Film Theory: Zootopia's DARK Conspiracy!

פורסם בתאריך 4 אפר 2016
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Zootopia, has something for everyone: cute bunnies, a positive message, and CRACK COCAINE! How much do you really know about this new Disney classic? I got way more than I bargained for after comparing this story to actual historical events and outlining the real themes of race, drugs, and crime that you can see in the movie. Take a look and see how far down the rabbit hole of Zootopia really goes...
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  • I would pay anything to see matpat’s search history

  • MatPat comes up with the most bizarre theories and they legitimately work.

  • MatPat: "Disney's latest film.." Me: Realizes how old this video is Me: Realizes how long he's been researching for videos to entertain us and give us interesting theories Thank you MatPat for being amazing❤

    • Anyone else watching in 2022 and in Greece?

    • YO

    • Dude how is this video so old He's also been ruining childhoods since 2011

  • Sorry I’m late to the party. Just discovered this channel. Great video but wanted to point out one thing. The 10% predator population does not relate directly to the African American population being around 12% when the video was created. They used 10% because that is the ratio of predator to prey in real life. Only 10% of energy is transferred between trophic levels. So if you have 40 sheep you will only have 4 wolves feasting on them. The sheep cannot produce more energy to feed more wolves. That’s why predator populations will always be 10% of the trophic level below them. I am overly simplifying the system but just trying to show that the use of 10% is for that reason specifically.

    • I love you you comment this 6 years later, lol. Still good evidence.

    • Also, Kyle Catt, we, in this community dont like simple amswers. What you said could be 99% the reason but, c'mon, that 1% looks fun to explore

    • @12 Q I see what you did there💀

    • I honestly don't know what you just said but I believe you for some reason😃

    • Sorry, maybe dumb question, wouldn’t 80% prey and 20% predators be more accurate to your statement then? 4 wolves to 40 sheep, that’s all good. Then (theoretically) it would be 10 wolves to 90 sheep, which wouldn’t exactly work by the numbers, then again a 9 to 90 ratio would work and leave one singularity unaccounted for, but I am not sure that is important. This has been my Ted Talk, any thoughts on my falsities and failures are welcomed

  • Why does matpat always surprises me with his theories 😂

  • This gives the phrase "Try everything" a whole new meaning.

    • True, bad enough a few particular fandoms ruined this movie for me... It's nice being part of them but it's annoying when they ruin good movies.

    • R 34 artists be like

    • STOP

    • @jakub eHm Ehm BEASTATS.. *EHM* EhM ehm..

    • @jakub furies and people paid by them. XD I know a few graphic designers who complain that it is most of the job market for drawing.

  • 3:12 Matpat: "....a fairytale retelling of the story of a r*pe survivor* Me: oh, okay Me a few seconds later: wait, WHAT??

    • Honestly after this I had to go and rewatch maleficent to see where he got that from…

    • @Dio Griffin Kirby hello dio grffin.

    • Ikr

    • Yeah I was very caught off guard by that. I haven't watched the maleficent movie, but I had no idea that it was related to such a dark topic

  • I have been watching Game theory, food theory, and film theory all day and most of them have been from 5-2 years ago! It shows how long MatPat has been here to entertain us :] Tysm MatPat!

  • After I finally got to watch Zootopia after watching this video, I realized how dark it is and how f00king true matpat's theory might be.

    • @Jeff Martin I put my 1st video RN... its been like, only 1-2 minutes since I put it. I got no views on it. What are you talking about, dude?

    • I love your video’s

  • This video is good enough reason for me to stay away from any drugs or alcohol in general, no matter what anyone says otherwise.

  • As somebody who grew up in South LA back in the 80s, I can verify that this is sadly not a conspiracy theory.

  • Who else wants the more deeper version of this cause I certainly do.

  • I like how you take "innocent" movies and add a dark twist most of the time

  • Matpat: Get ready to see some spoilers Also Mat: *Shows pictures of car wings*

  • MatPat is such a wholesome guy. He actually realizes entirely how much influence he holds over his viewers and then tells them to do their own research.

    • Ya

    • @Bronxboy151 Whoa... That`s a lot. But you have a looooooooooooong way to go, there`s about 2 trillion of these things still left!

    • @Pkmn Trainer Red hmm not sure. Dave holds all the records on that stuff. If I had to guess I’d say around 13,000 bees.

    • @Bronxboy151 Interesting. How many bees have you destroyed so far?

    • @Pkmn Trainer Red we’re already working on that one

  • I love how this man can take any movie and ruin it just blends it down and just ruins it he takes that thing and pulverizes it and take out all the nastiest parts and throws them in a video

  • Ah yes, the old days when matpat actually used the intro songs

  • Matt, I think ya forgot the crime bosses in Zootopia. However you are still my favorite theorist :D

  • this is honestly one of my favourite theories.

  • Mat: this is the worst year ever 2020: hahah that’s cute

  • This movie low key traumatized me even as a teen when I saw it in the theater for the first time

  • When I first saw this movie, I was traumatized on how dark it was. I can assure you that it is darker than Indian movies.

  • the moral is for: The mother the cute animals is for: The children the crack cocaine is for: The father MatPat is right

  • My favourite line from the show: “Doug is the opposite of friendly…” *”he’s UN-friendlyyyy”*

  • "predators and pray live together PEACEFULLY" _Shows Tom and Jerry, who constantly try and murder each other_

    • similar to how the U.S works tbh

    • Prey

    • They are freind tho

    • in that picture they were smiling at each other soo..

    • Tom and Jerry are enemies for show, they got each other's backs always

  • It's hilarious how when I turn the subtitles on [I always do], it says 'MatPat Awesome Intro' during the intro. That's a funny little easter egg if you will.😊😄

  • Now looking back, I kinda see how this movie legit predicted the future! Like the protests last year. And…… other stuff

  • This is literally my favorite movie,I watch it all the time!After I watched this video I think guardians of the galaxy are now my favorite….

  • I just love how every single one of MatPat's theories can be countered with "or maybe you're overthinking all this :/" :')

  • Matpat: "why does Disney hate me?" His videos: " bUnNY oN CrAcK"

    • @ChrisTRC 72

    • @space dust Nice job fixing the count (71st reply)

    • @jarfield logi 70

    • @Jason Reburn 69 replys!

    • @Jason Reburn 68

  • This is when you realize you got to THAT side of ILaward... and I LOVE IT

  • "theres something for everyone: cute talking animals, social acceptance and crack cocaine" -matpat 2017

  • Him: "I know I go to some pretty extreme measures to test things out, but not that extreme." Also him on his game theory channel on his second Kanye Quest video: "I contacted the founder of this cult"

  • Yes. I love this! Keep up the good work matpat :D *Ps this is bizzare but why not?*

  • "It's up to Judy to crack the case" Nice pun there, I approve. 👌

  • This video taught me about drugs more than my friends did-

  • "Crack Cocaine. Truly for the whole family" Matpat, 2016

  • It's pretty sad because even the most innocent looking shows are secretly dark

  • I always wanted matpat to make a life theory

  • *when you watch a grown man talk about a children's movie and how plants in a fake farm are dangerous for 13 minutes*

    • Never thought about it like that🤭

    • hm yes, a movie about implicit bias and prejudice is only for kids and adults can't enjoy them

    • Battle! (The_missing_number) intensifies

    • Great content for ILaward

    • Nick DiM’ ummmm

  • Fun fact not a lot of people know: The actual coca plant is used as medicine in some parts of Peru to stop the dizziness you get in the highest parts of the mountains (sorry my English isn't good [geez I don't remember English being so difficult])

  • Okay so I know that it doesn't fit for this theory but I can totally make the case for predators representing a lot of different groups, including majority groups.

  • *would have been a no-brainer if they made a sequel for this animated movie*

  • Is Zootopia really this old? I felt like I saw it last year and it was new. Gosh I feel old and I’m not even 18+ yet 😭😂

  • I like how he tried to give an unbiased opinion about the heavy topics in this video. He showed facts and similarities, conspiracies, and theories. Respect.

    • Very hard to find that these days. Very nice to see :)

  • Ok, missed this one I guess🤔 looks like fun to watch a family friendly disney bubble 😉

  • I’ve never been to America and after the theory, I dont know if I want to 😀🔫 But I find it awesome how he just searches those up and makes these vids. Just brilliant 👌🏻

  • I'm convinced that if Matt Pat does a fourth ILaward channel that it's going to be "conspiracy theory" or something related to human health and social sciences... Maybe: "people theory"

  • I figured this movie was a pretty straightforward allegory of the issues with racism, but I never realized the connection with the crack cocaine epidemic. It’s so obvious now.

  • Me: Zootopia? Oh, I love that movie! It can't get dark. Matpat: Hold my diet soda.

  • They knew the flowers were bad though, I agree with the theory but they knew the flowers were bad because when they visited the parents again they told them.

  • Can we just take a moment to realise how much editing this took? And sometimes editing take hours😀

  • I come to film theory every day and I feel like I am ruining my childhood before it’s over

  • Yep, Truly a movie for the whole family :)

  • Matpat's FBI agent is probably subscribed, it does explain why he still hasn't gone missing or gotten in trouble for what he has been searching for: crack, nuclear bombs, space phenomenons, etc etc.

    • @Hunter Bear pie

    • @Jar Jar Binks for pie

    • @mafuius William afton always comes back

    • @Jar Jar Binks back

    • @Glass Card Productions comes

  • I think your right Matt patt I love your theories !

  • Love the video as always, but one tidbit messed with me, 4:20 she didn't mistake them for onions, she said the more scientific name of them, that's all thank you for listening to my ted talk

  • So much respect for covering this topic.

  • I watched Zootopia last week,I was on the Disney+ app an hour ago. No matter how many theories you make I shall continue with my watching.

  • i feel like matpat is going to get captured by the government and has to theorize his way out of prison one day

    • President Matt


    • @Gil's Twink House breaching secret creating powerful skyney A.I can everything plan

    • My theory is that you aren’t even cops! I have not yet seen your badges, and I did nothing wrong. But that’s just a theory. Can I have a lawyer?

    • But he needs google to search it up

  • At This Point With The Amount Of Evidence Given In The Video I Feel Like It's True, There Is No Denying This Is Coincidental, Same With Other MatPat's Theories, They Give Enough Evidence, People End Up Believing It.

  • There's so many things in this video that could be taken out of context and be absolutely hilarious

  • "Disney may go dark, but they don't go that dark." Me: *laughs in Disney song lyrics*

  • Hey, when you said that we should watch Zootopia, you forgot to say that it is THE furry movie. Just throwing that out there.

  • Matpat : "aww here's a cute little sloth, alright back to crack"

  • MatPat, how are you still alive after this? You hit the nail on the head

  • 2:58 hold up matpat, the mushrooms she ate just changed her size, not gave her a drug trip.

  • When you showed the scene of the ice cream shop closing for predators, the ice cream seller looked like a cat... Was the cat being racist to itself? (Cats are predators)

  • actually, they do tell you the minority of the predators somewhere near the end one of the characters (chief bozo(is that right?)) says something to the extent of "prey are 90% of zootopia

  • This man teaches me more than schools

  • Disney is crazy dark! That's why I love it

  • Matpat: starts searching loads of stuff on google FBI: *hes searching again! I repeat HE IS SEARCHING AGAIN! BRING ME MY NOTEPAD!*

  • I feel like the actual drug in the movie is more similar to datura which is a flower In the nightshade family that when eaten gives very similar results to the night howlers in zootopia

  • Matpat: I must be on so many government watchlists right now! FBI: Praise Matpat, the only reason we're still in business!

  • I remember watching this video when it first came out and it does not feel like 6 years ago that’s crazy it’s already been that long

  • Props to whoever wrote the subtitles, btw! 😂

  • As a kid, I was terrified by the savage predators

  • Zootopia was my favorite movie when it first came out and I just watched it last night

  • *Correction: Judy doesn't mistake the nighthowlers for onions. The chief does. She actually tries to correct him, she just doesn't know the plant's colloquial name.

    • ThePCguy17

    • She also didn't know that they can drive someone savage, otherwise she would have made more of a fuss. But yeah, Matt made a few mistakes, as usual. For example, I was under the impression that Mayor Lionheart wasn't out of jail in the interview we saw at the end. We certainly received no evidence that he'd been re-elected.

  • zootopia was one of my favourites when i was younger,, let’s see how my childhood gets ruined today, shall we?