Film Theory: We KILLED the MCU! (Marvel)

פורסם בתאריך 2 פבר 2022
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As we enter Phase 4 of the MCU, I have to wonder... will it ever end? Don't get me wrong, I love me some Marvel movies and making theories about them. Yet, with all of the big ideas and the changing of our major character roster, could we be entering the actual END of the MCU? More than that, can the MCU be KILLED?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Forrest Lee, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, AbsolutePixel, and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
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  • A very interesting video, with a lot of points that I’d never thought about but that seem obvious now you’ve said them. I know Marvel movies are pretty much the only films I go to the cinema to see, everything else I can wait till it’s streamable

    • I never thought you would watch Film Theory...

    • SB737? Didnt expext you to be here

    • Never thought I’d see you here. How’s it going?

    • @The Ghostface Killer I never went to cinemas soo...

    • this comment unlocked a forbidden memory

  • Suddenly realizing this this is going to be my "back in my day moment" I love the movies more than anything, I would go almost every weekend before the pandemic and I agree I feel like movies just aren't the same anymore there are so few original ideas and everything is so big now that its really hard to create wow factor that has people running to the theatres. I was living in a movie golden age and I didnt even know it, that makes me feel so old.

    • Lived through much of the 90s with early 2000s seen as the Dark Age of movies with some exceptions. The writing was on the wall when the MCU opted for interconnected stuff across the board for me. Others didn’t plan that far ahead.

    • You never notice a golden age till the depression after

    • Hate to break it to you but none of the movies you enjoyed back then were original anyway.

    • same! I used to have a "Tuesday movie night" with my friends back before the panini because it was only 5 dollars to go see one. We'd go just about every week and watch whatever movie seemed vaguely interesting at the time. The idea of theatres being thrown to the wayside makes me pretty sad to think about, honestly

  • The sad truth is that when the MCU ends it’s not gonna end with a good ending. If it did then they would keep making more movies, as evidenced by endgame, it could’ve been the end but it did well so they kept going. It’s gonna end with an unsatisfying and bad ending.

    • Yeah I do wish they ended with endgame.

    • Just like Harry Potter. It's technically not dead yet, but... the last movie was, um... what was it called? "Fantastic Beasts and the Prisoner of Alzheimer's"? It was so bad, so incoherent, that they actually wrote in a scene to make excuses for why nothing made sense. Basically, they tripped and then said "Lol, I _meant_ to do that." I've been surrounded by Harry Potter fans for most of my life, but in 2022, I don't know even one person who still cares about it enough to see the movies in theaters. Most now seem to just wait until they're having insomnia at 2am and have nothing else to stream.

    • unfortunately your right

    • Aka greed and lack of quality 101

    • The end of the MCU is literally the apocalypse.

  • After seeing Endgame, I had the thought that the MCU was done. That there was no other way that they could possibly top themselves.

    • @a namer here Just like Netflix LMAO

    • Endgame was a horrible movie! Talk about dragon on with plot holes to boot

    • I’m gonna go watch The Batman

    • They don’t have to top themselves. They just have to continue telling stories in the ever expanding Marvel Universe. Personally, I am hoping for more stories that are smaller in scope. Let’s have Captain America save a college campus instead of the entire planet.

    • @Jesús Alejandro Gutiérrez Sulbarán Thats why nobody even tries to top that. Thats why there is no Avengers 5 anytime soon. They just do something else, just like MCU started. Iron Man didnt try to top previous successful movies like Spider-Man. They just did their thing. If its successful, they continue doing that thing. If not, they do another thing. Im pretty sure Kevin Feige himself doesnt even know what the next big thing will be. For now, they just do their thing, which isnt the goal to top Endgame anytime soon.

  • Nailed it man. That was 17min of outstanding content where you nailed your hypothesis. No new information for me.. And as a comics nerd I would both hope and posit, that comics have the scope to continually push boundaries and shock the previously ignorant. So fingers crossed I'll eventually see all those amazing comics arcs I love from the comics in the big screen.....

  • as someone who actuallly works at my local movie theater I'm genuinely afraid of the theater shutting down eventually, not because of troubles with having to find a new job, but because the theater has been a great place for me, it's been how I learn about new exciting movies to watch because I just don't actively search out news about, well anything really, so if it shuts down I'll lose that source of entertainment information, it's also a place that I've come to genuinely love being in because I get to play a big part in a lot of peoples lives, a little kids first ever movie, a duo's first tentative steps at being a couple, a family's big gathering, an elderly couples anniversery, there's so many little things that go on in the theater that I genuinely adore watching and i'd genuinely feel bad to see that sort of environment disappearing

    • You sound like an honest and genuine person. Don't lose that even if you so lose your job. It's a very rare sensibility and you should try to retain it.

    • Yea, For me its all about going to see a movie. The experience. The movie usually doesnt matter as much, tho is a def bonus

    • My local amc shut down on January 1st and it was packed when No Way Home came out a few weeks prior

    • Not many movies have been good as of late sadly...too much wokeness, last 3 movies I saw were in empty theaters

    • Same here. I love movie theaters

  • Theory idea: What type of water would be necessary for Frozone's ice skills to actually freeze water? I'm currently rewatching Incredibles 2 and during the climax fight scene (around 1:41:08 in the movie), Frozone uses his powers to freeze the water surrounding the yacht in order to change its direction. His ice appears to be very small and shallow on/in the water, however later in this fight sequence (1:44:13) he shows just how large his ice can really be, on solid ground though (he's not freezing any water). Is freezing bodies of water possible within his power set? If so, what type of water would it have to be / conditions / would this be a "it works but..." situation, etc.

    • Yes. We need to do a theory on the science of all of the incredibles.

    • Good theory it’d be pretty interesting

    • I love how he is so excited at the beginning of a video titled "We KILLED The MCU!!!"

  • Exactly. I didn’t even go to the movies much as a kid. But when the MCU dropped around high school, I immediately was in the theater for every movie. I’d still go see other franchises (007, HP, etc) but in my mind, they’re just not as worth it. MCU is the only franchise that gets me super excited to go to the movies, and sometimes that excitement carries over into non-superhero products lol

  • I really enjoyed this theory, especially how it makes since when you look at Disney’s other properties when it comes to theatrical releases: Take Pixar’s Luca for example, Disney released it only on their streaming service because they new people wouldn’t feel motivated to get out of the house to watch a movie they have no other context of besides what they see in the trailers(a simple story about sea monsters that can turn human on land). You could argue this had to do with the pandemic however, but with Pixar releasing another one of their newest movies, Turning Red, straight to streaming, you began to see a pattern. Now with their new release of Pixar’s Lightyear they know people will feel more motivated to go to theater for a character they already have so much context about. The same can be said for Disney’s Encanto, although barely anyone was talking about it before it released on Disney plus, they new people would be familiar with Lin Manuel Miranda and his music, so they risked putting it in theaters before it blew up on Disney plus .

    • wow never see it that way ,great point

  • This really makes me want to support movie theaters even more than I did before

    • Don't I just want to watch movies at home

  • Here’s something to keep in mind: Pinocchio, Fantasia, Bambi, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty were all box office disappointments not because not enough people saw them, they were all among the most successful movies of their respective years. It’s because animation was REALLY expensive compared to today, and very few animated movies made enough to recoup the costs to make them. That, and World War II meant that fewer people saw movies in general, which basically killed any chance of any of Disney’s movies turning in a profit at the time, hence why their movies released between Bambi and Cinderella were just a bunch of animated shorts loosely tied together, like Song of the South or The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.

    • This makes a lot of sense thanks

    • He talks about this in another video

    • @Vladplays Fortnite and more! when the video is about a specific topic comments it happens

    • @Emanuele_246gi yup

    • This whole thread is useless, I feel bad for this serious and well-made comment

  • Wow, you really opened up my mind. Never thought of these points, especially since i haven’t gone to a theater in like 8 years. It’s just such a drag going to the theater when I can watch everything at home with a group of friends, people I actually like that aren’t coughing or yelling at the top of their lungs during the film

  • As someone looking to go into the film industry, the decline of movie theaters is a very real thing and something I’m very wary of. Unless something’s a mega franchise like the MCU, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to compete with streaming services and watch at home movies that are of the same production quality for cheaper. I think the moviegoing experience could turn into a thing of the past that only exists for the entertainment of the wealthy, sort of like the theatre.

    • "sort of like the theatre" The moviegoing experience is the theatre.

  • The experience of seeing a movie in a theater is something that can’t really be matched. I watched Dune in IMAX and then I watched it on HBO max and the theater legitimately heightened the experience. I love the hype up for the ILaward brand but I don’t like to see bashing of the craftsmanship created to be experienced on the silver screen. I am biased though, I love spending my Friday nights in those sticky movie theaters.

  • I still like the movie theater experience. There’s something extra enjoyable about the social aspect of watching a movie with other people, sharing in the humor and the heartbreak. It’s when people break the covenant by making the experience about themselves where the issues reside (being on your phone, talking during the movie usually not even about it, kids too young to understand the social experience being a distraction, etc). Sure you can get this same experience by watching with your friends and family at home, but it’s nice to know that inspire of the divided world we live in, people from all walks of life can put those divisive things aside for 2 1/2 hours in order to be collectively entertained as equals. If this isn’t you, then yeah, stay at home.

  • Such a well integrated ad segment at the start of the video! I love seeing creators getting sponsorships that integrate so well into their content style!

    • @Mmm Bop Exactly. A VERY bad thing. It's annoying.

    • I was so confused. I was like I thought this video was about Marvel?

    • @Simon Riley what's wrong with anime _cough_ _cough_

    • Twi shorts what are you doing here!?

    • More like dishonestly integrated. Matt made it seem like part of the theory. Only reason I didn't skip it.

  • I personally love going to the movies. Its the experience, I can't imagine watching dune on my small TV when I can get the full immersion on I max or Dolby. Not to mention if we add up all the streaming services Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ILaward premium Disney plus etc.. that all adds up to hundreds of dollars a year. So I personally don't think the movies are going anywhere especially with the prices for streaming. I hope more people start going to the movies even though it's expensive its such a wonderful experience being with other people who enjoy movies! ( minus the dicks who can't keep there kids quite and bright phone screen lol)

  • It’s funny, I saw no way home in theaters and while there’s nothing like the experience, we saw venom within the aftercredits of the movie and decided to go see venom 2. This put the poster for the most recent scream (which was amazing) in my face and I saw that. If there hadn’t been a marvel movie I wouldn’t have seen the other two.

  • 9:25 But Disney does own the merchandise rights for Spider-man, which by your own admission is much more lucrative to them. So their promotion of him is not very ironic, since he is very easily Marvel's most popular/profitable character.

  • Hey, I have a question/theory idea: Me and my siblings disagree on the stakes in Eternals. [Spoiler warning, I guess] Tiamut was going to burst out of the ground and destroy the world- but looking at them, you can see their head and their hand at the same time. Since the horizon is approximately 3 miles away, this implies Tiamut is smaller than that. I think Tiamut is too small to destroy the planet entirely. They would totally cause an apocalypse, but my siblings and I disagree on the scale. I think it would be along the lines of the dinosaur asteroid, or climate change, while they think it would be more along the lines of Alderaan. There is a scene where this is shown to Sersi by Arishem, but I think it's hyperbole, because when we see Tiamut in person, they are WAY smaller. So here's my question: *Is Tiamut big enough to cause the Earth to explode? What repercussions would the world see if Sersi didn't abort them?* I think they totally could have removed Tiamut from the Earth without destroying it, if they went slow enough, because Tiamut can probably fly like Arishem. I would like to see your professional opinion, though. (Also, not quite relevant to the question, but I think if celestials are powered up by intelligent life, we can afford to cut out the middleman and create those "untold billions of lives who will never be born" ourselves. But that's just my opinion.)

  • I love how he is so excited at the beginning of a video titled "We KILLED The MCU!!!"

    • @Joshua i can tell you're not a bot but you do know not everyone is Christian right?

    • @Joshua a bit unrelated but ok

    • Sponsored by a super bowl commercial 🤣🤣

    • @Hello There ikr, genuinely its sad that theres so many bots Jesus loves you my friend have a great day

    • Jesus adores you all have a nice day

  • I went to the theater numerous times last year. I watched Godzilla vs Kong, Old, Candyman, The Unholy, Venom 2, Shang-Chi, Dear Evan Hansen, and No Way Home twice. I'm a big movie goer, so anything that catches my eye I want and will try to see.

  • I really like independent films, with amazing acting and real stories, but more and more of them are releasing in just select theaters because of the hollywood blockbuster stuff taking all the attention. Also paying literally $20 per person per ticket plus $12 for popcorn just to see a new film seems utterly ridiculous, especially when inflation and gas prices are already so high. If they want us to be interested in seeing movies, make it more affordable again. Honestly, people shouldn't have to go into debt (paying with credit) to go to the movie theater.

  • i just wanna put it out there I, personally, have loved every single movie/show Marvel has put out and I'm so freaking excited for the new upcoming ones

  • The fact about less people going to see movies is true. Earlier last year, i went to see Raya and the last dragon, and the room was absolutely PACKED. Very early on this year, we went to go see Sing 2, and there were 3 groups of people there! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!

  • I personally think it would be cool if marvel did a bit of slowing down, like maybe making some less world ending threats for the heroes to deal with and then building things up again for another infinity war or endgame.

    • They're building up for Secret Wars as we speak. And I expect more street-level things coming to the table.

    • @Steven Scott or deadpool kills

    • Ikr just make more Disney plus shows because they way easier for the viewers to pice than a film

    • That's a really good idea actually

    • I think this is kind of how the Disney plus marvel shows are going

  • A thorough and comprehensive list of how Disney is strangling the entire media landscape. Good work.

  • Matpat I would love to see you tackle the story that’s going on, on Scott the Woz’s channel. I feel like the funeral episode is really shaking things up

  • A thing to notice, MatPat, they didn't just trace movements in movies to make things easier. Sometimes it made it harder. Part of the reason they did this was to bring back memories of classic films.

  • Here is a theory idea: would the kids in the original Jumanji movie be able to get sued because all of the damage that was done during the movie or would they get away with with nothing towards them?

  • I think you can actually see this with how movies are more profitable on streaming sites than in theater with the success of Encanto. It had little buzz when it premiere on theater, and yet after its Disney+ release suddenly We Don't Talk About Bruno is the most popular and talked about song in the US rn.

    • I prefer backup donkey’s personally with strong female lead.

    • @SeBaStIaN sTaN Just never have.


    • Never heard of Encanto.

    • "not with a bang but with whimper"

  • I really hope theaters don’t go extinct, you don’t pay for the movie itself, it’s the experience. You pay for the walk of exciting into the theater as the the see the glowing gigantic screen, the seats fit to the brim with people. You go for the shared experience, the reactions of you to be shared with others

  • It would be amazing if he made a peacemaker theory

  • Great video, I love the MCU theory’s but I’d also love to see a new theory on the future of Rick and morty season 6. While touching on the events of the season final!!!

  • @The Film Theorists, I’ve been watching dating shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but lately, they have ended in disaster. I’m skeptical about the strategies involved in these shows, so I wanted you to do a theory. Do dating shows actually help you find love? If yes, what are the best strategies to get the guy or girl?

  • It was really interesting seeing this from the perspective of someone who works in a movie theater. It was insane how many movies got pushed out so that SPier-Man could be shown as much as possible. It was also interesting seeing how long Venom 2 lasted in theaters with auditoriums consistently over 50% capacity. And I work at a smaller theater, with no IMAX screens and mostly small auditoriums, I can't imagine what it was like for bigger theaters with IMAX and bigger auditoriums.

  • The support beam of a home is more important than "too big to fail" its "too big to be weak" any significant damage to a main beam has to be completely replaced. Reinforcement isnt an option. Disney can make a blunder or two and come out ok. A if a support beam has termite damage temporary supports are installed while the beam is replaced.

  • I know you’ve done a Bee Movie theory before but, hear me out, I think a theory estimating how many bees would actually be needed to hold and fly a plane would be very interesting to watch. (Or if it’s even possible for any amount of bees to do so)

  • Matpat I would love to see you tackle the story that’s going on, on Scott the Woz’s channel. I feel like the funeral episode is really shaking things up

  • Matpat I would love to see you tackle the story that’s going on, on Scott the Woz’s channel. I feel like the funeral episode is really shaking things up

  • Another way the MCU might "phase" out of existence is if its comic book source material fades away. Western comics have been on the decline in recent years partly due to competition by overseas competitors like Japanese manga. Once the comics start to dry up, the MCU will be left with coming up with their own original ideas or recycle the same plot lines until there is no originality left at all....

    • Considering they have more then 80 years of comic stories to take insperation from, I dont think that will be a problem any time soon.

    • Dude really said manga

    • The source material is simply no where close to being exhausted. Consider the following. Iron Man was introduced in 1963. New stories featuring this character has been produced on a monthly basis ever since. In the past five decades, hundreds of Iron Man stories have been created. There are plenty of untold Iron Man adventures.

    • There is decades of source material

    • I mean there is literally endless marvel material out there so idk

  • Thank U for making an honest assessment of how lame the MCU has been over the last 3 films. Hopefully, Dr. Strange 2 will make up for the lackluster depth and hurried garbage from Spidey installments🍻

  • Good job, Matpat, as always!

  • I really like that you put Film Joy in as one of the favorite content creators. Movies with Mikey is great. Great videos, I will make sure to subscribe!

  • I really enjoy the movie experience personally, watching a movie at home doesn't hit the same

  • Have you not seen movies like The Equalizer, Crank, Nobody, John Wick, they’re very much those kind of normal looking people who get driven to the limit and are hidden badasses. It’s a genre we’ve tapped into, we just haven’t driven it into the ground quite yet.

    • I don't think the dude in Crank is a "hidden badass" at all.

    • @Lightning Penguin anime, yes. Western movies, no.

    • @Absentia I've seen plenty of these types of shows in anime. Most of the good one tends to be darker in my opinion. In one, the main character's only skill was lying.

    • Yes, we have because those movies ARE the action genre as a whole. Rambo started out humble drama/thriller, Aliens, Predator and Terminator were Horror movies. Cobra, Commando, Universal Soldier, Kickboxer, etc etc. These movies been here it's just said movies are also kinda looked down upon while the MCU uses the very same tropes towards success

  • I'm unusual in that I love going to the movies. My one a month outing with my son has turned into a maybe four times a year thing. But I still love the experience.

  • The MCU could go on for decades. There are hundreds of heroes/villains really they haven't even scratched the surface.

  • I saw the Thrill Driver thing and while Matt was kindly calling them by their actual names, I was going, "Look, Drax is riding a motorcycle!"

  • So, let me get this stright. You're saying that the meme movie can topple an entire industry if it releases at the right time?!

  • Oh, so that’s why Walt had that show where he would show segments of his animated movies in! It was to help keep them relevant and exciting in the collective minds of his viewers so the re-releases would make more money. Pretty shrewd idea for the 50’s when all he had was cable TV. The man was genius businessman. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade for sure.

    • The 50s had network TV. Cable TV didn’t arrive until the early 80s, long after Walt had passed away.

    • Or you sell them to companies who make drinks and food products with Lemons, then you just sit back and count the money

    • Don't read my name,,

  • Have you ever seen Twin Peaks? I'd love to hear a theory from MatPat himself! There's so many theories out there on what's ACTUALLY going on but I feel like you'll have a great one!

  • Okay but I genuinely thought Shang Chi was one of the best marvel movies ever made

  • Nice video and good points! I think the MCU will be killed when they will stop the crossover between the movies. Each movie/show creates a link to other movies(past or future)

  • Any chance there could be a theory video about Dr. Strange being a skrull - the decisions he made in No Way Home seem suspect to me.

  • This theory is actually accurate, at least for me. Went out to watch movies during the pandemic only to watch Marvel movies as I am a big fan. However, this experience provided me enough comfort level to actually go out and watch other movies in the theater. Without MCU, wouldn't have gone out to the theaters and would have just waited for everything else to come to streaming services.

    • @Vanna Reyne I was mostly going about brutal fights in that context. In the movie you Tom throw punches at Gobby. Gabby laughs, and smashes him into the ground. It's not a brutal scenario, but is brutal moment in the fight. I think moments like those, and split second fight decisions make a fight more interesting.

    • @Lightning Penguin what was brutal about it other than the death of aunt may? That was really the only brutal scene and it compares pretty nicely with a lot of recent mcu things like Warren killing someone with a shield

    • Honestly yes. Same for me.

    • @Dianna Jennings compared to the rest of the MCU Spider-Man movies I would say so. It's obviously not as brutal as the Sam raimi trilogy, and maybe a few other mcu movies like endgame.

    • @Aaron Levine It boggles the mind why some people would think Sony will have creative control of MCU Spiderman movies. Don't these people know Sony was the one who asked marvel studios for help after screwing him up with the failed "the amazing series" movies.

  • 13:23 gotta disagree with #3. If anything film culture could only *improve* if the MCU failed

  • Honestly, I've resigned myself to MCU movies rather than actively wanting to go see them. Like... I committed to 20-something movies and told myself that I'd stop at Endgame. Luckily the pandemic made me get over FOMO real quick, so I honestly don't mind missing out on the Marvel things. Though I did risk going see Shang Chi and it was a fun ride, but I have no attachment to MCU as a whole anymore.

  • I use to love going to movies, but after 2020 and we could finally go back to them, I realized that it really can be a pain sometimes. It's expensive, people are usually in their phone or are talking and kids are being loud. It's hard to enjoy it when people are being rude and at times a waste of money. Now I feel like some movies are worth the theater, like endgame is not the same feeling in my living room then it was in the theater. But I am definitely more picky about which movie I feel is worth actually seeming vs just waiting until it come out on Blu ray. It's kinda crazy that is where things are in some degrees

  • It's maybe part of the strategy to make not so good movies so that if they ever want to make a good one, people would be talking about it a lot. If everything they do is good movies, like what was said in the video, "they can't keep one-upping themselves". Expectation will rise so high that at some point, it would be hard to impress their audience.

  • “70% of people would rather stay at home and watch a movie rather than go to a theater” Well duh. I can’t pirate a movie at a theater Edit: a lot of people are misunderstanding me. I meant I can’t watch a movie for free at a theater so I instead have to scour the internet and illegally view the movie for free

    • @Thomas Pape I don’t mean pirate as in record the movie and then upload/sell it. I mean pirate as in go online and watch the movie for free

    • @Senator Steven Armstrong depends on the movie theater. I worked with someone who would pay for an early movie then when the movie ended he would simply go into another movie while the crowd was walking out. because that movie theater didn't watch people as they were walking out he got away with it for a while before they caught on. I *don't* really suggest doing this but most of the movie theaters revenue comes from snacks, drinks, and popcorn, and eventually you will need to eat and drink something.

    • @Vladimir Irkhin Yeah. So did No Way Home.

    • @Senator Steven Armstrong waiting for endgame to get pirated with good quality sure took a while though...

    • @hard chuck r/whoosh

  • Feels so obvious all these points but no one thought it like that or put it together. The GREATEST THREAT to MCU is The Film Theorists on ILaward!!

  • I've always wanted a theory for the best way to win Survivor! That'd take a lot of research time though.

  • I'm glad you said something because, I'm kind of waiting for Marvel to collapse even though I'm a big fan my big fan I'm also a DC fan and I'm hoping they get it right before Disney collapses.

  • Actually, Hawkeye is pretty good! Just saying.... Made the new character quite viable!

  • Thrill Driver is perhaps the worst name of a film ever. It just sounds like a parody doesn't it? What if this film was about a heist in an amusement park would they call it Excitement Roller-coaster?

    • I'd be glad with a parody. The whole genre is just ridiculous.

    • @Raven I'm pretty sure it's a long commercial thats going to play at the superbowl and is meant to be funny and for some reason matpat did not present it as either of these things.

    • There is no movie in IMDB called Thrill Driver or whatever.

    • @P Shali I find it kind of funny that he made it appear like it was a new movie but if u look at the marketing its not. Its just the car and that was a superbowl ad.

    • Did I miss the sarcasm somewhere in here? Everyone knows that it’s a Nissan advertising campaign for the Super Bowl right?

  • I think Anime films will eventually be what could rival marvel. Seeing what Demon Slayer did was incredible and all it takes is for a studio to only release movies once the show initially pops off and it game over. or at least do what Demon Slayer did and release the first half of season 2 as a movie.

  • Heck, even Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, The Loud House and the many iterations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are likely to be responsible for the fall of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • honestly the MCU and all of it's content is pretty much the only thing i watch on a day to day

  • Mat pat should be a teacher just look at his context clues perfect

  • You should do a video on Marble Hornets, I've been wanting to see you look into it for a while. It's a found footage styled arg from 2009 and includes many puzzles and things. They were solved a long time ago and it ended a long time ago, but I still find it to be an amazing video series that I would love to watch you talk about. Thanks if you end up actually doing it :)

  • A movie has to be pretty great for me to see it in the theatre. If I see it in the theatre I will also rent it when it first comes out. Then, there are those movies which are not worth the $10 price tag per person though are worth $3 to rent them for one day when they first come out. Among the $3 movies at my local movie store there are several dozen to pick from. I can also wait and eventually rent that movie for $1 for five days which is what I do with quite a few movies. Currently, a $3 1 day rental I am considering is Mortal Kombat.

  • 14:35 Yes, but Marvel/Disney are playing both fields with their Disney+ exclusive series. After watching this video, rhese series (as well as the Star Wars ones) feel like they are set up to be a lifeline for Disney if the movie theater medium fails

  • Hey MatPat, long time fan of the different theory series’s. Since James Gunn announced characters will die in Guardians 3 and said the team won’t be the same. It’d be cool to see you do your theory on who will die

  • I'm surprised about how well matpat can keep his voice while recording these. I mean, his iconic, but hey, thats just a theory, has sounded basically the same for years. His voice is amazing and you cant tell me otherwise.

    • @Khalid I would hope so

    • @Mr.Doverfield if anyone thinks its a top 3 movie their entertainment viewing licence is getting revoked 💀

    • I honestly can't take MattPat serious because he's constantly saying Enternals is an underrated masterpiece. Not even the biggest fans don't consider it a top 3 marvel movie.

  • I was 100% certain before the first minute of this video that Thrilldriver was just an ad for Nissan and literally nothing more. My mind is blown, and I am scared to see Dragon in action.

  • I really MCU ended with a bang and didn't just slowly die out. Maybe we get one more saga (with phases 4, 5 and 6) and that's a wrap? I really want to remember it fondly, not get slowly tired of it.

  • Makes me sad that so many people would rather sit at home instead of going out to see a movie, theaters have always been an exciting experience, too many reasons to just sit at home these days

  • This was a particularly good video. Thank you.

  • I started working at a movie theater a couple months ago, around the time Shang-chi was still playing for a little longer before it was gone, waiting until Eternals premiered and eventually Spider-Man No Way Home. The theaters were full when it was time for MCU films and now since it's going to be a while until Doctor Strange 2, they're usually empty. No one really comes to watch the other films being released. Imagining that situation with the 'IF' Disney stopped releasing Marvel films, I'm sure that no one would even want to visit the movie theaters. It could lead to the eventual closing of theaters. That would be horrible, especially for me, and not just because of losing my job, but the theater experience would not exist anymore, and watching MCU films is what got me interested in studying Film.

    • I've actually only been to an actual movie theater a handful of times, although I am still a teen, so that might change. It might be the fact that going to theaters is just too expensive. The food is just ridiculously overpriced, and then there's the tickets, when if you wait a bit, you can stream the movie anyways for much less.

    • If theaters want to remain alive, one very simple thing to do is just stop having 45 minutes of preview garbage beforehand. The drive over already took time, and the movie's long enough.

    • "Theater experience" people in front of you playing on their phone, talking, opening candy, kids crying. Yeah no thanks

    • @Lyrics Assam someone else will take over they aren’t going to end the mcu