Film Theory: What REALLY Saved Snow White!

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You've known and loved Snow White your entire life - this is the quintessential Disney story of adventure and love conquering all! OR IS IT? What if I told you that love didn't save Snow White at all? Disney has been pulling the wool over our eye since the 1930's and TODAY I set the record straight.
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  • Wait, you're saying love isn't a magical force that can overcome the natural laws of the universe?

  • Mat: "WALL-E is cannibalistic." "Elsa and Rapunzel are sisters." "The pig is Moana's brother." "The Spongebob goo bubbles are jellyfish carcasses." Also Mat: *draws the line at a wealthy, powerful monarch purchasing a fish*

    • @BiggestPhangirl it’s not necessary getting the pufferfish that’s the issue, it’s a matter of extracting the poison in a proper manner. And let’s be real, no one on the earth during this time period would have had the knowledge, let alone the equipment to be able to extract said poison from the fish. That’s why the option is off the table, because it’s quite frankly not possible in this time period. You did pose a good argument though bringing up the fact that she’s a powerful monarch

    • Can i watch game theory at 11 yrs old?

    • @江淑芳 Emphasis on "wealthy, powerful monarch." She can literally pay anyone to know things for her. She wants a potent poison with all the qualities of this apple? Pay enough to some expert and they'll probably have connections. Just saying, it's unrealistic to assume someone with an crap ton of political power and influence cannot dig up information one way or another.

    • Which movie is this ?

    • How would she even know about it in the first place, or anything about the fish to consider getting it?

  • Fun fact: It was never "mirror mirror on the wall" It was " *Magic* mirror on the wall". Check it out. It's pretty cool!

    • As far as I know it's originally a german fairytale and in the german version it would be "mirror mirror on the wall" (and then the second line would be like "who is the fairest in all the land")

    • Yeah it’s a Mandela affect

    • its called mandela effect

    • I like more magic mirror on the wall Bc it kinda rhimes 😉

    • AHKTUALLY, it's both. In most sources (including the translation from the Brothers Grimm, some but not all Disney books, ) it's "Mirror, Mirror." This version of the quote is the one in the minority. There's also variation of the second line between "who is fairest of us all" and "who is the fairest one of all"

  • This didn't ruin my childhood of this movie, it even enhanced it! Love the idea that friendship actually saved her. Wish that was the prevailing lesson all these decades.

    • no it wasn't friendship it was chemistry and minerals.learn your're facts about theories!!!! XD not trying to be rude but srs,glad it enhanced

  • When theories fit this perfectly it makes me wonder if Disney planned all of this out or if it was all just a string of very convenient coincidences

  • I love how he has to make everything realistic. Maybe the apple was just covered in some evil magic poisoning. But his theory makes lots of sense.

    • @• Kurapika’s_right_index_finger • nice

    • I thought it was arsenic lol

    • by the way i am from 2022 toys are us is gone.

    • @krapov voparK they forgot since it was from many months prior. You would forget also

    • MoMMy!

  • me At The Before Moment Matpat Says Chemistry: "CHEMISTRY! "

  • How has no one figured this out before? This man is an absolute genius.

  • I love the amount of effort this man puts into everything he does

  • Disney: Invented the power of love trope. MatPat: I'm about to end that man's entire career!

  • The dwarves didn't have a coffin just lying around, the movie specifically says that they didn't have the heart to bury her, so they made the coffin out of gold and glass themselves to keep her in to essentially preserve her. Which yeah, does sound creepy, but remember we do it too with embalming. They were all probably gonna bury her IN that coffin once they'd all finished mourning her. So she's actually alive entirely because of the dwarves. The carbon from them mining absorbed the nightshade, and them wanting to mourn her kept her from essentially being buried alive.

  • Activated charcoal is seriously awesome. I got stung by a bee once so I mixed a few drops of water with the charcoal to make a paste and put it on the sting. Stopped hurting within 10 minutes and it healed pretty well

  • About your question about the coffin, they actually animated the dwarfs building the coffin after Snow White's death, but they didn't include this scene in the final film.

  • This is fantastic. I still think even if he didn’t cure her the prince’s kiss could have been what made her actually wake up.

    • Well it definitely wasn't activated carbon, which is an entirely different substance than "dirt and soot." Not to mention that breathing it isn't going to impact poison in the digestive tract, since the trachea is different than the esophagus. I think you are on the right track that the prince woke her up.

  • I actually watched once upon a time and I didn't understand why they still trusted Rumpelstiltskin. (We watched it on Netflix in the kitchen because our kitchen had a tv in it but we moved it. This was a couple years ago)

  • Now this is interesting: I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world, but as a German I was told the actual Grimm stories way before ever watching the Disney movies. And in that she never woke up. The prince took her to the burry her...on the way to the castle the little stupid dwarf that was part of holding her was stumbling over a rock which made her cough out the actual bite, then she woke up and for some reason still married the random man that wanted to burry her

  • What I don"t understand still is why can't the evil queen turn into a really pretty woman and outfair Snowhite instead of turning into a scary old grandma who's 100% NOT going to count as the fairest in the land?

  • Matt : "I said it once, and I said this a thousand times, I love Disney" [0:47] Also Matt : *shows Mickey as this shady, greedy, capitalist rat that makes him suffer every theory starring Disney*

  • I grew up in the 80s and 90s, so this film wasn't released on home media until I was almost in my teens. Instead, the only way to watch it was to wait 7-10 years for the next re-release in theaters. I first saw this movie in a theater during the 1993 re-release, when I was 11. I was shocked by how dark the film was, but it was still beyond amazing.

  • When in reality, and I clearly remember from when I was a kid (and I live in central europe, so I'm probably closer to the original, if just in language): She doesn't get poisoned, she chokes. The fairy tale says that she couldn't breathe and therefore she seemingly died. What's still very stupid is how she magically got revived but eh, it's fairy tales.

  • You reeeaallly have to appreciate the lengths this guy goes to for his theories. Respect!

    • @HazelTree his For Honour video was absolute garbage in every single way, his fallout ones are not good, at all. and his Mario ones are not as much research as assuming a whole lot :P they are however entertaining.

    • @Planken Uh... Is it? He did plenty of research for this, plenty for his fnaf videos, and his Petscop ones... His Mario ones... His research seems pretty good to me

    • If he’s like this with games and films, imagine him in politics!

    • +

    • How does he have the time tho

  • I love the science behind poisons, it's so fascinating how different poisons have different effects and act at different speeds, something about it has always been absolutely enthralling to me.

  • Why are you so smart?! Give this man a medal

  • This reminds me of when I first started watching MatPat! Thank you Matthew Pathew for keeping learning interesting :D

    • I love the name 'Matthew Pathew' Lol it's actually funny unlike most of the comments on youtube

  • Why is it so satisfying hearing how everything just fits perfectly

  • Matpat: *looks up poisonous things* Fbi: hes typing again quick get the notebook

    • Lolll

    • "God darn it! again?!" "Yeah..we gave up on calling him a criminal,, he's just werid and likes bullying Disney Fan's childhoods." "Yeah we've given up its fun to write at this point."

    • Lol

    • And I thought me searching about arsenic was weird,

    • Wow, great theory! I never would have thought of that! ;)

  • Thank you MatPat you gave me the ingredient I need to make my own poison apple so I can trick my enemies into eating it

  • That was the first movie my mama ever saw. It was also the first time she'd ever been to a movie theater. She still describes it as being "pure magic."

  • once you laid out the criteria for the poison my first thought was hemlock but then remembered belladonna, and thought "thats much better" fun fact: belladonna is what sally uses to poison the professor in a nightmare before christmas

  • I haven't watched this theory yet but basically my mum told me that when the prince kissed her, he unlodged the apple from her throat. But now that I think about it... How the heck did he unlodge the piece of apple with a single kiss??!

  • Oddly enough in the original fairy tale, she choked one the poisoned apple and it was lodged in her throat. When the prince came by, he had other men help him carry the glass coffin and one of them tripped and caused the coffin to drop, dislodging the bit of poison apple in her throat, causing her to wake up. There are variations of the story but this is the main one collected by the brothers Grimm.

    • Wow this thread is getting a lot of attention.... Was not expecting that

    • This conversation is great. Especially the fairy TAIL part xD

    • Trevor Jesko I

    • Yeah that about sums it up

    • Trevor Jesko I was just about to write the same! There is also one version where the prince wants to bury her in his kingdom and the carriage shakes so much that the apple comes out

  • Quick note: I saw what looked like elderberries in my yard and was wondering if they were poisonous, when I found out they were not I was exited, then google suggested the pokeberry, which I have decided is the actual berry that I saw. Before you ever eat a wild plant that you think is edible, search up lookalikes for that plant because if I had gone out and ate some of the berries I thought were elderberries, I would have died after only eating a few of the highly poisonous pokeberries. Stay safe!

  • First introduction to Matpat, game theory, film theory and gt live, I've been a loyal theorist ever since

  • I remember when I watched this for the first time 😬 This was like my first video of GT and I was amazed that videos like this exists. But more importantly, I had no idea who Steph and CatPat were so I was confused after the intro 😭

  • This theory be great but it’s not a mistake, it’s a masterpiece ✨

  • I like how he just completely turns a fairy tale into something slightly realistic

  • I love Once Upon A Time! And I'm very glad you brought up Rumplestiltskin. That was the most frusterating part of the entire show.

  • I really love the show once upon a time it’s really fun to watch and rumple is good on the in side.

  • Love didnt save her: The kiss somehow got the apple out

  • I always loved the Evil Queen's style (not the hag) as a kid. Idk, she just looked really cool

  • *Evil queen:* ok mirror i killed my stepdaughter now who is the fairest of them all? *Mirror:* * shows a dead body *

  • MatPat is such a good guy :)

  • Ok, very weirdly... I've always known that the poison used here was deadly nightshade. Since (presumably) it's not mentioned in the film, someone must have told me this when I was so little that I have no memory of when I learned this. To now find out that it's not in the film... it's mind-blowing, to be honest.

  • I always found it weird that for the poisoned apple we hear no ingredients but as for when she changes her beauty into ugliness they show and say exactly what she uses.

  • I love how disny must be watching this and realizing they have to be more carful next time

  • The reason for the coffin is that the movie says that, the dwarves fashioned her a coffin of gold and silver. They didn't have it just lying around.

    • @Ame Kikai .... they carved her name in it....

    • Yeah but why does it have Snow white's name on it?

    • I think they mind gold and silver in their mine shaft or another mine and the glass was from a place with sand cause if you melt the sand it turns into glass at least I think so

    • The coffin literally has her name carved into it

    • Trade? I mean its not like we know the lives of the dwarves when they are at work...maybe they have friends who have glass and other stuff.

  • Sadly this episode was not abled to destroy my childhood, because I already read the original story, which is, well, a little different than the Disney version. I don't really remember the whole story, but I think in the fairy tale of good old Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the prince didn't even kiss Schneewittchen/Schneeweißchen (Snowwhite), but wanted to take her to his Castle to display her because she's so beautiful or something, when on the way the coffin fell down and Schneewittchen spit out the piece of the apple she was choking on (You should read it yourself, my memory is very incomplete.). All I know for sure is, that the evil stepmother had to dance on hot coal until she died (Perfect to tell children before they go to bed). I hope for a Film to Book comparision on this channel (Not only for this fairy tale).

  • The coffin also has Snow's name on it. I always assumed they made it for her. What they did with her before that tho... We'll never know

  • This video made me get close to my first love. Thanks MatPat.

  • He takes so much effort into his videos he has to be very smart and hard working to make them


    • because before people knew this spreads disease people kissed their loved ones good bye. He thought she was dead so he was kissing her to show he cared. Still gross cause he did not know her. He just thought she was hot.

    • @Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao that is not abnormal for that time period. She would have been considered an adult.

    • Necrophilia.

    • @Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao no he 18-

  • Fun fact: The real line was really “magic mirror on the wall” It’s the mandela effect.

  • Fun fact : tomatoes are apart of the Nightshade family, so long ago people thought they were poisonous

  • Belladonna is one of my favourite poisons. So I am glad it made the cut

  • I was always wondering in the movie, that the price just went into the forest and kissed her "Dead corpse " , a even when I was a kid I was like, "Why did he kiss a dead person?", no human in their right mind would kiss a dead person, thanks alot Disney, your just lucky that no kids started kissing dead people yet, thank you for hearing me.

  • “Screw true love’s kiss all you’re gonna end up with is corpse germs”. I’m dead 😂

  • before video: my theory is he is one of the very few who paid close attention to each iteration of the tale ever released in video format and has seen the stupid bite of apple fall out of her mouth as he lifts her slightly for the kiss in more than one of them because it was SOO filled with a sleeping toxin that she didn't even get to swallow before she went under it's spell. if she HAD managed to swallow it, it WOULD have killed her. let's see if i'm right. after video: well, i'm wrong. but i like his theory better.

  • The real question is: Why did she eat the fruit if it was clearly emanating an evil vibe that could be seen?

  • The interesting thing is that the dwarves were based on children working in coal mines that would be punished by being fed nightshade for getting on the wrong side of their bosses.

  • This is the my first video of film theory that I ever watch and now because of this I am a hard core film theorists,game theorists and a food theorists fan

  • This video legit saved my life. I was looking for blueberries in the woods and I found some deadly nightshade, but didn't know it. I studied them harder and remembered this video, I realized what they really were. If I hadn't seen this video I would've thought they were blueberries and eaten them.

  • I like how this is basically telling you how to poison someone

  • As far as I remember the dwarves actually make the coffin special so they can still see her which is why they chose glass

  • The edition of Grimm I had said that Snow didn't actually swallow the bite of apple, but that it stuck in her throat. Then, when they were carrying the coffin away, it got jolted and caused the apple to become unstuck and she could breathe again (take that, Dr. Heimlich). Of course, Disney ALWAYS changes the story....

  • I love this channel, it has many interesting videos.

  • Haitian zombies are fascinating and for those of you wondering, yes it's a real thing the scientific community finally confirmed years ago. Real "zombies". Worth the research! Super fascinating

  • I'm a big fan of theories making realism out of fantasy-ridden entertainment. This was a heck of fun to watch! You earned my subscription and would love to watch more of your videos!!

  • I always knew the dwarfs were the real hereos of this story

  • Fun fact: She didn’t actually say “mirror mirorr” she actually said “magic mirror”

  • This guy's research skills are on point.

  • Fun fact: in germany belladonnas are called tollkirschen which stems from tollwut (rabies) and kirsche(cherry) because it's so deadly, they also have the most beautiful flowers

  • Two things that have always bugged me with Once Upon a Time are Mr. Gold and why Emma and Regina did not end up together

  • There is another version, where the apple bite gets stuck in her throat and the prince does not kiss her. The dwarfes carry her coffin and one of them trips. Whith the fall the apple piece loosens and she can spit it out

  • The real reason she woke up is secretly.... THAT STANK BREATH

  • So the fact that the dwarfs are friends with her saved her life meaning that love did save her because friendship is love in a way

  • This guy has taught me how to over analyze videos to the point where i wasn't even looking at my screen and in the corner of my eye i knew that car's license plate was (elect these nuts) 🤣🤣🤣

  • Now that sounds smart always thought that she just choked on the apple and I'm not the only one who thought so 🤣

  • Another thing that’s really weird about the coffin is that it literally has her name ingraved in the gold

  • I've read the original fairy tale and in that version Snow White falls into a death-like state because the apple gets stuck in her throat. The Prince doesn't kiss her in this version, he wants to take the coffin away for a proper burial but it gets dropped, the vibrations knock the apple piece out of Snow White's throat and she wakes up. Could this be a very lucky case of oxygen starvation where she somehow didn't suffer permanent brain damage?

    • Still this charming prince was much better than that guy in sleeping beauty and snow_white koma had nothing to do with lack of was the affect of cursed apple.

    • @Something With Ultra no??? Idk

    • She Was Also Seven

    • @Jessblessedyou sleeping beauty didn't eat an apple

    • Well isn't that more explanatory

  • Is it ever explained why or how inhaling activated carbon has any kind of detoxifying effect? Or how regular mined coal/soot works the same way as activated charcoal, which has to be highly processed in modern labs to be effective? You can't just point and say "look there's a link!" and then gloss over the fact that this wouldn't even remotely work the same way in real life.