Film Theory: Which of The Incredibles Is THE MOST Incredible? (Disney Pixar's The Incredibles)

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THE INCREDIBLES is one of the most beloved Pixar movies, and this makes sense seeing how it's Super Heroes and Family combined. But with so many super abilities under one roof, I have to ask: Which Incredible is the "most super?" Well, Loyal Theorists, I've found the answer, and it's not who you're expecting!
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  • To be fair, Mr Incredible did not give out when the train hit him, the ground beneath his feet did, so he could be much much stronger than his environment allows him to be.

    • Or, you know, the fact that you can't just stop the train, you have to slow it down. If he just stood there like a brick wall, all that force has to go somewhere and whole train fly to pieces. With the bot he's just stopping it dead in its tracks, cause there's no one in it to worry about.

    • @Joachim P jep think so too

    • but it did look like it hurt him to actually stop the train so that had to at least get close to his limit, right?

    • this is matpat 2

    • He needs stop skipping leg day

  • Are we just going to forget the fact that Mr. Incredible punched the Omnidroid 8.0 well over 30 feet with only his right hand? He didn't even seem exerted afterwards, and it was before he did his exercises too.

    • @ImmortalScrub the newest version seems like it is digging its arms in though. I think it is pulling itself into the ground. I recon the weight is similar though, as Mr Incredible was able to just shoulder charge the Omnidroid as it held onto that office space.

    • a month late to this but the first droid seemed a lot smaller, both in height and width. I'd assume it wasn't too sturdy either, because he struggles a LOT more to lift up the newest version. just my 2 cents

  • With Elastigirl its actually the suit that helps her survive. If you watch it again, you could see that she actually remembered what Edna said about the suit within the moment the missiles were about to hit the jet. Also if you look closely, you could see that she ducked her head inside with her kids to protect it. Between the four I believe that Violet is the strongest, I've been holding on to that argument ever since I was a kid watching Incredibles multiple times. But from all five, Jack-Jack is by far the strongest seeing how he was able to go through Violet's shield in Incredibles 2.

    • Jack-Jack is not the strongest but has the most versatile power.

    • @Emya Soul going frame by frame you can see the back of her head right at the bottom of the frame a few frames after the desaturation unless I'm mistaken she wouldn't have had enough time to protect her head

    • @RyanLastname If that's true I can't see it from this video, even going frame by frame. That does explain your question though, so I guess I'll have to keep an eye on that scene when I watch the movie next. ^^

    • @Emya Soul the back of her head was still exposed allowing the explosion to get her

    • @RyanLastname If she put her head into the suit to protect it just like she did with her kids, then why would it have exploded?

  • In your analysis of Violet’s powers, you forgot to account for gravity on the robot - mass and weight are not the same thing. Since the robot is under the effect of gravity, its mass should be multiplied by 9.8 m/s to get the weight. Both Violet and Mr. Incredible are vastly more powerful than your calculations show.

  • When Ms incredible shields them from the explosion it's actually the suit doing the shielding. It's shown previously that they're resistant to explosions.

    • 🤓

    • @O K I’m sure Edna made it to protect the wearer? Because what’s the point then lol. Besides Its not ordinary Fabric anyway.

    • Fabric doesn't protect from an explosion. The fact the fabric itself can survive doesn't mean it would stop the explosion from harming the kids or ms incredible

    • yeah he even showed the scene for this but never brought it up sure her body took some impact per the laws pf physics but its still mostly the suit

  • The fact that Jack Jack got kidnapped and everyone was like "Oh No Jack Jack!" And Jack Jack was out here like "Nah I'm OP I got this". The funniest part in the movie.

    • Jack Jack (Gets kidnapped) Also Jack Jack "Oh No! Anyway."

    • @nika andriadze yes sir

    • @nika andriadze your fav villain just stupid in the way of act and being mature that's it. unless why he chose to revenge on all superhero because he ain't gifted since born and just have technology, doesn't he ever heard of batman?

    • @nika andriadze O_O


  • there's one thing you missed in the calculation: friction. no matter how strong the father is, it's still the rails that hold him. friction only resists up to a certain amount of force, which depends on the rails' friction coefficient and mr incredible's mass, so unless he weighs like a few tons he is gonna slide no matter what.

  • I'm wondering why MatPat was so focused on how Mr. Incredible was able to hold up the Omnidroid and he wasn't focused on how he literally pushed it to the ground at 17:21. That would literally mean that he is much, MUCH stronger than the feat of him holding it up.

  • I was kinda surprised you didn't factor in a couple of things, though I don't know if it would have change the end results: -the "fact" that the only thing hard enough to penetrate the Omnidroid was itself -that Bob wasn't able to punch through the Omnidroid -Helen expected Violet to put a force field around a plane, which should give an idea of how wide she can make them, or how wide Helen thinks she can -Violet is able to shield her family from a plane crashing on top of them - though to be fair her parents were wrapped around her at the time, and since we know Helen and their bodysuits can absorb explosive impact to some extent, maybe Violet's force field wasn't doing all of the work there. Anyway, I appreciated that you stressed that strength was not Violet and Dash's area of specialty, since the move itself does the same. Dash can't (or at least doesn't know how yet) to deliver a superspeed punch with enough force to knock a man out. I'd like to think Violet could one day figure out how to coat parts of her body with force fields while she attacks, effectively giving her a suit of armor and increasing her strike power -- kinda like Armor from the X-Men, though not quite the same.

  • If violet is literally stronger than both of her parents at 14, imagine a fully grown version of her

  • Couldn’t it also be that Mr Incredible is a little smarter than we think he is? I mean, if he had exerted a hundred times the force he used in the train scene, he would have stopped it instantly, killing everyone. We know that he can control his strength due to him being able to punch people and not turn them into a bloody pulp. Also, look at him saving the guy who tried to commit suicide, if Mr. Incredible had used the force he used in the train scene, he would have murdered him. It seems like Mr. Incredible could just be using the absolute minimum force he needs to in every situation we see him in for fear of completely destroying what he is trying to protect. In the robot scene, he uses as much force as he can since he either saves his kids or fails and all three die. I just like this explanation more than the ‘family love’ explanation

    • Science over family

    • Mr. Incredible is definitely smarter than most people give him credit for. He's considered a 'think with your fists' hero by most, but he won his first fight with the Omnidroid not due to strength but due to intellect.

    • I think it’s a bit of both

    • Just like Superman

    • Syndrome? MORE LIKE DOWN SYN-

  • 7:44 I believe her suit is designed to be super durable, and in the demonstration, we can see that it is resistant to a large variety of hazards, including intense heat. Now, typically, blast force would be a hazard, but this is a character who is naturally durable as heck, and naturally immune to blunt force, like Luffy from ONE PIECE. However, assuming here body has a similar chemical structure to a character like Luffy, who is composed entirely of rubber, heat would be extremely dangerous, as rubber and other flexible materials are not immune to melting. On the matter of the exposed parts of her form, in the original scene, she can be seen tucking her head and arms into the shield as she rolls into a ball. This was just a thing I noticed and wanted to bring up, so yeah.

  • Actually the slowest missile in 1962 (which is the time the story is set in) is the LGM-30 Minuteman which had a top speed of 17,508 mph

  • Fun Fact: In German, Dash is actually called Flash I always thought it was Flash in English as well, but oh well

  • I would like to point out one thing about your calculation with Mr Incredible and the train: while he may have the strength to push large objects, at the same time the train itself is a fragile object. He is most likely not exerting his max force because if he did, he'd tear through the front (it'd be like that scene in Invincible). He'd have to accommodate for the low (relative to him) tensile strength of the train metal and glass and use selective bouts of his strength to decelerate the train rather than push against it with all his might

  • When Violet grows up and her force fields mature more/become stronger, she’ll most likely be one of, if not the, most powerful supers in the world

    • @julian falken not quite. If it comes out of nowhere it must be some psychic ability. Psychic abilities are based on mental strength which can still improve with age. So unfortunately I'm the one ruining it for you

    • Jack Jack: time to eat!

    • Also dash has superspeed and to be able to see clearly with superspeed means he also has a super fast reaction time and for his body to be able to keep up means he has a super durable and powerful body

    • *jack jack exists*

    • @julian falken or the opposite, as she ages..she will learn to control and harness the power of the force field ..whereas everyones muscles deteriorate as they age.

  • When Mr. Incredible is stopping the train, he can't exert any more force than the railroad ties can support at a time, so the incredible feat of strength seen at the end of the movie could simply be his full strength without the limitation in the strength of the railroad ties.

  • Violet might also have the best reaction time of the family. At the start of the film, she put up a field remotely in Dash’s path to intercept him. So her force fields aren’t just insanely strong but can appear basically instantaneously.

  • Me : Reading comments Also me : Missing the whole video Also me : Watching the video again bc Matpat's videos are the best things on ILaward.

  • OK but to be real look at the way that Mr. incredible was hit the difference in directional force While stopping the train mr. incredible had to rely mostly on friction in order to stop the train strength was a big factor but when you think about it without the friction he couldn’t fully utilize his strength however while stopping the droid the force was directed down to the ground where the incredibles where meaning he didn’t need to rely on friction and yes friction is needed for this feat because of the direction of the force his strength could be considered the most important factor and I would even say mr. incredible was always this strong the only difference was the situation and the way he needed to utilize his strength For the train he used his strength to increase friction for the robot he used his strength to lift the robot

  • Imagine how concerned Mat’s parents were when he was a kid

    • "Mom? What's the exact formula to calculating the amount of people in this one scene?"

    • lol

    • @David hoey DadPat, "Sounds expensive." Lol.

    • @Dan Basford MomPat: "I don't know sweetie maybe we raised a freaking Albert Einstein Of a child"

  • I know you analysed the force and weight of the Omni-droid, but I wanna know more! Like how it is able to learn and predict things that superheroes might do? What’s the force it applies with its claws on an object or person? And it’s speed when rolling?

  • Remember that if Mr Incredible would have used any more strenght in the trian scene the people on the train would probably go to the front of the trian so fast that they would all die

  • Helen's Suit was designed to absorb exposions so I feel that the estimate of the force she absorbed is faltered.

  • I love how MattyPatty uses the most obscure things to calculate stuff like using trains and history to calculate Mr. Incred's strength

  • Also Violet and Dash are kids. Imagine them as adults

    • Also is no one talking how sus the teacher was at 12:54 ?

    • @The awkward dolphin we might have got a problem with this one...

    • Jesus Christ cares deeply for you all may you trust in Jesus my good sovereign healer who took away my years long chronic breathing issue that plagued me nightly, instantly in an anointed prayer

    • Genius 😳

    • yeah

  • i'm pretty sure the only reason elastigirl was able to withstand that explosion was because of the suit because we can hear edna describe how much force the suit can take

  • Hold on though, Helen's super suit protected them all during the missile attack. Her elasticity allowed her to wrap her suit covered body around the children, thereby protecting them. Dude, how did you miss that?!

  • MatPat, you should do this Film Theory episode again except the Incredibles its the Madrigals from Encanto. They're all pretty powerful too but maybe it's not plausible since not all their abilities are for combat like Mr Incredible or Elastagirl. However, maybe it'd work if they all fought.

  • Even though I'm pretty late I recently been hooked on your theories, I like to listen to them while doing chores around the house

  • When I re-watched this movie, I took the message as being not that you have to be born special to be super, but that even people who aren't born with special powers (Syndrome) have the potential to be super, but because he became too obsessed with the approval of others, he lost sight of his true goal and was brought down by his own inferiority complex. If he had used his intelligence for the betterment of people and not focused on Mr. Incredible's discouragement, he could have been just as heroic as the rest of them. It's not about whether or not his intelligence counts as a power, but how he chose to use it. Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk.

    • yeah, I was really upset at how he overlooked the whole fact that Syndrome was a super spiteful, angry person who lashed out to punish everyone else for his own insecurities. Like, they even make a point of "woah, what you've done is amazing, but you're using it for THIS!?" Idk, really upset me

    • This comment is way too long to read

    • @AbbaZabbaOlyFrn Yeah but like you can't really train to get ice powers with intelligence nothing is stopping from becoming as smart as those guys. But it's clear they had a big head start. Edit: I forgot that Syndrome had great intelligence as a kid that level of smarts is definitely Superhuman.

    • @WaffleVault doesn't that apply to OP supers as well? Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone didn't become that skilled and honed into their powers overnight. You can see that in Violet and Dash, they're barely tapping into what they can do with their powers. But I get what your saying, super geniuses really cannot physically display their super power, they have to use other methods

  • I think dash running and catching the football that Mr incredible threw in like 2 seconds is a bigger feat

  • For the train one I think you’re missing two big things. First it looks like instead of mr.incredible not being able to stop the train it looks like the concrete under him is the thing that is preventing him from stopping it immediately. Secondly even if the ground wouldn’t break he still wouldn’t stop it immediately, not because he isn’t strong enough but because everybody in the train will die if they come to an immediate stop after staying at such a high speed

  • In addition to my other comment, can I mention the vectors in play between Bob's train and bobs Droid? The Droid is pushing him directly down towards the ground. The train is pushing him horizontally. Its not that he was stronger for the Droid (though hysterical strength was an interesting mention), but it likely has to do with his purchase. With the Droid, its literally just him vs Droid. With the train. Its train vs (him + friction) because with the train, he needed to dig his feet in, and you can see him digging trenches with his feet, trying to stop it. Horizontal force would be harder to stop, unless you have a solid base to press against.

  • Just a thought, when the dad was stopping the train, surely he would be trying to stop it for as long as possible without having it topple off the edge, so that the people inside don't get jolted forward so much (obviously didn't work out for him but oh well), as you want as much time to slow down as possible to cause the least amount of damage. This suggests that he wouldn't be using full force on that occasion, so could well have had the strength to hold up Syndrome's droid thingy at the end of the movie, especially when paired with the adrenaline rush you mentioned in the video. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Considering Violet is still a teen, and we would not know what would she do if that happened to her future kids, she might still be the strongest

    • @nika andriadze theories are all speculation to begin with, that doesn't discredit it

    • I still lean to Bob and Dash. Dash is only 7-8 years old, and he has already been able to run so fast that the slow-mo of a replay can't even really see him. His speed is fast enough to run on water (around 80-85km per hour), so you can't ignore the fact that he will eventually be faster by time, and at the time he is as old as Vio, his speed could have reached the speed of sound (around 1233km per hour). And to Bob, his amount of muscle can't be looked down on

    • she'll probably be like: droid comes, droid goes away at about a million mph instantly vaporizing it like the portal emancipation grill

    • @Fruit Drops jack jack is a baby and has not decided on his powers yet so he could have 1 power

    • It's not that she is the strongest, it's that her force field can take the most amount of force. The dad was far stronger than mat pat calculator, by using a ruler the thickness of the hull is at least 1,5 m this gives the strength mat pat calculated for him and violet to be 10 times too low.

  • I thought that helens resistance to the explosion came from her suit , remember, when showing off the Incredibles suits to Helen, Edna shows off the ability for the suit and the person wearing it to be completely unharmed from missile explosions, not only non directly as seen in the plane explosion, but completely head on.

  • I guessed violet at the beginning. I think the fact Mr. Incredible is older, stronger both physically and mentally and has way more experience also benefits him over dash and violet.

  • I have a question on this theory, is it really elastigirl's strength or was it her suit? Earlier in the movie, Edna said her suit was indestructible. She had been wearing her suit at the time of the impact and her kids were in the suit as well. So was it really her?

  • Ahhhh the theory channels. The place I come to when I both want help on homework and want to do everything possible to avoid it. Happy days 🥳

  • I’m late but I thought it was Edna’s “Virtually indestructible” suits that saved Helen, Violet, and Dash in the crash as foreshadowed by the missiles in Edna’s display case

    • @L3XAN that doesn't mean the suit didn't do any work. Imo suit did the most not mom

    • @Michael P. People don’t like to see Helen winning, in the 2nd movie she was going fucking crazy but some people still think she needed Bob 🙄 (based off ILaward reactions)

    • It's indestructible, but it's not vibranium or anything. Helen will still feel the force and then some. Yes, that suit is impressive, but so is Helen's durability. Also, in the scene where Bob learned about Project Kronos, one of Elastigirl's powers listed is "high durability". Her power, not the suit's. Srsly, if you really think about how strong Helen really is, you'll realize that that suit does nothing much more than send homing signals and protect her decency.

    • Same

    • Yeah I agree

  • I see many reasons why Bob is the strongest, including my comment from 3 years ago stating that the guy went through a training montage. On top of him probably holding back to no break the tracks he was standing on or flatten the train. And also Violet also having Hysterical strength saving her brother.

  • If you think about it, people with super speed also have super endurance because of the fact that they can run for so long, and so quick. Not to mention, the fact that they would also have really tough or special skin to not give the person friction burns.

  • Couldn't the problem with the train have also been resolved by taking into account the fact that Mr. Incredible couldn't create enough friction to easily stop the train? In the scene where he stops the android he is standing on a solid surface and the force exerted onto him is going directly downwards and the ground may give some but he still can use it to exert his force upwards where as on the train tracks he's being pushed fowards not downwards and the only thing he can use to exert his force is the friction he's creating with his feet and the air to his back causing him to simply slide. Not to mention, had Bob buckled down and dug his feet into the concrete in order to have that needed anchor he may have known he'd cause a Omniman vs Invincible situation.

  • I have another explanation (even though its like 23 years late) the train stopping was harder because there wasn't enough friction to sustain the train acceleration. when the droid thing slammed its body into bob, all the force went downwards into him instead to the side of him.

  • Actually if Mr Incredible stopped the train at once, it would most likely get destroyed in the impact killing everyone in it, so he couldn't use his full strength on it.

    • Exactly bro

    • Also the tracks were shattering

    • @ADerpyReality exactly what i thought too

    • Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you.“ - Jeremy Clarkson.

    • agreed

  • Here's an idea for why Mr Incredible stopping the train was much harder than stopping the Omnidroid, hysterical strength aside. When he tries to hold back the train, the train track boards snap under his feet. He didn't have proper footing and support. Meanwhile, when the Omnidroid slams down on his family, Mr Incredible he has the Earth's crust against his back.

  • Maybe he slowed the train taking the longest amount of time possibel(amount of track) so as to not hurt the passengers with the deceleration. That kind of precision is super impressive and makes me think that he’s capable of so much more when he’s not focusing on measuring his strength.

  • you should calculate dash again. What he did seemed easy to him, while others took their full Power.mProbably in another scene his full power is umleashed

  • Please tell me how on earth this man did all these calculations. Like I could never. ✨✨

  • While hysterical strength may have something to do with it I believe that the train feat isn't his FULL capabilities since it wasn't coming from above like the robot was and the ground gave way which is honestly better as they would have splatted

  • Rewatching the movie makes me realise that the situation between Syndrome and Mr Incredible is basically the situation between Midoriya Izuku and All Might (back during their first meeting) but if Izuku was any less of an innocent cinnamon roll and if All Might hadn’t backtracked on his words 😅

  • I might be wrong but I feel like the reason the dad doesn't fully use his strength in the train stopping scene is to save the people. I know this sounds stupid but hear me out. The quicker a body comes to rest the more force it experiences, so slowing down a collision by delaying the time a body comes to rest we are actually exerting less force on it. (This same principle is used in automotive, where there is a crumple zone in front of the car that increases the time to reduce the force on the passengers). If Mr Incridible used his full force in trying to bring the train to a complete stop, the train would have collapsed on itself and killed everyone by squishing them. If there is something wrong with my theory, I am happy to hear it.

  • i love increibles 1 and 2.especially how the speedster dash was handled.when he gets hit it makes sense more sense than a few other speedsters i know coughcough cw flash and fox quicksilver cough cough

    • None of them are flashy

  • I saw The INCREDIBLES as an adult and…. I LOVED IT!!! It was different & realistic, with the FORESHADOWED CAPE DEATH!!!

  • I always thought that the reason Helen was able to protect the kids in the explosion was because her SUIT is indestructible (as Edna demonstrates) not that she was…

  • Limiting factor for mr incredible stopping the train is 100% the railroad ties/track support not his physical abilities... kind of a big oversight :)

  • They proved that Mr Incredible was one of the strongest fictional characters

  • So here's a second theory about Mr. Incredible stopping the train vs catching that robot. I don't think he was struggling to stop the train. If he wanted to, he probably could have stopped it dead in its tracks. I think he was more so struggling with slowing it down bit by bit to not harm the passengers with the momentum of the train when it DID come to a sudden stop. It's actually harder to limit yourself sometimes than it is to just go all out. You have to focus much harder in the precise amount of strength you're exerting. I've had to work with moving large, heavy object and moving them carefully and precisely. It is definitely much easier to give it all your might, than it is to limit yourself to something more precise. All and all, 100% is easier to muster than say, 40.2%.

    • ... Wow... THATS GENIUS! ;-;

    • pretty sure the producers just dont care enough about being accurate

    • @Yargle Beatdown you guys are genius

    • You guys are genius

  • You kind of forgot to mention the fact that they have had 20-30 years to hone their powers - has had what I think is like 11 in the movie and has been unallowed to use his powers basically his entire life yeah account for training if he had proper training he might be able to match punch for punch with his dad

  • Mattpat, isn’t mr incredible just digging his feet in? That would take insane durability, but not strength. He isn’t punching btw

  • Now the real question: Can Mr Incredible defeat Richard watterson?

  • There is an error in calculating Mrs. Incredibles resistance to missile explosions. Most if not all of it was her suit not her power as Edna demonstrated earlier in the movie

  • You forgot frozone. Oh wait, he can't find his super suit.

    • Well Technically Frozone would exert Negative Joules because he makes stuff freeze.

    • Technically his not family


    • @UsernameJoke It's a joke.


  • MatPat: *Looks at dash running to the teacher’s chair and back Also Dash: Can run on water

  • By science, a Mr. Incredible stopping that train with his full strength would have allowed him to punch through it, that's not what he wants. Superman & other characters have telekinetic powers or are able to grab and object without punching through it.

  • Ok, very cool theory but: Mr incredible wasn’t standing on a good surface at all, it was like trying to carry a sofa alone through mud, and when Violet was at her strongest she was also protecting her family, so she was also fueled by adrenaline, and so was Ms. Incredible

  • A couple small things I wanted to mention. Dash and violet are still developing, so its possible their powers can enhance further. Secondly, in that scene you referenced of violets field blocking the bullets, they didn't just stop. They reflected, which should factor in. Apparently, it doesn't just absorb that kinetic energy, it redirects it.

  • Pixar is just Disney without having all the characters singing every 10 minutes


    • @Acelegend A.X actually its without having all of the characters sing every 10 seconds

    • Yuppp

    • Yes

    • Without Disney Pixar doesn't work and without Pixar Disney doesn't work. END OF DISCUSSION

  • The comparison for Helen isn't fair since she was also covered by the indestructible suit that while being demonstrated by Edna WAS indeed explosion proof, fire proof, extremely stretchable, etc- Which is also why she wasn't harmed but she passed out so that means she did get knocked out, also assuming that the suit only absorbed some of the kinetic energy, Helen is stretchable, so it will kind of act like you punching the walls of a bouncy castle

  • The suit did the most work for Helen though. And we saw her suit take 2 missiles at point blank range.

  • Dash is only 10. Imagine him as a fully grown adult weighing at around 90 kg instead of 30. He would be way more powerful.

  • The train example is fundamentally broken because it wasnt Mr Incredible's strength that was being tested, but the strength of the rail road ties. Also, if Mr Incredible lifted the robot all the weight would be funneled into his feet. Why didn't the weight push Mr Incredible downwards into the street? Lol

  • There's a simpler explanation: Stopping the train with his full strength would have decelerated it so quickly, it would have killed the passengers. He was hoping he had enough track left to decelerate the train without killing anyone

    • Yes.

    • also friction against the rails, we saw how much damage he did to the track while trying to stop the train, didn't have anything sturdy enough to stop him.

    • Accurate

    • Yep, dear MattyPatty forgot to account for friction and the ground conditions in his first hypothesis. But we love him anyway :)

  • I'm going with Bob knew the train was full of people and if he hit it with as much force as he could have, he would have liquified every commuter on the train. He used only as much power as he needed to given the distance, he had to do it in.

  • I think you missed the point of the missile scene, it's not that Helen's particularly tough, but that she was quick thinking. She remembered the demonstration of her suit that showed it could shrug off direct missile attacks from earlier in the film and used it to shield herself and her children from the blast.

  • You forgot the fact the mr. Incredible had a work out part in the movie, so maybe it isn't hysterical strength.

  • To be fair with the train stopping Mr incredible was probably only struggling to put in the amount of effort that'll cause the least damage, if he stopped the train on a dime everyone inside would die from the deceleration

  • It’s the suit , not her body, remember E said that he suit was quote “ practically indestructible “

    • @zerere LIKE REALLY I have come back and yes I do think she would have had to have the strength to stop that force from crushing her body

    • Lol i agree

    • what about her head? that wasn't covered by the suit!

    • Her head...

    • @C.I.A. It's a suit, not an armor, even bulletproof vest will still bruise you

  • If that's the case, then shouldn't Helen still be the strongest since she can also receive the parental preservation buff too?