Film Theory: The Rick and Morty / Gravity Falls CROSSOVER Conspiracy!

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Rick and Morty is AWESOME! Between the Rick and Morty VR game and the surprise launch of Rick and Morty Season 3 on April Fool's Day, everyone is ready to get schwifty with Rick and the gang. But while we eagerly await more schezwan sauced adventures, there's a theory that's been brewing in the background, one that hits on one of my other favorite cartoons of all time -- Gravity Falls. Is Rick and Morty a continuation of Gravity Falls? Is a crossover between the Gravity Falls gang and Rick and Morty likely to happen soon? Why would I even think that these two franchises share ANY similarities? Get ready, Theorists, to have this whole Gravity Falls / Rick and Morty puzzle start getting pieced together.
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  • Mat: “for you people, here’s how evil Bill Cipher is” Bill: *summons screaming head* Mat: “ _need I say more?_ ”

    • @aybike ulusoy that does sound like bill.

    • also the time when Bill literally turned into a Dorito-spider, and screamed: "WHEN IM THROUGH WITH YOU KIDS, I WILL DISASSEMBLE YOUR MOLECULES"

    • @daft_mervy Wait... Did "HE" actually said that in an episode in the show?! Bruh... WTF Disney! (Now I can see why the show only lasted two seasons. Because they were beginning to push the limits of Disney's "family/kid-friendly" stuff. If they WERE to make a third season; it probably end-up on Adult Swim!)

    • We all love him tho. He's evil but he's funny so 🤷‍♂️

    • what about the deer teeth

  • If Rick and Morty share a universe with Gravity Falls then that means technically both are connected to The Simpsons. And technically The Simpsons share a universe with Family Guy. Which means that a meeting between Peter Griffin and Dipper could be possible and I’m scared what the result of that would be.

    • Bill cipher cameos in a simpsons episode! Not lying! IT HAPPENED AND ITS NOT EVEN A PARODY BILL BUT REAL BILL

    • @Soul. the events of finding the owl houe would be leading both, distruction and scary, the fact that the owl monster was already bad enought for the city there ya' know. Bill's power would harm many, yet maybe would disturb the universe itself

    • In the Simpson's Rick crossover you can see a "slurm" container meaning also Futarama is there too

    • Bro they really chose a good show for a _interdimensional_ demon as a villain. Like it has so many connections to other shows they could use

    • @CODERAS That is true. But he is an inter-dimensional being so he can pop up anywhere.

  • Wouldn't it make more sense that Rick left that message, purposefully in bills code to mess with him? Similarly in the episode with the council of ricks they check his portal gun history, couldnt that explain the mug, pen and notebook? Rick frantically opening portals to previously visited dimensions

    • I'm pretty sure the mug pen and notebook are just an egg because both creators of the shows are friends and it would be a cool detail.

    • i dont think his portal gun was hacked into when they checked his portal gun history, i think most of the traveling from the portal gun history was rick randomly opening dimensions to confuse the citadel guards

    • omg that's true- what if because rick is "the smartest man in the universe" he just thought it was funny to make fun of the journal so he hypothetically just wrote "rick was here" to mess with another show he was not part of.

    • i don understand

  • Imagine if Rick and Morty started hiding secret codes in the show like gravity falls did, that would be crazy

  • Bill: destroyed his home universe MatPat: accuses him of it and calls him a threat to the multiverse Rick: doesn’t even keep track of which universe he’s in because he’s destroyed to many to count and is therefor the Galactic Federation’s greatest bounty, and is the smartest man in the universe, and when he first found out magic was real and in that universe his tech was useless he went from noob to one of if not the best in just a quick commercial break Also MatPat: protects Rick

    • Oh please bill can think and Rick is erased from existence. Of bill wasn’t a Disney character and didn’t lose from plot armour he’d be one of the most powerful characters to exist.

    • Makes sense since Rick is smart enough to try and create an anti-Bill Cipher weapon :)

  • I would love to see a cross over but of course Disney probably wouldn’t let it happen

    • @BFW Mickey Mouse fucked a I don't remember what and a bat in South Park along with Stan dad, that's probably worse than Rick and Morty XD Rick and Morty isn't 100% family friendly but it can still be adapted in the Gravity Falls concept and still be a episode without too much or no violence or swear words. Also Mickey Mouse appearance can't be used because of copyright put by Disney, the concept of a talking mouse is free for everyone to use, Disney doesn't own that but they put ownership on Mickey Appearance and no one can use the same or a really REALLY similiar design (for example different colors but same clothes and appearance) so Disney accept to appear in adult shows.

    • @Michael Parton That's true, especially considering what MatPat said about Mickey Mouse "copyright" in the video about Nemo being a possible rip off of a old kids book Disney must have accepted to put Mickey Mouse in there because I think he said something about how other people can make talking mice because the concept of talking mice isn't their concept only, just Mickey Mouse appearance is their copyrighted concept so the talking mice concept isn't owned by Disney but the appearance of Mickey Mouse is owned by Disney and it can't be used by other popular developers unless they give a yes to use Mickey Mouse or are somehow collaborating. I feel like Disney current workers probably accepted because South Park is still the majority of the Disney workers childhood. Some of them are younger than others but a lot of them were kids who watched South Park so I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually happy to be showed in their childhood cartoon. They might still be really strict and greedy but they are still humans with passions, nostalgia etc. Edit: Also being greedy would kinda be in favor of accepting a crossover, plus they don't actually own Gravity Falls. That's still Alex show, they air it but it's still not their show. They can chose to not air any more episodes forcing Alex to cut it short (which they did) but they can't have ownership of the cartoon. Alex can open a Tumblr or whatever and make arts and calling them Official Arts and Disney can't tell them to not do so. If Alex is persistent enough he could probably convince them of a crossover or manage to make another season, if bot with Mabel and Dipper a sequel or prequel or whatever. A bit like how the creator of The Owl House didn't let Disney chose the fate of her show, sure she had to cut it short and fought a lot just to make Luz x Amity Canon and kiss on screen/be girlfriends but she still managed to do that, made two seasons and managed to convince Disney to do more when they told her that she couldn't do 3 seasons like she planned. Granted it's not a full season and I think she said they will be just 3 episodes of the length of 40 minutes each she still won over Disney and probably she will manage to reach the right conclusion/ending she wanted for the show when she started or maybe she will be able to convince to cut the time to 20 and make more episodes.

    • I don't think so either

    • i know what you mean

  • I wonder how Bill Cipher’s cameo in The Simpsons applies to this.

  • Hey Matpat! I'm a fan of Rick and Morty and Gravity falls, and really enjoyed the video. If you see this comment, which is unlikely, sure, is there any chance of you revisiting this video for more information because of the new seasons of Rick and Morty? There may be some more easter eggs and plot related..

  • Dipper high fiveing Rick is something I never I thought I would see

  • WARNING: SPOILERS Considering the existence of the finite curve, it means that there should be a Rick in the Gravity Fall world, and maybe if they count has two enterally different dimensions, in Bill’s world as well. Imagine a triangle Rick.

  • I mean, awesome. But, since Rick can travel between an infinite number of universes, doesn't that mean he's a part of every show...ever?

    • @Jo zc

    • Well, no.

    • no he can go to infinite universes bur that doesnt mean he was in every one

    • Don't forget Bob's Burgers and The Simpsons.

    • @The_man_of_fiction well but dc and marvel are accesible to each others multiverse as they have fought multiple times in the clmics

  • Sometimes it seems like these T. V. shows actually happen in a different universe then ours and are communicating with us through these shows

  • This was truly amazing i freaking love both shows so it awesome to see such a strong connection. Hope to see a crossover for sure

  • I think even if they can’t do a crossover we’ll still see bootleg versions of the gravity falls characters end up as major characters in an episode at least once.

  • Watching this after season 5 finale makes me think that breaking the central finite curve might mean that the smartest man in the universe can reunite with the other smartest man in the universe

  • I like how this guy doesn’t do clickbait

    • He doesn’t dissappont

    • @Sorenai de clickbait means, putting some things that make the thumbnail more clickable BUT Don't Deliver The Stuff Shown In The Thumbnail. FT Explains Their Thumbnail in the video and that's not clickbait, Its Quality Content

    • @Just Jewel You didn't have to be rude. Plus nobody asked for your opinion either.

    • never had never will

    • hello everyone this is your daily dose of internet

  • Ok, but need an update on the more recent Rick and Morty episodes. This is too good.

  • Great now I wanna see an R-rated prequel of Rick and Morty/Gravity Falls where Stanford and Rick are part of an interdimensional, crime crew

  • Another thing is that in the final episode of Gravity falls when bill is being erased he says. “A-X-O-L-O-T-L in envoke the power that I may return” and in the book “Dipper and Mabel Curse of the time pirates treasure” they meet a huge axolotl that can has magical powers. I think you dove into this on your “bill is alive” episode.

  • When Matpat said ‘there’s more to this theory’ I was like ‘but that’s just a theory’

  • Imagine if the "Rick was Here" was just a rickroll

  • I really hope season 3 of GF happens and it's the crossover between 2 of my favorite shows in the entire multiverse, but I have a slight doubt that it'll happen because GF is supposed to be a "kids" show.

  • 12:20 there is also a gemstone, the same one that makes things larger and shrinks things on the tray with the plumbus. Dipper uses the gemstone by putting it on a flashlight and making himself be the same height as Mabel after Mabel makes fun of him for being shorter

  • Here's the real question to ponder... why did the pen, notepad, and mug come out through Rick's portal in the opposite order that they went in to Stan's portal?

  • Fun fact every color in gravity falls is actually a hexadecimal code leding to bill cyfers cookie jar-this is basically gravity falls.

  • what if Stanford was the person taking the photos of the gang

  • Mini Theory: Ford was STILL on the run from Bill in his journey. In one of the Rick and Morty episodes, it shows Rick’s memories. One of them says Bill-C. Bill was still trying to capture Ford through Rick Sanchez! But that’s just a Piggyback Theory!!!!

  • In an episode of Gravity Falls we see a time traveler, who is voiced by the same guy as Morty.

  • 5:39 gave me chills just thinking on the ending of season 5 episode 10

    • I love you for this comment i was going to contact the film theorizer and ask him to make a video on it

    • I’ve been waiting to see someone else bring this up lol like bill or even Ford would totally be things Rick would keep on the other side of the curve

  • Mat: This book is a puzzle solver's dream Me, who already decoded every code in the book: Unfortunately, all dreams must end

  • Who all thinks that Alex Hirsch should create a spin off of Gravity Falls about the adventures of Stanford during his time in the portal?

  • Knowing what we now know after the season finale of season 5, there is either a Smith family including a Rick living in the universe of Gravity Falls or this theory is complete debunked. If Rick isn't in that universe, then it's impossible for him to be the smartest man in the universe, and universes where Rick is the smartest man are disconnected from the ones where he isn't , as ordered by the council of ricks. Therefore, it would make it impossible for Ford and Rick to ever cross paths. If you want me to take it one step further, some may argue that Rick was one of the main creators of the citadel, meaning he likely was on the council of Ricks at some point. If thats the case, then, following the logic so far, its extremely likely for him to be one of the people to set up the infinite time coil thing that cause the different multiverses to be separated? And if thats the case, he could've It's 1am and i'm tired of typing take it or leave it, i have adhd

  • I would also like to add something to this theory. The guy who voiced Blendin Blenjamin Blandin (Justin Roiland) is the same person who voiced Morty in Rick and Morty. I recognized the voice while watching the show. It may not have any5ing to do with the connection but I thought it was a cool thing to add considering both the creators are good friends

  • “Hilarious characters,” said matpat, showing footage of one of the saddest moments in gravity falls

  • And thanks to the season 5 finale, it is an actual possibility now.

  • In Mortys mind blowers there’s a memory, that I’m gonna guess Rick had, was titled Bill_C or something like that, probably implying that Rick used it to remove the memory of bill from him, meaning bill and Rick knew each other at some point

    • @A Human Imagine if they we're friends, Or EVEN BETTER RICK AND BILL FOUGHT.

    • I wonder what bill did to Rick to warrant his deletion from ricks memories

    • Wait, really??

    • That reminds me of when dippers getting his mind scan somthing says if i cross my legs maybe no one will notice

    • And another memory labeled "Stanford".

  • Imagine this: “Gravity Falls & Rick and Morty THE MOVIE”

  • 4:01 i like it how the coffe cup in the image of the gravity falls episode matches the easter egg in rick and morty

  • 8:26 "RICK WHO!?" Me, an intellectual: "Rick Astley, obviously"

  • Oh great now you've got me hoping for a R&M/Gravity Falls crossover. Which has either already happened, or is never going to happen. Imma look it up

  • Cannot put into words how much I want evil morty to be possessed by bill cipher

  • Sometimes I go through shows from the same companies and see which universes are connected

  • I find it so funny that Rick make a portal like that 🫰 but in the gravity falls universe it’s this crazy concept that is barely getting discovered. Just goes to show how Rick is wayyyy smarter. Bill cypher would be just another one of his adventures with morty. He’s body him easy to learn his secrets and then go back to watching inter dimensional cable lol

  • the biggest thing that might happen is that later in season 5 stanford goes to the RAM universe and asks rick (a old friend of stans) to help him finish off bill once and for all with that being one of the biggest crossover in tv history, with us getting a third season of GF where they finish off bill in both shows.

  • Also: the two new shows (the owl house and Amphibia which already ended) appear to be connected to gravity falls buy this logic so throw those two into the pot, and another one is when you look at the skeleton table featured in one of the gravity falls episodes it looks like "the thing that doesn't exist" from the phineas and ferb opening so there's also that.

  • Hey Matt, you probably won't see this, but I found some evidence that backs it up even more. The episode of Society of the Blind Eye in Gravity Falls came out AFTER Close Rickcounters of the Rickkind. This means that the items that flew from Stan's hand were planned out before the actual episode aired and implemented on Rick and Morty first.

    • Jacob Cortes in the episode rixty minutes the taxi sign looks like bill cipher

    • I just fucked up the definition of objective, yeah I meant what that Aries dude said

    • AriesMania I think he meant its not certain when each episode was created even tho The Rick and North one premiered first

    • ob·jec·tive (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. Yes, it is in fact objective. Release dates are just that, release dates, not opinions.

    • Camlove I've hate to prove you wrong but Do you have any idea how time works? The release dates of the two episodes aren't objective... not at all...

  • 13:08 "And now it's connected to The Simpsons." Huh, MatPat predicted a cameo.

  • there is another theory... seeing as the memory things effects were undone for Stan, Bill could be in Stan. this is only encouraged by the Cipher hunt. so he could return here, or he could be in Stan!

  • I'm surprised Blendin didn't come up. He's definitely a Morty.

  • Man it would be awesome if they did an crossover but sadly gravity falls is long gone, it would be amazing tho

  • There’s also in “Gravity Falls: Lost Legends” the comic “The Pines Boys in: The Jersey Devil’s in the Details” it had the two words “human pickle” referring to Pickle Rick.

    • @Austin the gamest also, in the same panel, you can see a wanted poster of Eda the Owl Lady from the Owl House.

    • There's also a memory vial in the Mr.-What's-His-Face story, from the device invented by Fiddleford Hadron McGucket that has "Rick S." written on it.

    • Pickle Dipper: Hey mabel, come look in the garage! Flip over the pickle mabel! It's me mabel, I turned myself into a pickle, i'm Pickle DIPPEEEER!!

    • Rick has been to gravity falls,by the way On a dark scroll in the double page look at “the crawlspace” you see a scroll”memories of RICK .S”

    • @Abombpatron425 true

  • We need more gravity falls theories

  • Fun fact: the creator of Gravity Falls and the creator of Rick and Morty are friends so they made a tiny Easter eggs as good reference from the fans

  • Look into the morty mind blowers episode when Mortys first sits down you’ll notice golden mindblowers but in that episode it’s never explained what those memories contain and he also never picks them up to see what they contain do you think they may contain memories of bill cipher due to the color reference and the mystery behind what they may contain?

  • I just want to say the "Rick was here" writing was in Fordese (Ford's Code), not in Bill's code, which is similar, but not the same.

  • Me realizing I bought the 3rd book in 5th grade: My time has finally come

  • That jump-scare near the end got me, and now I don't feel so well after that...

  • About the Rick was here thing: that's actually a different language then the one Bill's using. The one bill uses is its own thing in Journal 3. The one on Ford's wanted poster can be translated from a code in another book called Lost Legends. That code seems to be a sort of alien language used throughout the galaxy. So while Rick could have put it there himself as graffiti, Bill is probably not the one who put it there

  • Always have fun watching these theories awesome vids

  • Ah yes, the best theory of our timeline. I've come to revuwt this one

  • I think there is always too much evidence for it to be "just a theory"

  • I wonder the order of things that went from Stan's side is reversed on Rick's side.

  • A Film Theory NEEDS to be done on the Netflix Series- Inside Job, ASAP. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 it's almost clear as day and no one is posting anything!

  • I always imagine the creators of the show seeing this and then going, “hmmm... They’re catching on, send em all to the dungeons they know too much!”

  • I've been watching two other shows: Amphibia and The Owl House and found connections between the two and Gravity Falls suggesting they're in the same universe as well.

  • Bro, Evil Morty has an eyepatch.. meaning only one eye... maybe there's something there regarding Bill! Wearing yellow, being generally evil but also charismatic...

    • omg

  • I miss “Gravity Falls”. Good times.

  • This also means that they live in the same multiverse as us, or at least a very similar one to us, due to the Rick and Morty cameo in Space Jam: A New Legacy

  • "Hillarious characters..." *shows Mabel crying*

    • @Pubu ano in spanish means "rectum"

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @twenty one dippers! at the chemical phandom It means what, I am Filipino.

    • Fandy hahah

    • its because its funny how shes a terrible character that necer learns and seeing her sad feels good

  • What if Alex Hirsch watched this and said that this theory is true? That would be amazing!

  • Me and one of my Best friends are so obsessed with this show(Gravity Falls) that I got a Grappling Hook, became Mabel and she became Dipper.

  • what ive always wondered is which journal three we are reading. because grunkle stan made a copy and gave it back to dipper so we could be reading that one or the original

  • Next thing you know every time you watch gravity falls it is a loop sooo.... that means what if the life of Dipper and Mabel restarts only when they go to and from Gravity Falls so everytime they leave everybody's minds get erased and Dipper and Mabel turn the bus around that's a new theory for you MatPat.

  • Always wondered who took the picture of Rick at the bar, must have been Ford

    • IT ALL MAKES *S E N S E*

    • It could've been- FBI OPEN UP!!!!

    • Always been my headcanon.

    • Never thought of that lol

  • They arent the exact same items bc Stanley loses the first 2 things that were the same but the pen is a Sharpie with a red cap and it somehow changes to a completely red pen with a golden clicker

  • "Rickmurai Jack" talks about the central finite curve, blocking any dimension with no rick in it out from every dimension that has a rick, doesn't this mean that gravity falls has, or at least had (maybe that rick joined the citadel) it's very own rick?

  • Can you just imagine for a second like a year after Rick and Morty ends Alec Hirch and Justin Roiland announces a crossover show with all the original characters from Gravity falls and from Rick and Morty to take down Bill Cipher once and for all that would be SOOO amazing

  • What if all of the animations created in real life somehow created they're own multiverse, and our reality is the god of that reality.

  • Not gonna lie, I was hopping up and down on my bed while whatibg this. I just love those two shows so much. Seeing them together is like a emotional explosion.

    • this theory was from 2017... now I have to rewatch the newer episodes and try to catch more references and rewatch gravity falls for the n'th time.

    • @Titanic So, "whating."

    • @_RealUnderscore_ i geuss the b is next to the n on the keyboard?

    • How did you get whatibg instead of watching

    • @222 Liss But still... how did "watching" turn into "whatibg?"

  • Makes you wonder if we’ll see them in the next season of Rick and morty since evil morty broke the thing