Film Theory: Why Musicians Will ALWAYS Survive A Quiet Place

פורסם בתאריך 14 מאי 2022
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When you watch A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2, we are shown how humanity has adapted to survive in a world where any sound can get you killed. Except, that's not exactly true. Even in the movie itself, we see that people are unable to exist without making ANY sound. So, how loud is TOO loud? It's time to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: AbsolutePixel and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • MatPat is just like that teacher who says: “We still got a minute” and then explains the lore of everything in said minute.

    • I would have him as my teacher

    • ​@Don't Read My Profile Photo ok

    • Accurate 100% ugh flashbacks to University 😆

    • I would hate his classes. Ge has good content, but he is rly annoying sometimes

    • @Don't Read My Profile Photo you need a life I just went down a wierd and surprisingly long rabbit hole

  • As an ASL major props to the people making this movie. The ASL was fairly accurate to my understanding, (I think I’m not 100% sure) they used real Deaf actors (a huge Deal for the Deaf community) they clearly showed a respect for Deaf Culture, and they even addressed topics that most people wouldn’t pick up on like the lack of acceptance for the daughter being Deaf by refusing to believe the cochlear can’t be fixed. That being said he is also an amazing dad in the movie because of his willingness to sign even before the events that took place to force into asl, which sadly most hearing parents would rather sit and have their children never know what they are saying then learn to communicate with them in a language they prefer and can understand.

    • @MaraMara89 LASIK, which is a surgery many people with bad eyesight get, has, from what I could find, a rate of complication under 1%, and 3%-10% of people who get LASIK require additional surgery. With cochlear implants, about 0.2% of patients stop using it, and 0.5% require reimplantation.

    • 90% don’t learn to sign for a deaf loved one 😢

    • @Hilmi Al-Faruq The question is: how dangerous is surgery for bad eye sight? How often it isn't successful ? and if you won't do that surgery would you lost your sight anyway? Because it is better to have bad sight/hear than go for unsuccessful surgery and lose it completly

    • I think one point they made was that her being deaf was actively dangerous because she couldn’t tell how loud she was being at any given time so she wouldn’t know when to run. There’s all kinds of stories of deaf kids who didn’t know that certain things made a sound.

    • @Hilmi Al-Faruq One is not hearing and one is not seeing, now I think preferring to not hear instead of being blind is a much more better choice. The deaf community doesn't well as they said not really a necessity

  • I just imagined a group of people who go around killing the death angels using instruments as their weapons. Picture a band that uses low-pitched music (from a relatively safe place, such as somewhere elevated, etc) to lure death angels to that location, then increases the pitch drastically and starts shooting. They'd probably use bows and arrows rather than guns now that I think of it. They're quieter and easier to make ammunition for.

    • Realistically they probably won't EVER use bows. I doubt anyone would risk something NOT dying while you've gotten it pinned down, and theres so much ammunition out in the world that realistically you'd never run out after raiding a single gun store. Sure there might be more of these than we've seen, but at most there can't be more than 5 per city, and even if there was as long as there wasn't like 100 per city it's pretty feasible to shotgun every single last one of them

    • They kind of remind me of the tuba bazooka

    • @Taco_Captain There's definitely some sort of flesh around the head, and if prepared correctly (as long as they are actually edible) then whatever organs they have could also be able to be eaten.

    • @Golden Reflection That's actually a great idea, though, looking at them, I don't think the death angels would have a lot of meat on them.

    • Now I'm thinking if they harvested the Death Angels to make armour from their carapace and possibly other tools, which could make them possibly capable of surviving a bit more from attacks from normal animals and things. Who knows, maybe a person is able to eat Death Angel meat and survive off of it?

  • The biggest problem with the whole movie is that you have an enemy that hunts by sound. Yet the military didn't immediately try to use some type of sound against it? It's like have a nocturnal predator and no one figuring out that if you have bright lights, you can disable it. I still liked the movie but thought it was weak that it took an accidental discovery for what would have likely been found in the first day or two of fighting.

    • I assume they tried to use sound, but couldn't find the exact specific frequency needed. Since the hearing aid shifts over a range, it's probably _very_ specific and just happened to pass by it while sweeping up and down

  • Huh, I didn't know that cold air/night affected sound. That explains why everything at night sounds incredibly loud...I thought it was just the knowledge that people were sleeping nearby that made it seem so loud

  • Fun fact: in the beginning of a quiet place 1, you can see that the chips isle was completely full because people were too afraid to eat chips cuz they make sounds. Can't belive the directors went into such detail

    • allen tsai?

    • @WAFFLES the art toad hmmmmm chewy and soggy chips!!!!

    • @Betty Kubena you ever throw a bag of chips lmaoo they don't tend to go far lmaoo

    • O

    • Fun fact: i already know

  • Honestly surprised that MatPat concluded that the reason they shook was because the sound matched the reasonant frequency of the armor. As a physics student, I've worked with reasonant frequencies a lot, and even when working with pipes and stuff (which are not attached to vibration absorbing flesh), you need a lot of energy to cause things to shake like they do in that scene. You would not see vibrations of that scale caused by the sound produced by the implant, it's simply not possible, there is too little energy involved. Ironically, the theory he brushed aside initially is much more plausible, that there is some neurological response to those frequencies (think nails on a chalkboard for humans).

    • @The DBD Entity increased hearing sensitivity doesn't have anything to do with reasonant frequencies; it's not hearing the frequency that causes that reaction (according to MatPat), but the fact that the frequencies literally shake their bodies (or more specifically, their armor plating). Imagine you're pushing a kid on a swing. If you push at the right time, the kid swings higher and higher (up to a point). If you push too fast, the kid might be swinging into you when you push, so you actually slow them down, or the kid might not be there when you go to push. Same thing if you push too slowly. The exact right time to push is basically the reasonant frequency of the swing. The same idea applies to the armor of the aliens. The sound has to push at exactly the right time to add energy to the system. Now, think about if you pushed the kid on the swing at the exact right time, but you push super lightly. The kid's not going to go anywhere because of friction; the energy gets absorbed into the chain of the swing or the kid. Same thing with the armor; if the amplitude (or "loudness") of the sound is not high enough, the flesh underneath the armor will simply absorb the energy and the armor won't vibrate. The sound simply has to be really loud to cause the armor to vibrate like it does in the movie, and thus MatPat's theory is implausible at best.

    • True but they are high levels of hearing could make it where the resident frequencies are much lower

    • My thoughts exactly. If it was a resonant frequency effect, the girl's skull would have exploded from that amount of amplitude lol.

  • I think another pretty easy way to survive AND live "normally" would be living in a place like Singapore, where apartments that go as high as 40 levels, some even having sky gardens that you can harvest crop from. If you don't have a sky garden, ALL apartments have a storage room that can house at least a tiny garden. If that's not enough, transforming apartments at levels 10 - 15 should be sufficient as you'd want to live at level 25 - 40. Not too safe at 10 but not putting yourself into as much danger compared to going to ground floor. Almost all apartments have a corridor with two places a death angel can climb up the stairs(unless they learn how to use an elevator which the power would be out anyway) so putting sand on the stairs would be a pretty good call. I think the only issue would be trying to take a dump and water.

  • Question: How far underground do you have to be where the Death Angels won't hear you?

  • Even though I haven't watched either of the quiet place films this is my favourite matpat film Theory. Because he used so much science that I remember learning in physics class which was my favorite class in High School so the entire video my brain was just going "hey I know this stuff"

    • of course mattpat is smart but I'm smarter 🤓

    • in the second movie we see that they cannot swim. go in the middle of a big lake and scream as loud as you can. Boom. they are extinct

  • I’m a clarinet player and I mastered being quiet. We’re not allowed to eat in class. I was able to open a bag of chip and eat it all. I’ve done this multiple occasions and nobody notices unless I throw away the bag in the recycle

    • @Informer I imagine trumpet player rooting might have something to do with that

    • I am a musician too I play 🎸 guitar I also sing I chew gum in class and no one knows I am chewing gum

    • Same

    • @burntwaffle maybe he meant in school and not clarinet classes....?

    • I'm still learning how to be this quiet, but one day i'll achieve this ability. (I'm a clarinet player too)

  • As a clarinet player we can go even higher when we squeak. Like if you go to the highest high note which I’m pretty sure is the number you showed in the frequency range, and you squeak with that note you can go a lot higher. I’ve tried it and it gave me a really bad headache for a day at least

  • As a person who puts his guitar into large amounts of feedback just to create some chaos I think I Will definitely survive a quiet place

  • I always wondered why they wouldn't just sound proof their dwellings and utilize a soundproofed tunnel system for travel. We definitely have the technology - going as far as to use remote controlled machines to do the most dangerous work to prevent unnecessary loss of life - and the threat of death seems like it would provide the necessary communal will to carry it out.

  • I love that he takes temperature into account to specify his answer to a single decibel, but forgets trees exist

  • I'd heard people at my summer camp say that they could hear people having conversations across the lake if they were awake early enough, it's wild to find out 15 years later WHY

    • It's creepy and fascinating

    • @Loturzel Restaurant r/engrish

    • U can also do it during noon in south east asia, because people rarely go outside during noon (less transportation noise)

    • @bleech at 9:00

    • @Loturzel Restaurant what

  • The corn could simply be a noise to hide their own. A cornfield with wind going through it is a natural noise that would be great to cover your own noise.

    • I live in Nebraska, so I guess I’m good to go 😂

  • Matpat: “we arent gonna do that pre school answers.” Also matpat: “move in next to a running stream, that doesnt mean move into a lake house”

  • yes, sound does travel faster at night. sound is just particles vibrating, and when a particle vibrates it usually bumps into nearby ones and causes it to vibrate as well. so during the day, when it is warm the particles in the air will be less dense and therefore farther away from each other which means that the particles will not bump into others as quickly as they would in cold air (cold air is more dense, the particles are closer together and has the opposite reaction to warmer air). idk if that makes any sense but I explained it best I could

  • I think the weakness of the movie monsters isn’t just the sound frequency but it’s meant to be the actual feedback look made, they may have changed this in the sequel but I think it’s meant to be that their ears just can’t handle feedback loops.

    • "feedback loops" are just sound though, so your excuse makes literally no sense at all, whatsoever.

  • Here's the thing though: They go after wildlife too. The racoons near the beginning get axed relatively quickly, and its established that the DAs aren't hunting for food. They just reflexively destroy anything that's too "loud" to them. I can imagine they 'tried' to stop things like waterfalls or thunderstorms, but since there's nothing they could do they just learned to avoid those places since it would make them "go blind," so to speak. The long and short is that while there is little they could do to deal with things like swarms of noisy bugs, Earth's ecosystem is about to go fubar regardless.

    • @The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer I mean, Sure all that is fair they probably could smash the DA's internal organs if there wasn't this single fact, THEY CAME FROM FUCKING SPACE AFTER FALLING FROM METEORITES WHILE BEING PERFECTLY FINE, Literally survived re-entry and the fall from space to ground, And quite possibly their own planet's destruction which tossed them around in space in the first place...

    • @Zansi Molecule bonds. They flow around in response to physical trauma.

    • Maybe you could come up with an original monster and film and work out every aspect of their culture and livelihood whilst creating a suspenseful film.

    • @Axoliite their trumpets are pretty frickin loud and might hit their resonance frequency. Not to mention that elephants can rip through metals too

  • A trumpet can also reach those frequencies if you play high enough. And with the volume brass instruments make, as well as being a metal bat of death, I think I'd be good

  • I remember watching A Quiet Place in the cinemas. Everyone was so quite that nobody ate anything they brought in. I don't even remember if the staff came in to sell popcorn.

  • Got it: Just record myself playing the highest note possible on my flute and blast it through a speaker on a constant loop. Seriously though, musicians are also excellent at just being dead silent because sometimes someone will have a solo that is meant to be played extremely quietly, so any sound other than that solo could be heard - especially in places specifically designed to amplify sounds! Hmmm, I wonder if a constant loud noise would also work? Like, you would need to avoid it at first, but eventually the DAs should begin to ignore that sound, right? After they stop rushing through the area and trying to attack the noise, you should be safe to live there since the noise would cover up any sounds you make, especially if it's a vibration, which I know from experience just *infects* any other sounds and makes it impossible to ignore.

  • I mean technically yes everything here in theory is right, the part that I disagree with is the instrument because we don’t know enough about the brain of the alien. I’d be interested to see if he researched cochlear implants and how they work themselves. I am an ASLI major and while I have more knowledge than the common person about cochlear implants I’m not an expert. In short the reason the cochlear doesn’t work is because when you get the implant if the technology fails then it destroys any and all hearing you had left no matter how little there was before. The cochlear is designed to translate the sound waves into mechanical waves. If the alien had a brain similar to that of a hearing human Matt pat would more than likely be right, but I suspect based on the visceral reaction the brain chemistry is a bit different than that of a normal hearing person’s brain. Also if the music did work you would have to keep the pitch the same for long enough as it isn’t instantaneous that their heads explode (think being told to wear ear plugs at a concert if you are up close but add like 10x the sensitivity) Again this isn’t my expertise and I promise I got a few things wrong here but I’d be interested to see if he looked into the Deaf Cultural aspect of this. I’d say the audiologist perspective but that tends to be problematic in Deaf culture so I can’t bring myself to say that.

  • fun fact: Cellos would trigger the death angel's weakness, not normally, but heres how 1: find the high pitch string 2: go to the same string, but under the bridge 3: take the bow and use the side 4: trigger not only the death angels, but also your friend's instant death (dear god I hate that noise)

    • Bro I play cello and that note triggers my dog 💀

    • yes i love the squeaky noises from my cello strings on the wrong side of the bridge

    • As a cellist. Can confirm.

    • ok but nothing matches the pain of hearing a clarinet squeak every 3 seconds

    • OMG SOOOO TRUUUEEE...I wanted to "Van Gogh" my ears every time I heard that diabolical sound. Also, HELLO MY FELLOW CELLISTS!!!

  • Before I watched this, I genuinely thought you was going to say instead of find a lake house find a recording studio. Those rooms are sound proof and perfect for hiding out without the worry of listening aliens with the added benefit of loud PAs to really mess them up! Nice theory!

  • what would happen if the characters did the houses with those afternoon walls that reduce the sound a lot, would that help???

  • I love knowing that flute will one day be weaponized against terrifying monsters who hate music-

  • My fellow band geeks have spent years picking on my instrument of choice - the flute, and recently, the piccolo - for its high-pitched sound. Little did they know, I would fare better in the Quiet Place than they would.

  • That sound refraction is actually kinda scary. In Washington DC, where I live, there was a concert a couple weeks ago on an overcast day. The sound refraction pretty much made it a city wide block party where residents could hear the music up to 4 miles away. It only got louder as night fell. So imagine my surprise when I hear that the neighbor I thought was having a party was halfway across the city.

    • It’s a similar situation to people with vehicles that like to put out some high rpm noises, being heard from way further than I thought they were ,in Michigan’s cold air! Wow that sentence structure was crap, but I’m lazy and don’t want to reorganize it…

    • My man, one wrong move there = ultra guaranteed death

    • MatPat is a brain burner!(Правдивое видео):

  • Despite the flaws and logic gaps that have been pointed out, I still absolutely love A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2.

  • I would first like to thank you for making these awesome theory videos matpat because they are truly extraordinary. I was also wondering if the death angels thing the quiet place aren't aliens but government made weapons?

  • Hopefully there will be a place that does this and will have a constant loop of that playing. People adapt to sounds quite easily so its not so hard to see this happening.

  • Finally, a theory I could nerd out on. I wrote half a book detailing all the ways you could use a DAW to defeat the Death Angels, but thought better of it. I'll just say this was probably the first theory I REALLY got into. Not to say I don't like the other theories, but...musician brain is going crazy.

    • Nice stolen comment from Norseviking84

  • As a music student,this one goes for all of my fellow musicians who had people saying that studying music is useless XD

    • @About21Orphans oh God that happened to me once while I was performing- I'll never forget that

    • Amen!

    • Im also a music student for violin! So i have some practice because i really dont speak in the music school and everywhere so-

    • *starts banging on the highest notes of the piano*

    • My friend said piano is easy compared to football/soccer because you "just press a bunch of keys". Thank you for existing my friend XD

  • The easiest,funniest and most interesting 'science' lesson. Thank you matpat 😊😄🐼 (pandas are my favorite animal)

  • Imagine being Matt's neighbor watching him do these experiments 😂

  • Watched this in the theater and some guy fell asleep and snored through the whole movie and its such a quiet movie EVERYONE could hear and we were all giggling 😂

  • Love it when a YT channel goes into the nitty-gritty science behind things. Now I know.. . that a bad allergy day will get me killed almost instantly XD And that my sisters' violins are our salvation

  • They are attracted by noise... Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and thunder storms all create a lot of noise and with 3 of those being destructive, not all of the noise is exactly natural. Can the monster survive the torture mother nature throws at us on a regular basis?

    • @voxel67 the safest state is whichever state you live in right Texas #1

    • @Cursed-Cat not even aliens will stay in the FDZ (Florida dead zone)

    • ​@Cursed-Cat I want to see an Aliens vs Florida man tabloid. "Florida man gets charged after keeping exotic aliens as pets, controlling them with a stolen violin, and unleashing them to attack the majority of town citizens after they refuse to go near him."

    • Didn't the movie say they managed to somehow survive a nuke?

    • @kimnice Us human can recognize people by just looking at their back, Im pretty sure if your main way of "seeing" are via sound that would be pretty easy to do.

  • Imma be honest, I was just excited to hear him mention viola. I've been asked so many times how many songs I can play on my "violin" since nobody outside of musicians seems to know what one is

  • The part when he explained the 140hz to 190hz stuff Actually made me tense no wonder these death angels are so sensitive to it

  • I never knew this was why sounds were easier to hear at night. I always thought it was just that there was less stuff making noise, so the sounds that did happen were clearer. It was pretty "cool" to find out it was about the temperature though.

    • I spoiled multiverse of madness for myself but it was worth to to watch a film theory video

  • I thought it was common knowledge that sound travels further at night. I could hear trains 10s of kilometres away while living in the middle of a City.

  • We watched a quiet place in a film studies class as an example of great sound design, and it shows.

  • Thanks for talking about the sound travelling thing with the cold and warm air,because we were too slow at school to get to that part.

  • What's the timing - I just found this video after studying A Quiet Place in my media class. Spectacular movie, definitely got jumpscared! But I'm very attatched to the character, though. I've convinced me mum to watch it with me tomorrow, but my dad refuses to watch horror haha

  • the fact i been wattching you for over a decade doesnt suprise me at the fact you went out your way to be as accurate as possible classic matpat

  • Imagine a badass scene where the death angels are on the MC's trail, pursuing them as the survivors try to find a new place to bunker down. And then, just when the monster hears the smallest 'crack' from their footsteps, it comes running, only to be stopped by ol' Cotton Eye Joe stepping out from a barn with his squeaky violin. Joe plays so horribly the monster opens up its plating, where then Joe shoots it with a shotgun.

    • Opened this comment, and I see four bots.

    • @Russian Cheems @Russian Cheems where did he come from cotten eye joe

    • Let's just say a cool death happens in Dr strange multiverse of madness

    • Cotton Eye Joe and his ranger friend from Arizona travel around and tag team the vile aliens.

    • Im so sick of these fuckin bots making it so annoying to find an actual comment

  • I was already wanting to get myself a new cello just to play again but this makes me want to get one right now! The real question though: What kind of case should I have? if it were better than not having one

  • as a musician, i can confirm i always win red light green light and have the power to stay still and say nothing for an extended period of time. I see this with other musicians too

  • See no evil (monsters from Birdbox) Speak no evil (Death angels) Now all we need is a monster that you can’t listen to. Movie makers, this is your calling to make a horror movie with sirens

  • Mat Pat: You need to have internet or at least some basic music skills to survive. Me who has both: Finally! Something I can survive!

  • What's crazy about this video, is how MatPat virtually figured out how to beat the Death Angels just by using ILaward videos that play at 1400-1900 Hz. The most dangerous weapon is a smart mind.

    • It's possible to whistle at that frequency, no youtube required.


    • iv seen u comment on 3 videos before

    • We have absolutely the same interests, every channel I watch I've see your comment.

    • @Random Weeb It doesn't technically matter if you can hear the sound, it matters that sound waves have enough energy to vibrate the thing to a point of breaking, so louder is better

  • What I thought the warning of approaching nightfall was is that it’s harder to see at night, and since they are using sign language, that would make communication even more difficult

  • I think the reason why the corn was planted was for it to alert the family if the Death Angels were in the corn fields so the family can get to safety.

  • Would the corn act as a decent sound muffler, or at the very least, create confusion with regards to direction of the sound's source since it would be easier to hear the sound as coming from above the corn instead of through all of the corn's relatively random deflection

  • I love how in the stores everyone left the chip bags cause they were too loud

  • I am an audio engineer, I am impressed that they have that level of detail in the movie, because the natural noise floor is about 40 to 50 decibels... so they can't hear you below that because that is just idle sound in the air. The noise floor is when we can't crank sound any louder, because you start getting background noise. Also, feedback loops can be at multiple frequencies at once, normally it is just one though. Also, if you really wanted to get into it you could start talking about Comb frequencies, but I don't even fully understand those.

    • Open up serum/pick a wavetable/adjust frequency/throw in a combs filter and hit the note. Then sit back relax and headshot those death angels. (Producer here.)😄😄

    • @MrNavidad You need a speaker to let the sound out, then just point a mic at it. The easiest way to make a feedback loop.

    • Let's just turn on the oscillator on mixers and play with the frequencies in the range. Or ring out some mics.

    • @Бенито Муссолини [Best ILawardr] Слава Україні

    • Ж

  • One of my top theories so far. There's loads of other questions to be asked about sound and the advantages of different places (I imagine living near a waterfall far from civilization centers would be ideal, similar to zombie rules where you don't want to be around high-population places), but this is a great analysis of the realism of the movie. Also, the main actor is so underrated for his skill in drama and horror. Everyone thinks of him as The Office guy, but he's a really convincing, well-rounded actor who makes fear, pain, heartbreak, and love so visceral without having to speak. There's certain moments in the movie where (without spoilers) his character's "calm protector" exterior shatters and it makes you hurt horribly for him and his family. And there's moments where something is starting to go wrong and the look in his eyes is existential terror beyond what I've ever seen other actors portray. 10/10 theory. Honestly, most if not all of the horror theories are darn good and I love all of the theory channels

    • Rate my theory. in the second movie we see that they cannot swim. go in the middle of a big lake and scream as loud as you can. Boom. they are extinct

  • MatPat: I’m sure by now we’ve all seen “how to survive A Quiet Place videos” . me who hasn’t even seen the movie: *haha….. yeah…..*

  • you should do a theory on how they hear noises and how we hear noises I think that would be interesting

  • For Bo, they should've token the batteries out of the toy, he would of survived if his parents weren't so careless

  • honestly just as terrified at the fact that attacks are triggered by the sounds over 50 db but - that means that when you're walking on the sand and playing monopoly and what not, they can technically still hear you

    • @Bob The Builder There, fixed it.

    • @Cheesy it's "venus", not "venous".

    • Last fight

    • @h3llboyyy them being bloodthirsty could be the case, but I think their way of attacking is closer to how venous fly traps figure out if what they have in their mouth is food or not. Venus flytraps only close their mouths on prey if certain sensory receptors are triggered three times in a relatively short time span, they do this in order to not close on something they can’t get nutrients from, like a pebble that accidentally landed in their mouths. I think This is how the death angles work, but instead of three sensory receptors being triggered they only go after sounds of 50 db that isn’t a constant noise.

    • They can hear you but it would just be like the wind to them , if it's just u swiping ur crusty sock on the floor or putting a monopoly piece slowly on the board. I would guess at 50db a huge jump in their sensory overload fills them with a bloodthirst we humans wouldn't be able to comprehend.

  • Something I wonder about is, is the new chip and dale move legal with the amount of characters in it that Disney doesn’t own or is it a good thing for other companies that Disney talked about the other characters and companies in the movie?

  • Unrelated, I'm SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY that MatPat played the viola. My dear underrated instrument

  • You know I've learned a lot from matpat then I've learned from school

  • Me as a Monopol lover hearing matpat would rather sacrifice himself then play it: HOW DARE YO- *Died to the Death Angles*

  • Could you imagine being a survivor in this apocalypse and then out of no where you just here a peaceful violin. You slowly go towards it, taking cover as you know the monsters are coming but you get close enough to see it's 1 person playing a violin in the middle of a street. Suddenly, 3 monsters round a corner and after they get almost close enough to touch them, they start playing an extremely loud solo and all the monsters fall and die in a matter of seconds. That would be an amazing scene.

    • yes. but your profile pic-

    • @Normal the point is that even if they die they are still heading towards you at speed. Dying to speeding corpses is still dying

    • Talk about a killer performance ;>

    • Musicians became cool

    • @rorrim0 Chad mentality

  • Death angels can go at a max speed of 200 mph. Based on how fast it caught up to the car, it probably takes a bit for it to get to max speed.

  • Lol, I can already imagine someone playing "I will survive" on piano in that frequency and a team of 6 headshooting those aliens

  • Me when I saw this video pop up 7 days ago: That title sounds interesting and I'm a musician. I need to know!😊 Matpat at beginning saying Spoilers for Doctor Strange:🥺🥺🥺Guess I need to wait Me after watching Doctor Strange today:Finally, let's goo!!!😁

  • I love your videos and this one was another good one 👍 but I disagree on the killer frequency range. I think it was a much higher. Overtone, likely out of the range of human hearing. I also think if your hypothesis is correct that it's the armor reacting and not just sensory overload, that the variation in pitch/frequency is why different parts of the monster react at different times. P.S. Overtones are a fascinating subject, and you should definitely do a video on them. P.P.S. as a former middle school String Orchestra teacher, I'm very happy to hear you played viola for a few years. P.P.P.S. I can't resist letting you know that it's redundant to say "badly" after "playing viola." 😉 I'm actually a viola fan but I also can't pass up a viola joke. 😂

  • Finally, a theory I could nerd out on. I wrote half a book detailing all the ways you could use a DAW to defeat the Death Angels, but thought better of it. I'll just say this was probably the first theory I *_REALLY_* got into. Not to say I don't like the other theories, but...musician brain is going crazy.

  • Not only musicians but also theater kids. I'm one of those and I remember one of the first lessons I learned was to be light but fast on my feet (with shoes on) I also have a lot of control over my voice and how much power I apply on it, and I also have great control over my breathing (although this is because I'm a swimmer too, but theater helped me develop that too) Edit: forgot to add, knowing how to shut up and make no noise is a MUST for theater kids we can go from loud af to complete empty silence in a mere second

  • 11:02 really like how they use a hearing aid instead of cochlear implants for visuals

  • Now I know why trying to make food in the middle of the night is 400x louder😂

  • I still highly fear, years later, that this sort of thing'll happen soon and I'll just die all of a sudden

  • I always thought that it being louder at night was just because there's less ambient noise to drown it out, but, no, it was because it was actually literally just simply actually louder...

    • @gotcha that’s false information. It’s because the air near the surface is cooler at night, the sound waves travel slower and are refracted to the earth’s surface.

    • @Emily Declet your hearing becomes better at night, it's a primitive evolution to help on hunts

    • I thought it was my hearing actually became better at night😅 Now I know wht

    • Well it’s a mix of both tbf

    • Last figth