    • @Tester Wulf :3 Oops, forgot about Deadpool XP yea I guess they do the mature stuff too, just forgot about it also cute pfp you got there :)

    • @Pkmn Trainer Red Deadpool belongs to Marvel, they're making a 3rd film and it 100% WILL be R-Rated. So clearly Disney and Marvel aren't afraid to entertain mature audiences.

    • Deadpool alone proves R-Rated movies can make huge money! It made $783.1mil for the first and made even more for the second being $785mil; both of those being more than plenty of well known PG13 (and PG) films like Moana or Captain America or even Guardians of the Galaxy. There's an adult audience out there for them to make money off, and they clearly can do just as good..they just have to be decently made.

  • Considering that Eternals had themes present in Justice League but done by a functional adult, and Moon Knight was for all intents and purposes, just as dark as anything considered mature enough for an R Rating.

  • ⚠️ minor Dr.Strange spoilers ⚠️ I just finished watching MVOM, matpat wasn’t wrong about this one, which was unfortunate for my little brother in the theater

    • I was shooketh when at the end of the movie there were a lot of kids watching like Yoo wheres to parents?!?

    • Same my little gobl… I mean brother is traumatized after the Illuminati deaths

  • I hope Mat will make a theory about the new episode of salad fingers. I loved those theories I hope he will do another

  • Yeah, after seeing Dr Strange in The Multiverse of Madness I think this theory has been debunked.

  • Calling Eternals the "arthouse Marvel" movie is fitting considering that Chloe Zhao is heavily inspired by Terrance Malik

    • Oof to both.

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  • Can you do a theory on turning red? I can't seem to find 2 things on that movie. Why was her mother's panda so large, is there a villan, and how did Sebing pass the gift onto her already born daughters? (I'm to lazy to change the 2 to a 3)

  • after watching the new Doctor Strange movie, this video is even more relevant

  • I like how this video’s thumbnail harkens back to the days of ILaward a few years ago where these sort of thumbnails were essentially the meta for a while before, y’know, the bridge incident. Good times!

  • Matpat, can you please explain to me how Tom Hardy's Venom ended in Spidey's universe if neither of them knows spider man?

  • As long as it's only more dark and diving into adult subjects like child trafficking, horror or things like that I'm all for it. Just nothing sexual.

    • Same. I just somehow couldn't see and love some characters the same anymore if they make it oversexualized :/

    • @StarlightKY exactly

    • @Super Isaiah Okay but like expect it

    • @Super Isaiah well when i watch Logan i was 15 and there was 5 year old same goes for joker and suiside squad (2021)

    • @StarlightKY that's not really how it works. Just because a movie is r rated doesn't mean they have to actively go for every single thing they can

  • Can you do a theory video on if Bruce and the other two sharks from finding Nemo could actually survive off of not eating fish? As "fish are friends not food".

  • After doctor strange multiverse of madness, yup this seem legit