Film Theory: Yes, Mirabel DOES Have A Gift! (Encanto)

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The question on everyone's mind after finishing Encanto seems to be one thing. Does Mirabel ACTUALLY have a Gift? You see, she seemed to be the only one able to save the family and hold them together. There is a lot of speculation that hidden somewhere in there is a secret power. Today we are going to figure out what that may be and what it means for the Madrigal family.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
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  • As someone who's never even seen Encanto, watching this made me realize that there's a lot more to these animated movies than meets the eye.

  • I made my brother watch Encanto and he said that Mirabel’s gift was to pause time and sing :”)

    • I said the exact thing

    • Bruh wasn't wrong

    • Based.

    • best superpower

    • I really like the theory of that Mirabel's is time control its explains how shes able to do so much for her family and to save the miracle in less than 5 days because let's be honest do you really think she was able to do all that in about 3 days it's not possible she has to be able to control the time and space somehow

  • My theory: If you can see, the doorknob of Mirabel’s door had “M” on it. When Antonio gave her a doorknob at the end it also had an “M” on it. So I’m guessing that when Mirabel touched the doorknob some problem happened and the magic didn’t go into the door and just went into the doorknob. They kept the doorknob for a very long time and finally took it out. It was the doorknob Antonio gave to Mirabel. Mirabel then puts the doorknob in to the house’s door and everyone got their gift back. As you know, the candle already went out and it can’t generate any magic anymore. The magic in the house now is Mirabel’s. Mirabel’s magic is controlling the whole house.

    • @Ng Xin Yu It's stands for both ok?

    • @Ng Xin Yu Or Madrigal

    • @PRATIBHA SINGH JAMWAL M is for Mirabel

    • Or is M for MADRIGAL?

    • @Yes, thats my name yours is great too! Why did I never think of the cracks happened. Because mirabel is sad. Before Antonio's ceremony casita was safe because mirabel wasnt sad

  • Interesting. When I saw the movie, I knew before the end of it what Mirabel's power was, not because of all the details you pointed out, but because of one you seemed to have missed. The thing I noticed was that the house was responding to Mirabel's own state. When she was happy and fine, so was the Casita, but the moment she began feeling doubt, insecurity, hurt... like she didn't belong, the cracks started to show... it was like the house was mirroring her and so of course the cracks were gone when everyone rushes back because Mirabel wasn't dwelling on her own problems anymore. She was so overwhelmed with concern for the home and what it meant for the family that when everyone was there, everything was fine again. The fact that the cracks Bruno was fixing were under the surface, mirrors the fact that Mirabel has spent her entire life HIDING the hurt and struggle she's had with not having a gift that is like the rest of her family. So of course, by the time the climax comes with the big fight between Abuela and Mirabel, the house then falls apart... because she's broken and has finally exposed that brokenness to her family with such force that it snuffs out the candle and the house gives one last ditch effort to protect her even as it crumbles down around her. She never had a door because she had the entire home as her "door" the entire time and just didn't realize it as she was so wrapped up in what did happen that she and everyone else didn't realize what was actually going on. That, as you said, the role of keeper of the magic, was being passed down. Anyway, that's my 2 cents on this. Can't wait to see some more vids from you! I think it's cool you manage to juggle life as a parent along with all the vids you do. Especially since not all of them are child friendly (Lookin' at you Cooking Companions).

    • I just watched it last night and I came up with the same thing. The house was her gift. I noticed the same thing as you did. How the house reacts to her and how she talks to it. Glad I'm not the only one to think this.

    • @Pook Thank you. You're the first person to ever say so when I have voiced my views on something. I appreciate your words.

    • @Kent Huang Sorry that people didn't seem to understand that. I know how that is.

    • I said something similar and a lot of people told me that I was wrong. I noticed during my first viewing how the house communicated and responded to Mirabel much differently than everyone else. I theorized that Mirabel did get a gift that no one actually recognized as a gift because the door disappeared. I said that her gift was obviously the house and that the door vanished because why would she need her own special room for her gift when the entire house is her gift?

    • @Aria S Whatever you choose, you presented your ideas well. They were clear, well worded, and easy to grasp. You did very well and should be proud of that. Thank you for sharing.

  • In an interview one of the creators of Encanto said that the candle is a symbol of Abuela's unconditional love for her family. It wavers when Mirabel doesn't get a gift because of how upset Abuela was in the moment causing her love to also waver. It only goes out entirely when Abuela realizes that she had, in fact, been putting conditions on her love for her family without realizing it for years. This is also evidence that the magic moved on to Mirabel because she DID love her family unconditionally even when they weren't on the best terms.

  • When I first watched the movie I thought Dolores lied about Mirabel not having a gift because in “waiting on a miracle” the whole song everything has frozen BUT Mirabel and I thought her gift was freezing time

    • @Pine Apple lmao

    • Same and I also thought that she could make the fireworks happen and pretty much everything else in the song

    • It’s a female main character thing

    • I have a guess on her gift being making things invisible since it happened with her door

    • It’s that stamps she does during the song, reminds me of Elsa’s stamp in the let it go song. I’m not sure though I’m still swaying more to her being the next candle holder.

  • Mirabel is to enherit the house. The ending is pretty clear when she puts the knob on the door the door reacts to her. She didn't get a door in the house because the door to the house is hers.

    • @Lena Foxy im with you guys on this one :v

    • @Lena Foxy she's only in front because she's the one who brought them all together. If the door was ment to be just HER power it would have shown her and just the candle like Abuela's door.

    • @Crysta Blade But notice how Mirabel is IN FRONT? Doors represent someone's gift. Its pretty clear that the door is hers and her gift is being the new leader of the family.

    • It's inherit, not enherit btw.

    • Inherit*

  • I also have a feeling that every few generations, someone is going to be born with "no miracle" and their miracle will actually be to be the new person to carry on the family. Because Abuela is getting older, she will eventually die and Mirabel will take on for her. Eventually, someone will be born with no miracle when Mirabel is older and they will carry on the torch.

  • I think there's a small hole in the theory. Abuela has a door, even though she is a keeper of the candle. If the keeper gets to have a door, how come Mirabel didn't get one?

    • I think she did. It was resorbed by the house when she was 5. It may have seemed to be vanishing as the magic moved, but if she's meant to become the Keeper of the House (the Keeper of the Family) it would make more sense. The writers mentioned that Abuela's door once read Alma, so it could be quite possible that as the family changes, there will be changes to Abuela's door, and eventually the front door with the new Keeper

    • Probably Alma's door is just the door of the candle keepers

    • @Mayra Morales ik but I think casita doors are meant to be hers. But who knows if they all still have their same doors in the new casita

    • @dotcom They mean magic doors. Like the ones you see in 6:10

    • I heard a theory that MIrabel will take Alma's position so when Alma passes Mirabel will get her room

  • My interpretation of Antonio's door featuring him as a child and not an adult was that since casita is pretty much alive and can change, the image of the person on the door grows with them. So when Antonio got his door he was depicted on it as a child, overtime the image would change and depict an older him as he would get older and the reason why the doors immediately showed the adult versions of their respective characters was just to make it clearer in the flashback. Idk that's just how I look at it...

  • I'm still going to assume that Mirabel has a gift that relates to reality or time distortion. In Waiting on a Miracle she slows time down and interacts with the things around her, in Surface Pressure she can see and experience the weight that Luisa shoulders and in We Don't Talk About Bruno she sees the different experiences that the family and town had with Bruno. She also teleports in at least two songs.

  • each one of their powers actually comes from what they held in their heart as a child. its said that Antonio had a soft spot and fascination with animals. abuela had a devotion for family. its seems the magic just amplify what they hold dear. since mirabel held her family so dear as we saw in the beginning her gift was for her family. she didnt need a door, the entire home is her room. we see each person get her room but in the end we see mirabels door at the end. her door is the front door of the house. we were so caught up what each room within a home made be but we forget the best one, the front door which protects the family and welcomes them. to be honest it be funny her power is the power of heart songs where she hears people thoughts like a musical like zoey extraordinary playlist and she didnt notice.

    • yeah its to puase time to sing to controll the house to undurstand feelings

    • Well said!

    • Because the Enterance welcomes anew

    • Miracle be like... I GAVE YOU WHAT YOU WANTED!

    • Yeah I can agree to your explanation, I thought the the same but I wouldn't have been able to explain it as good as you.

  • Oh my gosh, the designs on Mirabel's dress blew my mind If that isn't hard evidence that the animators knew what's up, I don't know what is

  • It's amazing that the ones chosen to protect and unite the "gifted" ones are giftless. Yet their role is more powerful. The gifted are direction,and in effect, useless without them!

  • Mirabel is always shown sewing or creating art for each of the family members but there is a specific emphasis on sewing, with her gift to Antonio and the fact she sewed the butterflies onto her dress- this could be a cheeky metaphor to how she kinda “sewed” the family back together

  • That thing about Antonio having a door with his image as a kid on it could also be because, since because of Alma, right after their gift cerimonies, the 5-year-olds receiving the powers were pushed so hard and pressured so much that they had to become adults. Playtime was over, they had to work for the community. Thanks to Mirabel, instead, Antonio's life was different and he got to still be a kid, that's why he had a different door. I think this could make sense too.

  • Yeah, I just now realized that Mirabel is in the center of the new Casita's main door, with Alma to the side. Previously, Alma was in the center of everything. There are too many open subplots and hints in this movie. There has to be a sequel!

  • Glad you’re here to share this with folks. Come from a Spanish speaking home, so I figured Mirabel and Grammy had the same ability/responsibility to guide their family. I was more sure of it by the end when Mirabel places the knob and the entire house lights up like it would for the individual doors.

  • When Mirabel opens the door to casita at the end, it lights up like her family members' individual doors at their ceremonies, indicating that the whole house is her own space - her magic is the casita itself.

  • This is funny because when I watched this with my friend he asked me what her gift was and I literally said to hold her family together 🤣 because that's all she did the whole movie. Plus love the mention of Dos Oruguitas, it's supposed to be a love song but I still agree the movie totally told us haha

  • While it doesn’t show for all of the family, one thing I noticed is that Mirabel’s symbols on her clothes show appreciation for the beauty of her family’s gifts rather than a strict representation of what they are. Dolores’ clothes may have sound waves (noise), but Mirabel wears music. Julieta’s clothes are about herbs and healing, but Mirabel honors her with a warm meal.

    • You had to have been paying a lot of attention to catch that however did you catch the Easter egg for the next Disney movie in Encanto

    • Theres also the fact that she looks like shes still wearing her ceremonial outfit

    • great observation!

    • I just noticed Luisa and Isa symbol on Mirabel's skirt: Luisa's symbol has hearts representing love and adoration for luisa, and Isa symbol isn't just roses and all perfect, but it represent her cuz remember when Isa was expressing herself for the first time in her music video and it were blue flowers?

  • After watching the movie i came up with literally the same theory .... I was mostly confused as to no one seemed to wonder why Mirabel ceremony "failed". The encanto is unique in the world and even if so far no one failed there wasn't enough ceremonies to make Alma expert at how it works. No one except in my opinion Bruno actually tried to understand why Mirabel didn't get a gift.And with his power he was to be the one alerting the family that "not everything was perfect". Bruno was exiled simply because he was telling truth that no one wanted to hear.

  • Only the first time I watched Encanto, I theorized/figured out that what was breaking the magic was broken family bonds. When Mirabel is hugging Isabela or whatever, the magic thrives and the cracks disappear. Yet during Mirabel and Alma’s confrontation, the cracks destroy the house and the candle goes out. Really, I don’t know how I theorized that but that’s my first theory.

  • For a split second I thought Mirabel gift was to stop time or see the future because she was the only one who saw the house crack this was the same scene I thought she had the gift to stop time as well with her solo. But her gift is clearly understanding a moving house. Which in a way might mean she can talk to the dead because isn't the house her grandfather? Her other Gift is simply being emotionally strong. I did have a thought that all the other gifts resembles a little bit of mirabel but that's probably not true. This is the only Disney movie maybe even any movie (at least that I know of) where the main character doesn't need to learn anything. It was the people around her that needed to learn that powers doesn't make who you are. I found this aspect of the film the most interesting.

  • Did you know that in the song All of you at the end when they need a doorknob Antonio gives the doorknob and says she made it just for her and if you look closely at it is has the letter M for Mirabel or Miracle or Madrigal is this because Mirabel didn't get a door because she holds the family together and she gets her initial on the Casita door?

  • Nobody's talking about how Mirabel's talented at stitching things back together? And how that is very obvious symbolism?

    • @unnoticedones she even stitched together Antonio's gift.

    • Ooh! Good catch! I missed that detail.

    • And making stuff animals

    • That's a Talent NOT a power given by the house/candle If anything, she's giving herself the "Miracle" of talent to do those things She's literally the Miracle needed to bring the magic back The Candle may be gone but it's replaced with a new power source Mirabel herself her power is Miracles

    • @Mackenzie Woloschuk the real power was therapising so no wonder everyone avoided heen

  • 5:38 As a Spanish speaker I can say that in English the gender of the words does not matter, (in most cases) it is always an "a" or an "an", but in Spanish it does matter. Words MUST have a gender and the gender of "house" is feminine "casa", not "caso" or things like that. It would not matter what gender the person who owns it is, it will always say "house" so the diminutive of "house" will be "casita". I don't know if diminutives work differently in English, but in Spanish, they work like this. (I am a certified "google translator" user)

  • Let’s be real, When the casita broke and got destroyed and everyone rebuiled it mirabel was the one who open the door with the knob and the door glowed as like the door of when u get ur super power, and mirabel was the first one to come in like ABUELA when she got the miracle so if there is encanto 2 mirabel is gonna be the leader as when abuela was

  • Thanks, I like this explanation, I kind of wish they included more of it in the film. Maybe it means we’ll get a sequel where mirabel is the head of casita

  • 3:51 My theory is that Mirabel didn't get a gift since she was the only one to wipe off her hands AFTER she touched the candle. The magic is inside her. And the magic got set free when Mirabel revived the house.

  • Hey Matpat, real quick, “Casito” or “El casa” doesn’t exist. That’s why they call the house “Casita”, because “casa” (which means home or house or whatever) is a feminine noun

    • @DrawNeoisi no, that would not work, for 1 hogarcito does not roll of the tounge that easily, 2 hogar is more of an abstract concept of home, while casa is more of the physical building.

    • Nadie diría "hogarcito" haha it sounds awful and is harder to say than "casita" and making words diminutive in spanish is just a way of showing "cariño" towards something, like when I say "Quiero mucho a mi perrito" even though he's a big boy dog.

    • True

    • Exactamente.

    • @Hyrulistic There is no alternative which is why Matpat’s point doesn’t make sense. There is no masculine way of saying home/house in Spanish. Casa, Hogar, casita… all feminine

  • 5:30 Funny that the word “casito” is most certainly NOT a word in Spanish. The word ‘house’ can ONLY be referenced as casa or casita. I am not Colombian, but I know for a fact that no where in Latin American cultures do not they use the word ‘casito’. I should know because I’m Venezuelan. Listen if want to prove a point, state out the facts. Not all the words in Spanish are feminine and masculine. Like ‘agua’ you never say ‘aguo’ that isn’t a word (agua means water). There are some words with exceptions like ‘brasileño’ and ‘brasileña’ (Brazilian). There are other words that make a COMPLETELY different meaning like ‘media’ (sock) and ‘medio’ (middle). This was bothering me, so I had to get it out. Sorry, not sorry. *Edit, I just found out that casito can be referenced as a small case, but even then I pretty sure people would regularly say "un caso pequeño" (a small case). Besides those two words have different meanings, signifying that your "proof" that Pedro wasn't the casita reincarnated because the Madrigals 'picture' the casita as a feminine figure is thrown out the window*

  • I never realized the insane amount of detail in this movie, it just makes it even better

  • this is why The theory channels will always be my mainstay on youtube. always giving me something to mull over and ponder with my favorite bits of media and entertainment. Giving me a reason to experience it again with a new understanding. From the core of my being Thank you Matt Patt.

  • I came to the same conclusion watching the movie for the second time. The same Gifts sometimes pass from one generation to the next. Casita and the keeper of the magic passed to mirabelle and the house had to be destroyed and rebuilt for her to come into it.

  • I’ve always thought this!! Especially considering how her door disappeared. It almost seems like it fades INTO Casita. Like it becomes one with it, symbolizing that her gift has something to do with her connection to the house and therefore, the magic. This is only proven more when, at the end of the movie, she puts the doorknob in, and indirectly gets a door. Her “room” is the house, because her gift is directly connected to Casita. Not to mention the details on the front door (which would have details about said door owner’s gift) now have all of the family members on it, in fairness, it could be interpreted as just who lives in the house, but I think it could be to do with the fact that Mirabel’s gift is the guardian for the miracle itself.

    • Did no one else notice that casita only cracks when Mirabel is super upset? and finally falls down once she hits her breaking point with Abuela and go scorched earth? Also when she makes up with the flower sister ( sorry cant remember her name right now) the cracks close up. Also Mirabel didnt get her door when she was little because they took her to the wrong door, In the only scene I can think of in the movie where the front door is closed, Mirabel puts her knob in and the front door becomes her door.

    • or Disney is just going to make us all feel like idiots and just give her a gift, wich i would also love

    • I think it was saying the house would break but Mirabel would restore it:

    • Does she get a better room than the nursery now?

    • I like that a lot. When Mirabel puts the doorknob into the new casita we get to see the new door. Mirabel is infront and pretty much center, while abuela is next to her. Showing that Mirabel is the new 'leader' and that abuela who is next to her and slightly behind her passed on her title of leadership and 'taking a step back'. 10:28 for the door image.

  • About the doors, that's a incredible look on a design choice. I've always thought it was just an easier way for the audience, specially the younger, to identify the characters; they all appear in their doors the way they appear to us in the movie. The music Dos Oruguitas, I only associated to Alma and Pedro, since it starts saying "dos Oruguitas enamoradas" - two caterpillars in love. But Mirabel and Avuela do have the butterfly theme in them so... Yeah

  • I know you’ve done a Bee Movie theory before but, hear me out, I think a theory estimating how many bees would actually be needed to hold and fly a plane would be very interesting to watch. (Or if it’s even possible for any amount of bees to do so)

  • For real though: Thank you Thank you so much for clearing up the butterfly symbolism that’s been fluttering around the movie…When I got done listening to “All of you” in the movie, I finally realized that even a butterfly was on the candle…the first time that a butterfly was shown, timeline speaking, was when Abuela and Abuelo notice each other. A butterfly fluttered in front of Abuelo and coincidentally met eyes with Abuela…But Abuela did see him first, still there had to have been some kind of outside force that brought them two together…I wanna ask: How is it that a single lonesome butterfly coincidentally flutters past Abuelo to only meet see Abuela at the right time and angle…Was the event that they were at and the community were celebrating has some kind of spiritual energy that caused? I am going deep deep dish than you, MattPatt…I just wanna get rid of this heavy weight that the movie gave me like you did when you first started the FNAF series and a couple of Sonic theories (They were a nightmare and a half for me hahaha)

  • You just gotta appreciate the memes at the end of each theory that MatPat puts there for us

  • Also touching the door knobs is what gives each person their room. At the end mirabel touches the front door handle. So it's her house. Symbolically the new leader. Phenomenal movie

    • @Aaron McCoy don't try to uncorrected it

    • @Lena Foxy and everyone has an opinion

    • @Aaron McCoy and answer this question then why did Mirabel open the door and the magic without the candle light and who's gonna take abuela places

    • @Aaron McCoy bruh why are you acting like your theory confirm by the creator

    • @Evan Stephens In the book she did get a room at the end. Its possible the movie just doesn't show it. Also, she clearly did get a door. I guess you forgot that whole end scene when she puts the knob on the door and everyone's on it and she's infront meaning her gift is holding the family together?

  • Fun fact: They said the name Bruno approximately 49 times. So apparently we DO talk about Bruno.......a lot.

  • MatPat! Congrats on all your theories on Encanto!!! I think this one is the best one, but the other two are also super believable. I've been here since FNAF 1, y'all are awesome!!!

  • I just watched the movie the other day and thought this was obvious. They kinda smack you over the face with it. The matriarch putting so much pressure on everyone until they break. But Mirabel is the glue holding it together right now. Through her whole life she supported the family, but when Alma pushed her away from the fear of the vision that glue lost strength. She started doubting everything. And so the house fell. literally. It wasn't subtle at all. And it was obvious that Mirabel would be the new matriarch meant to hold the house together. If she had powers, she would be just another soldier. But without powers, she has humility, works harder to help the family, and isn't having pressure put on her because of powers, but instead, has the pressure of holding them all together. By listening to them and helping them in her own way.

  • This was 100% my takeaway from watching the movie. Loved it.

  • Adding onto this: we learn in the movie that Casita can't be controlled inside of the magical rooms. Mirabel is connected to Casita, but if she had a magic room she wouldn't have spent as much time with Casita.

    • If Casita couldn't be active inside any of the bedrooms, Mirabel would certainly already know it.

    • @Midnight Creepypastas & Hörbucher he couldn't reach the candle because he lost his powers. They showed Isabel trying to reach the candle with her power, then they show her door goes out, and she falls. They then show the exact same sequence with Camilo.

    • @DrawNeoisi Camilo didn’t use his powers on purpose tho. He literally did _not_ reach the candle _because_ he transformed at the wrong time.

    • It more like how mirabel was practicing for becoming the next head. She is sympathetic, listens to others, looks into the situation and is encouraging. Like how others practice in there magical rooms, develop their powers and do not rely much on casita like abuela or mirabel does. So yeah.

    • I think the same. Not much because Casita cant be controlled inside of the magical rooms, but because every Madrigal relies so much on the magic they inherited. You can see it when Luisa lost her gift she literally couldn't and wouldn't do anything, and when they tried to rescue the candle, Isabella and Camilo used their power to try to catch it (Not knowing what to do when they lost their powers in the middle of that act). But Mirabel's only magic she can rely on is the magic of casita. I feel is her way to feel part of the Madrigal family.

  • Theory: I think that the candle had some “thing” it was “whoever had the candle when it went out they will have the magic of the casita and if they are sad at a point will become the magic of casita” I think that’s a theory

  • This is exactly what I thought after watching this movie. My little girl loves it! I've seen it idk how many times now and cant tell you how many times we've sung we dont talk about bruno lol but i thought mirabel was taking over abuelas job so to speak. So i agree!

  • Like my friend once said "She controls time, we can literally see her stopping time when she starts to sing"

  • MATPAT as an oc in Encanto would have a power like Delores, definitely having an over analysis gift that he wouldn't be able to turn off

  • As a Spanish speaker, I can confirm that the word “casito” doesn’t exist when referring to a house. Casa is a feminine word, so the nickname “casita” is the only option you have to show that the house is either small and cute, or just to show love and affection towards it. So if the house really was the reincarnation of Pedro, the house would still be called “casita”. Just wanted to point that out.

    • Wait doesn't casita mean cottage?

    • Native Spanish speaker here, the only way I could see someone use casito is when referring to a very adorable law suit 😂

    • @Doodle Samurai it's most often used as a way to show endearment rather than to indicate size.

    • Are you from Colombia?

    • @Luis Rivera same thing as pepa who calls antonio papito and tonito and abuela alma who also calls him tonito

  • Nice breakdown. I would suggest, however, that the images on the doors may be dynamic and show the family member at their current age.

  • It’s probably really fun to work on these shows and get to come up with all these clues for things that could be hidden storylines, or just a conspiracy

  • I want him the read the Encanto novel. I feel like it might help answer the question of “does mirabel get a door”

  • this movie is so beautiful, it has something for everyone. i cried so many times and i cry every time i watch it

  • Another detail I noticed was that Mirabel affected the gifts of her sisters: Luisa started losing her gift faster than everyone else did because Mirabel thought she was carrying too much after "Surface Pressure". But then during "What Else Can I Do?", when Mirabel is actively encouraging Isabela and hyping her up, Isabela's power grows so much that it extends all the way into town from Casita's rooftops. I really liked that detail!

    • @Derek Joyce they said "her older sister", "her" referring to Mirabel. They did not say "the oldest sister"

    • @menjivarTv actually, Luisa is the middle child. She may have noticed the soonest because her gift is always on and she was lifting something heavy at the time.

    • @menjivarTv I think Luisa was the first affected because she probably was the only one to actually consider that maybe Mirabel was telling the truth about the cracks because we know Isabella doesn’t have the utmost respect for her and everyone else doesn’t understand her like Luisa and may have thought she called them over out of spite or jealousy of Antonio receiving a gift after she didn’t. that’s just my take on it though

    • On that topic, Bruno's door also lights up when he uses his gift with Mirabel. The other family members' doors were always illuminated, but Bruno's was dark.

  • At the end of the movie, Mirabel also waves to Casita in the same way Alma does in the flashback, further strengthening this theory.

  • My theory is that Mirabel’s gift is actually the entire house as it seems to communicate and respond to her quite differently than everyone else. The reason she didn’t get a door is simply because she doesn’t need her own room if the house is her gift. The entire house is technically Mirabel’s room.

  • This makes so much sense! LOVE this movie... My New, NEW FAVORITE (my previous favorite was Sleeping Beauty, until the release of my New, and now former, fav, Beauty And The Beast)!!! I had worked out a similar conclusion, that she was the new family matriarch (a passing of the torch sort of idea) but you delved into things I didn't, at least consciously, notice! Your insight, your understanding and your ability to pick up on the subtle clues, is spot on, in my opinion!🤓🎥🎞📽

  • Its so strange. After watching this movie I was convinced that Mirabels gift was being the magic's stable spot at the end of the movie. Then I watch this and it makes even more sense to me.

  • There was a video by Howard Ho that talks about how in the song “we don’t talk about Bruno” really captures the musical genius behind the song but also how Mirabel is like a musical director. Imagine an orchestra. Every single member has a musical gift that everyone sees and hears but it’s the director has arguably the most important role in the orchestra. While no one sees or hears them, their job is crucial to keep everyone in order just as abuela and mirabel are doing

  • From what I've honestly analyzed since Abuela founded the miracle, it makes sense that her name starts with an A (since it's Abuela Alma). Mirabel seems to be the representation of a physical and emotional bridge of the family (I may not know how to really say this), since the initial to her name would be MM (including her last name). So it's like AM (beginning, for Abuela since she founded the miracle), them MM (continuation for Mirabel to pass the miracle on).

  • one of my theories is that Mirable didn't get a gift because in the movie when Mirable is at her ceremony when she was a child she wipes off the magic from the candle on to her dress, thats one of my theories about it

  • I always figured that since the doors are magical, the picture of the person just changed to match it's inhabitant as they grow. It would be weird if it started out showing what they looked like 15 years in the future.

  • I would love to see the room one by one 🙃

  • In regards to Antonio's door depicting him as a child. I always thought that the door would 'grow up' with it's owner, and that everybody started with a child version of themselves on their doors

    • @Nattie Thanks for pointing this out. I was wondering why no-one else was talking about this in the comments or why Matpat didn't notice it.

    • I this this is right. It would be weird to see what you would look like as an adult when you’re like 8.

    • I heard a theory that the doors depicted them as the last form before the casita got destroyed

    • @rainy the house have him that power

    • @Jan Fick Matpat said that to be the version Abuela wants them to be: As perfect can be.

  • Bear me out for a second. Couldn't be possible that the imagery on the doors grows with its owner to match their current looks? They are magical after all.

  • Makes me wonder, would the story have been different if Mirabel was the oldest child instead? (Her and Isabel switched ages for example) Would she have been shunned more by Alma, would she have been seen in a guardian role for her younger siblings/cousins...

  • FINALLY! I've seen so many people talking about this movie as if Mirabel "didn't get a gift in the end," which wasn't how I read it at all. She got the same kind of gift Abuela got.

  • First time I watched this movie I literally said her gift was the same as Abuela's. I pointed it out that they both can "control" the house. But everyone was like "you're reading too much in to it"

  • 5:37 As someone who speaks Spanish as their main language, I can say that nobody says Casito (unless they are crazy) as Casita is just the diminutive of Casa (House). Literally speaking, Casita would just mean small house, but we usually use it to either refer to a dollhouse or to refer to it being cute. Many times when we add to words ito/ita (like in Cas-ita) it's just to refer to something on a cutely manner. So yeah, this point honestly doesn't really matter.

    • @Nantae My bad 😅 I'll fix it

    • @Cube Our World dude did you just say la tambor sounds better than el tambor lol

    • @Christian Sanchez mosquito

    • @Cube Our World I don't know the actual logic of it like in Brazil the rule is the same buy it's only about the speaker judgement like it's just what sounds right

    • Yes, and when "gender" is given to objects it's not about gender. It's what sounds better with the word. "La casa" just sounds and rolls off the tongue better than "el casa." Or "el tambor" vs "la tambor", the first sounds better.

  • MatPat, your theories are usually mind-blowing and give me much thought. But I hate to say... I thought all this was obvious the moment I watched the film? I was literally shouting at the screen "OF COURSE SHE'S TREATING HER THAT WAY, SHE SUSPECTS MIRABEL'S POWER ALREADY AND SHE'S TRYING TO SUPPRESS IT BECAUSE SHE'S AFRAID SHE WILL BE REPLACED AND/OR DIE!"

  • There is an obvious difference between Antonio's doors and all the others, and it's not just the one that you pointed out. All of the doors overseen by Abuela have the same border pattern on them, representing that they and their powers are constrained by her vision for the family and moulded in her image of perfection. Antonio's door has a unique border, which relates to his power, representing that he (and presumably all following Madrigals under Mirabel) is allowed to set his own limits on his powers and use them as he wishes. Bruno's border is actually slightly different as well - it has some lighter colouration in the enclosed loops. Perhaps this represents how he was an exception or threat to Abuela's mould for the family, even though he tried to fit into it.

  • Mirabel's gift was to be a home maker and a home wrecker at the same time. Quite literally.

  • i've had this theory as a bit of mockery while watching the movie and then the characters started saying stuff that would prove me right, but it's too dark for a disney movie anyway lmao, it goes something like how the magic is all a work of fiction, a coping mechanism for the grandma to dream of a happy life when in reality, after her husband died she suffered from a long term coma, and all of this is in her head, with all the characters being split personalities of that. except one, mirabel, who doesn't have a gift, why? notice how at alot of points she's the only one to think reasonably out of all them. she's the brains of the family, mirabel was a split subconscious developed in the grandma's daydream in order to wake her up, make her aware of what's going on. which is why the magic fading was related to her, she's risking the stability of it all. some cool scenes came up like mirabel's song when she tells her grandma to "open her eyes." plenty of times make you think about it a little bit. kinda cool.

  • My wife and I were talking about this a few days ago and we came to the same conclusion. I think that Casita itself is a manifestation of Alma’s love for her family and her desire to care for them, and when Casita is rebuilt, it passes to Mirabel, so her door is literally the front door of the house.

    • imagine if abuela just.. doesn't have a room because its mirabels now.

    • @Bric Balmforth Yes. You could even see Mirabel in the center of the door (where in other scenes it was Abuela)

    • I also feel the same. I was surprised as this theory isnt new. I have already heard it so many times but the break down of the song was new! I also feel that when her and mirabel have their fight is when she gave up the power because the mountains crack and the house crumbles and the candle dies. Realisation that her fears and concerns that she was desperately hiding and realising she was no longer able to carry the burden of being the 'miracle keeper'. Then when mirabel puts the door knob in and the house comes alive again it's her picking up the 'baton' As it where, and taking over. Which is a better outcome for the family then just the grandmother dying and the house, mountains and everyone's magic with her.

    • @Anthony Dinh WHAT TH-


  • I loved this movie. My father learned to be a family consteller and many themes is the movie reflect the kind of work they do within families. That each member is seen and has a place in the system, no secrets and allowing youth to make new choises. I cried like 5 times watching this. I recognize some of myself in Mirabel, how I've tried to bring my family closer but can't help to still feel a divide with my grandmother.

  • Before I hear your theory: I'm gonna guess that the magic must be connected to a life force to stay with the family and the grandmother's life force has been waning. But since no one's explained that to the family everyone's fricking out!

  • I've personally come up with a theory that's a little bit like yours. My theory is that the reason why Mirabel wasn't given a gift is because she didn't understand it. Point blank, her gift is Casita itself. To get the full idea, we have to go back to the beginning, to the birth of the miracle via the candle. We learn that Abuela Alma was fleeing the conquests of the War of a Thousand Days with her husband, Pedro, and their three children. Sadly, Pedro dies and in response to this, a miracle was born from the candle, gifting the family with magic and creating (as MatPat calls it) a fortress. But where did the miracle come from? Some people will say that it's the spirit of Abuelo Pedro or that Abuela Alma "birthed" the miracle as a result of extreme grief over the loss of her husband and fear of not being able to protect her children. However, I believe that the miracle is the candle itself. Think about it, that candle was there when Alma and Pedro were married, when their children were born, and when the enemy soldiers attacked; I believe it created the miracle after Pedro died in order to protect the Madrigals. It saw Alma give up hope and conjured the miracle to protect her and her children, and as a result of this, birthed three children of its own, the two mountains and Casita. Afterwards, it passed down the duty of granting miracles to the family to one of its children, Casita, while its other two would protect the magic, the mountains. 40 years pass and Casita decides its time to pass on the miracles to one of the Madrigals, Mirabel, who was the youngest at the time. However, it does this by making the door disappear, but Miracle doesn't understand this, she thinks the house didn't give her one. In reality, because Casita can't speak, it gave the magic to her in a different way, by taking away her door. It was telling her, "You don't need a room, I am your gift." But because neither she nor anyone in her family understood, Casita was forced to continue on with the magic. The house wanted to rest, to not have the burden of the magic any longer, but its inability to tell Mirabel caused her not to understand what it was trying to say to her. So, it, along with its "mother", the candle, had to continue the magic until she realized that she did get a gift. Unfortunately, she didn't understand and for 10 years, the house and the candle were forced to continue with the magic. Eventually, the candle and Casita couldn't continue anymore. The candle began to go out and the house began to crumble. But how does the magic return, you may ask. It's because of Mirabel, she may not understand her gift, but she does understand family and at that moment, her family needed her. We watch as Casita is reconstructed and much of the original pieces of it are used, and Miracle is handling all of it. With every piece of Casita she touches, the house responds to her, its resurrecting the magic. And when she puts the final piece on the house, the miracle returns, because Casita believes she not only understands her gift, but that she's also ready for it. So you see, she had a miracle all along, it was simply a misunderstanding caused by disappointment and confusion.

  • Oooh okay I was wondering about when the mountain split and how that was connected but if the song outright says break down your walls and times are changing I guess that would explain and I cried when she went back to the river because the brief silence I knew abuela hadn’t been there since her husband had died