Film Theory: Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket SCAM! (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

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So you found a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory - now what? You avoid being made into candy, blown up like a blueberry, or any other horrible consequence of being a bad kid. What is your reward? Fame, glory, immense riches? HA, SUCKER!! You are now the proud owner of a failing business and a pile of lawsuits! Today Loyal Theorists, we are delving into the genius business moves of Willy Wonka!
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  • For everyone saying the factory isn't in America, it actually IS American, believe it or not. The movie goes to great lengths to try and make the location ambiguous (nonsense monetary symbols, ambiguous coins, a German shoot location but everyone speaking English) but the television coverage of the Golden Ticket search we see Charlie watching always references "here in America." And in the book, he finds a "dollar" in the gutter. So signs point heavily to Wonka's being an American company.

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    • Why'd you pin a game theory?

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    • @The Film Theorists I thought you had two twin brothers who worked game theorists and film theorists

  • Okay but like...why not give it to all the children? Hear me out. Veruca Salt is from a super wealthy family who already know the ins and outs of owning and running a business, specifically a food based company. Not only will she be able to address the legal problems the factory faces, but she will be able to combine the companies to increase supplies and sales. Violet Beauregard is dedicated to competition, specifically candy based competition. She will be able to provide fresh ideas to outdo competitors. Augustus Gloop is obsessed with candy and would most likely be able to invent new ideas and flavours the keep the factory going. Mike Teavee would be amazing at advertising, knowing what gels with the largest audience and knowing how to cast the widest net possible for virtually everyone to see the ads for the factory. And Charlie, well with Charlie’s uncle’s background of working with Wonka and his own optimistic, carefree and creative ideals, he’s basically be the new Wonka in charge of taking care of everyone and ensuring no fights breakout between the kids. Boom the perfect factory

    • he says 110 degrees can cause bad burns its like 112 degrees outside for me right now

    • This makes me have a theory that maybe the kids were supposed to respersent the basic roles of a food business

    • But Willy Wonka selectively chooses the kid who is going to take the factory, because if the others would take it, they would possibly manage to get out of trouble, and then Wonka will also be guilty, instead, he lets Charlie with the factory because he is so poor and has no idea of how to manage this stuff, resulting in a collapse that will also get Willy out safely

    • But would anyone question why a whole factory is being run by a bunch of kids? Exactly, Child labor is illegal, they would have to be older

    • I'd love that to be turned into a sequel

  • Imagine mat as a health inspector, that would be amazing

  • The fact that the nightmare fuel boat ride is the safest thing in the entire factory tour is unbelievable

  • I'm new to film theory but out of the 8-10 videos I've watched so far, this is certainly my favorite. I actually laughed out loud when you announced the secret motivation!

  • Can’t wait to see something like this for the 2005 version

  • The boat only has enough seats for the people left, therefore he knew Augustus would fall in

  • "Anything stacked over 5" needs to be secured" I used to work in a potato chip factory, stacking boxes of bagged chips well over my reaching height. I'm 6'1"

    • @Cyan Puff Nope. It was a required part of my job. Probably had something to do with the fact that each box full of bags of chips weighs like... one pound?

  • You forgot having the guests wear caps to keep hair away from contamination and having them remove their bags, watches and jewellery before taking them through the factory. That's what I had to do when I visited Cadbury's Chocolate Factory.

  • This theory is what made me immediately ask my mom if she would watch willy wonka with me. Then came an obsession with weirdness and obscure treasures of movies

  • You know, I never found the boat ride scene scary when I was little. I think I just didn’t know what was going on in that part. Everything _else_ on the other hand was pure nightmare fuel for me.

  • Imagine one kid got every ticket that would be awkward

    • @Alina Stănescu loll-

    • They would have to come in 5 times

    • Yea lol

    • @Ben if it was me the kids at school that did not get picked would hate me and I hate them 😂

    • @Ivan Lol no, it’s so no one else can have a chance at a lifetime supply of chocolate. so that person would be unique

  • I also wanted to say, Willy Wonka expirements the effects of his candy on oompa loompas so if thats a violation which im pretty sure it is multiply it by a thousand because he made a ton of candy.

  • Your intros always make me crack up! A golden ticket to a ruined childhood?!!!😂😂🤣🤣

  • If I made a parody movie on this, I would follow your rule and make my version much safer than the that criminal Willy Wonka. Thank you for helping me realize those flaws

  • A couple things you forgot where the lack of emergency exits and exit signs and emergency lights and fire alarms not only that but the lack of windows if the fire department showed up they wouldn’t be able to save a lot of people because of the lack of windows in the factory and fire department parking at the factory if the fire department showed up they wouldn’t be able to get close enough and not only that but the fire department or EMS wouldn’t be able to get to the building and through the building very easily.

  • Grandpa: * almost certainly dying * Charlie: * wins a Golden ticket * Grandpa: _helth_

    • @Joaquín M you're welcome. 😊

    • @CT Dawg Ok, thanks for clarifying

    • @Joaquín M yeah,but people hate grandpa joe in the original because he was that way,even though he didn't automatically movie as if he were in perfect health like in the remake.


    • lol

  • I think the list at the beginning that they have to sign has to do with the fines. Maybe it says somewhere that any children that have been harmed, tapered with, or have messed with the factory do not count as for any fines going against Wonka

  • Another note: wouldn't the boat contaminate the chocolate river, even if it's clean? Imagine if some oil leaked out, or some pieces break away from said boat. They'd have to be paying an incredible amount of attention to any boats that touch any of the products made in the Wonka factory. I know this is, what, 3 years late, but I feel like this would be another pretty big concern. If unnoticed, pieces of the boat could end up in the chocolate and be made into bar as it hardens, same with the oil. That could be a choking hazard or risk of food poisoning. Of course, this is only regarding the film discussed here; the more recent version with Johnny Depp used what I'm guessing is a candy boat with candy oars.

  • I like how he makes different intro for every theory he makes even if he is only going to make one theory about it

  • The “Candy foam” Cleaning the boat was fire extinguisher foam, that got the cast sick for weeks, they had to shut down the movie set

  • I'm really curious how much he would owe in the newer movie

    • @Alex yeah, you know the one where willy Wonka looks like a vampire and has hair so slick it might as well be a wig

    • Newer movie?

    • @Bee well the kids are confirmed to survived, so only mutilation charges

    • Almost the same

  • Mr Beast 100% watched this before 'selling' his factory.

  • The guy made a strip of chewing gum that tastes like a three course dinner, and sent a giant bar of chocolate into a television screen, which was then *taken out* of said TV. Even if Wonka did get fines for his factory's terrible conditions, he's got actual magic to make them (and most likely the memories of the people enforcing those fines) just vanish completely

  • Do al these fines count for the actual makers of the show? Hope not! The set would be quite dangerous!

  • Fun Fact: when everyone got sprayed with foam it caused the actors to suffer an allergic reaction and they had to stop for a bit before they could recover

  • This isn’t even a theory. *It’s straight up facts.*

    • True

    • On some things hes righg and some not. The oompa lumpas were wearing gloves for exanple. Buuuut hes pretty right about everything else.

    • FAX

    • I agree these videos aren’t theory’s anymore there facts got to food theory and you’ll find straight up facts

    • Every video is

  • MatPat: "But, hey, that's just a theory" Me: "It seems a bit too possible to be just a theory. It sounds like you should be a detective with your analytical skills."

  • Might I add something? I've only read 2 Roald Dahl books (Matilda and the BFG), so take this with a grain of salt, but they're essentially like most horror works. Being in the fantasy genre, doesn't mean the characters can magically reverse bodily augmentations, and characters who aren't seen afterwards are probably dead. The 2005 version is the only one that sees the kids leaving the factory. Charlie didn't just inherit Willy's crumbling business, and his crippling debt. He also inherited a pending murder trial.

  • I actually have seen and OWN the modern version of the movie, but Wonka creeped me out in that one! The older one, despite how scary it can still be, is way better

  • Matpat: Charlie Finds a dollar on the street in the book Me who actually read the original british version: No he didnt, he found a pound. They likely changed it in the american version

  • Surprised you've never covered the theory that Snowpiercer is a sequel to willy Wonka 🤔 its a fascinating theory

    • @try again search for it on ILaward - the video is a great watch

    • ????????!??!???!?!

    • @Soup on the side he does cover others though just fixing the lose ends

    • I think it's an undeniable fact

    • What even is snow piercer And this was made 3 years ago

  • When I was in Willy Wonka the musical, during the fizzy lifting scene we just used a ladder lol. Then again this WAS middle school play.

  • He's that one character in a kids movie, that looks like (not so)smart villain that comes in the 2nd half.

  • I just watched this again for the 20th time at least. Something I've just come to notice is that the real scam is the competition itself. I'm sure he actually did need to find someone to take over. That part's fine. Although with Uncle Joe now out of bed and running amok he could whisper things into Charlie's ears fake Slugworth style and destroy the place because he's such a jerk. If there's an antagonist in the movie it's him. But I digress. The idea is for people to find 5 golden tickets. Fortunately they're all found by children so that part of the plan is going well. But the competition to find the tickets went even better. In the spirit of the film the golden tickets are hidden in 5 different Wonka Bars scattered around the world. So everyone is on the hunt. Also in the spirit one would think that all the tickets are hidden in Wonka Bars that are already available and sitting on store shelves just waiting to be found. But that's not the case. It's shown that new boxes of Wonka Bars are being shipped round the world even during the competition. This is not in the spirit. It means people were buying untold hundreds of thousands, millions or even billions of Wonka Bars which had no chance of winning because Wonka was holding tickets back for the new shipments. That's pretty shady even for this guy.

    • Considering how thats basically an illegal gambling scheme, he’d be fined for every chocolate bar purchased. Watch LegalEagle’s video about it:

  • I was disturbed by this movie when I first watch it and I feel that if this where a real thing then it's a trap.

  • Let's not forget that the Oompa Lumpa are paid IN CHOCOLATE. That's surely below Minimum Wage

    • yes imagine an oompa loompa high school reunion "so what are you guys getting paid?" "Choclate!"

    • I wouldn’t be sad if that’s how I was being paid

    • Probably just because the species worships cocoa beans

    • wellllllll they pray to choclate

    • in the second movie he says that he tried to pay them money but they only accept chocolate

  • But MatPat, didn't you read the fine print of the contract they all signed (including legal parents/guardians) waiving any responsibility for any such violations?

  • If matpat had a nickel for every time he talked about Wankas chocolate factory, he would have 3 nickiles, which is strange that it's happened 3 times

  • I wish he would also cover how the kids never leave the factory

  • Lets just appreciate how he all ways has some good evidence for each theory.😁

  • Not bad MatPat. Not bad. But let me try one better. Willy Wonka was willing to risk the OSHA violations because the contest winners never actually saw the real factory. What they saw was a series of carefully crafted rooms designed to test the real winner of the golden ticket contest. Why? To find his true successor. Who? Charlie Bucket. That's right! Charlie was the first choice all along. But Wonka had to test him. First piece of evidence that we see that the factory Wonka showed off wasn't the real factory was right in the opening credits. Remember the credits rolling over a series of conveyor belts and machines making chocolate? Funny how we never saw that room in the tour huh? That's because non disclosure agreements aside, Wonka wasn't going to trust his secrets to a group of strangers. So that's reason number 1 he created a bunch of fake candy making rooms that would still be way too small to produce the massive amounts of chocolate he actually sells. Reason number 2 is as he says in the movie, he needed someone to pass his secrets down to. So he sent his only non Oompa Loompa employee Mr Wilkerson to find an honest child. He found four kids that could have been candidates but they were eliminated. Augustus had a good head for business "it'll cost him a fortune in fudge" but he was a glutton. Veruca wasn't afraid to boss people around but she was spoiled and greedy. Violet was competitive but a nitwit. Mike had a scientific mind since he was always asking questions, but he was lazy. Then right in the same town Wilkerson finds Charlie Bucket. But there's a problem. All the other kids turned out the way they did because of their parents. And while Charlie was mostly a good kid, he still had a father figure in his life that was a bad influence. That's right. Grandpa Joe. After all the man spent twenty years in a bed then gets up and does a song and dance? Some kind of fraud going on there... Don't believe sweet Grandpa Joe was a bad influence? Who convinced Charlie to try the fizzy lifting drinks? So Wonka decides to create a series of fake rooms to tour and at the same time teach the runners up and their parents a lesson. That's why he quotes a bunch of random literature references as his own private jokes at the parents expense. All while testing Charlie and how he responds. He has Mr. Wilkerson pretend to be slugworth to bribe each of the kids. Which is why we see him talking to each one. And wasn't it a bit weird that "Slugworth" knew where Charlie was only minutes after winning the tickets? That's because Wilkerson had fixed it so each of the finalists would get a golden ticket and no one else. Upon learning about the fizzy lifting drinks, Wonka still had faith in Charlie and did one last test. He blew up at them, yelling at them. As expected Grandpa Joe yells back, with Wonka knowing he's challenging Charlie's father figure and forcing Charlie to make a choice. To take the easy way out like Grandpa Joe has done for most of his life and sell the Everlasting Gobstopper, or do the right thing. And Charlie did the right thing. Earning his reward. Only to discover that those fantastical rooms he saw were just for show and were probably dismantled the next day before the OSHA inspector got there. But hey...that's just a theory...a film theory! And...cut

    • What a twist!

    • Still an insane amount of child endangerment and possible negligent homicide.

    • You legend!

    • Wow

    • That is a very well thought out theory. Thank you for sharing.

  • I remembered this episode vaguely while playing Sonic Adventure, and the first thing I thought was: "See, Wonka! Even Dr. Robotnik uses guardrails! And all of his employees are robots!"

  • At the end of the movie, he says that after Charlie and Joe hit the fan in the fuzzy drink room, it had to be sterilized. So he clearly did care about the enciournment, but just left it to the Ompaa lompaas. Please stop clickbaiting and lysing, there are so many people who belive these things to be facts, including me when I was younger

  • I always wondered about that scene where Augustus contaminated the river and Wonka was doing nothing about it.

  • Makes you wonder how often a factory inspector visits the factory. Another fine for Wonka if he doesn't allow it.

  • It’s kinda like “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” was supposed to be the kid friendly version of the horror movie “saw”

    • @Jotaro Kujo Corridor Crew?

    • @Verzangel loved that video, it actually makes sense.

    • It's About Willy Wonka , Who Is a Chocolate Factory Owner Which Has Some Room With Nothing To Do With Chocolate Because If A Bad Child Coming To His Factory, He Could Spied Them (Before They Come To The Factory) Then Make A Room Based What They Like , And Make Their Family Teach Their Bratty Kid Even More And To Get A Rightfull Heir . This Is A Saw Incarnation In 1971 Fantasy Movie .

    • Pancooke Content A YT channel actually tried to make the ‘Kid Deaths’ R rated lol

    • The other movie is no One dies

  • I was trying to convince my girlfriend that Willy is a demon of some sort and I think I'm way more right than I first thought

  • Notice how there was just the perfect amount of seats on the boat as if Willy Wonka were planning that

  • Interviewer: do you think OSHA will have pity on willy wonka? Mat Pat: laughs Interviewer: Its a no right... right?

  • Can I just that say Law’s code names are both hilarious and incredible to be heard recited or read out. Like. It’s so funny to hear all those random numbers put together! 🤣

  • What the movie want us to blame: The children that is not behaving What we actually blame: Willy Wonka

    • @Muffin head probably attempted tho

    • We do blame the kids but not as much because it’s the parents who don’t know anything about parenting. Also, Wonka acts off the and suspicious whole time and looks like he needs therapy.

    • This movie is darker than I remember.

    • @JD fax

    • It’s actually the parents fault for not taking care of their bratty children

  • I just love your theories!

  • Based on business law and under the “sword and shield doctrine” Charlie would not be liable for the fines passed off to him because the doctrine protects minors from entering contracts with adults intent on taking advantage of them. So ideally Charlie could rescind from the contract and not face any of that horrific debt

  • The kids in that movie had never seen the set before so the joy you see on there faces entering the candy room was real

  • Wow, I never noticed that Julie cut her leg in that scene; thanks for pointing that out!

  • This guy deserves a break. He carries 3 channels and has to friggin study so much just to make one video. Matt also carries the weight of having to create a new fnaf theory video every single time a new game comes out. Heck he even read the Osha violations for the willy wonka theory! YOU. DESERVE. A. BREAK.

    • He has 5 channels

    • There's 4 actually and soon 5

    • He has 5

    • YES HE DOES matt take a break

    • 3 channels? its actually 4

  • When I saw this I immediately started watching and mumbled, “Welcome, O.S.H.A., to my childhood trauma No joke, am I the only one deadly afraid of Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory? When he appeared on screen when I watched at camp when I was five, a trigger in my mind was pulled and I stayed in the back of the room under the corner chair until the movie was over. Me again later in the video: Okay, O.S.H.A. agents, I say we take this to court and put him in the electric chair, die everyone agree? Okay, good! Willy Wonka has given me nightmares, I don’t care what his fate is as long as it involves jail time

  • Here’s the thing: would they still fine Charlie knowing he only just got the factory and he’s just a kid?

  • Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 250 sentadillas son unos HOTCAM.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  • Can you do the remake as well im curious on how many violations are in that one considering there is now a room full of squirrels

  • MatPat: For everyone in that elevator Willy Wonka: *w o n k a - v a t o r*

  • Actually MatPat, by the time you made this video $350,000 in 1971 would have been worth exactly $2,171,123.46 in 2018. However, since it's stated in the books, "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" that "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevetor" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" take place within the same time-frame, the events take place in 1972. That makes the actual cost of $350,000 in 1972 to $2,103,600.48 in 2018 Also, yes, while in the film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" takes place in America, in the book it was based off of, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," the events take place in England. Also, regarding how much the violations cost, $5,000-$70,000 back in 1971 would be worth exactly $31,016.05-$434,224.69 for your information. However, as I previously stated, the events take place in 1972 that would make the actual cost range $30,051.44-$420,720.10

  • The soap boat and the injury that the actors have gotten must of been a BIG

  • the fact that matt lost his mind over OSHA evaluating Willy Wonka just proves how ridiculous this channel is and I live for it

  • This and “long live the queen bee” video are literally like, my favs and I basically know them by word ( ̄ε  ̄)

  • My favorite meme was quite literally. Wonka: “Congratulations Charlie! You are now the owner of my chocolate factory!” Charlie: (Positive exclamation) Wonka: “Now the first thing to do is to deal with the PR Crisis”. Charlie: “Wha-“. Wonka: “So allegedly 4 kids have been permanently injured by your factory, and there’s a rumor floating around that you own slaves?”

    • Charlie:I AM FIRING MYSELF

    • Lol

    • LIU CHEUK YIN CYRUS 6D19 or whip cream that could make more sense

    • @Joshua Juvida wonka almost spent that dollar for fixing

    • @dead channel check chemistry will harm you eye

  • I love how he changes the names like ‘MatPat & The Film Theorys

  • Matpat, please do a video on the other chocolate factory movie where Johnny Depp was Willy Wonka 🙏

  • How big a fine would the Tim Burton version of the factory have at the end of an OSHA inspection?

  • I'd really love to see a post-credit scene where Charlie is approached by police officers who inform him he is under arrest for the attempted murder of four children and the violation of a wide variety of OSHA regulations!

  • “This is the place where candy and lawsuits are made.” Can we eat the lawsuits too?

  • I grew up watching this movie and I love it either way

  • Just me or does hearing mat pat list off OSHA violations really satisfying

  • 4:48 Isn't the rock supposed to be edible in the movie? If so, should it be able to cut anyone canonically? It would be more dangerous in real life than in the movie.

  • The “soap” wasn’t actually soap in the car wash scene. It was fire extinguisher foam, which is TOXIC TO TOUCH, and they got it IN THEIR MOUTHS

  • If they make a film called, "MatPat and the Theory Factory," would MatPat also make a film theory on it?

  • i watched this movie with my cousin once and we kept on saying that all the candies are made of human children. i stand by that theory.

    • No. They’re made from Oompa Loompas. Wonka was testing a new recipe with Augustus

  • I think Charlie would add some safety stuff to it to the factory

  • “He ships to literally every continent” Huh, didn’t know he shipped to *Antarctica*